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Screen refresh and resolution issues with HTPC and dual display

Q: Screen refresh and resolution issues with HTPC and dual display

Hello all,

I am running a HTPC with windows vista. My case come with a 7" touchscreen display, and i also have it connected to my 46" LCD. I have them running in extended mode (dual screen)
Problem is when i switch the tv to other output modes IE switch to xbox 360 and then come back to the HTPC, the PC pc will scan and reset the screen resolution. the tv will stay at 1920x1080 but the 7"LCD will move from 800x600( where it need to be) to 1024x768, this throws off the software that is running on the touchscreen and it just doesn't look right i always have to manually set the res back to 800x600, is there a way to lock the res to stay at 800x600? the tv holds the right res but i can't understand why the smaller 7" can't. this has been eating me for months now.

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Preferred Solution: Screen refresh and resolution issues with HTPC and dual display

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I've been using my notebook without any problems for the past six months, but just within these past few days, it's been giving me display issues. The problem I have occurs when I use the right-click menus. When I click on something from the right-click menu, that selection remains superimposed on the screen, and it stays there regardless of whatever I have displayed on the screen (full screen or partial). It's also funny that while everything is superimposed by the "artifact", my mouse cursor is the only display item that doesn't get covered on screen. I attached here relevant screenshots of what the problem looks like.

This annoyance happens only once (meaning, every right-click selection I make thereafter doesn't create more of the same type of artifact); however, the artifact won't disappear until I reboot (but the problem happens once again whenever I make a right-click selection).

Clicking "Refresh" in the desktop right-click menu doesn't make it go away. Putting an application or video player in full screen doesn't make it go away. Uninstalling/Reinstalling display drivers didn't fix the problem. The ONLY temporary fix I found that worked was to go into screen resolutions menu and temporarily changing to a different screen res and back to my native res. HOWEVER, as I've stated, this is only a temporary fix as the problem occurs again the next time I right-click select.

Does anyone know what this problem is caused by? I already performed som... Read more

A:Display Issues (Screen Refresh Problem?)

Try a system Restore to the point where it was operating safely last. If that fails, let us know about anything you've done in those past couple days differently from when your computer was operating normally at (That you can think of).

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In a few words,
I have a MSI AMD Radeon HD 7700 Graphic card with the latest driver installed 16.40.2011 in Win 10 Pro 1607, and I've noticed that when I plug the second monitor (a hd ready wide TV screen) into the hdmi slot, the main desktop screen (1280*1024) have the boot logo screen sequence stretched in vertical.

The resolution are set as recommended but indeed these are different. As soon as I remove the TV, everything is getting back to normal. Anyone experienced this behavior ?

A:Wrong resolution on main display at boot in dual screen mode

Yes there are problems with second displays affecting the primary display in many cases.

You may be lucky in the fact that removing the second display restores the primary display to normal - sometimes it remains distorted until rebooting.

No doubt the problems will go in time as the TV hardware improves, and the PC display drivers become more effective for multiple different display formats.

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I have a Win8 pc (Lenovo Q190) with a SVGA port and an HDMI port. This PC is used as a Home Theater PC and is only using the HDMI port, which is going to my Denon AV Receiver (which then goes to a projector and speakers).

When I'm sitting at the system, the receiver is on, etc., the screen resolution is exactly what I want it to be: 1920 x 1080.
Problem #1: There are times where Windows will bump back down to 1024x768 (for just a second or two) when it is switching from Metro to Desktop or back. This is just enough to make my projector try to change its resolution to match it, but when the PC jumps back to 1920, the projector (or receiver?) will sometimes get stuck at the lower res. I can get it back by changing the source on my receiver, but I'd rather it not switch at all.
Problem #2: There are times when I'm not sitting at the system, but I remote control into it to do maintenance on the video library or tweak other things with it. The same res-switching (from Problem #1) is affecting my remote control software (presently TeamViewer since LogMeIn stopped being free for personal use). During the switch from/to Metro and Desktop, the software sees the change and drops me down to 1024 and then leaves it there. I think the PC is staying at this resolution because it doesn't see my monitor (the receiver is off when I'm not using it, so no feedback). I then have to force the software back to 1920 and that tells the PC to go to 1920 and everything is fine until the ne... Read more

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I searched the forums and the only posts involved the AMD card and I have an Nvidia card.  I couldn't find any information on the K4000M so I called tech support and they told me it was 2560x1600.  But then I found another forum where they said even the K1000M can do 4k.
I hooked up my 4k TV to the HDMI and used the Nvidia custom resolution to set up 3840x2160 at 30 hz and the display works.  The graphics look great, but the text is super fuzzy.  The TV supports 4K at 60Hz, but I'm not sure if the HDMI port on the back of my M6700 supports 60Hz.
Does the HDMI support 60Hz at 4k?  What about the display port?  Any idea why my text is super fuzzy while the graphics are razor sharp?

A:Precision M6700 Nvidia Quadro K4000M max resolution 4K monitor display port hdmi refresh rate

First, I'm going to refer you to this article from Nvidia discussing Ultra 4k Resolution.  The important statement is this:

The current HDMI 1.4 standard only has bandwidth for 4K at 30hz. HDMI 2.0 will add support for 4K at 60Hz. Details should become clearer in late 2013. There are a few TVs on sale today that support 4K @ 30Hz through HDMI.

Now, according to this review and article about the K4000m card specifications, it states that the card has HDMI 1.4 connections, which means it won't, theoretically, handle Ultra 4k resolution at the 60Hz bandwidth.
I also found this on documentation online about the Precision 6700.   

The Precision™ M4700 & M6700 incorporates HDMI version 1.4. Features

So, unfortunately, it doesn't sound like that card will support the higher refresh rate needed.   
As for Display port 

DisplayPort cables are much simpler to define: There’s just one type! The current version, DisplayPort 1.2, delivers enough bandwidth to carry video resolutions of up to 3840 by 2160 pixels at a refresh rate of 60Hz

So Display Port would be a much better option for you, if available.
I hope this answers your questions.

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Hi, Just a quick question plse.

I have just installed a XfX 6200A (PV T44A-WANG) into my Compaq SR1303WM, disabling the integrated S3G via the BIOS. The aim behind this was to get a reasonable graphics card in situ and then explore the monitor market for higher resolution/wider screen alternative. My current monitor is an ACER AL1722 with a native resolution of 1280 X 1024.

Having checked out the XfXspec, I thought that, on installation, I would see offered some of the higher resolution options and refresh rates listed in the release notes for the 6200A. From looking at these I thought I would then be able to choose the best matching monitor and ask Santa to visit the local store. Unfortunately, I found that the options topped out at the native resolution of the existing monitor with only two refresh rates of 60 and 75Hz. The same as the S3G graphics !!

My question ....Does the native resolution of the monitor dictate the options offered by the card and hide the full range that might otherwise be available? If not, then I seem to have problem with no idea where to look for a solution. I hope that I haven't got both legs down one nicker on this!!

A:Screen Resolution, Refresh rates - XfX 6200A

The resolution and refresh rates are limited by your monitor, not by your card.
Finding a "not to expensive" monitor that can outdo your grafic card... will be a very hard thing

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I have a pc connected to a regular monitor and to a plasma tv, I would like to have the same setup on win7 as I have on winxp meanning that when I set my desktop resolution to 1920x1080 (highest res. for the TV) my monitor (the display is cloned) displays it's own max resolution (1680x1050) only you can move the mouse and 'move the screen' a bit when you touch the edges as there is more desktop space then the monitor can see in one picture.

To my dismay win7 won't allow me to set 1920x1080 but will go as much as my monitor can go (if I turn of the monitor then it will) so is there any way to make it work like on xp, I hate it when features like this get removed and the os is 10 years more advanced, at least give us an option

A:Dual display on win 7 resolution

Currently I believe the latest ATI display drivers allow for this, or will in the update next month.

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My computer changed the screen resolution by itself for some reason, this is the second time that it does that. I managed to fix it the first time by changing monitor settings/drivers (followed this tutorial: Generic Non pnp Monitor Fix) but I am unable to fix it now.

The screen resolution was 1920x1080 earlier and I got it back to that but the screen is blurry and shaking which is extremely annoying and I already have headache.

I noticed that I miss 60Hz refresh rate and suspect that it could be the issue: https://i.gyazo.com/59724092a9d878ed...69a9329fde.png

When using 1600x1200 or anything below that, the screen isn't blurry and doesnt shake.

Does someone know how to fix this as I have no idea how to and I can't really have it this way

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HiI've got problems when a user has dual displays on their reciever-pc and tries to connect to a sender with one monitor. They all recieve "Unable to match display resolution". 2 of my total 2 z-workstation has this issue. Clients is Windows 7 32 and 64-bit. Sender is W7 64-bit. They've got 1080p monitors and the sender den default back up 1200p. The users then manually have to change the resolution to 1080p. Users with only one monitor doesn't se this issue. Then I also have an issue with disconnects (monitor turns red) and users need to connect again. This is a small network with no other issues. I've read the logs but cannot find anytinhg usefull (in my eyes). Is there any way to get in contact with support?

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Hi, Do you know if the Thinkpad Workstation Dock is compatible with a Wacom Cintiq? I have to reset the resolution on the Cintiq everytime I restart, power on/off my laptop. I am pretty sure that it is the dock because after connecting the Cintiq tablet direcly to the laptop (fia an HDMI adapter) I have no issues with resolution reset. Something is happening in the dock so I wondered if anyone know if the dock is supposed to work perfectly with the Wacom tablet. I talked to a lady on the phone and she said that the dock is not compatible with the Cintiq but I have a hard time believing that since the ThinkPad is used by graphics people. It is the first time for me and Lenovo. I have always had Dell workstations.  Also, I could not find a technical support email address. Could you provide one if you have used it in the past? Thank you!

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I recently hooked up a secondary monitor to my ati 9800 XT, and its crap!

It's a Goldstar Stuidoworks 76i monitor. I have a dvi-vga adaptor and a regular vga-m/m cable. the problem isnt with the dvi cause if i plug my good monitor into the dvi adaptor, it works well and the 76i is still blurry.

the problem is if i change the resolution to anything greater than 800x600, the picture gets very fuzzy, and unusable. i've tried lots of different freq. combinations, and tried changing the colour as well. i looked all over for drivers for the monitor but i didnt find any for XP, i found something that was basically colour profiles, i loaded them, but they didnt change anything.

am i forgetting something? or is the monitor just CRAPOLA?

thank you so much for your help!!

-:evil: satan.

A:Fuzzy Secondary Display? 9800XT dual display issues.

Well since you checked to DVI adapter with another monitor I say your monitor is going bad. How old is it? There might be a label with the year on it the back. I have seen this happen to monitors only old 3 years old but usually it monitors older than that.

Other signs indicating its near death is a high pitch whine at higher resolutions or max brightness and contrast.

Tell us what you find.

Good Hunting

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Win 7 x64, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti I seem to have gotten myself into a 'pickle'. To start with, several years ago I had set up the desktop with two monitors and had it so that the desktop stretched across both monitors. That way the mouse could traverse both, back and forth. I was looking at the settings this morning and realized that the 32" LG monitor on the right now indicated a resolution of 1920x1080 which was all wrong. That was the resolution of the left 32" Samsung. But in fact the resolutions were both at the maximum for their ability. The left samsung was, in fact, displaying at 1920x1080 and the right LG was at 1360x768, it's maximum. (why the disparity between the the two? I was given the LG; what can I say?) So here is the problem: Now, not only are the monitors correct in possible resolution but are indicating incorrectly; and, I can no longer run the mouse from the left to right. It is stuck on the left. The display adapter is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti. I have two possible ways of manipulating this. One with the Nvidia control in the tray and the other in Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution. First I tried selecting "Extend desktop to this display" but the mouse is still stuck on the left. So how do I correct the wrong info on each display and how to get it to allow the mouse access to the other display? Maybe the way is to somehow go back to basics then redo but I am not sure how. http://www.sevenfo... Read more

A:dual monitors, display reversed resolution information and mouse probs

What happens when you move the mouse over the left edge of the left display? Does it appear from the right of the right display? If yes, please read this post, it could explain your situation: Dual monitor set up help.


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I just got myself a second monitor and am having issues setting it up. My original monitor is an HP 2311x with a resolution of 1920x1080, and the second monitor I just got is a gateway something-or-other with a resolution of 1920x1200. My graphics card is an ATI 5770. I have the HP monitor's source as DVI off of the graphics card and the gateway as HDMI off the graphics card. When I set both monitors in extended mode to their native resolutions I get this weird color/resolution issue seen in the picture.

When I set them both to 1080p the gateway monitors color turns correct but obviously the resolution is wrong. Any help? Thanks in advance.

A:Dual monitor setup resolution/color issues



Just saw your post and hope you resolved it already. But have you used the Calibrate Color feature?
start > control.exe > display > Calibrate Color
Note: this requires admin priv's.

Are you sure DVI and HDMI are supported simultaneously? On the GeoForce there are issues there and some HP monitors have seen mixed results with that. D-SUB and DVI or D-SUB and HDMI is common.
Clock rates have to independently correlate on each output connection. I would suggest digging into the ATI specs a little more.

Sorry if I am misreading what you mean by "obviously the resolution is wrong".

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From my laptop xps 15 9550, i couldn't figure out how to extent properly 4k resolution on each monitor.
If I refer the dell website, I am supposed to be able to dual display 4k resolution on each monitor:http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN301105
Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB15

Number of Displays
Refresh Rate
1920 x 1080
60 Hz
1920 x 1200
60 Hz
2048 x 1356
60 Hz
2560 x 1080
60 Hz
2560 x 1440
60 Hz
2560 x 1600
60 Hz
3440 x 1440
60 Hz
3840 x 2160
60 Hz

Whatever I tried several as combinaisons in extended desktop, i cannot get the 4K (but only the 2K max) at 59/60hz, i cannot even get the 4k in 30hz available in the HD graphics control panel:Primary display : dell 1 u2717d
Secondary display : dell 2 u2717d
Built-in display : laptop xps 15 9550 in on or none

Do you guys have the same issue ? or anyone already solved it ?

(The TechCenter asked me to use mDP and DP instead of using mDP and HDMI, the issue remains the same fyi whatever the combo between mDP, DP and HDMI)


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Hi All,

I have a 1440 x 900 wide screen monitor and used to have a very old nvidia card - long story short after a driver update the new nvidia driver said the card (I think it was a riva TNT2) does not support 1440 x 900 ! Googleing and I found I am not the only one with this problem.

So I bought a Nvidia geforce 6200, somehow threw away the driver disk (please don't ask!) and linked it to my AOC 193sw monitor.

Due to other problems I reinstalled XP, and installed the latest nvidia driver. But no 1440 x 900 option in the nvidia 'resolution' options in the toolbar, I have to run in 1280x960. Googleing I found that it is the monitor driver that defines the display resolution of the nvidia driver.

So I tracked down a 193sw.rar file, unzipped and got XP to try and install it. XP says it has a better driver ... sigh

In addition since I have swaped video cards I now have noticable ghosting. My cable is firmly connected (tried reseating) and it is a very high quality cable with RFI chokes designed for high res screens.

I am at a loss guys. I know the monitor is not faulty because I can view it at 1440 x 900 (with ghosting) via Linux with a hacked xorg.conf file but I am totaly stuck in XP

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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I've installed Windows 10 10166 on an old laptop that I've converted into a desktop. I've stripped the entire screen/lcd/hinge construction so it's just the bottom of the laptop (sans keyboard) with a cover, running like a mini-desktop with a monitor and external keyboard/mouse. However, Windows 10 continues to recognize the native display, even when it's unplugged, and default to its resolution when I wake from sleep (1600x900). My monitor is 1920x1080, so I always need to reconnect the monitor after every time the screen wakes up. Is there a way to change the default display resolution, or perhaps make the computer stop recognizing the empty display connector inside the laptop?

A:Native Display Resolution Issues

Can you go to graphics program in Control Panel (intel, NVidia, whatever is installed on your MB) and set the resolution there?

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I bought a new toshiba notebook w/ I3 and all the goodies, (I think)

I plugged in a hdmi cable and started setting up my 42 inch tv as a second monitor..

but i was having issues with changing the resolution of that monitor/TV...The monitor/tv had the black bars, but each time i would change the resolution, it would also change the size/resolution of the laptop/internal monitor...

AND THEN AT SOME POINT, i entered the wrong / UNSUPPORTED resoltion for the TV and the TV went black with the message UNSUPPORTED RESOLUTION...

And the laptop monitor also went black...

The only way i can get any view is if i unplug the hdmi cable...

But, then i cant adjust or change the resolution of the TV/second monitor...

Is there a way to reset back to default or to edit the resource file?? and if so, where is that file located???



A:resolution issues for second monitor/display

It sounds like you had cloned the notebooks display to the TV instead of Extending the desktop. In Clone mode, both the Laptops screen and TV have to have the same resolution. In extended desktop mode you can set independent resolutions for both the LCD and the TV. Which exact model of Toshiba do you have?

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I have an ASUS x750ja laptop running Windows 8.1.

The problem: From startup (including bios logo), the screen briefly displays what it should, then goes black. Bios logo, then black. If I enter the bios, it goes black at the first screen. It'll flash the Windows logo, then go black.

I've hooked it to a secondary monitor via HDMI. It seems like a hardware error, but whenever the monitor gets a signal to refresh, it flickers back on. For example, when I have it hooked to the external display, and configure it to extend the display, the laptop screen turns on for a second.

Furthermore, the brightness keys still function.

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I have two annoying issues with my new ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Model: 20JB001DGE, running Windows 10 Pro, Build: 1709; 16299.371): When trying to create a new folder on a network share on my Synology NAS I get the error message:If I click 'Try Again' the message remains. When 'Cancel' is clicked I got the new folder with the default name 'New Folder'.Sometimes this also happens when renaming a folder or file.The only way to get rid of it, is restarting the tablet.I have already been in contact with the Synology Support. They checked the NAS, which seems to be okay. This can be confirmed by using another Windows tablet with the same Win 10 build, which can access the NAS shares and create folder without any issues.I also contacted the Microsoft Support.They adviced me to disable all non-Windows services and all auto start items.I uninstalled my Antivirus and Firewall-Tool Avast Premier, using Windows Defender only now.We also tried out different SMB configurations. (activating SMB v1 only on both NAS an PC vs. SMB v2/3, which is the recommended and more secure configuration.)Nothing of this helped so far.The tablet is connected to the DVI port of a monitor via the USB 3 Ultra Dock.Every once in a while some items are displayed larger than normal or seem blurred, for example when opening windows explorer.This screenshot should illustrate the difference. On the left is the normal view, while the right one coincides with blurred view of windows explorer items or fonts in documen... Read more

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Hello, I'm having issue when I plug my second screen to my Carbon X1 6th Gen. WQHD ThinkPad (20KHCTO1WW) on my screen.My screen is an ACER Z35 and its resolution is 3440x1440. When I plug my Carbon X1 on my screen (with HDMI), the resolution caps at 2560x1440 in the display settings and I can't set it to higher. Can anyone help me?Thanks


Go to Solution.

A:Dual screen resolution issue

Found the solution! My screen was in 144Hz and I had to put it in 60Hz (UHD Graphics 620 is not supporting higher frequency).

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I use 3 external monitors conected to my docking station (Dell P2314H). Two of the monitors display 1920 x 1080 and they are connected to the 2 DP ports on the docking station. The third is connected to the VGA port and when I set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 the left and right edges of the image don't fit on the screen. It is just enough off to prevent me from clicking the start button in the corner. Has anyone else had this issue? 

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Hey Guys,

Heres whats going on, I have dual monitors setup on my computer. My main screen is a Samsung SyncMaster 933 and my secondary screen is a HP 1740, what is going on is my main screen keeps going to the secondary screen's resolution and i want to stop that from happening every time i boot my system i have to go and adjust my screen resolution. Does any body know how to stop that from happening?


A:Dual Monitor Screen Resolution Problem

Just a quick question. Do both of your LCD's show up in device manager as what they are?

If not you might want to try and see if their are dirvers (.inf files) for them and install them.

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I have a T580 with intel UHD 620 driver and 40AJ docking station. To that I have 2 screens, Samsung LU28E85KRS. I just want to use the 2 external screens with 3840x2160 resolution, but i can only get that och one screen, the second one just get 1920x1080.Ive updated softeware in docking station, intel driver but no differens. As far as I can se in the specs, both dock and computer should be able to put out that resolution on both screens.Ive tried both Displayport and HDMI on the second screen. My old W540 had no problem with that resolution. Please helpRegardFredrik

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Screen  resolution setup for dual monitors with different screen resolution requirements. Am using intel HD graphics program, but, clearly I am doing something wrong since I have the two individual monitors projecting individually with the correct
resolution however when i select clone display and wish to combine the settings it returns back to the resolution applied to the laptop and the flatscreen projects at an unfavorable resolution and will not work. will someone please advise as I seem to remember
this prior and the remedy was quite simple. thanks

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I have a Samsung laptop 64 bit operating system on which I have reinstalled windows 8.1
My problem is that the screen resolution automatically changes when I am viewing webpages.
It is constantly zooming in and out. This happens when using both IE and Firefox
I would appreciate any help or advice as to how this problem can be resolved.

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OK so i just got two 17" lcd monitors for my computer and want to hook them both up for a dual display, with the desktop extended onto the second monitor. So far i've tried using the onboard graphics + PCI, as well as PCI+PCI, but niether works adequately. PCI + Onboard lets both screens be used, but only 1 displays correctly. The onboard graphics is fine, but for some odd reason the PCI card will only give me the options for a 800x600 resolution with 4 bit colors. As for PCI + PCI, it will only allow one PCI card to work at a time. Is there anything I can do about this without going out and spending money? I'm broke, so really any money spent is impossible. lol.

PCI 1= nVidia Geforce 6200 (Primary GPU)
PCI 2= nVidia GeForce FX 5200
Onboard=Intel chipset something or other....i had to uninstall the drivers to get my primary PCI card to work right again

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3......Any and all help is appreciated Thnks

A:dual display issues

wow ok im an idiot. problem fixed wit a DVI adapter.

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Hi all

I have spent a long time investigating this with no luck yet. I have a 4k display and a second 1080p display. Using the Skylake onboard Intel HD 530 graphics. Either display alone works fine at native res, however in dual monitor config, the smaller display appears fuzzy/aliased. This is not just the text but the entire content and seems to happen for all apps including Edge. I have messed around with the display scaling with no luck. Even when both are set at 100% (making the 4k content super small) the problem persists. I have verified that both are at native res and have the latest drivers. Doe anyone have any more suggestions?


A:Issues with dual display 4k + HD

I could be wrong, because my only dual-monitor setup uses identical monitors, but I always though you would need a third-party app, like Display Fusion, to handle multiple monitors with different resolutions. Maybe this is still the case?

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I recently purchased two LG L203WT LCD monitors. I have an ASUS NVIDIA GEFORCE 6600 GT with a DVI and a VGA port. When I plug in both monitors, one will work fine a the native resolution of 1680 by 1050, but the other will only go to 1600 by 1024. I have updated all drivers. I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with the monitor bacuase the problem switches monitors when i switch the cables. through a complex process of switching between the dvi cable and a vga to dvi adapter, I can get them both to the correct resolution, but it reverts upon computer restart. The problem is not just with the monitor plugged into the DVI port, sometimes the one on the VGA port has the problem. could the problem be related to the fact that my graphics card only has one dvi port? Tigerdirect is selling a setup very similar to mine but the graphics card has two dvi ports. (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3106998&CatId=2776) Should I buy a graphics card with two dvi ports? Or do I need a second graphics card? I'm completely out of ideas.

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:Dual display issues

What's the max res for the video card?
What's the max for each monitor?
Try lowering the res for both so the max up correctly..
If both monitors have DVI you can get a DVI Y monitor split..

connects to the video card --female with two male ends (for each monitor to connect)

Don't mix VGA and DVI together is has to be one or the other. It might work for some but I don't recommend it. Unless you use a VGA Y cable to split the two monitors.

Again don't max the res until you can get the both of the monitors to work correctly.

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Hi all

I have spent a long time investigating this with no luck yet. I have a 4k display and a second 1080p display. Using the Skylake onboard Intel HD 530 graphics. Either display alone works fine at native res, however in dual monitor config, the smaller display appears fuzzy/aliased. This is not just the text but the entire content and seems to happen for all apps including Edge. I have messed around with the display scaling with no luck. Even when both are set at 100% (making the 4k content super small) the problem persists. I have verified that both are at native res and have the latest drivers. Doe anyone have any more suggestions?


A:Issues with dual display 4k + HD

I could be wrong, because my only dual-monitor setup uses identical monitors, but I always though you would need a third-party app, like Display Fusion, to handle multiple monitors with different resolutions. Maybe this is still the case?

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(Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section).

I was using my Windows Vista laptop and then it suddenly changed its screen to be like this:
Everything was bigger than it shoulld be and the colours were strange. I had a look at the resolution of the monitor (right click on desktop, personalize, display settings) and the resolution was low. So I changed it back to high and everything seemed to be fine, apart from some of the icons in the bottom right were still stange colours, but restarting the computer solved this. When I turned on my laptop today, it had gone back to being the strage colours and wrong size again. I tried to chnage it back like I did before, however this time it did not apply the settings. I kept trying to do this until on about the 10th time of clicking 'apply' it worked. However, since then it has twice gone strange for a few seconds as if it was going to revert back to the strabge colours and resolution, however, it did not. However, I'm concerned about what is going on and whether I can do anything to stop this, as I believe it could go to the wrong resolution with strange colours again and not be able to change it back. Thank-you very much for any help or ideas.

A:Strange screen display and resolution

Hi and welcome to TSF please give the make and model of your computer or if it is a custom build the make and model of the motherboard,video card,ram,powersupply,and cpu,have you looked in device manager for any error flags ie yellow ! or red Xs, did you see any messages when the resolution changed

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I have a win 7 home premium HP P6-2203A computer. Ive noticed that the screen resolution is out of wack lately? The red exit button on the top right hand side is barely visible, I can still click on it but I would like to get it right again. Ive set the LG Flatron W2242P screen to the native resolution of 1680 x 1050 and Ive downloaded and installed the latest graphics driver for my graphics card.I dont know what else to do to fix it?

A:Computer screen display resolution too big.

Did you run the Auto config via buttons on the screen itself?

Manual says press Menu / Auto set

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I have read in previous post that a lot of people have had a similar problem, however there solution did not work for my own problem.

Problem- I have Sony Vizio, display name of E320VP, 1920x1080. When I right click and go to screen resolution it will not let me go pass 1366X768. I have tried using amd vision and clicking on use EDI and it helps and shows 1920x1080. However under screen resolution when I right click on my desktop it still will not let me change and only shows 1366X768.

Also while running games, 1920x1080 is not an option for me to select under screen resolution.

How can I fix and or solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

A:Screen resolution will not display 1920x1080

What kind of PC are you hooking up to your TV?

What are the specs for it?

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I keep my screen resolution @ 800x600. When I shut down and restart, my screen fills to only 3/4 of screen. I need to change resolution to a smaller size and then go back to 800x600 to get back to where I want to be.

What can I do to correct this?

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I keep my screen resolution @ 800x600. When I shut down and restart, my screen fills to only 3/4 of screen. I need to change resolution to a smaller size and then go back to 800x600 to get back to where I want to be.

What can I do to correct this?

A:Display Settings-Screen Resolution

When you have it at 800x600, press the buttons on the front of your monitor to set it right.
Menu, Mode, Vertical, Horizontal something like that.

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I have the following system:

MOBO: ASUS P5N32-SLI Se Deluxe
OS: Windows XP Pro
Processor: 2.9 Ghz dual core
Memory: 4GB System RAM (it's 32-bit so only sees about 3)
Hard Drive: 250 GB x 2
GPU: Nvidia 9800GT x 2 running SLI mode

I just purchased a Wacom Cintiq12 drawing/display tablet and I'm trying to set it up as a second display monitor. The Cintig is plugged in to the same GPU card as my main monitor. There are two things I'm confused about. For some reason, In the Display properties settings tab, Windows shows me as having three monitors, when I should only have two. Also, after I installed the drivers for the Cintiq, one of the monitors was correctly identified as a the Cintiq, but after reboot it defaulted back to "Default" monitor in the drop down box. In any case, for some reason, I can't assign the tablet as a second monitor in the Windows settings panels. When I activate the second monitor and check "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" and click apply, it unchecks it automatically and does nothing.

With my current NVidia settings panel, I do not see any multi display options for SLI mode (if there are any). I tried disabling SLI but that still will not display on the Cintiq. The only way I can get the Cintiq to display is to make it my primary SLI target on the NVidia control panel.

Does NVidia support dual displays in SLI mode? Is this a know issue? I want to run my main monitor and my Cintiq display simultan... Read more

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Hello, I have a Lenovo L390 (20NT) notebook and want to connect two Dell U2719D screens, which have 2560x1440 resolution each. Ideally I would like to use both screens and the built-in panel together (i.e. 1920 + 2x 2560 resolution). The USB-C Docking station (40A9) is able to drive the screens at maximum 1920 (built-in) + 2560 + 2048 pixels. My questions are:Is the notebook able to drive both external screens at the full resolutionWhat docking station do I need to use?According to Lenovo the Thunderbolt 3 Dock Gen 2 should be compatible with the L390, however they don't provide any information on the maximum resolution over USB 3.1. ThanksPetr

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The settings for my monitor, under properties/Display Properties/Settings/Screen Resolution was changed so badly that the monitor now flashes an error notice and I cannot access anything except to hard boot the computer off and try to re-enter the BIOS/Delete at startup...

How can I reset the screen resolution/settings on display properties when I am not able to access the main screen to bring up the display properties?

Thanks for any help anyone can give!

A:Display Properties/Settings/Screen Resolution

To change your display back to its original configuration, you need to reboot in Safe Mode. To boot in Safe Mode and reset the display, follow the steps below:

While your computer is booting, follow the appropriate instructions for your version of Windows:

In Windows 2000 and XP, when the Power On Self Test is complete (after the first time you hear the computer beep), press and hold the F8 key.
In Windows 98 and Me, when the Power On Self Test is complete (after the first time you hear the computer beep), press and hold the Ctrl key.
In Windows 95, press and hold the F8 key after "Starting Windows 95" appears on a black background.

Select the option to boot in Safe Mode.

Once in Safe Mode, go to the display settings by right-clicking the desktop and then clicking the Settings tab. Then you can change the display settings back to the original configuration.

To restore the correct settings, shut down and restart the computer by clicking Start and selecting Shut Down, then Restart, then OK.

THIS IS TAKEN FROM http://kb.iu.edu/data/agjg.html

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Hello there,

Thanks for your time in reading my post.

I've replaced a cracked screen on a laptop with a like for like replacement from a seller on eBay.

I fitted the screen, powered on the laptop and it's instead displaying what it should be 4 times above and below each display. It's almost as though the screen doesn't support the resolution or refresh rate.

Now I don't understand why this is when it's a like for like replacement and the real strange thing is the first time I tested it when it showed the HP BIOS Start up screen it WASN'T displaying properly... but when Windows loaded it did display properly.

The problem I've now got is Windows won't load and I can only boot in to safe mode (this was already a problem before, Windows sometimes wouldn't boot). In Safe mode the screen doesn't display properly.

Please help!!

A:Display/Resolution problem after screen replacement

Typical cause for Safe Mode to function and not (normal) Windows is a video driver issue.

The screen not displaying the BIOS or Safe Mode correctly sounds like a hardware fault. I don't know that you can adjust the display at that level. Just like with a desktop PC, if the BIOS or Safe Mode display is corrupted, there is a hardware fault and the resolution is usually hardware replacement...typically the video card.

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HP 520 Graphics Adapter, driver version Native resolution is 2560x1440, when set to anything else, the screen will not relight after opening laptop from screen turning off, be it display power down for PM, or standby or hybernate.  

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Ok so I've researched for the past week and have found nothing so I figured I'd ask you guys for some help.

I just upgraded from XP to Vista Home Premium (32 Bit) and I'm having a heck of a time getting my dual display working. I'm using an nVidia 8800GT card with dual DVI out. The first is going to my 24'' HP monitor, the second is going to my 42'' LCD TV. In the nVidia Control panel, it is recognizing both however, when I go to clone the screen the secondary monitor turns on but it is just a black screen, no image.

I've been looking all over for fixes for this and have yet to find any, this is really hindering my production capabilities so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

A:Vista Dual Display Issues (8800GT)

Thats weird, cuz it's showing both.. hmm what driver are you running that 8800GT on. 175.19 or osmething?

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Hi allI am having big problems with getting the display settings or screen resolution settings correct. Actually, not sure if I am on the right track or not. All the graphics are really big and clicking on "forums or Topics" etc in this forum don't work. Additionally, that when typing the letters on screen, they are not instant like normal but take quite a while to catch-up, even as I'm typing now it's taking ages and is soooo frustrating.Note: This is in Firefox only - and not in IE7. Also, when clicking on the start menu it gives a message that not all start menu items can be displayed and that I must choose a higher screen resolution.My current Display Settings are:Generic PnP monitor on Mobile Intel ® 965 Express Chipset (Other Option is the Default Monitor )Resolution 1280 x 768I went into troubleshooting but it said that the current display drivers don't allow changes to hardware acceleration settings.Please see my signature below for my O.S etcMany thanks all check out the size of this smiley....

A:Display Settings / Screen Resolution Help - Graphics Huge

Weird. It seems that you definitely have the wrong resolution.
Sorry if I am asking you old stuff but. Did you set the resolution through:
Right click desktop/personalize - Display setiings -
With your card, I would say also that you could set it to 72, although that is not a factor with your problem.

ANother area you might want to look in is Control panel/Ease of access(I'm using the Control panel -classic view) Look under "make the computer easier to see" Look particularly under "make things on the screen larger" It should be on 96DPI.

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I was trying to start playing on full screen mode but when I changed my display option I got a black screen and still

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With a lot of help I've been able to fix the Control Panel>Display problem I had earlier. But now I have another problem. I started a new thread because it is a different problem, and because it may be a Viewsonic monitor or ATI screen driver problem rather than a Windows-XP problem.

When I have the screen resolution set to 1024*768 the desktop fits neatly into the monitor.
When I tried it at 1280*720 the desktop fits neatly into the monitor, but the graphics and text look as though they are stretched vertically - ie too tall for their width.
When I tried it at 1280*768 the proportions looked right, but the desktop seems to have been moved up and to the left. That is, there is about a 2cm black band to the right of the display, between the right edge of the monitor and the right edge of the display; and there is about a 1cm black band below the desktop.
When I tried it at 1280*800, just for completeness, the whole desktop seems to overlap the limits of the monitor. That is, the icons on the left are half hidden 'behind' the monitor, and the task bar at the bottom is barely in sight at the bottom edge of the monitor.

I don't remember having this problem in the past, but it's been quite a while.

Is there a fix to get the desktop to fit the monitor at 1280*768?

Regards, Alex

A:Solved: Higher screen resolution 'moves' display

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I have a situation very much similar to the one described in this post below.

My machine is Dell E6400 in its lowest configuration and default video card, et cetera.

I got a Dell 2312HM monitor that's capable of 1080 and the highest I see available is 1600 x something with 1920x1080 not even shown. 1600x BTW looks awful. It runs by default the "recommended" 1366x768.

I deactivated the notebook screen, shut down the lid making the 2312HM the only screen to no avail.
I downloaded the driver for the 2312HM also to no avail. What else can I try?

I am running this via VGA port, could this be the problem, should I get the Display Port cable? There is no HDMI in the laptop computer, just DVI/VGA and DP. I was under the impression that VGA can display 1080.
I was also under the impression the stock video card can run 1080p.

Screen resolution will not display 1920x1080

Problem- I have Sony Vizio, display name of E320VP, 1920x1080. When I right click and go to screen resolution it will not let me go pass 1366X768. I have tried using amd vision and clicking on use EDI and it helps and shows 1920x1080. However under screen resolution when I right click on my desktop it still will not let me change and only shows 1366X768.

Also while running games, 1920x1080 is not an option for me to select under screen resolution.

How can I fix and or solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

A:Dell E6400 - Screen resolution will not display 1920x1080 via VGA

VGA should support 1920x1080. But you're better off using the DP.

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MoBo: Intel 875PBZ: 4 DIMM Slots, Dual Channel

So I finally got around to upgrading the memory on my HTPC. I had 3GB's (2x1GB and 2x512GB) of mixed RAM running in single channel mode. I upgraded by buying Corsair (2x1GB Dual channel) and PNY (2x1GB Dual channel) sticks on NewEgg.

When I first installed the sticks, the HTPC POSTED fine, but it didn't recognize all 4 sticks; it still showed 3GB's. So I opened the case and set the CMOS/BIOS jumper on the motherboard per the Intel manual instructions. Rebooted the HTPC with the new jumper settings and the HTPC booted into the Maintenance menu. From there the BIOS showed 4GB's of memory and operated in Dual Channel Mode. I pressed F10 to save the configuration a window came up asking that I shut down the PC and set the jumper to its original location.

Once the jumper was reset, I booted the PC. As the POST info displays on the monitor, it shows 4GB's of memory, but its operating in single channel mode. Then a message appears saying that my memory configuration isn't set correctly, that the DIMMS don't match in the slots (I double checked, everything is set correctly). If I press F4, PC will boot fine and continue.

I rebooted again and went into BIOS, which shows single channel. But I cannot change that mode, as its grayed out. So I reset the jumper again and rebooted. Again, it shows Dual Channel when the jumper is set to configuration mode. Turned it off and placed jumper to normal positi... Read more

A:Solved: HTPC Dual Channel RAM Problem

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I am trying fingure out how to change screen resolution. Unfortunately, my only choices are 1690x900, 1280x720, and 1024x768 all are 60hz. How do i get more choices. ThanksDoc Myers

A:Screen Resolution Issues

Your display panel from specs: Display17.3-inch diagonal HD+ BrightView WLED-backlit display (1600 x 900)  Digital flat panel screens only look their best at "native" resolution. In your case, 1600 x 900. And the refresh rate is "virtual". There is no refreshing like you used to have on old tube monitors: 60 hz is kind of a placeholder. So to answer your question directly, your screen should be set to 1600 x 900 and any adjustment you want to make in appearance should be done by scaling in the WIndows display properties.  Post back with any more questions. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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