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Question about timestamp option in IP

Q: Question about timestamp option in IP


I'm thinking about a following problem:
I need to synchronize time between multiple users, and also prevent them from lying about their time when they send certain important packets to the server (not every packet). I know that NTP solves first problem, but I've been wondering if it's possible to solve second one by enabling this option for those important packets and making sure time differences between user and first few routers he connects through stay close to constant.

I can't find much information on this option though, mostly stuff like "Internet timestamp is a forced option used for debugging purposes only!" which is a bit worrying. What issues might I run into with it?

Best regards.

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Preferred Solution: Question about timestamp option in IP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



I shipped a USB hard drive to a customer that has a WAV and WMA file on it. I had timestamped the WAV and WMA file with the same date/time, "Sept 20 1:00 pm". There is a reason we need the WAV and WMA file to have the exact same date/time.

The customer has Vista (64 bit), and lives in a time zone that is 3 hours ahead of me.

For the customer, the WMA file shows up "Sept 20 1:00 pm", and the WAV file shows up "Sept 20 4:00 pm".

Why did this happen, and anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it/ prevent it from happening? Troubleshooting tips? Could it be some kind of permissions issue? And basically, how can we get the files to have the same timestamp?

(Note: I simplified the problem a bit - assume that there are many files, and it's not practical for the customer to timestamp the files himself.)

Thanks, Andrew

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OK, this is probably a really dumb question, but I'm going to ask it anyway....because I really don't know the answer.

I live on the East Coast (Newfoundland, Canada, to be exact). Now, I have a friend who lives in Los Angeles. So when I get an email from him that's timestamped, say, 2:00 PM...is that 2:00 his time, or 2:00 my time?

Like I said, I know this is probably a bit of a dumb question, but I would really appreciate some input. Thanks!

A:Email Timestamp Question

His time.

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Last night I forgot and left my system turned on. This morning AVG7 gave me a Warning Interruption saying that Windows\System32\shell32.dll and Windows\System32\kernel.dll had changed. When I looked into the details of what had changed, the explanation was "TimeStamp, August 13, 11:28pm."

This appears to be some kind of change to my system, but I have no idea what "TimeStamp"
is related to, but more importantly, whether or not it's harmful.

Any constructive help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


A:What is TimeStamp?

Not sure if this is the same thing you are talking about but I was curious to and found this:


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Hi, I have a database field (duedate) and depending on the periodic field
I want to update that field the number of months of the periodic field.
The following code echos the desired result but:

1) I need advice for how to code:
$date = new DateTime("+(periodic) months")

2) I want to put this result into the "duedate" field.

My date fields are type "timestamp". A couple of hints?

 // advance duedate =+ peridotic(number of months)
$date = new DateTime("+6 months");
$date->modify("-" . ($date->format('F')+0) . Read more

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Hi all.! Well, I want to change the usual timestamp(hh:mm) ,as hmm...for example ( hh:mm:ss ) ..Can somebody help me?? I think that the timestamp file..should be in the system32 folder...But i can solve me problem..If someone knows...please reply..! ty..

A:XP TimeStamp.

Is this what you want. I am not quite understanding you.

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Does anyone know how to attach a timestamp to this code so when I upload the 4 images I get a timestamp.jpg? I have managed to have the image file in the folder get timestamped but not the path in mysql.

$unique = strtolower(substr(md5(time()), 0, 4));
$uploadDir = 'upload/';

if(isset($_POST['upload' . $config]))
foreach ($_FILES as $file)

$fileName = $file['name'];
$tmpName = $file['tmp_name'];
$fileSize = $file['size'];
$fileType = $file['type'];


$filePath = 'upload/';

$filePath = $uploadDir . $unique . $fileName;

$filePath = str_replace(" ", "_", $filePath);
$result = move_uploaded_file($tmpName, $filePath);

$fileName = addslashes($fileName);
$filePath = addslashes($filePath);

$mid = mysql_real_escape_string(trim($_POST['mid']));
$cat = mysql_real_escape_string(trim($_POST['cat']));
$item = mysql_real_escape_string(trim($_POST['item']));
$price = mysql_real_escape_string(trim($_POST['price']));
$about = mysql_real_escape_string(trim($_POST['about']));

$fields = array();
$values = array();
$updateVals = array();

for($i=1; $i<=4; $i++)
$fields[$i] = 'name'.$i;
$values[$i] = mysql_real_escape_string(basename(trim($_FILES[$fields[$i]]['name'])));
if($values[$i] != '') ... Read more

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I'd like to use this, because I've downloaded way too much junk. I want to keep some things though. It says that it will erase everything except for things like wallpapers, pictures, etc. so I was wondering if I could put files in my pictures folder for example and it won't erase those? Also, when I refresh will it erase my drivers as well? For video cards and what not.

A:Question about the Refresh My PC option

Hello Lt. Jester, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The tutorial below will have more details about Refresh Windows, but yeah any files in your user folders will not be affected.

Refresh Windows 8

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Within the settings of IE (Advanced) there is " Reuse windows for launching shortcuts" can someone tell me what this does?? i.e. What is the difference when adding/removing the tick??


A:IE Advanced/Option Question?

If the option is ticked and you click on a link say in Outlook Express or Internet Explorer AND you already have a Internet Explorer window open then the link will open in the same window instead of opening a new window.

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This was discussed in a previous (closed) thread, but i can't see that it was resolved.
I routinely use an ftp server located on the east coast (GMT-5). I sit in Hawaii, GMT-10. Server clock and my clock are both correct.

When looking at files on the server, I see timestamps that are essentially the equivalent of GMT-15. Two of us on the phone looking at the same file on the same server see different time stamps.

This is new since i began using Vista this week. Didn't happen with my prior XP machine. Any ideas?

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within MSFT Outlook incomeing mail is showing incorrect time. My Time Zone is correct, My clock on computer is correct, Time Zone within Calendar is correct. I am running Windows 7, outlook 2007

A:incorrect timestamp

and / or

and of course Microsoft updates

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I've just recently realized that copying folders to a backup hard drive resets their "created" date. Should my computer ever crash, all my backup files will state to have just been created on that certain date.

Me, being the organize-freak I am, have been looking for a solution so my backed up files can have the same time stamps as on my computer right now.

I've done a little searching, and have found that people always recommend Robocopy. Problem is, I can't understand a word of the tutorials. Is there anyone with a layman's explanation for how to run Robocopy to carry out what I want?

And also just for the heck of it, is Robocopy the only solution? Is there some sort of back up program on Windows 7 that can do that?


A:Timestamp/Robocopy help

Some of the other posters have had similar problems, book1245, so here are a couple of references to other posts that might offer a little bit of guidance:

There’s some help for you in this thread: "Date Modified" changes when copying... Take a look at the post from Bill2 which has, among other things, this site: How to copy or move files and folders whilst maintaining their original time date stamp. | TechHead.co.uk, (and offers advice about your Robocopy problem as well), and the post from Casca which offers this advice: In a command window, run [xcopy] with the following switches: /s/e/c/a/k/h.

See also the post from huge in this thread: "easy transfer" resets folder modified date who apparently found a way to fix his problem, with only a mild amount of pain.

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Can anybody please help me with this
How to change the timestamp of date modified of a file created to old time in Windows XP /Windows 7 eg:.txt file
Please help me

A:Timestamp change

Not sure what you are asking? You are trying to change the timestamp of a text file to show that it was accessed/modified at a different time than it was? If so, that's not possible, to the best of my knowledge.

I'm also curious as to the 'why' part of it.

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Option 61 of DHCP reports client identifier information. Does anyone know how to turn this on in Windows XP? I can't seem to find information anywhere about it.

Thanks in advance.


A:Microsoft DHCP - Option 61 question

Here's a little reading, maybe this will help...



and HERE

and maybe not....

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There is a form, which has different sub-forms on it. The function below loads these different sub-forms when a user selects the sub-form names from the menu. It works perfectly. What I want in addition to loading the selected sub-form is, to select an option button depending on the sub-form selected. But now, all it does is select the first option button for all the sub-forms. I’ve tried “If statement”, “Case Select”, “ISLoaded”, and “Visible” methods none works… Please advise?

Function CheckBoxUpdate(DISCIPLINES)
On Error Resume Next

Forms!DIF.AllowEdits = True
Forms!DIF![ASCENT Signature].SourceObject = DISCIPLINES & " Signature"

'***New lines of code start here
Forms!DIF![EVALUATION Signature].SourceObject = DISCIPLINES & " Signature"
Forms!DIF![Status] = 1 'option button value
Forms!DIF![CHANGE Signature].SourceObject = DISCIPLINES & " Signature"
Forms!DIF![Status] = 2 ' option button value
'***end here

Forms!DIF![DisciplineSource].Visible = True
Forms!DIF![DisciplineSource].Text = DISCIPLINES
'MsgBox "DIF# is: " & testing & " & discpline is: " & DISCIPLINES
Forms!DIF![DIF Number].SetFocus
Forms!DIF![DisciplineSou... Read more

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I don't know if this is feasable,but is there any way to retain a "high performance" profile in "power options" under Win8.1,even when the laptop is on battery power?
I know by design that once on battery the profile defaults to "power saving" mode!Is there a workaround to keep it in high performance mode?
My laptop is an Asus!
Thanks in advance!


A:Power option question on a laptop?

@venustus : You can activate 'high performance' already and it will not change automatically, as long you click change plan settings and adjust the brightness for 'battery' and 'charger' then good to go.

I activated that on my laptop HP as always plugged on AC Power with battery on.

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Alright, someone over at Digital-Digest recommended me to this forum.

So, I've got a question or two. I have a laptop that came with Windows Vista Home Premium, with the free Windows 7 upgrade.

However, I noticed that Vista Home Premium upgrades to Windows 7 Home Premium... but I want Windows 7 Professional. Also, I have only the 32-bit (it looks like they crippled my OEM disc, as it doesn't even give me a 64-bit option)... so would the upgrade disc have 32-bit only?

How would you guys suggest going about getting Windows 7 Professional? Should I use Anytime Upgrade to get myself Vista Ultimate so it upgrades to 7 Ultimate?
Or should I just get the upgrade as-is and hope IT has some sort of upgrade option?
Additionally... do you know if I could get a pro-rated upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional?

And, does anybody know if the upgrade disc I'll get will have the 64-bit? Or would I get a crippled 32-bit only version? Since I have 4GB of RAM in this laptop, I really want the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

Or do you guys just think I should sign up for the MSDNAA site for the $19 student fee (I'll be a student at the University of Michigan in about two weeks) and get Professional that way? I guess I'd just not rather waste the upgrade option I have, it's the whole reason I paid for Vista on my laptop and not just XP.

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Option Question

Hi and welcome to SevenForums!!

Personally, if your school already has an MSDNAA account, thats the way I would go.... you can get the 64bit pro/ultimate version plus access to another 100 or so titles. There is a thread about this in the News section...
I hope this answers your question... Let us know if we can further help!!


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Does anyone know why WINS settings gives me the option of creating "Static Mappings" to its database. The reason I decided to use WINS was to get away from manually listing registrations in the LMHOSTS file. However, if there would be a "performance" or (even better) a "security" advantage to creating this list, I will certainly do it. So far, I have not been able to find any documented advantage for this option.

Thanks in any advice,


A:{Advice Given} - WINS Option Question

I think you need the static option if you have say a UNIX box on your network and you want others to be able to connect to it using netbios name.

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Ok im referring to this webpage http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm and the XP Repair install section. After completing option 4, I have a few unfimilar options at the screen, but the drive that looks like my xp is installed on (74gig hard drive) says there is 73000mb free of space, which there isn't because sapce is being used on that drive about 34gigs. Is any1 familar with the repair installation screen and could give me more help. Oh if you guys are wondering from my previous posts about buying a new cd-rom drive, I got it replaced already so now I'm able to use the drive to access the repair installation.

A:Repair installation option question.

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Quick question, i am using a ATI radeon 700064mb pci and i was wondering what is the difference between, Display:

Plug and play = (name of card)


Default plug and play = (name of card)

What happens when i put it on default, more graphics, sound better, faster load times , what?


A:Question about an option in my control panel

Hi U2K,
My guess is probably nothing. If the default means regarding a monitor that doesn't return a plug and play code to the os, it only allows the most common refresh rates at common resolutions.
If the card identifies the monitor properly, it should disable any resolutions or refresh rates that that specific mon can't or shouldn't run.

Just my .02

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i guess the title was pretty vague... but i'm really not sure how to word my question.

My mom just got a new pc...running windows vista... she's a real estate agent.. and she's been trying to perform search on her mls database.... however, everytiem she presses "search" the page doesnt seem to load. i've tried turning off firewall, setting the site as a trusted site, changing the security level to low... and nothing seems to be working...

i'm not sure if anyone here would know about the database's system. but its something created from

" Stratus MLS is a trademark of Stratus Data Systems, Inc."
if anyone can shed some light upon me... i'd deeply appreciate it.
thanks a lot for anyone who's reading this.
her computer is running on IE7, 256bit? and its on vista home premium

A:Question about internet option settings?

Check the Privacy settings and be sure that any cookies from the site are allowed.

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I am trying to add a timestamp and date to a video that I took with my webcam. Is there any way to do that?

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Here's a strange one...

I'm doing work on the laptop downstairs - I make a change to a file, ftp it, then I go back to my text editor only to be told 'the file has been edited outside this program, do I want to reload it?'. It happens A LOT so I'd like to resolve it if possible.

I'm using PSPad but I don't think its an application issue, it must be to do with the Network.

I have a desktop connected via ethernet to a router, and a laptop connected wirelessly. The PCs are on a Homegroup, and both on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.

The files are stored on the desktop, and I access them across the Homegroup on the laptop.

Both PCs have had the time correctly set with 'internet time'.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm stumped! Never seen this before.

A:File timestamp issue...


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Anyone know how to fix the fact that emails coming into your Hotmail account are always about 8 hours off?

Yeah, yeah, I know...subscribe to Gmail. But seriously....

A:Hotmail timestamp always waaay off.

Check your Windows Live account settings, there may be a region or time zone setting, otherwise it may default to GMT.

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This one is driving me nuts. Running Outlook Express 6.0 on XP sp3. The system clock and time zone are correct. When I send an email from another box, the received timestamp is off by 5 hours. (Except for DST, this is our GMT offset). If I retrieve the same email in Thunderbird, the timestamp is right.

Server time and zone are correct, as verified by viewing the same email in Horde online. The "sent" timestamp in OE is correct, but the "received" is not. We're using a dedicated server, and I changed the server time to see what would happen. This had absolutely no effect on the 5 hour difference displayed in OE. (Though the change showed up when the same message was checked in Horde).

I've looked, but found no settings in OE itself that might be causing this. Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:Outlook Express Timestamp


OE uses UTC - Universal Time Coordinate - which happens to be the same as GMT.

UTC is also found in Event Viewer and probably other stuff aswel.

You might find this article usefull.

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I'm trying to insert a timestamp as part of a file name and I realized that there is something basic about a timestamp that I do not understand:

Assume the output for echo %time% is 16:13:07.91.

Why is echo %time:~3,2% equal to 13? Does the colon not count as a character? In %date% the slash (/) does count as a character.

A:Inserting a Timestamp into a File Name

Aha - got this one solved.

The 'trick' is that the first character on the left is in the zero-ith position, not the first position. If echo %time% is 16:13:07.91, the '1' in 16 is in the zero-ith position and the 6 is in the first position.

To see this, try echo %time:~0,1% and you'll find that the result is the first character in the current time.

Going back to my original question about the time 16:13:07.91: 1 is in the zero-ith position, 6 is in the first position, the colon [:] is in the second position and 1 is in the third position. That's why echo %time:~3,2% is equal to 13.

Think digital! In the digital world, 0 isn't 'nothing,' it's a unique number.

Now I understand why some people prefer to indicate the time and date in a batch file by counting backwards from the right instead of forwards from the left. No pesky '0' to confuse you.

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I have installed SSD FRESH (quite a while since) to assist in the better running and lifespan of my SSD Drive in Windows 10 Pro.

All is well according to the app, except that whenever I check, Timestamp, - which stores the time that files are accessed- is turned on. This is despite me turning it off successfully with the app every time that I check it.

Any suggestions and help gratefully received please.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi, how do I add a timestamp to all of my images on my pc?

A:Adding timestamp to images

Where do you want to add it?
In printed photos?
As text appearing on the actual photo?
In the filename?

Are these photos from a digital camera? There is a timestamp embedded into these files. You can view it in Windows Explorer, by viewing 'Date Taken'.

Xnview, a free photo editor can do all these things using the embedded date. You can also batch process multiple photos.

IF you need help with the setup, just ask.

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Hey guys,

I am starting a new database that tracks time spent on jobs, I was wondering if it is possible to create a log in and log out button, that would enter in the start time (log in) and end time ( log out) based on when the user clicks on the corresponding command button. If at all possible I would like it to transpose to a text box setup in a table.

Thanks in advance,


A:Timestamp from command button

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Hello friends, I am in the process of using the lenovo sales site to configure a new Thinkpad X1 Yoga to purchase. There is one thing that concerns me. When I go to select the OLED display option, the following warning shows: 14.0 WQHD (2560 x 1440) OLED TouchWWAN is not available with 14.0 WQHD (2560 x 1440) OLED Touch display. I tried to do some research on this, but I need some confirmation from people who have experience with this. It is my understanding that this 2 in 1 can actually use a sim chip and connect directly to 4G LTE networks. Is this correct? That is truly a great feature. However, can someone confirm that I lose this feature if I purchase an OLED display with this order? I am thinking this might get lost because of the warning "WWAN is not available with 14.0 WQHD (2560 x 1440) OLED Touch display." Can anyone confirm or clarify all of this? I would love to get an OLED display. However i know I will lose some battery life. I think that could be an acceptable tradeoff. However, if I also have to lose 4G LTE connectivity with the OLED that might push me over to an IPS display. Thanks everyone!

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During a demo of a front end for my company, the builders showed a feature that I'd love to be able to use in an Access database I'm building. In a drop-down list box, they had a list of all people who were entered into the table from which it pulled the names, but - if the name wasn't there - the user could click "new" and they were taken to a form for that table in order to enter it. Then, predictably, they would see that new name in list box next time.

Is this something Access 2003 can do?

This is eerily similar to another question I just posted, but I thought they were different enough to warrant two threads.

A:Field option in Access 2003 question

It's not a built-in function or wizard, to my knowledge. You'll simply have to manually create it.

On your form1, create a command button. The wizard will ask you what you want to do, and you tell it you want the command button to open form2 (the form you use to enter names into the table--if you don't have one, quick make one) in Data entry mode. Put a button on form2 that first closes form1, closes form2, then opens form1 (which will now be refereshed).

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Hello friends, I am in the process of using the lenovo sales site to configure a new Thinkpad X1 Yoga to purchase. There is one thing that concerns me. When I go to select the OLED display option, the following warning shows: 14.0 WQHD (2560 x 1440) OLED TouchWWAN is not available with 14.0 WQHD (2560 x 1440) OLED Touch display. I tried to do some research on this, but I need some confirmation from people who have experience with this. It is my understanding that this 2 in 1 can actually use a sim chip and connect directly to 4G LTE networks. Is this correct? That is truly a great feature. However, can someone confirm that I lose this feature if I purchase an OLED display with this order? I am thinking this might get lost because of the warning "WWAN is not available with 14.0 WQHD (2560 x 1440) OLED Touch display." Can anyone confirm or clarify all of this? I would love to get an OLED display. However i know I will lose some battery life. I think that could be an acceptable tradeoff. However, if I also have to lose 4G LTE connectivity with the OLED that might push me over to an IPS display. Thanks everyone!

A:Question on Gen 2 Thinkpad X1 Yoga and OLED option

You need the WWAN card and the antennas to get 4G LTE connectivity.  My X1 Yoga does not have the OLED display and I have no access to engineering info, but my guess is that something related to the OLED display caused interference that affected FCC certification, or that something related to the OLED panel got in the way of the WWAN antenna wires inside the lid.  I really like my IPS display, but I primarily use it indoors.  For outdoor use, I think I would find that there was too much glare. 

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OS: Windows Vista
Type: Desktop PC
Every year or so I come to the realization that my computer has become clogged with too much junk - viruses, bits of uninstalled programs, etc. Normally I would perform a System Restore, and reset the computer back to its Factory Default. However, this time I would like to find out if there is a better alternative.
I have been looking into software such as 'Deep Freeze' and 'Windows SteadyState'. These programs apparently roll back any and all changes made to a computer during a session after every restart, thereby protecting the system. From what I understand, this makes the computer almost impervious to viruses, and should also prevent the "clutter" that is left behind by programs which can't uninstall themselves properly.
What does everyone think? Does such software actually function as I believe it does? Is it the best alternative, or is there something even better? I have also heard of Sandbox and Virtualization software as solutions to this problem.  Does anyone have any recommendations as to what software, specifically, to download and use? Microsoft SteadyState has apparently been discontinued, so I will likely need to find alternatives from 3rd parties - preferably free alternatives.
I know such software is usually reserved for public computers such as those at a library, however I am tired of dealing with these annoyances; I want a nuclear option. What I'd really like to... Read more

A:Question: A Nuclear Option to System Security

There is Rollback Rx, which is a program that creates snapshots you can roll back to in the event of infections, corruption etc. The version for home users is free.

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I have final question...
1.cant we install windows 7 & 8 both( one already existing in c drive) except D or E drive?
2.if 5th volume is created and converted to dynamic then that is harmful for pc & for learner like me.
3 what if I created new 5th unallocated volume and don't convert to new volume and install another window in that un allocated 5th drive?does it automatically coverts to dynamic disk as new volume.
4. final but important question.....is there any method that I can install windows 8 into any other drive except C D E ...

A:final question on dual boot option

They are "partitions" not "drives". MS calls them "drives" and that is confusing because they are all likely on the SAME physical "drive".

On an MBR formatted drive, 4 primary (or three primary and an extended) are all the partitions you can have. There is no way around that. Creating another, no matter how you create it, is going to force conversion to Dynamic Disks.

What is already on the PC -- Windows 7? And, is that in the "C" partition?

You ask about installing (I presume, Win8) to D, or E -- but those are formatted partitions and if you install Win8 to them, you will overwrite whatever is there already. IS that what you want to do?

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Hi, I got this great machine a while back and now i might need the option to insert a sim card to connect when on the road Am I ready or do I miss something? This is what I see  

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When i modify a file, e.g. a jpeg photo, the timestamp in 'My Computer' shows the time modified as being an hour ahead of the time it was actually modified. The time on my laptop is, and always has been correct, automatically updating for daylight saving, but 'My Computer' is incorrect.

this was happening before the recent change in daylight saving, a few weeks ago it was roughly 50 minutes out, so I guess it seems to be gaining time?

Can anyone assist? Many thanks.

Compac presario c700, Windows XP, I am mostly computer illiterate, so please be gently with me!


Additional: Just noticed that it is only on jpeg files that this happens, the Word doc I just amended has the correct time on it. Now I am really confused!

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I would like to seek your advice or assistance in resolving my problem with parsing a text log -- one of my message type has a UNIX timestamp (number of seconds since 1-Jan-1970 00:00AM) and I want to convert it to a DateTime field. My config code
cannot do the required conversion. ToDateTime function seems not able to convert (ticks as long), only string representations of a date/time value.
The example log file line is:
2016-08-01 07:10:51 SYNC: System Clock out of sync with GPS! - System: 1470035451, Board: 1470035440
My current config code to parse the "System" timestamp (value=1470035451 above) is as follows:
message OutOfSyncWithGPS with
 EntryInfo { Tag = "SYNC:"
 , Regex = @"^(?<msgts>[-0-9]+\s[:0-9]+)\s(?<msgtype>SYNC:)\s(?<msgtext>.*)?\s(?<textts>System:\s\d+\,\sBoard:\s\d+)$"
 , Priority = 1
 : TextLogMsg
syntax OutOfSyncWithGPSSystemDateTime = system:"System: " systemticks:regex{\d+} board:"Board: " boardticks:regex{\d+}

 => DateTime((systemticks as long) * 10000000 + 255690000000);
DateTime get texttsSystemDateTime(this OutOfSyncWithGPS msg) with EntryFieldInfo {IsTimestamp = false, IsLocalTime = false }
 optional DateTime SystemDateTime = OutOfSyncWithGPSSystemDateTime(msg.textts);
 if(SystemDateTime == nothing)
  return ToDateTime("1970-01-01 00:00:00.000... Read more

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Hi all. Thanks for providing this wonderful forum 1st of all. Much appreciation for that.

I'm having an issue with a recent fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate. BSOD sporadically during reboot, sometimes in the middle of a task pc will simply shut down then when I try booting again I see the blue screen. Perhaps 30 minutes later I'm able to reboot cleanly when I see the following Windows message.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: c000021a
BCP1: 8BE600A8
BCP2: 00000000
BCP3: C0000001
BCP4: 00100400
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1
A little bit about my PC:Dual core Compaq Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz
225 GB harddrive
32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate
I've read one of the .dmp files which reads in part the following:

Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\ntkrnlpa.exe, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
I have no idea what that means though to be honest. I'm pretty novice when it comes to pc upkeep or whatever... So.... I've attached the zipped up minidump folder and will appreciate assistance to get this issue fixed!

Thanks in advance


A:BSOD Windows 7 [[re: ...timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe]]

Most likely the ntkrnlpa.exe error is due to improper symbols being loaded (or not loading at all) when running WinDbg. I didn't get that error when I ran your memory dump files.

That being said, there still isn't a whole bunch of useful information in the memory dump files.
FWIW - most times these sort of errors are due to malware - so I'd suggest running a couple of these free, online scans to rule that out: Malware

Also, please remove or update these older drivers that were loaded at the time of the crash. Don't use Windows Update or the Update drivers function of Device Manager.
Please use the following instructions to locate the most currently available drivers to replace the one's that you uninstall OR remove:

How To Find Drivers:
- search Google for the name of the driver
- compare the Google results with what's installed on your system to figure out which device/program it belongs to
- visit the web site of the manufacturer of the hardware/program to get the latest drivers (DON'T use Windows Update or the Update driver function of Device Manager).
- if there are difficulties in locating them, post back with questions and someone will try and help you locate the appropriate program.

- - The most common drivers are listed on this page: Driver Reference
- - Driver manufacturer links are on this page: http://www.carrona.org/drvrdown.html

Here's the older drivers. Please pay particular attention to any dated 2007 or ... Read more

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Hi everyone,
I'm in search for a tool to copy several folders to another computer including the given timestamp.
I would appreciate a solution just like
"Context Menu - Copy Folders including Timestamp" to make copy-process easier.
Is there anything on the market?

A:Copy folders including timestamp

I thought robocopy had this feature available.

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Does anybody use the Expiry Timestamp add-on in Thunderbird? Nothing seems to be deleted. I've set filters with an expiry time of 15 days and still have messages recieved in January? Are there T-Bird settings that need to be changed?

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Hello forums, I am new to here but I am in desperate need of help. Every time I open and play Two worlds, it crashes. The screen turns black after a little while and then the computer restarts. I have
Abit AB9 MB
C2D E6400
2 GB Crucial PC533
Sapphire X1950 GT 256 MB
SB Live sound card

I ran the analyzer on the dump and this is what i get

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 100000EA, {87184da8, 88f19b58, bace3cbc, 1}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ati2cqag.dll
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ati2cqag.dll
Probably caused by : ati2mtag.sys ( ati2mtag+12df93 )

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

The device driver is spinning in an infinite loop, most likely waiting for
hardware to become idle. This usually indicates problem with the hardware
itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly.
If the kernel debugger is connected and running when watchdog detects a
timeout condition then DbgBreakPoint() will be called instead of KeBugCheckEx()
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A:Unable to verify timestamp for ati2cqag.dll

I hate to bump, but is there anyone who knows how to resolve this?

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Hey people!

I am almost sure that this is not the right place for that, but after to stay over the subject for two FULL days I am frustrated for not manage to find a straight answer to my needs.

I am a song writer and I would like to protect my compositions by simply adding a trusted timestamp to my mp3 files and prove that I am the first owner of it.

There is a couple sites for music registration in my country (I am from Brasil) that are offering this service but they charge $2.50 per song. I consider it a ripoff once I could find some online services for 15% of this value and even for free. The problem is that either the services I found didn't show to be reliable or it is not easy/intuitive to use.

The two I found for free OriginStamp (Trusted Timestamping with Bitcoin - OriginStamp) and True Timestamp (True Time Stamp - Timestamping Authority) aren't actually file 'timestampers' – or else I didn't understand how they work. As far as I could see after you submit your file (in my case I tried either mp3 and zip ones) they just generate a hash code, probably based on the file header because they do it as soon you submit it. Therefore NOTHING is attached to the file, so it is not certificated. The only thing that's done is that a verification hash is generated and the timestamp is added to the hash and not to the file. Other problem that I noticed is that if I try to check the hash created by OriginStamp with the True Timestamp checking tool the time doesn't match; ... Read more

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I left my laptop in my quarter and a colleague was there. How do I know if the person has opened the laptop or not? I know the time period.
How to find the log and identify the correct information?

Windows 7 64 bit.

A:View windows startup timestamp log

You can look in the event viewer, then under Security see when the laptop was logged onto.

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1) I am using driver 258.96 with my gtx 460 video card (1 gig ddr 5 ). I would like to use the the new nvidia driver 301.42. Is this driver any good and does it help my performance.

2) I was told that I dont have to go to safe mode to install new driver. I just download driver, execute it and pick custom and then pick clean option and install It. Is this okay to do it this way. What does the clean option actually do.

I use ggames like bullet storm or mass effect 3

A:Question on new nvidia driver and install with clean option

I've been told the same thing. But, I always run driver sweeper in safe mode and check the Nvidia display check box. Then click analyze and clean. Then install using the custom clean install method. it works well for me. The 301.42 drivers have mixed reviews. Some people get good performance increases from them and others not so good. I have them installed and they did not improve my performance but did not hurt it either. Nvidia is rumored to be coming out with a large driver release this month sometime.

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Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, Opteron 2280

These system events
6009 = OS Version

6005 = Event Log service has started

6013 = system uptime

are being inserted into the system even log (before system was last shutdown) apparently just above event 50037 DHCPv4 Client service is stopped.
According to the timestamps. The rogue events should appear after Directory-Services-SAM 16962. which has an earlier timestamp than event 6009 which should be the very first entry after the previous shutdown event.

Viewing events from newest to oldest

I hadn't noticed this before but it's been there since I installed and activated it last year. At first I thought it might be an infected WLAN driver, but security software (including MSRT) has not picked up anything abnormal.

Fast Startup is disabled. It made no difference when it was enabled.

What might be the cause of this behaviour?

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I would like to add a field to the end of my table called Timestamp. I want this field to be populated with the current time if a record is updated. I know I can set the default to =Now(), but that only sets the time and date the record is created. If I go in an update this record, that time or date does not change. Is there a way to inset a time and date that would automatically change? If not, is there an easier way then to just type in the time and date manually? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


A:Adding a timestamp field in a table in Access

Have you tried =Date() ? That is what is used in the contact management database that comes with Access 2000.

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