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Fingerprint reader inop. after Windows update

Q: Fingerprint reader inop. after Windows update

Envy laptop L8Y93AV. I just installed the latest Windows updates and now my fingerprint reader is totally inoperative, It does not flash or respond at all even when tying to puy in a new fingerprint. PIN sign in works fine. Short of removing the updates (I actually believe they are supposed to increase security. ) now what?

Preferred Solution: Fingerprint reader inop. after Windows update

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Fingerprint reader inop. after Windows update

Hi , You might be able to use this Validity Sensor Driver: sp72114 Validity Sensor V Link : ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp72001-72500/sp72114.exe In general, Series 6 HP SimplePass can run on Windows 10. It was, and continues to be, robust and sturdy code. If you have truly lost the Series 6 HP SimplePass program AND if you do not have an Export of your Webcards (website / password backup) -- then you might decide to switch to the newer, and still supported, Series 8 HP SimplePass program. Series 8 HP SimplePass is not an "upgrade" from the older Series 6 version of the program; it is different code - that is, a completely different rendition of the SimplePass product. Series 8 HP SimplePass is written by Softex. Series 6 HP SimplePass was written by AuthenTec. You may, of course, decide to try and run Series 6 HP SimplePass; the program may run with your newer Validity Sensor Driver. Series 6 HP SimplePass:sp63224 HP SimplePass V6.0.100.276 Win7-8 Link : http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp63001-63500/sp63224.exe Series 8 HP SimplePass:sp71729 HP SimplePass V8.01.46A W7-W10 32/64bit Link : ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp71501-72000/sp71729.exe General rules: Pay attention to the Order of Events when (re)installing your driver and / or software:Sign-in Options matter ? if the system supports Native Windows fingerprint logon, you must assign and configure a PIN to enable the fingerprint sign-inValidity Sensor Driver First >> RebootSimplePass Software Next >> Reboot Reference: Instructions to Upgrade HP SimplePass Link : https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?cid=56113256B09443F6&resid=56113256B09443F6!25632&app=WordPdf r-K //Click on Kudos and Accept as Solution if my reply was helpful and answered your question// I am an HP employee!!

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I have a X1 carbon 3444 with Windows 10. Fingerprint reader (FPR) was working fine. Sensor is a TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor by AuthenTec. The latest Windows 10 update around Christmas resulted in the FPR dissappearing despite device manager showing as working. Tried rolling back driver from to with no help. Tried uninstalling the Lenovo FPR software to see if Windows Hello would see it - but no. Reinstalled Lenovo FPR softwareg1f914ww_64.exe still no result showing Checked Bios and FPR is enabled.Contacted Microsoft who after checking my system and not being able to solve it advised to reinstall windows 10, which I did, and although being reassured this would fix it - has not. Anyone with any ideas?

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Windows update caused this problem on 22-12-2008 and I noticed this error last week.

Problem with Video Driver :
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 Video Driver -
This is the video driver version for my HP tablet(HP Website). But windows update installed the latest version( from NVIDIA. From that time onwards, my touch screen stopped working.
I contacted HP care and they advised me to follow these steps.
1) Uninstall the latest driver and install the driver by giving the video driver (devicemanager ->display adapter -> Nvidia 6150 -> uninstall)
2) Bios Flash (they provided the software)
3) Calibrate
I am done with the first two steps but still my touch screen is not recognizing the pen. So I couldn't calibrate.
When I contacted the HP care again, they are telling it may be because of hardware failure. My notebook is working perfectly except this touchscreen problem.

Again they asked me to do the driver installation in safe mode.
(Add/Remove Programs -> Remove only display adapter)
Driver installed successfully but in device manager it is showing the latest version.
I tried two times, but couldn't help. I can't install the older driver. pls help.

Problem with Fingerprint reader :
Finger print reader has not detected.
I contacted HP care and they advised me to install the driver for fingerprint reader.
After reinstall and restart, I am able to see that driver is installed ( through control panel -> add/remove p... Read more

A:touch screen and fingerprint reader not working after windows update

Full system recovery solved the problem.

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After installing Windows 10 April update on my T460s, fingerprint reader no longer works or even lights up. Device Manager shows the reader, but says, "The device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" Tried uninstalling drivers and uninstalling device, but still no go. I have bios version 1.34. 

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Have seen several posts but no solutions. After a windows 10 update a couple of months ago, the fingerprint scanner stopped working. It recognises me but then says "your credentials could not be confirmed".
Microsoft have sent endless messages blaming the driver, the scanner etc etc. Finally they say it is an issue with the update, but they have not solution at this time. Good old Microsoft and their helpful updates, which you cannot avoid.
Anyone have the same problem and how did you fix it??

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After upgrading Windows 10 to the April 2018 Update (Windows version 1803), Windows Hello is no longer available on my Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th Generation ultrabook, and drivers for the Synaptics WBD (SGX enabled) biometric fingerprint reader show as failing to load in Device Manager.  This is despite registry settings, group policies, and a PIN being set up to enable biometric scanning (the fingerprint scanner worked previously). Is anyone able to assist to enable the Windows Hello fingerprint scanner under Windows 10 version 1803? Thank you.  

A:Windows 10 April 2018 Update (1803): Windows Hello / Synaptics WBD (SGX enabled) Fingerprint Reader

And you have the lastet 5.2.3531.26 version of the Synaptics driver released on May 3, 2018 already installed?

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Yay, another major windows update... another round of driver problems! Fun! After yesterday's big Windows update (Windows 10 version 1803, aka the Spring 2018 feature update) the Synaptics fingerprint reader doesn't work. Uninstalling and re-intalling the driver didn't fix anything. Device manager says:This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31){Operation Failed}The requested operation was unsuccessful. Has anyone found a work around? Thank you. setup:YOGA 720-15IKB Signature EditionWindows 10 1803 (OS Build 17134.1)newest fingerprint reader drivers straight from the website   

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Hello. . .
I use the fingerprint reader to login to my Latitude E5550 every time.  However, I was unable to do so after the latest Windows 10 update (version 1607).  

It did still show in the Windows Device Manager (i.e., no "Unknown Device" listed)
I went into the DDP Console to try to register a new fingerprint (for troubleshooting), but it wasn't reading the swipes
I attempted to update to the latest firmware/drivers, but that only caused unknown devices to show up in the Device Manager (ControlVault Firmware v3.3.15.0 and ControlVault Drivers v3.3.14.68)
Switched back to the older driver (v3.0.48.26) and all devices were once again recognized

Any suggestions for how to get around this?  It's not the end of the world, but I *really* like using the fingerprint reader (I paid extra for) to login.  If I can provide additional helpful information, please let me know.

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The Fingerprintreader on my x240 worked fine until last week. After installing recommended software via Lenove, Win 10 don´t recognises der reader / sensor anymore. Windows Hello can not be enabled (was runnig fine before). How can I fix this? Thank you in advance

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I have bought the Dell Vostro 3560 couple of months ago and just updated to Windows 8.1. After this the DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader software started to cause problems (sometimes doesn't work). I've updated all drivers to the latest version but can't find update for DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader  and under my registered programs there is only version which is over one ear old.
Could you advise how to update it please?
Thank you.

A:DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader update

Hi PiotrIr,
You should download and install “Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver”. If you have difficulty in downloading the drivers please watch this video:

Downloading and Installing Drivers in the Correct Order
Hope this helps.

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ThinkPad T440p. Win 10 Pro 1703, OS Build 15063.632, Synaptics FP Sensors (WBF) (PID=0017) Driver 4.5.514.0 dated 5/23/2017. Since the last update having difficulties signing in from a cold start. Takes 4 or 5 swipes to log on. Resuming from sleep the reader doesn't work at all. Tried to update and/or add a fingerprint. When I use the finger I usually use it recognizes the print and says that it is already registered. When I try to add a fingerprint the app reports it is having trouble recognizing the input. Result is I have to enter password to resume from sleep.Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated. 

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Good evening, my fingerprint reader/simplepass stopped working after my computer received an update this past tuesday. Let me give you a timeline of event. I tried to reinstall simplepass- it would not let me do it because I was told to remove aunthentec driver. I wasn't able to remove authentec driver in the begining, so I used the instructions in another post and did it via the registry. I tried to reinstall simplepass, it would not allow me to do it, saying I already had a software that perform the same function. tried system restore, failed about 6 times. deleted all programs and restarted to download simplepass and it worked, however, It is not the one that uses fingerprint data. I tried to reinstall my old simplepass, and it work This is the error I get after I finally was able to reinstall simplepass "The truesuite engine failed to initialize properly. Restarting the application, restarting the computer, or reinstalling the application may fix this problem. The application must now exit" so, how can I find the truesuite engine? thanks

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I have a T460s on a fresh install of Win10. I just bought an external USB fingerprint reader https://www.amazon.com/Fingerprint-PQI-Matching-Biometric-Security/dp/B06XG4MHFJ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&....My hope was that when my laptop was docked (on a ThinkPad Pro dock), I could plug it into a USB port on my external keyboard and login using it. For the time being, I'm just trying to get it working with the laptop undocked (i.e. forget about external keyboards, USB hubs etc.). Starting from scratch (i.e. fingerprints cleared in both Windows and the BIOS, and the external USB NOT plugged in), I setup the internal fingerprint reader, add prints, and am able login with no problem. When I plug in the external reader, drivers install just fine.  I enrolled a different finger, and was able to login just fine. However, when I unplug the external USB reader, I am never able to get the internal reader working again.  With the external unplugged and after a full restart, the internal will still not let me log in: the fingerprint option doesn?t even show up at the Windows login screen. The only way I can get the internal working again is by plugging the external in again (so that it appears in Device Manager), uninstalling both fingerprint devices (just uninstalling the external USB does not work), restarting the computer, and reenrolling my fingerprint using the internal. I know there is an option in the BIOS to just use the internal re... Read more

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I installed the BIOS version 2.46 (rel. 12/18/2017) today for my T440p and after the flash, my fingerprint reader stopped working. In Windows device manager it reports an unknown USB device which has "descriptor request failed". Then I entered the BIOS config and found that the fingerprint reader was not detected at all even out of the OS. Under security tab I tried to reset fingerprint data and it said that no fingerprint reader was detected. Now I have rolled back to the last BIOS version 2.44 and the fingerprint reader started to work again. I am aware that the latest 2.46 addresses the meltdown exploit so please investigate and fix this problem... Thanks,

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I've now tried installing the Windows 10 Pro Creator's Update twice, and both times my fingerprint reader stopped working for Windows Hello. I just get "Your credentials could not be verified". I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver (and I'm on the latest), removing and re-registering my fingerprint, and I've also tried the trick I saw suggested elsewhere of switching to a local account, then back to a Microsoft account. That works temporarily but as soon as I switch back to my MS account, it breaks again. I've rooted around the BIOS but everything seems fine. I have the same fingerprint set on startup and that still works fine; Windows just doesn't recognize it, either when it's passed on from the BIOS or when I try to do it again manually. Has anyone had this problem and managed to fix it *without* reverting permanently to a local account? I don't see why that should be necessary and it definitely isn't supposed to be. I have reverted back to the Anniversary Update both times because of this issue.

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I updated after the announcement of the fingerprint scanner security breach, and now the reader isn't attached. The BIOS won't reset it, saying that the device is not attached. Yes, I suppose I could be having a hardware problem, but it's a huge coincidence that this happened the day that I responded to the security problem by updating. After nothing else worked, I followed someone's suggestion of deleting the Synaptics WBDI driver in Device Manager and rebooting, but that accomplished nothing other than leaving me with no device driver. BIOS still says no device attached.

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X1 Carbon 5th Generation - 20HR series, Windows 10 ProWindows version now 10.0.17134BIOS date 3/2/18 After the automatic Win 10 April 2018 (ver 1803) update, my fingerprint reader stopped working. Had no issues prior. I have tried all suggested fixes, but no luck. - Checked enabled in BIOS - ok - Deleted driver, searched for and added driver in Device Manager - didn't work - Deleted and re-installed fingerpirnt driver from Lenovo support website - didn't work - Ran driver update tool from Lenovo support site (Lenovo service bridge) Synaptics WBDI(SGX enabled) driver status still says - "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" Windows Hello used to work fine - now says "Windows Hello isn't available on this device.

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Hi,I have a Thinkpad P50 equiped with a fingerprint reader.Worked perfectly well for months, but suddently stopped working.I verified/updated drivers, but this was not the problem.I then had the bad idea of changing the BIOS security option to enable the pre-POST fingerprint option.Now I end-up with a system that keeps rebooting forever preventing me to access the BIOS configuration.(I guess that after pressing F1 for entering BIOS, it expects me to scan my finger, but doesn't find the reader, so reboots again and again.)Please HELPThank you!!

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I posted in the Windows XP thread about my Windows update not working. I tried going right to microsoft.com and as soon as I click a link for update, it says "page cannot be displayed".
I have ran Adaware, Spybot, and AVG anti-virus, but still no go. I got hijackthis and here is my log if you can help..................

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:39:48 PM, on 10/22/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Documents and Settings\Stine Family\My Documents\Unzipped\hijackthis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://www.accoona.com/search_assist...mpaign=wdz0605
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://www.accoona.com
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.fmcdealer.com/
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistan... Read more

A:Windows Update inop....have log

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Before attacking an adware/spyware problem with hijackthis make sure you have already run the following tools. Download and update the databases on each program before running. Ad-Aware? SE Personal Edition
*Note* For Ad-AwareSE also install the VX2 Addon Cleaner To run this tool once Adaware is updated click on Add-ons in the lefthand column. Select VX2 Cleaner V2.0 and click Run Tool. Click "OK" , then, if something is found, click "Clean" as in the directions given. Click "Close", and exit Ad-Aware.
Spybot Search & Destroy

Also make sure you are using the the latest version (1.99.1) of HijackThis and it's installed in it's own folder on the root drive. (C:\HJT)

Go to My Computer->Tools->Folder Options->View tab and make sure that Show hidden files and folders is enabled. Also make sure that the System Files and Folders are showing/visible.
Please make sure system restore is enabled by right clicking on My Computer and go to Properties->System Restore and check the box for Turn OFF System Restore and make sure it?s NOT checked. We want system restore ON and monitoring your current hard drive. Once your clean we will turn this off and then back on to remove the infection from the restore folder and create a clean restore point.

Reboot into Safe Mode (hit F8 key until menu shows up). Make sure to close any open browsers. Open add/remove programs and remove Accoona Search Assistan... Read more

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I've been using Windows 7 Ultimate for a few years now with AuthenTec Protector Suite 2012 installed and a TrueMe fingerprint reading device.

The Protector Suite software allowed me to login to windows using a fingerprint and to use fingerprints to open password protected files as well as entering passwords into web screens. The software maintained a database, which allowed any entry of a password to be stored against a fingerprint.

Consequently, I've become used to simply swiping the fingerprint reader to enter all my passwords. Brilliant!

Along comes Windows 10 and I can't get Protector Suite 2012 to install. It gives the error "To use this product, Windows Biometric Framework must be enabled.". I can successfully setup Windows 10 Hello to use the fingerprint reader to login to Windows 10, but this is a small fraction of the potential of using fingerprints.

Anyone any idea on how to enable Windows Biometric Framework. By the way I've already tried using gpedit.msc to Enable "Allow the use of biometrics" but this doesn't appear to make the slightest bit of difference.

Alternatively, is there any Windows 10 compatible software out there that will do more than simply allow me to use my fingerprint reader to login. I would like to use it to enter passwords for protected files and web page inputs.

I performed a clean, fresh install of Windows 10 Pro alongside my existing Windows 7 Ultimate, so I can dual boot. Until I get ALL the functionality I ... Read more

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Good morning, I had to refresh my laptop and now I am having to download all the apps and softwares. I'm having troubles to find the fingerprint reader software for my laptop. Can someone help me, please? Thank you,Flavia

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A:fingerprint reader windows 10

Hi, If you open SimplePass and then choose the Password option, this should then prompt you to scan your fingerprint a few times in order to set up the facility to log in this way. Regards, DP-K

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Just upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. The fingerprintreader has stopped working. I can find the option to set this up but instal is greyed out as no driver available. Cannot find one on any support forum? Anyone else with this problem and sorted it please?

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A:How do I get the fingerprint reader working on Windows 10

Aug 11. I have been running Windows 10 updates each day since upgrading and today after a reboot the finger print reader started working? and remembered my print as well. I guess Microsoft dropped in a fix for this (which works for me) so maybe something to try?

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This is probably really obvious, but I recently purchased a new laptop with a Fingerprint reader. It came with a fingerprint reader (an AuthenTec AES2501A), and Windows installed all the drivers for it and stuff, and it came with this little program to "learn" your fingerprint for each finger (which I went through), but I was hoping you could actually "do" something with it, LOL!

Is this feasible?


- 2 Bunny

A:Any way to log in to Windows with a Biometric Fingerprint Reader?

type biometric into the search bar and the settings will allow you to register use the device to log into windows.

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Since upgrading to Windows 10, I have not been able to use the fingerprint reader on my HP ZBook 14. In the Windows documentation, it says this should be through Windows Hello, however in Windows settings I get the message that Windows Hello is not available on this device. Is there a driver or patch available to enable the fingerprint reader on Windows 10? Thanks

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1.   have the Dell control vault file from the Dell support site already downloaded in a separate folder or drive.
you do NOT want the "DDPA" or "firmware update" or ""control point" files!
2.  the Dell file is not the "latest" USH driver, but do NOT install a later version yet!   (such as you will find using driver updaters).  
the original Dell file will install BOTH the Windows Biometric control vault and driver, and also install the Dell Controlvault and driver.   do you need both of those?   YES.
so what happens if you do install the 'new' Dell controlvault version first?   the new version will NOT install the Windows Biometric, which means your fingerprint scanner won't work!
3.  so when installing Windows 10, do NOT connect to the internet.  you want to first install the Dell controlvault that you downloaded earlier from Dell support.   if you connect to the internet before that, Windows 10 is going to find and install the 'new' version, leaving you without a working fingerprint.
4.  you are now able to go to settings, accounts, signin and be able to see "hello" fingerprint signin choice.  go ahead and install your fingerprints now, before any internet connection.
5.  later if you wish, you can then put in the new Dell controlvault version you find on driver updaters.  you will see both the Dell and the Windows controlvau... Read more

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I use Lenovo Thinkpad T450 that has Windows upgraded from 8 to 10. I did all instructions on this link - https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Fingerprint-support-on-Windows-10-ThinkP... - I updated BIOS and chipset drivers.- I checked program list. There is no Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro.- I updated fingerprint reader driver from Device Manager. (Driver Version - 4.5.507.0)- I created PIN for Windows Hello. However, whenever I try to setup Fingerprint using Windows Hello I keep getting an error. Click on Setup under Fingerprint > SuccessClick on Get Started > SuccessEnter the PIN > SuccessScan my finger on the finger print scannet > Error: Sorry, something went wrong. Close Windows Hello, and then try going through the setup again. I have tried the above steps many times and still facing the same issue.

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Hi all, I'm having issues trying to use the fingerpint reader. Notebook is an HP Probook g2 640 and I've instaled the drivers suggested by HP in the Support forum (Synaptics WBF). Anyway, when I try to run the Synaptics app, this is the error. "The Digital fingerprint reader is not detected. Please make sure the sensor is configured correctly and try again". Also, in the Device Manager, I cannot find any "Biometric" information. Do I need to install any other driver from Windows 7 first? Any help will be appreciated. Cheers

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I am having a problem with fingerprint reader in Windows 7 64 bit for my dv6 laptop.
I have tried many combinations from different websites and forums and still the problem exists.
Device manager shows an UNKNOWN DEVICE :

Location : Port_#0003.Hub_#0004


The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.







I think it's my fingerprint reader.


A:HP fingerprint reader problem in windows 7 64 bit

Did you go to your HP site to see if there updated Drivers for your fingerprint reader?

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Good day,
Got my new and shiny E7470, but there is some trouble in paradise.
Is there a way to improve fingerprint reader? This thing is complete <profanity>. Half of the time it does not recognize the finger and when it recognized, it just takes too long. Updated all drivers and software to the latest, as per dell support suggestion. Still <profanity> :D My old Vostro 3350 FP reader works better in any case.
And the second question is, can the nfc read tags? Installed a couple of programs from windows store, but they do not show the tags info. When the sound is on and I place a tag on the reader, there is chime and that is all. Device manager shows, that device is active and working without problems.
NFC card should be Mifare Plus.

A:How to improve fingerprint reader and can the nfc reader read tags? e7470

Received my E7470 few days ago same exact problem. Go to Dell Support website download and reinstall the Chipset Drivers ,A01
Seems there is problem after updating the ControlVault driver. This fixed my issue.

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I know Microsoft monitors these threads. I have been following this discussion since day one. I have even posted my thoughts a couple of times.( I want to use the Fingerprint Reader on my keyboard!) I am informed of new threads by email. One day I clicked on the link in an email notice and received the following ...
"This Forums has already been merged into another forum or deleted, please see the notification in Announcement Forums."
I went seaching in forums under the thread title. I could not find it. I figured somehow they (MS) tied my screen name to a blacklist and I was no longer able to find or much less view the discussions. After my search, I still kept receiving email notices that posts to the original thread name were still being made. Today I used an alternate MSN login, and guess what I found.... the discussion and here I am again. Talk about dirty dealings.  Their time and efforts would be much better placed if they would finish and release the drivers instead of messing with readers of this discussion.

A:Windows Vista 64 Bit and Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

Thank you for posting!
Please believe our forum won?t delete any post without enough reason. If you have any suggestion or feedback on TechNet forum, we recommended you to post it in the following queue:
MSDN and TechNet Website Feedback
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1.    Click the hyper-link provided in the alert mail, such as Click here, to view the Post alert details....
2.    When a new window or tab opens, quickly record the URL that appears in the address bar. (Copy and paste is an available method.) The address should be like: http://forums.microsoft.com/forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=xxxxxx&SiteID=17
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Thanks for your patience and cooperation!
Lionel Chen
Microsoft Online Community Support

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I have been trying to get fingerprint reader to work ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 last year.  The first issue: when I try to scan my fingerprint in the Simplepass program, I click which finger and scan but nothing happens. Clearly, the program does not work with Windows 10. I then saw this same Q on another forum and they had a link to download simplepass update, which I did. It would not install. I even went to the actual HP site to download the latest simplepass upgrade but it still does not work. While installing, I get the following error message "Please uninstall Authentec fingerprint software then try to install again." I looked in my entire computer, via search, control panel, uninstall programs, etc. and there is no such program on my computer. Anyone else have this problem and a possible solution? Much appreciated!

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My fingerprint reader will not start under Windows 10 Creator when my external keyboard which has a builtin fingerprint reader is attached. The Device Manager shows that the internal reader is enabled but cannot start (Code 10). If I disable the device and then re-enable the device, then the fingerprint reader starts and will continue to function normally until shutdow. I have the latest Synaptics driver installed 5.1.327.26, but no change. If I do not have the P70 docked, then the fingerprint reader works fine. Suggestions?

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hello, my company has recently purchase a lenovo x1 yoga wich includes a fingerprint reader.the notebook is joined to an active directory domain. i found myself with a problem when i want to configure windows Hello in order to register my fingerprint. The ?Set up? button is greyed out, and I can?t click on it. and in the top of the windows appears a red text that says ?Some settings are managed by your organization?. Can you help me to solute this problem? I want to be able to sign in using my fingerprint.The computer has windows 10 installed Thank you very much in advance

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So my fingerprint reader isnt working. Tried hp simple pass but fingerprint option doesnt show up. Windows hello doesnt show up either. Tried updating the driver still nothing. Have tried a few different things from other forum posts to no avail. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:fingerprint reader on hp 8460p with windows 10 not working

1. Try steps from: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c037182402. Since this is a 8460P unit, install HP Client Security or HP Protect Tools software instead of SimplePass.

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I recently came to a Portege R930-189 and just put in the SSD from my old Acer Travelmate B113-M (Windows 10 can do this). I'm also running the insider preview (Win 10 Ed Build 18262). I've installed the Win 8 driver for the fingerprint reader since that seems to be the most recent one. Reader is recognized, software works, could save two fingerprints. The windows login menu also gives me the option to log in/unlock via fingerprint.
Problem: nothing happens.
The system obviously knows theres a reader, it works, just not before logging in.
Now I know my system may be a little outside specifications and I could have installed a fresh version of a stable WIndows build, I'm just wondering if the problem maybe is something trivial I didn't account for and solveable without the hassle of setting up a new windows.

Thanks in advance

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Just purchased the x1 carbon, upgraded to windwos 10 and I cannot install the Lenovo Fingerprint reader software! I only see 8.1 avaiable. No option for Windows 10?Anyone? Nevermind! Found a fix. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Fingerprint-support-on-Windows-10-ThinkP...

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A:2015 X1 Carbon fingerprint reader and Windows 10?

Man, the 2015 X1 Carbon is crap! The 2013 model, I could turn the laptop on with the fingerprint sensor!

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My fingerprint reader doesn't work with Firefox or IE. It only works when logging in to Windows.My fingerprint software version is password manager version is 4.70I'm using Firefox ESR version 32 bitwhich enables me to use unsigned addons.Using Windows 7 Pro 64 bitThinkpad T400 2767 WU6 I woud greatly appreciate some help on this matter

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When will Lenovo release fingerprint reader software for Lenovo T400 for Windows 8.1? There is a driver for T61, but not for T400. I installed some version from internet, it busted my motherboard after a week. Now I am looking for the official driver for my other T400.

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The built-in fingerprint reader on my HP ProBook 440 G3 laptop is not working. I installed the lastest versions of both [HP Client Security Manger] and [Synaptics Mouse Driver]. I also updated the BIOS. The problems seems to be that Biometrics is absent from the Device Manager.  Even when I entered BIOS on startup, I could not find options to enable Biometrics. Nothing seems to work. Please help!

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I just got an Ideapad Flex 4, and one of the main reasons I bought it was for the fingerprint reader.  The convenience of one was the only good thing about my old HP.   I could not figure out how to use the scanner to manage access to websites (Amazon, Facebook, etc.), so I called Tech Support.  The woman I spoke to told me I could use that feature if I downgraded to Windows 8, but Lenovo hasn't yet configured their computers to Windows 10.  (Seriously?!?!  It was released a year and a half ago!)  Is this really true?  Can I not use the fingerprint scanner for anything but getting into my computer?  If so, is there an app that will allow me to do this?

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