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Cannot activate Bluetooth on Tecra R840

Q: Cannot activate Bluetooth on Tecra R840

Hello, can someone help?

Tecra R840, BIOS 4.1, Win 7 64bit, everything up to date.

Bluetooth can not be activated. The driver offered are instaliert, Bt is in the BIOS to enable. However, the lamp does not come on.
In the SysStrg no error message, everything is OK.

Where is my thoughts error?
In addition, wireless can not FN + F8 turn -but that is rather unimportant, it just amazes me.

I also find a faint image of Toshiba: no German manual and in English
Version is suddenly still the 850s talk.

best regards

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Preferred Solution: Cannot activate Bluetooth on Tecra R840

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)



just a silly question: what is the maximum RAM I can install in a R840-16J.
I have 2x 4 GB now but I wish I could have more....


A:Re: Max RAM in Tecra R840-16J

You cannot have more. Maximum is 8GB.
You can use 2 x PA3918U-1M4G.

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there is a 256 GB SSD in the Tecra R840-116 Notebook. I would like to know the manufacturer of this SSD. Does someone know which Type of SSDs Toshiba uses in its Tecra Notebooks?


A:Tecra R840-116 - Type of SSD

Hi spf317,

The Tecra R840-116 uses a Toshiba SSD drive with 2.5? form factor and 9.5mm height.

Do you need more information?

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Can anyone recommend a supplier in the UK for a new Tecra R840 11E battery?

Many thanks

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Toshiba Techra R840 will not turn on; have tried the recommended battery removal process and hard reboot which does not help. I have reseated the ram and tried an external display to no avail.The power light (yellow) and battery light (orange) come on and remain on when the power cord is plugged in, and the light second from the right flashes when I press the power up button (it looks like audio or signal out symbol?) But there is nothing at all - no sound, no screen activity whatsoever, no noise, no fans nothing. It is 2-3 years old but rarely used. Thanks for any advice.

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sorry again, but I really need some help with this?
My new ssd (arriving in a couple of days) is a Plextor M5P which is 7mm thick! My Tecra R840-16J have a 9.5 mm thick hdd and for what I saw there is no caddy!
I would appreciate all the tips to install the ssd in my Tecra!

Thanks for you time,


A:Tecra R840 - Need help with SSD installation

Hello Paulo

As far as I know some models are offered with HDD and some with SSD these models offered with SSD have small SSD holder. SSD is fixed with 4 screws into this holder.

I really don?t know how to help you now. Maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. I think they can check part number of this holder or maybe order one for you.

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Hi everyone,

this is my first post here!
I'm from portugal and I bought a R840-16J two months ago. I choose this model because had all the specs I wanted (I run Toshiba laptops since 1997...and my first one still works!) except one: it did not have a SSD. Since I could not custom make my laptop I bought it with a 500 GB 7200rpm hdd,
The only upgrade I could make (and I made it) was to install an extra 4 GB RAM module.

I would like to install a SSD now (with the same capacity...).

My questions:

1- do you recommend me any special brand/model ?
2- what the steps I need to make to have a proper installation ?
3- I have installed lots of sw that I need (Office, PS, and lot of astronomy specific sw I use). Do I need to re-install all these or is there any solution to "clone" my HDD to the ssd?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated :-).


A:SSD upgrade for a Tecra R840-16J

> 1- do you recommend me any special brand/model ?

I would not recommend an specific model or manufacturer? I think it?s always a matter of price-performance ratio. I recommend you to search for some benchmark tests and reading some SSD drive test on different tech websites.
Then you can choose the best SSD drive for you? I mean it does not need to be the best and the expensive one?

> 2- what the steps I need to make to have a proper installation ?

This is the same procedure like HDD upgrade.
Check this nice HowTo from Toshiba:
Tecra R840 & Satellite R840 HDD Replacement Procedure

> 3- I have installed lots of sw that I need (Office, PS, and lot of astronomy specific sw I use). Do I need to re-install all these or is there any solution to "clone" my HDD to the ssd?

You can install everything again on new SSD drive or you will create an image:
You can use an option included in Win 7:
Click on Start go to Getting Started and then select Back up your files.
Next click on the Create a system image hyperlink.
Now you can choose where you want to save the image. You can choose an external HDD, burn to multiple DVD?s, or store it on a network location.
When you would like to restore the image, you will be able to use the System Recovery Options to get the system back. To get system recovery option you have to boot the Win 7 press F8 have to choose repair my computer. In this window y... Read more

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I recently bought a Toshiba-reconditioned laptop Tecra R840-15K. I cannot find this model anywhere on the Toshiba site. When I enter the serial number Tosh. tells me that it's not found.

My questions:
a. Is this a genuine machine or a fake?
b. I want to upgrade the HD; the current HD is 2.5" x 7mm. Can I fit a 9.5mm 2.5" instead?

Thanks for any help.

A:Re: Tecra R840-15K not recognised

Fake? How can it be fake?
At the Toshiba sticker you can find model number (PT42GE) and if you visit Toshiba support page you can find this notebook model.

And yes you can use 9,5 mm HDDs.

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I have a Tecra R840-17R which has a mouse Accupoint controller stick in the centre of the keyboard, much like the old IBM Thinkpads. The problem is, while cleaning the keyboard the blue rubber Accupoint cap popped off and disappeared.

I have been on to Toshiba and also Topaz [who are supposed to be the parts support crowd] and sent a photograph of the little item and I have been told that you cannot but the Accupoint cap on its own.

If you want to replace the cap you have to buy a complete new keyboard and remove the cap. I guess they also mean that you throw away the new keyboardwhen you have removed the cap and refitted it to your original keyboard. This is on a two month old Tecra.

I have written a snotty letter back to Toshiba telling them that as a customer for the last 10 years of Toshiba laptops I am very angry that for a 10 cent rubber cap they are happy to see me take my future business elsewhere. I will probably buy either Dell or if I can stretch the budgets a bit, Mac books.

Just on the off chance however I thought that maybe some-one can suggest where I could get a replacement Accupoint cap ?
Regards, parkman

A:Need Accupoint cap for my Tecra R840-17R


Please don?t be mad on me but why do you make it so complicated? I had the same problem few years ago with my old Tecra. The small cap was pretty dirty and I wanted to have new one.

Few mouse clicks on eBay and two days later I had it.
Can you do the same?

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I am wondering whether anyone can give me some advice about replacing the screen on my Tecra R840 laptop.

The screen is described as follows:
14? Toshiba HD non-reflective High Brightness [1366 x 768] LED backlight screen.

I would like to find out if it is possible to do a straight replacement of this screen with a high gloss version ?

I would prefer the high gloss screen because it seems easier to read the detail on the screen when the outside light is very bright. Just before there are any advisories about the screen brightness, the level is already turned to maximum brightness.

I have already asked a screen supplier in London [I am based in the UK] who said that there should really be no problem, once the resolution figures are the same with a replacement high gloss screen.

Perhaps, some-one could let me know if this is straight forward ?


A:Screen replcement on Tecra R840

Hi parkman

It is not easy to help you with this and it is not easy to pick up some useful info about that.
Goggling around I found out that Toshiba uses two different displays on this Tecra model.

What could be interesting for you is display used on Tecra R840-110 . On this model Toshiba uses 14? HD+ glossy display with 1600x900 pixels resolution.

Maybe this one will be the right one for you.
I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help or some god advice.

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I'm using Windows 8 Enterprise in a Tecra R840.
I had no problems installing it. Everything but three devices installed correctly.
I list below the ones that weren't installed:
- BT
-3G Modem
-Fingerprint Sensor

BT and Fingerprint Sensor were installed with the Windows 7 drivers and work just fine.
The 3G modem installed correctly but the connection is detected as a LAN connection not dial-up. So I can't connect and it keeps saying to plug a cable.

Is there any one that had the same problem?
Will this laptop get support for Windows 8?

Thanks in advance

A:Tecra R840-16J - Windows 8 3G Driver


I think you have to wait for Win 8 drivers.
I don?t see any other option for you yet?

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when viewing videos on my Tecra R840 I have sometimes a bluescreen with the driver atikmpag.sys.

This happens not everytime but very often - about one out of four times or so.

The bluescreen mostly occurs at the start of the video - but sometimes also at the end.

In the download area for my Tecra there is only one display driver from May 2012 - which I have installed.

I have Windows 7 64 Bit, 8 GB RAM and the AMD Radeon HD 6450M.

Does someone have a hint for me?

Thanks a lot in advance


A:Tecra R840 - atikmpag.sys causes bluescreen


Because this issue does not appear always but sometimes, it would be very difficult to replicate this BSOD and therefore it would not be very easy to say why the BSOD appears.

Fact is that atikmpag.sys file belongs to the graphic card driver.
It looks like the graphic card driver crashes and therefore the BSOD occurs.
But why?

I?ve got two different theories:
1) the graphic card driver is not fully compatible with newest installed software, tools (games), etc?but the point is that Toshiba driver page does not provide any newer GPU drivers for this notebook model. The other point is that the same driver version worked properly in the past and I?m wondering why the same driver should not work properly now if it worked correctly in the past.

2) my 2nd theory is that the BSOD appears due to higher internal GPU temperature. The higher temperature is mostly a reason for system crashes and also responsible for graphic card issues.

Did you try to reinstall/recover the system? No?
I would recommend you doing this using the Toshiba recovery disk. This procedure should be done always in case of system problems.

I recommend you also to clean the cooling modules using compressed air spray. This would help you to get rid of dust. Dust is mostly a reason if it comes to higher temperature inside the notebook.

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Tecra R840-10T (PT429E-00M007EP)
Can anyone tell me if the DVD drive is IDE or SATA? I'm assuming SATA but i'd like to know without a phillips drive and none of the specs pages i found mentions it.

A:Tecra R840-10T: What interface supports ODD

Maybe i'm wrong, i spotted "IDE" in some device properties. Different caddy then.

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Just to ask about SATA compatibility! Is my R840-16J SATA III capable?


A:Is Tecra R840-16J SATA III capable?


SATA-III was introduced in the Sandy Bridge chipset (Intel Series 6 with 2nd generation Core i CPU's).
The notebook seems to be equipped with the Mobile Intel(R) QM67 Express Chipset.
These chipset supports SATA 6 Gbit/s for 2 Ports and 3 Gbit/s for 4 Ports.

But the SATA controller is also down compatible? so you could use SATA III SSD drive or HDD in connection with SATA II controller too.

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I've installed a Plextor M5P 512 GB ssd in my Tecra R840-16J! I'm very happy with it :-)
I restore the laptop to the factory state using the Recovery DVDs I created before! Now I've 2 copys and a 16 GB USBFlash with an extra copy! So I can restore it to the factory state anytime I want!

But I would like to remove the partitions allocated to this!
In my SSD I've 3 partitions craeted after the recovery (please se the image): http://imageshack.us/a/img827/4873/34012663.jpg

Which of then may I delete?

Thanks a lot,

A:Tecra R840 - What partitions may I delete?

First partition (1.4GB) is created automatically by Win 7 and there are some files used by Win 7 in case you would need to repair the system or set system back to early time point.
The second C partition is common system partition containing the Win 7 OS.
The last partition is recovery partition containing the recover files.
The recovery files are needed to create a recovery disk. Furthermore the recovery partition allows you to recover the notebook without the usage of recovery disk (HDD recovery option)

I would not recommend deleting or changing any partition UNTIL you would not create the Recovery Disk.
Create recovery disk and then you could modify the HDD partitions? theoretically you could delete the last HDD recovery partition if you have already created the recovery disk.

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I want to make a fresh. clean instal of win7 Pro in my Tecra R840-16J (a BSOD appeared only 6 months after I bought it!). I will install a SSD too!

Could anyone tell me how to do it? (I mean, what drives should I have to hel installation? I've downloaded al the 48 drives and Aps for my model when using win7 64bit.


A:Tecra R840-16J - Win 7 fresh install - How?


Install the drivers software in following order:

Windows 7 64bit

USB-Serial Driver V1.3.0
PlayReady PC Runtime 1.3
Infineon TPM Software Professional Package 3.60.2071.00
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
Intel Management Engine Interface
Intel AMT Software
AMD Display Driver 8.801.2.1-101225a-111146C-Toshiba
TOSHIBA Intelligent Display Management v1.0.2.0M
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
Realtek Audio Driver
Intel LAN Driver 15.7
USB3.0 Driver
ALPS Pointing Device Driver v7.x6.303.106_A
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
O2Micro Smart Card Reader Driver
TOSHIBA Value Added Package 1.4.1
Ricoh Card Reader
Intel Wireless LAN Driver
Intel Proset
ConfigFree 8.0.35
TOSHIBA Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool
TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility V1.0.2.36
TOSHIBA Web Camera Application V1.1.2.13
TOSHIBA Face Recognition 3.1.3
TOSHIBA 180 Degrees Rotation Utility v1.4.0.0
TOSHIBA eco Utility
TOSHIBA HDD Protection
TOSHIBA Service Station 2.1.45
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
TOSHIBA Sleep Utility
Intel Wireless Display 2.0.27
TOSHIBA Sync Utility v2.0.4
TOSHIBA Media Controller
TOSHIBA Media Controller P... Read more

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I have a Toshiba Tecra R840 on windows 7 sp1. I use a USB mouse but whenever I put my laptop to sleep I have to take out and re put the dongle back in again.

I have changed the following power options already:
Under devices, USB, USB Root Hub, Power Management "allow the computer to tun off this device to save power" is not ticked

Same applies to Generic Hub
Under control Panel, Power options, USB settings, USB selective setting is disabled.

Does anyone have any suggestions ?

A:USB not waking up after Tecra R840 goes to sleep

Hmmm? did you try to remove/delete the USB hubs and controllers from the device manager and to install it again?
Usually after new reboot the system should search automatically for drivers and should reinstall all USB controllers once again

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I'm about to by a Tecra R840 with i7 2620M processor. Is it possible to upgrade to a quad-core processor like the i7-2720QM?

A:Tecra R840 - upgrade to i7 2720QM


CPU upgrade is tricky. Nobody can say if your notebook would run stable after such upgrade.
There could be a compatibility issue between the CPU and BIOS or the higher heat dissipation could lead to higher temperature?

But generally speaking you can use the CPU which is supported by chipset on the motherboard.
If the chipset would support the new CPU then you would have good chances to get this CPU running.

It seems that both CPUs support the same socket? so it should not be a problem to fit the CPU on the mobo?

But why do you need new CPU?
The Intel Core i7 2620M is really a good CPU and disasembling the notebook means that you would lose the warranty!!!

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In my company use the Tecra R840 notebook and to improve the situation we are considering to disabling the wifi when we put network cable on.

We found that the latest other models from other manufacturer have this option in bios called "WLAN / WAN switching"

Is there any option in the R840?
To update the Bios option to show any similar?

A:Tecra R840 - Disable WLAN when LAN connected


Toshiba provide different notebooks with different BIOS.
As far as I know the WLan could be enabled and disabled in BIOS for T230 series.
I?m not quite sure about R840 but I assume you cannot disable WLan in BIOS.

But why you don?t use the Fn + F8 key combination in order to disable WLan?

I cannot imagine that usage of Fn+F8 would be a big pain for you?

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I am using a Toshiba R840 with Windows 7 64bit.Recently I am facing a issue with the laptop is getting shuts down while it's on the eco power scheme.Suddenly the FAN will start to run on maximum speed and mouse curser gets stuck after 15seconds laptop power off????

A:Tecra R840 shuts down on Eco power mode


Possibly one of the processes hangs somewhere in the background and jams the CPU which cause higher heat dissipation. This could lead to higher temperature and the overheating protection shuts down the notebook to prevent the hardware from overheating.

Not sure why this happens but maybe you should reinstall the Eco Utility which you can find on the Toshiba European driver page.

Hopefully this could helps...

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Hi there

My Tecra CPU is a i5-2520QM
Can any one please advise if I am able to upgrade to a i7-2670QM at all? as I have one sitting in an HP that has died but CPU is ok.
Open to all suggestions thanks.

A:Tecra R840 Australian distributed model

If other R840 models shipped with a i7-2670QM then it should work.
I doubt the BIOS will support it otherwise.

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Hi all,

Yestarday my 6 month old Tecra R840 (win 7 pro, 64 bit, I7, 8GB Ram and 500 GB HDD) crashed for the first time with a BSOD!!! Nothing solve the problem so I restore it to factory state (toshiba have a special partition in disc C for that).
So I loose all my software and all the settings (and I had lot of sw installed for my hobbie...astyrophotography. I will need days to get everything working again...). I was really #$%& with that. Today I'm more calm :-)

So my question now is: since I've nothing installed in the computer other that the OS and drivers should I buy an SSD?

I allways have the idea of buying one, but I start installation of sw and then I quit!

Are SSD more reliable that HDD?
Even if I like speed, reliability is paramount for me!
Could you give advice in this respect?
Any model of SSD with good reliability tracking record?

I thought in a Kingston HyperX 3k 240B or 480GB but are they really good?


A:Time for a SSD (Toshiba Tecra R840 laptop)...

Paulo, to give you one answer to your question.
Are SSD more reliable that HDD?
Even if I like speed, reliability is paramount for me!
Could you give advice in this respect?
Any model of SSD with good reliability tracking record?

Yes, I believe that SSD's are more reliable than physical hard disks, due to less moving parts.
Speed is the really bit improvement.
I have been buying the Intel OEM versions of their 520 series SSD's
I also have a crutial that is just a workhorse.

Don't fall for the cheapest as it could be not as good.
I know that windows 8 really screams when booted on an SSD.


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Could anyone tell me what the power consumption of a ssd when the computer is power off?

I've a Toshiba Tecra R840-16J laptop (bougth 6 months ago) with a fresh intalled Plextor M5Pro 512 GB ssd. Yestarday, after a 100% charge, I shutted down the laptop and today (after 16 hours) I turn it on! The battery was at 93% !!!! Is this normal? What could be the cause for this 7% drop?
I use a bluetooth mouse but I thing that when I shut down the laptop everything should be powered off!


A:Tecra R840 - SSD power consumption after shut down

Yes it is normal. I use Toshiba notebooks for years now and I?ve always noticed this. Over the night notebook?s battery always loose few percent of capacity. On some notebook models it was more and on some of them just few percent.

Today I started my Satellite P500 after 6 days and battery capacity was on 87%. It is nothing unusual

Check also follow interesting documents:

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Hi all,

I am going to buy a displayport-hdmi adapter.
I know that displayport can handle audio signals, but it depends on the specific manufacter/chipset/driver...

can the displayport of my Tecra R840-111 support audio signal?

Thank you!


A:Tecra R840-111 - Is displayport audio-capable?

yes your HDMI port can handle signals Audio.

Connect with you HDMI port, then the audio settings in the computer need to be adjusted. Click "Start" then "Control Panel" and "Hardware and Sound." Click "Manage Audio Devices," then click on the HDMI audio device in the list. Click the "Set as Default" button at the bottom of the window then click "OK." Windows will now transmit audio over the HDMI cable.

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My Tecra R840 will not recognize USB Memory sticks. USB works fine with USB hard drives and USB wireless mouse. Help! Any ideas? Many thanks

A:USB Memory Stick not recognized on Tecra R840

Have you tested t with different USB sticks and connected to different USB ports?

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Following this thread:


* The Seagate HDD got borked, replaced by warranty by a Toshiba HDD.

* If you use it a lot plugged in to AC without a battery (as i do, i only plu in the battery to use or charge it) your internal battey will run low and you'll have to reset the BIOS time whenever you boot.

* 3G isn't as fast as i'd hoped, but this may be due to other factors. Same goes to wireless.

* Tecra isn't what it used to be. Unless you want something specific (like a 3G modem) buy a Satellite.

I did have speccy data but, even trimmed, it's too big to post here. :p

The camera is connected to the USB 3.0 hub. The motherboard was replaced by warranty soon after i bought it.

Comes loaded with a bunch of crapware both from Toshiba and Intel, as sadly expected.

Regardless, overall, works ok. Battery usually lasts around 4hrs but i don't use it much and when i do it's mostly for office stuff. YMMV

Although the initial plan was to dump win7 and replace it by Debian, i already have *nixes in my VMs at home, and there are some things you can't quite replace (like an office suite) and still interface with other human beings, so i might keep this one with windows. We'll see.

A:Speccy for Tecra R840-10T (PT429E-00M007EP)

Thanks for this interesting posting.

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Has anyone found this behavior too?

After rebooting (this happened a couple of times...with the hdd and today with the ssd so it should not be their fault) the windows or toshiba screen do not appears only a black screen, no disc activity and the fan works like crazy!!! I stop this after 1-2 minutes because nothing happen!


A:Tecra R840-16J - reboot with the fan at full power and no activity

In my opinion it cannot happen without any reason.
Have you made anything that can be responsible for this? BIOS update maybe?

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I turned on my Toshiba Tecra R840-109 and everything looks like the factory settings have been restored, but I still have my files on the Hard Disk Drive in the Users folder (where the system also has built a temporary user which I am logged onto now, I suppose).

At opening, the computer asked me to do things you do when you get a new computer (e.g. agree to the user licence, install browsers, enroll fingerprints if relevant etc). Also, it showed an error, the HDD/SDD Alert saying ''Unable to get disk information, can not use the alert feature.''

Is there a way to fix this, i.e. to apply the previous (original) user?

One obvious solution would probably be to restore the system, but I do not have a back-up set up (which I will fix as soon as this issue will be resolved). Tried restarting, nothing changed.

Information about the laptop: http://www.toshiba.co.il/en/disconti...ecra-r840-109/

Any help appreciated!

A:Tecra R840-109 - HDD Alert - Unable to get disk information


To be honest described situation sounds pretty confused and not logic for me.
If you don't have recovery media (DVD or USB) create it using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator tool.
After doing this use this bootable media and reinstall recovery image so you will have “factory settings” again. After clean OS installation it is not possible to have old data saved on the HDD, especially not on partition C.
Fact is that before recovery installation starts whole HDD will be deleted and formatted.

Sorry if I have misunderstood you. If you have some concrete and clear question feel free to ask.

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Price is ?299 - If interested, let me know :). Great condition, and still in warranty, so peace of mind.

A:Selling Toshiba Tecra R840-10z on ebay - Still in warranty

Hi Redster

Thanks for participating in this forum but this community has been created for customers and enthusiasts to share knowledge, solve problems and discuss technology. This isn?t a market place and therefore please avoid such messages in the next time.


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I've a problem with my R840 running win7pro + SSD.

After waking it from sleep:

- no USB activity (but there is power in the ports since I can see the leds on in the external HDD or mouse)
- my Bluetooth mouse stops working
- my internet connection will work after 1 or 2 minutes of waiting
- and...the laptop will not shutdown unless I press the physical on/off button for 5 secs or so!!!

In device manager everything seems ok! The Power management in all the devices/USB hubs etc are set to not turn off the devices to save power!

Already clean booted the laptop several times and the problem remains!

Everything is just fine if the laptop do not sleep!
But I put it in a sleep mode and the I wake it I have all those problems!

Any sugestions?

Best Regards,

A:Tecra R840 do not shutdown after waking from sleep (USB, BT is not working)

In my opinion it?s very difficult to provide a solution to this problem because the software (OS) as well as the hardware (SSD) has been changed.

Therefore the issue could appear due to new software and hardware change as well as missing or wrong drivers.
To me it looks like the issue requires further investigation.

Did you notice the same problems using the Toshiba preinstalled system and using the original HDD?
I think this should be checked firstly.

By the way: is BIOS up to date?

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Hi all!

I have some problem when using the vga of the Tecra R840-111 with my external monitor/tv (LG M237WDP).
The monitor continuosly restarts (it seems like to reboot).

This behaviour doesn't happen with another external monitor or if I use another laptop with the monitor named above.
I have used a linux live CD (ubuntu) and everything's ok. Isn't it weird?


Does my toshiba have some kind of diagnostic menu hidden in the bios?
I know that some laptop requires the user to hit i.e. CTRL+V in the bios in order to enter that diagnostic menu. Is there anything like that?

Can you help me?

Thank you.

A:Tecra R840-111: external monitor continuosly restarts


I?ve got exactly the same external monitor but I didn?t notice any monitor issues like you have described in the message.
I?ve got two notebooks and the monitor is connected using VGA cable and DVI cable to both notebooks?
In both cases the monitor does not restart?so I?m not quite sure what you are talking about?

Regarding the BIOS.
It?s not know to me about any hidden menus in BIOS.
Furthermore you said that this issue does not appear using Linux so I would say its definitely nothing wrong with BIOS. Also this theory would be confirmed because the other external monitor works ok.

Maybe some kind of software preinstalled in Windows OS cause this???

Additionally in BIOS you can choose the option ?detection of external monitor? (or something similar). Usually its set to automatic but I set this to internal display.

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I'm having trouble getting a wireless internet connection on my Tecra R840-11E PT42GE (Win 7 64bit). Now wireless LAN driver is shown in the downloads option.

I don't have the original disk and have resintalled using a windows installer.

I've managed to get loads of other stuff up and running such as wired LAN, display driver, fingerprint login etc ? just not this.

Fairly new to installing like this on these machines so I apologise in advance if I've missed something obvious!

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Dear all, I am currently planning on purchasing the Tecra R840-A222 (PT42KV) here in Saudi Arabia and I need to know if this model has Windows XP drivers for it. On the driver downloads page, I can see two short-model numbers for this R840-A222. They are PT42KV and PT42KE.

The PT42KV has only about five XP drivers while the PT42KE has practically all the drivers for WinXP.
Can someone please tell me if the XP drivers for the PT42KE will also apply to the PT42KV?

I am mostly concerned about the basic drivers which consists of the graphics, chipset, audio, ethernet, and others for the hardware of this model. I will be using this unit mainly for engineering software (PLC programming, Vehicle diagnostics, and others that need the XP platform).

A:Tecra R840-A222 - Windows XP Drivers needed

> On the driver downloads page, I can see two short-model numbers for this R840-A222. They are PT42KV and PT42KE.

As far as I know the XP drivers for Tecra R840 PT42KE should work on Tecra R840 PT42KV too.

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I have a R840 with Win7 Professional 64 bit.

My last problem: the Fn keys stops working (for example I can't use the brightness up or down with the F6/F7 key). After restarting everything is normal....untill it stops working in the near future (next day or so!!!!).

I uninstalled the value pack and reinstalled...no sucess!
I uninstalled completelly the value pack...no sucess!

Any help?


A:Re: Tecra R840 - Function keys (Fn) stoped working

>untill it stops working in the near future (next day or so!!!!).

The Fn buttons are controlled by Flash Card Support Utility?
This Flash Card Support Utility can be found under All Programs -> Toshiba
So you need to restart the Flash Cards to get the Fn buttons working again

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I tried to upgrade my Tecra R840-16V (Part Number PT429E-05M00KGE) form windows 7 64bit pro to windows 10 pro thru windows update. When the the upgrade procedure finished everything looked ok but after a while the system froze (even the mouse). I did a reboot in my system via power button, the system worked well for about 1 hour and froze again. I did a reboot via power button once again and I had the same problem after while. I did a system restore back in windows 7 and everything works ok without any freeze at all.
Is it a known problem? Is there any solution or suggestion to upgrade my system without problems in windows 10 pro?


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i have a Tecra R840-110 model, there is also 3G module inside, i would like to install the mSata SSD in the pcie slot.
Is possible to use the mSata SSD in the pcie slot instead of 3G module?

Thank you for your help!

A:Tecra R840 installing mSata SSD in position of 3G module

I think something like this is not possible. Mainboard ports are not some kind of ?flexible ports?.
In the past Toshiba has offered second HDD upgrade in place of optical disc drive using special adapter.

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Even though this [other thread|http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=62061&start=15&tstart=0] has been marked as solved, the problems remain but are hw-related, not os-related.

1 week after i got a Tecra R840-10T (PT429E-00M007EP) Windows 7 froze at boot and the fan spun at max speed. All i could do was enter safe mode. After a factory reset (reinstalling OS from the hidden HD partition), not even safe mode worked!
Took it back to the store, 2 days later a local Toshiba representative returned it to the store as fixed (they updated the BIOS...)

2-3 weeks later, same problem. I called Toshiba directly, they picked up the laptop, took almost 2 weeks and sending parts from Germany twice before they sent it back. I had to call them to know they were gonna deliver the next day. So far it appears to be fixed, Windows hasn't frozen since.

However, now, little over a month after i bought this professional-grade laptop, i noticed that, upon returning, both the USB 3.0 port (and only this port) and the webcam don't work. They don't show up in device manager, updating their drivers through Tecra's download page yields nothing (and you have to go through hoops to actually get the webcam driver installed), nothing. It's as if they didn't exist. I assume whatever hardware they brought in wasn't exactly in prime condition, or someone forgot to plug in some pins.

I tried several Linux liveCDs as well, they all recognize the hardware to ... Read more

A:Tecra R840-10T doesn't have working webcam or USB 3.0 port


> I tried several Linux liveCDs as well, they all recognize the hardware to various degrees (Debian being the most complete), but none recognize the USB 3.0 port or the webcam as well.

Did you test this with Toshiba configured OS?
It would be interesting if Windows 7 would get the same problems recognizing the USB 3.0 port and the webcam?

by the way: it's user to user forum...

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Hi all

The hard drive failed in the R840 recently so I have replaced it myself with a solid state drive.

It has all gone well except the Windows install has left me to find the drivers myself. Does anyone know where to find the touch pad driver that allows you switch it on and off (using the button under the space bar)?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


A:Tecra R840 touchpad enable / disable button driver?

All Toshiba drivers can be found on the Toshiba EU driver page.
I assume the button near the touchpad is controlled by Toshiba Value Added Package as well as the touchpad driver.

Both software parts are available on driver website.

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i did the offered upgrade to W8, i am very satisfied with the W8 system, but the problem is that the notebook is consuming battery also in the hibernate mode.

I would understand that the power consumption will be in the sleep mode, but on the hibernate mode?

I found out that when the computer enters the sleep mode or hibernate mode and i open the lid, the computer automatically starts EVEN if the option to "power up computer when lid open" is unchecked.

When i select to power off computer - it does not react to open lid, i have to press the power button.

The problem could be in the windows system, that the OS tolds the computer to wake up when the lid closed.

The problem is, that the computer starts charging everytime i wake up from hibernation (i had my office 15minutes from home, and it consumes about 1-2% from battery.

It is quite anoying that my full charge battery capacity is on 83% of original one (i bought my PC in June2012).

I had Lenovo T60 7yrs ago, and there was an option to start charging the battery only when the battery charge was under 95% and it saves the battery capacity.

Does anybody have some clue?

Thank you!

A:Tecra R840 - Win8 - power consumption in hibernate mode

Fact is that battery capacity will be reduced even if the notebook is completely OFF. Battery capacity will lose few percent of capacity. To reduce this check - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ9C015N0001R01.htm
Useful document for you can be also http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9401AZ0001R01.htm

> I had Lenovo T60 7yrs ago, and there was an option to start charging the battery only when the battery charge was under 95% and it saves the battery capacity.
As far as I know such option is not available on Toshiba notebooks. When connected to AC power supply notebook starts to load battery automatically.
There is no option to change anything.

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Looking for some help, think on right track but want to confirm and get things fixed.

Have a Tecra R840-S8450 that is having issues powering up. When you try to start it, the plug orange light flashes a code. That code is 01001010 which I derived from shortlong short short long short long short blinks of the orange power light.

So this is great progress, assuming I translated that right to 52h, which equals "EVER5V voltage is under or equal to 4.5V when the computer is
booting up". However it does not tell me what is wrong in such a way that I can try to do something to fix it.

Would appreciate some help, thanks,


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When i'm trying to install the bios update 12/09/12,3.90-WIN(EC_KBC1.60) i receive the following message: this computer is not supported.
Bios update I've downloaded from the Toshiba Bios update section for Tecra R840-PT429E ,windows7-64Bit.

A:Tecra R840-PT429E - Bios update message: this computer is not supported


Is the a reason to update the BIOS or do you want to update the BIOS just because new BIOS is available?
Do you have an serious issues with the notebook?

I did not update the BIOS even if new BIOS is available for my notebook because I?ve got no issues.

However, the BIOS requires the VAP (value added package).
This package can be downloaded from Toshiba EU driver page?
If there is some problem with VAP, the BIOS update would not start.

So reinstall this VAP to check if this helps?

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Hi Buddies

I am having a Tecra R840-13V, Part No: PT429E-01Q01UAR, Purchased at Oman and i'm currently living at Qatar. I am using this laptop since 2010 and i need experts advise on Hard Disk upgrade. The default HDD capacity is 500GB and i planning to upgrade to 3TB and planning to get genuine Toshiba HDDs. The issue i am facing i could not figure out which model of Toshiba HDD will perfectly suits for my laptop. Kindly advise which model of HDD i can go for my Tecra. Thanks in advance.

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After formating I am unable to find PCI Serial Port driver.

Is there any one who has similar driver problem?

A:Other devices PCI Serial Port driver for Tecra R840-A208 needed

Have you installed own OS version?
Have you started to install drivers for your machine?
Have you installed chipset driver at first?

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I have Tecra A8 -143 from 2007, very old yes and still working but...
I haved probles with some hijack

http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ml#post7318801 (TSF)

(thing isn't finished) and problem with instaling Bluetooth driver, at attempt have message

Could not turn Bluetooth power on. Please turn on Wireless Communication Switch located on side of main unit.


and in same time

In Configfree I can't switch on

and at TSF as you can see, I used Combofix. Is he demaged OS maybe, because Configfree worked just fine earlier. What to do?

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i have a tecra s1 i have installed a internal bluetooth card but cant seem to get it to work i have all the toshiba bluetooth drivers and software installed im running windoes xp pro fresh install any help would be greatfull thanks in advance

A:Toshiba Tecra s1 Bluetooth

Is that a Toshiba Bluetooth card or a 3rd party card? You will have to find out the model number and make sure you have the correct driver installed for that card. I can imagine that there are several different Bluetooth cards available for that model laptop

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On my Tecra A50C-1HC the bluetooth is not working. According to the service program everything is up to date. When I want to install the sepcific driver from the website, it unpacks, I press "ok" but then nothing happens either.

I'm a little frustrated and can't even find a helpdesk for this issue.

I think this is the last time I ever bought a Toshiba product. Can anybody relate to this problem / have a solution for this?

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