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What is the optimal motherboard/System temperature?

Q: What is the optimal motherboard/System temperature?

Anybody know what is the optimal motherboard temperature? Currently my System Temperature has C. 35 to C.45 temperature (Speccy software shows). So is it normal or abnormal situation?

Preferred Solution: What is the optimal motherboard/System temperature?

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A: What is the optimal motherboard/System temperature?

Quote: Originally Posted by killer bee

Anybody know what is the optimal motherboard temperature? Currently my System Temperature has 35 to 45 temperature (Speccy software shows). So is it normal or abnormal situation?

F or C?

Which Intel Mobo?

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Being a new laptop user I am aware they can get hot.... I have mine sitting up on a small cake cooling tray (so that air can circulate under it) which sits on a wooden table. I"m just wondering what is the temperature they should operate at? Mine has never automatically shut down or had any problems, it's just something I would like to be aware of. When I use Speccy to look at it it often goes from 38-50 degrees c. Thanks.

A:Laptop optimal operating temperature

Those temps would be fine. There is no such thing as an optimal temp for laptops, each laptop with different specs and different design will operate at different temperatures. What you can do is using the model number of the laptop and the model number of the processor and maybe graphics card look up what the max temps are for those things and make sure it stays well below those.

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Having just gone through the process of removing and reattaching my CPU and heat sink, I'm trying to pay more attention to the fan speeds and temperatures (mobo & CPU). I have an Asus P4P800-E Deluxe motherboard with an Intel (socket 478) P4, 3.2 GHz CPU. The motherboard includes a performance monitoring utility, Asus Probe, that watches the chassis and CPU fans as well as the CPU temp. The utility is easily configurable so as to allow the user to set various thresholds, above or below which various alarms will sound.

I'm trying to determine what acceptable performance ranges for each of the thresholds should be. Yes, I could accept the defaults, but I'd like to be more proactive than that. I checked the Asus manual and their website and wasn't able to locate the data I sought. Does anyone have some suggestions or rules of thumb?

A:Optimal Temps, Fan Speeds for motherboard?

CPU Temps

Not sure about fan speeds. But with a CPU, my laptop has a minimum temp of around 45 Celsius and a maximum of about 60 Celsius. I would assume that most CPU's run at those temps. You could set your threshold temps based on that?

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having just installed a zalman heatsink/CPU fan i've started looking into the temperatures inside my PC...

my CPU temperature goes from 38C to 45 C depending on if i have the CPU fan running or not,

my motherboard temperature goes from 43C to 48C likewise depending on the CPU fan... which is around 5C above the CPU temperature...

should this bother me?

(CPU athlon 1800, m/b ECS k7SEM)


A:motherboard temperature bigger than CPU temperature

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Two PCs running at around 35/37 degC and CPU fan running around 800 to 1900rpm. The third PC which is around 3 years old runs at 45 degC on the CPU and 54degC on the mobo and the CPU fan is running at up to 3000rpm, which would explain why it is noisy. Is this too high? The heatsink is dusty, but I've not bucked up courage to remove it and clean it yet. Local guy suggested vacuuming it I've got some thermal paste but no air yet. Should I be looking at changing the heatsink and fan and adding a bigger case fan to cool things down?


A:CPU/Motherboard temperature

Blow the dust out with canned air. 3-5$ a can. (please do it outside ) Vacuuming works but it's risky. I do it myself, but you can potentially permanently damage the whole system, so it's not recommended. 45 is not extremely high, the CPU will work at 60-70 just fine, but it's not healthy. Don't spend money to bring the temps down, after you undust it, it should be running at low enough temperatures.

If the fan keeps running at high speeds and annoys you, you might want to consider replacing it, or using BIOS settings to keep the speed at reasonable levels. Post your system model or motherboard/CPU model if you want advice on that side of this.

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I have an AMD Athlon-PECM, 1000 MHz processor on a MSI MS-6340/K7M Pro motherboard. Is it possible to check what temperature these parts are running at through software on my system or can I download a program to do that?

A:CPU/Motherboard Temperature

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I was wondering that if my Mobo is at 40c.. is that good or bad? HMonitor shows a "yellow" background behind the temperature reading. Does this mean "Caution"? I might install a second fan at the top of the case if needed.

A:Motherboard Temperature

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I spoke to asus today Tech Support.
They say that it can be up to 85 C to be OK.
If the Probe2 reading or bios gives an error,ignore it.
I'm about 50 C,no problems.


A:Motherboard Max Temperature

That 50c is very high for mobo chipset, hows your case cooling, make shure of proper circulation. intake and exhaust fans. 50c for mobo is tad too high, try to hit 40's at least, by rearranging fans or changing some thang. GL<

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Hey all,

I've installed a prog called Speccy to check out temperatures while playing games and the thing that concerns me is that my motherboard gets really hot (around 80'C) while the game is on, but when idle it is about 40-45'C...

Is that too hot??

I'll attach a snapshot so someone with that program can see what are my PC specs..

Cheers guys and thanks for the help

A:Motherboard temperature?

Download this program- Real Temp - CPU temperature monitoring

It will tell you how much leeway you have.

Mine says 100 degrees is max.

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my mother temperature is 60% to 70%++
do i need to change my motherboard ?

my motherboard modal is > MSI NF725M-P43 (MS-7597) (CPU1

the temperature i looked at is on speccy apps ..

please give me feedback , thanks =)

A:About my motherboard temperature too high ..

60% to 70%? Do you mean degrees? Which one, celcius or farenheit?

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I have an old gfxcel pcchips 757 motherboard with celeron 433mhz . It used to run at around 55 degrees centigrade and now suddenly I found the temperature at 73 degrees. Then I checked the fan and it showd jerky movements and looked slow and then I changed the fan. But even after changing the fan the motherboard temperature has not fallen and it stays at 73 or 74 for most of the time. ( cpu temp is not high and usually it is below 35 C)
I check these temperature readings from aida 32.
I will be very thankful if anyone can tell me about the right temp of this motherboard and if it is safe to keep working at this temp.
I asked a techie about it and he said that it was okay and that I should not worry about it and keep working at these high temps and close the computer only if the computer started hanging. But I am not satisfied and ask for your opinion . thanks in advance.

A:motherboard temperature problem

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I am currently monitoring my motherboards temperature.

My setup uses standard fans to keep it cool. I have intentions to change this in the future but not right now.

The most common figures I see is usually between 39C - 49C.

As I know nothing about hardware I was wondering if there is a recommended temperature to turn the computer off. For example I would like to know what temperature isn't safe or is considered "too high". If needed I can provide specifications.

Any help is great


A:Motherboard Temperature Recommendations....

um, depends, idk about the board itself, but i set my Processor to shut down at 167 F

thats about the max, but ask more people

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Hy everyone, my laptop lately has been acting up, the motherboard temperature at idle jumps randomly up 60, i have ran several antiviruses and malwabytes programs and my laptop is clean, i have checked every processor running in the background and nothing seems to be off, just recently i got my laptop cleaned and i noticed major improvement in temperature, it might seem weird but if im using any program temperature doesnt raise above 50, i even play MW2 and it says below 60, but as soon as i get off my laptop after about 10 to 15 minutes motherboard temp jumps to 60 and goes down while the cpu stays in range between 42 and 45.
My hands are tied, im really confused about this, i would appreciate any help.

My specs:

Hp Pavilliong6
I5 2.6GHZ
Inter HD Graphic 4000
4GB of RAM.

A:Motherboard Temperature at idle

I know what do you feel . . .

the only thing I tried is dual booting windows 7 with windows 8

but before doing this create recovery drive using AOMEI onekey recovery

this will install image on partition

when SEIROUS error occurs while booting recover it

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Intel Prescott (LGA775) 550 3.4 ghz w/ Zalman CNPS 7000B LED cpu cooler
EPoX EP-5EPA+ (mobo)
Sapphire ATI Radeon X800 Pro PCI-e
Antec TruePower 2.0 550 (1x 120mm fan version)

Ok. Ive just REBUILT a computer that i had many problems with. Most things seem to be fine. It's a little hot today...about 75 degrees fahrenheit outside. anyway i dont have air conditioning...and here are my temps idle CPU: 38C
Motherboard: 37C GPU: 48C

My power supply is a LITTLE bit worriesome. it's fine in the comp's idle state but on load (such as in half life 2)...it does get quite hot. I heard that it's a huge problem if it's too hot to touch. This isn't the case with me. It gets at a slightly "uncomfortable" heat level... as in i could keep my hand on it for as long as i wanted but it's just hot. I'm guessing...judging by my GPU temp and it's feel about 55 C maybe? on the top of the PSU. maybe it's because it's 550w and my comp needs a lot of power? i dont know. i have 1x 120mm blue led Thermaltake intake fan on the front of my case. 1x 80mm LED fan on the window. 1x normal 120mm fan on the back(exhaust) and a pci slot blower.

Thanks in advance.

A:A few temperature questions (PSU, Motherboard, CPU)

you're fine on the cooling front

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When booting the cold PC the MB temperature reads about 8 degrees C above the room temperature!
The CPU temperature at boot up is at about room temperature as one would expect.

During normal operation (room about 25 C) the MB temperature rises to 45 C or higher; whilst the CPU temp reading is only about 30 C. In other words the CPU temp is consistently way below the MB temp.

Can I believe any of the readings?
What do you experts think about this?
What is a critical temp for the MB?
Do I need to worry?

Motherboard: ASUS P5V800-MX
CPU: Pentium 4, D 930 (Dual Core) 3.0 GHz
The PC is one month old.

Thank you very much for your guidance,

A:[B]Motherboard temperature calibrations out of whack?[/B]

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Ok, this is very strange. I have installed MBM 5 on my newest computer, and the temps look great idle, as well as full load playing games. But the last 2 days it seems there are temperature spikes or MBM reporting incorrectly.
I have come home from work to find that the proc temp reached above my set limit of 70C, and the pop up box asks whether or not I want to ignore it or turn off computer.
Well when I see that screen it is reporting good temps, around 50C.

So, is this a problem with MBM, or am I having probs with my machine?

This is the error recorded in the log.
| 4/29/2004 | 6:15:58 PM | Alarm for CPU : it has reached 71C and this is on/past the value of 70C which you set as high alarm value.

A:Motherboard Monitor is reporting critical temperature spikes

Even 50 deg. is high. Why don't you install CPU-idle? Get version 6.0b or version 7 Extreme.
My not OC'd Athlon 1900 never goes over 32 deg, using the Zalman Flower CNPS6000-Cu (fan at 2200 rpm) and CPU-idle 6.0b.

Could it be possible that your CPU-cooler is not completely tight onto the CPU? After all, it hangs on its side all the time.

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Is 44 degrees system temperature and 53 CPU temperature considered very high or normal or what? I'm worry that it's going to overheat and die.

A:CPU/System Temperature!

For an AMD that's normal.


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My system temperature is idling at 40C, which I assume is normal, considering I'm using a taxing video card. But, my cpu temperature is running at 80C, which by all accounts, is too high. Is it a heat sink problem? When I looked under the motherboard, I noticed one of the push-pins wasn't properly installed. The heat sink is firmly secure, but should I take it in to be replaced? Mind you, the push-pin seems to be 'broken'.

A:System Temperature...

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Just wondering what the temp of your power supply and CPU were supposed to be around?

I was looking in my BIOS setup the other day and my power supply was between 107-110 degrees and my CPU between 98-100. It said system temp was a steady 96.

Is that about the norm or is that hot? If not, about how hot does one have to get before it burns up?

A:System Temperature

Hi Mike...

If that's Farenheit, you're just fine!! Celseus--big trouble.


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In my system Amd 2800+ and 1GB ram is installed. Anybody can tell me whats the minimum and maximum amount of CPU and system temperature is good for my system.

A:System and CPU temperature

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Hi this is my brother PC the specs are:

Intel E5300 CPU
Intel DG31PR Mobo

I installed SpeedFan and the System Temperature is 95c and AUX is 125c btw what is AUX?

A:System Temperature 90+ !!!

All the fans seem to be at a rather low speed, but still temps are really high.
What's the ambient temp like?

Also, what cooler is on the cpu?

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I want to know how much does the psu add to the system temperature? Forgive me this sort of questions but im asking it in behalf of someone else

Posted via Mobile Device

A:System temperature

A quality power supply with a high efficiency shouldn't "add" anything to system temperature (it doesn't actually add, as you cannot run without one (of course it could be out of the case)) The power supply basically draws mildly warm ambient air from the case with a fan and pushes it out of the case, so having a quality unit instead of an empty hole in your case could even lower the temps.
If you have a 25$ "xxxW" Super Value Elitecool Golden power supply, then yes, it will probably heat the system up by 2-5 C.

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Okay, I just built my first computer and checked the temperatures through the BIOS to see if I put the heatsink correctly. Anyway, there are two temperatures being shown, the CPU and system. It says my CPU is running at 26C and my system at 52C. So is the CPU temperature the temperature of the processing chip? And where is the system temperature coming from? Right now, I'm just guessing that the CPU temperature IS the proccessor (Athlon 64 3000+) and the system temperature is maybe just the temperature in the case. With that, I'm also assuming I have the CPU heatsink/fan is on properly and my case fans are not (back fans are blowing in and front fans are exhausting, but I just read online that it's supposed to be the other way around). So before I open up the case again, I just want to get confirmation on where the temperature readings are coming from, any suggestions/comments are welcomed. :grinthumb

A:CPU/system Temperature?

Just to confirm that what you've read online is correct, have fans at the front drawing air in and fans at the back blowing air out.

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temperature of the system 90d to fix this., laptop cleaning performed 1 week ago

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what is the Averqage CPU and System temperature for a computer?

my average is usually about 34 celcius (93 farenheight) for CPU
and 24 celcius (75 farenheight) for system

is this Normal?

A:Averqage CPU/System temperature

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Is there a good software program that I can download to monitor temperature inside the computer? Does the motherboard do that anyway? How would I know if my motherboard supports Monitoring? I dont know what brand motherboard is inside my computer.

A:Monitoring System Temperature

If you enter your bios it will show you if you have hardware monitoring.

There are loads of software that monitor your Temp. Fuzzy logic make a few.. cool cpu is another... many motherboard driver cd's come with monitoring programs on them .just search out your cd from the drawer and have a look

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I was just wondering if there are any programs available which can tell the temperature of my motherboard, processor and whatever else. I recently swapped my Zalman fan for a standard Akasa one and I notice my PC is beginning to crash now, just like it used to before I got the Zalman. I had to take the Zalman out though because it was simply too big and covered my RAM slots etc, preventing access.

A:Programs that can tell me my system temperature?

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hi allso after I got my computer fixed I got this problem when I play games I can only play like 10 or 15 min and after that my computer go on sleep and shutdown and when I startup my computer after that happen I get this massge that say "The system bios has detected your notebook PC was placed in hibernation to avoid overheating .The system is now operating normally and your data should remain intact. Overheating may occur if the cooling vents are blocked or the operating temperature exceed the specification. The notebook PC should return to normal operation once the situation is resolved. System Temperature (90D)"  so I update my bios to f.66  cause I though that was the problem but still and I check the fan and it works just fine I tryed everything but nothing seems to work can any one help me with this.  "and btw my computer is HP pavilion g6 windows 7 ultimate"

View Solution.

A:Error - System Temperature (90D)

I can understand it'll be difficult for you to send it away again but nothing to worry it'll be fixed quickly and returned to you asap this time.. The best way would be to call the contact number mentioned in the paperwork that you might have received along with the system when returned from the service center. Just look for the number in the paperwork and call the service center directly for quicker response.

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Hi can you guys tell me what is normal cpu and system temps for p4 2.8 cpu?
My computer is at 32C system and cpu is 35C at idle. Under load the system temp kicks up to 40C and the cpu at 48C. Is this okay? I got a bunch of fans installed and i dont know if its doing its job correctly. let me know thanks.

A:what is ideal cpu and system temperature?

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Hi there!

I will start with one simple question. How do you monitor your system temperature? I hope to get a discussion going about the best practices, best hardware or software to use and so on. For starters, just tell me please how you monitor your system temperature.


A:How do you monitor your system temperature?

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Is there a way to actually see and monitor the system temperature...? I am experiencing a few performance issues currently which I think might be related to the temperature of my laptop.

I notice that when I first turn it on, performance is the usual blistering pace, but after a while i.e. when the chipset heats up etc... I can hear the fan cut in and there is a noticeable drop in overall performance.

The mouse goes sluggish, jumping when I move it, and applications take a while to load and run. Also, just now, when the fan cut-in, the unit powered off...

So.. is there a way to monitor the temperature over time?

A:Showing the System temperature

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n my elite 330 case, I installed new fans in my system but my tempertures are still pretty high during my gameplay, as well as idle.
I don't know if the program sucks or what (speedfan)
these are the reading during idle.
system 37C
cpu 51c
Aux 25c
HD 30C
Ambient 53C
During gameplay (left for dead 2)
GPU 80C slowly increase to 100C
CPU hover around 80-83C
AUX/HD still cool
Amibient 70C
Is this even normal? Im kinda worried for my system's sake

system I have:
Motherboard: P5K SE
CPU: Inetl Core 2 Duo E8400 n 3.00GHz
MS windows XP Professional SP3
Nvidia Geforce 8800GT

A:My system temperature is weird?

Speedfan does suck, no doubt about that! The Elite 330 is a decent case, but not really considered a gamer's case either. For comparison, try downloading "SIW" (System Information for Windows) from our download page. After the redirect to the home site, you want to download the, "Freestanding English Version", that's the freebie.

Have you routed your IDE cables and such out of the airflow, that can make quite a difference.

In cases with solid covers on the PCI expansion slots, air tends to puddle under the video card. (Antec vents these "knockouts" on their gaming cases. You could simply take a couple of them out).

I didn't want to ask, since I'm sure you've kept you case spotless on the inside.

What HSF is on your E8400, the stock Intel, or something else?

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I took a look at speccy and it showed on system temperature 69 - 70 degrees. I am more-or-less running on full load. Is the temperature too high? I have no case fans.


A:Is 70 degrees C hot for the system temperature?

Max temp for your processor found here is 74.

I don't want to come off sounding rude. But I think Leeky? pointed out a day or 2 ago that nearly everything you ask can be found with a google search fairly quickly.

I also think its a bit foolish to overclock if you 1) don't know safe temps for your processor and 2) don't have anything to help out cooling. Sometimes with a minor overclock you can get by with just stock options, but thats under the general assumption you have at least 1 intake fan and 1 outflow fan.

Your post could almost be taken as you already knew your max temp for the processor and wanted to come here to brag you are 'only' hitting 70 with an OC and no additional cooling.

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Can someone please tell me my CPU temperature...
Following is the screen shot of the HWtemp window.

Thanks in advance...

A:Solved: System Temperature

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When I start my laptop I get this annoying message every time:"The system bios has detected your notebook PC was placed in hibernation to avoid overheating .The system is now operating normally and your data should remain intact.Overheating may occur if the cooling vents are blocked or the operating temperature exceed the specification. The notebook PC should return to normal operation once the situation is resolved.System Temperature (90D)"Some details about my laptop:product name: HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PCSerial Nuumber : 5CD4087MCYProduct Number : F9G24EA#ABVPlease solve my issue ASAP.Thanks.

A:System error - system temperature (90d)

Hi, 90D ? The fan of your machine needs to be attention. You need to fix it to avoid un-predictable damages. The following link is for 90B error but may applicable for 90D:     http://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c03620929 Regards.

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I posted in the cpu section regarding the high level of temperature of my cpu due to which my system shut down automatically once.I was asked to post a Hijackthis log here so that it could be checked for viruses.I hope somebody can find the time to read through this log and comment. Ty in advance :)

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by Administrator on 2008-03-27 09:35:25
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
70: 2008-03-27 00:35:28 UTC - RP70 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
69: 2008-03-26 08:13:57 UTC - RP69 - Installed Temple of Elemental Evil Demo
68: 2008-03-26 05:50:12 UTC - RP68 - Removed Star Wars?: Knights of the Old Republic (TM)
67: 2008-03-25 16:07:28 UTC - RP67 - Installed Star Wars?: Knights of the Old Republic (TM)
66: 2008-03-23 06:21:00 UTC - RP66 - Removed Google Earth.

-- First Restore Point --
1: 2008-03-10 11:52:16 UTC - RP1 - System Checkpoint

Backed up registry hives.
Performed disk cleanup.

-- HijackThis (run as Administrator.exe) ---------------------------------------

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:37:06 AM, on 3/27/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boo... Read more

A:System temperature too high-virus?

Giving a small bump to my post here

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When I start my laptop I get this annoying message every time: "The system bios has detected your notebook PC was placed in hibernation to avoid overheating . The system is now operating normally and your data should remain intact. Overheating may occur if the cooling vents are blocked or the operating temperature exceed the specification. The notebook PC should return to normal operation once the situation is resolved. System Temperature (90D)"   So i have to press Enter every time to start my OS.... it's annoying and can't get rid of it, I don't have temperature problems or anything, my laptop is over a cooling pad and it's not hot, there are no problems while using it, its just that message and the fact that i have to press Enter every time to boot ... Is there a way to get rid of it? I tried flashing the bios with the hp tool but with no success ... 

A:Startup Error - System Temperature (90D)

HelloI am French.I use the google translator.I have the same problem with my new DV8-1090ef.I bought it yesterday! "Bios problem?Thank youmicnad

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temperature when Idle
ASUSTeK Computer INC. P8H61-M LX (LGA1155) 87 C

CPU temperature [Idle]
Intel Core i7 2600 @ 3.40GHz 42 C

the thing is when i watch movies, play games or do do video converting, my temperature drops to.....43
ASUSTeK Computer INC. P8H61-M LX (LGA1155) 43 C

CPU temperature
Intel Core i7 2600 @ 3.40GHz 60 C

is this normal? or there's something wrong.

A:Why is my system temperature high when idle...?

what program are you using to monitor temps? Try CPUID Hardware Monitor. If you are referring to either CPUTIN or AUXTIN and NOT Core temps than please run HW monitor and post a screenshot.

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Can anyone confirm by how many degrees the room temperature would increase in an office if there were to be an increased number of PC's and Monitors?
I am assuming that this will be dependant on the size of the office, the temperature of the computers and the number of staff in the office.
Does an equation exist to work out the increase in temperature?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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It seems I have a virus. Optimizer Pro keeps popping up on my computer. I have been reading all I can and you seem to be the site to help a sistah out. I have a Win7 desktop. Here is the txt you have requested. (below)and one zip file attached. I dont' think you need ARK from me since I have 64bit not 32. (I read to do this on a page on your site from another poor guy with my same problem). NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help

DDS (Ver_2012-10-19.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.7.2
Run by Nancy at 15:32:33 on 2012-10-18
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.6135.1947 [GMT -7:00]
AV: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {B140BF4E-23BB-4198-90AB-A51A4C60A69C}
SP: Microsoft Security Essentials *Enabled/Updated* {0A215EAA-0581-4E16-AA1B-9E6837E7EC21}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\logishrd\LVMVFM\UMVPFSrv.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svcho... Read more

A:Optimizer pro - not so optimal. Help please

Hello and Welcome to TSF.

If you haven't already, please Subscribe to this Thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant notification by email, then click Add Subscription.

Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within three days this thread will be closed.


Please download aswMBR.exe to your desktop. Double-click aswMBR.exe to run it.
When prompted to download the latest Avast! virus definitions, please choose Yes
Click the Scan button to start scan.
Wait until it says, 'Scan finished successfully'. ( Note - do not select any Fix at this time)
Click Save log, and save it to your desktop.
Click Exit.
Please post the contents of that log, aswMBR.txt, in your next reply.

When you run this tool, remember to choose 'Skip' not 'Cure' if it finds something. We just want a scan, not a fix.

Download tdsskiller.exe and Save it to your Desktop.

Double-click tdsskiller.exe and click 'Run'

Click 'Start scan'.

If no infection is found, click 'Close' and let me know.

If an infection is found, select 'Skip' from the dropdown menu under 'Cure' then click 'Continue' > 'Close' > 'Close'.

It will produce a log here > C:\TDSSKiller.

Please navigate to the... Read more

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I have an dell inspiron 6000. I have reinstalled windows xp and wiped my hard drive. I used intsructions I had rec. from this forum last year. As recommended I partition it into a c drive and a d drive
c: 25 gb ntfs healthy
d:49gb health

I don't run many program, just the following which are located on the c: drive


I have an external 160gb hard drive that I store my music and pictures on which leaves the d: drive empty. My question is , does this configuration give me the best performance? or should I get rid of the d drive? or should I move all programs other than windows to the d drive.

I mainly use my computer for internet, email, picture and music storage.

A:optimal performance

I guess I have to ask...just what is meant by "optimal performance"?

As for getting rid of the D: partition...I see no improvement coming from such. The result would be a larger C: partition (assuming that you will merge the two) or unallocated space. Neither of those would do anything positive for the system, in fact...increasing the C: partition's size would just make it take longer to do basic maintence operations (chkdsk and defrag) with no positive impact.

I have always thought that...moving programs to a separate partition other than the C: partition...is a bill of goods which have been sold to some users. The default install for most/if not all programs...is on the C: partition, along with Windows. It seems to me that the system...has to operate slightly better if the programs are where the O/S expects them to be...but I've been wrong in my thinking before .

Best advice I can give about such: Take a quick survey (of sources that have credibility) using Google and see what they have to say about such things. "Credible sources" are not defined by opinions voiced by those (like me) with nothing but the willingness to express their thoughts, whether such have substance or not .


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I want to upgrade my RAM in my PC, and I was wondering if someone could recommend an upgrade for my setup.
My Processor is a Sempron 3400+ (2 GHz, 64-bit, Data Bus Speed 800 MHz , L2 cache 256 KB)
My Current RAM is 512 MB of DDR SDRAM, Speed: 400 MHz, PC3200, DIMM 184-pin

Should I stick with PC3200, or can/should i run something faster with my processor (Or do i need to know motherboard specs too)? Also, what brand has the best price-to-quality ratio?

Any comments/recommendations are appreciated

A:Optimal RAM Upgrade?

Need your mobo make and model to answer you correctly.ps if you don't know what mobo you have then download this small program,run it and it will tell you what mobo you have. http://www.cpuid.org/cpuz.php

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Is there any optimal way to partition a 150GB hard drive? I am going to run Vista Business edition and I was wondering if I should partition in any particular way or if I should parition at all.

Also, I built this computer and when I first booted it up I noticed that the HD is in SATA Channel 3, does it matter that its not in Channel 1?


A:Optimal partitioning?

Shouldnt matter for the channel and partitioning is dependant on how you want your drives configured. If you do partition you will lose a little bit of speed due to the fact that it is seperating one drive into multiples. But it should not have that big of an affect. Personally I would just make it one large drive and buy other hard drives for storage or loading your programs on to.

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Ok. So I just recently got a new Graphics card its a Sapphire Radeon HD 4670. I popped it in, downloaded the software, and my WoW gameplay runs so much better then before. never below 55, and gets up to 65 FPS on Ultra Graphics.(shadowing turned off) However, much of the game DOES look better, things like my character, and my action bars/abilites seem to be low quality, graphic wise. Maybe I'm expecting more, but I thought the graphic quality would look better.

I was playing on my friends computer. His in game graphics were set lowered than mine, and the graphics looked alot better. (i dont know anything about his computer other than his monitor is a Sony) Im currently using an LG Flatron W2040T Monitor.

So let me know if you know what my "problem" could be.


A:My WoW graphics seem under optimal

in CCC (ati catalyst) 3D settings, have you set the texture to - high quality?

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Looking for the optimal and max temperature for my P4 2.5 ghz cpu
is there a site where i can find all info of this kind?
soket 478 1mb cache

A:Optimal Temperatures


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Originally I was planning to install OS +Programs in one partition and personal data in the second . I am now wondering whether it make any sense at all to install the OS in one partition , programs in second and personal data in a third ? Will this slow down the computer or make the disk work harder ? tks

A:optimal partition win 7 pro

Programs should be on same partition for several reasons.

Data can safely (and wisely) be placed on a separate partition.

User Folders - Change Default Location

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