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Mount/stand for Yoga X1

Q: Mount/stand for Yoga X1

I'm looking for a Mount/stand for my Yoga X1. Ideally I'd like to fold it into tablet mode and then put it on a stand that is wall mounted and can be adustably placed along side my other external monitors. Alternatively a desk mount might also be helpful. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Mount/stand for Yoga X1

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'm looking for a Mount/stand for my Yoga X1. Ideally I'd like to fold it into tablet mode and then put it on a stand that is wall mounted and can be adustably placed along side my other external monitors. Alternatively a desk mount might also be helpful. Any suggestions? Thanks

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The HP 2711x monitor does not have holes to mount the bracket so I can use on a dual monitor stand. Can anyone tell me or send me a video on how to take the monitor apart to make the holes I need to properly mount the bracket? Just nervous about opening up my monitor, please help and instruct me on how to do it, I have a pretty good idea on how to do it, just a little reaasurance please!!

A:How to mount a HP 2711x monitor to a dual stand?

Hi, You need the following part which is designed for your monitor:      https://www.amazon.com/Mount-Adapter-Bracket-Monitors-2011x/dp/B01771PSVA or     http://www.gladiatorjoe.com/HP-VESA-Adapter-Mount-GJ0A0005.htm or try:     https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Video-Display-and-Touch/VESA-Mounting-a-2711x/m-p/2531167 Regards.

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So I am running Ubuntu on my laptop which has been my primary computer for the past two years or so. My issue is this:
I bought a new computer, I was in the process of setting everything up then when I realized my HDD wasnt there, I figure I didnt plug it in all the way. No, it is in, the computer recognizes that there is a external HDD but I cannot access it. It does not have a letter assigned to it.
So... I tried it on another laptop with windows... Same issue... I plug it into my laptop with Ubuntu and there it is, full access...
I have done a lot of research and come to no true answer. I checked the file system through "disks" and it shows that the HDD is still NTFS ... but when I use terminal with "df -T" it says "ext4" ... I do not know what the hell is going on, I cannot reformat and lose everything on there...
Does anyone have an idea?

These two screenshots were taken in disk manager


A:How to mount ext hdd

You could try and boot with the Ubuntu DVD as a Live disc and access the other drive that way. There is an add-on for Windows that allows you to access ext(?) partitions. Majorgeeks.com should have it in their download repository.

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I have a HDD (Western Digital) that no longer seems to mount. What can I try prior to giving up? Here's notes:

* 1 year old drive - did make a couple of funny noises (whirring) recently

* On MacBook symptoms were it would not always mount every time, but now if it occasionaly does mount when I switch it on, then when I go to finder and click on a directory it dissapears. It's as if Mac O/S recognises there's a drive there & knows the diretories that were on the drive, but when you go to click on them it has an issue seeing them and removes that drive from the Finder application.

* On a PC - When I tried to run spinrite on it, it turned up as an empty drive in spinrite (which obviously it isn't).

* When I run a Spinrite Level 2 on it it does start, however every 30 seconds or so Spinrite seems to freeze for 10 seconds, before then keeping going. I run it for over 3 hours and Spinrite didn't even get past the first "dot" (i.e. from the screen of dots that represent all the data on the drive). I should mention I think there may be a video card problem on the PC I was running this on (as some of the DOS characters on the PC when in DOS mode, prior to booting into windows, are wrong. so when I run spinrite there are some funny characters in the display)

Question 1 - Is spinrite working as it should given the freezes?

Question 2 - should I try putting it in the freezer?

Question 3 - What other things could I try?


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Hey guys,

I have a copy of Battle for Middle Earth and I want to be able to play it without the disc since I have no optical drive. Currently I use an external optical drive every time I want to play but it's becoming quite a hassle. I've searched for a long time trying to figure out how to mount .iso files but I'm pretty confused at this point. I can't even find an .iso file in the DVD drive so I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong.

Any help would be very appreciated, thanks.

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help!! cd won't mount anything

help my dad's computer won't mount any cd's
I can't reinstall driver, and i'm unsure who makes the drive or I could download from web. it shows up in the device manager but not in My Computer.
win xp pentium 4 2ghz.
also same problem with dvd drive
device manager says
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

A:help cd won't mount anything

When you start your computer up, do you get the BIOS detecting the CD-ROM now?

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I have a Haf 922 mid tower case.

Cooler Master: HAF 922

I have an ssd in this case but i need to mount it to one of the bays and this case is old and does not have a mount for an ssd.

I would appreciate if you could send me some links so i can go from there.

A:Help looking for ssd mount

I used Velcro dots. Works well. The SSDs are light and do not dissipate heat. So no problem. But there is also this and similar.

ICY DOCK EZ-Fit Lite MB290SP-B 2 x 2.5? to 3.5? Drive Bay SATA/IDE SSD/HDD Mounting Kit / Bracket / Adapter - Newegg.com

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I have an IBM X31 40GB HD that needs to be reformated
with a non destructive reformat like Spinrite II or Calibrate
however the drive must mount to do this. When I boot
the HD using an USB external enclosure I hear the disk
spin up but no icon appears in My Computer.

When I install the same HD as the main drive I see
Windows XP modules loading followed by a long pause
then the message 'no operating system found' even
though for a few seconds I see the Windows XP
screen. I also see all of my files using the DOS prompt.
So I know my information is on the disk.

Anyone with experience with a non mounting disk?

thanks in advance

Mark S

A:HD won't mount

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&...Klz&q=mounting+a+non+mounted+hd&start=10&sa=N Best I can offer...Jazz

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Help! (if pictures are not showing up, let me know.)

I just bought a Cougar Pioneer ATX case. I liked the list of features but could find next-to-nothing about it online. Few reviews and almost no first hand accounts, but the price was great so I decided to take a chance.

So far, the case seems pretty good, but with one MAJOR glaring exception: They mounted the (non-removable) internal drive cage right behind the screw holes for the front intake fan mount (see photos). The fact they didn't include a front intake fan was bad enough, but after running out to buy one, now I can't figure out for the life of me how to install it.

Here is the front of the case with the faceplate removed:

Four mount holes for a 120mm fan. Normal enough.

But on the inside, the drive cage is about 1/4" away, blocking access to the screw holes:

And as you can see, there are no spaces wide enough to squeeze your fingers through to insert the screw let alone screw the fan-screws to the fan once you miraculously insert them.

The cage is welded into the case so it can't be removed to gain access to the case face:

(I thought they might be Alan-nuts, but they don't go thru the bottom of the case.)

Welded on top as well:

As you can see in the first photo there is a 3.5" hole for a floppy (also blocked by the cage, and no hole in the case-face to access it. Bizarre)... covered by a knock-out plate that I removed so I could reach the screw holes from another angle... Read more

A:How do I mount a fan here?

Check your inventory that came with the case. If your inventory is the same as mine there will be extra long screws that are as long as the fan is deep. The screws will go threw both, front and back holes to mount the fan to the front side of the case.

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I recently did a Windows 10 update to my Lenovo Yoge Ideapad  11 S on July 16th and now my touch screen does not work. When I check the drivers for my monitor and touch screen I noticed the driver was missing. I cannot get Lenovo or Microsoft to fix this. What else can I do to get that driver back ?

A:Lenovo Yoga Idea Pad Yoga 11 S touch screen issue

Hello Dws520Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.Was this the creators update?
If so, have a look on the following post, this should show if your device has been tested with the update yet:
From what I can see, your unit does not seems to have made the list, which leads me to believe that this will be the cause of the issue, I would recommend that you revert back to the previous version of Windows, and observe if the fault still occurs or not.
Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.==================================================================================Did someone help you today? Thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

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Hello All, I have an issue with my YOGA 700 laptop when logged in multiple accounts simultaneously. Whenever an account is left logged on and the user is switched as opposed to logging off, the cpu usage ramps up very high with several RUNDLL32 processes being the culprit. I have checked the RUNDLL32 processes with Process Explorer and the command line are as follows:C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe C:\ProgramData\LenovoTransition\Server\x64\EnableAutoRotation.dll,RunCustomMonitor The directory is as follows: C:\ProgramData\LenovoTransition\Server\x64\ The only solution I have found is restarting the laptop. The problems comes back when again more than one user is logged in. Also, the rundll32 processes only run high cpu on one account at a time and there doesn't seem to be a preference for a specific account, all of them are plagued one at a time with the problem. Disabling the Yoga Mode Control service is a fix but that breaks the mode control which is essential in this laptop. I have tried installing all the available software on the Software page foor the YOGA 700. The rundll32 processes drain the battery very fast and I can't always log off other users when they have apps open!  I have posted a screenshot of process explorer showing 2 rundll32.exe processes using 25% cpu usage each. However, sometimes up to 4 rundll32.exe processes open up and they use combined 100% cpu usage, which makes the laptop run very hot and slow. In t... Read more

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Hello everyone,
Am having a trouble with iso files.
When I select the .iso files the Manage is not activating or enabling.
pls suggest me to solve this.

Thanks in Advance!

A:Mount iso missing

Hello wr1334, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Is the Mount option there when you right click on the .iso file?
ISO Images - Mount or Unmount
Downloading and merging the .reg file for the listed .iso option in the tutorial below may be able to fix this for you. It will restore the default associations for .iso files.
Default File Associations - Restore in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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Hi all
I'm a new member of this forum. And I'm so glad to join with you
I'm studying about Mount Rainier but I don't find specification of Mt.Rainier.
Can you help me find some documents related to Mt.Rainier

Thanks a lot,

A:Mount Rainier

Welcome to the forum.
With respect, however, you can get your answer more quickly by typing "Mt Ranier" in the search box of your browser. I've just tried it. there are dozens of useful sources!

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I have a Windows 98 HD in an USB enclosure that is not recognized
by Windows XP except in Disk Management where it shows. It says
7.87GB FAT32 Healthy (Active). The help files say to initialize the
HD for XP to see it. The choice is Basic Storage or Dynamic Storage.

Does initializing erase anything?

After initializing will the HD run Windows 98 after taken out of the enclosure.

thanks in advance

Mark S

A:Solved: HD won't mount

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Has anyone tried attaching a system image from Win7 RC/Beta in RTM? I get a mysterious error that it's an invalid format.

I also tried to use it with Windows Virtual PC in Win7, and it says:

The virtual hard disk image '...' is too large for the IDE bus. Make sure that all virtual hard disk images connected to the IDE bus are not greater than 127.5 GB.

Since it's an image of my hard disk, which is 160 GB, it obviously fails the above check.

I really need some of those files in that image!

A:Can't mount RC1 image in RTM

Is it a Win7 backup image? The only way I know to use it is to:

place it in root of external or separate HD primary partition, named only WindowsImageBackup,

Boot into DVD Repair Console, select "Recover using a Backup Image"

Reimage to a primary or secondary HD.

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After i install my OS of course im gonna be installing my favorite programs.. but if anything happens to my pc in the future instead of recovering the manufactures settings I wanna mount my whole OS so i can recover my pc and programs as well.. is there any way i can do this? thanks in advance

A:How can I mount the whole system?

Make a system image for recovery....

System Image Recovery[2]=Backup Restore

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I didn't install any 3rd party app to mount iso.
Yesterday, i tried to mount a iso file, it didn't worked.
Then googled about it, tried sfc /scannow, no success.
Then i checked "Default programs - associate file extension...", there is no entry for .iso.
Please help.

Tried Daemon tools lite... that is not working either..
After enabling virtual drives in DT, device manager's showing this:

A:Not able to mount iso file

Hello TDas, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if downloading and merging the .reg file for the listed .iso option in the table of the tutorial below may be able to help. It will restore the default associations of .iso files.

Default File Associations - Restore in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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I'm looking for a single, easy to use solution to mount all kinds of CD images to a virtual drive. Any recommendation?

A:Solved: Need to mount ISO BIN CCD NRG ...


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Hi, I'm setting up new computers for an elementary school near were I work and the teacher has brought me like 40 cds that she "must have" and like 80 that she would like to have but doesn't need. I would like to make it to where she doesn't have to put in each cd for the program to work.

Here is how I envisioned it, the students just click on the shortcut and the image gets auto mounted and the program runs and when they exit the program the image auto unmounts.

A:Need To Auto Mount Like 40 CDs

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I have searched for the answer but cannot find it. I have xp loaded on my win 7 virtual pc. It works fine and I have a program that I have to have in my business running on it. I have to back up and restore files from a usb flash drive. The drive shows
up fine in win 7 but not in xp mode? I get the error message to close virtual machine and try another usb port. I have tried them all and also tried different flash drives. Same results with all of them. Help please.

A:Virtual pc will not mount usb

I just figured out my problem. I was looking in my list of installed programs and found this-Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver. I googled it and read what it was and I think I saw something about it not being compatible with xp. Got to thinking
it might be messing with my motherboards usb assignment. I uninstalled it, rebooted the computer, plugged my usb drive in an opened virtual pc xp mode. It released the drive in xp as soon as I tried it. Everything is working as it should be now. Someone should
inform Microsoft. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me!

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I have a PKI key connected to a physical machine W8.1 which is correctly mounted and viewed by my software.

But when I open a RDP session on a W8.1 too the key is not well mounted anymore.. I can see the device detected in the Device manager but my software don't view it.
I already tested with a 7 and it works great, the key is correctly viewed by the soft.
I tried to activate the option RemoteFX USB Redirector on my target PC but same result..

How can I remediate ?

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My latest installation of Win7 on C: sees my previous data drive, but does not mount it?

Could somebody offer please a suggestion around this.

The matter is not urgent because I can get data of ?: and on to C: by booting to my Paragon Backup v.10 (free version) boot disk. THANK YOU PARAGON!


A:Solved: Mount a HDD

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Hello, I have a CD image consisting of a cue, bin and several ape files.

I have:

"Airgrave (Japan) (Track 01) [SLPS-00559].bin"
"Airgrave (Japan) [SLPS-00559].cue"
"Airgrave (Japan) (Track 02) [SLPS-00559].ape" up to "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 28) [SLPS-00559].ape"

The contents of my cue file is:

FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 01) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 02) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 00 00:00:00
INDEX 01 00:02:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 03) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 04) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 05) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 06) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 07) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 08) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 09) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 10) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Airgrave (Japan) (Track 11) [SLPS-00559].bin" BINARY
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Ai... Read more

A:I need help to mount this CD image.

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I cannot mount any ISO images on my Windows 8.1 Pro machine.  I have tried the "Mount" under right-click as well as Powershell with the same results. From the UI, I get a simple message "Sorry there was a problem mounting the file."
while from Powershell I get an HResult that from searching seems to be rather generic.
I have followed the idea about upper filter and lower filter.  I have made sure that the ISO is not "sparse".  I made sure that ISO's are associated with Windows Explorer. I have tried a number of ISO's all from either TechNet or MSDN
with the same results.  ProcMon doesn't really offer anything useful as the number of entries is overwhelming to try to limit to just mounting an image.
I read several posts where drive letters were an issue, but no guidance was given regarding what drive letter the virtual drive preferred.
I can mount the same ISO files on another Windows 8.1 Pro machine, so it isn't the ISO itself.
Any ideas? I have spent the entire day working on this problem and I really need some help.


A:Cannot Mount Any ISO in Windows 8.1 Pro

Well, all the info I can find on error 14098 is bad news.
In this thread, the user re-installed Windows to resolve the issue. In the Blog post that I linked in my previous post, if you read the comments section, there are several people with the same error message (14098), and the CBS.log file gives further details...however
most of them are not recoverable (need to re-install Windows).
You can post a link to your CBS.log for us to look at, or do a
re-fresh or re-install.

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**hello** i have trouble with mounting the directory in dosbox 0.63 i follow the comands but it says illegal command or something anyway it doesnt work got any suggestions?

A:dosbox 0.63 cant mount

ive found out my current save defult is Z:/> is ment to be C:/> can some body tell me in idiot terms how to change it please?

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Since we can boot to Command Prompt in Windows 10 is it possible to mount an ISO directly from that? Assume I didn't burn the ISO or load it to USB first.
In my case System File Checker is asking for a drive letter to use as a reference file system.

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hi , having trouble mounting files in w8 always used diamond tools before (in vista) without any trouble.
but now its not working at all, i?m mounting the file and all that happens is audio file(1kb) in the viritual drive.
have been sitting here for like 4h and whatever i do nothing works..

A:mount .bin.cue files

DAEMON Tools Lite 4.48 Free version works with Win 8. Should work for 8.1

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been reading a bit more w/regards to my troubles, and I keep seeing things on mounting an iso.
do i need to do that in order to get the computer to use the iso the dvd is on?

A:if i need to use an iso disc, do i need to mount it?

An ISO file is a single file containing the image of many files and folders of a DVD. Normally, the ISO file is written to disk then extracted TO a DVD. The disk can be a hard drive or a USB thumb drive. I've never tried extracting an ISO from a DVD to a DVD but I suppose you could if you had two DVD drives. It might take quite a long time if you attempted to do it with one DVD drive. There's third party software that will allow you to "mount" an ISO drive and view the contents.

Knowing more about what you are trying to do might help. As I mentioned, the easiest way to deal with an ISO is to write it to your disk drive then extract it to a DVD. Windows will do this without additional software.

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no matter what software i use it doesnt work, it says windows cannot read this disc. i have also tried numerous isos. i have even tried booting my computer from my alternate drive. when i did i could mount isos. how can i get it to work on my primary drive? i have tried reinstalling the software but nothing

A:i cant mount isos


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A:Client Mount Help

Did you network or connect some computers together? Did you buy your pc from a company? Client mount network is just a type of networking between computers that mostly organizations use. At least that is how I understand it. You can identify networks on your computer by going to the desktop and double clicking 'my network places' and then view network connections. I don't know what OS you use, so these instructions may vary

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What a nice surprise , you can mount the ISO ? I just finish to install Visio ....

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could not mount device
could not determine the file system type and none was specified.

This is the error message that I am getting. I can't boot, I have booted from using Knoppix 5.0 and when I try accessing the drive this error message comes up. I have been playing with the Bios and the HD is reqonized in the Bios.
any help?

A:could not mount device

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I am in the process of getting rid of my MacBook, and I used Apple's Time Machine to create a full backup onto a Mac-formatted external USB hard drive. I would now like to be able to read the files on a Windows 7 machine, however when I plug in the drive, Windows 7 doesn't show it in My Computer. When I start up Drive Manager, it requests that I initialize the drive. I don't to do anything like that because I don't want to lose the data.

Any suggestions?

A:How do I mount a Mac USB drive?

If the drive isn't formatted for a PC to read, and is in the native Mac HFS format, then you will need a utility such as MacDrive to allow the PC to read the drive.

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HI, can someone tell me what could be wrong here?
I am trying to run this command:
PowerShell  -Command  Mount-DiskImage  -ImagePath c:\SomeISO.ISO
and it is failing with :
Mount-DiskImage : The term 'Mount-DiskImage' is not recognized as the name of 
a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of 
the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try 

At first I thought it was because of the powershell Version, but  I upgraded it to version 5 and it still does it.
The script works perfectly on Windows 10
Anyone have any Ideas?

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i have a read-me guide that says you need to mount the mds. file i know what file it is but i cant figure out what he means by mount. i have a windows xp

A:Mount mds. file?

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Title pretty much says it all.


A:How to mount .mdf/.mds file(s).

I use Power ISO

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hello, actually HELP,

been troubleshooting this one all day and can't find a fix

I have a couple of cd's roughly about the same age (old) and make, I have needed to access them from time to time over the years, without any problems, but they generally get very little use. They are clean, well stored and relatively unscaved.

I recently needed to use them again and have been unable to mount or read them using:

a laptop with xp and a cd/dvd rom
a pc with xp and a cd rom and a cd/dvd rom

both lappy and pc cd rom's are functioning and reading other disks with no problem

I have tried reading them from;
ubuntu live installation, and
dos command from cmd prompt and recovery console; but I cannot get a directory list of the files at all

I ran chkdsk on them and revealed that there are problems with the disks

I have tryed a few different file recovery tools; isobuster and unstopable copier as well as trying to read with nero

The file system in properties is showing as RAW instead of CDFS; so I gave microsofts "rawviewer" a go, no luck

All of this has been to no avail, I would really like to recover the files and I'm sure there's a way, I just dont know the answer yet,

I hope I have given enough info, and I have come to the following conclusions,

- there is no malfunction with either pc or laptop cd/dvd devices - so no need to reinstall drivers

- the problem is not platform dependent - cannot mount, read or create directory files fr... Read more

A:cant mount cd/ corrupted cd

Microsoft Raw Viewer is for viewing digital camera images which were captured in 'raw' format, nothing to do with reading a raw file system.

If you haven't already tried IsoBuster, it may be able to read it, though it's not free & I don't know whether the trial is fully functional: http://www.isobuster.com/

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When reading something about computer I came across this term. Mount the file. I have no idea what it means so therefore I am asking you if you could please explain what it means and what it is?

A:How to mount a file

Maybe this article will help you:

I know the term "mounting an image (ISO)" but it seems to be another term.

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Hi, Before I start out I am dual booting OSx86 and Windows 7 on my computer. I have working access to OSx86 right now.

My problem is that I cannot mount my NTFS partition. I need to get my Quicken data off the drive so I can wipe it clean and start over.

If I open up Terminal and type "diskutil list" It will output that there is a Windows_NTFS partition on my drive but it will not mount. I have tried to chkdsk off my windows install CD but it says that it cannot find the partition. When it asks me which partition I want to work on it just comes up blank. The weird thing was that the partition was mountable a week ago then one time it just stopped. I know that it is not hardware failure because I am booting OSx86 off the same physical HDD. I was getting a error message a few days ago but now all that loads is a blinking underscore.

I have Google'd for hours and cannot seem to find anything that will work. I am desperate to get those files. My Quicken backups are too old to be useful.

A:NTFS cannot mount.

You might have more luck if you slave it to another Windows system and run Checkdisk from within that system's GUI, with both boxes ticked to find and fix errors. If at first it doesn't show in Windows Explorer, it may still be in Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management


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I have a relatively new (<2wks) 4Tb Touro external hard drive. Until yesterday it worked without a problem on both my MacBook Air and my desktop PC running Windows 8.1. Yesterday I unplugged it from the desktop and plugged it into the laptop and it didn't mount. Moved it back to the desktop and it didn't mount. Neither Diskutil on Mac nor Device Manager on Windows showed it at all.

I does mount on a friend's Mac, so the drive isn't dead.
It's not a power issue, as the drive is externally powered, so insufficient power from USB can't be the cause. The light on the drive is illuminated and the platter is spinning, but when I plug it into any USB port I get absolutely no response from the computer.

Any ideas?

A:External HDD won't mount

That is certainly an odd issue considering it works on 1 of 3 computers you have tried.

My suggestion - Use a different USB cable and see what happens.

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I've epxerienced this plenty over the years, but never really found a good-for-all cure.
I've been reformatting some 2.5" hdd's by putting them into an external caddy and mounting on my XP Pro desktop etc.
I've done 2 drives this morning no problem.
The last one gives a 'bing bong' sound as it does when windows recognises hardware. It tells me the hardware is installed an ready to use, but it won't mount, so i can't do anything with it. Unlugging it and replugging it in, gives the same 'bing bong' but still won't mount.
I've looked in computer management and refreshed the drives lists, but nothing.
Can't think of what else to do.....HELP!....please

A:External hdd won't mount in XP Pro

Dead drive, perhaps? If the other drives working in this same caddy and all the connections and jumpers are set correctly, there isn't much else you can blame!

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Hello everybody. I just want to know how can I mount a file? thanks a lot for help.

A:How to mount file????????

If you mean mounting a file on a virtual drive, you will need software to do it. Some CD/DVD burning software will take a piece of your hard drive and pretend that it is an optical drive.

For example, you have a computer game ripped to a .iso file because you don't like load times (I do this with Diablo II). You would mount the .iso file and your computer thinks you have the CD in the drive.

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Okay, this has been plaguing me for quite a while now.
I have an external USB hard drive. It used to be the case that the drive would show up no problem in Vista. Now, nothing. I recently did a format and install (couple days ago) and I plugged in the drive. I got the notification bubble about installing the device driver, then the bubble saying "Your hardware is ready to use." I go to the computer window, nothing. The drive spins up and mounts just fine on my Macbook, and Vista will pick up my flash drive just fine, just this drive will not mount to only that computer.

Also, if I take the drive out of the adapter and plug it straight into the computer (via SATA) it still doesn't show up, and neither will the 120gb mobile drive I have sitting around. So I have no way of moving large (more than 1gb) files from computer to computer.

A:External HDD Won't Mount.

Try this. Plug in the drive, switch it on etc.... Let the USB device get recognised.

Now right click Computer>>Manage>>Continue.

Now in the Computer Management window,in the pane on the left, under Storage, click Disk Management. Now see if your drive shows up there. If its does, it may say "not intialised" if it does, right click it>>Initialise disk. Choose MBR. Now it should show up in My computer.

Ill look up some page where they have screenchots.

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Seems to me that almost every hint\tutorial\how-to about handling ISO files says you must use apps like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% to 'mount' a game ISO file.

I don't understand why. I mean, any number of apps will open and extract an ISO to reveal the contained files. Even WinRar can do it.

So why the dependence on Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%?

I await a succinct explanation with interest :-)

A:Is it REALLY necessary to 'mount' a game ISO?

Most games had or still do to an extent a DRM in place that looks for a physical disk or image of that disc at least for genuinity purposes's. In fact daemon tools and alcohol have things in place that when they mount certain .iso types they fool that protection as just mounting a image is sometimes not enough. Most games are all on some kind of Digital Media platform now (steam, ect.)

EDIT: If your just wanting to install a game you could extract the files but the image is a single file that is much cleaner for archiving purposes and a mounted image has very a minimal difference in performance to that of the extracted files.

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