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left mouse button stopped working

Q: left mouse button stopped working

My 7 year old son was playing on Roblox (internet) and all of the sudden the mouse stopped working. "He didn't do anything" he says but trying to get the left mouse button to work is impossible. I have gone into the control panel and changed the settings so that the right button acts like the left, but this still isn't good because now I don't have a right button feature anymore. I try to change it back and then the left doesn't work at all.

I did a system restore to this morning and the problem is still there. There are no new add ins in internet explorer from today either.


Preferred Solution: left mouse button stopped working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: left mouse button stopped working

Try a different mouse

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I hope this topic is in the correct forum.

I have a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 which was brand new when purchased at the end of December. I was using it fine until yesterday, when I went to click the IE shortcut and noticed it wasn't working. Everything else works (hover, point, scroll) just the left click button has stopped functioning. The mouse is clean.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be wrong and how to fix it?


A:The left click button just stopped working...? Help?

Hi and welcome

Maybre try some of these suggestions? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321122

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My little brother was using the computer last night and said that everything froze up for a bit and he could not click on anything. When I rebooted, it said "Active Desktop Recovery" on the screen as part of the wall paper saying it was disabled. It had instructions to turn it back on and there was a button to click for me to restore it. But, I could not click on it. The right-click works just fine. I figured out how to switch primary control to the right button on the mouse, so I could get around while fixing it. Unfortunately, now that I can use right click, the restore active desktop button is gone. It disappeared after a reboot. I have run McAfee, Panda Active Scan, Spybot, Ad-Aware and Registry Mechanic. There were a few infected files and spyware and I removed them. The problem still exists. I have uninstalled the mouse driver and let the computer auto-install the driver on reboot. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, then please help me.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.96.1
Scan saved at 1:56:02 PM, on 9/3/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Comm... Read more

A:Left mouse button not working!

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Hey guys - this is a weird one. Left click the mouse to open something and nothing happens. Well, nothing happens that's supposed to, is safe to say!For example - in OUTLOOK - you move the mouse onto "addresses," it "lights up," i.e. highlights... then you click the mouse (left), the highlight comes off, un-highlights itself. Another example, in IExplorer -- click on the DOWN arrow in the address line -- this should expose/make visible the most recently visited sites in a drop down box.... but, you click on the arrow - sites appear in the dropped window for LESS THAN A SECOND, then go away!!! Another example, I hit "FILE" then "SAVE AS" to save a document on my desktop, left click the down arrow at the "SAVE IN" area, it QUICKLY opens all of the available areas to save the file in I would normally see, but they disappear as fast as they appear! With IE minimized, left click on it, it doesn't open. Basically... left click of the mouse isn't performing as advertised. Heck --- even to EDIT this post... I had to RIGHT CLICK on the edit button!!!It seems the only way to open something is to RIGHT click, then select OPEN... Ran EWIDO - cleaned/deleted the infected 86 filesRan AVG - ditto what happened on Ewido. 86 infections, cleaned and deleted... Here's the latest HJT log... Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 6:51:39 PM, on 11/20/2006Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet... Read more

A:Left Button On Mouse Not Working As Advertised...

Hi,This isn't a malware related issue here though... It rather looks like the left-button just hangs when you click it - too sensitive, maybe dirt under it - whatever.Can you try another mouse and look if you are having the same issue. There's nothing suspicious in your Hijackthislog. One note though..Your Java is out of date. Older versions have vulnerabilities that malware can use to infect your system. Please follow these steps to remove older version Java components and update.Updating Java:Download the latest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 9.Scroll down to where it says "The J2SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java applications".Click the "Download" button to the right.Check the box that says: "Accept License Agreement".The page will refresh.Click on the link to download Windows Offline Installation with or without Multi-language and save to your desktop.Close any programs you may have running - especially your web browser.Go to Start > Control Panel double-click on Add/Remove programs and remove all older versions of Java.Check any item with Java Runtime Environment (JRE or J2SE) in the name. It should have the icon next to it.Click the Remove or Change/Remove button.Repeat as many times as necessary to remove each Java versions.Reboot your computer once all Java components are removed.Then from your desktop double-click on jre-1_5_0_09-windowsi586-p.exe to install the newest version.

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I'm not a computer person, so I apologize in advance if I get terms wrong. All information regarding specifications are from the HP Support Assistant.  I have an HP Pavilion G6 Notebook (Product number A4A93UA#ABA)I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit)My microprocessor (if this matters) is an Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2430M CPU @2.40GHzI have 4GB of system memoryThe pointing device is Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPadHopefully I didn't miss anything important. I'm having a few problems, mainly the left mouse button isn't working at all. I've searched and searched for an answer but I can't seem to find one. The touchpad itself is working perfectly. I can double tap to click, tap and drag to highlight, etc. The right mouse button is working fine as well. It brings up a menu everytime like it's supposed to. The left button on the other hand, isn't working at all. I've had the computer for about 6 months, so my warranty is still in tact. I was just hoping to find a simple fix before I go through the process of sending it back to HP or Best Buy. At first, the left button seemed laggy. It would work sometimes, and not others. Then it stopped completely (all within a time frame of a few days) This happened about a month ago. Since then, I've been searching for answers, and just dealing with it. even though it's super annoying!  Another thing I've noticed is that around the time that the mouse button itself has stopped working, my start menu was cleared out entirely.... Read more

A:HP Laptop left mouse button not working

I want to say it is a hardware issue but the thing about part of the menus disappearing makes me wonder if it is a virus. I would try a Windows preboot environment CD like Hiren's and see if the mouse works with different software. But that is a longshot and the likely answer is that the mouse circuit board is bad. The only other thing you could try is a factory restore.

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I am running Windows 10 (Creators Update) and have been doing so for quite a while on a laptop. Recently, whilst playing a game, I was clicking the touchpads left hand button (mouse1) rapidly until suddenly it stopped working completely.

In addition, tapping to activate mouse 1 is also not working with the touchpad. Right clicking is still working and mouses are also working properly.

When I looked to see what the touchpad was doing (and if any of the buttons were activated) I noticed that it says the left side button is always being clicked and held (even though I'm not pressing nor holding it)?

Is there some way of fixing this or has the hardware completely broke?


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The left mouse button has suddenly stopped working on my touchpad. I tried to restart including taking the battery out but this didn't help.

I tried to uninstall the driver (called Synaptics Ps/2 touchpad port on my control panel). It then asked me if I wanted to uninstall the software. I clicked yes.

After this, the driver now changed to being called just PS/2 touchpad port but there is still an option to uninstall available.

I tried to uninstall again but nothing happens. I tired to download new driver software for Toshiba touchpad from the website, but it is failing to download.

I am able to use an external mouse normally but would really like to get my touchpad working normally again.

Can someone please advise on what might be causing this problem and how to fix it?


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I'm having a problem with getting the mouse wheel button to work correctly in 8.1

I've switched to left handed use to alleviate shoulder pain.

Before this I had the mouse and keyboard center installed. I use a cheap USB keyboard and a microsoft USB optical wheel mouse. Configured for the right hand, everything works correctly. The right button is the normal select, the right is context and I configured the wheel button to double click.

When I switch to left hand I lose the wheel button double click. The select / context buttons are properly working, but when I click the wheel it appears to be the same as a context button click. I thought maybe the settings got messed up when I switched the buttons so I tried setting the wheel button to another function (open charms in this case). That works. Switched the wheel button back to double click and it goes back to open context menu.

I uninstalled and re-installed the mouse and keyboard center. That made no difference. Seems like a bug here. Any suggestions? Anyone else run in to this or solve it?

On, this is on a new (mid-april) HP laptop so there is a touchpad that I almost never use because I generally have the mouse, keyboard, and external monitor attached with the lid closed.

A:Mouse Wheel Button not Working for Left Handed Use

I am having exactly the same problem. Really annoying. Spent a couple of hours trying to debug this problem on the two different Microsoft mouse . You would think they would at least test their own products on Windows 8.1. BTW this is not a problem on either Windows 7 or Windows XP with the same mouse.

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Its a Logitech wireless optical mouse.

I've pushed the reset button on the bottom, tried restarting my computer and tried using the troubleshooting feature that came with the mouse itself.

Starting today, the left button stopped working. The right button works fine. The batteries are new. The scroll wheel works fine. The pointer works fine.

I tried it again and suddenly it was working....then the next time I went to click on something, it stopped again. I just got it for christmas....what could be wrong? The only thing I can possibly think of is that my 18 month old had it in his hand last week banging on the keyboard with it. Maybe he broke it a little bit and thats why its giving me trouble now?

Unless anyone knows what I can do to try and get it working then I think i'll have to buy a new one.

So help me if you can. If not, no worries...I still have the mouse that came with my computer and I can get along with that until i get a new one.

A:Logitech wireless mouse...left button stops working

I suspect you'll be buying a new one. It's probably the switch in the mouse, I've had those switches go on mice a number of times. Let's see, I've had 4-5 of them go in 50,000 posts, so you were due for a failure with 16,000!

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When I right click, the mouse doesn't respond....>.< It worked perfectly fine yesterday. I don't think it's the mouse's problem because when I switched the mice, the right button for the other mice didn't respond either.

I'm running Windows ME.


A:Right Mouse Button Stopped Working

Go into control panel and click mouse icon and see if you can run the troubleshooter there.

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Well... Thats about it. My left click was working and then all of a sudden. BANG. stopped. Moving the mouse with the touchpad and using the mousepad to left click still works as does the right click button on the touchpad. Any solutions?

A:Left Mouse Click on Laptop Touchpad stopped working

I assume you have checked your settings in Control Panel > Mouse Properties?

It will save a lot of time if you can determine whether this is a hardware problem or a software problem.
Try this: Download a copy of UBUNTU. Put this on a USB stick. Boot from the USB stick and choose to Run The Program (you do not need to install it on your hard drive). Then check to see if the mousepad works OK in UBUNTU. If it does then it is a Windows/Software problem. If it doesn't then it is a defective mousepad.

Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu
How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows | Ubuntu

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I'm creating this post just fyi should it help anyone else with this problem. Here's what I tried and, at least in my case, how i solved a "mouse left click doesn't work" problem

I have a Logitech wireless laser mouse and use rechargeable AA batteries. The other morning i powered on my computer as usual and tried using my Logitech wireless mouse but left click didn't work (although rt click and mouse movement continued working just fine)

Things i first tried that didn't help:
> Reinstalling Logitech Setpoint and mouse drivers
> Reinstalling Logitech USB transceiver firmware
> Pressing the "reconnect" button on the USB transceiver to reconnect transceiver to wireless mouse
> Changed the mouse batteries a couple times and also tried recently recharged batteries

Then i had a hunch (well, it was really more of a last ditch hopeful guess - but it seems to have worked!)
I removed the batteries and let the mouse sit overnight without any battery inside it. When i put batteries back in the next morning, the mouse has been working fine again ever since. Go figure :stickout:

A:Left click on Logitech wireless mouse stopped working (Solved)

Good stuff there J. I don't know anything about wireless mice but i am wondering if it "reset" itself. Just a thought and a small one at that.

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I have a Logitech M310 wireless mouse and I use the wheel button for Universal Scroll. I installed Windows 10 on a brand new hard drive (clean install) about 8 months ago and it worked fine with the built-in drivers. I turned my system on last night and Windows 10 no longer sees the wheel button, the wheel scroll works fine.. I downloaded and installed the latest Logitech SetPoint Software and configured the wheel button but Windows 10 still does not recognize it.

Any idea what I need to do to fix this?

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***Please disregard the below information and see my reply for the real reason the mouse didn't work***

Hello All, A couple days ago I wiped my laptop drive and reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium 64. After installing my apps I ran Firefox to surf the web. I discovered that the middle mouse wheel/button would not open links in new tabs when pressed as it had before the reinstall.

I looked for solutions on the web, including this site, downloaded updated drivers for the mouse and installed a Firefox extension that I hoped would re-enable the middle mouse/wheel button. No Luck.

Last night Windows 7 popped up a nag screen that said I had entered the wrong product key and prompted me to enter the correct one. I entered the correct key and allowed the activation/registration to complete. Later, while surfing the web, I reflexively clicked the middle wheel/button to open a link in a new tab and it worked! I wondered why the heck it was suddenly working. I mentally backtracked to figure out what might have changed and the only change was that I had entered the correct product key and registered Windows properly.

If you do a fresh install of Win7 and discover the middle mouse wheel/button doesn't work, check your activation/registration and ensure that you put in the right key and the activation/registration process completed successfully.


A:Mouse wheel button stopped working after reinstall of Win7-Solved

Ok. The middle mouse button stopped working again. I remembered that after rebooting after entering the correct product key not all my tray icons appeared. So obviously the registration didn't fix the problem directly. Rebooting without a startup program running fixed the problem.

I had installed a program called KatMouse shortly after reinstalling Windows. Turns out KatMouse was causing the middle mouse wheel/button problem. After another reboot I clicked on the tray icon for KatMouse which turns it off and the mouse wheel/button worked again to open links in new tabs in Firefox. KatMouse was the real problem.


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Man this feels weird. I'm usually the one giving help, not asking for it lol.


HP Pavilion dv7
Win7 Professional x64

This problem started after I left my computer on sleep for a couple hours. When I woke it up, the touchpad taps and left mouse button clicks brought up the right-click context menu and nothing on the taskbar responded to the cursor hovering over it. Also for some reason pressing the Windows key on the keyboard wouldn't bring up the Start menu. The only way I've found to correct this is to plug in a USB mouse and press the right MB on it. I also was able to fix it one time by uninstalling the Synaptics drivers and letting Windows restart and find the mouse, but after trying to reinstall the Synaptics drivers then uninstalling them again after the problem reappeared this method no longer works. In either case left click functionality is restored but there is no right click functionality period on the touchpad/buttons. However the USB mouse that I plug in works normally. Also after left click is restored, everything on the taskbar and elsewhere responds as it should with the exception of not being able to right click on anything (which sucks in W7). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Synaptics drivers to see if that would fix it but after reinstalling them and restarting, the problem came back. Another thing I've noticed is that even with the Synaptics drivers installed the vertical scroll area doesn't respond.... Read more

A:Left mouse button/touchpad tap acting as right button click, right MB not functional

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Hello everyone,

For the second time within the past two weeks I've had quite an annoying problem regarding my left mouse button on my synaptics pointing device, all of a sudden the left mouse button will stop working. The right mouse button and the rest of the touchpad will work apart from being able to click the LMB function. I've had this happen once before quite a few months ago but thought nothing of it at the time. This occurs for around half a minute to sometimes a minute before returning to normal and being able to use the LMB. I am using a Lenovo Z580 if that is any help to anyone.

I have tried searching around the internet for any information regarding this problem but I have not been able to find any solution or information connected to my issue.

Thank you in advance!

A:Left Mouse Button - Stops working from time to time.

Hello LO mate when you click the button do you hear an audible click from inside the mouse it could be something as simple as a stuck micro switch.

Also if it is a wired one check the USB contacts too - in the plug and socket. You can clean them gently with a strip (about 5 mm with the corners rounded off) of old credit card with some lint free cloth around the end of it moistened very lightly with some alcohol

By the way just how old is the mouse?

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Hey all,

I just installed Windows 7 earlier today. The install went fine, until right near the end. I had to click 'next' to a question, which I had already done a few times, but this time the tab was not responding. I tried again and again, then finally just hovered over the tab and pressed enter on my keyboard which did the trick.

Now that the OS is up and running, everything is working fine but I just have one problem. My left mouse button is doubling up as a 'back' button. So if I am in a folder and want to double click a new folder, or even if I just left click on empty space, it will take me backwards one folder. A nightmare in internet explorer aswell.

For the time being Ive switched the two buttons around, so I have an action button, but no right click (on the left mouse button now) anymore.

Ive tried installing the original drivers, and in compatibility for Vista, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Anybody have any suggestions? Id be real grateful to hear them


Oh and the mouse is a Logitech LX7 wireless.


A:Logitech wireless mouse - crazy left mouse button

Have you tried the mouse on a different machine?

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i have windows 7 ultimate, with kaspersky internet security,
Its not a gaming machine.
since today i noticed that i click twice on the icon internet explorer ou microsoft outlook and does not open,i must do open with right button.
What is happening ?
I have a kvm switch with usb and audio support for 2 pcs.
The mouse is a microsoft optical, i tried with a different mouse and its the same, on windows xp on the other pc works ok.

A:left mouse button

Hi! fjabrantes, welcome to W7F

Mouse Button - Vista Forums

Go to >Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Mouse

And make sure, the Switch Primary and Secondary button box is un-checked

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While surfing web sites, I often will select from lists (for example on cars.com, I can pick several different types of cars to look for). To do this, I USED to use the CTRL key to pick and choose several items from a list by holding down CTRL and clicking on the selection.

HOWEVER, now, my computer has decided that holding down CTRL and left-clicking the mouse opens up a brand-new browser window and does not select anything from the list.

A:Control & Left Mouse Button

Does this happen when you click on any link in the browser or just CTRL + left click? And what browser are you using?

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Lately I seem to be having sensitivity issues with my mouse. The left button's ability to hold is off... some clicks act as rapid double clicks or just let go. I want to make sure this is a problem with the MOUSE and not Windows 7.

I've tried internal cleaning but the actual button is clipped together and the wheel prevents me from unclipping one side to clean inside. I've tried switching USB ports, no good.

A:issues with the left mouse button

Could be the mouse that's busted. I have a Raptor gaming mouse sat in the wardrobe because it started double clicking even though my computers set to one click, and it became unbearable to use Winamp with.

Don't you have another PC you could test it with to be sure?

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It stopped working, and has no 'click'. Same with new mouse. Original mouse worked OK on another computer. Left mouse button function was ok when switched to right mouse button. Pad function is normal. Uninstalling mouse driver reconnecting mouse, and restoring Vista, did not help.


A:left mouse button failure

i just received the same problem. I have an HP wireless mouse. I was browsing the internet and suddenly the left button stopped working. Everything else worked fine. I used my keyboard to run a norton full system scan, but it yielded no results. After about 2-3 minutes, it started to work again for some reason. something tells me this is a virus, but since none of my antivirus programs (Windows Defender and Norton) come up with anything, i am skeptical of it. any other ideas?

P.S. When i started to get functionality back into my left mouse button, my computer was running a lot slower than normal, but now after about 5-10 minutes, its back up to speed

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I'm trying to fix my daughter's Everex Stepnote laptop. I don't know if it had a virus or a mechanical problem so I used killdisk and then loaded Ubuntu. I've discovered that the left mouse button doesn't work. Is there another key combination that can be used to replace it? Thanks.

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When I'm on-line the left mouse button won't work, although it works fine when I'm off-line. When on-lin, in order to acces a link or open a file, I have to use the right button, and then select "open" from the menu. I also can't check boxes or select options in online forms... This just started happening recently, I've restored the system back as far as possible, but that didn't help. I've also had the hardware and software ,(ie The mouse) cleared, so those aren't the issue either. Maybe the registry?...

A:Left Mouse-button Issue

Hi 516John,

I'll assume by "online" you mean while using a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox - please correct me if this is not what you mean.

When you say you've "cleared" the hardware and software, do you mean you've tried using the mouse with different browsers or different computers and the left-click works fine?


Windows Outreach Team

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I own an HP notebook (windows 8)(serial code)[Personal Information Removed](Model) 2000-2b89WM(Product) C2M4ZUA#ABAand the left mouse button key has fallen off. after usage the key began to sink inot the laptop until it compleatly fell off.I want to know if there is a way to get the key repaired or compleatly replaced? Thank you for your time.

A:Reaplacement left mouse button for laptop

You have to replace the whole top cover.   (4) Top cover(includes TouchPad):For use with Compaq models 689696-001For use with blue HP models 689694-001For use with black HP models 689695-001   Here is the (black) part on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-HP-2000-2B89WM-2000-SERIES-PALMREST-TOUCHPAD-TOP-CASE-COVER-689695-0... Here is the Service Manual: Manual Take a look at the picture of the backside of the top cover in the eBay auction. If you still have the left mouse button they sometimes can be reseated and repaired but it will still require just about the same disassembly as replacing the top cover.  If you need more help post back. If the answer has solved your issue please click "accept as solution" so other people can find it later.

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Actually it's a Kensington trackball. Starting an hour or so ago, every time I click the left button, either the line I am viewing and everything above it (as in an email client or Windows Explorer) gets selected; or in a browser, an entire new window opens. I now have five copies of Foxfire open, just from navigating to this site!

My only clue is that awhile back I was holding something down; I forget whether it was left button, right button, or some key; while I decided what to do, and a dialog popped up saying did I want this behavior to have some effect, I do not recall what. I believe I clicked "Cancel". But ever after, I cannot use the left mouse button for its intended purpose. Nothing in Control Panel helps at all.

Has anyone seen this behavior? How can I fix it?


A:Solved: Mouse left button gone crazy!

sounds like some kind of gesture features or handicap features

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This happened on occasion in XP also, but now on my new Laptop with Win7 I see it happening again. Every now and again for some reason I cannot select random files (in a file handler) by holding down the CRTL key and selecting desired files with the left mouse button.

Also sometimes the SHIFT key will not let me select the first and last files for a group selection.

And then again on another boot up they both work again until some unknown combination of events messes it up again.

Anybody know what does this ?

A:Shift and Ctrl with Mouse left button

What brand laptop? and are you using the touchpad, or a mouse.

If it is the touchpad see if there is a driver update from the laptop Mfg. Also try blowing out the keyboard with a can of air, you may have some food /crud under the keys.

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Hello, as it says in the title.. everything was working fine last night... ( like 4 hours ago), now I can't do anything with it ( well I can), I mean, if I try to hold down the left key on an application to move it on the dekstop it will open that app so many time, if I'll try to drag a slide up and down it will basically only keep on pressing on it and that's the same with the right button.. what should I do ?

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My mouse left button sometime work fine sometime not work. I need to know its a hardware issue or drivers issue. So are there any way to test it? Sometime i have to give more pressure to left click.


A:Mouse left button work unexpectly, need help!

Quote: Originally Posted by killer bee

My mouse left button sometime work fine sometime not work. I need to know its a hardware issue or drivers issue. So are there any way to test it? Sometime i have to give more pressure to left click.


Hi killer bee,

I would hazard a guess that it's a hardware issue. The best way to test is to either put a known good mouse on your system or try your mouse on a different system.

Those clicky-type buttons have a definite lifespan just like anything mechanical.

I also have a mouse with a wonky left button but I can't replace it because instead of having a scroll wheel, it has a toggle. Makes scrolling through long documents so much easier than having to roll, roll, roll the wheel.

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Hey guys, first post here.

I was just using my laptop, when all of a sudden the left mouse button sinks in. I can't click it anymore. My next step is to contact Best Buy and HP. It would take 2-4 weeks for BB to fix it and 7-10 days for HP. I would much rather use HP, but last time when using HP, they sent me a charger a week after it was due. I am a student and I really need this laptop.

As of now, I just took that left mouse pad off. Now I see a black part underneath it. I think I can put the mouse pad back on top without a problem. I realize now that this black part has sunk all the way to the bottom. Any ideas on how to get it back to the top, the normal position, I mean? Can I do this by myself? I really don't have the time to wait for HP to fix it, so what do you suggest?

Thanks in advance.

A:Left Laptop Mouse Pad Button Broken


Please anyone have any ideas? I guess I might as well send it to HP.

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This is the second time this has happened within about three weeks. My left mouse button and enter key on the keyboard has been disabled. All other functions like the right mouse button and other keys on keyboard seem to be working fine.

So, with the execute button or key disabled, I am unable to open or run any program, like Spyware Doctor or Norton's AV. Am also unable to download, open and run your scan utilities as I cannot execute anything.

Does anyone have any idea how to regain control of the mouse buttons and enter key on the keyboard so I can run some scans?


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When I'm on-line, in order to open a link or file, I have to use the right mouse button and then select "open" from the menu to access the link or file. This just started happening recently. I also can't check boxes on forms on-line either. I have Windows 7 on-board, I've restored my system, but that didn't help. So many of my programs are from downloads, that I really hate to re-install Windows... This isn't the mouse, or the software as I've cleared both of these issues. Maybe registry?

A:Problem with left mouse button on web-sites

Quote: Originally Posted by 516John

When I'm on-line, in order to open a link or file, I have to use the right mouse button and then select "open" from the menu to access the link or file. This just started happening recently. I also can't check boxes on forms on-line either. I have Windows 7 on-board, I've restored my system, but that didn't help. So many of my programs are from downloads, that I really hate to re-install Windows... This isn't the mouse, or the software as I've cleared both of these issues. Maybe registry?

Hello !!

We need some information before go ahead and troubleshoot. What brower are you using ?? In brower do you have lot of add-ons enabled ??

- Captain

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In some programs, if I'm holding down the left mouse button, the keyboard doesn't function (tested on laptop keyboard and external usb keyboard). In some programs, it does. Does anybody know why?

A:Typing while holding left mouse button

Works here, may be what programs allow or don't allow.

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How can I simulate a left button mouse click without specifying the handle of the button that it is clicking. The following works if I want to simulate a click on the command1 button.

y = SendMessage(command1.hwnd, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 0, ByVal 0&)
x = SendMessage(command1.hwnd, WM_LBUTTONUP, 0, ByVal 0&)

However, I am using the SetCursorPos api, and I would just like to send a mouse down/up command to click at the point that I specify. How can I do this?

A:How can I simulate a left button mouse click?

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I can't use any keyboard keys and use the left mouse button simultaneously; there is about a 1 second delay after I stop pressing any keyboard keys until the left mouse button starts working again.

This makes it barely possible for me to play games such as 'Team Fortress 2' because I can't press spacebar+ctrl+mouse1 to rocket jump (Note that the problem happens all the time, not just in games).

This happens with every key on the keyboard except for the SHIFT, CTRL, Fn and ALT keys.
The problem remains regardless of whether I'm using an external/inbuilt mouse/keyboard.
I have used this laptop without having this problem in the past.

I have already tried going to the control panel > change mouse settings > 'Device Settings' tab> Settings... > PalmCheck-Enhanced ACM and moving the slider in PalmCheck down to 'Off'; this did not work, of course.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium edition
on an HP Pavillion dv6 Notebook PC;
AMD A6-3410MX APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.60GHz;
64-bit OS

A:Can't use keyboard and left mouse button simultaneously

Nevermind; I've solved the problem myself. Since I couldn't find anything about this problem anywhere else on the interwebs, I'll record the solution here:

after looking through installed programs on this laptop and finding something called 'TouchFreeze' - which was set to be open on laptop startup by default - I simply unchecked the option to make it open on startup, then clicked 'exit'.

No one will probably have the same problem because they'd only notice it if they're gamers and no gamer would install a program like that on the laptop (I am using a shared laptop), but hey, now the solution is on the internets.

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I get several different not responding "freezes" in different areas of my computer. The worse place is on the desktop screen which causes a "round and round circle" to never end. I am trying to bring up the menu and all I get is a permanent round and round circle which never brings up the menu. This happens in other places on the computer and seems to be a bug of Windows 7. Can it be corrected? I though i had it corrected when I uninstalled all Adobe software and put in Foxit, but that only temporarily solved the problem. Now the problem perpetuates without solution. Can it be corrected?


A:Windows Not responding problem with left mouse button

I guess you guys don't know a solution. Maybe except to report to Microsoft the problem.
How do you do that.

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Instead of dragging my mouse to the top left, then moving down to pop up the bar, could I just bind it to one of my extra mouse buttons?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, the left click button on the mouse was sticking, in the process of cleaning this out with air I popped the silver top area off. I can put this back together, but the button seems to be indented more than the right button and does not click properly. I feel that something underneath is worn out, is this a repair that I could possible get parts for and perform myself? Thanks in advance! wings555

A:broken left click button on laptop mouse

Are you talking about the touch pad or a seperate mouse?

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Yesterday night, all was well. Today, I wake the computer from sleep mode and find that my left and right mouse buttons don't work. I downloaded X-Mouse Button Control and tried to map them back to left and right click, but it doesn't work. I mapped my mouse button 4 and 5 as left and right click as a temporary fix.
After some digging around I discovered that clicking on left mouse button acts as "ctrl + C" and right mouse button acts as "ctrl + V". All other mouse buttons including the wheel work as they should, and so does the mouse itself.
Anybody have any ideas?

I have tried uninstalling the driver and rebooting and unplugging the mouse and replugging it into a different port to no avail.
I have not used any mouse mapping programs like X-Mouse Button Control before.

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I have this problem since day one, which was I think the end of December 2016. I have the latest synaptics driver,, I think. This is the button closest to the front edge farthest from the keyboard. When the mouse button fails to register, which happens around once out of 30 mouse clicks, I have found that when this occurs, every single time I move the cursor with either the trackpoint or the trackpad the click will take immediately effect. If I don't move the cursor the click never takes effect. Re-clicking the mouse button tends to also work.   I've searched the board and noticed that earlier versions of the driver caused multiple click events to fire from a single physical click.  Perhaps the driver update went to far in that direction. Anyone else experience this?   I installed a ssd drive onto which I installed a lenovo win10 64 image for my model and let the lenovo companion app update everything: apps, drivers and bios. Windows 10 is at version 1607 build 14393.1198.    

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Hello, this is my first time posting so a little background info. I consider myself at a intermediate to advanced level with computers and usually figure out solutions myself but i am lost with this one, i have done a search and am not finding anything really pertaining to my problem. Yesterday my boss was using hotmail to view some pictures sent to him from a trusted friend. hotmail uses trend micro for thier scan so we assumed that they were safe. upon opening the third picture something happened and things changed. The left mouse button no longer works so i changed teh mouse configuration in the control panel to left handed and i am able to use the mouse for the most part, the enter keys dont work upon startup but after opening the taskmanager using keyboard navigation they work again, all of the links and text under the desktop icons are now underlined and a few other odd things. MY virus software did not pick up anything major so installed spybot search and destroy and another program that detected and removed a few trojans, adware, cookies and such but the problem is till there. I am comfortable editing the registry so any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated. Below is the log from hijack this.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:29:02 PM, on 3/12/2008
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINNT\system32\winlo... Read more

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This has been an ongoing problem. I've checked to see if there was that box checked for "snap to default button," however, it was never checked. I ran a scan for the "peper trojan," but those files were not on the system. I ran a couple other virus scans and malware scans, but to no avail. I did also run a Hijackthis and will include the log file below. I haven't messed with drivers yet because it is the embedded mouse for the tablet I'm using. I don't use any other mouse devices. I do use a tablet pen regularly. The problem is frequent and random. I can see it happening from across the room, which is to say, I'm not hitting a button by accident. There is no external mouse or wireless mouse involved.

Hoping for a ray of light.
Thanks in advance

A:Mouse Darting Bottom Left "Start Button"

The touchpad has drivers...all drivers can become damaged.I'd try uninstalling the drivers for the touchpad (via Device Manager), then rebooting so that they reinstall...before I assumed anything more drastic than that.How To Access The Device Manager - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/42244/how-to-access-the-device-manager/ Louis

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Hi all I am sure you all have one point in time faced this issue but lately I am having serious problem with my left mouse button click. Whenever I click on anything its automatically double clicks it like I am selecting a file and instead it opens it or im dragging file and it makes it difficult to drag it or opens it instead now its got to a point that its irritating i simply have to about 4-5 times where only it needs to be clicked once.

I have changed the setting in the mouse options in the control panel as well as have tried cleaning the mouse multiple time but its still the same I do have a Logitech touchpad that I am using to avoid this issue at the moment I do have setpoint from Logitech installed and please dont ask me to uninstall and reinstall setpoint as last time around it gave me nightmares just to get it uninstalled and reinstall it after hours of googling the reinstall issue with me any idea what can be the problem.

A:Issue with double click of left mouse button

It happens. My 2 G500's both started this problem after a while. Try on another computer and if it does it there too then you need to get it fixed with warranty/ or take to a repair person if you have such shops in Pakistan.

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I have windows 7 and a dell inspiron 1545.

When using both my mouse and my touch pad the cursor does a left click without a button being pressed approximately every five seconds.

I have downloaded some drivers from dell but this did not solve the problem.

The computer originally ran window's vista.

Thanks guys!!!

A:Touchpad and mouse do left click without button being pressed

Do you want to use the mouse and the touch pad at the same time?
If not there is normally a hotkey (FN + the touchpad icon) to disable the touchpad when using the mouse.

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I have this problem since day one, which was I think the end of December 2016. I have the latest synaptics driver,, I think. This is the button closest to the front edge farthest from the keyboard. When the mouse button fails to register, which happens around once out of 30 mouse clicks, I have found that when this occurs, every single time I move the cursor with either the trackpoint or the trackpad the click will take immediately effect. If I don't move the cursor the click never takes effect. Re-clicking the mouse button tends to also work.   I've searched the board and noticed that earlier versions of the driver caused multiple click events to fire from a single physical click.  Perhaps the driver update went to far in that direction. Anyone else experience this?   I installed a ssd drive onto which I installed a lenovo win10 64 image for my model and let the lenovo companion app update everything: apps, drivers and bios. Windows 10 is at version 1607 build 14393.1198.    

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I am going crazy with this issue. I have the click the left button 2, 3 sometimes 4 times every time I want to click on something on the screen. Not having the same delay when I touch the screen so it 's something with the mouse. I have changed the batteries also on this wireless mouse.  This is the mouse that came with the computer. I hope this is something I can fix myself.  PLEASE HELP!!! Robin

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The left mouse button on the U31.70 laptop I have ocassionally will stay stuck down after being pressed.  It is very intermittent and sometimes the laptop is fine for a few days, but then every so often it seems to happen a great deal.  t has done it from a few months old and it will soon be out of warranty,  I have updated the touchpad drivers, but this has made no difference. Is this a known fault with this model?

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