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Found Numbers Unknown Numbers In System

Q: Found Numbers Unknown Numbers In System

I was checking my program and software list and at the top of the list I noticed two (2) sets of numbers that I have never seen before. I checked the internet to see if I could find out what they were. It kept taking me to sites for spyware, adware,etc. I could not find out what they were or why they are on my system. I do not want to remove them until I know what they are. I have not noticed any problems with my system, but I do not know what might be going on behind the sceen. The numbers are listed as follows:



Preferred Solution: Found Numbers Unknown Numbers In System

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Found Numbers Unknown Numbers In System

The first one > http://www.acresso.com/products/is/i...d-overview.htm

The second one > http://eraser.heidi.ie/

Both are legit and not malware.

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Hey everybody.

I don't know if the title is a good one for this problem, but here goes.

I have a column that has numbers in this format: 54321-1234

Now, I want to take off the last 4 numbers, and the dash, from all the numbers in the column, using a formula. So that the output would be: 54321.

I want it so the first 5 numbers stay the same, but the dash and last 4 are gone. Is this possible?


A:Solved: Excel 2003: Replacing Large Numbers with Smaller Numbers

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This was asked before by KlausdB:

"I have 4 x HDDs on SATA AHCI (Intel Controller) in Native Mode and 1 x ESATA on Win 7 Pro X64.
I noted that looking in Admin. Tools\Computer Management\Storage (as an example) the 1st HDD (Port 0 in the AHCI BIOS) is showing as "Disk 2" instead of my expectation of

"Disk 1".
Selecting the Drive's Properties correctly shows the "Location 0 (Channel 0, Target 0, Lun 0)".
I also note that the Disk Number allocation in Windows will change randomly after some reboots/startups - going anywhere from "Disk 1" to "Disk 4".  I can force/replicate this

behaviour by removing the ESATA drive.
Is this expected behaviour?
It doesn't appear to create any operating issues at this stage, however, is there a way I can force the Drive to always map to (eg) Device 0 --> Disk 1, Device 1 --> Disk 2,


 This was answered by Nicholas Li:

"As far as I know, how the disk is plugged physically and the order it is displayed are not related. For a simple example, if a drive is plugged to SATA interface 4 and it is the only disk, it will be displayed as Disk 0. If there is no related issue about
the disk order, I think we can safely ignore this."

 Because the topic was closed I want to ask a new question here:
 What happens if one of the 4 HDD drives or 5 has an OS installed on it? I ask because windows always write some bo... Read more

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I have three SATA hard drives :
Main system/boot drive , WD Caviar Black 1 TB, connected to the SATA 0 port
A backup drive, identical WD Caviar Black 1 TB, connected to the SATA 1 port
Another dirve, Hitachi 1 TB, connected to the SATA 2 port
When I installed Win 7, only the main drive was connected... and it remains the only drive with active/system/boot partitions.

All three drives reporr correctly in the BIOS, and in the right order, but why is it that only one of the drive (the one on SATA port 1) has a "SATA:" prefix and the others have a "HDD:" prefix ?

Why is it that the assignment of Disk #0, 1, 2 ( as seen in Disk Maanger or DiskPart) does not seem to have nay rhyme or reason?

I would have expected:

- the hardrive connected to SATA port O, to be assigned as Disk 0
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 1, to be assigned as Disk 1
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 2, to be assigned as Disk 2

but instead, I have:

- the hardrive connected to SATA port 2, is assigned as Disk 0
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 0, is assigned as Disk 1
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 1, is assigned as Disk 2

Just curious why that is.

I am assuming there is no way to chagne this. Its not something I would dream of reinstalling Windows 7 to correct ( even if it did correct it).

A:SATA port numbers vs assignemnt of Disk numbers/

Best advice, leave it alone. It may bother your (and others) sense of order but it won't affect how anything works, and no re-installing Windows won't change it.

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I have been given four transcripts of telephone calls recorded at a call centre. All at different times on the same day. Two have the same callID number. The sequence of the numbers attributed to each call are odd. The first call has a higher number than later calls and the last two are also out of order. I am not sure if this is the right forum but i am desperate for some help. The transcripts are VERY important and I cannot be sure that they are the real deal because of the callID numbers. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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I have Windows XP, with Wordpad v5.1 and Notepad v5.1 as well. In Notepad, if I toggle off Word Wrap, I can then toggle on the Status Bar, and it shows me the line and column number in the status bar. It does not look like Wordpad has the ability to show line and column numbers. Does anyone know if there is a way to show that in Wordpad? Thanks.

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Our school currently has 800+ Probook 640 G2s and I've been repairing them but starting to come across a trend. The device won't come on AT ALL. I've replaced motherboard, power button board, tried different battery both in and out, reseated ram and tried the other location, different SSD and power supplies. I've almost built a new one a few times. We sent one off for them to repair at Depot so I could figure out what I'm doing wrong and the repair sheet came back with 3 parts. 845847-601 System Board (I know what this is obviously even if that part number doesn't match anything for the laptop). 846867-001 Hardware, HDD Bracket / Screw / ODD Bracket / Smart846868-001 Hardware, HDD Bracket / Screw / ODD Bracket / Smart The two above parts however I don't know what they are. Our machines have SSDs in them and there's no bracket. It plugs straight into the MB and 1 screw holds it down. I've tried the part searcher and it finds nothing (not even for the system board number). If anyone has any ideas it would be MUCH appreciated.

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I saw an old post about this. Question is, I have a C: drive and D: which D: is for data. Windows keeps adding all these folders on the Data drive. Is there a way to tell Windows to place these on C: somewhere?

The old post also mentioned these are temp files and can be deleted. Good luck with that. Most of these no matter how old they are will not delete. All I want to see on D is data. I don't like having to scroll for a mile to get to my first folder.

A:Hard drives with unknown folders that contains random Numbers & Letters

Unless you can find out what is creating these files/folders you won't be able to do much about where they get saved. Are they folders? or files? some files with random letters and numbers can often be attributed to an infection, but there can also be a few files of this nature that are legitimate and harmless. If you want to delete them and access is denied you can take ownership and they will then be deletable.

Let us see a DDS log as that may give some clues as to the nature of these files/folders and with a little help from us we may be able to figure out there origin.
Please go Here and follow the instructions to run DDS, then Copy and Paste both the logs into your next reply. You need not run HJT or GMER.

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I removed a data drive form my computer the other day. After that I found a bunch folders
in the root directory. They have random numbers & letters in them. For Example
8081772c645ba749f would be a folder name. I have seen these type of numbers
on other dirves I have.

What is this all about and is this a security problem?
Should I try to get rid of them and clean things up?

Some of those files have a file call HotFix in them.
The folders will not delete using Internet Explorier?
There are other files in the folders that seem to be Hotfix related.
Thank you,

A:Hard drives with unknown folders that contains random Numbers & Letters

They are temp folders used by Windows. In most cases they are perfectly safe to delete. They aren't hurting anything and if Windows Explorer won't let you delete them it's because some of the files are in use.

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I have some reference books I use and in all of them I have this problem:

The number written on the document pages doesn't match the number my pdf reader says, and for every document it has a different offset. That is, for example when I go to page 16, then on the page itself it's written that it's page 5 and not 16.

It's an annoying problem.
Is there any way to fix this by changing the pdf numbering or is there any workaround?


A:pdf page numbers don’t match document page numbers

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The popup displays various file names and numerous different phone numbers each time it appears.
In troubleshooting and attempting to remove this popup, I have performed the following:
1.  Malwarebytes scan.
2.  Avast Boot time scan.
3.  Removed a disabled BHO with a name of only a registry key by deleting the key from the registry.
Both Malwarebytes and Avast have found and removed "Pup" type infections, but the popup still comes back.
I have ran the FRST and also did a hijackthis scan, both of which are attached.

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Hi, so far i have managed to make my program so that it prints out the odd numbers between two inputted numbers but i need it to print the sum of them?
This is what i have:

public static void main(String[] args) {
int int1, int2, sum = 0;
Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
System.out.println("Please enter two integers: " );
int1 = scan.nextInt();
int2 = scan.nextInt();
for (sum = int1; sum <= int2; sum++){
if ( sum %2 != 0 ){
System.out.println("" + sum);

A:Java: Sum of all odd numbers between two numbers?

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Hi all,
Have just discovered a "new" problem on a Vista machine and wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Especially on a bulk-rename utility that might help (linux or windows OK for the util).
Something has gone through the entire system (system and user files) and renamed the majority of the files to filename(number).ext, eg winload(49283).exe.  Each file seems to have a unique and sequential number.
Because of this, the system fails to boot.
I'll attach a directory listing from the affected windows folder (again, not just the windows folder).
I've fixed a hell of a lot of machines for people over the years. This is the first time I have seen something like this. Am hoping someone else has?
Thanks in advance for shedding any light on this.
(And no, system restore is not an option - that's also been affected to some degree!)

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my system file usually runs around 344bytes. but, and i can't work out why it is doing this hence my post here, it keeps sticks around 115,000 - 150,000 bytes. the pc slows right down and it is only back to normal once i reboot.

i can't replicate the problem but am geting a tad frustrated having to reboot so often

its cpu usage stays at 0

any thoughts?

A:System Mem Usage high numbers and sticking

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Besides the C:/ drive, I have a D:/ and E:/ drive on my computer and more and more folders named with a string of letters and numbers keep appearing, especially on E. I've had a Windows 7 Premium Edition installed a while ago and before that I had a Windows 7 Home edition for some years.
What are those files, and how can I erase them, and should I erase them?
How can I get rid of them if I were to reinstall Windows 7 some time in the future again?
Most are empty, besides a few, and one of them in drive E is locked by the system.
They're really annoying, as I struggle to see my personal folders in all that jungle.
Thank you!

A:Lots of folders names with a string of letters/numbers in non system drives

Click on the Start orb, the type manage in the Search programs and files box and press Enter.
A menu will open with one of the choices being Disk Management, click on this.
When this opens use the Snipping tool to copy an image of this and post it in your topic.
Please use the Snipping Tool to copy the image, you can find this tool in Accessories under All Programs.   After you have the image you will want to go to File and click on Save As, Pictures will open with this image, when it opens give it a name and click on save .
Using the Snipping Tool to copy an image. 
To open the Snipping tool click on the Start orb, then type snipping tool in the search box.  Snipping Tool will appear above the search box, right click on it and choose Run as administrator.  
Before you open the Snipping Tool have the image you want to copy one the destop, then open the Snipping Tool.
A small white cross (+) will appear on the screen, move this to the lower left corner of the image you want to copy, press and hold the mouse and slowly move it to the right and upwards.  You will see a red rectangle form around the image, when you have the image isolated that you want, release the mouse.  
After you have the image you will go to File and click on Save As, Pictures will open with this image, when it opens give it a name then click on Save.    
You can post this image in your next post.  Jus... Read more

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Windows 98SE

while online how do you check your DNS numbers?
I typed winipcfg in the run box but I don't see them there, does anybody know the command to check DNS numbers while connected.

Thank you.

A:DNS numbers

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I want to upgrade my laptop RAM from 4 GB to 6 GB. Before buying the 4 GB RAM I have to know the exact pin of the RAM, and I don't know the exact numbers of pin in the RAM. My laptop is Ideapad Y550 4186. So how can I know the numbers of pins in the RAM without having to open the case? Please help!

A:How to know numbers of pin in RAM?

It's 204 pin, but you need to know more than that.

That's a Lenovoe Ideapad Y550. I entered that make and model into the configurator at Crucial.com and it came back with the following compatible RAM choices for that laptop.

Computer memory upgrades for Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 (All Types) Laptop/Notebook from Crucial.com

3 of those choices are for 2 GB sticks.

You can shop for those same Crucial part numbers from your source or buy 204 pin RAM from another brand as long as it has the exact same specifications.

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If I sent an email to someone, is it possible for them to get my IP address from that email?

A:IP Numbers

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What is an (Internet) IP number, and how unique is it. Does each Internet user have an unique IP number?

For each message posted, why is it necessary for this site to log IP numbers, which are inaccessible even to the poster?

R. J. Emery

A:IP Numbers

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I hear that soon we will all have a personnal ip number. IP version 4 or something similar? Is this a good thing?

A:IP Numbers

Where did you hear that?
There are too many people for individual IPv4 numbers. IPv6 could do. But I still doubt that.
It's a Bad Thing if something like this happens.

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My Sandisk reader for my camera went bonkers. Now I want to buy another one cause the camera is still good. Anyway, It says it takes a 2.0 usb port, which I know I don't have if its more than 4 yrs old. Anyway, how can you tell what your usb port number is? I have just the regular usb ports that come with the computer, it says its backwards compatable and works with the 1.1 usb port number.????????????? Any help would be appreciated.

A:USB numbers?

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Is there a way to find out what part of the world a certain IP number comes from, or are they all just random?

A:I.P. Numbers

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Hi i am setting up a home network on a domain. and windows 2000 server is asking for numbers such as DNS numbers, WINS numbers. Where do i get these from or do I need to make some up.


A:Numbers etc. where do i get these from

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Hi all, I am running Vista and using PC Doctor for protection. I get pop-ups regularly that say a "Bad Website" is blocked??? All I get are the site numbers such as:

How can I determine if this website is necessary or if I should block it? I get 5- 10 of thses a day. I am afraid that if I block all of these, I may disable some programs. Is ther some way I can tell what these numbers are referring to?

A:URL Numbers..what are they?

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it was working just fine a while ago now when i try to type a number this is what happened


someone help me out please..

A:Numbers pad

What you describe can be a sign of the keyboard going bad. Are letters affected when you type those?

Do you have access to another keyboard you can use to see if it also happens with it?

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I wonder why on programs downloads for 32bit OS are tagged as "x86" while 64bit OS program downloads tagged as "x64",what does the "X" stands for and why the value of 32bit is bigger.

A:OS Numbers..?

x86 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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I have a program written in Delphi which display a result in a box(editbox).
The signs is to big for the box - the last digit disappears. All the other text and numbers are the right size. The program work well on a identical PC with the same OS - Win XP home SP2. It must be something with the windows settings. Grateful for any help.

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This is basically for my father, his numbers on the key pad to the right of the key board are not working. In the past I have checked several options and ended just hitting some keys (i.e. alt F4) until one of them seems to work. Now he is having problems again. Is there something else he can do?


A:Key pad numbers

is it possible that you have pressed the number lock key, this is situated on the row above the number keys...mine is above the number 7 key.

press it and see if this solves the problem

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hi all
can anyone help please

on a excel sheet i need h1 to only allow certain numbers to be entered, if any other numbers are entered then an error message to show

i.e only the numbers 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17, and 22 need to be entered in cell h1 for other calculations to be carried out. any other number can be entered but on doing so i would like a error message to show

many thanks

A:only certain numbers

Have a look in 'Data Validation'.

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Is there a way to input an ISP number to find out who or where it came from ? I thought I read somewhere on the web that you could do that,but did not write it down.
I am getting Email hoaxes about buying something from Joshua Hardware Store and when I ran some order tracking numbers I got "page cannot be found" then again and i got "this domain has been disabled.
When I click on the message I get a warning box that has File Name: read_more[1]txnotepad.scr
File Type: screen saver
Then when you click on the paper clip another warning box has:
File Name: order(1)txorder.scr
File Type: screen saver
This message tells me that my credit card was billed :
First message was for $55, next one dated 7-6-03 is for $155 and says Item purchased SS005KA (see attachment). When you click on attachment nothing happens. I checked my credit card file and nothing has been charged and I have never ordered anything online in months. So I know this is not legit.
I tried did a search on Joshua Hardware and it does not exist.
When I went back to the first order sent on 4-4-03 and clicked on the tracking number it took me to a page not found and there it had the ISP number so I clicked on it and it took me to a page that said" This domain has been temporarily disabled. To restore the domain,contact your Customer support Rep".

A:ISP numbers

This is the domain it is coming from.

Use one of these links:

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Is there a way to track IP numbers? I have some numbers here and I want to know who this people are, or at least where they come from, so I can have an idea who this person might be...

Here are the IPs:

Thanks for your help

A:IP numbers

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What and where do i type in to get the numbers that i used to install my w98se software? I can't remember what to do to recover those numbers , or can someone provide me with a set that works? I've seen them on my setup, forgot how to recover -


A:win 98 se numbers

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My system is an IBM P4 3.2GHz running Windows XP Pro SP3. When I power the system on, there are some Hex numbers that appear at the lower right of the monitor screen such as 003B, 0075, 0078, 0073 and probably several others that I can't see because they come and go rather quickly. Does anyone know what these numbers mean and is there a problem with my system because these numbers appear?? My system appears to boot & run correctly and there are no hardware or software problems that I'm aware of.

Thanks for any help here.


A:What do these numbers mean??

Do they appear and change when you move your mouse? When you press a key on the keyboard? It looks like it could be some type of debugging information but nothing harmful.

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I am having a problem accessing part of a web site through a firewall. IE returns an error saying "cannot open site <A HREF="http://www...etc.:8081/."" TARGET=_blank>www...etc.:8081/."</A>
There is no problem using a connection which by-passes the firewall. What is port 8081 and why should the firewall block it? Is it used to carry a protocol other than http.

A:TCP/IP port numbers

If I am understanding you correctly your trying to access another systems port 8081. Ports 8080, 8081, etc .. are proxy server ports.

[This message has been edited by bhesson (edited 08-03-2000).]

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Here before me, I have two almost identical chips:

1) PCS-5300S-555-12-E3
2) PCS-5300S-555-12-A0

What's the difference?

A:What do the numbers on the ram chips mean?

1) Samsung PCS-5300S-555-12-E3 RAM 1GB each
Reference: http://cgi.ebay.com/Samsung-2x1Gb-2...egoryZ158896QQihZ002QQitemZ120384476683QQrdZ1

2) Micron Samsung PCS-5300S-555-12-A0 - RAM 512MB each
Reference: http://cgi.ebay.com/-1GB-Micron-Sam...ItemQQimsxZ20090317?IMSfp=TL090317202008r2749

Hope this helps

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I inserted page numbering in a long word doc. And when I viewed it in "print layout view" the number clearly showed at the bottom of the page. But when I printed the doc - no page numbers.

Any ideas?


A:Numbers don't print

How low at the bottom of the page? Some printers have difficulty when you print very near the edge.

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Ive searched and searched to try and find this information but i cant. I have several models of HP Procurve switches across the couunty and need to collate the model numbers, How can I do this via command line? If not where can I enter the Serial Numbers that I can get to find out what model of hardware they are? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Tim

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I have a 2.8Ghz P4 with HT, in my BIOS it says HT is enabled, but when I ran a 3DMark05 - Free Editon test it gave me a whole bunch of stuff, which in sort says: "HyperThreadingTechnology Available - Disabled " Disabled? How do I check to see if it's actually working or not? Also what is supposed to be the speeds for AGP and PCI, when I boot up my PC it says 66/33, and 200 for my ram, which is ddr400. Could it be higher? I'm reading about overclocking, but I want to know if these numbers are atleast right for what they should be. Thanks

A:HT, numbers and stuff

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I have a spreadsheet in Excel with two columns. In column A there is data that looks like this:

117484 (100), 117486 (26), 162724 (100), 165982 (21), 39759 (56)

I would like to have the total of all the numbers within the parenthesis added and placed into column B, ignoring the larger numbers outside of the parenthesis. Is that possible?

Thanks for your help!

A:Summing Numbers

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Hey everyone,

I am using build 7000. Is there a place where I can legally download the newer builds?

And do they require a clean install?

A:Win 7 Build Numbers

The only build that has been officially released by Microsoft is 7000. However, others have been leaked, viz 7022, 7048, 7057 and 7068 (and others). These can be downloaded via torrents (use Google). In all cases, the same product key will work. I recommend a clean install for all OSes, especially beta versions.

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The Ten Key Numbers On Key Board Do Not Work. Num Lock Is On, Have Switched Users And Worked For A While Now Not Responding. Have Switched Keyboards, Not Working. Numbers At Top Of Keyboard Work the Enter Key.

A:Numbers Not Working

Is the laptop in your sig or some separate keyboard?

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Is there a way to validate hash numbers on an allready installed win7 ?

A:Help| Hash numbers

No, only the original .iso you installed from can be validated with hashes.

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Whenever i go to type in a URL it comes up as numbers. it types in order of 0-9 and repeats no mater what i type so if i type in WWW. Google.com it reads out 34567890123456 or if i type out abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz it comes out 56789012345678901234567890 but if i paste abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz it reads abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

i don't know what this is or why it does this, i have read other threads on the same thing and it says its a virus or a script error if it is either how can i fix it?

A:My URL box only types numbers

If you're using complete Comcast services, the problem exists due to a conflict with Guardian. Call Comcast. Toggling Numbers Lock is probably fruitless, but try anyway and also a different keyboard although I don't think that's where the problem lies.

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Is there a way to find out the serial no. from a software disk itself? We have multiple copies of identical software that someone mixed all up!

A:Serial Numbers

If you go to HELP and down to ABOUT, you should see a bunch of information. Maybe even a serial number or product number. Got a big mess hey?

Have fun!

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Weird but since updating the driver on my ATI Radeon HD4800 card numbers have started appearing in the top right of two progs on my PC. One is Google Earth and the other is a plug in for Photoshop. The numbers are yellow or red and change at random with mouse movement. I'm not on any medication
I've attach a screen shot...
Any ideas?

A:Numbers top right of screen.

Heres the story, and it happened to me too. I found the most current graphics driver. It made my screen twice as large and it could not fit on the monitor. Resolution changes and DPI changes would not help.
I would go back to the earlier driver. If it does not work use a system restore point.
System Restore - How to

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Running laptop Dell Inspiron 2650 - not the one I'm using now. I try to type alphas - for example: i and get a 5, u and get a 4, o and get a 6, j and get a 1, k and get a two and so on. I look at the keyboard and the numbers are in small type right in the center of the alpha key.

How do I get back to the alphas only?


A:numbers rather than alphas

Your keypad is activated. Look on your keyboard for the Fn key, then on your keyboard for a symbol that looks like a "number keypad". It is normally the Fn + F11 key, but without looking up the information on your system it may differ. To activate and deactivate, you have to hold the Fn key and press the key that has the number pad on symbol on it.

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