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Pure water equipment factory manufacturers China

Q: Pure water equipment factory manufacturers China

Shenzhen Huitongyuan Environment Technology Co.,Limited is a professional engaged in the production of pure water equipment, ultra pure water equipment, GMP purification equipment, water environmental protection high-tech enterprises, the company registered capital of 15 million yuan.
Scope of business involving industrial water, industrial water purification, pharm
aceutical purified water, drinking water equipment manufacturing and engineering. In addition to selling all types of water treatment equipment, the company also has a number of various large-scale water treatment project design, installation and commissioning of the engineering and technical personnel, according to different industry customers requirements do solutions and to carry out the project. Is the advanced technology, the production of pure water equipment products, one of the largest enterprises. The company's production of pure water equipment series products: pharmaceutical factory, hospital for production of large infusion with a full set of pure water system; special high pure water equipmen t, biochemical analysis and laboratory; the electronics industry with ultra pure water system; chemical, high pure water system in power plant; boiler water softening system; food and beverage industry with pure water, mountain spring water, mineral water system and automatic filling line; quality of life sub district water supply system; and to undertake clean stainless steel pipeline project.
My company to introduce and promotion of domestic and foreign advanced water treatment technology has been appointed, has always been adhering to the "100 percent customer satisfaction is Huitong [source] forever pursuit; to create high-quality products, watertight, the move to zero defect is Huitong [source] ultimate goal!" The quality policy, in the development and promotion of ultra pure water equipment, RO RO pure water equipment, EDI ultra pure water system and pharmaceutical purified water equipment water treatment equipment field step-by-step solid service to win the praise of many customers! The company spirit of "high quality, credibility, high efficiency," the principle of good faith and hope to carry out extensive cooperation with all walks of life to create a better tomo rrow!
My company in Wuhan, Chongqing, Suzhou, Beijing, Harbin, Guizhou, Jilin, with offices, to facilitate the broad masses of customer communication and convenient after-sales service!Pure water equipment factory manufacturers China

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Preferred Solution: Pure water equipment factory manufacturers China

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


After going through several disappointments in ESD Equipment lacking continuity, I'm turning to the forums to see if anybody knows of any ESD Equipment Manufacturers/Distributors that aren't DOA prone.

For some reason, there doesn't seem to be a brand/vendor/manufacturer that is predominantly recognized as being a decent ESD equipment manufacturer. For example, when it comes to PSUs it's Fortron/PCP&C/Seasonic, for Motherboards it's between Asus/GIGABYTE, for Hard Drives there's Seagate/WD, for RAM there's Corsair/Mushkin, for Digital Multimeters one can rely on Fluke and so on and so forth yet I'm not aware of a manufacturer that's recognized as an authority amongst ESD Equipment manufacturers, at least not for the consumer markets (consumer as in a cheap techie as myself and not for big commercial accounts like Intel). I've checked forums and community pages for leads on this but there doesn't seem to be much literature/material out there for the specific brand or distributor that is reliable for ESD safety equipment.

I've gone hunting on my own but found some depressing results:
(Read Directed Energy's review - this user steers away from this product but provides no alternatives...maybe this user is also being depraved of any leads to decent ESD equipment...)

Then there are these Pomona pads that I've... Read more

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Production Equipment
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Production Market
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Our service
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During-sale:Update production process irregularly and give the soonest feedback if there is any production problem.
After-sale:Answer and solve any problem come from our clients;Send pictures of new product to our clients regularly.China Iron Wood Dining Table manufacturers

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Since pure alcohol, for example pure Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water are supposed not to conduct electricity. What would happen if I dipped a turned-on PCB into it? . What would happen to a motherboard?

A:Would a PCB or motherboard be damaged if dipped into pure alcohol/distilled water while turned on?

OUCH ! Your assumptions may be spot on, but OMG why would one try this?????????

There's something called 'leakage' - - current flow when it's not expected.

I was working in an aerospace lab and the the EE had me perform an experiment because I said "the resistivity of the salt water was too low and leakage would trigger the device". So we got a bucket of salt water and dropped the device into the bucket - - precisely 30 seconds later (the designed timeout), the bucket erupted and salt water spewed everywhere [yes, the device was an explosive link].

The trigger point for the explosive was <500ma

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Having some issues for a while, but I didn't really make it a big issue. My virus protector (AVG 8.0 Pro) just stopped working and I can't install it again (registry errors). I can't even install an alternate one as well. My Firefox is SLOOOW and crashes all the time. And freezes as well. Programs are slow to respond. Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 6:09:06 AM, on 3/26/2009 Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16791) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\WRConsumerService.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exe C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\cisvc.exe C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cmdagent.exe C:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehRecvr.exe C:\WINDOWS\eHome\ehSched.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\iaantmon.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\LightScribe\LSSrvc.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\HPZIPM12.EXE C:\WINDOWS\ehome\RMSvc.exe C:\Program Files\Comcast\Desktop Doctor\bin\sprtsvc.exe C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Ser... Read more

A:Big Trouble in Little China.er, well not China

Anyone know why my Hijack this log is showing up like this??

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So i have heard that some water cooling systems do need new water in them every 6 months, and i have also heard that some never need to have the water replaced, so i have no idea of what brand/kind of water cooling system i have because it has no branding or anything, i got my computer custom built from ibuypower so it was professionally installed and stuff, so anyway here is a picture of it and maybe you guys can tell what i need to do, http://i.imgur.com/qxlPpCR.jpg

It looks like even if i wanted to replace the water its not built to open up, so yeah can any of you guys tell me what kind it is.
Thanks for reading this~

A:Do I need to put new water in my water cooling system?

Your system should of come with some kind of manual from ibuypower. If not I would contact them and find out what they recommend to use to replace the fluid and how often.

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This question may have been asked and answered before, but:

Why do manufacturers hide bios settings?

A:WHy do manufacturers do this?

There are a number of reasons why:
1) Reduced QA.. the fewer tweakable parameters, the less testing of combinations is needed per revision.
2) Support issues. Many BIOS options assume a fairly savvy user. Motherboards targetted at entry level users are easier to support if they don't assume someone's 14-year old didn't find a "Clock the CPU to 20000mhz D00D!" on an AOL forum, and tried it.
3) Costs. Some times lesser-end components can be substituted for reference components, but with lower tolerances. i.e. say a particular BIOS setting, if used to it's highest value, requires a certain level of capacitors.. but the manufacturer found it can cut costs by using lesser series..

There are many, many more but these are the most common reasons for limited or hidden BIOS support.

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I was going to buy an AMD 2600+ or AMD 2800+ but I was browsing through a site related to the purposes I would be using my PC for, (that being audio production) and the PCs they were selling were Intel Pentium 4s which had 533Mhz FSB compared to the 400Mhz FSB that the AMD Athlon's were giving me

Now I always had a belief that AMD were the best chip manufacturers, and that the Pentiums were simply overpriced and sold based on their name and marketing, however I've got a few niggling doubts...

I was hoping that people could lend some knowledge as to the CPUs whether it be the AMD, Celeron or Pentium...

A:Best CPU Manufacturers

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I know every big manufacturer of nVidia GPUs (hell I know some of their product lines by heart) and I've never owned an ATi GPU, so I have no knowledge of their builders.

Seeing such nice specs on the soon-to-be-released-on-march-9th X2800XTX and having an uber low-end GPU (ASUS EN6600), I want to get to know some of their manufacturers (specialized ones) so I can put to good use these 700EUR I plan on spending on a new GPU (that's besides RAM and MOBO) when that mean monster GPU ships.

I would be very grateful if someone would tell me some ATi manufacturers.

PS: the only one I heard of is Sapphire...

A:what ATi (aah, AMD) manufacturers?

Sapphire, HIS (My Favorite), Visiontek (High Prices), GECUBE, ATI.

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Hey guys, can you five me the Top 10 motherboard manufacturers? I'm looking to buy one and I want the top 10 mobo makers

A:Top 10 Motherboard Manufacturers

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I have got two different RAM ( from different vendors, but both of them DDR), both of them are512 MB (would it be difference if one of them 512MB DDR and other 1024MB DDR), would it affect the performance of a PC (P4 motherboard Intel ) ?

I am aware that modern systems incorporate dual channel ram mode, here is my motherboard model


Intel® Desktop Board D865PERL
When I checked the BIOS's setting I found this :


Memory Mode --------------------[B][COLOR="Red"]Single Channel[/COLOR][/B]
Memory Channel A Slot 0----------1024 MB (DDR400)
Memory Channel A Slot 1-----------Not Installed
Memory Channel B Slot 0-----------Not Installed
Memory Channel B Slot 1-----------Not Installed


All the above options are in gray color (can not be changed).

Because I have heard that it would be preferred to install RAM from same vendor

A:RAM from different manufacturers and PC performance

I'm sorry.. but I don't think i fully understand your question.

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My EPSON 660 STYLUS COLOUR printer has two cartridges, one black and one that is a tri colour .Recently I decided to change from EPSON original cartridges to the PRINTRITE cheaper compatible ones. At present I have two different manufacturers cartridges in my printer, a Epson black cartridge and a PRINTRITE colour cartridge.Will these two different makes of inks mix because I now seem to have trouble reproducing colours such as dark green that came out true to colour using EPSON black/colour catridges. With the mix of EPSON black and PRINRITE colour the dark green is now almost reproduced as black. Has any one had this same problem I just want to check before I bin a almost full EPSON black catridge and replace it with a PRINTRITE black cartridge to see if this cures the problem.


A:Do different manufacturers inks mix

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My computer always runs out of memory and I barely have anything saved on it. It runs out of memory just by being on. I want to revert to the manufacturers settings. I did it once with help from tech support when it was under warranty. Now the warrenty is expired and they won't tell me again without a large fee. Does anyone know how to free up memory or revert to the manufacturers settings?  Thank you! 

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Hey all, recently I had to replace my EVGA card, I usually stick with EVGA I've had no problems with them, however this last card failed after 6 months and I am completely dissatisfied with the return policy.

First you HAVE to register an account on their website, then you have to pay for shipping the card to them, and then you get in return a 'recertified' card. I've had the dam thing only 6 months and this is the service I get? Not happy. Im done with EVGA.

What other brand would you recommend, I like Nvidia, and would prefer to stay as such instead of going back to ATI. I was thinking ASUS or MSI, Zotac, what would you suggest?

A:Video card manufacturers

Usually,you will run into a similar policy with most manufacturers.
They will first try to fix the card.
If not possible they will send out a recert or new replacement.
If they no longer have that model available,they would send back
a newer model replacement.
I have an evga 7900gs that so far refuses to quit.
Sometimes you run into a bad card,it happens.
If it is a decent card,it is probably worth it to send it in.
Only card I have had to send in needed a fan and ati did
a quick turn around on that.
I have used sapphire,msi,ati,evga with good results.
Most manufacturers base their cards on the reference board design
from the graphics chip manufacturer,but some of the video cards
are modded by the graphics card manufacturers for better performance.
It all still comes down to a matter of preference.

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After having looked at many system manufacturers and reading reviews about them, I've come to the conclusion that companies like cyberpower and ibuypower are extremely low quality and that the people who put the actual PC's together either have no experience or put them together very sloppily. I was wondering what the best gaming PC manufacturer is that allows you to purchase the new 8800 GTX. Also, is there such thing as a manufacturer that let's you buy the components and then assembles it for you ***with quality***? Preferably an online business, as where I live, I don't think there are any stores like that, unless CompUSA does it.
Also, if there are manufacturers like that, can they put your system together with the OEM version of products?


A:A Simple Question Regarding PC Manufacturers

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Hi Guys,

Currently running win 7 64 with 2*2gb(4gb) geil gx24gb8500c5udc and have no probs what so ever, but I'd like to upgrade to 8gb as don't want to end up in dead end with lack of it in year or so.
There is no same ram left in my city, I can't order it online and I read somewhere that mixing different manufacturers isn't great idea.

My question is, if I buy ram with same speed 1066, same latency timings 5-5-5-15, and voltage 2.2v, 1066 @ 2.2v, but from different manufacturer (transcend, corsair, kingston, ocz), would I have problems running it (all 8gb) at 1066?
Mainboard is biostar ta790gb 128, phenom2 940 @ 3.6.

Any help would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance!


A:Ram upgrade, mixing different manufacturers

You will have a slight speed differential by mixing memory. We have tested a lot of machines done this way and the differences are marginal... but there are differences.
Beyond that, the computer will be able to run the memory at the speed of the slowest module with the poorest timings...
You won't usually have "problems" but you will not have the same top performance as you will with matched sets.
I would bet you couldn't tell, if you tested two systems side by side on an AMD machine.

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Hello, I have a mac I am wanting to run "Parallels" on so I can utilise IE and windows on my mac computer.
My old laptop was running XP Pro which came pre-installed with XP Pro, and I have the "Acer" manufactuarers disks.
I have done a key search and have the Windows Key for my copy of windows also.

My question is, Is there any way to get only the windows files from those two disks and put them on an install disk so that I can install windows onto my mac via parallels?
Or failing this, as I paid for my copy of windows, via acer. How can I get a copy of windows to install and will my legitimate paid for Key work with this?

Any info would be very much apprecited around this and options available.
I thank you in advance for your time spent helping me with this.
Regards, Alex W

A:How to get XP Pro off original manufacturers disks?

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Just wondering what your opinions are on Nvidia manufacturers mostly, who is the best. Also I will probably be choosing between a XFX GeForce 9500 and a Galaxy GeForce 9500, so which on should i choose?


A:Solved: Nvidia Manufacturers

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Hi Guys,
Currently running win 7 64 with 2*2gb geil gx24gb8500c5udc and have no probs what so ever, but I'd like to upgrade to 8gb as don't want to end up in dead end with lack of it in year or so.
There is no same ram left in my city, I can't order it online and I read somewhere that mixing different manufacturers isn't great idea.

My question is, if I buy ram with same speed 1066, same latency timings 5-5-5-15, and voltage 2.2v, 1066 @ 2.2v, but from different manufacturer (transcend, corsair, kingston, ocz), would I have problems running it (all 8gb) at 1066?
Mainboard is biostar ta790gb 128, phenom2 940 @ 3.6.

Any help would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance!


A:Ram upgrade, mixing different manufacturers

Hi smiki :wave: Welcome to TechSpot

Have a read here on creating a New Topic >> http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic114336.html
As the Introduce yourself forum, is only for introductions

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Our mainly material multilayer board has good strength and good stability. Lightweight, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, impact and vibration resistance, easy processing and finishing, insulation, etc.
Sinbeer use Kingdecor and German imported melamine surface, to keep its original color, The surface is very smooth, uniform in structure, hard to be deformed, has high hardness, good abrasion resistance and dirt resistance, and can resist the corrosion of common acids, alkalis, greases and alcohols.
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I have just assembled my first PC build, installed Windows 7 and everything seems to be working fine.
I am, however, confused, do I need do download drivers for all my hardware from the manufacturers (i.e Asus, LG, Logitech etc.) or can I just leave the ones that Windows 7 has installed since everything is working OK?
What would be the benefit of installing manufacturers' drivers?

So, far I have only install new drivers for my video card and my printer.

In addition, how do I find the motherboard in Device Manager. I looked under System Devices but there are just so many entries there I'm not sure which one do I choose for the update.

Thank you for your help!

1 TB 7200 RPM
WINDOWS 7, 64 bit

A:Windows 7 vs manufacturers drivers help please

The old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" I would run it a while and see how it runs. Windows drivers are furnished by the manufacturer and then tested by Microsoft for any problems. Any new drivers will take a while to get certified by Microsoft. If there is a problem and the manufacturer writes a new driver to fix that problem, then you can look at it and see if you need the fix. When a manufacture releases a new product (video card) then you may need to use the manufactures driver until Microsoft catches up on the certification.


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Contrast that with big-box manufacturers who must authorize research on countless ingredients for hundreds of supplements, and you have a company that is more dedicated to (and knowledgeable about) its single product. It would obviously be nice to know exactly what Max Test Ultra contains, the 3 ingredients that are listed will give some benefit. Jack, 25, Miami, FL: I know I'm younger, but I was lagging behind when I lifted with my friends. Once you have returned a product for a refund, you may return others, unless your card was fraudulently charged or the product is defective or opened. Those who work with this company are dedicated fitness enthusiasts, and they are able to answer your questions about fitness whether you are already a customer or are just considering becoming one. Boron This mineral has been shown in multiple studies to increase levels of free testosterone.


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My new laptop (Acer Aspire 6930Z) has been working fine but now when I try to start it up, it wont go past the manufacturers start up screen. On the manufacturers screen, it says (on the taskbar) press F2 to access start up menu and when you press the F2 it says please wait. Then nothing else happens. Please help!!

A:Cant get past manufacturers screen

have you installed anything new recently?

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After my mouse quit working I put in an old one I had laying around, and since it's a PS/2 mouse I rebooted and now the BIOS hangs at manufacturers screen, so I can't boot from a live CD or go into the BIOS settings. I've reset the cmos by using the jumper on the board and tried removing the RAM and HDDs, but it still won't work. It's an ABIT-AW9 Max with an onboard display of the post. It hangs at post code 52 witch is "Test all memory (clear all extended memory to 0)". I don't exactly know what this means but I'd like to get it working again.

Update: After letting it run for about 15 min. it gets past the manufacturer's screen and tell me there was a CMOS checksum error.

A:BIOS hangs at manufacturers screen

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Is there a list of all motherboard manufacturers somewhere? Can anyone help? This is what I have :

























http://www.shuttleonline.com/ and http://www.shuttle.com/english/default.asp






if you can think of others i might not have thought of hook me up with a name.


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i have just wiped off the pre-installed windows that was on my lenovo laptop and installed a clean version of windows 7 home premium 64, can I ask if its better to use the manufacturer branded drivers or are the ones that windows downloads via the updates etc better as they are as intended and "clean" ?



A:manufacturers drivers or let windows 7 choose them for me?

It is always better to use the drivers offered from the manufacturer's website for your specific laptop.
It is always better to use the most recent version if there is more than one offered for a device.

The drivers from Windows Update are OK if you can't find one you need on the website.
It is very rare that the driver from WU will be newer than the one offered on the manufacturer's website.

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Maybe I'm treading in bad waters, but I do have a question.
I have had three pc's in the last three years. Two laptops and my present desktop, just two months old.
Every time I start getting settled in with my product, I start having weird issues. So I call my manufacturer, in the last two cases, Acer.
I get transferred to (I'm assuming, by the names), India.  Just a guess...
Anyway, they are on the phone with me a long time, take over my computer for a while, and then charge me anywhere from $159. to $500. (I refused the five number), so we settled @ $2- something. And it works, but sometimes more problems follow later.
The point is, I'm getting tired of bending over every time I have an issue.  Does this stuff happen on a regular basis, and is it normal or acceptable!  My hiney is getting sore from all this!!  lol!
This kind of stuff I really making me want to build my own, but how do I know what not to load, to avoid any more of these issues? It's making me agitated to put it very mildly.
Someone please point me in the right direction, one way or the other. Thanks.

A:are manufacturers setting us up? virus related

  There're a lot of variables here.  For starters you can get some good info about building desktops at tomshardware.com.  As for laptops though almost all the parts are proprietary except for the RAM and hard drives.  Personally I've had PCs since 1989 and never had to deal with these $2xx+ people.  You need to be behind a hardware (router) and software firewall.  I've always just used the Windows firewall for the software one.  Then you need a good antivirus program.  There're dozens of good ones to chose from, I'm currently using the Norton Security Suite because I get it free from Comcast - AVG and Avast are two other good free ones.  Finally you need to get yourself an external hard drive and a good 3rd party backup program. You can set it up to do everything automagically at the time and frequency of your choice. 1 TB external hard drives are about $60 these days and a really good FREE backup program is the Easeus Todo Backup Free.  That can save you a lot of time and frustration the next time something like you've described happens.
Good luck.

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Dear Bleeping Computer
I was running windows 8.1 back in January and it crashed during an update. After that, the system wouldn't start and just kept on going round in circles trying to fix itself.
Under diagnostic tests at a local PC repair shop, a hard drive failure seemed to be the problem. Since it was under warranty, it went back to PC World who sent it back to Lenovo. I got it back in March but all they did was a system reset, putting it back on windows 8.
Everything seemed to be working fine apart from one fact. It won't update. I just get the 'failure configuring updates, reverting changes' message. My metro tiles stopped working yesterday as well. I presume this is also an update issue. Under investigation I came across a message saying the place where windows stores updates has been moved. How do I repair this, since the windows update troubleshooter doesn't help. I am fairly conversant in DOS, but it's been a while.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm using a Lenovo Ideacentre B340 running windows 8 with the following spec:
Intel Pentium CPU G645 @ 2.90GHz
Lenovo Mahobay motherboard
440GB Hard Drive
I have enabled safemode startup on the F8 key and everything of importance is backed up.
Best Regards

A:PC back from the manufacturers, can't update windows 8

 Have you by chance run a registry cleaner?  They can cause this kind of thing.  

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I am going to build a computer. I will run Vista Ultimate Feb 2007, Win XP Pro SP2 immediately.

I am not a gamer, but I think I need a gamer's perspective. 1 of my projects is to copy VHS tapes to DVDs.

I am considering a GeForce 7600GT and 7900GS.

My intent is to use an ASUS M2N - E motherboard, 4600+ CPU & 2 x 1 GB ram.

How much of a difference does it make, between XFX, eVGA, ASUS?

Thanks for your help.


A:Solved: best video card manufacturers

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Hi everyone

I was interested in what everybody's experience was with laptops, not desktops, from various brands. I'm thinking along the lines of HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Dell and any other major brands. Specifically around the ?500/600 mark, so not high end but not low end budget laptops either.

I'm asking mainly about hardware reliability and build quality, but also the quality of helplines, etc.
I know that there are sites out there that rate the brands, but they don't always give a true image of why they are like.

Thanks to every who replies.

A:Personal Laptop Manufacturers Experience

I'm running out of brands to suggest in that price range. I make purchasing recommendations for friends and a few businesses and I do the support for those computers once they are in use. The last several Toshiba laptops have had keyboard problems. This has happened in the low end $450 USD Toshiba laptops as well as some $1200 USD ones.... very frustrating.

I've also seen keyboard problems in Dell laptops in that price range. The Dell laptop that I'm on now has the cheapest optical drive tray that I've ever seen, the screen dimming does not always work and their keyboard layout is not that great; but this laptop was free to me via my employer... so not my choice.

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I recall OCZ had serious issues and am wondering if this is still true? Last year I heard Intel and Crucial were very reliable.

A:Which manufacturers make quality SSDs?

Intel,Crucial and Samsung.

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Looking for names of reliable Ram and Hard drive manufacturers ?

A:Your Comments On Hard Drive Ram Manufacturers

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Years ago, when I set up a hard disk in DOS, The entire disk was partitioned and used in it entirety, with no empty or unallocated space. Recently, I notice that even when I install Windows XP or 7 from scratch on a new disk, there is always a tiny amount of space left unallocated, maybe only 7- or 8 megs on a 500-Gig+ disk.

I'm looking now at an HP laptop that has the following partitions:
Partition 1: 99.2 Gigabytes
Unallocated Space: 7 Megs
Partition 2: HP Recovery 11 Gigabytes with 1 Gigabyte free
Partition 3: 1 Gigabyte with 407 MB free

I understand partition 1 is the OS and that partition 2 is the recovery partition. I suspect partition 3 is some kind of HP utilities; but, I don't understand that unallocated space. That seems to have been there on every system I remember looking at. Why?

A:Solved: Why do computer manufacturers set up their hard disks this way?

Actually its done by Windows to allow the creation of dynamic disks in the future, see here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/225822

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first of all, I have a MSI X320 that I purchased in October and on the second day I registered for the Windows 7 Upgrade Option. The way that MSI's system is set up I have not gotten any indication that ith has been processed, is in processing, or set up and I sent it to processing. I called MSI Canada and they said something about waiting for the vouchers from Microsoft or some other crap and that they do not know when it will ship.

Second, in August my mom bought a HP laptop because she was told that while Window 7 will be avialable in October, computers with 7 pre-installed won't arrive into shelves until November. She was going to wait until october until she heard this because She does not want to use Vista. I registered the HP upgrade program for her and she recieved three emmails, the last one saying that her disk is being built, but last time i checked the online webside says that it was shipped and had a tracking number for THL but THL said that the number was not valid and to wait 24 hours. that was in September. if she had known that it would've taken so long she would've waited until october where there WERE Windows 7 laptops on the shelves.

it is now December and niether one of us has recieved our upgrade disks or any indication as to where they are.
any idea why?

A:Windows 7 Shipping Delays from multiple manufacturers?

Unless someone here has experience with those problems, or works for one of the manufacturers, I doubt that you will find an answer here. I would be burning up the telephone lines calling the computer makers myself...especially the one that claimed that it has already shipped.

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Hi! Which one is recommended for Windows 7: letting Windows Update install all drivers after fresh install or installing the drivers from the manufacturers site (mainboard, gpu etc.) ? In XP and Vista it seemed clearer to use the drivers from each manufacturers site, but after trying Windows 7 RC it seemed to find the drivers very well and the system was stable. I?m installing Windows 7 for my relatives computer and all he needs is a stable system, not cutting-edge performance and features. All he needs is that its stable and basic things like hibernation work.

My relatives system specs: P5Q motherboard, Intel C2D E8500, Ati Radeon HD4850, 2 GB RAM

A:Windows Update vs. drivers from manufacturers site

Apart from the GPU drivers, it's usually fine to let Windows install them.

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It's not that I particularly mind that the Falcon Northwest logo remains on my computer. What does bother me is that I'm doubtful that I did the total wipe I was going for when I re-installed Win7 (with format). My PC was getting buggy and I felt that the best fix was to scrub everything. When the logo appears, I'm left to wonder if Microsoft burned it in to the disc for that particular vendor, or if it's in the BIOS or somewhere else. There are plenty of videos showing you how to delete the info. But that still doesn't tell me if the wipe missed it (and no telling what else), or if it's installed in a separate storage device. I can't imagine what that would be. I'm limited to what I know about computers. I hope you can help me without too much jargon. Thanks

A:Does MS embed PC manufacturers logo in the install disc?

Hello Dob, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If this was a clean install with a retail copy of Windows, then yeah it'll be your BIOS splash screen showing the OEM Falcon Northwest manufacturer logo.

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Major computer manufacters generally speaking provide pretty good support for drivers and updates.

I thought it might be useful to provide links for them in order to expedite troubleshooting driver-related issues:

Dell Support (USA)

Dell Support (UK)

HP Support (USA)

HP Support (UK)

Acer Support

Lenovo Support

Asus Support

Packard Bell Support

Samsung Support

Sony Support

Wiki-Link to many computer manufacturers

A:Driver support from major computer manufacturers

It might be useful to note one should have the exact model of their computer/laptop at hand to make using those links easiest.

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Recently, my Sat Pro M70 stopped reading certain DVDs, specifically Verbatim...
When I put them in, it simply doesn't see any disk. If I put the same disk in any other computer, even my friends Toshiba Sat Pro M70 - same as mine, it reads it normally.

Any ideas?

A:Satelite Pro M70 doesn't read DVDs of certain manufacturers

The ODD laser may be failing, or it could be dirty. Try cleaning the lens with a microfiber cloth.

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?????/??? - ??????????
220VA ??<6° ????9????????
????25L / 16L
??????2900 * 1500 * 1300
??1000W * 4 ?? - ??3?4????600 * 600 * 480mmx4
????1800-6000 / 9000mm??550kg

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It is an emachines t1150 running windows xp. I have been trying to fix a problem with sudden lockups for weeks. I have restored the operating system(with the restore discs). I have done all kinds of virus and malware scans, no luck. Microscoft crash analysis says the problem is with the driver for the integrated graphics. I have reinstalled the Intel driver at least three times, still no luck. I finally decided maybe the problem is in the graphics hardware. So I bought the emachines recommended upgrade, a GeForce FX 5200, 128mb. The problem is the card does not physically fit in the computer. Does any one have any suggestions? By the way sometimes it just freezes other times it shows verticle red green and blue lines.
Thanks from a Wannabe1

A:Manufacturers recomended video card does not fit in computer

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Support & Drivers for PC & Laptop Manufacturers

Support and Drivers for Acer


Support and Drivers for Apple


Support and Drivers for Asus


Support and Drivers for Compaq


Support and Drivers for Dell


Support and Drivers for FuJitsu


Support and Drivers for Gateway


Support and Drivers for GigaByte


Support and Drivers for Hewlett Packard


Support and Drivers for IBM


Support and Drivers for Intel


Support and Drivers for Lenovo



Support and Drivers for LG


Support and Drivers for NEC



Support and Drivers for Panasonic

http://www.panasonic.com/business/office... Read more

A:List of Links for Support & Drivers for PC & Laptop Manufacturers

Thank you! I appreciate! :exclamation:

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i have built a new system (well almost, just need to get cpu n some ram) and im just wondering about which RAM manufacturer to go for?

my motherboard is the DFI Lanparty UT nF3 Ultra-D, and can support dual-channel memory (PC3200)

which brands are good? which would give me the best performance for gaming etc? any suggestions of good RAM to buy?

thanks a lot

A:wondering which memory would give best performance, good manufacturers?

generally, people recommend corsair or ocz for the dfi's board. I have used gskill on my nf4 and it's working great.

how many of ram do you plan to get? what's yoru budget?

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