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How do I change icon back to original?

Q: How do I change icon back to original?

well i got a question actually i dont even know if it has anything to do with the topic but, i dont know how , i change the default program for all the programs in the pc , including interent explorer, google chrome and practicly all, the icon also change, it is the one of the default program which i change them all to ... my question is, how do i cange them back to the original program they were?

Preferred Solution: How do I change icon back to original?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I change icon back to original?

Hello Himmcr, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could do a system restore using a restore point dated before you made this change to undo it and hopefully restore the icons back to default.

Hope this helps,

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I accidentally change all default programs (firefox, internet explorer, EXE only files) into a different icon (utorrent) now, my programs dont function probably. How do i change it back to how they were so i can use it?
so if i open internet explorer, it opens to utorrent and says iexplore.exe:torrent is not valid bencoding

A:How do I change the icon back to original? PLEASE HELP ME?

Welcome aboard

Download teh registry filse for .exe and .lnk from the link Default File Type Associations - Restore and double click to merge those in the registry hive.

Let us know if it worked or not.

At the same time, uninstall utorrent, Run SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker , and then you may reinstall it.

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Hi all,

I used the search function and found a lot about changing icons of folders. I could not find anything about how to get back the original icons.
For some reason one external drive "lost" it's icon and you can see a placeholder only.
I mean it is not the end of the world..... but almost
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot

A:Get Original Drive Icon back

You might try rebuilding the icon cache. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local. Delete IconCache.db. Reboot. This will cause the icon cache to be rebuilt.

Hope this helps.


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Hi everybody :wave:. Thanku for all ur help so far and i hope u can help me on dis 1! well, I have win xp sp2 (AND VISTA!! DUAL BOOT!) and the icons seem to have messed up. Since I installed vtp7 (unistalled it) then installed brickopack vista, then uninstalled it, i can't change the icons back to normal xp icons again! Has anybody got any ideas on how to do this? Also, I have used loads of software to change icons but none seem to work and unfortunately when i installed the transformation pack i didn't make a backup file of shell32.dll file :dead:. Here's a thought: can you somehow post the shell32.dll file on the website so that i can download it?? if so PLZ do! thanku for any help in advance .

A:Can't change icons in xp back 2 original


Have you tried installing the file from your xp cd? You could also try the windows repair tool.

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Hi all,

I installed BSPlayer, didn't like it, and decided to go back to using Divx player.
I have all the file associations sorted so all my video files run in Divx again, but the icons are still the same as they were for the BSPlayer.

I know its not a really big problem, but its annoying!!

Any help?


A:Annoying icon change... change back?

In explorer try...
Tools > Folder options >File types >select the file extension you want to change the icon for then click on the Advanced button, then click on the Change Icon button.
See if the icon you want to use is there.

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I moved a folder into "My Pictures" folder while in "My Documents," then I found the original "My Pictures" icon which had a photo in an opened folder had changed to a closed folder without the photo. I looked back from "Start"/"My Pictures," there is the same changed "My Pictures" icon. How can I change back to the original icon?

A:How can change an icon back?

Hi f2g.

Download TweakUI and install it.

Run it. Select Repair, Choose Repair My Pictures Icon from the drop down list and click Repair Now.

Should set it back to normal.

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I had a weird problem with my folder icons. The normal folders (ones without thumbnails) appear the normal yellow photo that is the default. However, the folders with thumbnails are a different icon of gray and white. For some reason, I cannot change the icon of the folders with thumbnails back to the default, yellow folders. Can anyone help with this? I have manually tried to change it back by "Right clicking, Properties, Customize" and choosing the yellow default folder, but it isn't working.

A:How do I change back the folder icon with thumbnails?

You can try to rebuild the icon cache in windows.

How to Rebuild the Icon Cache in Windows

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Hello everyone.

I just installed Adobe Creative Suite CS4. Everything turned out fine. But my icon for the Bridge CS4 .exe file is one of those annoying default icons and I want to change it back. There is a Bridge CS4 .ico file in my Bridge folder but I would like to know how to get that into my Bridge .exe file. A simple but somewhat annoying problem. Does anyone know a quick fix? This is the ONLY icon on my entire computer like this. I don't think it's a virus or malware. I scanned using a bunch of programs. It's a legit copy of CS4. It's definately too minor of a problem to go thru a tech support nightmare. I really don't like looking at it on my desktop or start menu.

Thanks in advance

Dell Inspiron 518
Vista Home Premium SP1
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66 MHz
4 GB Ram, 500 GB HD

A:a program icon defaulted, how do I change it back?

Hi, welcome to the forums I take it you have tried right click on the icon select properties then "change Icon" browse to your proffered and select it?

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After recently playing Starcraft Broodwar, My Computer's icon has changed to a crappy low-res looking version of what it's supposed to be.

Like that. I tried deleting the Icon and putting it back on in Desktop Settings, and tried changing the Icon altogther and then back again, same result.. not sure how to get it back to normal?

A:My Computer Icon has changed, will not change back.

Have any other icons changed as that looks like a change of resolution actually?

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Odd problem cropped up about a week ago. My boyfriend pointed out that the recycle bin has been renamed to "games (1)". I can't just rename it back either so I've no idea how to fix this. I did try going to the customize desktop feature from display>properties and selecting the restore default option but nothing happens so I'm not sure what else to try.

Zelda ;)

A::P Recycle bin icon somehow got renamed, how to I change it back?

Try registry fix #115 (Rename/Remove the Recycle Bin) at http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm

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I added it to the desktop and the normal icon was used (picture of a PC). Now it's suddenly changed to the default windows explorer icon ! How to get the default icon back ? I tried removing it from desktop and adding it again, but did not work.
W7 Home Prem. x64.

A:My Computer desktop icon - how to change back ?

Quote: Originally Posted by BeachNut

I added it to the desktop and the normal icon was used (picture of a PC). Now it's suddenly changed to the default windows explorer icon ! How to get the default icon back ? I tried removing it from desktop and adding it again, but did not work.
W7 Home Prem. x64.

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization

Then go to change desktop icons.

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so, a few years back i read a magazine that said to change the type of computer in device manager to standard pc because it made the computer run a little better or faster.

so now i've got my laptop and i've noticed it getting slower and thought that i would do this... VERY BAD MOVE!!!

i can still boot windows and everything - it meant that i had to let the computer reinstall all of the drivers for my hardware - but i have noticed in the device manager now that there are two instances of 'standard pc', there is also a new section titled 'other devices' with about 15 devices that seem to have no driver for them - some mention 'ISA' so i am guessing that changing to standard pc means that windows thinks my laptop is now a desktop pc with ISA slots???

i find that when i put my laptop lid down the thing shuts down, when i press the power button it turns off straight away (doesn't even shut down!). i had had the laptop configured for ages to do nothing when i closed the lid and give me shut down options when i pressed the power button. i look in power options and i can only cinfigure the monitor screen and hard disk power off options - every other option is not available. when i do bring up the shut down options i can no longer choose standby.

i have also realised that i can not turn on my wireless connection - i've tried all sorts to get it to work with no avail! the laptop is an acer ferrari and when i call up the manager app... Read more

A:can't change computer type back to original type in device manager!

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Two questions:

1. This first one is a question about what two registry keys do. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services > Tcpip > Parameters > DNSRegisteredAdapters > *Corresponding NIC*. What are the Flags, and RegisteredSinceBoot
keys? What do they do?
2. I attempt to change the values of these keys. They go back to their original values if I restart, log in, or run ipconfig /registerdns. 

Here is some background. I am on an IT engineering, and I have been looking into a DNS issue we have had for quite some time. The issue is that our AD DNS server records do not update for about half of our machines. We have timestamps dating back a couple of
months (I know, I know, scavenge. The team in charge of that is in the process of getting that set). I have been looking into a multitude of things to ensure all computers' DNS records update. 

In my testing, I have checked several machines and notice that those keys mentioned above have the values of- flags = 2, and registeredsinceboot = 1. On the computers that aren't updating their values are 0. I have attempted to change to 2 and 1 on a computer
that isn't updating, but the values always revert back to 0. 

Perhaps the issue we are seeing isn't related at all to the keys presented, but if you can help me identify the purpose of these keys, and how to save the values if changed, that would be greatly appreciated. At least for testing purpose. 

Some mor... Read more

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So well i restored my computer and i logged into wifi and put it into home network and the icon is not the bars (image included) internet works everything but i just want the bars back Please

A:How to change wifi icon back? Image included

Welcome to the Seven Forums

How did you change the icon?

Do Option 2 of this tutorial SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker it will not harm any data or programs you have installed it will try to find and repair any corrupt system files that you have. You may need to do this up to 3 times with a reboot after each scan.

Then do Icon Cache - Rebuild

And maybe Notification Area Icons - Reset


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Im running Windows XP Home Edition SP2. I was playing some starcraft and closed the game.. then noticed all my icons changed. even when restarting all my icons changed back except mydocuments.. i cant think of a way of changing it back. its very annoying.. its like the old windows 95 folders.. and no right click properties/change icon dosent work or show up...

A:My document Folder Icon Changed, How To Change it back.

Hi fusionstar and welcome to TSF!

OK, try this:

Right click on the desktop somewhere and select Properties. On the Desktop tab, click Customise Desktop. Click on the My Documents icon and click Restore Default. Hit OK, Apply and OK.

If this doesn't work, follow the same steps, but instead of hitting Restore Default, change the icon to something else then change it back, then hit OK, Apply and OK again.

Let us know if it works!

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Just got a new laptop with Win7 professional about two weeks ago.

All of a sudden, this morning, the network notification icon for the network switched from the wireless-five bars icon to the wired icon with a big red X through it (because I am not connected via wired). When I mouse over the icon it still shows my wireless network name and that I have Internet Access.

I don't know how or why the icon changed, but I would like to change it back to the one showing the wireless bars. I've searched around and can't find anything on how to do that.

Can anyone help with this, please? Thanks!

A:Network Notification Area Icon Has Changed: How To Change It Back?

Hello Chasfh, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if resetting the notification area icons may be able to help.

Notification Area Icons - Reset

Hope this helps,

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Hello again

unfortunately the issue i going to ask help with is the total same issue that i had last year

Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder

may also be relate to the issue that this user had

Shortcut icons re-sizing randomly

My OS had gone crazy and change icon's sizes back to details sizes in random folders, last time i had that issue i thought it was solved by this method

Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder

But unfortunately it only was temporary, i had to format anyway so the problem was solved after the format and never appeared again till 3 days ago.

it not seem to be a virus but it really annoy, the only thing i done 3 days ago that was extraordinary for me was to edit some video on windows live movie maker + cccp codecs, i rarely use WLMM but happened to use it 3 days ago, and after that the issue reappear, i can't use system restore since i done alot of stuff on my pc and don't want to lose them, and also i don't happened to made restore point before the day the issue occurred and the rest are deleted..so SR is not a option.

anyone know what i can do now?

thanks in advance

A:Icon's sizes randomly change back to details sizes in random folders

No guarantees these suggestions will work but you could give it a try. See if rebuilding the icon cache helps.

Icon Cache - Rebuild

You could also try running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two) just in case your system fils got damaged or corrupted somehow. If problems are found, run the scan 3 times rebooting in between each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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Somehow I deleted my taskbar of all its shortcut icons. When I got to replacing SWB, I deleted it and installed the latest edition (4.5). Viewing the installed SWB in Windows Explorer (program files (x86), I noted that the icon next to spywareblaster.exe was a generic icon and not the one I'm used to seeing. Tried everything, including uninstalling and loading from different sources, but still the generic icon. What gives?

A:Where did Spywareblaster's original icon go?

Hello Flycaster,

Could you post a screenshot of this to see if anything may stand out?

For now, you might see if rebuilding the icon cache may help.

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I just HDDlife but i didn't like that program so i uninstalled it but the HDD icon still stuck. How can i revert it back to original?

Edit: The solution How to Restore Hard Disk File Icon? Windows 7 - Super User

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(this question is about my Win2000 computer)

Sometimes when I add a website in my IE favorites, or put a shortcut to one on my desktop, they initially have distinctive cool looking icons.....but after a restart, they all change into the same old internet explorer "e" icon.

Is there any way to make them stay as they originally appeared?

A:Any way to keep original icon after restart?

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How do you go back to the original?
i mean i patched luxtheme
installed some bs (bulls) themes
and now i want a theme that dont use aero.


And is there a theme of windows vista that doesnt use Desktop Window Manager Session?

A:Going back to original.

Is it vista or W7 that you are using?
Right click desktop and from the menu>Personalize

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.1Can you help me with my OS please. When I bought the desktop it came with either  WIN 7 or  WIN 8.1 I am not sure. I installed WIn 10 from Microsoft.  After using it for sometime I do not like it. I want to go back to the original OS.Can someone please help me how I can do that. Please explain detail because I am not knowledgeable with computers.ThanksRegardsZarir

A:OS back to original

@zhk It originaly came with W8. In US and Canada. USB - Windows 8 64-bit Recovery Kit http://support.hp.com/us-en/mediaorder/HP-Pavilion-500-Desktop-PC-series/5395585/model/5403617/softw... REO

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All my desktop shortcut have the google chrome icon at first but then after sometime turn blank white icons.
How do I change the default icon for all shortcuts in one click?

I am tired of re-installing google chrome each time. I don't know why this is happening.

A:shortcut default icon always changing back to blank icon

Hello Matt,

This may be able to restore your default shortcut arrow overlay icon.

Shortcut Arrow - Change, Remove, or Restore

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I just got a new Gateway laptop with Windows 7 and Microsoft Works 9.0. The day I got it, Microsoft Works worked fine and displayed fine. I deleted the Works shortcut from the desktop, and then tried to put it back. Ever since, the icon does not have the original image (current icon that I do see is attached). It looks like this on the desktop and also anywhere the file is located. I have tried opening "properties" and going to "change icon" and the original icon is still there to select. So I select the original, but it doesn't change. The program works fine also, no problems there. Any suggestions on how to get the MS Works 9.0 icon back?[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Eric/Desktop/works%20icon.jpg[/IMG]

A:original Microsoft Works icon gone

Go to where you installed the program, locate the .exe choose send to desktop (create shortcut) reboot and post back.

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Whe I purchased my computer it had Windows 7 installed on it and I upgraded to Windows 10 and would like to go back to windows 7,but my time to go back with microsoft has expired. Is there a way to restore the Windows 7 operating system or does HP offer a download?Is it Still on my hard drive?

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My all drives has been formated and i have not any recovry disk or drive.what can i do now and how can i get back my windows please help me

A:How to get back the new original windows 8.1?

Ronicsm wrote:My all drives has been formated and i have not any recovry disk or drive.what can i do now and how can i get back my windows please help meOrder from HP... HP PCs - Obtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery DriveRead this before ordering your Recovery Discs! (US and Canada Only)HP PCs - Performing an HP system recovery (Windows 8)

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I was able to finally get rid of norton all except the recycle bin. this is on an old(2001) toshiba laptop. my wife uses it for sewing now and wants the recycle bin to work like our pc. I got rid of all the norton features for the bin but can't get the windows xp style recycle bin back. a friend says the xp files are preloaded on laptops not on disks. is this correct? will I lose everything if I reload xp,assuming I can find it? I would also like to remove my son's name from owner/administrator as he has been deceased for 7 years. any ideas appreciated. Bill

A:How do I get the original recycle bin back?


Try right-clicking your desktop and selecting "properties." On the window that comes up, select the "desktop" tab, then click "customize desktop." On the next window, select "recycle bin (full)" and click "restore default," then repeat with "recycle bin (empty)."

For the User problem:

Click on "Start", "Control Panel". Then click on "User Accounts". From there, you should be able to change Admin Settings. You might have to log in as your son before if it gives you messages about not having permission.


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I cannot download the SysInfo utility because the computer I'm inquiring about is not connected to the internet but here is the information:
Microsoft Windows XP
Media Center Edition
Version 2002 Service Pack 3
Dell XPS DXP051
Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz
3.19 GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM

Now my question. I am giving this old computer to a friend but I want to take all of my stuff off. I use to know how to convert it back to the original state as when I bought it but I forgot how to do it. Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you,

P.S. I have another a computer that I need to know this information on also but I don't have the information yet. It is running Windows 10 and I think with the anniversary pack.

A:How to Revert Back to Original

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I decided to dual-boot windows and linux over winter break, succeeded, got bored of linux, broke linux and then decided to get rid of linux (just kinda wanted to prove to myself that I could set up a dual-boot). So, being the stupid kid I am, I didn't think ahead and just erased the extended partition I put linux on. Now, whenever I boot it gives me "Grub error 22" which means it can't find the linux drives/partitions. I've read up on this, and found an easy fix which involves an XP install disk going into the recovery console and typing "FDISK /MBR" or "fixmbr" or "fixboot" BUT I dont have a windows install disk because HP is the best computer manufacturer EVAR (they only give you the option to do a "recover the computer to the original state it was in when you bought it" which is ridiculous cause I'd have to erase everything I have saved). Anyone have a way of doing this without the install disk?

A:Need help getting the original windows MBR back

I have the recovery console on the boot menu, and it's never asked me for a boot disk. - of course, thinking about it logically for a moment, that wouldn't help you anyway.

It sounds like you have the option of borrowing somebodies XP disk, or waiting here where no doubt someone will have an idea. I'm going to see if I can find something.

Ok - to start with, try using an XP NTLDR boot disk (readme1st) download from http://1gighost.net/jerseyboy/xpquick.zip and unzip to an XP formatted floppy disk. Boot the computer from this, and provided your windows partion is C: you should be able to get into your windows at the very least.

edit - I'm just downloading something which claims to be a bootable recovery console CD. I'm checking to see if it works atm - if it does I'll post the link.

edit 2 You could try downloading this zipped ISO, unzip it and use the ISO to create a win xp setup disk. Try the recovery console on that, and see if fixboot and fixmbr works... http://www.webtree.ca/windowsxp/tools/bootdiscs/xp_rec_con.zip

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I have an original Philips dvd rw model no: SPD 8005BM/ 17. It was flashed using Flash Utility, GS08fix.exe, and GS09. and EEPROM found from codeguys1.org.

Now it reads as a Lite On SSM-S515S dvd ram drive, but will not recognize any discs. How do I get the burner to be flashed back to its original configuration? The original config never worked as a burner, but was able to burn CDs and read DVDs. If it does nothing else, I would like this capability.

I have 1 GB of RAM and a 250 GB SATA HDD in a Dell Optiplex GX 280. FlashFix did not work, now I have the files I need from an email, and need to make the Philips work again. HELP

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I have been asked to return a laptop(xp) back to its original settings, can you tell me how please?

A:back to original configuration(laptop)

Original settings or factory installed OS settings?

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I've purchased my hp laptop with Windows 10 home installed on it. For some reasons, I've installed Windows 8.1 .Now, I want to get back to that factory reinstalled original windows 10 home version. I haven't made a backup. Also, I have not made a single change to recovery drive on my laptop's storage. Please help me..............

A:How to get back to original factory installed os??

If u have reinstalled the os then the recovery partition would have been deleted... In that case u cannot get the factory reset....by any how if u still have the partition...  please use F11 when powering up the system to access it... If not the other option would be to contact HP SUPPORT by phone to purchase a set of cd.... RegardsSatishp4Say thanks by clicking on kudos icon if I have answered your question

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I am trying to reset my computer to it original settings and I do not know where to begin. I have a compaq Presario that run on an XP system. I will appreciate any advice anyone can give. Thank you.

A:How to set computer back to it's original setting

Depending on what you have, use the Recovery partition, the Recovery disk(s) or the Windows XP CD.

Maybe I should caution to "begin" by first backing up any data you want to save.

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I am unable to configure my Internet explorer web browser. LAN settings revert back to original, i.e. automatically detect settings & use a proxy server in the local area network (LAN) settings, when boxes are unchecked and closed automatically revert back to their original settings. This is preventing me installing a Belkin 4 port cable/DSL gateway router. My operating system is Microsoft ME (which may be the problem) & my Internet provider is Blueyonder. This problem appears to have even experienced IT people beat, can you help.

A:LAN setting revert back to original

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Months ago i installed something(i forgot whats its name) that changes on how the files on the folder will appear, the files will rolls down instead of just showed up when you open a folder.
And now i want to change it back to its orig, but i cant, i tried to look for the thing that i installed but i cant find it anywhere on the system, i cant just revert my laptop to earlier time coz i got so many important files.

Hope somebody could help me

A:How do i get my folders back to its original appearance

I speak under correction, but an sfc /scannow should do it:

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

1. Click Start
2. In the search box, type cmd
3. In the list that appears, right-click on cmd.exe and choose Run as administrator
4. In the command window that opens, type sfc /scannow and hit enter.


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When I installed the release candidate I immediately did a True Image backup of the installation. Boy, am I glad I did.

I began to add programs and printers and when I added my HP Photosmart 2575 and then its Vista drivers. I then made another backup of the what I had added to that point. I now get a 9F stop on shutting down after I have done something with the printer as simple as printing a page.

I restored to the original installation and added the Photosmart using only the RC's driver. All is well under that setup and would like to go back to the second backup and uninstall the Vista drivers and use the RC's drivers but can't find any way to roll back the driver to RC one. If I try 'New Driver', the system seems only to find the Vista driver.

How can I delete the Vista driver from my system so that I have only the RC drivers?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Going Back to Original Printer Driver

So let me see if I have this right . .

You want to revert to your second back-up, and remove the Vista drivers from your system and use only the RC1 drivers?

If so, this should be easy enough . .

Goto your Device Manager and navigate to your printer . .
Right Click on your printer and select Uninstall
When the window pops up to confirm, check the box that says Remove driver software from my computer.
Restart your computer, and Windows 7 should install it's own drivers

Hope this helps


P.s. Have you tried the Rollback Driver option ?

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I have just setup my new laptop with Windows 10 Home and installed Dropbox. I noticed that the Dropbox folder icon is offset compared to other icons. The folder part of the icon is more towards the top than all other folder icons. See this image:
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

I know it seems like a small issue, but once I saw this, I can't unsee it, and it annoys the heck out of me

So - I designed a new icon. It is basically the same, but with the position fixed and the Dropbox-logo is a flat design. If anyone is interested, you can grab it here:
Dropbox - dropbox-fixed.ico

It looks perfect when changed - BUT, once you restart the computer, the Dropbox folder icon reverts back to the default. I tried it several times.

So I was wondering if it is possible to change the icon elsewhere. Maybe in the regedit somewhere. I don't know enough about that stuff to mess with it.

Hope someone can help!


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I Used Foobar2000 v 1.3.8 I Think I Like It But I Dont Like Icon.

How Can I Change ?

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My default font has somehow changed to a SUPER small Bernhard Modern font within AOL. For example: the "File-Edit-View-Favorites-Tools-Settings-Help" toolbar, search results, address bar, incoming emails, little grey buttons that say "apply" "cancel" etc.

I have upgraded twice to AOL Desktop 10 but have not succeeded in solving my problem. I have everything set in Windows - Control Panel - Windows Color and Appearance - Advanced Settings.

Once upon a previous version of aol, I found a place to "restore defaults" for fonts and that put my outgoing mail (and other options that I did get changed) back to the same SUPER small Bernhard font.

Any idea how to change the "factory settings" for AOL?

The super small font does show up in IE , Chrome, and in some Windows features sometimes too. It is always present in Norton Anti-virus and in some games. I have gone so far as to delete all the Bernhards from my Windows Fonts folder. That didnt work either.

A:How do I change the original defaults on AOL?

Never mind -- I figured it out. I opened an old spreadsheet today and there was all this tiny bernhard font, but the font box said it was Arial. I look in my font folder and Arial is gone...poof...disappeared!!

I dont know why it chose bernhard. Do you think Microsoft made money off that somehow??

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I am not sure what I pressed on my keyboard, but somehow my Task Manager ended up looking as you can see from the picture below, without its menus. How do I get it back to its original state?

Thank you for your help.

A:How to get Task Manager back to its original screen

Press Ctrl+Page Down several times until you see the network traffic graphs.

Double click on one of the graphs.

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When surfing web and then going back to my homepage (Yahoo) the homepage comes up but its not exactly where I had left it. I then have to scroll down to where I left off.
Not a big deal but it never used to behave like that. I was wondering if there was a fix for this?
I am up to date with Adobe, Java and Windows updates.
I also googled this and found that others have asked about this in the past but there were no solutions.
Thanks for any help or ideas.

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After the Anniversary update Windows 10 Start menu looks cluttered. I like things to the minimal. Is there a way to revert back to the previous windows 10 menu?

A:Get back the original windows 10 start menu

Hi, many people have asked exactly the same question and complained about the new menu.
No, this is by MS design.
1. Revert to the previous build and stay with it. (bad idea for most)
2. Complain to MS and wait a long long time
3. Change to Linux
4. Get a 3rd party start menu

I like 4. There are far far better ones out there. As I have an extensive start menu with folders and subfolders which Win 10's start menu has never handled, I use Classic Shell. Highly configurable, free, can launch apps too, good built-in search. Free..

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No further information at present, simply unable to get out of the loop to complete the process.

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So a little over a year ago I decided I wanted to customize my interface to look like Windows 9x just for fun and kept it that way up until today. So of course during the modification process, I changed a lot of the icons in imageres to the 9x icons. I did this using resource hacker. Now that I'm back to using Aero interface, I'm wondering if there's any way possible I can restore all the icons to the original Windows 7 ones all at once whether it's through a download or a certain program or anything, or would I have to manually replace them through resource hacker again?

A:Changing imageres.dll back to original icons

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Do Option 2 of this tutorial SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker it will not harm any data or programs you have installed it will try to find and repair any corrupt system files that you have. You may need to do this up to 3 times with a reboot after each scan.

Icon Cache - Rebuild

If that does not do it use this Win7 defalt iconpack installer by cutechinu on deviantART and Icon Cache - Rebuild

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After 30 - 40 minutes idling the Win.7, the screen-saver kicked in.

Instead the original web-site I was on before the screen-saver kicked in, there is an icon of Administrator which is me and, ....

'Account locked'
'Switch the user'

After clicking an icon, the original web-site before the screen-saver showing-up.

However, I'm only one using the PC/Win.7, then I do not need to 'switch-user function.'

How to get back the original web-site without seeing 'Switch-users?'

Thanks for any help in advance.

A:How to get back the original web-site without 'Switch User?'

when you first log on, is there more than one option for log on (is there more than one account?)
you could set the screensaver to "never" right click the desktop>personalize>screensaver, set it to none from the dropdown box..

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