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Changing disk drives on a different operating system?

Q: Changing disk drives on a different operating system?

I changed my disk drive letters on one of my operating system but i think that i made a mistake. because cannot start up again, as it freezes when the welcome sign shows up, (except this time it doesnt show the welcome sign it shows the windows xp sign. I have two windows xp operating systems and I'm now on other operating system but i was wandering if i can change it on this system. Any help?

Preferred Solution: Changing disk drives on a different operating system?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changing disk drives on a different operating system?

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I have a desktop HP PAVILLON a6207crunning microsoft window vista home premium can I install window 7 professionnalor other higher system and improving the performanceor a higher system will slow performanceor not work at all corneil

A:changing operating system

 Hi, You could install versions of Windows 7 32-bit, in my opinion 7 Starter or Home Basic are indicated. Regards

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I have a question. Can you take out Windows from your PC and put in a MAC operating system. I believe it's called Linux or Panther OSX but I may be wrong. Anyhow is it possible? I'm just tired of dealing with Windows crashes and security problems and a host of other headaches. Probably should have bought a Mac but that's in the future plan. If possible to make the switch would it be difficult?

A:Changing Operating System

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Is there a way to change from 64 to 32 bit. I ran into a problem with running a program from a web site that implied that I needed a 32 bit web browser instead of 64 bit web browser. I did not put the 64 bit browser in so am unaware of how to fix this issue. It is from windows 8.1 x64 based processor ie version 10.1

A:changing 64 bit operating system to 32 bit

That is a little unusual. Almost (?) without exception, 32Bit programs will run in a 64Bit environment. Have you tried running in compatibility mode? What is the program an website?

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I have a desktop pavillon a6207crunning vista home premium can I install window 7 professionnalor another systemthat will improve my performance over my vista system corneil

A:changing operating system

corneil Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Upgrading to Win7, is NOT likely to improve performance noticably. One problem you will have, if HP does not carry Win7 drivers for your PC, is that you will then be stuck using the generic dri drivers that Microsoft provides. And that will certainly NOT improve the performance of the PC. A second problem is that the ONLY things that will noticably improve performance are hardware upgrades. Ii you are using 1GB of system memory, upgrading that to 2GB will yield noticeable performance gain -- presuming that your PC will support that much memory.  Lots of older PCs came with only two memory slots and those were limited to 512MB sticks, thus limiting the total memory to 1GB. The other hardware upgrade is using an SSD in place of the HDD, and with SSD prices being lower now, that is a cheaper option than it was years ago.  But, to do that, you need AHCI support in your BIOS, and I don't recall if Vista-era machines provided AHCI support. Sorry, but the honest truth is that, with a PC that old, there may be little you can do to improve its performance.

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I have a Dell 6000 laptop purchased from a friend, the OS is XP Media Center, and I would like to change the OS to XP Pro, what is required?
There were no disk of any kind furnished.

A:Changing Operating System

A copy of xp pro and key and the drivers for the machine drivers will be on the dell support site for the particular model

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I currently am running Windows ME and have had nothing but problems with resources and having to reboot all the time so I want to change from ME to XP. My computer is a HP XT856. 933Mhz, 128mb ram, 1 40gb hard drive and 1 15gb hard drive.

Two questions. 1. Do I need to reformat the 40gb hard drive to intall xp or can I just put the disk in and it will overwrite ME?

2. If I need to reformat the 40gb hard drive, is there anything I need to do with the 15gb hard drive like unhook it during the format?

A:Changing Operating System

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does the motherboard keeps any data of the hdd i use , suppose i have windows 10 installed on one hdd and then i unplugged it and used another drive which had win 7 on it. will there be any trouble ? can i switch witout losing my data or settings?

A:operating system on both drives

I have removable drive trays on my computers, I swap between hdds with win & ubuntu. Occaisionally, ubuntu messes up the time setting in bios, put in win hdd & now its 8 hours slow for whatever reason. Thats the only issue I ever had, a slight annoyance, , , , ,

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THis is Error message::load Driver:: a required CD/DVD drive is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD ,DVD or USB flash drive, please insert it now I try everything including changing usb port, changing flash disk ,but those flash disk they can install operating system in other computer i stuck please help me 

A:While changing operating system from ubuntu to window 7 i ca...

Hi: Does your notebook have an Intel 6th generation core processor? If so, you need to go into the BIOS, enable legacy mode, and disable secure boot. You will also need to run this utility to load the usb 3 drivers to your windows 7 installation media. The link has a readme file for instructions for use... https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25476/Windows-7-USB-3-0-Creator-Utility

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I have gotten an Error message: Smart Hard disk error, has detected an imminent failure. Please back up and run Hard disk test.I did that and it failed. I have no warranty so I am trying to do it myself.  I have a 640GB (5400RPM) Hard drive; I want to replace it with 1TB. Does it have to be the same 5400RPM? Does make and model make a difference? And I don?t have a backup for the operating system, where can I get one? Any suggestions or tips or stuff I am missing on the procedure to change the hard drive & operating system? Please advise. Thanks

A:Changing hard drive & operating system

First thing: where do you live (country)? It does not have to be a 5400 rpm and in fact I would say you should not install a 5400 rpm drive. Get at least a 7200 rpm model or better yet, a solid state drive.  Your was originally a Windows 7 machine and Windows 7 is hard to get now. There is no free place to download it and HP no longer stocks Windows 7 recovery disks. Did you every by any chance do the free Windows 10 upgrade? If you did then Windows 10 is a free download and you would not need a Key Code it will just activate. If not we can perhaps help you find a Windows 7 recovery disk from a third party vendor.  If you live in the US here is a 7200 rpm 1 TB drive which would be the minimum thing I would use for a reinstall.  https://www.amazon.com/HGST-Travelstar-2-5-Inch-Internal-0J22423/dp/B00B4QESVQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qi... Brand of hard drive is not relevant. They are all interchangeable, generic. The only thing that matters is dimensions and the one linked above is the correct size. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpV8-UaGWac if this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.    

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I am using an Acer Aspire One notebook, it doesn't have a CD/DVD rom so I used a bootable USB with the use of WintoFlash. The notebook currently have a Windows 7 Ultimate, but I want to downgrade it to Windows XP because it becomes slower when I used Windows 7. Note, I don't have any Windows.old on my system. When I reboot the laptop to install Windows XP, it goes well. But when it comes to the page where you can Select, Delete or Create a partition, the laptop's system drive is not showing. The page only shows the USB drive as my drive C, because it is my priority right? So now, I cannot reformat the laptop because the system drive of the laptop is not showing. What and where is the problem? Is it the bootable USB? or there is another way to make a downgrade? or the problem is my system drive? Please, help me and explain to me in the most simplest way!

A:Why system drive do not appear when reformatting/ changing operating s

As far as I can understand you booted succesful from bootable usb stick/usb disk. You booted form winxp install CD (which was converted to bootabel usb).... so far so good.

You wanna get rid of win7 ultimate???? Or dual boot? Best thing to do is
First make it dual boot. winxp and win7 as boot menu option.
Do you agree? You can always remove win7 later. But first prove winxp is working and drivers of all hardware are available!

First thing to do is:boot into win7 and post screenshot of disk management

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My pc have 2 hard drives with operating system xp each one. I installed one as master and the other as slave. I want run the pc with the 2 hard drives and operating system on each one. When i run my pc it runs well but when i want to open the slave hard drive I cant open it because a message say the i have to format the drive. ***How I run my pc with the 2 hard drives with operating system xp on each one?****

A:Help How to Run 2 Hard Drives with operating system on each

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I installed Windows 7 temporary while my faulty hard drive was being replaced (the drive that was faulty had my operating system on it).
After installing Windows 7 on a partition of another hard drive in my computer that drive became drive C.
Today I installed Windows 7 on the replacement drive which had been formatted with the drive letter F.
I now find that the drive letter does not change to C when I bootup on the Windows 7 operating system that I have just installed.

I have a multibook system as I also have Windows Vista on my computer.

I was going to use my previous Windows 7 (drive C) while I was installing programs on the most recent Windows 7 which is now Drive F

Is there a way of safely remapping the computers drives?
I would prefer the most recent operating system to be drive C and not drive F as I might have problems later on where a program accesses drive C thinking that that is the operating system I'm using.

I can't start to install programs for the most recenr operating dystem until I have fixed the problem

Hoping for a reply

Regards Brian

A:[SOLVED] Changing the drive letter for the operating system?

Disconnect the second drive and boot into the BIOS, it should show the newly installed W7 as being on C drive, if not rename it.

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I have bought a IBM Thinkpad 560Z laptop with no operating system or internal drives. I want to load XP onto it. I have bought an IBM external CD ROM drive - USB 2.0 with optional split PS2 connectors.

I have tried connecting it from the cd drives USB to the PS2 on the laptop, it lights up and I can put the bootable XP CD in the drive. However the same startup screen always comes up on the laptop.

It is a picture of a floppy disk, with all the F keys along the bottom, the picture of F1 pressed down, and pressing between F1 and F8 just stays in a black screen, and gives "I9990302 I9990302 I9990305" if that means anything. You can't go any further.

Is this because there is no driver for the drive? The USB driver is on a floppy disk, but does it need this going from USB on the drive to the laptops PS2? Do I need to get an external floppy drive and install it/another driver, to then install XP?

What's the easest way to get XP on this machine?

A:How to load operating system with not internal drives

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I would like to describe a problem, the solution I arrived at, and put a question to the Forum.
I recently re-arrange my 4 500GB SATA drives to provide better cooling. The system rebooted fine but every two or three days on booting Vista would kick me back to the BIOS starting screen, or, completely freeze, requiring a reboot. The system then wouldn't boot saying it couldn't find an operating system. Turning the computor off, and a restart would fix the problem until the next time. I resolved this by rearranging my hard drives so that Vistas C drive was the Motherboards logical boot drive. An obvious solution. My question is two fold. Why would BIOS find the Boot Drive sometimes and not others (The disks are not faulty), I perhaps don't fully understand how SATA operates, and, Is this the solution or a fix that masks another problem. I have had no further problems to date.

A:Sata Hard Drives and Vista Operating System

Hi Norm,

When you rearranged your drives, did you disconnect the cables from them whilst you were doing so? It is possible that you didn't connect the drives back to their original port on the motherboard when you wired them back up. Check this, and also check that all cables are securely fitted.

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I have searched all over the internet, but I still haven't figure this out.
I'm having a laptop, with Windows 7 Pro 32bits installed, and I would like to install a second hard disk in the place of the DVD-RW (I will buy an extension slot, it exists). The second hard drive already have Windows7 Pro 64bits, with everything installed for the computer, but at the moment I am changing them each time I need to boot the other and is very annoying.

I would need to know, how could I set the hard disks that, when I will chose from BIOS to Boot from Hard Disk HDD0, to boot from it with no issues, and to have the other hard disk (HDD1 maybe), deactivated, and not available in Windows.
And when I need HDD1, to set from BIOS to boot from it, and also, to have in the second windows, the HDD0 unavailable.

Also, it is not possible to change anything on HDD0, neither its location. I can do whatever I want with the HDD1.

I need this complicated thing because I use one of the hard disks for work, one for home, and I would like to don't mix things up. And it is very difficult to get around with to laptops.
Both HDDs have 2 partitons.

Thank you in advance!

A:2 Hard Drives, 2 Operating system, Separate boot

No answer?
Is it impossible to make it work somehow?

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I am running Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 4). I currently have a 4-gig SCSI hard drive divided into three partitions. Partition 1 (2 gigs) is my C drive and contains all of my software. Partition 2 (2 gigs) is known as D and is used as “MY DOCUMENTS” drive. Partition 3 (47 MB) is named my E drive and is used as a “RECYCLE” bin. These drives are in FAT format.

I have purchased and installed a new 18-gig SCSI hard drive with a logical name of G. This drive is in NTSF format. I thought that what I wanted to do was to copy my C drive to G into a folder called Old C Drive and copy my “MY DOCUMENTS” from D to the root of G. I do not need drive E and it is empty.

At that time I could reformat my 4-gig drive (C, D, and E) into a single partition as my C drive. This would give me two physicals drives each with a single partition: C and G. I would then have to reinstall my software to drive C.

I have sought advice from some people that know more than me. Some agreed with my plan and others suggested creating more than one partition per hard disk. However, when I asked why, and what are the tradeoffs, no one could answer why they choose their method.

Now I am turning to the true experts with my issue. Can you suggest how and why I should handle this process one way or the other? Perhaps there are even better ways of setting up my computer to make it run better and faster.

Thanks for your help,


A:Partioning Hard Drives under Windows NT Operating System

Welcome to TSG.

There are many reasons to have multiple partitions, and others for not having them. It will end up being a persoal choice, as neither is better than the other.

Having one large partition means that you never have to woryy about one partition running out of space, and having to move files around to other partitions, or restructuring. however, it takes an age and a day to defrag, scandisk, and AV scan one large drive!

Having multiple partitions allows you to save certain files to specific drives. It is also much handier to run defrag, scandisk, and AV scans. The problem is allocating enough to each partition, to make it small enough for the system tools to run effectively, and yet large enouhgh that you shouldn't run out of space soon.

I have a measly 8 Gb hard drive in one partition. 10 Gb would be the largest partition I would have. If I had an 18 GB partiton, I would suggest breaking it down to at least 2 partitions. Adding your original 4 GB as your primary, to run OS related functions, then have each 9 gig partition store work and personal, or any other config.

Again, it is a personal choice. Some people have no problems with time, as they might leave their computer running overnight for the requisite 3-4 hours to defrag their 30 GB Hard drive. Others, who like more organisation, have more partitions.

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Hello. I originally listed this under Software (XP) section of this forum, but someone thought I should have it moved to the hardware. I marked the other one as solved, so I could change the title of the thread to better match the hardware section. Here is the post again.

I have completed a brand new build with all new parts and it goes to BIOS, sees all the components and everything is as it should but when I try installing Windows XP Professional, I keep getting the blue screen saying "A Problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." Technical Information: *** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

I made a bootable disc so that I could run CHKDSK and SCANDISK and that one said that it found errors and tried moving files from the one area over to another and block off the corrupted area and it couldn't even do that because it had said there was physical damage to the drive.

So, I opened the other OCZ SSD drive I have (the exact same one - model, etc..) and tried it with the same error happening. I even opened a new xp professional installation cd because that first one had scratches on the cd, and both installation cd's are giving this error to both of these OCZ SSD drives.

This is the first time I am using a solid state drive, so I do not know if I have to make sure I unlock something or what, but the BIOS found the drive stating it's size and all.

I don't see how ... Read more

A:Solved: Will Solid State Drives Install XP Operating System?

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I have a dell computer with windows vista. It has had several problems. This is the second time I have factory restored the computer. When I did it this time it said to put in the operating system disk. The problem is I can't get the computer to run except for running startup repair. I can get to advanced options like command prompt, system restore, etc. How can I get this disk to work so I can factory restore my computer please help.(Moderator edit: post moved to more appropriate forum. jgw)

A:need help with operating system disk.

Dell instructions as to how to restore to factory condition here:http://support.dell.com/support/topics/glo...toggle=&dl=This is for a C521 but all Vista machines should be the same.If you need an OS reinstall disk, as long as you are in the US and are the owner of record try the form here: http://support.dell.com/support/topics/glo...&redirect=1If your recovery partition is damaged and you need to reload directly from the OS disk, then you need to set the BIOS to boot from the OS disk.

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I just recently had my old(er) Dell PC (running XP) to crash and I purchased a new Dell. I am quite surprised to see how much better the PCs have gotten over a 7 or 8 year period. Anyway, I noticed that Windows 7 comes already installed on my PC but there is no Windows 7 Operating System disk accompanying it. My question is this: Isn't there a way for me to 'burn' my PC's content onto a disk in case I ever need to reload it onto my PC in the future? Do I use a blank CD or DVD to copy it to and how do I do it? Thank you in advance for your reply and expertise!
Robert Fricks

A:Operating System Disk

Welcome to TSG, Secone.

The following link from Dell's site should help you out.


FYI - You might want to edit your post and remove your email address. Web Crawling Bots might get it, and start spaming you with emails.

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I changed the disk drives in my HP Pavilion 350Y.
Old Config.
Master Drive, partition 0 = FAT32, 7587 MB, system restore (D
partition 1 = NTFS, 33514 MB, system drive (C
Slave Drive, partition 0 = NTFS, 80028 MB (K

New Config.
Master Drive, Partition 0 = FAT32, 14771 MB, system restore (H
partition 1 = NTFS, 65256 MB (C
Slave Drive, partition 0 = NTFS, 160049 MB (D

Everything works except System Restore. When I run, I get error message System Restore Appplication has encountered a problem and needs to close. I suspect the problem is related to the drive letter change.

Suggestions appreciated.

A:System Restore fails after changing hard drives

Where are the restore points that you created stored? They are usually stored on one of the devices attached to the machine. If you remove that device... well then.

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Dear Friends,
I have 2 hard disks (20 GB & 10 GB) in my computer.
20 GB - WinXP operating system
10 GB ? Win98 Operating system ?.

My questions?.

If I turn on my computer automatically goes to WinXP ? if I want Win98 ?.how can I get?

Note: currently I have been using a way that if I want open win98, remove the cable of 20 GB hard disk and restart ?.

Sorry for my little English


Irsath mohammed

A:2 Hard Disk & 2 Operating System ...

with you running windows, i know this isn't a mac, so i'll be moving this to the windows section.

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I have a laptop that I had to fix the hard disk/operating system and the issue has come up again and I don't know how to fix the problem I've tried to fix it myself but its still the same so if anyone can help me out that would be great thank you

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Anybody know how to make a disk to do a clean install of windows 7

A:make operating system disk

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My Lenovo desktop, 77231CU, H405, came with windows 7 home premium installed, but with no operating system restoration disk.  I upgraded to windows 10 when microsoft offered the free upgrade on line.  I am not satisfied with the windows 10 performance on this computer and want to revert to windows 7.  I made a mistake upgrading to windows 10.  More than the one month period to revert to windows 7 has passed.  I can't figure out on the lenovo site how to order a windows 7 operating system restoral disk.  The computer came with a driver's disk, but no operating system disk.  Can anyone help me figure out how to order a windows 7 operating system restoral disk. 

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please install an operating system on your hard disk, can anyone help me for this problem of my laptop. thanks

A:please install an operating system on your hard disk

Hi,Please perform extensive hard drive and memory tests from System Diagnostics by tapping F2 or ESC key as soon as you power on laptop.Report back with resultsRegardsVisruth

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I have HPpavillion 6000 serie window 7 home premium, i had the recovery disk but the 2 nd one was corrupt since then my screen is blank, cannot get anywhere. I tried on the part site but my product is not in the drop down. can I order with microsoft or is there a legit site ? I need to get the correct set if anyone has a tip I would appreciate Thank you model # P6754y or product name

A:need reinstall operating system with disk on my desktop but...

I looked at: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-p6700-desktop-pc-series/5035348/model/5... For this model, HP does not offer to sell you a "System Recovery" set (one USB memory-stick) to reinstall Windows 7.You might try:  www.ComputerSurgeons.com to see if they have that item for purchase. 

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I turned on my computer and got this message '"boot device not found please install an operating system on your hard drive."'.... Please can someone tell me what to do?

A:how to install an operating system on my hard disk

Greetings, Please provide more information: Product number Did you upgrade to Win 10 and what operating system did your PC have when purchased? Either I or someone else can help but we need more specific information on what is happening. Your problem could be the Win 10 upgrade, or a disconnected HDD/motherboard cable, or a failed HDD. Cheers!  

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I bought this computer new several years ago and the hard-drive died today.  I went out and bought a new internal hard-drive, but I did not realize that I also needed to install an operating system with the new hard-drive.  So, I am trying to see what I need to do to get my new hard-drive to boot up?  I do not have the recovery disk that came with my computer.  I was told that maybe HP could send a new Operating System disk so that I could reinstall windows.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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When i start my laptop it shows on the screen Boot device not found , please install an operating system on your hard diskHard Disk (3F0)When i go to hard drive check test it says No hard drive installed. Please check that the power and data cables are connected properly ....What should i do now

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Please help me, i don't know anything about informatics and electronicsHere's the message that there's now on my screen..."BootDevice Not RoundPlease install an operating system on your hard disk.Hard disk. - (3F0)F2 system diagnosticsFor more information, please visita : www.hp.com/ho/techcenter/startup"Can somenone help me please ?


View Solution.

A:"please install an operating system on your hard disk"

That means the hard drive has failed.  Replace the hard drive and then reinstall Windows.  If it was me, I would install Windows 10.  I really dislike Windows 8 or 8.1.  It might mean you need to purchase Windows 10, however.

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I got a new laptop a few hours ago and this is all I've done with it since then:

1) Made back up disks
2) Installed Firefox
3) Installed Adblock
4) Installed avast anti-virus free
5) Restarted
6) Messed around on facebook and checked my e-mail
7) Played solitaire/hearts
8) Uninstalled Norton internet security 2009 using control panel (I know it doesn't delete everything)
9) Restarted computer
10) Played Solitaire

Five minutes after playing solitaire it froze and a black screen came up saying boot 030 'please install operating system'. I did a diagnostic on start-up and run-in, both turned out fine. When I ran a diagnostic on the hard disk it said there was no hard disk detected. I didn't know what else to do so I restarted it. Everything restarted fine, I logged in and went to the internet to see if I could find out what had happened. Five minutes in same thing happened. I restarted again and checked avast. It said that my antivirus software was out of date so I tried updating but it didn't want to update, said that the package was broken. It was suggested that avast was the problem so I uninstalled and restarted, same problem.

I'm currently at a loss on what else to do short of using my back up disks to restore my laptop.

It's an hp dv6-2066dx, 6gb ram, 320 gb harddrive, duel-core amd, running on windows 7.

A:Operating System/hard disk not detected

Take it back...with a pc you have a few days to return...10 or 15{dis satisfaction}
Try another one

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My commuter only works intermittently! Most the time it starts up it states "Boot Device Not Found" "Please install an operating system on your hard disk" no clue at to do. Sometimes after I plug it into its charger it works but most the time it does not.

A:Asking me to install an operating system on my hard disk.

jeanieq88 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about multiple problems with your laptop and wanted to help -- but need more information. Without your detailed product number, I can not confirm whether or not HP has Win10 drivers for your PC, so please follow the directions in this link to find the detailed product number of your PC: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03754824?jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_c-001_title_r0001If that is not possible, then look for a sticker on the PC that includes the product number and post that here.  If the battery is removable, the sticker is likely to be in the battery compartment. Also, need to know what Windows version your PC is running. We need that information because troubleshooting steps are different for the various Windows OSs.Here is a link on how to find that info:  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/which-operating-systemIF it's running Win10, did it come with that preinstalled? If not, what was the prior OS of the PC? We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks

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I have HPpavillion 6000 serie window 7 home premium, i had the recovery disk but the 2 nd one was corrupt since then my screen is blank, cannot get anywhere. I tried on the part site but my product is not in the drop down. can I order with microsoft or is there a legit site ? I need to get the correct set if anyone has a tip I would appreciate Thank you model # P6754y or product name

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I turned on my computer and got this message '"boot device not found please install an operating system on your hard drive."'.... Please can someone tell me what to do?

A:how to install an operating system on my hard disk

The message that you are receiving means that your hard drive has failed.  Your only option is to buy a new one.  You should buy one the same size or larger than the one being replaced to assure that the Recovery media works with it. For future reference, when requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I tried to open my computer and I got a screen saying:BootDevice not foundPlease install an operating system on your hard diskHard Disk - (3F0)F2 System DiagnosticsI have no clue what this means or how to fix it

A:Install Operating system on hard disk???

Lily, welcome to the forum. This error message is telling you that your hard drive has failed.  I suggest that you run the SMART test from the BIOS to make certain.  Your only option is to replace it if it has failed. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved. 

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after try to clean up the laptop ,i can't start it again its say boots device not found,to install operating system on the hard disk.I have done system diagnostic its pass all  of them but wont reboots,i got the information visit ;www.hp.com/go/techcenter/startup,that;s it thanks for helping.

A:need to install operating system on the hard disk

how to install operating system on the hard disk? 

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I Hope I posted this in the right place. When a Microsoft operating system disk (Windows XP Media Edition) is supplied with a new computer is there a limit to the amount of times that you can format your hard drive with it or is it yours to use as often as you wish?
Thanks for any help!

A:Solved: Microsoft operating system disk

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Hi I have a currently active post here

Basically my PC is at risk of stopping working at anytime and I wonder the following-

I bought my PC with windows MCE installed, yet I dont have the software, just recovery disks, however due to past problems my hardware setup has changed so the recovery disk are useless. Is there a way, or rather what is the best way of copying my operating system (or total drive contents) to either disks, or if necessary cloning it to another hard drive - and would this other drive (as I don't own it yet) have to be the same size as my current 200GB drives. This becomes slightly more complicated as I have 2 x 200GB drives but I'm sure the operating system is only on one of them.

Sorry if this is really simple I have never done, nor know about cloning. I just hope yor not going to tell me I'll have to fork out for the operating system...

A:copy(clone?) HDs/operating system to another disk

acronis true image is supposed to copy the whole drive over from the posts i have seen

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A:Please install an operating system on ur hard disk

As we have properly understood your issue please follow these slink  to resolve this issue: Please use the following link will helps to resolve the issue. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01443463  Nitin singh guleria  

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I have a dell xps 13 9333 which was working fine

I restarted it and I got operating system not found

It has a Liteon 512gb msata SSD LMT-512L9M-11

The SSD is detected in bios. I have connected the ssd to a caddy to try and access via another laptop

However I am unable to do that as well

It does not appear in my computer. When i go to disk management it shows disk not initialized and unallocated

If i try to even create a partition it says Cyclic redundancy check

I have attached some images that may help
Currently i am trying to find partitions using minitool partition wizard. its currently on 33%. Will post a screenshot once thats done

Please can anyone advise what I can do as i need to recover my work from it


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I'm trying to format my friends computer but I can't get his OS cd to work. When I reboot his computer with his OS cd, gateway, it says, "No hard disk found, Gateway System Recovery cannot be continued".
But, when I us my OS cd, dell, I can get to part to make a new partitian. What's going on, can I use my Cd to format his computer?

A:my friends operating system disk does not work in his cpu, but mine does...??

You can use your cd to format his drive (assuming its not a recovery disk), but I do not think you will be able to reinstall windows with it.

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I have written this thread originally in JustLinux Forum. In view of the fact that it may be useful to MS Windows users I have re-written it to suit the non-Linux users. The method can be used on a healthy system or just to salvage data off an unbootable system.


Step 1 – use Linux dd commands to clone the original disk to the new bigger hard disk (only two terminal commands and one of which is optional)
Step 2 – use Gparted or Parted Magic to resize the partitions to absorb the extra space (Optional if you want to use up the spare space in the larger hard disk)

Theoretical consideration (User not interested in the theory can skip the black section and go straight to the blue text

With hard disks getting bigger in capacity and selling cheaper per Gb many PC users can now afford to upgrade the hard disk to a bigger unit. Migrating an operating system to a different hard disk can be hazardous because the integrity of the filing system and the boot loader may be affected in the new home. However if the basic rules are adhered to then the migration can be effortless.

This thread is written to show how to use a Linux Live CD, of either Gparted or Parted Magic, to clone from a smaller source disk into a bigger target disk. Both Gparted or Parted Magic are now available as free downloadable bootable iso images. Just download any one of them, burn the iso into a bootable CD and yo... Read more

A:How to migrate an operating system to a bigger hard disk.

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I recently purchased a used Dell Optiplex 760, operating on Windows 7 Professional. It is a core 2 duo 3 gigaherts 2 gigs of ram and Intel onboard graphics. Could I create a complete operating system disk and drivers on 1 dvd copying the Windows folder in programs files. Looking forward to your input. Thank you. KCBC

A:Creating a Windows 7 Professional Operating System Disk

Yes, it's possible but it's not for wimps! It took me 2 years to create Windows7 32bit and 64bit boot discs of my own. Microsoft has scrubbed most of the legit images from the web, so 97% of them are bogus or don't work. I've got some that I used; can't guarantee they still work. Here's some to try:
Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River#
Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads | Windows 7 Forums
Download Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO ( 32bit / 64bit ) from Microsoft

I've had the best luck with these 3; but due to Microsoft's policies don't wait too long to try them as they may be gone by next week or next month!

Once you download a Windows7 Pro ISO file, I recommend you use the free IMGburn program in my signature link below. If you attempt to create the boot disc on flash drive, use WiNToBootIC. This takes more work however.

You'll then have to go to support.dell.com and download the Windows7 Pro drivers for the Optiplex760. Be sure to install the BIOS flash upgrade first, then the Chipset drivers, then audio, then video, then utilities, then apps, and everything else. Reinstallation of the drivers in this order is MANDATORY! Failure to do so will result in a failed Windows installation almost everytime.

Your alternative is to call Dell on the phone and order the Optiplex 760 RECOVERY DISCS; you can purchase directly from Dell for $29-$99. They take about 2-3 weeks to get shipped to you.

p.s. Don't forget that once ... Read more

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I've installed the Windows 7 RTM but cannot boot without the DVD in the drive. I even deleted the partition, created and formated and then reinstalled.

I've tried making Disk 0 the first boot device in the bios and I've tried running:

Bootrec /FixMBR
Bootrec /FixBoot

from the command prompt in the Repair Computer option of the Windows 7 dvd.

I got the same issue when I put the RC on the system but was sure it would be fixed after I deleted the partition and started over. Any help is appreciated.


A:Can't boot without install disk - Missing Operating System

Try VistaBootPro and rewrite the MBR.

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