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Monitor Problem with Dell Laptops

Q: Monitor Problem with Dell Laptops

Hi all-

I have several users using Dell laptops (2 D820 and 1 D810). They normally use the laptop on the docking station and everything is fine. If they are undocked, the monitor of the laptop screen does not go to full size. You see about an inch dark border around the screen as opposed the screen being fully stretched out. This happens whenever the computer is not docked. Is there a setting that I need to look at to correct this?

Preferred Solution: Monitor Problem with Dell Laptops

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor Problem with Dell Laptops

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In June 2016 our company bought Inspiron 5759. I used it at office, we have air conditioning, nothing that could cause overheating or other problems. In the end of July 17 laptop just turned off and didnt react on any actions. I brought to service center and they told it's the hub located on the same board with CPU. The only way to fix it is to replace the whole board which costs around 600 USD because there's CPU Core i7 in it. I was given another laptop Inspiron 5558 which was not used since winter of 2017 because it had problems with WiFi. I tried to connect it with LAN cable and discovered that LAN is not working, in fact there's no LAN adapter in device manager. Service center said today that's the same problem - but this time hub is not completely broken, it's just doesnt see LAN adapter and periodically shuts down WiFi. The technician told that this is a frequent problem with Inspirons and Dell knows about it but doesnt recall laptops or extend warranty on this spare part. I asked when second laptop got the wifi issues - it started at the beginning of 2017 and warranty ended in December 2016. Again just 1-2 months.

So, it looks very strange that Dell laptops break right after ending of warranty with same problem, and we can't just change the hub, we need to buy a new board which includes CPU for 600 USD.
SNs: c0jchc2, 5lcmd72

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This is my first post on the tech spot....SO HELLO EVERYONE!!!! Like i said, this is my first post and really wasn't excatly sure where to put it. I figured this is a good a spot as any!!! OK at the risk of being called "YOU FOOL"! I'll come right out with it. I was sneakin this chick into my room and it was dark. I had my laptop plugged in across the room, the chick snags my laptop cord with her foot and yanks my laptop. Get up to use my laptop the next day and something's shorted out. I say shorted out because I've done some searching online with the problem i was having (power pack light goes out when plugged into laptop). So i go through the steps on possibly locating the short which was, pull off piece by piece from the laptop, which goes something like this....first cdrw,memory,HD and so on till I'm down to the laptop frame, which still the power up light turns off as soon as its plugged in. So before I go out and buy another mother board W/O CPU and RAM, i want to make sure of a couple things....Is this a common problem with maybe power jack needs to be resoldered or some other easy fix, and if I do buy a motherboard will my CPU work in the same D600 motherboard. What I'm getting at is swapping CPU a routine type thing? Also should I move this post to a heading that has more traffic?

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I am so stuck! I have a Dell Latitude D505 laptop and had been working fine. I started to use a monitor with the laptop so i could watch the screen infront of me in bed. Shortly after i started to use the monitor with i had problems with the laptops screen, even when the monitor wasn't plugged in. The screen was working, however the light was off, you'd have to look very carfully and indeed the image was still there but with no light to see the screen! This happend for a day or two where it would start to flicker randomly sometimes untill after a few days, which is now, when the device is activated (such as when I slect the laptop screen and not the monitors from the display settings) the light comes on for about 4 seconds but then goes off! I can still see the image there but no light so unusable! I am using my monitor now but i will need my laptop to be portable soon! Please help

A:Dell Laptops screen problem!!?

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HARDWARE AND OTHER THINGS FIRM Dell has been accused of shipping laptops that come installed with a rogue piece of software that could be as bad as the one at the centre of the infamous Lenovo/Superfish scandal.
Lenovo had a tough time explaining away Superfish. So far Dell has not commented on the accusation, though we have asked it for a statement. It is accused, via Reddit, of shipping an eponymous root certificate and private key called eDellRoot.

Another article from The Register

The rogue root certificate in new Dell computers – a certificate that allows people to be spied on when banking and shopping online – will magically reinstall itself even when deleted.
El Reg can confirm that the eDellRoot root CA cert, discovered over the weekend, automatically reappears when removed from the Windows operating system. We tried this on a Windows 8 Inspiron 15 series laptop that was bought in July this year for our San Francisco office.

A:Dell is shipping laptops with a free Superfish-like problem:The Inquirer

Dell has released a statement regarding this matter along with instructions to remove it.
We have posted instructions to permanently remove the certificate from your system here. We will also push a software update starting on November 24 that will check for the certificate, and if detected remove it. Commercial customers who reimaged their systems without Dell Foundation Services are not affected by this issue. Additionally, the certificate will be removed from all Dell systems moving forward.

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Hello all,
I have a Phillips 32" LCD (model # 32TA2800/98) that I connect my laptops to with a VGA cable. I usually had my Gateway NV53A (AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4200 series Graphics card) connected and I never had a problem. Recently I connected my Samsung to the monitor and again, had no problems. When I reconnect my gateway the PC detects the monitor but the monitor does not detect the PC. If I switch back to the Samsung it works fine. I have reset the TV to factory default the only way I know how (owners manual). I have unplugged the power cable to the TV for 10 min+. I have changed from a 14 pin VGA to a 15 pin. I have updated all drivers.


A:1 monitor (Phillips 32" flat screen), 2 laptops, only 1 laptop detected by monitor

It appears this one has got them all stumped. I really need help with this one and I am at a total loss. I would be forever in someones debt.

Could it be that the TV has a capacitor that holds the settings for an extended period of time? Maybe I should leave it unplugged for 24-48 hours?

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I've got DELL Vostro 3750, and I bought Dell U2515H monitor for second display.
I can set only maximum 1920×1050 resolution, instead of the optimal 2560×1600 of the monitor. 
I'am connected them with hdmi cable.
Please help me solve the problem!


A:Dell Vostro 3750 with Dell U2515H monitor resolution problem

The U2515H HDMI in port can do up to 2560x1440 60Hz. But the U2515H does not dictate the resolution. That is done by the capabilities of the laptop GPU video card. The 2011 Vostro 3750 HDMI out must be limited to 1920.

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For some reason my dell flat screen monitor is not recognized yet it will display at lowest resolution. was working perfectly until now. i had updated the drivers etc. no problems for weeks until today. what happens is i get an a message saying that the monitor is displaying at very low resolution but i cannot change it. in display properties > appearance , it shows the slider all the way to the left reading '9999', but i cannot change the values. when i look in the device manager i no longer see the monitor listed there. system is windows xp pro and pc is an amd sempron 3400. not sure what the model monitor is, but it is only about 2 years old, 17 inch dell flat screen.

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dell monitor remains amber i press one of the monitor buttons and the message monitor is in power save mode activate using pc. can anyone help me with this thanks

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My dell monitor, model 1704FPT1 suddenly goes blank after 1 to 2 seconds when booting up. I see the initial boot screen then nothing. I have unseated memory, device cards, etc., but to no avail.

The problem seem to start when a slew of malware problems, such as virumonde virus was found and then fixed.

The problem also occurs on my wife's computer, same model.

Please help.

I am currently have a dell 8400, running xp service pack 3.

A:dell monitor problem

Hi have you tried switching monitors. i would like to run a mBAm scan but you will not be able to see it .

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Hi, first post here... I'm trying to help my sister debug a problem with her Dell monitor. It's a flat panel, maybe four years old. Three weird problems, and I'm not sure if it's the monitor or the video card.

1. Occasionally, her window bounces! I mean, if she's using her browser or her Outlook e-mail, parts of the display are bouncing up and down. I've never seen it.

2. Monitor occasionally goes into self-test mode. I've tightened the cables, but it still happens now and then. She now tells me that the floating colored box is also bouncing a little.

3. She noticed a blotch of broken color on a grey area when browsing a site.

Any clues? Thanks in advance.

A:Help with Dell monitor problem

Easiest way to diagnose it is to plug in another monitor.

If it's still "Bouncy", it's the Card, if it's not, then time for a new monitor.

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I have a 19" Dell monitor that goes black when I am watching a movie. All I have to do is move the mouse a little and the picture comes back. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-450 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3576 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6320 Graphics, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 451838 MB, Free - 398056 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire X1430
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

I have a three year old Dell flat screen 23" HD monitor that started having problems about 3 weeks ago. I went to boot up my pc one morning and the monitor was black, blue lite on, but black screen. I called Dell and said to change out the cable from pc to monitor. I did that but same problem. I then unplugged the pwr cord from the back of the monitor and replugged it and the screen came on properly. The monitor worked great all day and I shut off the pc at night. Amber lite still on the monitor. Next morning, I turn on the pc and same thing, black screen, and now no amber or blue lite either. I unplugged and replugged about 6 times beofore the monitor came on, and worked well all day, until the next moring,, and this has been occuring each day for 3 weeks. I'm thinking a software problem on my Acer, but really don't know, but this is really a pain. Have not tried another monitor as I don't have one, but, the Dell works fine while its on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have also read online that many others ar... Read more

A:Dell monitor problem

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Insirion 8200

When turned on it says that the primary disc not found. Then it goes straight to a warning screen telling you to go to setup. Looking at bios set up, the HD and optical drives are "not installed". Through Dell's chat line they said that both the HD and cd unit were defective. I could see the HD , but the CD too? They said that a operating system has to be noticed in order for the computer to work. Without a HD wouldn't the machine go to a doss prompt anyway? I tried that by removing the HD

Dell wants $168 for a HD which is nuts because online I can get one much less. My question is about the CD unit. Has anyone ever seen those go too


A:who knows their Dell Laptops?

The laptop could never go to a "DOS prompt" without the HDD, as to do so would mean that it would have DOS (not the case with XP) and if it had DOS, it resides on the HDD anyway.

Optical drives are not always shown (detected) in BIOS, but the BIOS boot screen should indicate their detection at boot time.

A faulty HDD electronics would prevent it being seen, but a fault on the Dell motherboard IDE would prevent both from being seen.

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What is the easiest way to wipe clean and setup Dell laptops. I have like 4 of them home in good condition, they just need to be Restored. I have tried the whole system restore thing. I want something I can install and start from scratch across all the computers. Is there a version of windows unlocked or something I can use for multiple computers? No I don't have the original discs. they are older Dell inspirons.

A:dell laptops

mcusuman1 said:

What is the easiest way to wipe cleanClick to expand...

Try a soft damp cloth. Of course, you may need different items depending on what part(s) need cleaning.

mcusuman1 said:

and setup Dell laptops.Click to expand...

What do you mean by "setup"?

mcusuman1 said:

I have tried the whole system restore thing.Click to expand...

And the results?

mcusuman1 said:

I want something I can install and start from scratch across all the computers.Click to expand...

If they all had the same Windows version pre-installed and you can still read all the COA Windows Product Keys then all you need is a legitimate copy of that version of XP installation CD. Good luck finding one.

If they are all the exact same model then a set of Recovery CDs should work (if such was even provided and still available from Dell or somewhere).

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I have a Dell Latitude E6500 Laptop running XP w/ SP3. and the screen save will not kick in. I am running a wireless mouse and when I disconnect that then it works like it is supposed to .

A:Dell Laptops


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Does anyone know if RAM for DELL Latitude C810 will work in a DELL Inspirion 5150?



A:RAM for DELL Laptops

Check it out here


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Hello all,

I have an HP dv9000 Laptop. Recently upon turning it on, I hear the machine running and all lights on keyboard are on but nothing is showing on monitor. Also I notice it keeps rebooting by itself without anything showing on monitor.
Warranty is expired.
Pls advise how to fix this problem.

Thanking you all in advance

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My Compaq computer (1 yr old) is set to go into sleep mode whenever the lid is shut. Lately when waking up out of sleep the computer part starts up fine but the monitor fails to get a picture. The backlight is on, but no picture. Now My keys to increase/decrease brightness isn't working. Whats up? My monitor going out?

A:Is my laptops monitor dying or what?

Hi there!Thank you for using Bleeping Computer as your help today!I see that you possibly have a Graphics card failure. You may need to contact your manufacturer immediately so they may help you replace the video card!Feel free to check out this troubleshooter from Microsoft, which may be able to give reference to your problem.

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Dell 6400 monitor problem..

Hi All. Hope you can help me.
I have a Dell 6400 inspiron the is causing me a bit of trouble.
When I connect the AC power to the laptop the monitor dies on me. I have done a bit of messing and the following is what is happening.
In the Power options if the adjust brightness is set above 40% brightness for battery power and above 29% for AC power the monitor dies.
Have any of you come across this. Do you think it a software problem of it the the start of the end for the monitor. The PC is only 15 months old.

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I have a question. I just purchased an LCD screen for my Dell CPi laptop. It came with the whole casing and internal inverter. The size of the screen was the same and it also said CPi on the outside. The only problem is that my laptop will not boot whenver I hit the power button. The battery indicator light on the laptop just blinks red. I opened the LCD and saw that the LCD inverter was different that mine (it mounts underneath the LCD screen. Mine mounts on the side). I put mine back on and it fired up with no problem. I believe it may be some power compatibility issue with the laptop screen.

Also, I will tell you what is wrong with my LCD. Maybe one of you could have a solution. The screen is missing vertically about 1/4 of the way to the right (1/4 of the screen is vertically black). I have tried moving, replugging the flex wires, checking for loose connections every, and tapping on the outside.

A:Dell Latitude Monitor Problem.

Hi PCMan78

If the computer won't boot with the new screen then either its bad or the wrong display for your computer. Make sure that you have a CPi laptop and not a CPiA laptop. They look alike but use different parts. The replacement screen you want should have the inverter in the same place as the one you have.
It does sound like you have a bad LCD display. Have you hooked up an external monitor in the back to see if it shows the video correctly?

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I have the above mentioned monitor, almost 1 year old. On occasion, the monitor makes a slight sizzle noise, not always and then the screen is covered with small black pixelated rectangles but I can still see what was in the background, but it is frozen now and can't do anything. I can send a photo if you don't understand what I mean. If I shut off the monitor itself, it doesn't change. I have to shut down the computer completely and then the monitor is back to normal. Is it the monitor or my graphics card? The card is Intel 82865G graphics controller. Can it be updated to fix this or reinstalled or does it have to be replaced? I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP.
Thank you!

A:Dell IN1910N monitor problem


If you can hook things up to another monitor it would be helpful.(or use the monitor on another system)

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I have recently installed WD Blue 1 TB Hard Disk. After installation my Dell monitor's (20 inch) resolution
has been changed. Tried to setting the resolution - it's Landscape - 800 x 600 (lowest) and 1600 x 1200 (highest). I have set it 1440 x 900 but icons , letters, images appearing bigger. When setting 1600 x 1200
icons , letters, images appearing normal but vertically pressed (looking pressed from up down). No option is
working properly. Screen resolution is not only abnormal but also hurting eyes. Kindly help.

System info -

Windows 7
Service pack 1
AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2 GHz
32 bit
Internet security - Kaspersky

A:Dell monitor resolution problem

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this site, so here goes.
Yesterday i dropped my laptop, since then my monitor has lost its light, i can just about see the screen if i hold it up to a window.
Everything else seems to be working fine.
The screen isn't black its just very dull, just about managed to send this mail.
Please can anybody help me!!!!
Thank You
Ryan 432.

Sorry here are some details: Dell inspiron 1525, 15.4 inch LCD screen on windows vista.

A:monitor problem with a dell laptop

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Hello everyone,

I have an issue with a DELL 2405 24" LCD monitor. running it on a mac g4 os 10.3.9. It won't let me get to the "aspect" setting in the image control of the menu. Tried it with both vga and dvi connections. Anyone had a similar issue. Dell support a little trying.

I appreciate your time and help!

Brett Clark

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When i turn on my monitor it shows picture for 1 or 2 seconds and then goes black when i switch it of and then on again regardless of if i use the power button or disconnect the power it does the same thing it acts the same when i disconnect it from the PC as well can someone tell me what the problem might be and if there is a way to fix it.
I tried using another VGA cable and changing the resolution on my pc and connecting it to another PC but it does the same thing no matter what i try, works fine for 1-2 seconds and than goes black again as if in sleep mode.

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I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and something strange is happening with my monitor. It is a Dell 1708FP connected to a standard display adapter. The upgrade process configured them as a basic display adapter and generic non-PNP monitor.

Everything works great after I boot. But when the power options turn off the monitor, it comes back looking all faint and washed out. This does not happen when I turn the monitor off with the power button.

I changed the power setting to never turn the monitor off, which I hope will work for now (haven't given it much time yet). Anyone else seen a situation like this>

Thanks for your help.

A:Dell 1708FP monitor problem

Haven't seen that, personally.

You'd probably do better if you had specific drivers. Your system uses an old nVidia nForce 630 chipset, and may use its integrated graphics or a discrete card.

The most recent drivers nVidia offers for the 630/7100 are for Windows 7. These are the 64 bit version:

Drivers | GeForce

32 bit:

Drivers | GeForce

You may have to use compatibility mode to install them. In principle, they ought to work: Win 10 can supposedly use drivers as old as WDDM 1.0 (Vista).

Best of luck.

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A Dell 1907FP is connected to a Dell Inspiron 9300. When a video window is opened on the laptop (like on CNN.com), the 1907FP automatically goes to full screen. It is distorted and when the video window is closed, the 1907FP comes back only partially filling the screen. Typically it has a black bar on the right side about 3 inches thick. Auto adjust must be performed to correct.

Is this a driver problem or what? Any advice appreciated.

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Hello experts,
I have connected 3 external monitors to my 9560 laptop via TB16 dock. 2 Dell 24" 4K monitors: 1) DP to DP and 2) miniDP to DP & 1 Dell 24" 1920-1080 via VGA-VGA connection. The 4K monitor with miniDP to DP constantly disconnects. What am i doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance,

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Bought a X-rite i1 display calibrator to be able to hardware calibrate my Dell u2413 Monitor but there seems to be a communication problem with win 10 even though there is a win 10 driver installed for the monitor. Is there a solution to this for win 10? Otherwise I don't have much us of the x-rite since im not interested in software calibration...
Plz help?

A:Dell u2413 Monitor not recognized by Dell Display Manager or Dell Ultrasharp Calibration Solution

You might get a better response if you re-post this in the Monitors forum.
Be sure to mention the PC model and the video port being used when you post over there.

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Anyone have experience with "refurbished" products from Dell? Particularly laptops? I have a friend that would like to get a laptop but has a pretty limited budget.

It seems like they have some good deals but I wonder about reliability.

A:Dell Refurbished Laptops

I find the refurb Dell to be a far superior buy than new. When you buy new you are often the first person to ever turn on the system, a refurb has been turned on and failed so it is sent back for extensive testing not done to a new system, after testing to make sure it works properly it is now sold at a good discount.

The refurb looks like new and has exactly the same warranty it just cost less. The only area where it is not a better deal is if you need some specific feature, you cannot order them built with extra parts beyond a few.

Dell gets so many refurbs that the best method for buying one is to know what you want ahead of time and what you are willing to pay for it, they have new systems come up for sale several times a day so if you have the time and know what you need it can be a very satisfactory system purchase.

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What is the easiest way to wipe clean and setup Dell laptops. I have like 4 of them home in good condition, they just need to be Restored. I have tried the whole system restore thing. I want something I can install and start from scratch across all the computers. Is there a version of windows unlocked or something I can use for multiple computers? No I don't have the original discs. they are older Dell inspirons.

A:want to renew a few dell Laptops

Closing dup. (or triplet). Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic.

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I know nothing about laptops, but I'm planning on getting a Dell laptop for my younger brother who is heading for college. I did my research and found that not too many places have cheaper laptops than dell w/ the same specs. I hear Dell is a pretty good company overall. Any suggestions?

A:Dell Laptops any good?

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I couldn't buy a laptop for a while now since all manufacturer seem to force Vista, and don't offer any XP drivers on their website for their new models.

However, the new Dell inspiron models seem to fully support XP, as they're offering all XP drivers on their site. But I'm still skeptical about it as a few salespeople from Dell told me that XP, if installed, won't perform as good as it's supposed to, because the hardware was designed with Vista in mind.

Do you think it's true?

Your help is much appreciated

A:XP not performing well on new Dell laptops?

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Hi, i asked what i need to ask for at the Title
here it again "Is there a Win7 VER. especially for Dell Laptops or PCs"

A:Is there a Win7 VER. especially for Dell Laptops or PCs

There is, but you need to buy it from Dell.

When Dell manufacture a new computer they ship it with Dell Datasafe Backup software and as with most manufacturer's expect you to burn a set of recovery discs.

However, if you pay extra they will ship a windows DVD and driver DVD with a new computer.

My advice would be to contact Dell to see if they will sell you what you're after.

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In the last 2 weeks I have installed over 10 Dell laptops with Vista Home basic/Home premium. I have encountered these 2 specific problems on most of them!.

1 - They all had a 60 day trial of Office 2007. Having entered the License Key and registered the product everytime I open an Office application from the Start Menu it trys to reinstall again. If I use the Dell Dock it does not happen.

2 - On most occasions when trying to open the control panel it does not respond forcing Windows Explorer to restart.

I have not had these problems on other makes.

Has anybody else come accross these problems?

A:Dell Laptops and Vista

Does registering the product = Office validation with Microsoft Genuine Advantage?


Do the events preceding the Windows Explorer restart process include the fading white background, small blue circle spinning and "Not Responding..."? If so look at 3rd party firewall/ a-v products. Usually the firewall is the cause.

All these symptoms - but only on Dell products?


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I have a new laptop, fairly small Vaio. I bought an external monitor to use with the laptop, but I'm having problems.

The monitor came with a small paper that doesn't really adress anything, but it says just to set the resolution on each and things will work. I've done that, but.... this is what happens when the external is hooked up:

No matter which monitor is set as the primary, the icons will be on one monitor, and the cursor will be on the other.

Also, as an example, when I try to open control panel with the monitor where there's a cursor showing, control panel shows up on the monitor without the cursor.

End result is that I can't use the external at this point.

Anyone have an idea if this is a Windows XP Pro setting problem??

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Its not too much of a problem but would rather know what's causing it so I could I can fix it.

The laptop is 16/9 and so is the monitor?

Image attached


A:Laptops external monitor has the edges cut off

Hi Jleagle, Welcome to the forums , Have a look at this thread edges getting cut off on my monitor It may answer your problem

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My Mum's Dell monitor appears to have stopped working and is giving a power save error message. I don't live near her but have been able to connect to her computer via logmein so it doesn't appear to be a PC related problem.

I've done lots of research and found a number of possible things to try. I'm not a computer expert though (although I can usually get by!) so have a couple of basic questions:

If it's a video card issue, would there be any error messages that I should be able to access on her computer via logmein? I downloaded the updated driver for the NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE but that doesn't seem to have helped.

If it's a video card issue, would I still be able to access her PC remotely (as I am doing)? I'm presuming (maybe incorrectly) that the video card allows the PC to 'talk' to the monitor.

I've read about vaccuuming the dust out, removing the memory and reseating it, removing the cable and trying it in another slot (can't remember which off hand) and some other things so I will try all of these when I go over. I also have a spare monitor which I can take with me to try.

I'd just appreciate some expert advice regarding my video card question please.

Thanks in advance and apologies if these appear to be silly questions.

A:Power save problem - Dell Monitor

Hi parisienne, and welcome to TSG.

Has your mother checked to make sure that the video cable did not come loose?

If the monitor has more than one input, is there any chance that the monitor may have been forced to only look for signals on a different input? This would be through the monitor's built-in menus.

Yes, it is possible that the output hardware of the card could have failed in such a way that it would not be detected by the video controller on the card. The Windows desktop would still be in the video controller memory and accessible with the remote connection.

Are you also sure that the computer has a separate video controller card? Except for very old computers or higher end newer computers, the video controller is built into the motherboard.

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I have a four year old Dell Dimension 8200 Desktop. I replaced both disk drives and reloaded Windows XP and my files and software a few weeks ago. Lately my Monitor begins to darken and flicker after a few minutes of use. I replaced the GeForce MX 420 video card with a new GeForce FX5200 and downloaded the latest driver. This did not solve the problem. I presume my monitor is on its last legs. I don't have another monitor to substitute. My trouble shooting does not indicate any problems. Any suggestions other than getting a new monitor?

A:Dell Dimension 8200 Monitor Problem

Sounds like the monitor. If you can try it on another system. Sometimes monitors have longer waranties than the rest of the system. At least something to check.

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Well, I can't see the screen as of now. So please excuse any of my typos. Alright I run on an OS of XP. Well my monitor is about 6 years old. It was working fine until I reinstalled my OS. But I doubt that has anything to do with it because I tested my monitor on another computer. Alright, so basicallyy I could see the image of the screen for about 2-3 seconds. Then it shuts off. Well it doesn't really shut off... it just turns really really dark where you cant see anything but you can tell its on. Also the light is still green. This is what I used to do before. I used to click the button on and off until it finally stayed on. It was like warming it up if you will. it took me about 10 minutes to do it Now ever since I reinstalled my OS a second time it won't warm up. i've been clicking it on and off for about 2 hours. I'm not even over exaggerating because, I need this computer to pay my bills online and other stuff.

Please help me asap, and feel free to ask me as many questions, and i'll answer them to my best ability.

Thanks : )

A:Dell Dimension 2400 Monitor Problem

Erm... why hasn't anyone replied?

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I have just purchased a used Dell p1130 21inch trinitron monitor. The unit is fine but I have noticed that I have 2 horizontal lines across the screen approx 1 pixel thick. They are placed 85mm from the top and bottom of the screen. Can anyone tell me what is causing this and how to cure the problem

A:dell p1130 trinitron monitor problem

Those are actually support wires and are supposed to be there. They are most noticeable when there is a light backround. Eventually you won't even notice them.

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I have an LCD screen that I connect with a VGA cable to use as a second monitor. I had a lot of trouble setting it up a long time ago, but somehow it magically setup correctly one day when I rebooted and has worked beautifully for a few months.

I recently changed some settings on my laptop (just disabled/re-enabled some services) and now when I hookup the LCD screen, it makes it my primary monitor with a resolution that it can't handle such that my laptop screen is blank because it is only outputting a signal to the LCD screen. Because the signal is in the wrong format I can't see anything on the LCD screen (it just says 'format not supported') so I can't change my personalization to the correct setting.

I'm doing this through the nVidia control panel and personalization in windows, but the real problem is my computer only detects the tv at start up, or coming out of sleep-mode with the 'force tv detection option' so I can only change settings that affect the tv if the computer has detected it. However, like I said before, once the computer detects it, it defaults to a resolution that doesn't allow me to do anything...it's quite the catch-22.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I could try I'd greatly appreciate it...

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I have checked all the cords and been all over dell's website. The monitor displays that there is no dp cable when there is. I've downloaded the drivers (though I can't install them until it detects the monitor) and I've been all over google trying to find an answer. Resolution is good, the connecting cord is brand new and I tested it on a friend's pc. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Problem connecting Dell monitor e2316h to pc.

Nevermind. I continued digging and found out that I am unable to convert dvi or hdmi to dp without an active converter. A regular cord will not work. Maybe this will answer somebody else's question someday.

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My 3 year old Inspiron desktop & monitor  worked flawlessly since purchasing them  - until the other day that is . We moved into a new house on 3/31 and didn't get hooked up to the internet until a few days ago as were had to evacuate due to the 2 big quakes here in Kumamoto , Japan .  My S2204L fell off the desk when the first quake struck ( desktop did not move and I promptly  took it off the desk and put it in a safe place until our return ) , so I ordered a new one from Dell Japan as soon as we got back . Connected it the other day and went to Youtube to listen to some music . I came downstairs for about 20 minutes and suddenly the music stopped .  I went upstairs and discovered a black screen / no audio . Moved the mouse and the Youtube page is there and the music begins playing where it left off . I tried listening to a talk radio podcast and the same thing happened . It's as if the monitor is going into sleep / power save mode - which it shouldn't when I am in the process of watching or listening to something - and for some strange reason the audio/video stops until moving mouse . Wild . I am still using Windows 7 and Windows Home Premium 64 bit and IE . Anybody have a clue as to how I can solve this problem ? My wife called Dell Support Japan ( handled by Chinese who can speak Japanese ) but they weren't much help . I don't think the guy fully understood what I was experiencing . I hope you all do lo... Read more

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I have a temperature sensitive dell E173FP 17"monitor. I want to replace the inverter/power supply board. It takes 2 different kinds, one a 2 connector CCFL lamp board and one a 4 connector. Is there a way to tell what board I have without dismantling it? Thanks for your help.


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