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Windows XP Logon Screen Repair

Q: Windows XP Logon Screen Repair

Hey Tech Support Forums, I seem to have gotten myself into a small dilemma... A few weeks back, I was fiddling with windowblinds and StyleXP and at some point decided to change my logon screen. Well, it went a little haywire and didn't come out right. I didn't have the time to redo what i'd done, so by the time I got around to it, i'd forgotten what to do to fix it.

Basically, whenever I switch users/logout or anything to get me to the logon screen, I have an error message titled "Parser Message" saying, "Value creation failed " at line 40" and I have to hit the "Esc" button 10 times before I get the default logon screen (looks like the Windows 2000 logon window) with which I can logon with.

No hurry, i'm just starting to get annoyed with having to deal with hitting esc all the time. Also, could someone inform me on how I should go about changing it SAFELY in the future? (i.e. backup files, how to correctly do it, etc.)

Thanks ahead of time.


Preferred Solution: Windows XP Logon Screen Repair

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)

A: Windows XP Logon Screen Repair

try with this Logon Loader Recovery Tool from:


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My system windows 7 has been showing the logon screen after cicking on my account,.
It shows welcome and again its shows logon screen.
I logged  in with safe mode and created another account . New account worked fine. After shut down and i again logged in,It shows same problem.
Again logon screen is displaying
Kindly help meee out

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Thanks to your support re https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/dc480a44-d695-4daa-9bba-1c1d80e9caa3/where-to-download-bootable-windows-7-repair-for-usb?forum=w7itprogeneral&prof=required, I've managed to create a Windows 7 64bit
bootable on a USB.
The supposed logon screen came up with distorted graphic before. Now having run the auto repair with the newly created USB, the supposed logon screen shows only some regular graphic pattern and the logon dialog is still nowhere to be seen. I've tried entering
username and password presuming the fields were there but not visible. The computer would just reset when I hit Enter after entering the password.

I wonder how I can start repair at the command prompt. Any help will be appreciated. I've got no image to restore with or recovery point to restore from.
Thanks a lot.

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Hi At my company we have Lenovo L460 with windows 7 and Cisco anyconnect 4.3 - we have a sim card with 4G data connection to a service provider(Telenor).When I have logon screen for windows 7, I can see with FN+F8 that the wireless WAN is "on", but when I try to connect/logon with the cisco anyconnect "start before logon" module the cisco say that it can't see any internet connection. And I tried to wait for 3-4 minutes so all services where running, but no connection.... If I uses the Wifi connection then it just goes smooth... If I logon to windows 7 and then start the mobile data connection at logon to cisco anyconnect there is NO problem.. So are there somebody who can say that:1. Huawei does not support cisco anyconnect SBL?2. Lenovo does not allow you to start a mobile connection before you logon windows ?3. Or something? A lot of thanks in advance!!!!!!!! Regards niels

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Huge problem here, and also a real challenging puzzle for all you really smart gurus out there.

My computer (Windows XP Pro sp3) was lagging so badly (1-2 hours) at logon that I decided to to a complete repair. I didn't have my original CD so I used a windows keyfinder software to show what key I was using at the time, wrote that down, and then did a repair of my os. I booted from a friend's windows xp pro sp3 cd and used the "repair existing installation" option. It asked for my cd key (something I was told they wouldn't, luckily I was safe and got the key anyway) and I typed it in. It told me it was invalid, so I chose the option to wait until later to enter it (I thought that it might be able to update and then connect to the internet and then see that it was valid). After the repair was complete I logged on, but during the logon it told me that I needed to enter the cd key before I could logon. I clicked the option "enter cd key" but instead of giving me a dialog box to enter the key into it just hung. All I can see is my desktop picture and a (responsive) cursor.

It does not respond to ctrl+alt+delete, right-click, or anything else.

Any ideas? I really don't want to reinstall windows and lose all my files, since I have a bunch of un-reinstallable programs (1-day freebies) installed that I don't want to loose.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows XP Repair and Hanging Logon

Welcome to TSG!

The Product Key type must match the CD type, OEM to OEM, Retail to Retail. If they are different, the key won't work.
You can call MS and explain what happened, but I don't know if they would give you a key to use. They help with Activation issues where a different disk was used to install, but usually you are able to enter the key.

Either way though, you need to be able to get to the screen to enter the code they will give you.

This might happen if you had IE7 or IE8 installed, and did not uninstall before the repair.
The repair would have re-installed some IE6 files causing version mismatches, and I know the Activation wizard uses some of the core IE files, so the wizard that asks for the product key may have the same issue.
Usually doesn't hang though, usually just a blank window, or a loop saying you must activate, you are already activated, then back to you must activate.

Can you boot into Safe Mode, or Safe Mode with Command Prompt?
If so, navigate to Windows\IEX\spuninst, where X is the version of IE you had. If you upgraded to 7 then to 8, start with 8.
Double click, or type spuninst.exe to uninstall. After uninstalling IE8, repeat the same in the IE7\spuninst folder.

If you can't get to Safe Mode, you can try uninstalling IE8/IE7 from the Recovery Console.
To boot the XP Recovery Console:
Set your system to boot from CD, either by setting the boot order in the BIOS, or using the boot menu if your system provides one, usually b... Read more

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I've been having the same problem as big0 
 Windows 7 update was canceled boots to repair screen can't repair
And in your post try a windows repair from windows disk i go to part b  step 6b but  System Recovery Options does not find Windows 7 operating system What do i do now 
Moderator Edit: Split from another topic to prevent confusion

A:Windows 7 update was canceled boots to repair screen can't repair Too

Hi, Is this the same computer as here?
Thank You

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windows update was canceled (purposely by teen) and now computer starts in repair mode.  We selected repair and message says could not be repaired and shuts down.  In recovery tools - tried to load to last known working version and no restore point is available.  Disks did not come with this computer (Dell Inspiron 1545).  Any help would be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 update was canceled boots to repair screen can't repair

You could try going into safe mode, hit F8 during boot up.  Not real sure but I would then go to windows update, it may see the bad load.  It is worth a try!

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Hi, please i need help.
i just installed some updates on my windows 7 Dell Laptop, which the updates includes: Microsoft Essential and i updated my vlc. later on i did restart and after welcome screen i just saw my laptop black out with mouse cursor. i thought it will just be for
some minutes or maybe due to some changes i just did. but it was all like that for more than 30 mins. it was so really frustrating, i wanted to browse to do some work i couldn't do anything again i have to stay awake for two hours shutting the laptop down
and booting again still  the same thing.
after on i tried to boot in safe mode, which was successful but i realized that some of my softwares would not open, i shutdown again to boot to normal windows thinking maybe is because i boot in safe mode. it was so worst in normal windows. still on black
screen but it didnt last long for 15 mins and the desktop background came up. i was happy  but still my softwares like browser, corel and some other apps will not open, i decided to uninstall the vlc again, but showing me you dont have sufficient permission
to access the application please contact your computer administrator. i was just helpless.
the screen task bar atimes turned to white if i restart the windows or shut it down and put it on again. but windows media player works perfectly i can watch film and i can scan with the Microsoft Essential. i checked the settings to see maybe is the Microsoft
Essential i downloaded that deni... Read more

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Hi guys, i use a sony vaio laptop, model VGN-NR11S/S, with windows vista home premium installed. I noticed that when booting with a CD in it, it stops at the loading bar screen (black screen) and does not continue booting except i remove the CD.

The problem now is that it does not boot beyond the loading bar screen anymore with or without a CD in the system. I cant use the system again, i need suggestions to get the system functioning. Thanks.

A:windows vista not booting to logon screen, stops at loading bar screen

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---Wow this is frustrating, I just got done fixing two other computers- one was helping someone else fix their computer, because they were seeking someone with basic expertise, and here I am seeking someone with higher knowledge to help me out! thanks in advance to all who contribute!--- HP Media Center M8330FWindows Vista 32 bit4GB RAM, NVIDIA graphics card, and plenty of HD spaceF9 hardware diagnastics: A-OK!Suddenly this computer decided to malfunction, without installing anything new, or updates prior to its "crashing." I'm pretty wary to spyware and virus of the like, so I am careful to what is installed and opened on this computer. But for all I know, when I was out of the house someone could have accessed the the machine, infecting it with something. I noticed before I left the house that it took a ridiculously long time to empty out the recycle bin (has anyone else had this problem in vista?). I know there were a lot of high res pictures in there, so I'm guessing quite a few gigs of deletion, but after an hour it hadn't even progressed. It said 13 minutes and appeared to be frozen, but was still moving. I restarted the computer and tried the same thing-- exact same result. <--- this is the only hint I have as to what happened, because before this everything was fine!Anyway, I got home and turned on the computer (after someone turned it off) and it just booted up the HP screen and then went to the windows logo loading page, except t... Read more

A:Windows Vista black screen, no bootup logon screen

It may be that someone didn't turn off the PC rather that it experienced a damaging event and shut down.Suggest you check the RAM - remove and reseat and try rebooting. If not successful your mother board may be damaged - nasty thought.There is also this site which may be relevant.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/831515If you can get your PC going suggest you check Event Viewer. Then restore files from the recycle bin and then use SHIFT/DELETE to get rid of them, delete a small file and see if emptying the recycle bin works OKPaul

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this is my pc configs;

Hardware configurations:

* Intel Desktop Board DH67CL
* Intel Core i3-2100 Processor
* 4gb DDR3 RAM
* 1TB HDD ( Samsung SATA)

Software installed:

* Windows XP SP3 (Auto Update enabled)
* All .NET Packs installed
* All Runtime packs ( VC++, VB, JAVA) installed
* Norton Internet Security 2012
* Intel desktop utilities
* Internet Download Manager
* Utorrent
* Acronis True Image 2011

OS works good before 3 days. evil comes when i try to install "USB Over Network" (from fabulatech), BSOD appear's as plug nd play driver problem middle of USB over network install. when i restart the pc.., it stop's asking logon password but USB (any) ports are not work including keyboard nd mouse (DH67CL don't have PS2). same with safe mode also.

then i boot in to RECOVERY CONSOLE with win XP cd.. delete ftusbbus.sys, ftusb2.sys, ftusbload2.sys files from System32/Drivers folder nd reboot again. same problem.

so.. again i get in to recovery console and DISABLE "FTUSBSRV" Service nd reboot again. still same prob.

then i install xp with "REPAIR" option. but the setup stop respond with 34 min's. then i disable ACPI and ENHANCED options in BIOS.., Remove whole usb devices except mouse nd key-bored, replace another 4gb ram. i can't find out any logs name as pnplog.txt. restart setup again with repair option.

**** happen's now.. xp hang in blue blank screen with movable mouse pointer when setup enter's i... Read more

A:Blue screen when entering Windows XP logon-screen

there's no achi or acp settings in bios. only enhanced mode available..

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Hi everyone,
I am so glad to have found this forum and to see that others in the past with similar problems have had them resolved, looking forward to nutting this one out
The computer is a win XP with RAID that freezes the mouse and the keyboard if a mouse or keyboard button is touched at the logon screen.
The mouse works fine until a button is pressed, you can even click on a user but are unable to enter a password due to the keyboard and mouse freezing at this moment.
NOTE: originally happened with a USB keyboard and USB mouse, using PS2 keyboard and mouse.
I am writing about my fathers old computer which suddenly started “freezing up” at the logon screen, after he wasted weeks trying to get it to work he decided that it was a hardware issue and bought himself a new computer.
Since then I have proved that there was no hardware error by putting an extra HDD in and installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
Everything functions fine under Ubuntu and the files are able to be accessed on the RAID.
While i can access and copy files as needed from the RAID i would like to return access to the win XP install and let my father use it again.
I first attempted to run Live rescue CD's but they could not find the RAID drive.
- Bit Defender Rescue CD – Saw the ubuntu drive, no RAID
- Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 – Didn't see any HDD's.
So I ran the following AV programs from ubuntu 12.04 LTS:
- Bit Defender – NO THREATS F... Read more

A:Unable to logon, Win XP with RAID, KB & mouse freeze at logon screen

So you are able to run the machine  using PS2 keyboard and mouse.
Step 1: 
Download and install LogonFix
Click the Highlighted button.

When prompted select yes.
Allow the program to reboot your machine as well when prompted.
Step 2:
Download drivecleanup.zip to your desktop.
CLICK HERE to determine whether you're running 32-bit or 64-bit for Windows.
Once the determination has been made open either the 32-bit or 64-bit folder.
Right Click the .exe on the inside of the folder and run as admin.
A command prompt window will open telling you what has been removed upon completion.
Note: All usb devices must be removed from your machine during this step, except your keyboard and mouse of course. 
Step 3:

Download TFC by OldTimer to your desktop.
Close any open windows
Double click the TFC icon to run the program. (Vista/7/8 Users, Right Click and select Run as Admin)
TFC will close all open programs itself in order to run
Click the Start button to begin the process
Allow TFC to run uninterrupted
Once its finished it should automatically reboot your machine, if it doesn't, manually reboot to ensure a complete clean.

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Hi all i used to change my boot screen and logon screen in windows xp by going into safe mode and pasting a new logonui file and it works fine but since i put on the windows updates if i change the logon screen my computer will boot to the windows logo and then go black for a second and crash and restart and keeps doing that. Then i have to format because i cannot get into windows at all. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue.

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My PC was working fine before today, until I used Ultra UXtheme patcher for Win8 x64 and then applied a custom VS for Win8.
After a restart, Windows Explorer was not launching, so I opened task manager and did a sfc /scannow. After a reboot, I get to the Windows 8 boot menu (I have a dual-boot on this HDD with win7), and then the screen just turns on and off every few seconds, with the numlock light flickering with the screen.
I tried using the automatic repair, both from the boot menu and from a backup USB, but it does not detect anything. and I still have the same issue.
I restored the backups of uxtheme.dll, uxinit.dll, and themeui.dll, but that didn't help either.
Any help?
Attached is my ntbtlog.txt.
Thanks in advance. There is no BSOD, the HDD keeps on spinning a few minutes after boot, and the numlock keeps on flashing.
Anything else I can do from my win7 install? I'm currently trying to delete the theme.
Edit: deleting the theme doesn't help, safemode doesn't help either. IMHO, it seems to be a driver issue, but there were no driver updates when it was working?

A:Windows 8 flashing screen before logon screen

Fixed with a system refresh. Nobody helped at all?

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I have upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. During the procedure a screen showed that Dell Access had to be removed before Windows 10 could be installed.
It was removed, and everything else went smoothly.
Now during logon, at the login screen, the system will take a while to initialize, and say "Failure to initialize". Luckily I am able to login using a password.
I want to use the fingerprint reader to login. Dell says that this system have no issues with upgrading to Windows 10, but not now. So how can I solve this problem?
I will like to do either the following:
1. Get the fingerprint reader working.
2. If it cannot work, I want the logon screen to stop trying to initialize and just use password to logon.

Also, I am getting 2-3 nos of the same user on the login screen. There is only 1 user on this computer but I see mostly 2 but sometimes 3 of the same on the lower left of the logon screen. I also want to remove the extras. Not an issue, but I think it may be related to the above as well.



A:Precision M4700 Win10 upgrade - Failure to initialize fingerprint reader during logon, and multiple same users on logon screen

I'm getting the same thing and the same lack of response.  Has anyone from DELL done any research on this?

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Vanilla Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop running Windows Vista. It has never had a login account or password protection, and is only used in single user mode.

Yesterday, start-ups fine, no password. Today, I'm presented with the user logon widow prompting me for a password, and cannot logon to Vista!

No-one has meddled with the laptop. Don't know if SP1 was automatically downloaded
and installed - whatever the factory defaults were from Dell. I've not seen any references to this kind of issue on Vista, but have heard about a similar thing with NT.

Any suggestions how this could have happened?

Yes - I know I can reset passwords using the NT Password Editor (http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/).

A:Vista logon screen for single user logon

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Is there a way to remove the logon picture.

or make the picture smaller.

it ruins my logon wallpaper
let me know!

A:Logon screen, change/remove logon picture

There are some links in this thread which may be of help - Remove the Login Screen Icon


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Hi there,

I have a windows 7 pc in a "domain", so when you get to the initial windows 7 welcome screen (prior to logging in as a user), you get a blank transparent Picture

A:How to change Logon screen Picture frame (before logon)

Its ok, managed to get it working, seemed to work when i did it again, strange. No blank picture frame now, just a customised "picture frame" that appears prior to logon, just what I was after. Hope this helps anyone else trying to achieve this.

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Hi All ,

I am new to this community, as far as posting and such. I have come here often to read through some of the other discussions, mostly pertaining to software.

At this point, I must say that I am at a loss LOL....seems a friend that was on a mission..snuck up on me and changed the password that is required to log on to the windows screen of XP. This system operates my tax business, which is owned and operated by an external agency. If I cannot regain acess to these systems, my company and general business may be at risk.



A:Windows Xp Logon Screen

Welcome to Bleeping Computer DCurvezZ. I hope that this is a really good friend of yours, as one of subjects that are Not allowed on the forum are ones whose purpose is to defeat security measures.Bleeping Computer Board Rules.

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...it doesn't even restart. there's just this blank screen. the monitor sometimes turns itself off. but i can still enter safe mode.

tried fixboot and system restore. should i change the kernel32.dll file?


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Hi, I have a friend that likes privacy. He asked me to come up his house and fix his logon screen, its shows on his logon screen that he has 2 unread emails. I dont know how to get it off, mine and my wifes computer dosent show that. Its a hotmail account so I went to hotmail and msn messeger's options and I cant find anything. Anyone know how to get it off? Thanks.

A:Windows logon screen

The solution you're looking for is provided here:

Overview of the mail notification display on the Windows XP Welcome screen

BEWARE, THOUGH! The solution above incorporates editing the Registry.
If you are not sure about backing up, editing and restoring the Registry,
please post back requesting further assistance.

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Hey i am trying to fix my friends computer... his login screen on xp is a black box with the white login box

He wants to get it back to the standard xp login box, the blue screen one...

Any idea's how I can get it back to the original for him??


A:windows xp logon screen

in msconfig / boot tab
enable the gui

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Prior to purchasing a new notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium x64, I used a notebook with Windows XP Professional. I really liked the Windows XP Pro logon box (see attached image).

Is there a similar logon screen available should I upgrade to Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate?

A:Windows 7 Logon Screen/XP Pro?

There's no way you can get the xp logon screen to work with windows 7. But you can change the background logon screen image in 7. Otherwise if you like the xp logon screen, then stick with xp.

Log On Screen - Change


7 Logon Screen Manager by ~vasanrulez on deviantART

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In Windows XP (Professional), how can one alter the logon screen? Originally I would boot up XP and the logon screen would automatically select my username (the only user on the logon screen) so I could immediately start typing. I don't know what changed, but now I have to manually click on my username and start typing. There is still only one user and I am just far too lazy to always click on it or tab into it to start typing my password (plus I would like to figure this out). Thank you for any help!

A:Windows XP Logon Screen

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I am not able to logon on the Windows screen. I have an HP laptop with Windows XP home installed, i have tried to repair the installation by booting from original CD after the EULA screen but even if i add a new user after reboot i still have the logon screen without any icon.

I have tried to reset the administrator password by booting from a Linux CD but the software is telling me that is not able to find the registry key on windows.

Funny thing is, this laptop has never had a password!

What is the problem? How can i solve it?

A:No ico on Windows Logon screen.

Can you boot into Safe Mode
and choose "Last Known Good Configuration"?

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Okay so I wanted to change my logon screen and I downloaded this program called Logon Loader. I changed my logon screen then I accidently deleted the logon screen file that I used to replace the default one. And now whenever I start up windows it says the computer is locked and tells me to enter a password. Also the logon screen is just a black background with the logon box that has a name and a password in it.

Thanks for the help.

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I recently reinstalled XP from a restore disk. All went well and I thought it would be good to password protect my computer. I set up my name and a password in the Control Panel User Accounts.
Then I realized that, since I was the only one using this computer, signing-in was a pain, especially with update restarts, etc.
I like to turn the computer on and have use of my desktop without any other steps.
I disabled the password for my account, but, now when I start the computer I end-up on a screen where I have to select my name (the only name on the screen) and the boot continues to the desktop.
How do I bypass this logon page?

A:Windows Logon Screen

start/run, type control userpasswords2 and click OK, clear the box 'Users must enter user name ...' and click OK, now enter the user name you wish to logon automatically and the password, done.

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Hi All,

Greetings to all of you since I am new here.

Would like to seek assistance from anyone of you which I still have winlogon problem which only default to classical logon screen with drop-down selection of user names instead of normal Windows XP user log on screen.

Anyways of rectify the said problem? Your kind advise would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

A:How To Fix Windows Logon Screen


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everything was working fine, but when i install the bit difender total security 2009, after installing the antivirus when computer get restgarted its shows the user accounts and its not going direct to the desktop, its looking very bad because i am the single user on my computer. please help me.

A:Windows Logon Screen

Hello Ravinder. Welcome to BC.What operating system are you using please?There is a tool for autologon for Windows XP.With Regards,The Panda

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A couple of weeks ago my Windows XP welcome screen would automatically select my username and allow me to enter my password without clicking on my icon, but reciently I've had to click on my icon before typing in my password. Any ideas as to why this happened or how I could solve it would be great.

But my main problem is that the other day everytime XP loaded the screen would be blank. So I loaded into VGA mode deleted my display adaptor, restarted and reinstalled it. Now the screen is fine, not blank anymore, but for some reason the logon screen is like older versions, just username and password fields.
This happens even though under my User Accounts (in Control Panel) the way users logon on is set to 'Use Welcome Screen' and 'Use Fast User Switching'.

I would realy like to get back to my orriginal logon welcome screen, with icons next to usernames, without having to reinstall XP or format its partition.

Please reply!

A:Help With Windows XP Logon Screen

I know the answer to your first question. If you do a windows update or have your computer so that it automatically updates windows, it changes it so that XP may no longer log itself in. I may be wrong, but it always happens to me when i install a clean version of xp, but then do a windows XP. hope that helps.

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A friend of mine has "lost" the original logon screen (where I had set him up three users) so he could simply click on a user, enter the password and away he (or his family) could go ... now all he has is the oh-so-familiar (to me) and not so user-friendly [Ctrl][Alt] logon prompt. Is there any way to get that original logon screen back?


Vampyre UK (http://www.uktech.org.uk)

A:Logon Screen (Windows XP/SP 1)

Found this on the net once I knew what to look for:

Control Panel/Users/Change the Way Users Logon/Welcome Screen or...

Start/Run/Regedit Key
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
Value Name: LogonType
Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
Value Data: (0 = Classic Mode, 1 = Welcome Screen)

Create a new DWORD value, or modify the existing value, called 'LogonType' and edit the value according to the settings below. Reboot.

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My pc is :C440 Touch All-in-One (Lenovo)

Operating system : Windows 10

I can't run my PC, every time i try to run it shows me blue screen wrote on it

" Automatic repair couldn't repair your PC

Press " Advanced options" to try other options to repair your PC or "Shut down" to turn off your PC.

Log file :\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt "

I tried to use the most options but none of them worked such as System restore, every time i click on it, it says : System restore could not find the offline boot volume. Please ensure it is currently accessible.

By the way before one day since this problem happened i created system restore point

My pc is Lenovo while running it i clicked F2 and it opened for me Onekey Recovery its Lenovo Tool, it has option called initial backup but i dont know if it backup from the system restore point i've created or what exactly.
Please help i need to solve it ASAP, i have many important university files on my PC and i don't need to lose them

NOTICE : I tried all the options in the repair screen such as " Reset this PC" , "Startup repair" ... and more, all of them give me message when i click on them please if u want know what message i get, let me know what option and ill write it because too many erorrs

and i got a dvd contain install of windows 10 ( ISO file ) and able to run it on my pc

A:Automatic repair couldnt repair your PC (Repair screen win10)

You might be better off doing a clean install. You won't need to enter the key as its already been associated with your computer.

Backup any files you want to keep first.

I am not certain but it may take the install files from the recovery partition (perhaps someone can confirm this), I know this worked with a recent HP job I did.

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I have a PC that on startup instead of the windows screen it shows a XXX picture. It is now showing the same picture on logoff. Also, when you close any window it reboots the PC. This is a Windows 2000 OS.

Any ideas? I can't seem to locate it and then started thinking it was probably a virus. Here is the Hijack Log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:08:13 PM, on 11/7/2005
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\Project Selector\projselector.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 6\DragToDisc\DrgToDsc.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 6\AudioCentral\RxMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Security Center\UsrPrmpt.exe
C:\Program Files\Browser MOUSE\mouse32a.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packa... Read more

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I done a fresh clean install of Win Xp. on restarting the computer, It keeps freezing before it gets to the logon screen.
I changed the Ram but still froze and done the Harddisk diagnostics which showed me harddisk is good. I did 2 separate clean installations using two separate XP disks but still it freezes before it gets to the Windows Logon screen.

I also want to mention this is a Dell Optiplex Gx520.

Any ideas as to what need to be done here?

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Hi i have some which i think a simple problem but yet i dont know how to solve it...

Regarding about the welcome screen... usually after i switch on my computer... it immediately go to the windows... however after installing trial version of bit defender .. everytime i switch ON my pc... theres welcome screen where i have to click my default user account to go to windows (ofcorse w/out having to enter any password as i dont create any)

well the problem is... how can i change it back to my default settings? i try to swithc on/off logon screen from control panel>user account but nothing works.. it only change to classic panel... please assist with guidance..


A:[SOLVED] Windows Logon screen

Option 1:
- Click Start, and choose Run, type in "control userpasswords2" (without quotes). You'll get a dialog. Look at the first checkbox, at the top, uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer", click OK.

Option 2:
- Download and install the TweakUI tool, part of the XP Power Toys. You can then use the Autologon section to configure a specific user\password.

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hey i seen th e normal windows xp logon welcome screen with all the users and there thumbnail picture. and i was wondering if there was away to change the background of that area? i seen ppl do it on there own themes or what not sometimes...but i just wana change the background.

dunno if this is possible

A:changing the windows welcome logon screen

Try this http://www.winxptutor.com/tweaklogon.htm

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i am running windows 2000 advance server with two client compomputers, windows 98 and win 2000 professional. the network was working fine untill recently. now i cannot logon from my win 2000 pro. neither on the computer nor on the network. when i reset the password from the server and try to logon i keep getting an error message that passwod and user name is incorrect or there is no domain to log me on. is there any way to bypass the logon screen at startup or to get access to the computer files? dns and dhcp are both installed and started.
when i ping the computer the address showed up. any suggestion.

A:windows 2000 logon screen

Can you log onto the 2k pc using a local admin account, not the domain account? If so, you should join a workgroup and reboot and then rejoin the domain. You might also check the lmhost file for an entry to the server as this will preclude needing to use WINS or broadcast for the resolution. If all else fails, re-install and join the domain again.

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I would like to have the welcome screen with my windows xp (laptop)
and i don't know how to have it.
I have this logon screen:

PLease Help me!!!

A:How to change logon screen windows XP

This is my one

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Hi There
I have a black screen before windows logon with a cursor, all safe mode options have the same thing, tried last known config + low res. any ideas?

A:Black Screen before windows logon

Mainly this problem occurs because of video adapter. So, first check it properly. Else try the below remedy for this problem:
First click on the task manager and then click on start task manager. Just then click on the processes tab -> explorer.exe -> end process.
Now click on file -> run. A text box will open in front of you, enter explorer.exe and press ok then.
Now click on the start button and type device manager into it. Then select it from the list. Just then double click on Display adapters and then click on update driver software and follow the steps to update the drivers.
If still the problem not solved then check the registry issues. Else run system restore and boot it in safe mode.

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Hello everyone,
I see a lot of videos on youtube of how to change your windows xp logon screen to windows 7, but i never seen the other way around..

Is there a way to change windows 7 logon screen to look like windows xp logon screen where I actually have to type the user name and password in order to login

A:changing windows 7 logon screen.

go to run,type control userpasswords2. then tick "user must enter username and pasword to login
This is optional,you can go to advanced tab>secure logon and tick "require user to use ctrl+Alt+del

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Okay this is a bit of a problem but bear with me, just recently the welcome login screen for xp would freeze before anyone could log in. The HD light would be flashing signalling activing but the screen wont change nor will the mouse move. However at this point i could log in through safe mode but I could not find out how to solve the problem.

Eventually to try and fix this issue, I performed a repair install of xp, this finished but did not solve the problem and now I have to reactivate windows for some reason. Unfortunately now that windows is unactivated, I cannot login through safemode and still cannot login normally. Does anyone have any ideas that would fix this?

A:Windows Logon Frozen at Welcome Screen

Hello tw3lv3

Try a System Restore from the Safe Mode Options Screem

Boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 at bootup and choose
'Safe mode with command prompt'

At the command prompt type

Hopefully this will open System Restore, so restore to a few days ago before any of the problems started.


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Well, what's been happening is that i turn on my computer and the Windows XP logon screen appears. I type in my password and click 'sign in', that's where the problem starts. The other profile names disappear, as they should, and mine is left in the middle of the screen with the words 'loading your personal settings...' underneath it.
The problem is that it stays like this for about 5-10 minutes then before finally loging on . It doesn't freeze because it always logs on (eventually). This happens to everyone elses profile on my computer just the same way. Strangely, once you have logged on, if you then log off and try to log on to another profile this works fine and there are no problems with it.
This problem has been here for a couple of months now. We have tried a 'destructive system restore' but that didn't seem to help at all. It's still doing it.
I would be extremely grateful if anyone can find a solution to this. Thanks.


A:Help needed with Windows XP logon screen

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When I start up XP, it automatically takes me to the logon screen.

I want to go straight to my desktop and bypass the logon process.

How can I do this?

A:Solved: Windows logon screen

Start, run, type: "control userpasswords2" (without quotes). Uncheck the box for "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer".

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This has probably been asked, but I couldn't find it...

Is there any code available or a way to remove the logon picture or icon on the logon screen?

So, only the password would show?

A:Windows Logon Screen Picture

You could use the Tweaks.com Logon Wallpaper Changer to change the background, but I have never seen an option to remove the user account photo.

Log On Screen - Change

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I just updated Windows XP Pro this morning. I have autoupdates on so I have all previous updates of Windows. Anyway, updates installed fine, I was prompted to reboot the computer. I closed all other programs and rebooted.

Windows loads fine then when I hit the welcome screen, my monitor goes blank, displays an "out of range" warning. I reboot normally, the welcome screen is completely black aside from my mouse icon which responds normally. I reboot my computer in safe mode only, get a welcome screen, login, do a system restore to the point right before the updates. I reboot in safe mode again but the welcome screen is black again. I reboot in all the other possible methods to load windows: safe mode, safe mode /networking, safe mode /command, VGA mode, etc. Everything results in a black screen with the mouse icon.

So basically, because my computer is password protected, I cannot log in since i get no prompt watso ever to even log into. Its finals week, not a good time to not have the computer for an entire day. Help please.

Btw, my monitor is a brand new: ViewSonic VX710, my video card is a nVidia 64MB GeForce4 MX 420 w/TV Out. My other comp specs just incase you need em: 2.4 ghz Intel Pentium 4 w/HT, 512 mb DDR ram.

A:Windows Logon/Welcome Screen is black

Have you tried repairing your install from your windows disk?

If you know of someone with a monitor that does high res you may want to see if you can hook it up to that and make your resolution lower after the repair. Try setting it to 800x600 if you can. Then hook it back up to your monitor. I don't know why it would just change though that seems to be what your first problem was.

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I have Windows XP Pro. When turn my computer on, it goes to the "Welcome Screen" that has a picture icon with my name next to it. I click on my name, and the computer starts.

I want to bypass this. I just want to turn the computer on and have it go right to the desktop and be ready to use without the Welcome screen. I am the only user of this computer, so the logon or Welcome screen is not necessary.

I did locate a web site that supposedly told how to do this, but when I followed the advice, the computer booted to a generic desktop with all of my icons and shortcuts gone, and it asked me if I wanted to take a tour of Windows as if I never used it before.

I am the only user, I am the administrator, I want to start my system with no Welcome screen or password prompt, just right to my desktop. How can I do this?

A:Solved: Windows XP Logon screen

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