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VGA Input - No Input Signal - New Graphics Card?

Q: VGA Input - No Input Signal - New Graphics Card?

I have an HP Pavilion A6421.uk computer with an HP w2007v monitor. (The OS is Windows Vista).I've been getting the message "VGA Input - No Input Signal" and the monitor appears to be in sleep mode permanently. I've checked all the connections, cables etc and I have also connected the monitor to an old computer, where it worked fine. I'm guessing I need a new graphics card but don't know how to go about changing it. I have
opened up the box and cleaned it all out, but am not sure what to do now.

Could I take out the graphics card from the old computer and put it in the new one? The old computer is a Dell Dimension 5000 (Windows XP).
Or would it be an option to swap hard drives? (I urgently need to access my work but the old computer got a virus and doesn't work properly).I don't know the first thing about hardware really, so wondered what any of you would recommend I do:
1. Just buy a new graphics card and replace the old one - in which case, what would I buy?
2. Put the graphics card from the old machine into the new one. How do I do this and does anyone have any diagrams?
3. Swap the hard drives so that I use the old box with the new monitor. (this is probably a stupid idea, but who knows).

Please help!!

Preferred Solution: VGA Input - No Input Signal - New Graphics Card?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: VGA Input - No Input Signal - New Graphics Card?

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Just finished building a new PC for my mates brother, all components seemed to be secure.
I turn on the PC with just the power cable in YAY! it turns on, so i think this is too good to be true, it turns on first time! I unplug it take it upstairs to my monitor, plug in my monitor into the AGP card i installed in it (Nvidia 5600XT) then booted it back up. The monitor stays on standby, no signal input sign floating round the sreen. AHA the motherboard has onboard graphics, maybe it defaults to that? I remove the AGP card, plug the monitors cable into the VGA socket on the motherboard, boot it back up! Still nothing!!!
I presumed that because the fan comes on, CD drive and HDD that the processor is intalled right. So then I reset the CMOS (normally solves most things in my case lol) boot it back up, and still i got nothing. The monitor and the Cable work fine, and the AGP card is fine to as my friend used it in his other PC before giving it to me! Motherboard is brand new, and i had the same model before, (just without the onboard graphics) Memory is also intalled right, i checked twice!

For the love of god help me!
Could it be something to do with the Hard drive??
Slave/Master wrong way round??
Disk Drive faulty
I DON'T KNOWW!!! lol
(the only old bits in the PC are the Hard Drive, 2 Disk drives and the case itself)
Please consider everthing before just saying faulty!
this the Motherboard in question

A:Newly Built PC, no input signal to Monitor, from AGP card and Onboard Graphics

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Windows automatically updated last night before shutting down. When I turned on the computer this morning, the HP w2207h monitor was not functioning properly. Each time I rebooted, I received the message "HDMI Input: No Input Signal" before the monitor went to sleep.

I do not believe it is a problem with the sleep and display settings as I have dual monitors and the EN9910 is functioning properly; both are set to NEVER anyway. Further, I have plugged our SONY television into the HDMI port and it works just fine.

I have also plugged the monitor into another computer, using the same cable, and both worked just fine. The hp monitor also functions in the utility mode. Problem seems to exist only when Starting Windows.

This has happened once before with a Windows Update, but I don't recall the solution.

Please help.


A:HDMI Input: No Input Signal -- Monitor Going to Sleep

Hello and welcome aspen can you just make sure the driver for that monitor is ok.

Software & Driver Downloads HP w2207h 22 inch LCD Monitor | HP? Support

But mate I also think you may have answered it yourself in another way. Can you remember when this started happening? If so system restore back to before that date.

Then it is just a matter of downloading any updates if this is what is - one or two at a time until you find which one is the culprit. Make a not of that one and each time it comes up untick it to download / install.

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getting no signal input and input not supported messages!
i dont know whats wrong with my pc. and i just spent 80 dollars on a power supply 3 weeks ago. i cant afford to take it to geek squad or something to fix it right now.
I have a custom built PC by a guy a met at school. bad choice. anyway i have a windows vista OS but its only a trial account cause this dude ownd me and i didnt notice it was a trial till 30 days after.
32 bit windows vista home premium OS
geforce 9500 gt
Amd Athlon II X2 250 processor 3.01 GHz
4.00 GB ram
asus MB, not sure what kind all i see is asus
only starts in safemode with networking
Aoc moniter or Adc not sure what it says .
my moniter is plugged in to my video card its an off board.
what is causing this?
a few days ago i downloaded my latest video card driver, restarted the pc and it WAS GOOD! back to normal!! after using it and finally being able to listen to music and play games. i restarted it to see how it would work and it went back to the black screen with red writting in the middle " input not supported"

a few days before this happend i got a virus called anti malware GO or something like that. i downloaded iexplore to get rid of it , i deleted the files and it was gone. im sure it had something to do with it.
please help i cant afford to get a windows 7 or vista upgrade for another 2 weeks so how can i fix it now? could my video card be messed up even tho im on the same PC now in safemode with networking?

A:pc only load in safemode, no signal input , input not supported

duplicate closed

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Hi there, I don't mean to clog this forum up with possible rubbish but I have been searching all day and have got as far as getting the usb capture card to be recognised and accepted by ulead (the video editing abd capture software that comes with the capture card)

My problem now is that, I know there is an input signal there, as the screen is black but every now and then a green colour will appear across the bottom of the capture area but that is the most I get.

I have tried my xbox one and xbox 360 and both have the same problem.
my setup is xbox>hdmi to vga cable>easycap>laptop.

any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hey everyone,

I'm running an HP p6214y with an nVidia GeForce 9800 GT. I recently got a Sony Bravia 32" TV that I was hoping to run in dual screen mode with my HP 2009f monitor. The video card has two DVI out ports which I'm using with two DVI to VGA cables. However, I've found that when I hook the Sony HD TV up to my video card, the video card will stop sending an input signal completely randomly. This sends no warnings or errors to the event log either. I have a 750watt power supply as well. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thank you!

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Good afternoon. I'll try to provide any/all information that I can - I'm stuck....and have a headache, and am not very technical. A bad combination for working on any system.

I have a eMachines T3092.

3-4 days ago, I went to turn on my system. When it began the boot process, my monitor showed 'No Input Signal'.

I researched and learned to troubleshoot - so have:

a. checked all cables.
b. attached/used the monitor with another system (worked fine).
c. checked power cord with another system (worked fine).
d. attached another flat screen to my system -- same issue.

This leads me to think it's an issue with my system vs. the monitor.

So - after more researching and reading, I determine that I need to buy a new video card. I just did this today, and purchased one that should work (I think) and should be compatible.

I purchased: NVidia PNY 6200 256MB AGP 8x and installed per directions.

Did not fix my issue. So -

I popped it back out, put it back in, unconnected and reconnected all cords and cables, and got 1 long beep and 2 short beeps.

Further research suggests it may be memory or it may be the mother board.

I can't 'see' anything to know what message, if any, the system is giving. I would really appreciate any other suggestions as to how to troubleshoot or 'fix' my issue.

This is an older system and quite frankly, I don't want to drop a Mother Board into it (don't know how) BUT....I do have files/stuff tha... Read more

A:NO Input Signal, New Video Card - Stll Not Working

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Well, around winter of 2008 my computer broke down. I have recently gotten sick and tired of using a 2002 windows COMPAQ, has too little ram for anything remotely modern.
So I am back to it, my Father looked at it and he thinks the motherboard is fried.

No one in my family has any PHYSICAL computer problem experience (though I have virtual experience)
It started to make a loud hoarse noise at startup. The monitor sayed "No Input Signal" and said "Monitor going to sleep"

We cleaned out the inside as it was ridiculously dusty, and now the hoarse noises have stopped. But the monitor is still messed up.

What I can provide
-Another computer to test things
-Pictures of the inside of my computer
-Specifications (To an extent)

another thing I want you to know
I am not prepared to buy most things, I have another computer with parts I can swap if it comes down to it but if we cant fix it we are going to buy a brand new computer.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I have little physical computer experience, as in none. So.. I dont know where anything or what anything is.

A:No Input Signal, Faulty Video Card? Fried Mobo?

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After much research and trial and error, i believe i have narrowed the issues i've been having with my computer over the past month down to GPU related.

I have a custom built rig with the following specs:

GIGABYTE GA-870A-UD3 AM3 AMD motherboard
XFX HD-567X-ZNF3 Radeon HD 5670 GPU
Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W PSU
AMD Phenom II X4 925 Deneb 2.8GHz CPU
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
Western Digital 1tb HDD
Windows 7 64 bit Professional

Computer was built back in July and had been working wonderfully until maybe a month ago. it would randomly reboot, and give me BSODs. Since then i have run multiple tests on my RAM, hoping it was that. I have also reinstalled windows a few times. the HDD has been checked and is fine. I do believe the PSU is fine as well. What leads me to believe that graphics card is the culprit is that recently my computer screen has locked up and displayed colorful pixel bars going horizontally across the screen. I had never seen something like that before.

I had downloaded a 3D benchmark program and in the middle of the stress test with the latest driver installed, my computer rebooted. I've also walked away from it only to come back and find the monitor to be blank (black), with it telling me no VGA signal or input. Just today, the screen locked up on me again while only opening IE (i usually use chrome but havent downloaded it since my recent format), showing ... Read more

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Hey guys i have a graphics card with an hdmi port so i was wondering if there is anyway i can plug my xbox 360 into that to view it. My monitor is an hd one but doesnt happen to have the hdmi port. Any idea if that would work or how i would do it?

A:graphics card input question

That's an output port. Use a HDMI-to-DVI adapter and connect the box directly to the monitor: http://www.amazon.com/Cables-Unlimited-PCM-2296-06-Single-Cable/dp/B0007MWE1E (Make sure this is the right kind. I think the Xbox360 outputs from an female port, but don't know for sure, and have no interest in learning anything about any console that's released more recently than 3 years ago

EDIT: The hell? Look at the price of this other cable http://www.amazon.com/Eforcity-Blac...rd_t=201&pf_rd_p=413863501&pf_rd_i=B0007MWE1E and the reviews are good too! Wow. Grab a deal. Fast.

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Hello, Please trust me when I say I'm not new to hardware installation or Building PCs I simply find myself in a bit of an Interesting spot at the moment and its driving me up a wall. I do a lot of high-end gaming on my Custom built Desktop however I am in the process of upgrading it as the hardware is getting a little outdated for my preferences. And the first thing I am looking to upgrade is my graphics card looking to spend between $200-$500 USD. I have contemplated either buying a single higher end graphics card i.e. an nvidia 680 or a Radeon 7970. My other option is going with two lower end Cards and running SLI or cross fire. Any thoughts?

A:Looking To Purchase a New Graphics Card Want Some Input

I've never honestly owned a SLI or CF setup but from what I hear, a single card is still more stable.

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Hello there everyone.

My current computer specs are located in my signature. Ive bee thinking about this for a while, but is it possable to somehow change an S-VIDEO output on a graphics card to an input? Im assuming everything is output on my card atm but I would like to try and hook up my nintendo Wii to my LCD monitor. I have an adapter which converts YPbPr to s-video cable so I can hook it up to the graphics card. I know there are VGA-YPbPr converter out there but i dont have the money atm lol... Basically is there a way to somehow configure the graphics card so that it can view my wii? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading

A:Graphics card -- Change output to input?

I'm gonna go with no.

The way I imagine it the wiring could be adapted and re-soldered to the board to allow it, but the chip would still not know what to do with the signal, and it would probably fry.

If anyone knows anything I don't here I'd love to hear it, but it sounds grim to me.

Easier would probably;y be a modulator to use from the Wii to the monitor.

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HI, I'm planning on buying a new graphics card. I have an Inspiron 720. I have a premade computer with Intel Intetlrgrated Chip set G4/G3. Please ask for extra specs if required.

A:How to install/see available graphics card input slots

First you must look in the manual (and in the case) to check there's a pci-e slot and what version it is. Recent gfx cards are v3, which is somewhat backwards compatable with a v2 slot, but not necessarily with an earlier version.

Next you have to decide what type of gfx card you need - either hi-end for gaming or something cheaper, say, just to run multiple monitors. For gaming, you should check the websites of games you are interested in to see how powerful a card you need to play their game.

When you've got an idea of the type of card you need, you should check that the psu in your pc can power it. Store bought computers are built down to a price and don't allow much leeway for extra power demands (eg from the extra gfx card). A lower end card will probably run ok with the standard psu. A powerful card uses more watts and usually needs extra 12V power connectors that plug directly into the card. Standard desktop psu's can't usually supply enough watts for a hi-end card (or have the 12V aux connectors). In that scenario, you have to invest in a new psu.

A few ideas for you to think about.

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Hello so im new to the building game but am loving the idea of getting it done! Although frustrated with my current problem so i have a i5 6600k 16gb of crucial ram Asus SABERTOOTH Z170 MARK 1 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard a Pny GTX 980 Ti and a 750 watt rm corsair power supply. My question for someones help on is when i stalled every i went to boot took a few times for me to get everything running correctly although i noticed the machine would begin to power up and then flicker off and power back on now this would do this 9/10 times so i thought nothing of it went to bed woke up in the morning went to power on my machine to have it start to boot up turn off to not turn back on After being  extremely frustrated i decided to pull the graphics card out as there was nasty smell and i did notice a burn mark when i pulled the graphics card out after taking it out the machine would power on without flickering with the build in motherboard graphics i also purchased a gtx 950 to test if a card would work in the machine and i was able to get that to work i know the graphics card said it only needs a 600 watt power supply but does this sound like i need a larger power supply im also running a liquid cooler so there a total of 5 fans that includes the case fans. any help would be great thanks in advance!

A:Graphics card issue? PLEASE ANY INPUT WOULD BE GREAT!!!

Here is my list on pcpartpicker if this helps anyone any more.

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Hi all,

my machine froze whilst working in Photoshop. Now everytime I start up my machine it gives me a "no signal input from input a'' message and doesn't budge.

any clues.

A:no signal input from input a - help

That message is coming from your monitor itself I believe and not from the computer.

Its saying that there is no video signal, which idicates that the computer has probably not even booted up?

Is the computer actually booting (keyboard lights flash, HDD light flicking) after you power it on?

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Bought a gtx 460 for some reason. And for some other reason HDMI is shown as no input. I read somewhere to get audio through hdmi u have to enable it throguh bios have to enable visual hdmi there as well?

Also I wanted to know a good program that lets me see how my video card is performing and if its being bottleknecked?

A:Can't get Mini HDMI input to work from graphics card

If you want to check if your video card is being bottlenecked, just open up resource manager and play any game you like.

Check how much strain is being put on the cpu and compare it to the gpu usage.

GPU-Z is my personal favorite gpu monitoring program. Get it from TechPowerUp.

If you have a core 2 duo running under 3.5 ghz it'll most likely be a bottleneck in modern games.

However, with a quad core with a clock rate of at least 2.5 or so then you should be fine.

Also, it really depends on the game.

Older games less cores doesn't really matter as much as the gpu. Newer games can become really demanding on both the cpu and gpu.

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Important specs for my issue:
Motherboard: N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix)
video card: Integrated graphics using ATI Radeon 4200
Power Supply: Internal 250W (100-240V)
Expansion Slots: 1 PCI Express x16 slot for graphics card
Product number (to look up anything else): BV564AA

I got my HP Pavilion p6716f pretty cheap and I'm starting to understand why now. I'm trying to upgrade the hardware, specifically the video card, and after googling the crap out of video cards I've realized I'll need to upgrade my power supply too. My question is how can I be sure what power supply will work in my pc and what wattage would be recommended? I've tried my best to figure this out on my own but I've hit a wall.
I don't know if this makes any sense but because the motherboard and processor are AMD I was thinking of sticking with an AMD video card, probably in the 6000 series, problem is I dont know if it'll fit in the PCI Express x16 slot, take a look by looking up the product number on hp (id post the web page but this website won't let me) So there's my first problem. Second, if I can even get the video card installed I'll need a new power supply, and I have no idea what specifications matter for installing power supplies.

While writing this I foudd this on newegg
(VisionTek 900370 Radeon HD 6570 1GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card)
Would this solve all my problems? If so, I have this feeling this specific... Read more

A:Need input on upgrading graphics card and power supply for my HP p6716f

Link to specs here.

Motherboard picture:

Looks like any PCI express 16x GPU will fit fine, as long as you don't mind losing one of the PCI Express 1x slots for double width GPUs.

It has an ATX power supply, so that should cover pretty much anything you replace it with, but deeper power supplies might be hit and miss and you'd need to measure whether they would fit. ATX format power supplies are made to industry standard dimensions in terms of height and width, but different ATX power supplies do differ in depth. So an ATX should fit, but ultimately it depends on how much space you have between the back of the case and the back of the DVD drives for clearance.

The power supply you choose is dependant on the GPU you choose. If you could let us know the following, we could help you select the best option for you:

1. Your total budget, for a power supply and graphics card.
2. The intended usage of the computer -- if its gaming, what sort of games?
3. What resolution and detail do you wish to play these games at. The max resolution is dictated by the max resolution of your display, but it is an important factor to consider.
4. If you have preferred shops, list them. Newegg is fine if you like to shop there though.
5. How many fans does that case have, and where are they located -- upgrading to a higher end GPU introduces heat into the case in most cases, so cooling must be considered.
6. What processor is fitted in your computer? That model number has multiple CPU... Read more

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Hi i have a AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T CPU with 4 gig RAM and a ATI Radeon HD 5700 series Graphics card and for some reason the thing just sort of shuts down the screen mouse and keyboard. It just comes up with message: (no signal input check video cable) and the screen goes black and mouse and keyborad is down to but the PC is still running.

You have to press the on button to restart it. Can any body help me with this as I have been trying lots of thing and nothing is working. There is no sign that the graphics card is getting to hot or the cpu. I also have put it on standby for nights, which seemed to help but its doing the same thing again.

It does not matter what you do playing game or just browsing the internet it does the same thing.

Ps: there are 2 of the exact same pc in the house and they are both doing the same thing.

Please help me....

Thank you

A:No signal input

I would suggest checking your video cable unplug it and check the pins of they are ok plug it back in and make sure it is in properly and snug.

Then next thing to is check the video card make sure it is seated properly.

Make sure you have the video cable connected to the right connector you will have one that came with your motherboard and one to your graphics card make sure it is in the right one.

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My Pc is connected with TV( Cable)And this works fine(Sometimes i use both for output).But problem is when i turned OFF TV and ON this again later this shows NO INPUT SIGNAL.Thn i have to go Dispaly settings and need to change something(Ex i always change bit maybe 32 to 16 and after i got signal change it back) and this works again.So what is the probelm and how can i solve this any suggestions...........and Im using Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit .

A:No Input Signal

Your problem is a 64bit operating system and faulty 64 bit drivers

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When I turn my computer on the monitor says “No Signal Input” . The cables are tightly plugged in. I know the monitor works because I plugged a laptop into it. I opened the CPU and the monitor cable and boards are firm. Any ideas?

A:no signal input

I assume you 're using a compaq deskpro.
Two things:
1) If after you boot you hear one short and two long beeps , that means is a memory problem. Try switching the memory, clearing the cmos and removing all memories and using a different one.

2) Try changing the video card, deskpro ep ussualy comes with this problem.

3) If nothing works I will say is the system board. Are you using any power surge??

Please post back.
I had this problem today and was the sys board.

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HI guys I am new in this forum, and just registered on Tuesday.

I am having this problem on my PC for less than 3 weeks now.

The monitor says "RGB No Input Signal" this is the first time I encountered this problem, after using it for more than 2 year but less than 3 years.

This happened when I tried to switch it on when I went home. It displayed the message "RGB No INput Signal" in RED on the monitor, after that it turned blank no picture just pitch black.

This happen for 2 weeks but somtimes it turns on normaly but then after 2 weeks no longer start nomal. only the message in red colour and then blank. I tried to switch it on a lot of time but no use stil.

All the cables were plug correctly and tightly but still. All the cpu fans working properly.

I seriuosly need help as soon as possible pls.

A:RGB no input signal?

Pls give us more info, what kind of monitor, im guessing crt since its an older interface, and your pc specs. Pls

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So... I have HP dc7700cmd tower and an Acer x193wbd monitor running xp that has an ATI Radeon x300/x550/x1050 (rv370), i just got this computer (and 2 more that are almost identical) at a computer sale at school (I've had the monitor for a few years and haven't had a problem yet (minus this)).

I turn the computer on, then the monitor (or vice versa), everything is fine. After the computer boots, if I turn off the monitor, then turn it back on, it says "No Input Signal" and to get it to come back on, I have to leave the monitor on, unplug the dvi cable, and plug it back in, and every thing is fine.

I just tried the monitor on another computer, it works fine... I tried a different monitor on this computer, it works fine too... it's something about this combination that something doesn't like.

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my pc takes to long to start, and when it starts, I always get a message saying ( no input signal ) .
Have I got a problem ?

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Hello Tech support forum,
A friend of mine has a problem with her pc: when she starts the pc, after the normal bios messages and the Windows XP rolling bar screen, there is in a few moment of a blue screen with text (unreadable, because it disapears again) and then 2 beeps and finishing with the text "No input signal".
This happens in all the options you see, when pressing [F2]: Start in Save mode (with or without networking), Last working configuration and Start Windows).
I was able to come in a Dos prompt and to look on the C:\ drive with a DOS-CD.

According to her, it started to happen when she had pressed a button to install something (windows update ???), but she doesn't know what it was.

How can I find out what the problem is and how to solve it?


A:No input signal

I would start by testing the monitor. Try connecting it to another PC and see if it works properly or not. If it works, then the issue is likely with the PC. Since the problem appears to also occur in Safe Mode, there could be an actual hardware problem or Windows is corrupted and needs to be repaired/reinstalled.

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Can ANYONE help. I have a Tseries emachine modle T2958. It worked fine until this morning when I tried to turn it on. I goes as far as the screen that says Windows is starting up and then a small window opens that says No signal Input. Does ANYONE know what is going on? I have already tried unplugging it and I have checked all of the connections. HELP

A:No Signal Input

Hello preciousgreeneye, and welcome to TSG Forums....

My first thought was to check device manager to see the status of your Display Adapter drivers, but obviously you cannot do so because you cannot get a video display after booting. You might try booting in Safe mode and see what happens there. In case you don't know how, just begin tapping the F8 key after you press the power switch. Hopefully, you will get a black screen with various options listed. Using the arrow keys, highlight the Safe Mode option and hit enter. Post back what happens.

The only other thing I can suggest is to open the tower and, if you have one, remove your video card then reseat it. Possibly a faulty connection. Be sure to ground your self by touching the chassis with your bare hand before touching any of the electronics inside. Doing so allows any static build up in your body to discharge.


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Hi Guys, Had a phone call from my Brother who has a HP screen  model 1740 connected to his computer with a cable, which has started displaying sometimes a message " No Input Signal" then turns its self off ( the screen).
If he waits sometimes the screen comes back on, most times he close down the computer waits a while and turns the computer back on and no problem.....then same problem, " No Input Signal"
He has checked and all cables appear connected okay.
Any suggestions please?

A:No Input Signal

You need to take steps to prove whether the problem lies in the monitor or the computer. Usually the simplest way is to connect the monitor to another computer, and see if the same thing happens. It's also possible but probably less likely, that the signal cable is faulty, same principle applies - if the problem only ever occurs when that cable is being used, and not with another, it's faulty.
Just as an oddity, some video drivers have the option to reduce the signal amplitude to 0.7V instead of 1V - it would be strange for this to change, but if the problem proves to lie in the computer, it's one thing to check. Some monitors can tend to detect no signal at times with the lower setting.

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Computer mouse froze on screen. Rebooted. Ran V-Com Utilities. Returned later, screen frozen.Rebooted. 'No Input Signal' floating up and down my screen!
have read other posts but not answered my query.
I have Windows XP SP2.
I have changed the monitor, same problem.
I have changed the Graphics card back to my previous card (which was working when i took it out originally), same problem.
The fan on the motherboard is working but after changing the Graphics card i got an increased whirring sound but could not locate its whereabouts.
The hard Drive does not sound as if it is starting up.
There are no warning beeps.
I did not move my computer prior to the shut down.
I have checked all leads, unplugged replugged.
I have sprayed the monitor lead.
Any suggestions would be great!


A:No Input Signal

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When i try to turn my other computer on the monitor says "no input signal". When i disconnect the monitor from the computer and try to turn it on it says "disconnector" So i know the connection is good. Any ideas?

A:No input signal?


and what happens when you plug the monitor into your other computer ??,

If it works OK then the PC itself is faulty...

Post back and let us know...


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This is my first post and would really appreciate some help.

I've had my pc for about two years and over the last few months it has been randomly showing the black screen with "No signal input" and then restarting itself, but taking about half an hour to load up anything.

I bought one of those lacie drives and put most of my stuff on there but it didn't help.

If anybody knows of any reason it does this or knows how to fix it it would be very helpful thanks.

A:No Signal Input Help!

No Signal Input is a message your monitor will show when there is no signal from the computer or video card. Try reinstalling the video driver.

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I turned my pc off last night and everything was working fine. Now in morning I turned it on and it shows no display. All I get is "No Input Display", I've checked all connections and everything seem to be working but keyboard and mouse light won't turn on so I'm guessing they are not working either. I've tried to connect them on different USB connections but still the same.

Any ideas whats wrong with it?

A:No Input Signal

I often tend to suspect the graphic cards in such a situation, but it could really be anything. We need more information to troubleshoot that.

Describe exactly what happens when you restart your PC.

( Sometimes, a restart will fix the problems anyway).

Regards....Mike Connor

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Since my husband is an over-the-road trucker, he doesn't need access to his computer often. Therefore, I used it for a couple of school projects this past semester. I removed his hard drive and put a different one in to install Linux and do some other Linux-related projects.

Anyway, I just finished the semester, so I went to switch the hard drive back so that my husband could use his computer when he's back for a few days this weekend. I turned the computer's power on and saw all of the usual starting-up stuff. I even saw the desktop icons, etc., come up. I left the room briefly. When I came back, the screen was black. I pressed the power button on the monitor twice and then saw this message: RGB No Input Signal.

What exactly is that all about? It was working less than two minutes before, when I'd left the room. . .

I appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks!


A:RGB No Input Signal?!?

It suggests one of 2 things to me:

1, the monitor has slipped into some weird RGB input mode (look on the back of the monitor, see if you can see any places for component or RGB cables to plug in to).

Or 2, the video card on the machine has gone bad, or windows has crapped out on you...and an easy test for that would be to replace the linux drive and see if it runs ok then.


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I have a computer that occasionally goes. It was going before we moved it from the table to the floor. It came up with the 'no signal input' msg on the monitor last night but i managed to get it going by turning the monitor on and opening and closing the cd-rom draw and restarting the computer all in the right sequence but i can not always get the right sequence and it is time consuming and not healthy for the computer im sure. any way the computer did go before the msg popped up.

I hope this is adequate info for someone to help me.

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Hi,in few days i had this notice on my led screen,no input signal,after a restart its ok but yesterday desktop didn't showed up,just black screen,
i tried another graphic card and was ok,

but my previous nothing,fan ok but no signal,before this,all was ok,this card is at least 2 yrs working now
i tried with my inboard card and ok too

as i saw on screen this CMOS 'Checksum' Error

is it the graphic card ?or something else?

A:No input signal

Try to reseat your RAM stick(s). Are you getting any beep sound when the PC is booting?

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Hello, I have a pretty old CRT monitor hooked up to a computer which has a P4 3.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 256MB Geforce FX5500 video card, and is running Windows XP Professional. All had been working fine until recently, now when I turn the computer on it comes up with No Signal Input on the monitor. I opened the computer checked that the video card was still in properly, tried disconnecting it and reconnecting both the video card from the motherboard and the cable to and from the video card. I also tried to put it on the inbuilt video card that's on the motherboard and same result. I know its not the monitor or the monitor cables, because I plugged it into my laptop and it worked fine. So I don't know what it might be. If anyone can help that would be great.

A:No Signal Input?

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Hi, so here is the problem, my computer worked fine for the past 5 months thought i recently moved and left the computer in my new home unused for about 2 wks. Though now when i connect the computer completly i get "no input signal" on the monitor. The computer works fine when I check it inside and such, and the monitor works fine. Perhaps on the long drive moving it, the hard drive got bumped too much and messed up? That is the main thing im wondering may be wrong, though shouldnt i have received a hard drive error instead of nothing at all.... Any help would be great!, thanks.

Dual core processor 3.2ghz
evga geforce gx5950
2gb ocz 1kmhz
10krpm 240gb hd
700watt psu

Oh and on the move my power cables got moved around, could it be that the power cord im using isnt compatible enough to allow enough power?? i doubt, but maybe?

A:No Input Signal

Make sure that the CPU heatsink and fan hasn't come loose and check all the internal power supply connections. Check to see that the video card is seated fully and make sure you are not connecting the monitor to the on-board video connector instead of the video card connector... Don't laugh, I have seen some people do this!

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Ok, I have this issue that I am going to guess is related to my video card but would liek some input from some more advanced people.

When I boot the pc I see the bios mfg screen and then it happens. The next thing I see on my screen is "No signal input" At other times, like as I was typing this, after the pc had been on only about 7 minutes, the monitor will show "No signal input"

What has me a little confused is this. I use a program called teamspeak, which allows me to talk with my gaming friends. When I get the no signal input and the screen goes blank, I cannot continue to talk to my friend and I cannot hear him either. If this was solely a video card issue wouldn't I still be able to talk and hear?

I have tried another monitor and unfortunately this MB does not have on board video.

Thank you

A:No Signal input

Double check all of the connections and that the Graphics card is seated fully in its slot.
If trying another monitor try another cable to eliminate if the cable or connectors have become faulty.
Ensure you are using the native settings of the monitor, or even try it with reduced resolution to see if that makes a difference. If using DVI try a VGA cable if you can.
If you can try a different PSU as well.

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Hey guys, can somebody give me an idea what is wrong with my desktop?

This was built/assembled in 2010. Everything works fine until I got the No input signal on monitor recently. Replaced my old graphic card "MSI GeForce GTS 250 N250GTS Twin Frozr 512MB 256-Bit GDDR3" with "EVGA GeForce GT 610 2048MB GDDR3." Computer turn on fine with display. Went to manufacturer's website to install latest driver. Selected Win7's and didn't bother to uninstall old driver since it's NVIDIA -> NVIDIA?

Everything was working (almost) perfectly the other day. Upgraded from window 7 to a Win10. Did a clean reset, so there was a lot of restarting. During 1 or 2 restart, there is a black screen for a minute but the mouse arrow is still visible. Everything then seems normal.

Now I'm getting "No input signal" again. Did I get a defective graphic card? because I haven't re-update to latest Win10 driver? or is something wrong with my mobo?
Here's my computer's spec:

- Mobo: EVGA P55 LE 123-LF-E653-KR LGA1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel
- RAIDMAX SMILODON Case With 500W Power Supply
- (current) GPU: EVGA GeForce GT 610 2048MB GDDR3
- CPU: Intel Core i3-530
- memory: CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
- HDD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ/ST500DM005 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache


A:No Signal Input

HI and welcome to TSG.

What is the exact make and model of the PSU? I am assuming it is probably a cheap unit if it came in the case, and at 5 years old and a GPU upgrade it is probably at the end of its life.

NVidia driver packages are fairly generic but it is good practice to uninstall / reinstall for a new GPU.

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I have Windows XP operating system. My computer works fine except when I attempt to use the CD-ROM. I get the message "RGB - No input signal" when I insert a CD. This is the ONLY time I get this message. Please help as I have some new software I really need to download. Thanks.

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When I turn my PC on I get the message "No Input Signal" on the monitor. Also, I don't hear the normal boot up sounds from my PC such as the beeps, etc. Could my BIOS or Motherboard be dead? Or what?
TIA, Tkd2frek1

A:No Input Signal

Hi Tkd2frek1 and welcome to TSG.

There is probably not going to be an easy answer to this one, but don't panic just yet.
The fast that you are not hearing start-up sounds from you PC suggests its not a monitor fault (try to connect it to another PC to confirm this).
Your first line of attack should be to ensure that all leads and connections are firmly in place.

Start with the external ones, just for good measure, particularly between Monitor and CPU, but then progress, if necessary, to the internals.
Check all the add-in boards, particularly the video card, are tight and firmly set in their sockets. Remove and re-seat them if necessary. The video card is the first prime suspect.
Check your memory chips in the same way.
Try a power-up at various stages through this process to see if any changes occur - please don't eloctrocute yourself so take ALL the usual precautions, particularly grounding the chassis after each power off.

Last in the line is going to be the motherboard. If you have got to this stage - and it might not happen - and found no cure, it could mean a board failure and replacement might be your only option.

HOWEVER, do not jump to conclusions and take one step at a time. Wait a while to see what others have to say on this subject and, in any case, keep posting back with any problems or anxieties you might have.

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Hey guys this is my first post so please be patient with me. Everytime i leave my computer on for a long with no activity my monitor shows the "no input signal". I'm running my monitor through a dvi connection all connections are good but its real frustrating that i have to restart everything each time i want to use my computer. I've updated the driver for my video and i am running the ATI Catalyst control Center on Graphics Chipset 256MB ATI Radeon X1300PRO. I'm completely clueless so any help will do.


A:No Input Signal

be sure to look to see if your moniter is not set to shut off, look in the power settings in your control pannel. There should be some settings to shut down your moniter and hd after a certain amount time that has been allocated.

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When I first start my computer I get a message in a small green box "no signal input, check video cable". It sometimes takes 15-20 minutes before I can get into my desk top?

A:No signal input

That message is being generated by your monitor. It is telling you that there is no signal coming from your video card and PC. You would get the same message if you disconnected the video cable.

So what is going on with your video card? That is the question.

The fact that it eventually comes on is curious. That suggests to me that there is a driver error or driver conflict going on and it is taking 20 minutes for Windows to resolve it. But it could be several other things too.

Is there any other information you can give us regarding the behavior. Any error messages? Problem devices in Device Manager? Any other unusual behaviors?

Let us know.

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Really having some wonk issues with these last two Lenovo products I've bought. It's nuts. Latest weird thing that's happening seems to be some sort of unintended input. Occasionally, I've had the focus repeatedly stolen from an input field I was typing in. I have to click on the field several times, only to have it taken away again, like the mouse is clicking elsewhere. (I've been having issues with clicking things accidentally firing double-clicks--maybe my mouse buttons are faulty? Both the X1E I returned and this X1C have done that.) The other strange thing that's happening is that in iTunes, if I pause my music, it will resume itself 5 seconds later, like the play button some keyboards have was pressed. But this keyboard doesn't even have that, as far as I can tell. It feels like my computer is inventing input. It's maddening.  Any clues? My opinion of Lenovo products has sharply dropped these last couple months.

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I have a Dell D610 laptop w/ XP Pro SP2... or had.

I have a corrupted registry entry hosing the keyboard input. The mouse works fine up until the point when I kit the first key on the keyboard when under the Graphical Windows interface. After I hit any key, the mouse freezes as well. This happens if I use the laptop keyboard or an external keyboard connected to a PS2 jack.

I have performed hours of troubleshooting and it is not the keyboard hardware. Keyboard input works during all non-graphical UI (BIOS, Recovery Console, etc.). I even removed the drive and plugged it in to another computer. I made a copy of the WINNT\system32\config files (sam, default, security, system, software) and replaced them w/ a copy of these files from WINNT\repair. The computer boots to Graphical Windows and I am able to type in this session just fine.

How can I "erase" the keyboard driver corruption in the registry (or perhaps a corrupted driver file or set of files)? The problem is that I can't boot the system to a point where I can edit the "corrupted" keyboard entries. I can't use the Recovery Console because I don't have the Administrator password. So I tried to install SP3 from a bootable CD. The minute it asks me to type in the Product Key (a graphical dialog box), input is frozen a the first keystroke (even a key like Caps Lock). Can I actually edit the registry that resides on the boot drive while it is connected to another computer? Any other suggest... Read more

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Sorry for the silly question, but I am really lost with Windows 8. Did a quick search, but nothing came up (Keyword will only result in how to set input in Win8, not the problem presented here).
Here is the issue.

The short version of the question is how do I move the #@#[email protected]%$#^%$ (display gibberish somehow, boxed in red below) input method above Microsoft Pinyin, while keeping English as my default Display language and Input language.
Longer version here:
I use English and Chinese input, but the default MS Chinese input is "inconvenient", so I installed another input software for Chinese input (the gibberish above, or lets call it method ABCD).
The order I want is English as my default Input method and display, while ABCD as my default Chinese input (when I hit Alt + Shift, should switch from English to ABCD). However, since I can't get ABCD above MS-PinYing, when I Alt+Shift it auto switch to MS-Pinyin, not ABCD (Manually switch from MS to ABCD gets annoying).
In WinXp/Win7 I only need to manually switch to ABCD once, and the system remembers it, but Win8 for some reason automotcally load the language list on every start up =/
Also in WinXp/Win7, I can delete MS-PinYin while keeping ABCD (so I only have English and ABCD), but Win8 doesn't allow me to do that as I must have MS-input or the second line (highlight in green) in language perference doesn't even appear.  
There are some additional points/details.
1 - I must set Chinese as "Language for non-... Read more

A:Language input order issue? (Set Non-MS input as secondary default)

Hello, and welcome to Bleeping Computer.
I can't help you with your specific problem but you may want to look here. Hope it helps.
Under Chinese Input Methods it says to use the Windows key and space bar to easily switch between language inputs.

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  While trying to adjust the resolution I apparently picked a level that Windows hp doesn't like. My monitor now has a box which says input not supported floating around on it and no matter what I try (esc, control-alt-delete, restarting) I can't access my computer at all. PLEASE HELP!
[Personal Information Removed]

A:NO INPUT SUPPORTED--Desktop Computer Stuck On Input Not Supp...

Hi there @145755, I hope you find your Support Forum experience a positive one!  It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel.  I understand that you have changed a setting on your computer and now the display is not working.  I am happy to give you a hand with this. Please post the full product number for your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.  HP Desktop PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number? I would suggest you try to start your computer in Safe mode to load basic screen settings. See this document: HP PCs - Windows Safe Mode (Windows 10, 8). As you are unable to see the display properly at this time you will need to follow the process described for "Entering Safe Mode without access to Startup Settings".  If you are able to get in, then make the needed adjustments to your display settings, then restart your system normally to see if the display will come up properly. If not try a different screen resolution. Please let me know whether that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.

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Hi, I will be grateful of any help here.

Last night while my Dad was on Ebay (all he ever does online), his monitor went blank and said "no signal input". He never touched anything because he's not very good with computers so he came and got me, when I got there it still said NO SIGNAL INPUT. So I shut it off by holding in the power button, and tried restarting the entire PC but still the same NO SIGNAL INPUT on monitor. Restarted a few times and got nothing.

So I went and got my monitor from my own PC from my house and tried connecting it to my Dad's PC but got no joy. Tried his cable with my monitor, tried my cable with my monitor etc etc. Checked no pins were bent or there was excess dust but nothing (my parents are clean freaks theres never dust anywhere!!)

So it was late by this point, I came back to mine and never connected my monitor. BUT I just went to connect mine back up and and I'm now gettin NO SIGNAL INPUT on my PC!!!! I'm so ???? about this. I've never had trouble with my PC at all it's a great runner and now this I'm completely baffled.

Could it be a virus thats transferred through a monitor cable?? We are on different ISPs I'm virgin and he's orange. Don't think thats' anything to do with it.....

someone please help?

I'm gettin nothing on either monitor, the PC's seem to be booting because the mouse lights flash and keyboard etc it all sounds normal but absolutely nothing on eith... Read more

A:NO SIGNAL INPUT - 2 PC's - SAME NIGHT - Please help!

can you hear the windows logon sound through the speakers of both computers ???

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