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X230-My Laptop Won't turn on

Q: X230-My Laptop Won't turn on

Hi.Last night, my laptop was going normally,well not really. and then i want to open the bios, i press f1 repeatedly but it didn't open. black screen, about a minutes, it suddenly turn off. and i turn on the laptop, black screen, and show "Error sending end of post message to ME" and suddenly turn off. what happened? after 3 times turning on, still same. now i can't use the laptop can anyone help me?there's alot of problem before this happened :1. laptop is always turning off after normal thinkpad boot ( Thinkpad ( to interrupt normal startup, press enter ) but not showing starting windows, it just suddenly turn off, and then i turn on. it goes normally. but makes issue like this :- Wifi Can't turn on even if i press fn+f5
2. Battery is always 0% ( available, plugged in charging ( not charging )
3. When i turn off ( shut down ) the laptop, the screen is off, but the fan is still on, so i have to pick the battery to turn it off.
4. Actually a month ago i reinstall the window because HDD issue.
My laptop is Lenovo Thinkpad x230 Windows 7 i bought about 3 years ago. also my bios is not updated. maybe i should update it, but i can't turn on the laptop now because the problem.

Any help Is Appreciated.Thank You

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Preferred Solution: X230-My Laptop Won't turn on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello,  I'm having some trouble with turning on my laptop. The problem originally started when some keys on my keyboard stopped working. I cleaned the keys, restarted my laptop, tried a previous restore point and then did a hard reset after nothing worked to fix my laptop.  After hard resetting, I tried turning on my laptop and it did not turn on. So far, I've plugged in my laptop into the adaptor, plugged the adaptor directly into the wall outlet, and removed the battery and plugged in the laptop. The one thing I have noticed with my laptop is that when I plug in the adaptor, the battery and sleep lights turn on for a moment, then the sleep light turns off, and the battery light will stay on momentarily but then it will blink off after a few seconds. What else should I do? Thank you

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Hello,  I'm having some trouble with turning on my laptop. The problem originally started when some keys on my keyboard stopped working. I cleaned the keys, restarted my laptop, tried a previous restore point and then did a hard reset after nothing worked to fix my laptop.  After hard resetting, I tried turning on my laptop and it did not turn on. So far, I've plugged in my laptop into the adaptor, plugged the adaptor directly into the wall outlet, and removed the battery and plugged in the laptop. The one thing I have noticed with my laptop is that when I plug in the adaptor, the battery and sleep lights turn on for a moment, then the sleep light turns off, and the battery light will stay on momentarily but then it will blink off after a few seconds. What else should I do? Thank you

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Morning all,  X230 won?t turnno lightsno charge, nothing. was connected to ext monitor, watching Netflix. Battery was super low. As I connected the charger, the laptop died. ? Flat battery / hibernation. However after connecting charger, no lights, nothing.  Ive tried removing battery, pressing power multiple times then holding it down. Battery back in, and still nothing.  I managed to charge the battery with an external battery adapter thing, having reattached a fully charged battery, still nothing. I note the laptop gets warm with the charged battery attached. However no lights, won?t turn on.  This is is super urgent, any help is greatly appreciated. I work in healthcare as a doctor, and in the military. I have a lot of content I need access to ASAP and research material.  Many thanks in advance 

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What would be the steps to solve this?  On the external display the machine seems to run great.  I bought a new IPS screen and it looks to be in great condition.  I have no way to compare it with another screen that I know of as I only have this one (received laptop w/o a screen) and would prefer to not spend $50-$75 to test this.  My guess is that the screen is fine. 1) Check and reseat cables?2) Purchase new LCD cables?3) Remove everything (ram, hd, etc) and see if it posts?  Currently do not hear any beeps.  ... etc?  anything simple and obvious I'm missing?  Is there any way to test the screen without purchasing another one? It is NOT the duplicate/extend setting.  I have -- on the external monitor -- set it to duplicate, primary only, etc, and it had no effect.  thanks!

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Hello, Wondering if someone can assist with this problem. Client called that he is having a problem with his laptop, picked it up today and he explained and demonstrated that when the laptop screen is opened and the machine is then turned on it will only display a greyish screen, but if I shut the machine off and then press the power button and almost completely close the lid the screen will function properly and then I can open it fully and it works without problem. I have taken apart the laptop and checked the connections and the cables and they all seem to be in good shape. No breaks or pinching in the wires, and all connections are secure. We have 5 of these laptops and this is the first to do this.They were all purchased approx 5 years ago and are out of warranty now. Any idea on what could be causing this problem. Thanks,  

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Hi, My X230 Tablet Laptop (ThinkPad) is not turning on anymore. I have tried all different hints I knwo and I could find but it just won't start. I am trying to find the resetbutton now does anybody know where to find it? Or has another idea how to get it to turn on? Thanks 

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HelloI have a Lenovo X230.When i plug ethernet RJ-45 wire cable to the NIC , the laptop shutdown after few seconds.I have a Debian 8 OS , but i also installed Windows 7 on another hard drive, just to check network drivers and it didn't help. Still shutdown when plug ethernet cable.laptop is out of warrenty last month.Any suggestions to solve this issue ?

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This laptop has previously bluescreened so all the drivers have been updated as much as possible but it is now bluescreening again multiple times a day.

I have attached the .dmp file as I was unable to run the extra software.

I have put it through windbg but it points to ntkrnlmp.exe which isn't to helpful

Can anyone shed a bit more light on what may be causing the bluescreen?

Many Thanks!!

A:BSOD when usiing Adobe CS6 on Lenovo X230 Laptop

WDDM KMD Loader - DisplayLink Core Software is causing the BSOD there.

fffff800`00b9cea0 fffff880`05386cf0Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\dlkmd.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for dlkmd.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for dlkmd.sys
Try to update it from DisplayLink: Windows Software

Do some USB related troubleshooting. For the port, first, uninstall and reinstall the USB ports drivers.
Right click on Computer icon > manage. It will open the computer management window.
Click on "Device Manager" in the left pane, it will list all installed devices up.
Expand "USB Serial Bus Controllers" by clicking on the triangle in front of it.
Click on one item to select, then right click and uninstall.
Do the same for all.
Restart the computer.
At restart, windows will auto configure the appropriate drivers.
And, Disable USB Selective Suspense too.
USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off

For the devices, first, detach all the USB devices other than the keyboard and mouse.
Then, Update the drivers for them all, including the keyboard and mouse, if any third party drivers are installed for them.

Let us know the situation. If the problem continues, upload your MSINFO32.nfo file alongwith the crash dumps next time.
Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will ... Read more

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What's the purpose of installning Power Mgmt Driver?

A:X230 Laptop (ThinkPad) 23301E0 - Power Mgmt Drive...

Dear kstrid, Welcome in lenovo community, Installning Power Mgmt Driver, will organize your machine power consumption and will improve the battery performance. Regards,Joseph

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It has been some time since I have been to sevenforums. I have missed you guys!

I was here almost every hour on the hour back when I built my PC and was installing windows7 for the first time. Now I have a new laptop and I would like some expert advice!

I bought a new, to me, Lenovo X230 Thinkpad recently and it came with windows7 installed. I am a person who enjoys simplicity, uncluttered space, and efficiency. In my desktop, and overall in my OS. Are there any tips, or guidelines for trimming down many of the programs and extraneous applications that come along with nearly every manufacturers' computers today? Should I reinstall a clean version of windows7? Is that possible with only the recovery partition on the laptop?

For example, I don't need 2 battery power applications. Either disable or remove the windows battery manager, or the Lenovo. Things like that.

I would also like to remove and backup the recovery partition from the laptop, but it doesn't have an optical drive. Then I could have more space, and only one partition. Not sure the best way to go about this. I have an external drive that I can backup the partition to.

If you want any more information about the current state of the laptop, just ask! I enjoy conversing and learning from the good people here.

Thanks again guys... glad to be back!

A:New Lenovo X230 Laptop! Help trim default windows install down please.

See here: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Includes instructions for downloading a legal copy of Windows 7 with SP1 included.

Definitely the best way to go to get rid of all the bloatware OEMs install.

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 hi,i just wanna know if i can to install normal ssd drive and msata card drive in my x230 laptop Many Thanks 

A:x220 and x230 , can i install normal ssd drive and msata card drive in my x230


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Hi to all Eight forum.
I m here with a strange problem, it happens from yesterday, the problem is when I playing games on my Dell inspiron N4050 and then the main power where the charger pluged in is turn off (it is the most problem in my country that there is heavy short fall of power), the laptop is remain ON just for 2 or 3 seconds and then its suddenly OFF. its not happening before, why is that,? why is the laptop didn't get power from the battery.?
when not playing games. and the main power (electricity) is gone, then this problem is not occurred.
plz understand my problem and reply me.
sorry for my bad English.

A:Laptop suddenly turn off when main power turn off.

Could it be overheating protection?

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I have an X230 i5 processor with a 1 TB SSD and I recently picked up a X230 with a i7 processor and a much smaller hard disk.  Can I just swap my big SSD into the new X230 (moving that version of Windows 7 Pro) and then install the smaller hard disk (with its version of Windows 7 Pro) into the i5 machine. (Will be swapping the memory so the i7 has the 16 GB and the i5 has 8 GB).  I know that if they were completely different computers this would not work, but since both are X230 will it work?  I'd rather not have to restall all the programs if I can avoid it!

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I had updated the Windows 10 April Update on my Thinkpad X230. I use Bitlocker to encrypt C, D disks. Before update Windows, I suspended Bitlocker function on C, update all newest drivers downloaded from Lenovo for Thinkpad X230 (BIOS, Firmware, ...). After update Windows 10, I can use my laptop in some hours, then I shutdown it. However, from this time, I cannot boot Windows, it only boot on some seconds and automatically turn off. I use USB Windows to go to boot my laptop, then turn off Bitlocker in C drive, and I can boot and use my Thinkpad. Unfortunately, when I turn on Bitlocker again, my Thinkpad X230 cannot boot again. Any idea for me? Please don't tell me turn off Bitlocker.

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Hello everyone, I have an HP Envy j100t which I purchased in 2014. ever since yesterday it's been starting but the screen remains pitch black, no display at all. It won't get to start up page, just remains a blank dark screen even though the power light is on and there's no battery issue because it was on charge all night and the AC adopter is still in.   I keep on having to get to get to the BIOS recovery screen, letting that update, and then it proceeds to restart. However when it restarts, it never gets to start up and there is the same dark screen- no display.  I have to always update BIOS, take out the battery and AC adapter, put them back in, and then it will start. Or sometimes even that whole process might not restart it.  Please help!

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Hello  i am writing my  mother laptop for some reason it acting very odd brand new not even few months old  Ok yesterday her laptop she could shut it down with no problem this morning she going out she turn it off bout close it.. but it decided turn back on not going thru booting it up with hp Icon no went straight away to windows 10 automaticaly.  So i decided to check some program see if anything conflicting it nothing  so i decided to shut it down thru windows 10  power shutdown but still turn back on..  i shut down it with power button but even still turn back on please help me   

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My HP pavilion refused to turn on in the morning after charged last night. The charging indicator light used came up at first but now nothing is working. I used working chargers and batteries from HP pavilion, still nothing. I removed the battery push the power button for a minute the fix the battery and on. Nothing. I used ram from other pavilion, still nothing. Please I need your help

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First of all, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right section. If not, please guide me to the correct section.
I have a Dell Inspiron 17r SE Laptop and my problem is that every single time, I have to turn my Laptop ON twice in order for it to boot up successfully. The first time I turn it on, Dell logo appears for a second and then, black screen shows up. Then, I have to turn my laptop off and start it back again. Second time, it boots up without any problem. I am fed up of turning it on twice everytime, and also concerned that it will affect health of my Laptop . How can I fix this Issue, please help.
I don't have a Recovery CD or Windows 8 CD. Windows 8 was pre-installed on my Laptop.

A:Laptop screen goes black on startup, have to turn laptop ON twice for it to boot up s

If it's still under warranty, call Dell. The unit or parts might be covered for replacement.

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I have just received a replacement battery for my Toshiba Satellite L770 laptop which I purchased from a preferred seller on Ebay. When I put it in the laptop to charge and use the computer while it's charging, the computer will not even turn on. I contacted the seller and this is what he replied:

"We are sorry to hear that the battery did not work well. No problem for return and you will get a full refund if we receive your return within 60 days of the purchase date.

However, before the return please check the following:
1. Make sure that your power adapter and electric outlet work well
2. Make sure that the connection part between battery and laptop is clean. If not, please clean and try the battery again
3. Many new batteries need several charge to reach the full capacity. If it is a newly received battery please recharge several times to allow the battery to its full capacity.
4. If you recently upgrade your operating system to windows 7, it may cause the battery not charge. Please go online for a solution for your specific laptop model.
5. Please check your laptop manufacturer's website for a BIOS update. Recently a few customers reported that the Bios update solved the problem having with their battery.

If none of these steps works, please return the whole package to the following address by USPS Priority or UPS ground. And please include the order receipt or shipping slip in the return package. We suggest that you use a delivery confirmation to track ... Read more

A:Solved: New Laptop Battery - Now Laptop Won't Turn On

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My dell laptop will not turn on I put it to sleep last night and this evening I went to go turn it on and there are no signs of life. I have removed the battery to discharge static and also plugged it in with out the battery. I don't know what to do I need this laptop to help my family. Is there possibly a way to hard restart it?

A:Inspiron laptop wont turn on (I really need this laptop)

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I've this problem for 3 months when i was using the laptop and the screen turns black itself but the system remains on.Hey, i unplugged my battery and charger and pressed the butoon for many seconds and minute but it's not the solution of my problem. i tried every trick which were listed on the internet forums but still not works for me. So i took it to the laptop repair shop and after 3 weeks he gave it back to me and told that he failed to solve this problem but told me a temporary solution.Termporary Solutiom:Whenever i rub my finger on this chips(idk what is it). my black screen turns on again. But for it, i've to keep my laptop open which is a totally **bleep**. so plz help me out for the solution of this problem.[img]https://s24.postimg.org/w33r4kxyt/Capture.png[/img]Image Link:https://postimg.org/image/4fr1qhcs1/Any help will be appreciated.-Thanks

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Auto restarting and nothing show anything.

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Hi, i have an Acer Aspire E1-570, Windows 8, that just shuts itself down for no apparent reason and will not turn back on, sometimes for days! Have tried removing battery, letting it cool down, all to no avail. When charger is plugged in, unit feels warm (not hot) underneath towards the front. No lights illuminate anywhere on unit. It had plenty of charge when it last shut down. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Laptop Turn Off

If the unit's under warranty, call Acer and make them fix it. I've seen symptoms like that be anything from a bad battery to bad motherboard, and if it's the latter, you'll either get it fixed under warranty, learn to live with it, or buy a new laptop once you see how much it costs.

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My Acer laptop wont turn on. It's not the newest laptop in the world, but if there's a way to fix it i would prefer that.
When i press the on button, absolutely nothing happens, no lights turn on, and the fan doesn't turn on or anything. But the light on the charger is on, so it must be something with the computer itself.


A:My laptop won't turn on

Please try this (it works 50% of the time!)

Remove the power cord and battery, from the laptop (basically just all power out)
Hold down the ON button for 30secs (dispersing all internal voltage)
Plug the power cord in only (I use to say PowerAdaptor, but someone asked, what's that?)
Turn on

Did it work?
If so, shutdown (normally) and re-insert the laptop battery
Turn back on
And a way you go (hopefully!)

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My laptop won't turn on anymore, I was watching Netflix and paused it to go and get drink, came back and my laptop was off, charging light doesn't work too so I can't tell it's charging or not witch I assume it don't because I can't turn it on at all!

A:Can't turn on my laptop

A hard reset to the notebook power might get back the unit back to working condition. Here is the link to the document that has steps to perform Hard Reset:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04718479 It also has other troubleshooting steps that can be tried in case if the hard reset does not resolve the issue.

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I was watching a movie when my laptop just abruptly turned off. Since then, whenever I press the power button, it just flickers and the laptop doesn't turn on. What should I do? Please help me, I have a paper due in a few days and I don't know what to do.

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My laptop won't switch on. The hard reset worked once but after it got shut down again, won't switch on again. When the power cable is plugged in, the light flashes alternatively between orange, white and off.

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 My laptop has been working fine until recently. Two days ago I was in a hotel room, wor king on my laptop and everything was fine. Then I plugged it in later on and tride to turn it back on and got no response. The only thing that happens, each time I press the power button, is the blue light right next to the power cord input blinks 3x. The battery has been useless on this laptop for years,  and I essentially have to plug it in everywhere I go. I'm fine dealing with that, as this laptop is getting older, but I definitely need to access all of my five holes on there.  I've tried the reset options, by taking the battery out and trying to start that way. The only thing that I see are those blinking lights and nothing else. The screen stays black, no hard drive sounds etc. I'm looking at getting a new AC adapter, but want to make sure that's the right way to go. And I also want to double check the specs so I don't get the wrong adapter (if that's the actual problem).  If I do need a new AC adapter, I'd like some information on wattage. I guess the replacement I got was lower wattage the my original. I think I went from 90 to 65, and I kept getting warnings that things may run slower. I didn't notice too much of a difference, but it might one of those things I got used to and a higher wattage power supply may be a good thing. I look forward to your replies and offer my thanks in advance!  Matt

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Okay so I have got an Asus Vivobook S550CA Laptop and it came installed with windows 8 - Specs

CPU: Intel Core i5 -3337U Mobile
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 635m 2gb DDR3 + Intel HD Graphics
RAM: 8gb

When I was just doing work on my laptop, It just shut down. Even when the charger is in, no lights are shown not even the charging one
I attempted to turn it on by pressing the power button... Nothing happensI then tried Removing the battery and plugging the AC in - then turning on, Nothing happenstried removing AC + Battery, Pressing Power for 60 seconds and pluging ac in before turning on again - Didnt work
I would really appreciate if someone could help me

A:Help, Laptop will not turn on

Did you check voltage on the adapter ? but most likely something died on the MB, in all probability power section.

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Laptop previously able to startup without a problem. Laptop being powered with Dell power supply (output: 19.5V / 4.62A), after an hour of being left plugged in laptop will no longer power up. when I push power button, light flashes (lightning bolt) but nothing else happens. Is computer permanenty damaged?

A:Laptop will not turn on

HiWhat happened to your original HP charger?Do a hard reset, then try removing battery and plug in HP charger to AC power, power on laptop.http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c01684768Is the battery HP OEM?RegardsVisruth

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My laptop which is a toshiba satellite c55-a5320 and I left my laptop on in sleep mode. When I woke up my laptop wouldn't turn. The startup and charging light turns on and the Hard drive and laptop fan turn on but then shuts off pretty quick. How can I fix this.

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When starting up the computer it will show lights on the keyboard, but then will make a click sound and go blank and turn off. I tried removing the battery , and plugging in the AC without the battery in. Please help!Thank you

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My laptop will not boot up. It has power and a full battery. When I hit the power button, the blue lights come on but the computer never boots up. The fan will also start up but thats it. Pretty sure it is not a virus. Any ideas?

A:Laptop will not turn on! HELP

Any messages or BIOS splash screen showing on the display?

Is the display backlight lighting up? If not, can you see any screen content if shine a strong light on the screen?

If you have an external display connector on the laptop, do you get anything on an externally connected display?

If you leave the computer turned on long enough do you get any Windows start-up sounds?

Any chance you can let us in on the brand and model number of the computer?

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Hey, I have an acer laptop, it's 4years old and my dad has had to fix the charger point quite oftern... My problem is before it would seem to over heat and shut down well the fan is fine... Recently I won't turn on... I have to give it a good whack so it will just start up.. Is this common with the laptop or has my dad messed it up? Please help me I'm getting so stressed when I want to use it for work.. Please any advise?

Nessa x

A:Laptop won't turn on

Well one the over heating is big issue the fan that cools it down could be blocked with dust but also it over heating many times could of caused much bigger problems .. also the charger port could of come loose again or attery could be faulty ..1 the fan needs cleaning 2 take the battery completly off unplug charger then press the on off power butting for 20 seconds then plug charger in ..leave battery off and try to turn on . if no screen see if there is any lights and also listen to see if u hear fan spinning underneath

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I have a Lenovo ThinkPad SL500 and it's relatively new. A year or so. I shut it down before I left for the weekend and when I came back to turn it on, it just wouldn't.

It's plugged into a surge protector that I know works cause the printer is also plugged into it and is working fine.

The little battery light does NOT even light up at all with it plugged in and when I press the On button NOTHING happens.

Just absolutely black everywhere with no signs of life or any light.

What do I do?

A:My Laptop Won't Turn On!

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My Laptop just arrived yesterday, which is when I first opened it and began setting it up. So it is brand new. It was updating yesterday but I am unsure if it was still updating or not when I left it overnight, it was also not left to charge overnight. I am unsure whether or not leaving it updating and not charging, unaware, would result in it not being able to turn back on. I have already tried taking the battery out and holding down the power button and then putting the battery back. and also taking the battery out, holding down the power button for a minute and then plugging in the charger. none of this has worked. the only sign of life was the battery light was white but the screen still didn't turn on.beforehand, when the charger was plugged in while the battery was still in, the light remains red without the screen on. I have only had this computer a day. any help would be appreciated.

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I have dell inspiron 15R 5537.. first the system randomly shuts down, this issue occur when I use internet or watching movie or do anything in my laptop, my lap able to work before system shuts down maybe for an hour or 2.
The error occur when I was using Battery or AC Adpater or (both).
I updated the BIOS version and cleaned airvent but also I was get the problem.. Then I bought Laptop fan and put it under my Laptop its worked good for 2 days.. and suddenly It's shutdown and don't want to work again for 3 days !!
The power LED comes on when I press the power button and the color of power LED is white..
What can I do?

A:My laptop want to turn on!!

Hi Egytvhd
Thanks for writing to us. 
Have you done any hardware or software changes lately?
Is the machine overheating ? Does the system shut down even if its left idle? 
Please run daignostics from f12 menu and let us know the outcome. 
Meanwhile you can try the following steps if you  are comfortable. 
Shut down the system disconnect the battery and charger. Remove the memory modules, put back only one memory and work for few hours and observe how it goes. try the same with other memory as well.
Await your response.


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I have an hp pavillion dv6000 series laptop that won't turn on, when it's plugged into the charger, it lights up when you hit the power button but that's it. It just happened one day, it wouldn't turn on. We haven't spilled anything on it or anything like that. Also, if it helps, it runs vista. I was old it was the motherboard but if it was the motherboard, the light wouldn't come on at all would it?

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Hi. I have an HP Pavillion laptop (can get the number for you when I get home). I was on the internet one day and my computer froze up, so I turned it off. When I tried to turn it back on, the screen was plain black. It's been doing this for the past few weeks. The power light stays on. But the disk drive light lights up for about 2 seconds when I turn the laptop on, and then it blinks off. You can also hear the noise the disk drive makes for a few seconds, and then that turns off as well. There are no fans running or anything, my screen is just black, and the computer is silent. Any idea what's going on? Is my laptop dead?

A:Laptop won't turn on

This may sound a bit silly but we had a problem with a Desktop once with identical symptoms. It turned out to be the power switch. This can happen coz a power switch doesn't provide constant power, more a sort of start impulse. I replaced the switch and - hey presto - no further problems.

This may not be true of a notebook however and I'm a bit loath to strip my Tosh to find out!

You can check this by exposing the Motherboard switch connections and disconnecting the plugs and simply jumping the exposed terminals momentarily.

Good luck!


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Hello,I have a Compaq Presario CQ50-107NR laptop. Last night mne and my brother were using it and then poof!, it turned off. I was pretty sure that it overheated because the bottom was very hot and this had happened many times before. So i took out the battery to let it cool faster. When it was cool, i tried to turn it on to no avail. I plugged it into the wall and it still didn't turn on. The charge light comes on but it seems to be not working. I almost always use it plugged in. It shut down by itself 2 times to day, but the third time it doesn't come back to life. Did I fry the motherboard? Please help. 

A:Laptop will not turn on

HiUse hard reset...remove battery and AC power,  hold the power button for 30sec to 1min so it clear the remaining power..now put on AC power card without battery and press power button..it should work.

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My laptop will not turn on at all. I've tested it with a charger that I know works, and it will not charge or turn on. When this first happened I was able to get it to take a small amount of charge (40% after 10 hours of charging) but after that ran out (very quickly) it won't take charge again or turn on. Since it appears that the only way to get support is through the support app on my laptop I have no idea how to address this. Is there a number I can call for HP support? I'm a few months beyond warranty (of course) and the machine is less than 18 months old. Extremely furstrated that such a new and lightly used laptop would already be dead!

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I have a gateway MA3 and I had it about a year and then one night my husband was on it and he said that it went crazy so he through we had a virus and shut it down. I tried to boot it back up and it would not turn on. The HD light would flash and the CD light would flash and both would make a noise. Do you think it is a bad HD, CD drive or motherboard?

A:Laptop won't turn on

No way to tell for sure from what you have told us. It could be any of those... Hard drive, memory module, power adapter, DVD drive, or dirt, hair, fiber and heat.... or even a power switch
First, check carefully for any lights or noise when you depress the <ON> Button. Then gently wiggle the plug from the power adapter where it plugs into the laptop as you depress the <ON> button to see if any lights or noise happen.
You can buy a new power adapter for about $11 to $22 on eBay, but that would take ten days to arrive. Can you borrow a power adapter from anyone... anyone that fits will be good enough for a brief test.
Second, do the sniff test with the covers off, as you try to detect a burned odor.
Third, you remove one memory module and try to turn on with the other. Then change the two around and try with the other module.
Some gateways have had trouble with the power adapter, but it is not easy to test at home. A good technician can use an instrument to test the power output. The hard drive should not be dying this soon unless it has had some impact.
Fourth, you can remove the hard drive from the section on the base of the computer, you can test with another or test yours in another laptop of similar configuration.
In short, get a tech smart person to look it over for you... of have a repair shop do an analysis... which will likely cost about $40

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My laptop won't turn on. I have tried all of the tricks that I've found. No lights turn on nor does the fan or the screen. PLEASE HELP!!!!

A:Laptop won't turn on :(

It looks like you are not able to Power ON the Notebook and wanting to fix the issue Please perform below shown steps to find out if this is a Software or Hardware Issue:1. Remove all Peripherals and Cables, Disconnect them and try to Power ON the Unit 2. Check for LED Light Status and ensure Power Button spring action is normal 3. Swap with a known good Power Cord and Power Adapter 4. Incase no Adapter is available, Check if the Power Adapter is slightly warmNote: This will give us a hint that the Power Adapter might be fine 5. Do you know if the Notebook was in Battery or Power Adapter Mode when you used it for the last timeNote: Ensure there is no liquid spillage or Power Outage 6. Check if the AC Adapter Port is loose/broken Note: If the Notebook doesn't Power ON even with a known good Power Adapter this confirms the Hardware fault with System Board or the DC Power Circuit  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on left to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R KAlthough I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP

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Hi I have a Sony Vaio pcg-k33 laptop. I broke my dc powerjack recently and yesterday I replaced it. I soldered it all correctly. But now when I try to turn it on all that happens is the little battery light lights up which is followed by the power light, but only for a split second then it turns off. Also my wireless light lights up as well for a split second. I am thinking it might be the cpu since I cant hear it starting up at all, and the fans do not turn on at all as well. I tried plugging in just the ac adapter and trying to start it up. Tried just the battery, and both together, same result. I hear some high pitched noise coming from what seems to be either the power unit which charges the battery and connects to the dc power jack. Or it sounds like the little system battery (the little round one). Also I have tried removing the CPU to check if it is the source of the problem but if I do that, the lights wont even come on.

Also, do I need to plug in my keyboard and touchpad to make like a closed circuit or does It not matter and it should start up without them. Because I dont want To break the little clips that hold the ribbons from the keyboard and touchpad tightly locked to the motherboard.

I am going to the store right now to buy a new system battery and see if maybe thats the problem. I read in some other forums that it might be the problem. And if the battery comes in magnetic contact doesn't it get ruined ? Because I have accidentally done that.

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A:Laptop Won't Turn On

please read the guides:


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