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Windows Vista doesn't recognize my external harddisk ?

Q: Windows Vista doesn't recognize my external harddisk ?

today i bought an external harddisk of model SimpleDRIVE 320GB.
the problem is that Windows vista doesn't recognize it and asks for a driver which the company doesn't provide. it works well with windows XP.

the manuel says that it doesn't need driver and it should work as you plug it in on both Vista and XP.

I appreciate any kind of help..

Preferred Solution: Windows Vista doesn't recognize my external harddisk ?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows Vista doesn't recognize my external harddisk ?

As far as the drivers go, a couple things you could try is updating the driver software through the device manager, and if that doesn't work, take the model number and try going to the company's website or google and see if you can find drivers. Does the company have a support number and have you tried to call it yet?

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I just bought an additional internal harddisk of WD 500GB. Problem is when I attached it to additional port, hard disk is not recognized up in bios and also not in windows and linux also. But when I remove DVD drive and attached WD hard disk to it, then it recognizes. I tried every combination of SATA port and problem persists. I can either see my current HD and new HD or Current HD or DVD drive. I tried doing troubleshoot in storage management but new HD doesn't show up there. any help would be appreciated.

I have
Gigabyte P67-UD4
I7-2600 @ 3.4Ghz
450Watt Antec PSU

A:New WD harddisk and DVD drive doesn't recognize at same time.

First off we need your System Specs filled out completely.
Use this tutorial by Brink.

System Info - See Your System Specs

Next we need to see more. Hook your drives up and then complete this tutorial by Golden.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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PLEASE HELP.. Im new to this website.. but seems promising..
I hav a Samsung R580
Windows 7 Home Premium
64bit 4GB RAM
i5 CPU 2.27GHz

problem is my 250GB ext hard disk was workin just fine on my laptop.. but then all of a sudden.. is jus wont get recognized.. the light on d drive comes on.. but i dont see anything on MY COMPUTER.. but my hard disk is recognized by vista without problem..
i tried uninstallin all d USB devices thru device manager.. but no luck..

plz help.. thnx a TON!!

A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize my external HDD

Hello docjoe. Welcome to the Forum.

I gave this suggestion Both USB ports on laptop suddenly stopped working in another post here just a few hours ago.

Try that fix and see if it works for you.

TIP: One of the best ways to use SevenForums is to take advantage of the SEARCH tool. There is always a very good possibility that your issue or question has come up before. Always look for the threads marked SOLVED first.

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i have a 320 gig smart tech external harddisk. when i tried to open it today from my computer, windows vista displayed a message that says it need to be formatted, do u want to format it ?
i have a lot of data on it (nearly 120 gig).
i run it from another machine that uses XP, and when i open it, it opens but with no single file. however im sure tht there are 120 gig of data.

it was running great yesterday,
how i can fix it without losing my data.
please help.

A:my external harddisk doesn't run !!!

Have you tried running a chkdisk on it?

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Hello guys:

Well I have an hard drive into a external enclousure but the windows XP of a new CPU do not finish detect it when I connect it. But the same external hard drive work fine in my laptop. I formated my CPU 2 times, but i got the same error of Windows. My CPU has a new motherboard Foxconn M7VMX-K.

The USB ports work fine with my pendrive.

In my computer i can see a new hard drive with a letter (K, whithout data.

The Windows XP Administrator Disk doesn't show nothing about the external hard drive.

Sorry, my english isn't perfect!.

Please help me, thanks guys,

A:Windows doesn't recognize my External Hard Drive

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I"ve had a Simpletech external hard drive for a few years now, and it's worked great on every computer that's had Windows XP (it's a plug and play). However, I just bought a new laptop with Windows 7, and when I tried to plug it in to the USB port on it, it just told me "USB device not recognized." The power light comes on, too. This is a brand new computer, so I'm not taking it apart to reassemble anything, and the external HD still works fine on my XP computers, so I know it has to be something about Windows 7 it doesn't like.


A:Windows 7 doesn't recognize my external hard drive

Check your device manager and make sure that your USB drivers are up to date...

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I don't have details on what was done to change the drive letter, because I wasn't the one that did this. But here's an overview of the results:

The removable drive shows up in explorer with its new drive letter, however when you click on it, Windows (using Vista and 7) says that it must be formatted before use- checking the drive properties shows a wrong hard drive size.

I'm thinking there are 2 ways of resolving the situation:

1. getting an outside program that will access the drive and allow me to copy the files to a different drive (then formatting the removable drive) or
2.somehow getting Windows to recognize the files on the removable drive.

If anyone knows what software I can use to access and copy the files on the drive or how to get Windows to recognize the drive that it used to recognize normally, I'd appreciate it.

A:Changed drive letter on external HD, now Windows doesn't recognize it

Have you tried removing power from the external drive for 15 minutes, then try it again?


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Hey all,

I switched to Windows 7 a couple of months ago and I haven't had any problems. However, today I tried to connect my Seagate Freeagent external hard drive, its a 320 GB eSATA drive with USB 2.0 and my laptop doesn't recognize it. It always worked before when I had Windows Vista. I tried to use Disk Management to see the if I could find the drive, but its not there, I've also used partition wizard home edition. Essentially I've run out of ideas and was wondering if anyone could help me out. Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Windows 7 doesn't recognize external hard drive

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I have an iPhone 3GS, and it's showing up in iTunes, but it isn't appearing in Computer. It's not appearing in Device Manager either. How can I fix that problem?

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im having problems with windows vista when i try to view an external harddrive. the hardrive is a western digital passport 3200ML. when it is plugged in and i look at it through the device manager it says that its working properly but theres no way to view the files. i installed the drivers from the site...lost...anyone have a solution....thanks

A:windows vista won't recognize my external harddrive

Right-click on "computer" and go to Manage, then to Disk Manager.

Make sure there's a partition on it and a drive letter...

If you have any network drives, then just reassign the drive letter on the external drive so it is not conflicting with the mapped/network drives.

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Hello I Am Service Engineer

I Need A Help

Right Now I Am Having External Usb Hard Disk 160 Gb

I Need To Install Vista Os In That External Hard Disk?

How Can I Install It Help Me

I Have Boot From External Hard Disk With Vista Os?

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Hi Guys,

have anyone of you encounter a senario whereby when you plug in your external harddisk to your lappy and your lappy is able to detect it
but during transferring of files into the external harddisk, it always failed halfway during the transferring process.
The error states that the lappy is unable to find the external harddisk source and then later on it will auto play my external harddisk again. This process keeps continuing whenever I want to save a file into my external harddisk.

The external harddisk works well with my main lappy which is using a vista home premium but not my 2nd lappy which is using a vista home basic.

Hope you guys can help...

Thanks alot!

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Disclaimer: English is not my first language so I might have some trouble explaining things. Also, I'm a total noob at this subject so detailed solutions (if there are any) are appreciated! I've been searching forever for a solution but I can't find it. I've got a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop. I bought an external mic (I'm a poor student so this is a budget mic, included a picture below) a while ago and wanted to test it. However, the laptop doesn't recognize it. It's not a USB mic. It's one that has to be plugged into a "station" (I forgot the right word, picture below. Just like the mic, it was cheap) and the station includes a chord that I can plug in my mic port. I saw people with the same problem except they have a combo jack that didn't get recognized, but I don't have one. The chord of the station is directly plugged into the mic port. I hope I don't have to buy a USB mic, because I read that USB mics get recognized just fine. Would be wasted money on my current mic. Hopefully there's a solution to make my mic work! 

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Hello there First i would like to inform you to all those who wish to help , that there is only one jack in my laptop , so i bought an adapter like a spliter so i can connect my microphone banana (jack) and for the headspeakers in two seperate jacks , and the one that goes in that one jack in the laptop... again nothing... my external mic its not recognized and it's only working with the internal one.. that is inside the laptop... how to switch to my EXTERNAL MICROPHONE FROM MY HEADSET (i have the stupid adapter).... Using Windows 8.1 Pro (64bit) Updated to the current audio driver (realtek)...The 3.5mm jack from the adapter (spliter) (with 3 black lines) (which means something like ,headset speakes, stereo and microphone).RED - Usualy for the MICROPHONEGREEN/BLACK - Usualy for the headset (headspeakers)...  

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A:My ASPIRE V5-561 doesn't recognize my external mic...

Hey there i would like to inform you all , all those who have the same problem that i actually fix the problem.IT'S IMPORTANT THAT YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE AUDIO DRIVER (HD AUDIO REALTEK) TO THE LAST DRIVER IN ORDER TO WORK  (I PARTLY FIXED MY PROBLEM WITH INSTALLING THE REALTEK HD AUDIO DRIVER)...(After installation restart must be preformed)...1. Now first insert the 3.5mm jack from the adapter cable into the jack of the laptop and you will be prompted to choose one of the selected options.. (because you pluged something)(JUST EXACTLY AS THE PIC,  NOTE: I USE WINDOWS 8.1 PRO (other OS may be different) ). So my first mistake was selecting the "Headhpone" option which is actually "mistake"  You must select the "Headset" option, in order the laptop recognize the "3.5mm cable adapter as a headset (headphones)" and after all this you done, then you put the MICROPHONE cable from your headphones to the red jack of the adapter cable, and you put the other jack for the headspeakers in the other green/black jack.This fixed my problem...NOTE: NEVER CHOOSE "REMEMBER MY SELECTION" IN ORDER TO CHANGE YOUR MIND AND CHANGE BETWEEN THE OPTIONS EVERYTIME YOU PUT ON THE 3.5MM ADAPTER CABLE OR SOMETHING ELSE...NOTE: USERS THAT ARE NOT PROMPTED TO CHOOSE SOME OF THIS OPTIONS (IF THE OPTION BOX DOESNT SHOW UP AFTER YOU PLUG IN SOMETHING) NEED TO RESET THE SETTINGS , WHICH I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT , YOU YOU'LL HAVE TO SEARCH ABOUT THAT ISSUE ...THANKS, I HOPE SOMEHOW HELPED ... Read more

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Hi, I have Toshiba satellite M70. The original HD that came with the laptop is Toshiba MK 1032GSX with 100 GB storage. I bought a new HD Toshiba MQ01ABD050 with 500GB storage. I also upgraded my RAMs.
1- I installed my new HD in my laptop and installed windows XP SP3. I want to use my old HD as an external HD.
2- I plugged it into the computer via USB cable, but the computer wouldn't recognize the external HD.
3- I plugged the old HD back into the computer and formatted it, and installed a fresh Win XP SP3.
4- I put my new HD back into the laptop and tried to plug the old HD as external HD to see if it would work now, but the computer still doesn't recognize it.
5- I opened Computer Management and looked under Disk Management, but the external HD didn't show up there.
6- I plugged it into different USP and waited for a minute and a new icon for the external HD in my computer pops up. I double clicked it and gives an error "Please insert a disk in drive E".
Then the icon disappears. I unplugged the HD and plugged it back in but the icon would show up again. I waited for an hour before I plug it back on. The icon appeared for 2 seconds and then disappeared again.
I know it's not a hardware problem for the following reasons:
1- When I plug in the external HD, the light in the HD case turns on (Red).
2- I can hear and feel that the HD is running.
3- I plugged the HD back into the laptop as internal HD to check if it works, and Win XP shows up so ther... Read more

A:Computer doesn't recognize my External HD.

Yeah a lot of the older HDD don't work so well with the newer USB / IDE/PATA/SATA adapter kits. I am using one here with 3.5 HDD Seagate and WD to see which ones are working and not. You can hear them spin-up but that doesn't mean they're 100% okay. In your case you should try a desktop instead of the laptop USB ports might be getting duff. Like I said try a different PC see if they can be seen. External USB just get WD Passport and then transfer any data over to it from the old one. That 100GB I am sure the life on it started to go. MTB on these HDD in the past didn't live up to as promise.

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VN7-591GI have this headset http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g230-stereo-gaming-headset | It has two jacks, one for the microphone and one for the headphones.My acer laptop only has a combo jack, so I purchased a 3.5mm splitter http://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-dual-3-5mm-mini-headphone-jack-adapter-black/4561008.p?id=12190...Now when I plug in my splitter, and select HEADSET in the audio options, the headphones will work fine, however it will not pick up my microphone. *If I plug in JUST the microphone without the splitter the microphone is picked up and works as expected. (same works for JUST plugging in the headset.)All my drivers are up to date as I've searched through countless forum posts trying to find a solution to this problem.Please help, I really don't want to be forced to be a seperate USB mic when this headset is perfectly fine and functions normally. :/ 

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A:My ASPIRE V5-561 doesn't recognize my external mic...

Hi, I have the same notebook and no issue with a combo headset. But I don't use any adapter since from the factory the headphones have just a single jack.However, if you have exactly the splitter which you posted here, that's for 2 headphones, not a combo headphone and microphone. You can see that the output does not have three rings on it, which is the case for a microphone and speaker combo jack. Just look at this image:https://lnv.i.lithium.com/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/169i7439D0FCBFE8A695?v=v2 You can see that the 3.5 mm jack has three black rings on it, to separate the contacts for the sound and microphone.

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Installed Roxio Creator  NXT4 to digitalize Lps and tapes but my note book doesn't recognize the external audio input whenI connect it. What do I need to correct this?

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My laptop Dell Latitude D830 running XP Pro does not recognize the external Seagate 250 gb drive, even under device Manager. I?ve tried it under Slave, Master and Cable-Select Option but with no success. Any ideas? Periodically I hear from the disk a click about one second apart. Probably it?s gone bad, so if it has crashed, how can I recover data on it? How can I get XP recognize it?

A:XP Pro doesn't recognize external SG 250gb drive

Have you tried connecting the drive to another PC?

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I'm struggling to connect my Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 to my Compaq Laptop, Windows XP.
It works on other computers without a problem that's why I think it must be some setting in XP.
I plug it in when prompted by installation software and the camera goes to :'preparing' Then immediately the windows found new hardware screen pops up. On the other computers that screen didn't come up and the camera would go straight into 'connecting' mode.
I tried switching the 'found new hardware' off by disabling the plug and play in 'services' with no luck.
When I connect the camera while I'm starting up the laptop, it goes straight into 'connecting' mode but unfortunately that stops as soon as windows is started.

I would like windows to detect my camera as a drive and not 'other devices'. How can I do that?

Any suggestions would be more then welcome!

A:PC doesn't recognize camera as external drive

you may need to rename the External drive

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I just had my laptop hard drive reimaged, and now it doesn't want to recognize my iPhone when I plug it in via USB. I should see *something* like I did before, like a new drive letter. The laptop installed the drivers when I first plugged the iPhone back in, but even though now I hear the double bong-sound when I plug it in, I don't see anything appear in Windows Explorer, nor can I move any files from the phone to my computer.

A:Computer doesn't recognize my external device

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Hello everybody:
I have the following problem:
I have a HP laptop, which has a combo(I can connect microphone and headphones at the same place).
Headphones works perfect, they are recognized and it sounds ok, but the microphone isn't recognized. Only the internal microphone works.
I have reinstalled Realtek drivers and nothing happened. I tried to configure it and nothing happened.
What can I do in order to make my microphone work?
Thank you so much.

A:My laptop doesn't recognize my external microphone

Are you saying you only have one jack to plug in?  That is odd there should be two one input for mic and one output fro sound.

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I'm struggling to connect my Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 to my Compaq Laptop, Windows XP.
It works on other computers without a problem that's why I think it must be some setting in XP.
I plug it in when prompted by installation software and the camera goes to :'preparing' Then immediately the windows found new hardware screen pops up. On the other computers that screen didn't come up and the camera would go straight into 'connecting' mode.
I tried switching the 'found new hardware' off by disabling the plug and play in 'services' with no luck.
When I connect the camera while I'm starting up the laptop, it goes straight into 'connecting' mode but unfortunately that stops as soon as windows is started.

I would like windows to detect my camera as a drive and not 'other devices'. How can I do that?

Any suggestions would be more then welcome!

A:PC doesn't recognize camera as external drive

As far as I know there is no setting for that in XP. Its the firmware of the plugged in device that's telling XP what it is. That device or a similar device were probably plugged into those other computers at some time in the past so they've already gone through the recognization process.

Have you gone ahead and completed the new hardware process? Possibly you could get it to work the way you want using software that comes with and is for the camera but strictly on an XP basis, its reading the firmware signal of the device and that's how the determination is made as to what sort of device it is that's plugged in (i.e., mass storage, optical, USB hub, etc.).

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Hi all. Recently I purchased a Logitech h151 headset which has only one single jack, as my ASUS laptop has only one jack used for a headset. However, upon connecting the headset, although the sound plays through it perfectly and without issue, the microphone doesn't seem to work.

I've tried multiple solutions - I went to the Realtek Audio Manager to try and find advanced options, as I read that a possible fix to this is to go there and select an option to separate all input jacks. However, I cannot seem to find advanced options anywhere. I have also entered the Sound section in the control panel, and under the microphone section my external microphone was not detected, even after showing all disabled devices.

As for the Realtek Audio Manager issue, I read of several solutions to make advanced options pop up - from updating the driver to completely uninstalling it and such. As you can probably understand, I would rather not result to such things as messing with the drivers, as I am not a tech-savvy person and will not be able to claw out of a technical hole should I get into one.

Does anyone have any other solutions to fixing this? If not, is updating/uninstalling the drivers really the solution? An early and useful response would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the internal mic is being used and can be detected (of course).

A:Realtek doesn't recognize external microphone.

Just to make sure...have you plugged in the headset into another device to make sure the microphone actually works , a phone might be a good test.

And when you right click the audio icon in the tray at the bottom right of the taskbar and choose 'recording devices' your headphone doesn't appear as an option?.

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System: Win 7 Home, SP1 with latest update.
Hard Drive: Seagate 3 TB external hard drive. Automatically turns on, no power switch.

Here's the problem. My external hard drive no longer wants to play nicely with my laptop, or vice versa. Now, I have my mouse plugged into one of the USBs, (doesn't matter which one, I move it around) and it works fine. Flash drives, same thing, no problem. Same with both of my game controllers. Never a problem.

I go to plug in my external hard drive, and either it will come on for like 60 seconds and then go away, or it doesn't come on at all. However, if my husband plugs in my external hard drive to his computer, which, by the way is the exact same as my computer, both laptops of the same brand and model, it comes on within 10 seconds and stays on.

My external hard drive USED to work on my laptop just fine. And, my smaller (1 tb Iomega) external hard drive works great on this laptop.

So, what did I inadvertently change to make my laptop no longer wish to speak to my external hard drive? I'll bet it's something really simple.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated, and not argued with in the least!! I promise! (my husband is making me say that. LOL)

Thank you!!


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I have an old DOS recipe program and my backups are on floppy disks. I need to restore them, but my program does not recognize my external floppy drive. Is there a way to overcome this? I've tried cd's as backups and it doesn't recognize that drive either.

A:Dos program doesn't recognize external floppy drive

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Hi folks. i downloaded acronis true image on a 30-day trial period,and did a clone of my hard drive,now when i check the drives in my computer my external hardrive does not show, can anybody please help as i had a lot of programs and files stored which i can not access, any suggestions would be appreciated, i had WD-500gb external drive with over 300gb of free space,PC is windows vista premium 32-bit thank you, patch41

A:pc doesn't recognize external drive after doing acronis clone

Is it showing up in Disk Management ? ?
Right clik My Computer...select Manage ...then Disk Management.

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Hello everyone, this machine has given me trouble since day 1! It showed a strange behaviour when docked or out-docked such as wouldn't recognize the external monitor, then again it would; would alwys need an additional standby when undocked so that the mouse would respond and so on. I have two identical machines and two identical docks for my mife and myself. the other one is working fine. switching the dock, the cables didn't change anything - so it is clearly this one X280. Now things have got worse - which actually might help. So far I thought it is a driver/SW thing which led to the sporadic behaviour. But now the X280 will completely refuse to connect to an external monitor and will also be unusable while it tries to establish a connection.In Windows 10 'Settings->Devices->Bluetooth & other' I can see an entry 'PnP-Monitor (Standard)' briefly popping up and disappearing again. I even recorded a video that shows the entry popping up for a split second and disappearing again and this will go forever.This will happen with both DP ports on the CS18 dock as well as the HDMI port. When I connect the display via HDMI directly to the X280 the external monitor is recognized fine. I guess there is a HW issue on this machine that became worse and is now permanently broken. Anything I can do or try or should I ask for on-site support? ThanksQ.

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I'll try to be brief.
1st, I didn't see a topic dealing exactly with my problem. So here goes.
I bought an Inspiron 15 laptop w/o an OS, and the optical drive didn't work. The seller made me aware of this and said I needed to buy an external optical drive to install Vista. He gave me the Vista install/repair disk (and the drivers disk).
While I was waiting for the optical drive to be delivered I loaded Ubuntu from a disk I had made. Don't ask me why the Linux disk would work using the internal drive but the Vista disk won't. Baffling.
So I recieved a new external optical drive and went to work on installing Vista over the Linux OS. I erased the Linux 1st. Then tried to install Vista, but no matter what I did (changing the boot order etc) the laptop doesn't "find" or "see"an OS to install. In other words I can't boot it up with the Vista OS disk using the external drive.
I can provide any details you may need. Fortunately I also have a desktop computer to work from.
Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop doesn't recognize external optical drive...

Things to check;
1. The Vista install disk is almost certainly a DVD disk.
2. The Linux disk is probably just an ordinary CD (you would know).
3. Modern ODDs have 2 lasers, one for DVD and one for CD.
4. It's possible for the DVD laser to fail, but the CD laser will work fine. This explains why the Linux CD would load, but the Vista disk won't.
5. So, since the internal ODD loaded the Linux disk, but not the Vista disk, then the DVD laser has failed on the internal ODD. If you replace the internal ODD with a new one, you should be good-to-go.
Now, regarding the external drive;
1. Is it a DVD drive? If not, it needs to be.
2. Is it externally powered, or does it get it's power from the USB port? It needs to be externally powered, because USB power is notoriously finicky for heavy load operations.
To summarize... the ODDs need to be DVD capable to load a Vista disk.

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I had my WD external hard drive for more than a year now, and it worked fine until today.

My laptop suddenly won't recognize my external hard drive.

I have two USB ports and they seem to be working just fine; I've tried with different devices.

I plugged my external hard drive to my friend's laptop, and that worked fine...so I have no idea what's wrong.

The LED light on the hard drive stays lit (very few or no blinking) and there's no spinning or ventilating sound at all.

Seems like only the light is on without the device actually working.

Could anyone help please?


A:Computer doesn't recognize external hard drive

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Most of mij Android apps are working well, but I have a problem with Google Play.It will not recognize my music files on my external sd-card and also not in Google play.So I am forced to download them on the internal card which has to little room for my files.How can Play play music from an external sd-card or from Drive? 

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I just purchased an Acomdata HD040FE 40G External Firewire Hard Drive. I have a Compaq (didn't know any better at the time) 5736 which came with win98 but also has firewire ports which my son has used for editing digital video from his Panasonic DV camera. The drive stated it worked with win98se and above so I upgraded to win98se. I installed all the updates including the win98se firewire update plus updated the firewire controller drivers but the computer still doesn't recognize the drive. I've even tried going into DOS to do an fdisk but the only drive that shows up is my C: hard drive. The DV camera is still recognized. I tried the Acomdata web site but not alot of info is posted there. I tried calling them but got a message to leave my name and number followed by a message that voice mail was unavailable. (That gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.) They responded to my email by telling me to run the firewire update, which I tried again. Still can't get the computer to recognize the drive. I've now decided to turn to the experts" you! Anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions? Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] Win98SE Doesn't Recognize External Firewire Harddrive

If it isn't working I would take it back to get a refund or exchange it for a brand name model from a reputable maker. I have seen that Maxtor is into firewire drives now.

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My 18 month old laptop running windows 7 doesn't recognize older WD passport ext hard drive, nor does my old desktop running XP. Does this mean it is dead?
Thanks for any help

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I'm running Windows 7 Professional. A friend of mine is visiting and wanted to share photos and videos of her family. She brought them on an external hard drive. She runs Vista at home.

When we plugged in the drive and went to "Computer", we were able to see that the E drive (her external drive) was half full with her files. But when we clicked into the drive, we were only able to see the folder names (and file names in one of the folders). When we selected all of the folders, my computer reported a much smaller total file size.

We could not open any of the files, even after setting the permissions to make everything possible for everyone. She said that she'd also set the permissions for the drive to open on her computer, before leaving home.

I tried copying the entire drive, but that didn't work.

She's upset now, since she doesn't know what will happen if she ever needs to upgrade from Vista to 7, since she keeps most of her family photos and videos on external drives.

I looked online, but "external drive" problems with Windows 7 seemed to be mostly about improper permissions. No one mentioned that they could see the space the files took up in some views (and the folder/file names), but that when they tried an action, they were informed that the file "wasn't on the drive" any longer.

Yes, we're sure the files are still on the drive. A computer running XP was able to view and copy the files from the same drive with no ... Read more

A:Windows 7 doesn't see files on Vista external drive

I'm not exactly sure what this problem is but in order to share an entire drive on Windows 7 or Vista you not only need to enable the sharing using the permission settings but you also need to go into the Advanced Security settings of the drive.

Put a check mark to share the drive and allow the drive to be shared by "Everyone" read and write. You may need to put the drive back into the Vista machine in order to access the Advanced Security settings.

Open Computer tab -> right click Local Disk D -> select Properties -> select Security tab -> click Edit button -> click Add button -> enter "Everyone" will set the read permissions to every user which will attempt to connect to your shared drive) -> click OK -> select the desired permissions "put checks in the boxes" -> click OK -> wait while permissions are set -> and your Done.

You also need to use the "Sharing" tab> Advanced sharing, put a check mark to share the folder, click on permissions box, click on add box to add "Everyone" again, then click in the boxes to give full control then hit "Apply".

The other possiblity is that the A/V installed on the Win 7 machine is blocking the drive from being accessed.

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I bought a Lexcron 45 in 1 USB 2.0 card reader a while back and I used it for quite a bit. Recently I used it on my laptop with my Memory Stick Pro Duo and it worked fine.
Now I'm trying to do this on my computer but the computer is not recognizing the memory stick. The card reader does - as a green light shows.
Help me out here?

A:My external card reader works fine but my PC doesn't recognize the memory stick......

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Last night, I replaced two 512 MB DDR2 with two 1GB DDR2 chips, because one of the original chips failed a memory test. Before the replacement, my system registered 3062Mb RAM. After the replacement, Vista still reports exactly the same amount of RAM.

The motherboard in the Intel D945PSN, and the Operating System is Windows Vista Ultimate x86. I know because of 32bit addressing the OS won't see the full 4GB, but I expected at least a small increase in memory, to 3.5GB. Is there something extra I need to do to get Vista to recheck the installed RAM? Oh, and the system BIOS does recognize the new RAM, showing 2048x2. The new chips were specifically recommended for the mobo.

A:Vista doesn't recognize new RAM

Well the full 4GB thing is kinda iffy, ive seen it on a few computers. Some of them willl recognize up too 3GB (3062MB) Some will recognize 3.5 (3574MB)

We cant really rule this one out unless you install a 64bit operating system first. If you cannot installed a 64bit version of Vista/XP I belive they have linux distros at 64bit and you should be abel to check it.
Also the BIOS would recognize the correct amout of RAM.

Have you MEMchecked these two new sticks?

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I have a dell inspiron e1505 running windows vista and for the past few weeks, none of my USB devices that I connect work, I have tried to connect 2 different webcams, my hard drive and my phone, while they do receive power, windows says that the device has malfunctioned and can't recognize it. Then windows goes on to "install" drivers however it is still read as "unknown device" I have tried several things including registry booster (but i didnt get all of them fixed) and even reinstalled vista. Any help?

A:Vista doesn't recognize USB devices

Please don't use any registry repair programs. They are as likely to destroy as to repair.
Try deleting(Uninstall) all the USB ports in Device Manager and rebooting.

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My iPod charges when I plug the cable into my computer, but neither the computer nor iTunes recognizes that it has been plugged in. Sometimes I get an error message that the computer doesn't recognize what has been plugged into the USB port.

A:Vista doesn't recognize iPod

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Well recently i wipe out my pc and reinstalled vista because of another problem. As a result it seems vista is starting to mess up. First it all started when iu tried to use my san disk micro usb and vista did not recognize it. The funny thing is that before wipe it never searched for drivers but now it does. then i tried to connect my ipon nano 3g to my pc and still did not recognize it. This is when i knew it was a problem because never before did my pc ask for a driver for my ipod. it works well on another pc running vista, but not mine i dont know if it was a a problem during the installation of vista or something else.

A:Vista doesn't recognize things

Have a look here >


and here >


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I recently built a second PC for myself, and decided to try out Vista on it. It installed flawlessly, but there's one problem. Vista does not seem to be recognizing my LAN connection. I tried hard-wiring it from my modem, to my router, to the Ethernet port on the back of my computer with no success. From there, I tried plugging it straight from my modem to the port on the back of the computer. No success there either. I know that it's not a problem with the motherboard because I installed this program that came with the mobo called 'Expressgate'; and when I run that before my computer loads the OS, the internet works perfectly.

Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Edit: Forgot to say that my other computers (including the one I'm currently posting on), which are XP, are able to connect via an Ethernet cable or wireless adapter.

A:Vista Doesn't Recognize My LAN connection

Check the Device Manager and make sure your NIC is installed correctly; there should be no yellow or red exclamation marks, or 'unknowns devices'.

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XP Partition seems invisible in Vista but using XP I can open Vista Partition. Can anyone help?


A:Vista doesn't recognize XP partition.

The information on hiding and unhiding drives when dual booting with the two versions is seen in the sticky at Drive - Hide or Unhide

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hi everyone,

i really need your help. i have an external harddrive, and i believe it is a western digital (i don't know how to check its model since it is closed in a case) 250GB hard drive. i have Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit edition with all of the latest updates installed.

the hard drive simply is not recognized anywhere. i have plugged it into all of the USB ports (sometimes while having all of my other USB equipment unplugged) on my computer, and neither one will have it be recognized. the green light is on, so the power is working, but disk management, device manager, and my computer do not have the device listed at all, whether working or not working.

please, i have tried to figure this out on my own for days now and nothing is working. i have extremely important files on there. i need to get it working.

thanks in advance,


A:Vista will not recognize External HD!!

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Running Vista x64 Business.
I have been using these two (2), 1TB external drives for a bit over 6 months. We recently moved and I went thru the Safely Remove Hardware procedures before shutting down my PC.

Once we got to the new house and I set up my PC, I cannot view the external drives on my Vista machine.

However, on my daughters XP machine, they external drives show up fine and all data is available.

When I connect them to my Vista machine, Safely Remove Hardware eventually shows a drive letter assigned, but Windows Explorer or Computer does not and shows the spinning 'Busy' icon for hours.

I have left this running overnight to see if the drive(s) will eventually show up but they don't.

Drives are formatted NTFS, have never been used on another PC, have not been dropped. They were formatted NTFS on the Vista machine.

Again, if I connect them to my daughters XP machine, they are recognized in a matter of seconds and all data is available.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Vista x64 does not recognize external HD

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I am trying a new install on a new machine. I have 2 WD 250 GB drives (not in RAID config). When VISTA installs it tells me the first drive is not recognized as boot drive and won't load. I tried to install on second drive and get a error message about a volume does not meet VISTA criteria (or something like that)and won't install. These are both brand new drives. Both drives are correctly identified in the BIOS. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

A:Why doesn't VISTA 64 recognize hard drive?

Hello JimDandy51,

Welcome to the Forums!

Are they SATA or IDE? They tell me Vista doesn't "like" IDE, there is a way to make them work.
But someone else will have to help you with that, as I have no experience with it!

Sorry I can't be more help.

Originally Posted by JimDandy51

I am trying a new install on a new machine. I have 2 WD 250 GB drives (not in RAID config). When VISTA installs it tells me the first drive is not recognized as boot drive and won't load. I tried to install on second drive and get a error message about a volume does not meet VISTA criteria (or something like that)and won't install. These are both brand new drives. Both drives are correctly identified in the BIOS. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Later Ted

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I just finished building my own system. Everything posted correctly but when I went to install vista home premium, it could not detect my hard drive, even though the bios does. For the record, I'm not using any raid, just a single sata hd (samsung 500 gb). I have tried changing every setting in the bios having to do with sata, yet every time i get the same results, vista tells me it cannot find any hard drives to install to. I tried putting in a win xp disk and seeing if it could detect my drive, and it does! Does anyone know how I can get vista to see my hard drive? thanks

A:Vista doesn't recognize hard drive

I should mention that my hard drive is oem as well as windows vista. I've seen where there could be potentially formatting on oem harddrives that makes vista not detect them. If this is the case, how can I clear these partitions off. I am unable to the diskpart screen in the setup due to vista not even seeing the harddrive

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Hi there,

I have another little problem, my AMD 6000+ dual core 3.2ghz is recognized in the devicemanager under processors (2 processors present) yet when I want to enable the 2nd processor in MSconfig under the boot tab it only gives me the option of enabling 1

Please help!


A:Vista doesn't recognize dual core

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i left my wd external hard drive plugged in my pc, forgot to click on safely remove the device and shut the pc down. when i started the pc the next day it come up with a black screen saying it couldn't restart vista from that drive. i unplugged the external drive immediately but now the pc or my laptop does not recognize the external drive at all.

help please!!!

A:vista doesn't recognize wd hard drive

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