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Downloading Mail, Not! Downloading Just Quit Working

Q: Downloading Mail, Not! Downloading Just Quit Working

In the las week or so I cant download my mail,
I get this, over & over:

Get this also:

I cant think of what I might have done to cause this.
Worked one day, then, not.

Re-entered p/w, nada.

I go online to email, password, the same password, works fine when logged on to cox.

What gives???


Preferred Solution: Downloading Mail, Not! Downloading Just Quit Working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Downloading Mail, Not! Downloading Just Quit Working

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Got a new computer a few months ago running Windows Vista. A few weeks ago it quit downloading anything. Before then, no problems downloading. Whenever I try to download something I get all the appropriate pop up boxes such as SAVE/OPEN: where to save to (Iusually send to desktop): I even get the downloading box showing the files flying from one site to another. In the final second the box completely disappears (even though I have the CLOSE BOX option unchecked) and there is no download on my desktop. I get no error message. I've searched for the files I DLed and they are nowhere to be found. I've even tried changing locations to send the files to but that didn't help.

I am getting daily updates on my antivirus program and updates to windows. The problem occurs only when I try to download from the internet myself.

The last time I was able to download anything was when I downloaded a newer version of my antivirus protection. It came from a well known site, one that I've used for years. That download went smoothly but the install was problematic. I had to go to their website for help and was told to turn off windows defender, firewall and the user accounts. I'm telling you all this because I suspect I've turned off something that's causing this problem. I did turn these programs back on after installing the AVirus program.

I'm at a loss as to where to look or what to do next. Any suggestions?

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undefined I have an Easyshare cx4310 Digital camera that i recieved for Christmas ,I was having no problems with it ,then all the sudden it quit dling pics ,when you hook it up with the ussb cord(or whatever its called) Does anyone know what would make it do that all the sudden,I tried to put the disc thatcame with it in to reinstall it or something but it wouldn't work either. Thank you if anyone can help.

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I have used Windows Mail for years with very few problems. I prefer to download all mail and then respond, file, delete, etc. About a month ago it seemed to "timeout" on me when trying to download Emails with large attachments (pictures, PDF files, etc). I can access thos Emails through Webmail and file them so they don't continue to try and download, but now I've go a good number of these "stuck" in my webmail.

What could have changed that has now prevented me from downloading these Emails through Windows Mail and how can I fix it? Thnaks for any and all info/advice.

A:Windows Mail (Vista 32 bit) not downloading mail with large attachments

If you increase the timeout, you should be able to correct the problem
1. Open Windows Live Mail, go to Tools > Accounts...
2. Choose your email account and then click on "Properties"
3. Click on the "Advance" tab
4. Under 'Server Timeouts', drag the slider to change it to a more longer or maximum period of timeouts.

Probably caused by extremely large attachments, or internet slowing down. There are various sites to check the speed.
Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
Be sure you are getting the speed that you were promised.

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I have a problem with "Windows Mail." The problem is simply this: I use two web-based emails (Yahoo and Earthlink). In both cases, I must keep my emails on-line for a long time -several years. I need to have portable access to them even when I am away from my computer. I can't be alone in this.

Yet I also want to use the Windows Mail successor to Outlook. I can't figure out an intelligent way to use this program with my needs. Because I keep email on the servers, each time I download the new emails I copy the older ones first. I now have three sets of copies of the older emails, which I then have to manually delete from Windows Mail. There must be a better way!

First, is it possible to download messages from most recent to older, so that I can stop the downloading when it gets to mail I already have downloaded?

Second is it possible to put a 'range' of time that I want to download mail (i.e. backwards, say until 2010 but not further)?

Third is it possible to delete the multiple copies of emails on Web Mail that I have so that I do not have the duplicates, but do not have to remove them -very laboriously- by going through my entire folder on Web Mail? Is there some automatic way to do this or is there a program or function I can use?
Thank You,

A:Problems with Windows Mail: Downloading Old Mail Multiple times

Hi Mike,
you would be better using Windows Live Mail it has better backup features.

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I have used the same email programme on this computer for 2 years with no problems. For the last week or so my emails have taken forever to download, half and hour or more.

There is plenty of capacity on my webmail account which is where messages are downloaded from, and according to the little information box WLW is 'aware' of the messages to be downloaded, and list 'downloading 17 messages' or whatever number; no error message appears, it just takes a-g-e-s. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Please no suggestions to download some other better mail programme - I'm happy with this one when it is working!

Many thanks

A:Windows Live Mail suddenly downloading mail very slowly

I would first try the simple thing of resetting(power cycle) your network equipment. Unplug the power cord(s) to both the modem and router or just the one cord if its a combo modem/router and wait about a minute or so; then plug the modem back in first and let that boot; then plug the router back in and let that boot. Try this out and see what happens. If it doesnt resolve the issue post back and we can take it from there.

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whenever i open ms office outlook 2007 and try to download received emails, an error message will pop up saying path to naCmnLib71.dll is not found and outlook has to close
after some searching on the internet it seems this file is used by mcafee virusscan to scan incoming emails
after disabling the email scanner everything worked fine
so i can conclude that the email scanner is indeed the problem
i also updated mcafee virusscan to the lastest version but it does not seem to solve the problem
is there anyone with the same problem and has solved the problem?
can you provide me with the solution?
thank you

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 error when McAfee VirusScan performs e-mail scanner during downloading of incoming e-mail

Well, if something is making the email scan not work, to be honest I personally would do a AV and AS scan, and maybe even a boot scan... Just to make sure there is nothing else causing the problem.

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I am having problems with downloading like zip and installation files. When ever I download a installation file like say Quicktime 7 it would be corrupted about 50%-75% of the time I download it.
Zip files usually have atleast one file that has a "CRC check failed" and sometimes if I try to extract that file once again it doesn't give me that message. I tried to reinstall WinZip again but it still gives me the problem so don't think it is the programs fault.

Image problems happen when I try to move a picture file to another folder or when I try to save an image(less likely to happen but still once in a while). It seems like the higher the resolution or size of the image the more likely it would happen. Also though I am not sure but if it try to move a large number of picture files at once it happens more often though maybe it is just because I am moving more picture files.

Here is an example of what happens when I try to move/download a picture file:
Note: it is just a random picture that I downloaded to use as an example. The white part on the top of the image is normal it was part of the original image.

The orginal: http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/4986/cars4yv.jpg
Some of the images that got "screwed up". I move 128 copies of the image at once.

The comp is a Win2k but not sure what s... Read more

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I'll try to download a file or a flash plugin and they download a little bit and then freeze. I dunno what to do >.<

A:Downloading files or anything on my laptop freeze during downloading


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I've just got a new PC running Vista and I've got a problem with my email. It keeps downloading old messages.
I've set it not to keep messages on the server but they are still there;
I've left it overnight downloading in the hope that it would finish and then stop but this morning I found about 5 copies of the older emails;
I've checked that I haven't got duplicate accounts and I deleted and recreated my account.
I could access my ISP through webmail and get rid of them there but a) it would take forever and b) I keep losing access to my ISP.
Any ideas before I give up and install Thunderbird?

A:Mail keeps downloading

"b) I keep losing access to my ISP."

Each time you lose access, the download is NOT completed, so when you try again it MUST start over. Since you a Webpage access, I would delete that way.

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I've been having a problem on & off for awhile that's now become permanent.I have encredimail installed on my XP,and when I check my mail it say's it's recieving 1% of however many emails,but never completes.I uninstalled encredimail thinking it was the problem even though I've had it a yr. but O.E. does the same thing.sometimes when I open it I get copies(up to 5) of emails I already have.how do you reconfigure, or change settings or whatever needs to be done?I REALLY need help,btw,I can access my mail on web so dont think it's a server problem.


A:Not Downloading E-mail

uninstall Incredimail and restart your computer. If you actually want more punishment re-install Incredimail and do not use Outlook Express. Incredimail is third-party software that's non-microsoft certified to work with Windows.

Please see the following printable attachment for more information.

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How would I go about downloading my saved mail from AOL to Thunderbird? There is A LOT of it, haha

A:Downloading Saved Mail

This page will help you set up your Thunderbird client to receive AOL email. There is an option within Options -> your email account -> Server Settings that will let you keep email on the server even if you have downloaded it to Thunderbird. I prefer keeping it on the server just in case.

As for downloading all of your email from AOL, I believe that depends on a setting from AOL's side. Like with Gmail, I had to access Gmail and not Thunderbird to make sure all of my past email was downloaded to Thunderbird. It might happen automatically when you set up your account, or maybe there is indeed a setting when you set it up, I'm not sure.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6024 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 684 GB (603 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 02TKW1
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Enabled and Updated

Hi again,
I'm sure everyone is getting sick and tired of all my problems. Now, my newest problem is comcast email (using through windows live mail) just stopped downloading my email. I'm so upset since I had a lot of emails I wanted to save and most of them gone. Now, it gets even stranger, I'm getting some of my email on my phone, but many are missing. There's only a few from 2018, a few from 2019 and I had a lot! I had a gift card code that I was saving and that is gone. I went to the xfinity site and saw some of my email (some read from 2014). But a bunch are missing from there too. Nothing from February - April. I recently thought I had a virus and a very nice man helped me so much. About a week ago my email was just closing, but nothing was lost. He said to reload my email which I didn't have a chance to do. I was also scared I would lose everything. Just so upset and don't know what to do. Please help. I really don't want to reload because they might still be there. Just don't want to lose so many emails. I guess I might ... Read more

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I know this probably isn't the best place for a question re a Thunderbird e-mail
problem, but am not sure where would be. You folks have been so helpful in the past, will take the liberty of posting here. If really a violation of the forum protocal, I apologize.

Had to do a Restore-Point, and ever since then I have the following problem.

I use Comcast for my e-mails, and Thunderbird for my e-mails "reader".

The same e-mail messages, one after the other, keep getting downloaded to my PC/Thunderbird.
I must have dozens and dozens of the same ones being downloaded.
Never had this happen before.

I looked at Server Options in Thunderbird, but don't see anything like:
Delete From Server After Downloading, or similar.

How do I get only a single copy of each e-mail downloaded, please ?


A:e-Mail Downloading Problem ?

Seems to be a fairly common issue (not finding the option). Have you seen this?

Thunderbird doesn’t delete messages off server at Rick Tech

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how do i download Gmail mails to free up space in my account.

I have configured my gmail account and my email client to download all mail.But im not sure what the problem going behind of it, its just downloading 250 out of 4000 mails.

If any body knows how to download all mail, it would be my pleasure to know about it.

Looking for your valuable response.


A:Downloading All Gmail Mail

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Is there any way to download all the emails in a yahoo account, without having to open them up?

A:Downloading Yahoo Mail

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I'm running Windows 98 with AOL as my ISP. Can I download my Yahoo e-mail account onto my laptop ... to read & answer e-mail ... without an internet hookup ... then reconnect later to send the e-mail? How do you do it? Thanks PeteFW

A:Downloading Yahoo e-mail

Not unless you have a POP3 Yahoo! account. Usually you have to pay for that.


Edit: Forgot about Yahoopops, maybe this would work for you...

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Equipment: NT 4 server, Windows 95, Netscsape 4.7 brouser, Eudora 3 email, Partial T1. Two E mail accounts. main- [email protected]; secondary- [email protected]
Realtively busy web sites (2 main), usually lot of e mail. Operation during last two years - no problems. Two weeks ago received over 9000 e mails and Eudora was responding properly. When it got to about 400 Edura (?) stopped and have displayed the following:
And POP Server ([email protected]) said: ERR cannot open disk file.

I have tried all I know to get remaining e mail. Nothing. At present I have over 900 e mails sitting there. For business sake i have to reach them.
Have done all I could to Eudora. Replaced, renamed, tried to redirect. Have asked around a lot. Nothing.This affects only the main e mail. The secondary works fine.
Do not know:
-What and where this file is?
-How I can fix the problem without losing e mail?
Please Help.

A:Problem downloading e mail

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Outlook Express Security has the following optional feature:

Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail.

I'm wondering how important it is to block these images/content. Does it really make much difference at all? I don't like having to click the images "on" each time I open a message.

A:Downloading Images in HTML e-mail

I guess this setting was automatically changed when I downloaded SP2. I just read that MS makes these changes for security reasons, so perhaps I should find out what their reasoning is.

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Hi all

I would really appreciate some assistance with this bugging problem!

I have a laptop running Vista and Outlook 2003 and have configured Outlook to download all of my gmail which has always worked fine.

I just bought a new PC running Windows 7 and Outlook 2007 and i also configured outlook on the pc to download my gmail.

On both machines I have ticked the option to keep a copy of the mail on the server. However...

After picking up a new mail on either of the machines, it no longer is downloaded on the other machine. It also seems that most of the time it is the new PC that gets the mail (although this may just be because it is working quicker than the laptop).

Pls help!

Thnx a mil

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Unable to download attachment files that end in eml.

When i so attempt they go to PowerPoint which cannot deal with them.

AOL is my default e-mail processor.

Any help appreciated, Jim.

A:Problems downloading e-mail attachments

eml attachments were associated with the MSBlaster worm if I am not mistaken and perhaps you ISP is blcking them.

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Hi, I've just set up Outlook on a new computer and tried to download my unread mail but its trying to download all messages ( 1725 of them ) that I've already read, apart from deleting my mailbox how can I stop Outlook from doing this?

A:How do I stop mail from downloading into outlook

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Good evening everyone.

I thought I'd try a different avenue as I am pulling my hair out with my current ISP help team at AT&T, who seem to be anything but helpful.

My email account was originally with SBCGLOBAL.NET who joined forces with Yahoo some 6 years ago or so and eventually were encompassed under AT&T.

Ever since then they have gradually been tweaking and generally overhauling the email system entirely. Over a long period of time they have been migrating accounts that were originally with SBCGLOBAL, Bell South, Packard and so on that were on legacy email servers and transferring them to a centrally controlled AT&T email server farm. My account was done in around late Feb / early March.

Ever since then, it has been virtually impossible for me to do any serious downloading of my email via POP3.

I will either get an error referring to a stuck message plus a network error or I will just get the network error. This is the format ::

Message number 169 could not be retrieved. Account: 'Clive's Email Account', Server: 'inbound.att.net', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR [SYS/TEMP] problem retrieving message.', Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800420CD

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: 'Clive's Email Account', Server: 'inbound.att.net', Protocol: POP3, Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error N... Read more

A:Problems downloading mail via POP3

Someone did reply to my message - thanks whoever you are, but I had to refresh my login and then there was no trace of the reply, hence my not knowing who you are but you mentioned that you also have SBCGLOBAL - and yes the email address is still the same, its all under AT&T now and they have migrated all (or mostly all) accounts to their own servers. It was immediately after this migration that the errors started happening. (AT&T even admitted that some of the migration processes were flawed....no duh)

I didn't go further in my message since it already read like a mini novel, but I should also have gone on to say that in addition to Windows Mail that is native on Vista, I also tried Windows Live Mail, Pegasus, opera and indeed the one you mentioned - thunderbird - all to no avail - still got the same error.

I have also tried different computers as mentioned and different access points.

Microsoft Outlook was the only client that "kind of" worked, in that it would attempt to download all the messages that it could then give a whole list of errors regarding messages that could not be downloaded, along with a network error that stopped the "handshake" at the end of the download process. I also noticed that many of the messages that had been downloaded, the attachments were messed up on many of the messages - not downloaded correctly, corrupted etc.

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My mom has Outlook 2003. She is using Windows XP and her mail is not downloading. Fortunately she can access it online otherwise it would be even more frustrating.

I have reinstalled Office 2003 but it is still not working. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

It was working fine until about a month ago. I updated her email server (sympatico.ca) to a new platform which cannot be changed back. All of the settings are correct. The email test shows success but it is not successful.


A:Outlook 2003 not downloading mail

Hi Mary H

Is she receiving any error messages?
If so, please post the error message here.

Instead of using the Test Account Settings, create a new message and send it to your mom's e-mail address. The e-mail should appear in her online mailbox.
Also, try creating a new Profile in Outlook 2003 and recreate the account settings to see if the new Profile has the same issue.

With Outlook 2003 closed, create a new Profile,
Control Panel > Mail Icon
Change the selection to: Prompt for a Profile to be used

Show Profiles > Add
Recreate the e-mail account.

Start Outlook 2003 and select the new Profile.
Create a new message and send it to yourself.
Let us know what happens.

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Earthlink has two ways to read and write e-mail. You can view it online or you can download it to your home computer and read it there. I'm having a severe problem downloading it to my home computer.
Currently, there's nothing in my online inbox except for messages that I myself have sent, but when I try to download them, I get a message that contains nothing but today's date and under "view source", the following:

X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 0
X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 1
X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 2
X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 3
X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 4
X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 5
X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 6
X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 7

The effect of this is that downloading is very, very slow after which it just blinks out and doesn't download anymore. I'd promptly delete the message, but I have no idea which message is creating this on the fly.

Clearly, this is borrowing Symantec's capabilities so that my Norton Systemworks doesn't detect this as a virus. A few months ago, this didn't appear until about halfway through the download and I could delete messages until I had the right one. Now it appears right off the bat and I can't download a thing. A further "improvement" is that the downloaded messge used to display an 1899 date and now just does the contemporaneous date.

Would very, very much appreciate any ideas!!!!

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I'm trying to download "incredimail" e-mail program, but after it has downloaded I get the message " cannot load I/O error"
What is an I/O error and how can I fix it please.


A:I/O error while downloading an e-mail program

Have you tried downloading the program again? Its possible the file was corrupted during the download. If you've tried it several times then look for the file from another site and try from there.

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I love the new Wnidows 8 Metro MAIL app!
I can add my gmail, Hotmail and even my corporate exchange server email account!

Only two issues:

1) My corporate exchange account successfully downloaded email and calendar for last two weeks (as per default)
- BUT it never against downloads emails? I change it from 2 weeks to as it arrives, also tried every 15 minutes but it refuses to download any new emails?

2) Gmail : when sending an email it also sends an email to Gmail account itself?

A:Mail Metro App - Not downloading Exchange email?

I also have to add that I right clicked in the mail app, and in bottom left corner clicked the 'Sync' menu item.
It did pull emails from gmail / Hotmail - but again no emails from my corporate exchange account

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I am running my email through Outlook 2013, Windows 7. Since my McAfee trial period ended yesterday, I removed it and installed Free AVG. Since then, I have to manually "Send/Receive" to get my emails. Prior to the switch it was downloading them automatically. I have unchecked the AVG Add-On in the OUtlook settings, but this did not fix the problem. Can anyone help with this issue?

A:Solved: Outlook not automatically downloading mail

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Since downloading the new IE8 the only annoying problem I've encountered is that I'll have random email attachments that download to my desktop. Not every attachment that I open, just random attachments. If you have any suggestions, I'd be very thankful! I'm using Windows Mail Version 6.0.6000.16386.


A:Windows Mail Downloading Files to Desktop

Try uninstalling IE8 - see if that stops that behavior.
If it doesn't stop, then it is something else causing it.

How to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2:

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This problem just started tonight. I will hit Sync- all accounts and it will start the progress bar saying "Receiving messages from server" but not finish it, it will start something else before it does. It happens very fast so it's hard to see what it says.

A:Window live mail not finishing downloading

Well, I did manage to get a few today, that did successfully arrive. I'm trying to get a password reset from photobucket.com, which I've requested about three times and it never gets to me. Maybe it's a problem with them.

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This is a problem that has happened twice now. It starts downloading messages, it will download the same message multiple times, and with in a few minutes there will be 2 to 3 thousand messages., but it keeps going.the last time this happened I had to uninstall Live Mail, then go into the local data files and remove everything that has anything to do with Live Mail. Then reinstall Live Mail. Then it worked fine again. It has works fine for 3 or 5 months now. It worked fine 2 days ago. Today whin I brought it up, I had to reset it up. And then it started downloading thousands of messages again. Can't figure out what is causing this to happen. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

A:Live Mail won't stop downloading messages

I had the same problem a few years ago. I think that the way I solved it was to
Live mail>accounts>properties>advanced....Leave copy on server should be checked.
Let me know if this works

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It was working fine, had Live Mail 2011, and worded just fine....but then noticed I wasn't getting any new mail from my hotmail account like I used to. In fact, this error happened, where it said I had X number of new mail, and when I went to look, was only a few, but couldn't read or delete them, and there was gaps, like missing emails. I had tried adding Gmail to Live Mail, and then it started to download emails exceeding 15K, and will take forever, just to show hardly any new emails, if any, despite it saying it received 15K+ emails.

I tried repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling 2012 edition of Live Essentials. I even deleted the files in the Live mail folder on the hard drive after uninstalling it....but adding my hotmail account.....well, it won't retrieve new email (My gmail used to be picked up along with the hotmail as it's attached to it), and adding gmail results in over 15K downloads.

I don't know if it's settings...I never touched them, and it all used to work for years with no problem....this this one glitch happened that seems to cause all this grief for me.

I do have Windows 7, and not sure all the stats of my computer....just hope someone can help.

A:Windows Live Mail is downloading over 100 emails on me

These Microsoft threads have some suggestions. Apparently this isn't an isolated problem. See the suggested fix from "Noel" in second link.

Windows Live Mail - hundreds of duplicate messages for one account - Microsoft Community

Windows Live Mail is downloading ALL my old e-mails- how do I stop Windows 7 28-Feb-08 11:35 AM

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The title describes it all, every 30 minutes my cmd opens (if I close it) and starts downloading the archive on the annex:

 ASDASDFASD.png   82.26KB
I don't know what else to do... I've ran the FRST tool and I'll follow up with the log, please help me! My CPU usage simply Skyrockets whenever the cmd finishes the download, making it so that I have to keep resetting the PC very often, it's really annoying.
Resultado do exame da Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Versão: 02.01.2018
Executado por eduad (administrador) em PIRILAMPO (04-01-2018 07:25:39)
Executando a partir de C:\Users\eduad\Desktop
Perfis Carregados: eduad (Perfis Disponíveis: eduad)
Platform: Windows 10 Pro Versão 1709 16299.192 (X64) Idioma: Português (Brasil)
Internet Explorer Versão 11 (Navegador padrão: FF)
Modo da Inicialização: Normal
Tutorial da Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processos (Whitelisted) =================
(Se uma entrada for incluída na fixlist, o processo será fechado. O arquivo não será movido.)
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display.NvContainer\NVDisplay.Container.exe
(Apple Inc.) C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
(LogMeIn, Inc.) C:\Program Files (x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi\x64\LMIGuardianSvc.exe
(Adobe Systems, Incorporated) C:\... Read more

A:Infected with mail.ru Malware that keeps downloading archives from the CMD

Hi Doodsey I just picked up your thread on Malwarebytes Forums, so we'll continue there.https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/217717-infected-with-mailru-malware-that-keeps-downloading-archives-from-the-cmd/Thank you.

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I have a problem related to Outlook 2000. It will work fine for about half of the day and then it just stops downloading email. My internet connection still works, but Outlook just will not download mail from the pop server.

It requires a reboot to get the incoming mail flowing again.

Any suggestions?


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I'm trying to download a file attatchement (picture) using the MSN Hotmail Website but I can't. When I click on Download File then I click on the file name, another Internet Explorer Window pops up and Displays the picture. There is No Download Window to start downloading. How do I download it?

A:Solved: Downloading an E-mail Attachment (picture) in MSN Hotmail

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From about three weeks ago, on only my most heavily used email account (it has around 75,000 emails in it and gets around 200 emails each day), I was only able to download 4 emails at a time. Then it would stop. I would click "Get Mail" and it would download the next 4 emails. I'd click "Get Mail" etc etc until all emails were downloaded.

I tried to find a solution, but couldn't, so I just put up with it (it was really only a pain in the butt first thing in the morning).

Then, this morning - disaster! My main account only downloads one email at a time! It shows "55 of 55 Incoming messages", then next time "55 of 55 incoming messages" etc. A new one must have arrived because now it is showing "56 out of 56" (but I still have 6 hours of emails to download).

Important info:

* Email is hosted by gmail.
* Account is setup as a POP account.
* This issue is not affecting other staff on a mac, using same domain for email. Nor is it affecting any other email accounts I have (about 16 active email accounts, including 2 others hosted by gmail).
* Mail version is 4.3
* OS is 10.6.4
* Hard drive has 83GB available
* Last week I installed an extra 2GB of ram - so it wont be a lack of ram.
* No other email accounts are affected.
* There are 20 unread emails sitting in my Gmail account waiting to be downloaded (I logged in to Google Webmail and saw them).
* I have checked the Activity... Read more

A:Apple Mail Account: Only Downloading 1 Email at a Time

This is a largely undocumented problem with GMail over pop.

Read this article. Gordon's Tech: Gmail’s undocumented POP3 download limit

It appears that your download limit is lower than that stated (340) but I believe it is the same thing.

I think the only way yo fix this would be to setup an IMAP GMail in Mail.

Are you using normal GMail or google Apps Gmail?

If you need any help doing this just ask, I'm here to help.


P.S. This forum is generally reserved for questions about Windows Seven or involving Windows Seven, if you have Mac only problems, we generally recommend you use Apple - Support - Discussions - Forum Home instead because there will be many more people who know their way around Macs unlike here (where it's just me ).

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I'm a long-time user of Outloook Express, and have recently switched to Windows Live Mail on a new laptop running Windows 7. I'm gradually coming to grips with the similarities and differences, and generally I'm quite happy with Live Mail. But I have one puzzle and one irritation, and I wondered if anyone here knows how (if at all) I can deal with them?

The irritation
Despite comprehensively UNchecking "Check for new messages every xx minutes" (several times) on different days, and subsequently closing and restarting Live Mail each time I've tried, it still seems to download emails from the server of its own accord: not frequently, but seemingly at random intervals, but especially when I "wake up" the latop in the morning. Is there some other setting I can alter to prevent it downloading any emails at any time unless I tell it to?

The puzzle
I've always liked the little popup box with the progress bar and success report that appears when you're downloading emails. Every time you installed a new copy of Outlook Express, you had to catch it in time to "pin" it so that it would subsequently stay open after downloading had fnished. You still get this box in Live Mail, and I've succeeded in "pinning" it, but it doesn't seem to appear of its own accord - only if you click the status bar at the bottom of the window during or after the download. Is there any way to make it appear on the screen of its own accord as soon as you click "Sy... Read more

A:Can't stop automatic downloading in Windows Live Mail

Hi PeterWeb,

Here's a thread addressing your WLM irritation for someone using Vista. Unfortunately it's implied that checking for new messages when that option is disabled is a bug - the workaround for which is to Work Offline until you want mail, then go online to download it, then Work Offline again.

I'll take a look at your puzzle when I have more time


Windows Outreach Team

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I have recently upgraded to Win7 and Windows Live Mail 2012. I have multiple email accounts that I set up in Windows Live Mail. I have previously used Windows Live Mail (earlier versions) for this same process with no problem. However, I have set up my Yahoo account in WLM and I am getting an error message. Error message is as follows:
It says:

Unable to send or receive messages for the Yahoo (swilson933) account. Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity.

Server: 'plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0F
Protocol: POP3
Port: 995
Secure(SSL): Yes

I have checked and double checked my configuration for setting up yahoo mail and I have deleted the account and settings and recreated it and it would download emails initially but then the next day when I would open Windows Live Mail, it would not update with current messages.

I have checked and changed firewall settings - with no change in response.

Any suggestions regarding this issue would be so greatly appreciated as I am so frustrated as to why this is not working for me at this point.

Thank you,

A:Error while downloading email using Windows Live Mail 2012

Have you checked here:
Helpcentral Help | - SLN3285 - Using POP with Yahoo! Mail in Windows Live Mail

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Hi All,
I am running Outlook 2007 on a Windows Vista machine. I have recently set up a second email account in Outlook. I have no problems sending or receiving from either account, however when I recieve email for the new email account (not the defalut account by the way) I recieve the same message twice.

I've looked at the headers for the two different emails, and it appears that one is being sent to my default address. I obvioulsy don't have any forwards set up, or anything like that.

I was told it was a known issue with Outlook 2007, but nobody seem to have a work around for it.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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I am the only person to use my pc and I am the administrator. I have Windows XP and am using Internet Explorer7. I had no problems until, due to illness I didn't use pc for 2 months. I tried to update cccleaner but a windows error message came up. There was no error code. Today I've tried to open an attachment to an e-mail from my nephew but the same error message appeared. I then chose to save the attachment instead. The error message still appeared I pressed 'ok' on the error message and it disappeared. The attachment was saved to where I had instructed. The error message says 'C:\Documents and Settings\(personal name)\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ the last part changes. Plus 'Windows cannot access the specified device path or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item'. I have emptied all temporary files etc. to no effect. I've taken copy of error message but can't upload it as 'invalid file' shows. What is wrong?

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My wife's PC running Win7 and Live Mail told her when she clicked on a link (any link, like a store) in her mail that there was not a file associated with it, It has worked fine till last night.
Can someone tell me the steps to fix this?


A:Links in Live Mail quit working

in WLM in options- READ
read all messages in plain text setting should be unchecked
If it is then try this
put a check mark in it then close WLM
look at the message again see if it works
if nothing- go back in and uncheck it
close Wlm
reopen it
and see if it now works

If not you might want to do a repair of Wlm
go to Control Panel
Pick Windows Live Essentials
Double click like you were uninstalling it but it will give you an option to Repair
Pick this option and see if it fixes it

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I keep getting triplicate and duplicate mail from some recipients. Its not always the same recipients and it doesn't happen all of the time. It does appear to happen more often with one of the people I get regular mail from who distributes to a large distribution list.

An example is attached.

Any thoughts?

Gateway Model M-6750 (laptop)

A:Windows Live Mail 2011 - Duplicate and triplicate mails downloading

This seems like a mail server problem rather than a Windows Live problem. I've had this issue before, but usually it goes away...

Who hosts your email accounts?
How many email accounts do you have active in Windows Live?
Are there any other devices that intercept your email?

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My CD Writer will no longer play Data or Audio CD's or record data when I try to back up my files onto a CD. This happened the first time I tried to use it after downloading XP SP2. I've tried several CD's and have tried uopdating the driver but I get the message there is no better driver available. I've also tried rolling back the driver, but it says there is no previous version. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver. The CD R-RW came with my (3 year old) Fujitsu Siemens computer and the manual does not identify the manufacturer. Under properties it simply gives "Standard CD-ROM Drives" as manufacturer.

When I try to use the writer I get in the event log an error message which says "The device, \Device\CdRom1 has a bad block".

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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I am using mozilla firefox for my browser and have been using yahoo web messenger mail chat for the longest time, all of the sudden it quit working. does anybody experienced and solved this problem? Help is appreciated!Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Yahoo Web Messenger Mail Quit Working In Mozilla Firefox

Suggestions here:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...10054743AAOImSp

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My laptop windows 7 has been hijacked by goonsearch, not appearing in my list of downloaded programmes.
In trying to remove it I was advised to download' fixbee', now my shortcuts are not working even though I have deleted and loaded them again plus I still have goonsearch.
I have tried to back up with an external disk, not been done on my laptop before and it won't allow me to.
Help appreciated please.

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Hey peeps, im having this really annoying problem when i download something or skyping someone the internet stops and i get the yellow exclamation symbol on the signal strength bar in the bottom right,it lasts for about 30 seconds and then it starts working again.Sometimes it doesn't even show the yellow symbol.I have quite low speeds as it is and trying to download things take ages and this just corrupts,or cancels all my downloads.


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