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Current laptop models durability/design question

Q: Current laptop models durability/design question

I'm looking into replacing my aging x121e with a newer model later in the the year, that x260 is looking nice, but i have some questions from owners of current models: -Have Lenovo fixed the failed hinge design of the x121e? My previous laptop (x100e) still has faultless hinges, but the x121e has failed hinges on both sides due to a very stupid design choice: They made quite heavy duty hinges but attached them on flimsy plastic standoffs which shattered after about 14 months. My x121e is now held together with lots of electrical tape as the hinge assemblies are entirely free-floating inside the case.-what is the fan noise like? The x100e/x121e have relatively noisy fans as laptops go, though i did limit that especially on the x121e with CPU undervolting and fan control software, enabling it to turn off the fan about 80% of the time under load. have they managed to use quieter fans lately?

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Preferred Solution: Current laptop models durability/design question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello all, this is a more of a generic overall thinkpad question- I had recently ordered a p52s - and turns out it's at least a month before it's delivered, I was wondering what other current thinkpad models actually support 32 gb either via a custom config, or have non soldered slots that will support 32 gb of ram.thanks

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We have a need for a PC that can hold a full length PCI card for a piece of specialty equipment.  The vendor initially sent us some "gaming rig" style PC in a huge case and we're not really wanting to keep that since we prefer to keep everything Dell whenever possible.  I was able to drill out the drive cage on a T3620 and make the card fit, but the sata and usb cables were getting gouged by the card pressing down on them.
Is there an Optiplex currently that has room for such a large PCI card?  We have an older T5500 that it may fit in, but we're cycling those out right now since they are 4+ years old and would prefer a new system for this.  I've not seen a 7040 MT or 7050 MT in person but since they're basically the same as the T3620 I don't think it would fit.
The specs would be basic, just room for the card, an I5, 8GB Ram, 256GB SATA SSD.

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Does anyone know if there is, and how can I contact, a Trade Association that deals with printers?

I have a cheap Lexmark X3480 multi-function printer. I'm happy with the quality for my purposes, and just OK with the cost of cartridges.

However, it is just 14 months old and it has now failed after I inserted a new cartridge - with a "cover open" error message. With just a little research I have found this is a very common problem with this model. I have been advised that an internal switch has broken. I have also been advised by a government sponsored site that this is a durability issue. In that the all goods, including printers should have an 'expected life' and failure before that is 'unreasonable' and durability is an aspect of quality that should be addressed by the maker. They advised that I should contact the appropriate Trade Association to see what they say as to the 'expected life' and then approach the manufacturer and complain.

Thanks for looking, and thanks in advance for your response.

Best wishes, Alan

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What is the relationship between the OSI, DoD, and Internet model Application layers, I mean they are all pulled or based off of OSI, the DoD model does not have a true physical layer. How or what would be the relationship then?

In the OSI model, with what other layers does the Transport layer directly interface?


A:Few question about network layers and the repected models

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Would it be okay to have 1 1GB stick of Crucial RAM with timings of 3-3-3-8 paired with 1 512MB stick of Corsair RAM with timings of 2.5-3-3-8? If so, can I do it in dual channel, or should I stick with single channel?


A:Quick PC-3200 RAM question about running different models

It's probably not going to work but it won't hurt anything to try. My guess is that, since the timings are close, it will either work for a little while but then throw a BSOD or not work at all. As far as dual channel is concerned, you need dual channel modules to run in dual channel mode. So, if one RAM module is not dual channel, it's not going to work.

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I would like to know if there is any Yogo model which supports TPM 2.0.

A:Laptop models with TPM Chip

Please take a look at the psref.  Just briefly looking it looks like the Yoga 730 both 13 and 15 show TPM 2.0.
Hope this helps.

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Hi,What laptop models have a TPM chip. Thanks,Cameron

Go to Solution.

A:Laptop models with TPM Chip

Most ThinkPad models have TPM chip.  Is there a particular model or product line you are asking about?

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I am about to get rid of a laptop that has truly been a nightmare almost since day one. They also did not honor their warranty. I am talking about an HP.
I am looking for responses for the following questions (answer all or just some):

1. What company do you think makes the best laptops and why?

2. Is there a model in particular that is CURRENTLY for sale that you would recommend to someone who is looking for a reliable computer but only uses it for the basics? (However, due to having pictures of family, I would like to have at least 80 gigs of memory) Please use a complete model number.
Forgot to mention that I am on a budget and it needs to be under $1k

3. What company (if any) does NOT outsource its customer service agents? (meaning I want to speak with customer service in the USA if there is a problem or question in the future)

4. What company stands by their products with their warranty? (mine called everything "customer damage" even though it wasn't)

5. I am thinking about buying a Toshiba. Your thoughts on that company?

Thanks so much.

Thread moved to correct forum.

A:Poll Questions about Laptop Companies and Models

1. IBM / Lenono. Build quality.
2. T60 with integrated graphics or an R60.
3. I don't know. This is a tough one, as just about any big company that reaches a certain size outsources. It annoys me just as much as you. When my cable breaks down I have to phone this number and I wind up getting put on hold for ages, then some guy from India who can't seem to speak English properly comes on and says "Just a moment sir" a lot and then puts me back on hold. Makes my blood boil.

4. That's hard to say too. Its definately the case that companies are a lot less on the side of the consumer now. Instead of trying to help you / go the extra mile they seem instead to want to leave you with a broken laptop, as if this is somehow a victory for them. My advice is to go for as budget model, if it breaks down buy something new as opposed to messing around trying to get it fixed.

5. Never owned a Toshiba laptop. If in doubt, try reading a review on your prospective model here:


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Hey everyone

I have a design related question using C++. Im rewriting my paging code (again! I just cant seem to find a nice interface for it!), however there is one thing that has been a little bothering me.

I have two structures defined as follows. Please keep in mind these are hardware structures, so I cannot change the format of any of the structs.

//! page table entry
struct page_pte {

//! page flags
uint8_t m_flags;

//! physical frame address of page (Must be 4K aligned)
uint8_t m_addrLo;
uint16_t m_addrHi;

//! page directory entry
struct page_pde {

//! page directory flags
uint8_t m_flags;

//! base address of page table (Must be 4K aligned)
uint8_t m_addrLo;
uint16_t m_addrHi;
The only difference between these two structures are 3 bits. These 3 bits are reserved in page_pte but are used in page_pde. These bits are inside of the structs flags member.

Because of this, they have practically the same structure, format, everything--and are very interchangeable. The only thing that differs them is those 3 single bits within their flags member.

My question is: Should I combine them into a single data structure, or keep them separate? If I keep them separate, I will be having alot of duplicate routines working on both data structures as they are practically the same. If I combine them, I lose the aspect of object orientation.

What do you think I should do? I have been thinking about this for some time now, and cannot seem to be able to d... Read more

A:Design question - C++

Hi mt2002,

The so-called duplicate routines are not really working on the same data structure, but different instances of nearly identical data structures - not the same.

I would keep them separate, as the 3 reserved bits in the pte are serving a very specific purpose not shared by the pde.

If you were to combine them, the only differentiation would have to be that of the types of each structure, and you would still have to make that determination in the code. It is a trade-off, and the better trade-off is not to introduce confusion when separation of purpose fits the need.

-- Tom

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I want to increase my knowledge of photo/graphic editing tools like ps or ai. But this thing goes in my mind. Whats the future of it like, I mean I am just learning a tool but if it changes/is replaced in the future then I am not a graphic designer any more? what is the base of being a designer, these tools or something else?

Also, is it nice to choose a career as a graphic designer, many close ones against it. I am also good at sketching just so you know. please do suggest me on the tools as well. right now I am going for ps and ai, anything else that can be helpful along with these?

waiting for your responses.

A:question about graphic design

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I am trying to design an application. I have a table of legal cases that I am compiling data on. Each case has 20+ data-points, and each data-point has one of ~200 data-values, and one of ~10 weight-values. I tried creating a table called CASE, with those 40+ fields, each pointing to sub-tables VALUES and WEIGHTS. I was hoping to create a lookup for each field, with the values being automatically loaded by Access. However, there can only be a single relationship btn tables, so this will not work........... any ideas on how to design this application? TIA

A:MS access 2007 design question

bgborkosky, welcome to the Forum. Sorry I missed your question, most Access questions are asked on the Business Software Forum.
If you can provide me with some dummy data I will advise you on the Table layout, you may need a "Linking" Many to Many table.

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Can you apply different design templates to different slides in a presentation and if so how?

A:PowerPoint Design Template Question

Ctrl Click on the slides you want to change, then click on the template you want to use. This works easiest if you're in slide sorter view and the template task pane is open.

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I am...redoing my network. Imagine 400 computers all on the same network (default VLAN1) with multiple multi-cast programs (and our back bone is set up in a line topology instead of a star topology) sharing a router with another building!! yeah, I'm doing a little house work!!

I work for a school district. I have a two questions which answers are independent of each other. Feel free to answer one or the other.

Here is the set up. I am studying for my CCNA. My middle school is having network issues. Our design is all bad. I have redone the physical rewiring and put in a routing switch to manage our intra-network traffic.. Now it has been suggested to me to break up our network into multiple Vlans. Some of our labs have multi-casting software installed and it would be nice to isolate traffic..

Our backbone is all Cisco products. It is a router with a 24 port routing switch attached to it. 3 48 port switches are then attached to the router/switch. <--After my re-wiring!!

We have 2 Class C networks. One of them may be taken away by the state, and one Class C range is not enough ip address for my school. I can either subnet the two addresses into 4 subnets a piece (giving me 8 subnets with 62 addresses a piece) which I can easily use to divide our 5 major computer rooms and teacher computers with, or I can go Private!!!.

I want to go private because I don't want to redo everything and then find out my school is slated to loose an IP range next... Read more

A:Network IP address design question

Class A subnet is probably best suited for such a large network infrastructure. VLAN could also work, with class C addressing for each VLAN port.
How is your AD infrastructure set-up? Is there 1 DC tree or is it more of a forest, with multiple sites and DC's? Do you want them to all interact or share data in some way or keep them all isolated and hidden from sight?

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We are deploying Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise and I recently updated two models:  the Latitude E5540 & Latitude E6530.  On the two laptops I worked both models were very slow.  I updated all the hardware drivers - Nic, Video, Chipset.  We are deploying Windows 10 build 1607.  We are not deploying the Creator's Update - 1703 yet.  Both these laptops are on Dell's compatibility list as being tested.
To secure our laptops we also use Microsoft Bitlocker which makes them even slower.  Has anyone come across issues?

A:Both Latitude E5540 & E6530 laptop models slow after installing Windows 10.

Are they equipped with 8G of RAM?  If not, they're going to be swapping a lot to disc - which will be slow if they're running conventional hard drives rather than SSDs.

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Dear Friends,
Problem : Laptop with HD audio does not play sound in Win XP
Intel has comeup with HD Audio which requires this patch to run in Win XP. I have purchased the above model & was facing this problem. I have found a solution to this problem posted on HP's forum.The link is as follows.

Please install the patch from attachment & then run the audio driver sp33443.exe provided on HP's web site.
Hope this helps people with similar problem.

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I have some question about CD/DVD durability. I mean durability in case of the data still can be read after some long period of time. I have some back up CD, and I have backed them up 4 years ago, and now when I insert the CD to my PC's CD driver, the disc can not be read, some with error message "data is corrupt" or "cyclic redundancy check (CRC fail)", and some CD with partially error (I mean, suppose the CD contains 3 data: A,B,C; Data A can not be read, but data B and data C is still can be read.)
Note: I'm sure my PC CD/DVD driver is still in good condition.

The question:
Do you know how long the durability of a CD? And do you know how long the durability of a DVD?
What is the best media storage for store or back up data?
And if I'm using harddisk portable, is it safer to back up data in it rather than using CD or DVD?
When we burn files to CD/DVD, does the write-speed means anything to the durability of the data? I mean, if we use faster speed when burning, does it cause the data being written become less durable rather than use slower speed?

Thanks in advance.

A:CD/DVD Durability

answer to your 4th point is YES. You should burn at lower speeds.

if you maintain cd's and dvd's, if they are not used many times, they should go for around 10 years.

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I'm in the process of creating a db and appear to have thought I knew more than I really do. The db currently has one table:


I need a second table (yet to be correctly designed!) which will contain equipment info:

Table2.????? - this should match Table1.DptKey

How I foresaw this working for me was to have a form where the enduser could enter in the equipment information, the employee info is already entered. I tried getting fancy and creating a query to allow for a drop down box that only showed all employees in Table1 that were NOT already in Table2. Within this form the I want(ed) to show the employee name and location, which are informational and not part of Table2, as this will be more intuitive to the end user than the Table1/Table2.DptKey.

I've tried to get this working a few different ways and can't seem to get it to function correctly. I don't know if it's because want I want to do can't be done or if it can and I'm doing some piece of it incorrectly? And I've now tried so many different things I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

My SQL is stronger than my VBA and I've been trying to solve this via queries/forms/web resources/chicken bones etc.

Can anyone tell me if what I want to do is doable or not? if so, how? I know that I want to ... Read more

A:MS Access03 design/form/query question

I didn't read your entire post yet (welcome to the site ), but I wanted to mention that the foreign key in your second table should have the same name as the primary key in the first table. In other words,

Should be

You'd then join the two tables in a 1-to-many relationship on that field by opening the Relationships window for the database, displaying both tables, dragging the foreign key from the second table onto the primary key of the first, and clicking Enforce Referential Integrity in the Edit Relationships window.

I'm going to say, never put spaces in any object names (not that you have). You should adopt a naming convention. Here's a pretty common convention.

Also check out The Ten Commandments of Access.

Some good resources:

The Access Web
AccessVBA (in particular, check out the FAQ forum)​
I feel like I ran right over that. If you have more questions, post back please.



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Hi , I have been asked to make some flyers for a friend and I was wondering what the best way to split an a4 page in photoshop cs3 is. I want to get about 6 per page but im not sure how to do it exactly. Ive tried dragging an actual size jpeg template of a flyer onto the a4 sized new template but it looks tiny.
Can anyone help please ?

A:Solved: Photoshop flyer design question

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I'm expanding my home network and would like to ensure the approach below will work before I sink money and effort into the project (or worse, my wife laughs at me). I've done quite a bit of searching on the internet and can't seem to find a detailed "how-to" that applies, I suppose because of the sheer variety of configurations. I have experience setting up a simple home network of four computers, but nothing beyond that.

My current computer equipment is primarily in the basement and on the first floor. It all connects in through a Linksys Cable/DSL router with 8-port switch (BEFSR81 ver 3.1) which is housed in my basement. Although it took a bit of tinkering to set up, everything has been going smoothly for the last year or so. All of the computers run Windows Vista or Windows XP. One of the computers uses VPN to connect to work.

Now for the change. We're currently converting our attic into a working 3rd floor which will have an office and kid's bedroom, both of which need internet access. The primary uses will be web and email, with some light webcam applications. There are a number of open walls now due to plumbing changes, so I'm thinking I should go ahead and set up a wired network. I've figured out where to physically run all of the wires and already know how to install Ethernet wall jacks.

My main questions have to do with how to best connect the router in the basement to the Ethernet jacks in the 3rd floor rooms.

... Read more

A:Solved: Home Network Design Question

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Hi guys, this seems like a great forum! I'm hoping that you can give me hand setting up a good partition design for my machine. First of all here are my system specs:

Asus Zenbook: UX32A-DH31-CA
500GB HD 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive

The machine shipped with Windows 8 and I decided to downgrade. Last night I reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimatex64 after following the instructions on the Windows 8 forum: Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

This was successful, but I would to configure the machine differently and would like to get some advice if what I have in mind is a good idea.

Currently the machine has Windows 7 loaded on to the SSD, C:. The System Reserved partition is on the HD (designated as Z: ), and the remainder of the HD is NTFS formatted and partitioned as D:

What I am thinking of doing is this:
I would like to do is partition my SSD into 2 partitions, 1 for the OS and 1 for the System Reserve. It's my understanding that this will speed up boot times? The only subsequent programs I would install on the SSD is Windows Office 2010.

For the HD I would like to create 2 partitions:
1 for programs and 1 for data.

Does this seem like a good idea? What step am I missing after I clear my drives to get the System Reserve files to install on to the SSD? - It automatically created the partition on my HD last night. Does installing Office 2010 on the SSD make sense, or should I just keep all of my programs on the D: as space ... Read more

A:Windows 7 Ultimatex64 Partition Design Question

That 24gb SSD is for a page file cache to speed up the HD. However we have had cases here where we helped users install WIn7 onto it.Nevertheless it is seriously limited since Programs benefit most from SSD speed and how many can you fit on the head of a pin?

If you want to try then I'd get rid of the System Reserved partition so boot relies only on the SSD speed. Post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk mgmt drive map with listings, using Snipping Tool in Start menu.

Then I'd install your most important programs to C and the rest along with the data to D. Copy User folders to D then rightclick each to link to related Library - Include a Folder leaving the emptied C folder so you can see anything that lands in it and drag to D.

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I currently run Outlook 2003 ( and office 2003) on my Windows XP laptop at my office.
I would like to set up a second pc at home and have seamless access to outlook, my folders, files... How can i do this? what are my options?



A:Design Question: Sharing outlook in multi locations

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would a burnt vibatim dvd/cd last longer than a factory pressed one?

basically if i backup one of my legit store bought software onto a vibatim cd/dvd, would the vibatim copy last longer than the original?
i've always thought that with factory pressed disc, since the data is literally "press" onto a cd/dvvd it should last longer than if you burnt it onto something like vibatim, however recently some of my older dos cd games like wing commander II and earthsiege are beginning to show signs of deterioration, not literally but the silver "dye" part of the cd looked as if alot of ants have been chewing on it, and some of the other cds simply began to go a little more "yellow-ish" on the dye part as well, now i've been thinking weather to just let them be or if i should back them all up onto some vibatim discs, and i can't help but wonder weather factory press cds are really reliable at all.

many thanks for the help.


I'd expect commercial disks to long outlast PC-burnt ones, but burning a copy (when not infringing copyright by doing so) may give you a useful, temporary backup.
I've got quite a few commercial disks over 10 years old which still play faultlessly - in fact I've only ever had one commercial CD go bad and no DVD's.
Disks can be affected by various environmental and storage factors. Give the subject a quick Google and you'll find loads of guidance.

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I'm curious about the growing crop of ultra low-end laptops, tablets, and convertibles which use eMMC for the system drive. My understanding is that this is basically a more mature type of flash storage - essentially an SD card soldered to the motherboard - interfaced in such a way as to make the OS see it as a fixed drive. This approach seemed to work well on smaller devices like smartphones that are not constantly writing to the system drive ... but Windows?

Background: I have long been enamored with portable applications (PortableApps) - software that can run without installation, and leaving little-to-no trace on the host system. The prototype use of this type of software is to run the apps directly from a USB flash drive. The traditional caution is to reduce operations that write to that flash drive. Too many write operations on a slow storage device will bog things down, and will eventually slow down and wear out the flash drive. So if you're using a portable web browser, for instance, you want to turn off the web page cache so that things run totally in RAM.

Similarly if you're running an OS on a flash drive (e.g. Windows To Go ... or anything else [Linux, etc]) you also want to minimize write operations to the booted drive. Turn off the pagefile, scheduled defrag, and so forth.

Which brings me back to this whole idea of running Windows on a laptop which uses eMMC as the system drive. Bearing in mind everything above - how do these actually perform, and how do they ... Read more

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I'm just learning about buses and it's my understanding that the system bus combined the data bus, address bus and control bus. According to wikipedia the system bus isn't used any more and the front side bus is popular. I don't really understand, what is a front side bus?

A:What's the difference between the system bus design and front-side bus design?

Google is your friend... really!

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I'm a graphic design student and looking for a new laptop. There are so many out there and I'm not too sure which is the best one to get (not a mac!). I currently have 17.3" Compaq which is old and slow so looking for an upgrade.
I need something that won't lag when doing large drawings and that has the best possible display.
Should i stay with a 17inch or go for a 15? Also i'm not sure of I should get a 2 in 1 for the drawing aspect, but if I do will it work well with Photoshop and other drawing softwares??

Thanks to anyone who can help me out

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I purchased HP 15 Notebook PC, 11 months back.  Last week i was unable to open the laptop lid. The hinge needed replacement. The problem was resolved by the service center. When i was in the service center 2 more persons had come for the same type of problem in their HP laptops. Kindly look into this and study for design fault if any.

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Hello my forum members!

Today, I was wondering about the Windows 8 To Go. I've done it on a USB flash drive and performance was ok. It booted up pretty quick, general usability was great as long as I wasn't installing something and trying to Photoshop at the same time. Other than the space issue, it was ok.

But ok isn't enough.

So I was wondering, I could do a Windows To Go drive on an external hard drive since the transfer speeds between flash and hard drive is like three times faster than flash on USB 2.0. There then comes the question, how durable are external hard drives for portability? I know they have their faults, and I have experienced those faults. But would you think external hard drives could last a year or so in a Windows 8 To Go set up?


A:External hard drive durability

Aren't constant writes a bad for thumb drives? I would think an external hard drive would outlast a thumb drive in that respect. How well it does being banged around in your backpack is another matter though. Powered down with the heads parked I would think it should be pretty resilient to the odd bump. I've been tempted to setup a Windows to go install myself. The largest thumb drive I have is 16 GB and its in use for something else. I do have an old 80 desktop drive in a USB enclosure that could be used. I might have a go at this this weekend and see if its any good.

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I am considering a Yoga 710.  I just read a long post about people hating it because it is so noisy.  No one ever mentions it on Amazon or Best Buy; how big a problem is it? I have broken the screen on my old Toshiba 3 times in my backpack.  Switched to a Chromebook and haven't had a problem in several years.  Is the Yoga screen sturdy? Any other comments on it would be great.  I am probably going to get this or a Macbook Air at almost twice the price; I would like to save money, but not if i am going to hate it.  (Any other suggestions in an 11.6" or so) Thanks.

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I purchased a Plextor PX-716 DVD writer on March 26 of this year and it died this morning.

This triggered a memory: A friend of mine and myself purchased CD writers in 1995. (when you could buy a cheap used car with what one of those things cost) He got a Plextor and I got a Sony (sold under the Smart and Friendly name.

His crapped out at 13 months (one month out of warranty) and my Sony was still working seven years when I retired it.

With these two Plextor experiences, I am now wondering about the brand's durability. I have burned about 25 CDs and about 20 DVDs and now it's dead.
What is your experience with Plextor?
How long have you had it?
Have you had a similar experience you can tell me about?

Product reviewers such as Tom's Hardware are no good on this question because they don't test their durability--only current performance.

A:Durability/Longivity of Plextor DVD Writers?

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1st, Thanks for looking at this post, 2nd, I am in need of some advice here.

Problem ! I am a hard-core gamer and love FRAGGING like everyone else here BUT I am also a Professional Driver for a Good Company that gives its drivers a little leyway in equiping our trucks.
Presently, I have a POS HP laptop and a 350 watt inverter, I know, not much for gaming is it :blush: . So, since I've built my own systems for Home use for a long time now, I came up with this idea.

I bought me a 5000 watt inverter and am thinking of building a Mid-tower computer for over the road use only, Heres my present list of parts that I have on hand now that I could build with :
AMD 64 3800+
2 gigs of ram
MSI Neo4 Platinum MOBO
2 Cd-Rom Drives
1 SONY 17in LCD monitor

I have no case as of yet cause heres the problem, Is it much better to buy a Shuttle SFF like the SN25P and lose all the extra pci buses that I can use or find me a case that I can use ?

Before answering, I was also thinking , some time down the road I might go with a Dual CPU like the 4800+, so that leaves me with a difficult choise here.

Really, I dont think it's a problem but I am leaning towards a Full Mid-Tower design. What if any suggestions do you guys think ?

A:Laptop, SFF or Mid-Tower Design ? Need some advice here

If you're gonna be lugging this system around with you, I dont see how much benefit you'll get from extra PCI slots. I'm not sure how smooth your ride is, but I'm fairly certain I wouldnt want to run my PC around in a truck all day. To be honest if anything I'd be considering an Alienware laptop (alienware.com) as you can also get a PCMCIA cellular card for fraggin over the net, and have a lot less cable mess cluttering up your cab.

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I am looking to buy a new laptop and would appreciate help in determining the best one for my needs. My main use of the laptop will be for graphic design and video editing. I do not want a Mac, even though I know those are great for design. I know it probably seems ridiculous that I do design and video editing but know little about the specs of computers but it's true. Here is what I need:

I will be working from the Adobe Creative Suite in Photoshop and other programs doing Graphic Design, as well as video editing. Ideally I know I would like these 3 things in a laptop (but do not know what else it should have or what kind would be the best for me)... Memory: 4GB Processor: an intel duos of some sort (NOT a celeron) Screen size: above 15" Also, I know the good laptops are in the thousand dollar range but I can only afford to spend $600.

Thank you so much to anyone who can help!

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To make a long story short, needed a computer ASAP as was in a pinch! Bought a monster of a PC on craiglist, used it for its computing power and got the job done.. Computer was never turned on again, THIS WAS OVER A YEAR AGO..
To be honest I completely forgot about it until I stumbled across it again in a dusty corner..
To get a solid ROI on this pc I want to start using it but have some concerns before I start using it as my daily driver.. 
1. How do I confirm/verify there is no spyware, keyloggers installed on this machine?  Worried the kid who sold it to me may have installed RAT's or other malicious spying type of software on it...
2. Is there a way or program to that will check the HDD's life or health status?  This machine has 2 HDD's on it, main is 350gb and secondary is 500gb's.  I would like to dump my lifes work from 3 external USB drives(50gb, 80gb, and 120gb) onto this machine for safe keeping/backup and then reformat my external drives, and dump the "cleaned" up data back on to them. 
3. I think thats pretty much it right?  Unless yall can think of something else i need to know/do? 
Please advise!
p.s.  O/S is Windows 7 but that pesky Win 10 update keeps flashing and so I clicked on it and who knows by tomorrow morning it may be on WIN 10..  fingers crossed! 

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Hi, I have recently ordered the  ThinkPad X1 Yoga (2nd Gen) - Customized order, and will be delivered on 15 Dec 2017 in USA. Config Details: 1. Windows 10 pro2. 16GB RAM3. 1TB HDD4. OLED touch5. other default config There are several questions, Lenovo expert please answer correctly. - below are Typical questions 1. Can use this laptop for rough and tough - is it compact  and durable ?  I may run multiple  Virtual Machines using virtual box or vmware.2. Can install Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu OS) in a dual boot along side windows 10 pro - is there a scope of heatsink sustainability or spoils and makes noise?3. is Battery Life improved, errors rectified? - this is 4 cells type - i see ok answers from reviews4. All the hardware, software problems are fixed since Jan'2017 product release and compitable with softwares  

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I've had a HP 8160 desktop for almost 7 years. The 3,600 RPM hard drive is a Quantum Bigfoot CY6480 with 6.03 GB of space. The processor is an Intel Pentium w/MMX type with a speed of 233 MHz(overclocked to 262 MHz). There are 4 - 32 MB modules of EDO RAM(which is the maximum supported amount for the ASUS TX97-XV mobo). I upgraded it from Windows 95 OSR2 to Windows 98SE a few years ago. It has run okay over the years, but it has gotten very slow, given the increased load from all the apps that have become memory-hungry.

I would like to have a new desktop built from scratch with a new 7,200 RPM hard drive and with a single partition. What would be involved in order to transfer the entire contents of my present hard drive onto the new hard drive so I can keep everything that I already have and not start from scratch?

A:A Question About My Current Hard Drive

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I was attempting to fix up some unnecessary registry when I accidentally deleted HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/wow6432node (my pinky slipped onto the delete key). I tried researching this on my own, but everyone that did this seemed to have issues using programs after doing this; however, everything's working fine for me. I just restarted my computer and noticed that the folder has come back, only with a folder for Windows though (it used to have other ones).
So my question is:
Should I take any action on this, or just leave it be? I'm concerned as to what might happen, but the folder coming back on its own reassured me that the problem might actually take care of itself.
Any responses would be appreciated.

*Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit.

A:Question on wow6432node for the Current User?

Hello ChachaSlide, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Since everything seems to be fine, then I wouldn't worry about it to much. If you like, you could do a system restore using a restore point (if available) dated before you deleted it to undo the deletion.

Hope this helps,

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I did a clean install of 64-bit Win 7 on my Sony Vaio a few months ago, which worked fine. However, there are a number of issues I've had with drivers/etc because it's the 64-bit version. I don't have those problems on another laptop that I installed the 32-bit version on. I know there are some work-arounds and/or other drivers/software that will sometimes work, but I just don't see the benefit of 64-bit for what I do and don't want to have to bother with making it work.

I want to do a new clean install of Win 7 on my Vaio, this time using the 32-bit disk. My question is: am I going to have a problem with registering this online since I've previously registered it in its 64-bit version? (I don't have any unused licenses available from my family 3-pack.) It's the exact same PC/CPU/etc...just changing the OS from 64-bit to 32-bit.

If it will be a problem because it's already registered, can you tell me how to change it/unregister the old one?

A:Installing 32-bit Win 7 on current 64-bit Win 7 Licensing Question

Hello Jerry,

As long as you have any previously installed version using that product key number uninstalled or deleted, then you will be able to use it on your Vaio. If it will not activate online normally, then you coud activate by phone instead.

Hope this helps,

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Hi. Recently my dad accidentally fell victim to some Security Tools 2010 on our computer. I was about to follow a specified procedure to remove the infection when I got carried away and chose a System Restore point. It seems to have made the rogue anti-spyware go away (had the computer go back a few days). I then proceeded to scan the computer using Malware Bytes Anti Malware and it found nothing. Then used a double-check tool called rkill which also found nothing.

In Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP3.

Would it be safe to say I'm... safe?

A:Have a question about my computer's current safety

Well, there could still be traces (files) of it on your drive.You could do a simple search for it:1. Start > Search > For files and folders > All files and folders > "Security Tools"2. From the search results, select the application file, right-click and choose 'Open Containing Folder'.3. Now that you know the location of the "Security Tools" folder, navigate to it using "My Computer".4. Once you get to the folder, rename it to something else and then hit the DELETE key!(If the above doesn't work in the normal Windows mode, try the SAFE mode)I then proceeded to scan the computer using Malware Bytes Anti Malware and it found nothing. Then used a double-check tool called rkill which also found nothing.Do add SuperAntiSpyware to your arsenal.My 2 Cents.

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I'm going to be purchasing a new work laptop, and I'm looking for some help deciding what to get. My budget is around $700, although if the specs are good enough, I think my boss will go a bit higher. (Still under $1000) I'm not interested in a mac.

I work mostly with Adobe programs, photoshop, indesign. I don't do any video editing, although I would like the ability to do that in the future.

I did a bit of research and I think I need either i5 or i7 processor, and probably full hd 1920x1080p. I was also reading about accurate color reproduction, which is important because most of my marketing is print.

Thanks for your input!

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I am coming to my TechSpot family for some advice. I realize that this may not be the realm of experience for the majority of us due to the nature of the specific need but I decided to give it a shot.

Long story short: My son will be entering community college this fall and will be pursuing an A.A. degree in Digital Design and then move on to a 4 year institution (he has been accepted into Drexel University in Philadelphia but my wife and I don't have $230 thousand!). The core courses he will be doing are Color & 2D Design, Graphic Design, Art with Computers, Web Graphics & Animation, and Web Page Design. I do know he must have access to Adobe Flash CS5 and there will be animation software involved but I have not been able to find out anything else -- I've tried. I doubt he'll be doing 3D Rendering during this time and even if he does the college's systems will have to do. So it looks like he will mostly be doing 2D Illustration/Animation.

I am going back and forth of a) either building a good solid home system (his current one is a 5+ year old socket 939 with an Athlon 64 single core cpu and XP Pro) and getting him a mid-range laptop OR b) putting the money into a laptop with an i7 processor, 6-8 gigs of RAM, and a dedicated card. In my opinion Option A makes more sense because I will build in order to upgrade as needed but as my son has pointed out to me that in two years he will be moving on and dorm life isn't actually ideal for ... Read more

A:Digital design degree: desktop or laptop?

Well, for digital imaging you really should have an IPS monitor. That said, unless you're going to spring for a Macbook Pro, I don't definitely know what other lappies have them.

Other than that, I was in Phila Community College a few years back, and one of the security guards was robbing high end photo imaging and computer equipment from the labs. Maybe your area, has a better class of individual.

The school terminals left something to be desired also, can't speak to nowadays though.

Personally, I wouldn't spend more for a laptop than I could afford to lose. But, I have the luxury of not even really needing the $300.00 Celeron laptop I have. That sort of nulls the validity of my opinion.

Anyway, if you decide to go for a home machine, look at the Intel Core i5-2500 as a basis. PC World Magazine tested a couple of souped up desktops with that CPU. They turned in "World Bench" scores of over 200!

(Granted you have to have been following "World Bench" test scores for a while to have the s*** impressed out of you like I did.

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Computer fails to start completely. New condition and barely used. Completely undamaged. Specialist says poor design of laptop means that the battery has oveheated the APU unit and is broken. Since the APU and motherboard are inseparable i must replace whole motherboard, but do not know how to achieve this. I have built my own personal computer but have little experience with laptop hardware. 

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I just received an E6420 billed as an i7-2720QM, 4 Core CPU.  I'm almost certain that when I viewed the BIOS it also identified as such.  
I upgraded the BIOS from A01 to A05, and then form A05 to A24.  Now, the machines current configuration identifies the CPU as an i7-2640M 2 core CPU, but with a -4 appendix, as if the machine knows it has 4 cores.  I would like to know once and for all what I actually have without disassembly. 
Service Tag <Service tag removed>
Thank You

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Hi guys,
I've been fooling around with audio editing lately, and I'm just curious if Audacity's a good addition to a computer that has Sound Forge 10 Audio Studio installed. Will the difference in features between the two take care of different things? Or is it just kind of a repeat? Many thanks.


A:question about adding Audacity to my current configuration

I don't have Sound Forge 10 Audio Studio. (looks like a really cool program). Should have good Sony support. I use Audacity for editing and making mp3's and mp4's it is simple and works.The Audacity support is a forumI think I would use the Sony if I had it.

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Apparently, I'm using quite an old version of Internet Explorer, my sister just told me. My question is, do I have to download each upgrade one at a time....or can I just download IE 6 without any problems?

If I can simply download IE 6, do I have to first uninstall my current IE? And (this is a dumb question) but IE 6 covers all the updates of the previous version's service packs, right?

Thanks in advance for your help!


A:Question regarding upgrading IE from my current 5.00.2314.1003 version

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Wix.com works with HTML5. Seems to me  like that program is too much for the laptop and can't process it.
When I called WIX tech support they told me that all programs in my computer (like Internet Explorer, my system, Flash Player, etc,) they were all too old, and that was why nothing worked.
Of couse, those were techs in Phillipines or something, you can hardly trust them, thI doubt they are  real techs, especially since I built another website with WIX before with no problems and with the same computer.
So my question is: what kind of thing can be causing the HTML5 program to freeze?
I'll appreciate if you tell me waht shoul I upgrade (sending this info in case it helps)
Operating System
 Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2
 Intel Core Duo T2350 @ 1.86GHz 80 °C
 Yonah 65nm Technology
 2.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 264MHz (4-4-4-12)
 Generic PnP Monitor ([email protected])
 Intel Mobile Intel 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family (Toshiba)
 Intel Mobile Intel 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family (Toshiba)
 111GB TOSHIBA MK1237GSX ATA Device (SATA) 49 °C
Optical Drives
 Realtek High Definition Audio

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Im wanting to know a good prgram to build banners, crop images, change background image colors, and create different styles of text with curves and such. Culd someone please tell me what software to purchase. Im just learning so i need something not too hard to understand. I have searched on the net but havent found much. A person made the banner below and i would liek to make something like this. please let me know. I would liek to know how this person did the font or text. and how they did all of the work on it. And what software is required to do this

A:graphic design and logo design

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