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Wireless mouse freezing

Q: Wireless mouse freezing

I'm using a wireless logitech mouse and twice this has happened. When I load the computer the mouse works for a while then the arrow freezes and won't move. So I change the battery and remove the dongle at the back of the tower before replacing it. Then turn on the tower and the cursor has vanished. I've only had this mouse since last month, because I had the same problem with my last mouse (also a logitech).

Am I better getting a wired mouse?

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Preferred Solution: Wireless mouse freezing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello! This problem has been happening for a couple weeks and this is the problem: My wireless usb mouse (an Onn mouse) keeps freezing on my laptop. I'd unplug and plug it back in and i'd work but i'd have to do that many times. I also have an HP mouse that works fine.  Anyone know why?

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Ever since purchasing my Windows 10 X260 the wireless mouse is andomly freezing...it is driving me crazy.I have gone through the whole Lenovo support process updating everything possible but the problem still persists.I have tried several 'mice' but no improvement.  Usually, but not always the trackpad is okay but sometimesit seems to be frezzing as well. 

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Hi there

I have a problem with my Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3.1A, running an Optical Mouse 2000 and a Multimedia Keyboard 1.1. The driver is the latest from Microsoft.

I get random freezeups - it seems like the receiver stops working as both mouse and keyboard stop responding simultaneously.

It tends to happen soonish after boot (within a few minutes) or not at all (cross fingers).

I've tried putting the usb in other ports, same result. I've looked in Device Manager, no conflicts. I've looked at system reports but nothing ever shows up - except that I've had to force a reboot.

Any ideas?


A:USB Wireless Mouse and Keyboard freezing

@mbalax I have had the same problems with these wireless keyboards. Your best bet is to use a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse. I have yet to have any issues with them. Just my 2 cents.

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Hi.. I have had this problem for about a week now....
I have a sony vaio windows 7 IE 8 Laptop that I love and it is only a year old.
in the past 5 days the cursor on my logitech wireless mouse freezes. The only way to get out of it is ctrl. alt. del and it goes to my home screen and I cancel and the cursor comes back.. sometimes I go for hours and it doesnt
freeze and then sometimes it freezes every 5 minutes. there are times when I ctl. alt delete and it goes to my screen and I have to manually shutdown as even if I touch the pad on my laptop I cannot close it.. and of course when the cursor freezes
the screen freezes too.

Just to let you know that there is nothing wrong with my battery or mouse
as I have another one just like it and it does the same thing

I contacted Sony Vaio and they came in by remote and put in a patch
and said that should do the trick. but it did not...

any ideas....

do you need more info and if so what else would help in this situation.

I also play some games and that is when I most get this. and I have
the flash 102..... the latest version. and my java is uptodate.

I should also say that at times my IE8 says not responding.....

thanx Coco.

p.s.I have a friend who is very computer savy and comes in by remote
to fix things on my computer and this is stumping even him..


Where do you have your transmitter/receiver plugged in on the front or back of your machine?

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Mouse lagging and freezing during game. This is KILLING ME (literally in EA battlefront). I have tried to uninstall and reinstall drivers. I have replaced my mouse battery. I have uninstalled other USB devices. Hasn't worked. Please help me! It is a $5 mouse so I could just buy a new one but for now I want to fix the problem before I can buy a new one.

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I have a customer who swears up and down that 30% of the time during the day when he is working, the left click function of his mouse does not work. To make this even stranger, it only occurs in the upper right hand corner of the screen when trying to close applications or minimize.

I have not been able to reliably duplicate (although I have had it happen to me), but I do not sit in front of the computer all day either.

He has a Logitech wireless mouse (which I have updated the drivers for). We also tried new batteries.

At this time we are trying a standard corded Microsoft Mouse to see if that solves his issue. I will post back in a few days if that resolves the issue.

Has anyone else ever heard of this issue, have a solution?

I told him to drink after work, not before.... not sure if that will help or not .

Any input would be appreciated.



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Hey all,

I just installed Windows 7 earlier today. The install went fine, until right near the end. I had to click 'next' to a question, which I had already done a few times, but this time the tab was not responding. I tried again and again, then finally just hovered over the tab and pressed enter on my keyboard which did the trick.

Now that the OS is up and running, everything is working fine but I just have one problem. My left mouse button is doubling up as a 'back' button. So if I am in a folder and want to double click a new folder, or even if I just left click on empty space, it will take me backwards one folder. A nightmare in internet explorer aswell.

For the time being Ive switched the two buttons around, so I have an action button, but no right click (on the left mouse button now) anymore.

Ive tried installing the original drivers, and in compatibility for Vista, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Anybody have any suggestions? Id be real grateful to hear them


Oh and the mouse is a Logitech LX7 wireless.


A:Logitech wireless mouse - crazy left mouse button

Have you tried the mouse on a different machine?

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I purchased an Asus ET2410IUTS-5 All-In-One PC. It came with a wireless full keyboard and mouse combo. The keyboard works fine but the mouse does nothing. All properties say both devices are installed and working properly but the mouse still does nothing. Model number on each device is as follows:
Keyboard - AK1L
Mouse - AM1L
Receiver - AR1L

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Wireless keyboard/mouse combo; mouse not working

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I got a wireless mouse Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse | Posturite. It is supposed to use generic windows 2.4 Ghz adapter. However, windows 7 is unable to find any drivers. The screenshot of device manager is appended. I tried various other ways e.g. take out other USB devices, reboot etc. I tried sfc /scannow . But the error persists. There is no usb.inf file in the C:\Windows . It works in Windows 8 machine but not in windows 7. other 2.4 Ghz mice work. The manufacturer says that they don't provide the drivers because the mouse uses generic drivers
Please advise what can be done.

A:2.4 Ghz wireless keyboard mouse driver not found (Penguin mouse)

Did you do a Search of the Windows Folder including subFolders and hidden Files? My Win7Ult has several such files but only 2 that are usb.inf only in subFolders of Windows, others have longer names but most appear to be associated with my AMD CPU/Gigabyte Motherboard setup.

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I am still experiencing system freezes possibly triggered by mouse movement.

Still reading a lot here but asking for help.

New zip attached as Whiskey7a.... grr system froze while typing here (and moved mouse)

I have tried system repair sfc/scannow to no effect.... All drivers just checked,,,
Below type in italics is the original post....

Been experiencing some BSODs, mouse freezes and reboots. Reading lots here in the forum (thanks) and trying to understand what is happening and why. Read 'before posting in the BSOD forum' and hope I got it right?

I got a new MS wireless KB & mouse for Christmas and I can't be sure but I think problems started about then. I reverted to the old wired ones and problems still evident.

I really think I experienced a mouse freeze in safe mode.

New Samsung SSD a while ago and 64bit OS & will provide any info that may help.

I have been searching/reading to no good and looking for help please

I was reading about PC freezing up and discovered Event Viewer.. (screen attached)

In event viewer see lots of errors and warnings that I don't think are quite right and not at all sure if they are causing BSODs.WLAN Extensibility Module has failed to start.

Module Path: C:\Windows\system32\Rtlihvs.dll
Error Code: 126
I initially tried Malwarebyte and AVG software but no improvements.

I tried Driver Verifier and got a BSOD but don't seem to have a dmp file(?) so will continue reading here, and please let me know if you need other info.

A:BSOD, mouse freezes &reboots possibly after new MS wireless KB & mouse

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa800858c028, b2000040, 800}

Probably caused by : GenuineIntel

Followup: MachineOwner
Start by completely uninstalling AVG and replacing with MSE.

If system still BSOD's after change, then please follow this:
Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try

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Lately I have been having an annoying problem with my wireless mouse. For some reason the pointer will lag, and be very sluggish and jumpy. I've had this mouse on this computer for about a year and I've had no problem. Out of nowhere this problem is happening. I've tried re installing drivers with no luck. I tried uninstalling intellipoint and re-installing it, but when I tried I got the BSOD, and then it completely disabled my mouse and keyboard so I had to use wired peripherals to go in to safe mode and do a system restore. Now everything is working again, except my mouse is still jumpy.

Thanks for any help.

A:Annoying mouse lag - Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

Erratic behaviour from wireless peripherals, especially keyboards and/or mice, particularly where they were working correctly before, generally points to a dying battery in the peripheral. Have you tried replacing it? If it is rechargeable, it may no longer be holding charge and will also need replacing.

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Re: wireless hp mouse H1D33AA: Mouse moves erratically, too fast or not at all / can't find pointer....I am running a Windows 8.1 system with an HP Envy hard drive (purchased approx. 6 months ago). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct movement of the mouse?

A:wireless hp mouse H1D33AA: Mouse moves erratically, too fas...

Hi @Shirles Welcome to the HP Support Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. Isaw your post regarding the problem with the mouse and I will be happy to help. Here is a Microsoft document that will show you how to change the mouse settings. Under To change how the mouse pointer works are the steps to change the pointer speed. Let me know if that helps.

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Mouse is flashing orange only when idle for approx 45 seconds & then light goes off.also it has just started to power its self off intermittantly which requires me to turn the on-off switch on&off twice to power it back up. Please help??

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Recently I installed a Microsoft wireless mouse and it is working. But the wired mouse is now sporadic and at times freezes. I have unplugged the wireless mouse and rebooted several times. Even did a system restore.
Also an Excel spreadsheet stopped working with the wired mouse just freezing the screen completely. Even after rebooting, the Excel will open and eventually I will get a cross hair image. I have tried to update the driver on the wired mouse but it says I already have the most uptodate one. I am running Windows 10 64 bit. I scanned with Malware antimalware and it eliminated over 300 items. I am not sure what is going on.
I hope I don't have a virus. I have Norton 360 with my Comcast subscription but now I cannot even see it in my taskbar. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but nothing happens in Control Panel when I try to uninstall.
I have a Dell XPS desktop. As I write the wired mouse is not functioning. If I unplug the mouse and put it back in the mouse port it works for a minute or so and then just dies. I don't even see the red light at the bottom of the mouse sometimes. I just unplugged the wired mouse and now it is working. So it is very odd behavior. I imagine by the time I post this the wired mouse will freeze again as has been the case. In the interim while I wait for a reply, I'll contact Comcast and see if they can help me with the Norton virus software issue.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microso... Read more

A:wired Mouse not working but wireless mouse is

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my wireless mouse isn't working after i plugged the receiver in an HP laptop. the keyboard is still working, only the mouse isn't working. hope you can help me, i'm so helpless right now. Thank you in advance.

PS. it is a wireless keyboard and mouse set

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I'm just wondering if there are any differences between the two. I have integrated bluetooth on my laptop, so I won't need a dongle for it. I also know bluetooth is slower than wireless usb, but does this have any effect for a mouse?

In terms of performance and accuracy, are there any advantages or disadvantages to either format? Why are bluetooth mice seemingly much less popular with manufacturers?

Thanks a bunch.

A:Any difference between a wireless usb mouse or a bluetooth mouse?

Here's some advantages and disadvantages

Bluetooth you can expect 30 feet distance from the EEE. Wireless IR you can expect from 4 to 6 feet.

Easy to setup and configure
You plug Wireless in and it just works. With Bluetooth , you have to use the command line to set things up, and you have to script it or else every time you boot you'll have to give it all the commands.

The Bluetooth wins this one. The wireless keyboard and mouse use a USB port and do not give you anything else. The Bluetooth adapter uses the same port, but also lets you connect Bluetooth stereo headphones, your mobile phone, etc.

It really depends on what your needs are. If your living room is 12 feet and you want to hook your EEE up to your PC and surf from your lazyboy at the other end of the room, infrared won't do it. If you want the keyboard in front of the standard EEE screen and just want a better one, then the wireless IR is fine.

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I have been on what seems to be an endless quest searching for a wireless mouse that can compete with my wired usb optical compaq mouse from about 7 years ago to no avail. Is there just no wireless mouse that is as responsive as wired? It seriously effects my gaming. I have gone through about 7 Logitech mouses and a gaming one with four adjustable dpis and my compac from 2001 beats them all. Please help me cut the cord. Here are some pics of the champion. Also preferably looking for something full size like the one I have pictured no mini mice.
Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

A:Wireless mouse comparable to wired mouse.

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Yesterday I bought a Wireless Internet Keyboard And Wireless Laser Mouse from the Brand:Micro Innovations and I did everything it said but when im about to install the software I leave the non wireless mouse that I used to have plugged in to install the software... so I install it and the wireless keyboard works great but the wireless laser mouse doesnt work... any suggestions....PLEASE HELP

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I have the new Lenovo Thinkpad P1 laptop.  I use the microsoft wireless keyboard, and a logitech MX Master wireless mouse, connected via bluetooth.  My keyboard and mouse connections are dropping randomly.  My drivers are up to date, and my bluetooth settings show both devices are paired and working properly.  The only way to resolve this has been to restart my computer.  Is there a way to resolve this?  

A:Lenovo P1 Laptop - dropping wireless keyboard and wireless mouse

Please check Device Manager, look for Intel Wireless Blutooth (R), Right Click and under "Power Management" disable the device's ability to "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".

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my wireless keyboard and wireless mouse stopped working. have tried disconnecting them many times even making them disconnected for at least 25 hours but still not working. new batteries inserted and still the problem exists. i need help. the keyboard light is green as it normally is. I need help urgently please for anyone who can help.

A:synchronising wireless keyboard and wireless mouse to a packard bell pc

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

What is the make and model number of the wireless equipment? Do they function on another PC?

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MS Wireless Comfort Keyboard/mouse combination, Model 1.0A -1045 is malfunctioning in the operation of the keyboard. The mouse is working, so my thought is that the receiver is okay. The keyboard stopped working today. I replaced the batteries, reset the button on the bottom of the keyboard and the button on the receiver, ensuring the proper sequencing. Still no joy. Removed all of the screws on the bottom of the keyboard, carefully checked the membrane inside, ensuring cleanliness before re-installing. Still no joy. I visited the MS support website. Unable to locate my brand. Thinking that downloading a new driver might help, i checked my settings for device drivers in My Computer. All drivers seem to be okay according to My Computer>Devices>Keyboard. Searched a couple of other forums and found that others have experienced the same problem. I've misplaced the software that came with the set-up. MS support website no help in trying to find software for this particular model. Any ideas from you Win7 gurus? Many thanks in advance.

A:MS wireless keyboard not responding to keystrokes/wireless mouse works

Have you run Windows Updates and see if it offers a new driver.
The keyboard is very old. Just might be time for a new one. You could also go to Device Manager and select update driver for the keyboard.

I have 6 or 7 old keyboards. Also gave a few away. I have never wore one out. Just kept buying them looking for one I really liked.
Years later I found one I like.

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I had to replace my keyboard after 3 1/2 yrs since the keys were sticking and the letters worn off. I bought the Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 Mouse with the wireless keyboard. It works great with one problem. If I enable "allow this device to bring computer out of Standby" for either the mouse or the keyboard, the computer never goes into a full standby. The fan is always running and so are some other parts of the computer. If I dont configure the mouse or keyboard that way, the computer will go into regular and complete standby but will need to be turned on with the power button to bring it out of standby. The Receiver is USB so Im thinking the reason the computer doesnt completly power down is due to the receiver needing to be active. Is there a work around or do I just stick with using the power button?

A:Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Wireless Comfort Keyboard

I'd stick with using the power button

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my wireless keyboard and wireless mouse stopped working. have tried disconnecting them many times even making them disconnected for at least 25 hours but still not working. new batteries inserted and still the problem exists. i need help. the keyboard light is green as it normally is. I need help urgently please for anyone who can help.

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I have the new Lenovo Thinkpad P1 laptop.  I use the microsoft wireless keyboard, and a logitech MX Master wireless mouse, connected via bluetooth.  My keyboard and mouse connections are dropping randomly.  My drivers are up to date, and my bluetooth settings show both devices are paired and working properly.  The only way to resolve this has been to restart my computer.  Is there a way to resolve this?  

A:Lenovo P1 Laptop - dropping wireless keyboard and wireless mouse

Please check Device Manager, look for Intel Wireless Blutooth (R), Right Click and under "Power Management" disable the device's ability to "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".
Mod's Edit: this post was unmarked as the Solution as the problem continues.

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I bought a new wireless internet keyboard and laser mouse yesterday but when i install the software in the computer only the wireless keyboard works but not the wireless laser mouse.....when I install software I leave the other mouse in to control everything...do you think it is because of that...but if I dont leave the other mouse in how am I going to control things to install software....Could Somebody Please help

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I have been working on my laptop this morning. After a one-hour break, when I came back to work, my wireless mouse and my wireless keyboard were no longer working on my laptop Pavilion 6g. I check the Parameters, and these two accessories appear to be undetected by the laptop. The operating system of  my laptop is Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit).

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Sometimes (not all the time), whenever I boot up my computer and it soon comes to the desktop. I open up Internet Explorer or Mozilla firefox and I can still move the mouse. Well, whenever I click the Adress Bar, my mouse soon freezes and I can't do anything.

Does anyone know the cause of this? Sometimes if I wait about 30 seconds before I load up Internet explorer, it won't freeze.

A:Freezing Mouse

Try reinstalling the mouse's drivers. You can get the most updated drivers at mouse's manufacturers website, under Support or Download.

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I need some help. I have a fairly new pc with a Val Gear Lazer mouse that i bought 5 months ago. The last few days the mouse will freeze. I can still browse the computer through the keyboard i just cant move my mouse. I have to either restart the computer of pull the plug on the mouse and plug it back in to get it moving again. This happens on any site i visit at various times. I cant figure out what is causing it. I dont know if its the mouse or something on my pc. I have ran adaware, spybot, nortons, did a disc clean up and a scan disc. Not sure what else i should be doing. Anyone have any idea what could be the problem?


A:mouse freezing

don't know if this will help but go into device manager and click on your mouse then click on advanced settings when there change the sample rate to a lower number . I had a similar problem my mouse would lock and release I lowered the sample rate from 100 to 80 and haven't seen a problem since (mine is a ps 2 mouse not usb)

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My laptop's starting to act up again =(
This time its the laptop mouse - it keeps freezing up or clicking random things. Sometimes it goes away completely and comes back again randomly...
I tried everything to fix this but keep coming at a dead end.

Any ideas?

A:Mouse Freezing up

What kind of mouse do you have, Dagurl92? Is it built in or free-standing?

A couple of thoughts come to mind: Have you taken a look at your mouse settings/options? Also, is there a new(er) mouse driver available, that you could download?

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I'm sure this is a common problem for all pc users but I'm curious about it for it is happening a lot to me as of late.

Is there a specific reason for, way to prevent or even way of minimizing the freezing up of my mouse cursor and hence my operating system?

Or is this just a necessary evil of using pcs?

I have a Dell 4550 with XP.

About 6 years old.

A:Mouse freezing

Read here on mouse freezes: http://inquirer.philly.com/newsroom/faq/pages/fdb7df9-37.html

Update all your drivers here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic100658.html

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I need help! This started happening today... my mouse is working fine but all of a sudden it will freeze I've tried changing the batteries but that didn't help it happens even when I have full battery and perfect connection! Help! What do I do?

A:Freezing Mouse!

Test with a different mouse. That will determine if you have a mouse or PC issue.

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This is possibly the strangest problem I've ever had!
From time to time my pointer freezes. Not for any particular reason (notably after running Norton but I dont think thats relevant). The mouse, however, can still select things and highlights when it scrolls over buttons etc. So its functioning other than the little picture of the arrow isnt moving. Similarly, when I play Rome Total War the mouse leaves ghosts of itself on the screen that dont go away. i.e. there are loads of pictures of where the pointer has been all over the screen. It cant be the mouse as I just installed a brand new one to try and redress this. Also my Graphics card is only a couple of months old. Dont have a clue! Any help would be appreciated.

Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Hard Drive- Maxtor 6Y080L0
Graphics- NVIDIA Geforce 6800 GS
Mouse- Logitech

A:Mouse Freezing

Could be a process in behind running......what Ram do you have?

Check your running processes in the task manager and also see if you actually need that process running.

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I am running Windows XP on an HP laptop. I installed awireless router last week. Don't know if this is related, but my mouse and keyboard are freezing up forcing me to reboot. Any suggestions would be great. I have had to reboot nearly 10 times today.

A:Mouse freezing up


Hi There!

Start by trying this:
Choose "Selective Startup"
UNCHECK "Load Startup Items"

Apply & close, say YES to restart.

When the system comes back up, monitor performance and see if the lockups continue. If they stop, then you'll want to see what in the startup list within MSCONFIG is causing it.
Good Luck!


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Brand new build (about 1 week old) with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and I get periodic mouse (Intellimouse 2.0 wireless) and keyboard freezes. When it does I have no choice but to use the power button to shut down.

Then on restart if I try a normal start it will just hang at the black starting windows screen. Repair start never finds anything and ultimately I have to use system restore to return it to normal operation.

Tried everything I can think of. It's so sporatic a clean boot is kind of useless. It can go for days with no issues then it just seems to occur out of nowhere, like this morning just opening an email it froze up.

This is getting really old...

A:Another mouse freezing

Do you get system errors around the same time (in event viewer)?
Have you tried different ports? (usb)

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16366 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 462936 MB, Free - 256602 MB; D: Total - 14000 MB, Free - 6966 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0Y2MRG
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

For the past month, my Dell mouse has been pausing and restarting randomly and frequently. I got tired of hearing the disconnect sound and I turned it off. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mouse driver, have looked for updated drivers (none), have checked CPU usage (low) and still, the pause. I saw an older discussion on this topic (2012) which is now closed. Any updates on this problem would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:Mouse freezing up

Have you considered that the mouse is simply faulty? Try another mouse.

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I have an Advent 7201 laptop and recently the 3 USB ports have stopped working. 2 show no signs of life while the 3rd one says the device is unknown and wont work properly whatever I plug into it. I have tried updating the drivers but I cant seem to find any newer ones than the ones that were installed. Is it likely they are dead or are being corrupted by something else.
I have run anti-virus checks and spyware scans that show up no problems.
Also from time to time the mouse freezes and I have to restart the laptop to get it going again - Is it possible these are linked ??

Would be grateful for any advice - thanks

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I have a Razer Diamondback gaming mouse and just recently out of random it started freezing while I was playing in-game (happens also when out of game).

At first it only froze for like a second then worked again (every ~10 min).. now it totally freezes every 20 mins or so and I have to unplug then plug-in the mouse (usb) and it starts working again!!!

I've updated it with the latest driver and still no fix.

Any ideas???
(including having to call Razor and getting a new mouse?)
Please help!!!


A:Mouse keeps freezing!!!!

Can you try another USB mouse?

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My computer freezes/stops loading/thinking if I am not moving the mouse. I'm not talking about after an extended length of time either, seconds is all it takes. I do not have a screen saver set up, so it's not timing out. It is a wireless mouse, I am running Windows 7, and primarily use Firefox and Explorer. I tried Spybot, that didn't work... I don't know what else you may need to know. But if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

A:freezing + mouse

Closing duplicate.

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When I log in, my mouse moves the cursor only p and down ; not side to side. This eases after I have (eventually) got into my ISP then mailbox. I've cleaned the mouse and run all the usual malware/virus checks. No change. My ISP (aol) says it's nothing to do with them.

any ideas?

In particular, is there a way to use the up and downb arrows instead of the mouse?


A:Mouse freezing

Grab another mouse to get a better idea where to look.

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My operating system is Windows 7 I have been having a problem for the last 3 weeks with my mouse freezing up and unable to escape using Ctrl/Alt/Delete.
I am having to re-boot each time.
I am using a wireless keyboard and mouse and have tried using another keyboard and mouse but it stil happens.
Sometimes it will go all day with only 1 freezeup, other times it happens after a couple of hours.
Would some kind person advise me on the next steps to take?

A:Mouse freezing up

Hi techie24 and welcome to TSF.

Right click on My Computer and select 'Manage'. Then in the next window choose Device Manager. In Device Manager check to see if there are any warnings about next to 'Mice and other Pointing Devices' or anywhere else.

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I have windows Vista Home Basic , my mouse freezes and jumps around

A:freezing mouse

Hello ronda052056

Have you tried a different mouse?

Have you tried cleaning the mouse?

Have you tried reinstalling the driver?


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Have just bought a new computer 1ghz Athlon running windows ME for my brother.

The problem is that he has two mice - both new. One has a wheel thingy and the other doesn't. When he uses the one with the wheel thing - the machine works fine for a while then everything freezes and the mouse doesn't work. It can only be cured by turning the machine off. This doesn't happen when he uses the other mouse and the drivers he's using all seem to be right...any ideas anyone???


A:Mouse keeps freezing

Have him look for updated mouse drivers for ME.....depending on what brand mouse it is, I think there is one Logitech in particular that doesn't like ME.

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I've got a IBM PII-450 that I upgraded from Win98se to Win2000 Pro. I did all the windows updates and everything worked fine. I installed a DVD burner on it about two weeks ago and it seemed fine, but now after about 15 min. of running, if I go to surf or even when I'm using Word the mouse will stop working. Everything else works so I'm able to use keystrokes to move around to re-boot. I've tried two different mouse both PS/2 and Optical with the same results. If anyone have a clue and could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi all, my sis TooToby is having a strange problem..
shortly after booting, her mouse slowly tracks to the top center of her screen and then freezes, not just the mouse, the whole PC freezes, this problem started a few weeks ago, but was intermittent, now however, she can only navigate for a short time.

This sounds like a virus or trojan issue to me, she uses AVG and it's updated, shows clear, she also has updated spybot, also clear ! The PC is a Gateway 450MHZ Win 98SE... anyone have any ideas...Rhett (she would have posted herself, but her pc is freezing up to fast)

A:Mouse and PC freezing

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