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XPS 8700/8900 CPU cooler upgrade video

Q: XPS 8700/8900 CPU cooler upgrade video

I tripped across this video where a Cryorig H7 was added to an XPS 8900 and thought I'd share. I did not think it would fit, and the video shows an innovative way to work around the screws in the backing mount.

Preferred Solution: XPS 8700/8900 CPU cooler upgrade video

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: XPS 8700/8900 CPU cooler upgrade video

I want to also add ( and Mods, please delete if this is not OK) that the H7 is on sale for $30 at new egg, which is a heck of a deal.
I ordered two and intend to upgrade the cpu cooler / fan in the two 8700s that are used for gaming.
I'll post some pics when they are installed.

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I upgraded my GPU recently and noticed that my CPU fan was making more noise than I remembered - sort of a droning noise.  I checked my CPU temps and discovered that, at idle, the CPU was hitting 38-42C.
I decided to upgrade my cooling.  The main limitation (besides the fact that Dell has a non-standard CPU backplate setup) is the somewhat narrow case on the XPS 8900 doesn't allow installation of most of the inexpensive high-performance coolers because they are too tall by 1/2" - 3/4".  Then I found the Cyrorig H7, which has three heat pipes, a huge heatsink, and 120mm fan all in a package that is "only" 145mm high - just short enough to fit in the case.  I installed it yesterday and it works GREAT.  Very happy with it, initially at least.
I also swapped out the stock Sunon case fan for a Cooler Master Blade Master 92mm fan, which is quieter but similar CFM specs.
Overall the computer is now quieter at 100% load than it was at idle before.  And my CPU temps have dropped by 15 degrees C.  Great upgrade.  I made a video on how I did it here:
...and here are a couple of pics:

A:XPS 8900 CPU cooler upgrade - much quieter and cooler operation

Nice !

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Hello people.I'm not tech savvy.So I can't really know about that PCI 2.0 or 3.0 stuff, or what PSU W my computer has.All I know, is that even though I love it, and it's never failed me, it's falling a little short now for some stuff, for instance: gaming.So, I was thinking a video card upgrade was in order, before I actually get to the point where I have to just get a new CPU. Right now, I can't afford it, so video upgrade sounds like the best option.Anyway, everything in the box is factory original. I know it's an i5 and it has 8GB of ram. A 1 TB drive. And it's still running win 8.1 64bits (I'm not convinced yet about Win 10).If I go to a place like amazon, I get overwhelmed with video card options, and it's just impossible to know what will actually work.I have read stuff about PSU, and PCI, that's why I mentioned it, but honestly, I wouldn't know what actually works.I'm  hoping to find something under $200, with (hopefully) 4GB of ram? I edit video and do 3d from time to time, and as mentioned above, game.Most of my work is in Photoshop and other design apps.I run dual monitors, so a dual display card would be awesome, hopefully in the same type of analog or digital connection (for balanced color display purposes).So... any ideas? I'm being very specific, but I think that's a good thing, right?Anyway, thanks for any help! I'm hoping I can get at least one more year out of this GREAT computer!I found th... Read more

A:Video card upgrade for XPS 8700 i3

GT 740 is a lackluster card. two major generations back ( there was no 8xx series for desktop cards)
I suggest a GTX 1060, or possibly a GTX 1050 ti
The 1060 comes in 3GB and 6GB versions.
www.bhphotovideo DOT com/c/product/1275083-REG/msi_geforce_gtx_1060_gaming.html
www.bhphotovideo DOT com/c/product/1292076-REG/msi_gtx_1050_ti_gaming_x_4g_geforce_gtx_1050_ti.html
Both will work with the OEM power supply in the 8500.

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Hi I want to upgrade my Dell 8700 with this video card:

GTX 970 GAMING 4G Geforce GTX 970 Graphic Card

I have the stock PSU that came with the PC, I believe it is only 460 W
I have also have added an addition 3TB Hard Drive to the PC as well

Will my current PSU suffice? or do i need to upgrade my PSU as well? If so, any recommendations?


A:PSU Sufficient for Video Card Upgrade Dell 8700

I do think you will need another power supply. It has been reported that it is better to buy a power supply with a depth of around 5.9". Retail power supplies added to replace the Dell OEM 460w power supply =Seasonic X650 Gold 650wCorsair AX760 ATX 750w

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What are the possible cpu coolers that you can install on the mobo dell xps 8700 motherboard without any fancy ghetto mounting. Just as if it was a normal motherboard?


The XPS 8500, the precursor to the XPS 8700, has standard Socket 1155 spacing. Socket 1150 shares the spacing of the 1155, and thus I believe an aftermarket cooler should work.
A Cooler Master Vortex was a perfect fit on my XPS 8500 motherboard, and I assume the same would hold true for an XPS 8700. You will use optical drive-type screws to fasten the cooler to the board rather than the flimsy plastic push-pins.
Looking at an XPS 8700 mainboard on eBay, I can see a standard four-pin CPU fan header, just like that of the XPS 8500.

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I Have a XPS 8700 with a i7 4770 and its temperature is reaching high levels (77~80°C), which is causing stuttering on my games. I'd like to buy a new cooler but I don't know which one will fit. I only know that this processor has a LGA 1150 socket. Could you guys help me, please?

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Hi Guys,
I myself and a friend manage to change the factory XPS 8900 CPU fan cooler to Corsair Hydro H100i GTX liquid cooler but there is one thing which is bothering us. My system will test the corsair liquid cooling fan in very high speed every time I boot up the system. We manage to get rid the fan not detected screen but we don't know why system is still test the fan without showing us error. Is there any way to bypass or disable it? I need help for this.
Much appreciated.

A:XPS 8900, Issue with non-Dell CPU liquid cooler.

There is no bypass for fan error to use non dell fan.

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My system came with a R9 270 which I want to replace with a Sapphire Dual X R9 R280x.
That card needs a 6pin and an 8pin connection and the manufacturer's site say a 500W PSU is advised.
So, I'm concerned that I get a new PSU that fits my case, has the right connectors for all the 8700 components, and is say north of 600W.
Could anyone point me in the right direction.
My system info is......
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

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Hopefully someone can confirm this for me...

I'm looking to do a case upgrade for my XPS 8900 what I've read is we have Micro ATX motherboard... can someone confirm this for me.


A:XPS 8900 Upgrade

Yes, micro ATX.
Here is some more useful info.
good luck. post pics when you are done.

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Hi, Can i install a Gigabyte gtx 970 in a Dell XPS 8700, changing the Power supply To 750w? GPU is 312 mm long, is there available space inside the case?Which power supply can i use?

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Hi,  Can i install a Gigabyte gtx 970 in a Dell XPS 8700, changing the Power supply To 750w?
GPU is 312 mm long, is there available space inside the case?Which power supply can  i use?

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Would this RAM work?
G.SKILLSeriesRipjaws X SeriesModelF3-1600C9D-16GXM
Capacity16GB (2 x 8GB)Type240-Pin DDR3 SDRAMSpeedDDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)CAS Latency9Timing9-9-9-24Voltage1.5VECCNoBuffered/RegisteredUnbufferedMulti-channel KitDual Channel Kit
Current config below...

Manufacturer Dell Inc.
Model 0KWVT8 (CPU 1)Version A00Chipset Vendor IntelChipset Model HaswellChipset Revision 06Southbridge Vendor IntelSouthbridge Model Z87Southbridge Revision C1BIOSBrand Dell Inc.Version A11Date 7/9/2015VoltageCPU CORE 1.764 VDRAM 1.500 V+12V 12.240 V+5V 5.076 VVIN6 2.208 V+3.3V 3.312 VCMOS BATTERY 3.144 VPCI DataSlot PCI-ESlot Type PCI-ESlot Usage In UseData lanes x16Slot Designation PCIE1Characteristics 3.3V, Shared, PMESlot Number 0
Slot PCI-ESlot Type PCI-ESlot Usage AvailableData lanes x1Slot Designation PCIE2Characteristics 3.3V, Shared, PMESlot Number 1Slot PCI-ESlot Type PCI-ESlot Usage AvailableData lanes x1Slot Designation PCIE3Characteristics 3.3V, Shared, PMESlot Number 2Slot PCI-ESlot Type PCI-ESlot Usage AvailableData lanes x1Slot Designation PCIE4Characteristics 3.3V, Shared, PMESlot Number 3

RAMMemory slotsTotal memory slots 4Used memory slots 2Free memory slots 2MemoryType DDR3Size 8192 MBytesChannels # DualDRAM Frequency 798.1 MHzCAS# Latency (CL) 11 clocksRAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD) 11 clocksRAS# Precharge (tRP) 11 clocksCycle Time (tRAS) 28 clocksCommand Rate (CR) 1TPhysical MemoryMemory Usage 46 %Total Physical ... Read more

A:RAM upgrade XPS 8700

If you are planning on just adding another 16GB be advised mixing brands/types does not work many times.  I tried that on my home built desktop and with ASUS motherboard and an i7 6700K CPU.  I had some G Skill Ripsaws and some Corsair Dominator.  They wouldn't work together, either the G Skill only or the Corsair only worked OK.
FWIW, here is the Crucial listing of memory for the XPS 8700.  Crucial is guaranteed to work in Dell's but again I would advise against mixing memory, keep it all the same brand/type.

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Hello, I have a question consisting on upgrading my graphics card in my Dell XPS 8700. Currently My Dell XPS 8700, has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745, and I was wondering if it was capable on upgrading to a  GTX 1060-3GB. And if so, do I need to change anything else like, the power supply? I'll list my computer specs below if that helps.


Model Number
XPS 8700

Product Name
Dell XPS 8700

Product Type

Processor & Chipset

Processor Manufacturer

Processor Type
I7 4th Generation

Processor Model

Processor Speed
3.6 GHz

Maximum Turbo Speed
4.0 GHz

Processor Core
4 cores (Quad Core)

8 MB

Direct Media Interface
5 GT/s

64-bit Processing


vPro Technology


Standard Memory
16 GB

Memory Technology

Memory Standard


Hard Drive Capacity
1 TB

Hard Drive Interface
Serial ATA

Hard Drive RPM

Optical Drive Type

Optical Media Supported


Graphics Controller Manufacturer

Graphics Controller Model
GTX 745 4Gb

Graphics Memory Technology

Graphics Memory Accessibility

Network & Communication

Wireless LAN

Ethernet Technology
Fast Ethernet


Display Port

... Read more

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What are my options for upgrading the CPU in a Dell XPS 8900? What is the socket type and what is the top CPU that the motherboard can handle? Also is it possible to overclock a CPU in this PC?
I am used to seeing most of this information in documents that come with the motherboard, either this isn't the case with Dell or I haven't been able to find it.


A:XPS 8900 CPU upgrade Options

Hi steveg19,Thanks for posting.Here is an answer from another user of the Forum.  You may find this helpful:  http://dell.to/2zvCnsw

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I need some help finalizing my upgrade plan.  I would think this type of upgrade is common and am hoping that some folks here have already been down that road and are willing to give me some direction.Here's what I have.....A new XPS x8900-3756 with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed on a 2TB HDD.  It also has a secondary 32GB SSD installed in another drive bay.  FWIW I'll try to include a screenshot of the config in Disk Management.
Here's what I plan to do......1 - Install a new Samsung EVO 250GB SSD drive in the M.2 slot on the motherboard2 - Clone Windows from the HDD to the new Samsung SSD M.2 using Acronis 20173 - Leave the 2TB HDD and the 32GB SSD connected and in their existing drive bays4 - Reformat the 2TB HDD and partition it with 6 logical drives, leaving the 32GB SSD as-is to use as cache.I believe I'll have no trouble with the cloning operation.  And I shouldn't have a problem reformatting & partitioning the 2TB HDD since I've done these things several times but with older systems.  Once the cloning operation is complete I plan to boot using F12 so I can confirm the cloning was successful and that Windows can boot from the SSD.  But that's just a one-time boot!My problems begin between steps 3 and 4 when I'll need to address subsequent boots in the UEFI firmware's boot order sequence so Windows will boot straight from the SSD without needing to use F12.  This used to be easy before UEFI, bu... Read more

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I recently purchased the following Dell 8900
Dell XPS x8900-3756BLK Desktop (6th Generation Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD + 32 GB SSD) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 with 4GB DDR3

I would like to replace the graphics card (I flight sim a lot) with a GTX 960 4GB DDR5 card, either myself or have a computer repair place do it.
Which specific cards would be easiest to install in my machine - if I search for GTX 960, I see all kinds of different length cards, 1 and 2 fans, etc.
I'd like to purchase the following card, if it will be easily installed...
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 4GB GDDR5 PCiE Graphics Cards GV-N960OC-4GD
Would a new graphics card be difficult to install myself?   What is involved?
Thank you,

A:Which GTX 960 Can I use to upgrade my Dell XPS 8900

The XPS 8900 and 8700 share the same case so if you look in this thread you'll see the cards that fit and the cards that needed some case cutting.
I can personally vouch for the the MSI GTX 970 gaming 4GB fits so check the size (length and height) and if less it should fit without issue.
If you can wait a few weeks or maybe a month, the GTX 1080 looks to be an amazing card for the price and power draw. It is going to be slightly more expensive, however much more capable.
The install is easy. search for youtube videos and you should find one.
edit: and you can sell your GTX 745 on ebay and recoup some of the cost.

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Hi Guys,
Recently purchased a Dell XPS 8900 i7 6700 with 16GB RAM and I'm not very good in tech.
As I've some question to ask:
1. Do Dell XPS 8900 support this RAM Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Memory Kit? If yes then able to support up to 32GB?
2. Is Cooler Master GX 650W Bronze edition able to support my new graphic card in hand ready to upgrade? (Radeon RX480 8GB)
Thats all for now.
Thank you.

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Hi everyone, I am newbie here. Recently I need to upgrade my ram on XPS8700. And I went to Best Buy and bought a "PNY - 2-Pack 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3 DIMM Unbuffered Non-ECC Desktop Memory Kit". It does not work, computer can not power on with flashing orange lights.
So I went to Crucial website, it recommends me to use a DDR3L RAM. I saw all the DDR3Ls are for laptops. Could it be used in my desktop? And my current RAM is Hyundai. Could it be mixed with other brand like Crucial or Kingston?
My pc specs:
i7 4770
GTX 645
Dell Inc. 0KWVT8 mobo

A:Dell XPS 8700 RAM upgrade

Laptops first started using DDR3L which is why the market is flooded with it, however you just need to look for the desktop version for your computer.  If you go to crucial they should have an auto test that will detect the correct ram for your machine and give you the list of options you can pick from.  

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Can I upgrade my processor I have a Intel(R)core(tm)i7-4770 3.40GHZ  3.40GHZ if so what could I install? Thank You

A:XPS 8700 processor upgrade

You are limited to the Haswell (4xxx) CPUs - there are a few that are slightly faster but it's not likely to be attractive from a price/performance standpoint.

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Hello,I'm interested in upgrading the memory on my XPS 8700 Special Edition.From what I read in the spec sheet the memory must be:Connectors: four internally-accessible DDR3L DIMM socketsType: unbuffered, Non-ECC, quad?channel DDR3Speed: up to 1600 MHzCapacities 4 GB and 8 GB Configurations supported 4 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB, 24 GB and 32 GB Minimum: 4 GBMaximum: 32 GBWhat I'm looking at buying is:
Crucial Ballistix Tactical 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3L 1600 (PC3L 12800) Low Profile Desktop Memory Model BLT4K8G3D1608ET3LX0

Cas Latency: 8
Voltage: 1.35V
Multi-channel Kit: Quad Channel Kit
Timing: 8-8-8-24
Model #: BLT4K8G3D1608ET3LX0
Item #: N82E16820148659
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
From what I can tell this matches the spec requirements. I'd like to max out what the board can take: 32 GB (8GB x 4) @ 1600 MHz. Can anyone confirm if this will be a good upgrade?

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Like a lot of folks, I bought a new video card (GTX 960) only to find the PSU insufficient to boot up and run the machine.
I had a Rosewill 870W PSU but it's far too large for the XPS 8700 case, it bumps against the DVD/Blu Ray drive so I bought a new one. A Corsair 750. 
On the chance this is also too large, does anyone have recommendations for PSU upgrades?

A:Recommended PSU upgrade for XPS 8700?

The stock PSU is fine for a GTX 960.  Secure Boot must be OFF , Legacy CSM and option roms must be ON.  
And Bios must be at least version A10.
Dell XPS 8700 System BIOS update "A11", Fixes: , Enhancements: "Support Win10 OS."Dell XPS 8700 System BIOS update "A10", Fixes: "GTX900 Series Video Black Screen.", Enhancements: "Enhanced system usability."Dell XPS 8700 System BIOS update "A08", Fixes: , Enhancements: "Enhance USB3.0 capabilities."


The A10 bios is here and on the XPS 8700 page here.* Download/Save the file to the windows desktop* Before running A10, I would install the prior Bios in order* Disconnect any external hard drives, keys, printer, scanner, etc. You only want the USB mouse, USB keyboard, LAN, monitor connected* Run the executable from Windows* Allow the system to complete the installation and restart automatically. Do not force a restart or power off===============================

NEW thread started to discuss XPS 8700 Nvidia GTX video card upgradesPlace holder for new thread to discuss XPS 8700 AMD video card upgrades===============================

We and Nvidia are looking into the issue, but understand, we only "test/validate" those video cards in my list. Our warranty does not cover non-OEM video cards NOT on our list. Ultimately,... Read more

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I'm looking to upgrade my Dell XPS 8700's gpu (GTX 745) to an RX 470. Is the card compatible?
Card : www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_1

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I'm looking at upgrading my memory from 8 GB to 32 GB and was wondering if anyone knows if the Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 1600MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM will work?


A:XPS 8700 Memory Upgrade...

It's not what Kingston recommends for this model.  This is:

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I have a XPS 8900 with the Intel i7-6700.  Additionally, there is an orphan Intel i7-5930k in my spares.  I'd like to marry the two. While the i7-6700 is more than enough cpu for my needs; I'm one of those guys who like to customize OEM computers just for the experience. I'm almost certain the cpu is a plug in but the bios has me worried.  Any ideas? Suggestions(other than don't do it) would be welcome. 

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Running Win10-64. I want to upgrade my network n card with an intel 7260 ac card. The new card fits nicely into the mini PCIe slot, but I don't know where to connect the 4-pin USB power cable.  Instructions say to connect it to USB on MOBO, but I don't see any that are open.  The closest I can find is the UART 4-pin.  Is that a possibility?  The Intel 7260 installation instructions show pin 2 as D+ and pin 3 as D-.

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So, I just received the Intel Wireless-AC 8265 NGFF Dual Band 802.11ac 867Mbps WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2 Card that I purchased last week from ebay for $16.62... and I must say, it's a nice upgrade! Very stable and fast connection, dual-band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz), 867 Mbps, has the latest capabilities for MU-MIMO.

The connectors on the card are the correct size (Hirose H. FL) to fit the low-profile antenna wire assembly connectors in the XPS 8900, and of course the form factor is M.2 E/A (2230 or 1216). Just thought someone might want the info, seeing as how people are always looking to upgrade hardware. I'm happy with this card.

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Hi all.  I set out to replace the cpu to 4790K, and a new fan and video card, also two new fans.
Ok go to start no video. Fans,CD, power all work.
Prior to the disassembly I forgot to set the boot to CD.  I was told to run the sata from the cd to #0 sata port and the SSD  to #1. All other satas to be disconnected and wala your in.  Not today so I reversed the sequence. And I'll be darned, right where I started. I had 32MB ram reduced that to 16. This whole tim I was disconnecting the monitor only when I connect, disconnect do I get the message no signal. Bought a EVGA GT 630 same problem.  Outside of throwing it away what do I do now.

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Hi, I am currently trying to upgrade my gt 720 graphics card, I don't know if I should get a gtx 1050 or 1060, I plan to use this for gaming.  My price limit is 200-250. I currently use an XPS 8700 desktop, I don't know if it'll fit or not and what parts I need to buy extra. These are my specs as follow,processor: i7 4790 3.6 GHz
graphics card: gt 720 
storage: HDD 1 TB
ram: 24 GB

So my questions are, do I need to buy a different PSU, does it fit in my case, and if it does, how do I install it? I would also enjoy if I could get advice on where to buy them and where it'd be cheaper.

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can i upgrade my XPS 8700 with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 745 to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 such as the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB DDR5 mini ?

A:XPS 8700 graphic card upgrade

Hello!  You won't be able to use those cards unless you upgrade the power supply unit.  The PSU is generally around 430W stock.  You might be able to find a 1060 that falls within that parameter.  

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Hello all,
I am an owner of a brand new Dell XPS 8700 with an i7 4970 CPU.Out of the box this computer is pretty darn quick but I wanted just a bit more in a smaller form factor.I have a GTX 980 and an i7 4790k CPU from another machine and wanted to see if this machine would support the upgrade without gutting it.I also took a stab at adding an ASETEK 545LC (92mm) cooler to the mix to keep things in check.Last but not least, I also added a 250GB Samsung mSATA card. Early reports indicated you needed the extreme edition to see beyond 32GB cards (???)
I searched high and low on the interwebs and didnt get much in returns of success. 
So for those of you looking to squeeze a bit more out of your machines without upgrading PSU, motherboard...then I hope this helps. 
-Upgraded to i7 4790k (10% increase over the stock 4790)-GTX 980 (using stock 460w PSU)-Added 92mm liquid cooling (Asetek 545LC - $97 on ebay)-Replaced 92mm chassis fan with CoolerMaster 92mm 4-pin PWM fan.-Added 250GB mSATA drive.
- Stress testing CPU returns temp of 68C.-CPU pump runs off the 3pin chassis fan header and the rear fan is driven from the 4pin CPU fan.-Upon putting the 4790k in, BIOS  (A11) now has a similar OC feature like alienware OC lvl 1, OC lvl2.
Photos below. Feel free to msg me with questions.

A:Attn: XPS 8700 Owners - Upgrade!!

Missing photo of GTX.

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Hello, I had a XPS 8700, an old model to be honest. It had a GT635 1GB and an i7 4770k, 8GB RAM etc.
So, I've asked before in a few websites, including here about upgrading. I've bought a GTX 1050 2gb, and only that. I still have the MoBo from Dell and the processor that came with the computer.
So, from the day I bought the video card I'm suffering from a problem which I believe that is hardware related, because I have already tested almost everything. The upgrade was a perfect hit, I'm running almost every new game on favorable settings and perfomance. But the real problem is, in every game, even on the games which don't require high hardware, I'm suffering from stutters, freezes that occurs all the time and have a duration of 1 to 2 seconds. They happen every 5 seconds of playtime, and I've asked in more than 3 websites since the two last months (when I upgraded the GPU.) 
I don't think the GPU is the problem as I've tested on another computer and didn't have any problems. So I think it is related to my computer. Last week I ran dell complete diagnostic program and it didn't find any problems. Nothing is overheating when I monitor the temps. CPU Usage is normal too. Memory isn't the problem either, so my last resort is to ask here, and I hope you guys can help me. I've always been satisfied with Dell, and they support for upgrades. So I hope we can solve this.

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so I want to upgrade my current CPU to a i7 7700K inside my XPS 8700, but I was wondering is it still possible and will work just fine? I haven't seen anyone do a 8700 upgrade with a i7 7700k, and was wondering if the mobo is even compatible with the 7700k. Haha I am a PCNewbie, and don't want to make any mistake. If not possible, shall I upgrade the motherboard? But however if it does work, will I need to upgrade my Dell 460w PSU? If so, can you link me any good models I should go for?
Also, I look to do some video editing/rendering, and is 12gb fine for that? 16 is what people say is good, however is it really a big difference?

Anyone wondering what model my XPS 8700 is, can't find the exact link or anything, but I know it had:
GT 635  (I upgraded to GTX 970)
i7 4770
12gb Ram

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I'm looking to replace the GTX 745 in my desktop because it's complete *** for gaming. Will an RX 470 be compatible?
Card : www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_1

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Hi I have a Dell XPS 8700 i7

I do a lot of Drafting and Design in 3D. This tends to slow down the CPU
My question is will these 3 Upgrades work for me ?

Thanks for your Help

Dan Welch
< email address removed >

Western Digital WD Blue 1TB 2.5" SATA III SSD (WDS100T1B0A)

Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 128-bit GDDR5 (ZT-P10510A-10L)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz (PC4-21300) C16 Memory Kit - Black

Designed for high-performance overclocking
Designed for great looks
Performance and Compatibility
Low-profile heat spreader design
Brand : Corsair

A:Dell XPS 8700 Upgrade Questions

I have a Dell XPS 8700 i7
My question is will these 3 Upgrades work for me ?
Western Digital WD Blue 1TB 2.5" SATA III SSD (WDS100T1B0A)
Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 128-bit GDDR5 (ZT-P10510A-10L)
Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz (PC4-21300) C16 Memory Kit - BlackClick to expand...

According to its support site, the Dell XPS 8700 desktop supports a maximum of 32 GB(8 GB X 4) of DDR3-1600 RAM.
DDR4-2666 speed and 16 GB capacity modules won't work in it.


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Hi everyone, I am newbie here. Recently I need to upgrade my ram on XPS8700. And I went to Best Buy and bought a "PNY - 2-Pack 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3 DIMM Unbuffered Non-ECC Desktop Memory Kit". It does not work, computer can not power on with flashing orange lights.
So I went to Crucial website, it recommends me to use a DDR3L RAM. I saw all the DDR3Ls are for laptops. Could it be used in my desktop? And my current RAM is Hyundai. Could it be mixed with other brand like Crucial or Kingston?
My pc specs:
i7 4770
GTX 645
Dell Inc. 0KWVT8 mobo

A:Dell XPS 8700 RAM upgrade or addition

Hi Estwr2014
Thanks for writing to us.
Please use this part# for an 8GB memory module :: 66GKY
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message.
You can mix different makes of modules

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Trying to buy step son a graphics card for his pc . However he doesn't have a clue apparently about what that pc is actually capable of using. He asked for nvida geforce 950 FTW.  Will someone please tell me if it's possible? His current card gt 720. It's a 6 pin we believe.

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Hello everyone, i would like to ask whether or not the XPS 8900 Desktop is capable of 2-way SLI, n other word, i would like to know how many PCIe slots motherboard has actually!

A:XPS 8900, video card SLI capable?

We never tested any SLI configurations on this model. The XPS 8900 has one blue PCIe x16 slot for video card. The black PCIe x16 slot is too far from the blue one to use any SLI bridges. Plus the 460w power supply would not support SLI.

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So I just bought a Dell XPS 8900 i7 6700 from the outlet.  I intend to upgrade to a a newer z170m mobo that will support non-k oc, memory upgrade to faster memory that will oc, bigger psu, and gtx 980ti, and clone old drive to ssd drive.   What issues will I have with drivers, licensing of windows 10, etc..  I'm going to use a water cooler for the cpu.

A:Dell XPS 8900 i7 6700 upgrade questions

Huh?Sorry, what you're suggesting makes no sense.
The Windows license is LOCKED to the Dell motherboard.  You can NOT use a Dell OEM license on a non Dell motherboard.The XPS 8900 case does not support a water cooler.  Your only option would be to put the radiator through the front, and then you'd really need an air barrier to separate the exhaust from the air intake area above.You should also upgrade the power supply.   You'll also want to change the DRAM. So, you're taking about another motherboard, another case, water cooling, and another Windows License.  You can get a Windows 10 license for under $100.
So, by buying the XPS 8900, you got a CPU.  Imho, buying an i7-6700K is better.  They are specially screen to support higher clock rates.  In fact, you'll be lucky if a non-K can clock as high as the base clock of the 6700K.  Intel has been trying to support the K demand.  So, people can forget about "being lucky" and getting a non-K that can clock as high a a K-version.  The 6700K cpus are coming down in price.
Fwiw, I strongly suggest getting an ASUS motherboard.Good Luck.

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I have a Dell XPS 8700 system that I need to upgrade the video to drive two 4K Dell monitors.  This is not a gaming system so I would like to keep the cost and power consumption down.  In addition, the ability to drive a third 4K monitor may become important in the future.
The cheapest solution to my problem seems to be the AMD FirePro W4100 2Gb Cards. Unfortunately, these cards are not specifically listed as compatible with the XPS 8700.
Questions:1. Is there any reason why these cards would not work in an XPS 8700?
2. There seems to be multiple versions of the same card being sold by Dell.  In some cases the difference seems to be the bracket height, but otherwise there seems to be no explanation for the price difference.
Any clue why these parts have such different prices, and why the kit versions are cheaper?  Which one would be best for me?
http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/490-bcvj  (FH brkt $149)
http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/490-bcho   (FH brkt kit $119)
http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/490-bcvw   (LP brkt $189)
http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/490-bciy    (LP brkt kit $139)
Thanks in advance for the help

A:Dell XPS 8700 and AMD FirePro W4100 Upgrade

Since these are PCI-E 3.0 and DirectX 11 cards  the only issues I see would be SECURE BOOT must be OFF and LEGACY CSM must be ON.
They may also require a Legacy Windows Driver.

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My son was planning to upgrade the GTX745 in his Dell XPS8700 to a new card. After checking online, we found that before installing the card we needed to upgrade the BIOS in the system from the current BIOS (A08) to a new BIOS (A11 for Win 10 systems). We ran the BIOS on the system from within Windows (removed all external connections except Keyboard and Mouse). The BIOS processed through the first few steps and then during the verify process the entire computer shuts down. Now, the computer will not POST at all. I will turn on and stay on for approximately 20 seconds before shutting down before starting the entire process over again. This computer has had zero issues for 2 years and now after installing Dell's BIOS upgrade the entire system is apparently fragged. 
I pull the RAM out of the system and I do get an alert so at least there is some function going on. I have pulled the Nvidia card out of the system and am trying to get a signal off the onboard HDMI port. When I turn on the system I do get an acknowledgment that the monitor knows there is a source there. The monitor wakes from sleep briefly before going back into standby when it does not receive an actual signal in a timely manner 
I know the chances of there being any fixes are slim but I thought I would check with the community and see if anyone has suggestions. I called Dell for kicks and after dealing with someone halfway around the world who obviously had no clue on how to help me, Dell told me t... Read more

A:Dell XPS 8700 does not post after BIOS upgrade

Try clearing BIOS:

Power off and unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Put everything back the way it was originally: reinstall OLD video card and reinstall all RAM
Check all cables and connections to make sure you didn't accidentally dislodge something when you removed the video card 
Reinstall motherboard battery (right-side-up!) - good time for fresh CR2032 battery, ~$2 at discount stores
Close up and see if it boots with only mouse, monitor (connected to add-in video card) and keyboard connected

If it fails to boot with everything the way it was, you'll likely need a new motherboard...

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I have a XPS 8700 with a GTX 745M card and a D460AM-02 power supply.

I am looking to upgrade to a GTX 1060.

Will I need to upgrade my power supply?
If so, can someone recommend a power supply that will work with XPS 8700 and the GTX 1060 card?
Thank you.

A:XPS 8700 Power and GPU Card Upgrade Question.

stock PSU will work. some 1060s have 8 pin PCI power and need an adapter. Some include the adapter from two six to one eight.

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Hello, I'm totally new to pretty much all of this, but I bought a Dell XPS 8700 Desktop with a AMD Radeon 7570 about 4 or 5 years ago and at the time didn't know anything about computers at all.
Since then however I've learned quite a bit about Hardware but I'm definitely a novice still, I've only ever upgraded a couple Laptop Hard Drives, nothing major like this.
I was wondering if anybody could give me some tips or Suggestions on what Graphics card I can or should use I could really use the help.
If it helps here's my Specs PDF
downloads.dell.com/.../xps-8700_reference guide_en-us.pdf

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Could someone give me some specific links, perferalby on amazon, to the RAM i'd need to upgrade my current machine Dell XPS 8700 X8700-3312BLK Desktp, which has 16 in 4 slots (of course) to 32?
I'd like to do it as cheap as possible.

A:Which 32 RAM upgrade for Dell XPS 8700 X8700-3312BLK

Could someone give me some specific links, perferalby on amazon, to the RAM i'd need to upgrade my current machine Dell XPS 8700 X8700-3312BLK Desktp, which has 16 in 4 slots (of course) to 32?
I'd like to do it as cheap as possible.

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Tried to upgrade Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10. Everything worked except Bluetooth. The Intel 7260 AC/BT mini card shows up under USB devices as unknown device,. I've found many other threads of this problem but no solutions. Also, the "search" function in control panel never works either. Some type of language problem. That seems more windows 10 related but has anyone else gotten BT to work on an 8700 win 10 upgrade?

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I own an xps 8900 and a upgraded psu Corsair 650 W and I want to update to a gtx 1060 , I should be ok with my psu but what length or dimensions of the 1060 is the max ? I was thinking about getting the EVGA 1060 FTW which is 10.5" long, or do I need to get a shorter version of the 1060 ?

A:Dell XPS 8900 and video card update

MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming is 10.91" x 5.51" and it fits fine in an 8700.
8700s and 8900s have the same case.
This thread has a bunch of different cards and some with pics in the 8700s
checkout page 26 for one of ours with the 970.

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I'm ready to pull the trigger on the 8900, I've had my eye on the one with 32GB ram & 256GB SSD & 2TB HDD - if only Dell Canada offered it with the R9 370 video card like the US site does. Granted the US model is 16GB ram and no SSD - but those are things I can add later. The only way I can get it in Canada is pay for the Nvidia card I don't want, and buy the AMD R9 card separate - both added expenses. 
I liked it better when you could choose all your components, granted you had to wait a little longer for the build, but at least got what you wanted rather than what someone else thinks you want.. 

A:XPS 8900 not offered with AMD video cards in Canada

Buy it with a low-end GTX card and drop in the card of your choice later. You'll get a better card with a better cooler and better fan control than the card supplied by dell.
Just watch the heat and the power draw. The 8900 case does not have good airflow, and the 8900 PSU is nothing get excited about.

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