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Will an EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SC video card upgrade work with my Dell Inspiron 3847?

Q: Will an EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SC video card upgrade work with my Dell Inspiron 3847?

The video card I was interested in:
My current specs from Speccy if that would be useful to anyone:
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64-bit
CPUIntel Core i5 4460 @ 3.20GHz 26 °CHaswell 22nm Technology
RAM12.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
MotherboardDell Inc. 088DT1 (CPU 1) 28 °C
GraphicsDELL S2340L ([email protected])Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Dell)
Storage931GB TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 (SATA) 36 °C
Optical DrivesHL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GHB0N
AudioRealtek High Definition Audio
I'm using the power supply that came with the computer (I assume 300W?) along with the above specs. So my question is will this video card upgrade work with my Dell Inspiron 3847? And if so, will I need a new power supply, or can I keep the one that came with the computer? If this upgrade isn't realistic, then a recommendation for the right direction to go towards would be appreciated as I am very new to messing with computer hardware/building or upgrading a computer.
I heard that the size of the video card could be a problem for the Dell Inspiron 3847, but this one is only 1.5 x 5.7 x 4.38 inches according to Amazon, so I'm pretty sure it is small enough for the case.
If anyone can help a newbie out then that would be greatly appreciated. If I am missing any details that are needed so you can help me I will try to provide with those if I can.

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Preferred Solution: Will an EVGA GTX 1050 Ti SC video card upgrade work with my Dell Inspiron 3847?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Can I upgrade the video card in my Inspiron 3847?  Dell site only offers memory upgrade/replacements. but no video cards.  Has anyone done this?  I've got a card, GeForce GT610 2G, that I'd like to use.  The PC has a slot but the card does not appear to work when installed. 

A:Inspiron 3847 video card upgrade

Hi Orvham,
If you are running Windows 8, you may need to disable secure boot to install an after-market card.

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hello all,
I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 3847
my video card GeForce GT 720
Intel Core i7-4790 Processor 3.6GHz
16GB DDR3 (8GBx2 1600MHz)
so i need to upgrade my video card for gaming  how much need to power supply  for new video cardi have 300 watt
sorry for bad english (:

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I have a Inspiron 3650 with i7 6700 2tb HD EVO 500GB ssd 16GB ram and an R9 360.  I just purchased an EVGA Gamer 1050 TI graphics card.  This is not the SC model.  I'm trying to improve it's gaming chops.
Could somebody tell me(in detail) what software should be removed/uninstalled, how it should be removed , and in what order.  When and how the graphics cards should be swapped and finally the installation of the GTX 1050 TI and it's proper drivers.  Please be as detailed as possible because I love this computer and just want to do this properly so it continues to perform flawlessly with a little more gameability.  I've never swapped out a graphics card before.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

A:EVGA 1050 TI Gamer (not SC) install in a Dell Inspiron 3650.

I did forget to mention the 1050 has 4GB of vram if that's important.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3847.  The monitor no longer shows color, it is black and white - I bought a new monitor and also tested the monitor from my other computer. all three monitors are black and white so it is my computer. I have tried diagnosing from Dell's diagnostic page. All the tests I ran said my computer is fine. One test took 10 minutes, it looks like it tested graphics - but not the COLOR. I put in my expired express tag, and it identified my computer and gave me a list of updates.  I installed Dell Digital Delivery application update, Dell Update Setup because those were dated 2016. I tried to update HD 4000 Series Graphics Driver but it gave me an error message. Said that driver was not verified for my computer and returned me to Dell's Diagnostic page. I tried that 3 times. I'd like to know how I can find out what my graphics card or video card is and how I can get an update for it. I assume that my monitors are all black and white due to something on this Dell computer. It has been black and white for about 2 weeks.

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Hey all!  I've been looking to update the graphics card on my Dell XPS 8700 from a GTX 645 to a GTX 1050 Ti Nvidia graphics card.   Everything I looked at says it checks out:
-PCIE x16 card compatible with  PCI- Express x16 card slot
- 1.5 Width (Dual Slot Width) x 5.7 Length x 4.38 Height graphics card should fit in PC (original dimensions for the GTX 645 are 4.376 Height, 5.7 Length, Single Slot width).   Only problem I can see here is the width for the 1050 is dual slot while the original has a single slot width.  However, there should be enough space right?  
- 75W power draw with a 460W PSU.   Here is another (unlikely) potential problem.  I have no idea how much power everything else is drawing so I don't know how much spare power I have.   However, seeing as the 645 has a max power draw of 65 W, I think I'm fine since that's only a 10 W difference
Does anybody see any problems with my logic/anything that I'm missing?  Thanks all and have a great day.   

A:Upgrading Dell XPS 8700 with EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Sc Graphics Card Card

you MUST upgrade BIOS to A10 for Win7/81 or A11 for Win10 for GTX 9x0 or higher and all GTX 10x0 cards as well.
What software are you running? If gaming at 1920x1080 resolution a GTX 1060 is perhaps the "best' option for an XPS 8700. The 8700 will easily fit a dual width card and the 1060 is the right mix of lots of graphics card, but it doesn't need a ton of power to run it.
The motherboard provides up to 75W via the PCIe slot, and extra power comes from the two six pin PCIe power connectors if the card needs more power.
Some GTX 1060 cards need a single 8 pin connector and the solution is a very low cost adapter ( $ 8.00 on eBay)

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Hi,I'm aware that case swapping is really uneconomical for a dell, but i want to do it. I have a dell inspiron 3847, and i want to move all the components to a cooler master Storm Stryker. Is this possible? (The motherboard is my priority)

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I just picked-up a Inspiron 3847 and I'm looking to upgrade to a solid state drive.
I think I'll need:
2.5" mounting bracket
SATA cable
Will I need a SATA III card or will the existing interface work (I couldn't find clear specs on what the existing interface actually was)?
Anything else I'm missing?

A:Dell Inspiron 3847 - What to buy for SSD upgrade?

You cannot install an SSD as the boot Drive while the original drive is hooked up.
There will be issues.
You can install an ssd after upgrading DBAR to and then making a 16 gig or larger usb flash recovery.
Then install the SSD
and then optimize it.
Then put the old drive back as a secondary.
I Usually recommend INTEL Retail drives for this so that you get Tools for optimization.

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hello i am currently using a dell inspiron 3847 which ive gotten a couple years back. Now that i plan to upgrade the gpu from a gt705 to a gtx1050ti,  i think i may need to upgrade the PSU as well.  Now i know that  there are other posts about this but i would like to ask if i could buy a corsair VS450W instead of the CORSAIR CS750M (which everyone is recommending) since its a little pricey for me. My current PSU(Dell PSU that came with it) is only 300W. My cpu is a core i5-4460. Thanks :)

A:PSU Upgrade for Dell inspiron 3847

There are specific models that I have tried and they work fine.
lower power versions like the CS550M and CS650M do not have enough 3.3v/5v combined power.

EVGA NEX 750B works fine.
Power supplies that do not have 150W combined on the 3.3V/5V rails may not EVER work or may fail. Note the power ratings on each railThis label is from the NEX 750B1  

This is a label from a Dell 525w unit.  Note the ratings on EACH rail not just the total watts.

On many other vendors as the power goes up the 3.3V/5V rails max power GOES DOWN to 100W max.  However in the case of dell 875w unit the power goes UP to 225w on the 3.3V/5V rails.

This is what the NEX 750B1 looks like installed in an XPS 8500


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Can i upgrade my Dell inspiron 3847's ram to this 16gb kit from kingston.


A:Dell inspiron 3847 ram upgrade

No -- you need DDR3L (low voltage) for this system.
This is the correct memory if you want Kingston.

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So, i just bought this great machine, and everything is working just fine, but i was wondering,
Which Intel cpus does my dell computer supports?
I was specially thinking of upgrading to an Intel Core i5 4590 (right now i have an intel core i3 4150)
can i upgrade without problems?
i am still using the original PSU from dell 

A:Dell inspiron 3847 cpu upgrade?

believe it or not, my dell came with the i3-4150
I have checked since last year, and just recently they started using the new released processors. My local store ordered this dell in october-november 2014

But returnig to my question, those processors that you have listed, do they work with my dell desktop computer?

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i just wonder what is the diffenet between 4 gen intel processor or 7 intel processor chip?
which one do i use to upgrade the 4 gen processor or 7 gen the reason why i asking because it say 4 Gen processor chip can i use the 7 Gen processory chip or not on the H81 motherboard or something but so i need help.

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Hi, Im upgrading my CPU and  want to know if it's possible to use the Xeon 1231v3 in the Inspiron 3847.  My current CPU is i3-4150.

A:Will Xeon 1231v3 work in Dell Inspiron 3847?

Doubtful.  The BIOS probably isn't programmed to accept it and i'm not sure the chipset is capable of utilizing a Xeon.  Xeon processors generally use business or industrial class chipsets from intel  

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I was wanting to upgrade my inspiron 3847 with integrated graphics and add a gtx 1050 i was wondering if i would be able to do this and add a power supply 

A:inspiron 3847 graphics card and psu upgrade

Hi darionm2235,
Please find the link for parts and upgrades where you can check with your system service tag what are the upgrades available for your system.
www.dell.com/.../partsforyourdell you can check for your country too.

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I am a CPA looking to upgrade the graphics card on my work computer so that I can get 1920X1080 resolution on my three monitor setup.  My current setup uses HD Graphics 4600, but there are only two display ports (HDMI and VGA), so the third monitor is hooked up via an adaptor to the USB port.  The USB port only allows me to have a max resolution of 1600X900, and gray colors don't show up on the monitor (very annoying when using excel). I will not be doing any video editing or playing games (let alone at max graphics settings), just entering numbers into programs and occasionally watching a youtube video (on breaks of course).
Do you have any recomendations on a cheap graphics card that supports a three monitor setup at 1920X1080 where I wouldn't have to upgrade the power supply?  Ports ideally would be VGA, DVI, HDMI (not mini).
Here are some specs on the computer:
-Windows 10
-PCI Express x16 slot
-Power supply is 300W
-I believe the graphics card needs to be less than 8" long (from what I've read on other forums).

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Have new 3847 Inspiron 6847 w/Windows 10 and trying to install GeForce 9400GT graphics card. Cannot get system to recognize the card. Security Boot is off. Is there something that needs to be done with UEFI as well?

A:INSPIRON 3847 W/WINDOWS 10 graphics card upgrade

LEGACY CSM and Option Roms must be ON with secure boot off and then the LEGACY driver must be used.   The latest and Greatest NVIDIA Driver DOES NOT WORK WITH Geforce 7/8/9 series and older cards because NVIDIA Dropped support for them in April 2016.

340.52  WHQL
Release Date:
Operating System:
Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit
CUDA Toolkit:


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I'm looking to upgrade the graphics on my Inspiron 3847 and I'm wondering whether my Dell Bestec power supply has the connections necessary to support this video card: www.amazon.com/.../ref=sr_1_1
The EVGA web site says you need a 6-pin connector; if so, can I connect this card to a stock Dell power supply?

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I acquired a gtx 960, after removing the panel on the side of my Inspiron 3847 case, I realized that the gtx 960 is just slightly to big to fit. Is the gtx 960 compatible with my Inspiron 3847, if so how can I make it work with my PC??

A:Graphics card upgrade to gtx 960 is my Inspiron 3847 compatible?

You cant make it work its too long and the power supply is no where near sufficient.

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Hi Everyone,
I apologise if this has been asked previously, but i wasn't 100% clear in the other answers to this,
I have a Dell Inspiron 3847 desktop (not slim), purchased in Jan 2015. It has an intel core i5 4460 cpu and an INVIDIA Geforce GT 705 graphic card, 16gig DDR3 ram,
It has always run very quite, but just recently (within the last couple of weeks) i have noticed it making more sound then normal, it's soft but a constant high pitched sound which appears to be coming from the stock 300w psu,
If i wanted to change the psu, what make and model would be compatable?, sorry, but i am not really savy with voltages and figures etc, that is why i have asked purely for a make and model number that has been used in this model before, and would work,
From what i have read on this forum, a few people seem to have had issues with the stock psu after a period of time. Any recommendations would be greatfully appreciated, especially from users of the Inspiron that have upgraded their psu,

Thanks Again,
Mr Anthony

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Hello Tech guys-I have a dell inspiron 530-2.2 ghz 450 celeron-2 gb ram. It appearantly has integrated video but i would like to upgrade to say 512mb video card.Here is link to specs( http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/inspd530/en/OM/HTML/appendix.htm#wp1123070 ) that i cant understand-lol. I also read somewhere it needs compatible power?Could you please suggest a video upgrade if one is even possible.Thank you very much.

A:Dell inspiron 530 video card upgrade

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I am looking to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 570, once the 600 Watt Power Supply is installed, to the GeForce 900 series but am unsure if I can do this- can anyone answer if my motherboard will support the card?

A:Dell Inspiron 570 Video Card Upgrade

Hi Nick2951
Thanks for writing to us.
This model is not tested by a 600W power supply nor with a GeForce 900 series.
Though we have seen some of our customer upgraded to parts that are not tested by Dell, for few it was a success and for few it was a little to no luck.
The system is tested with NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ G 310 and NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ GT 220 cards by Dell.
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message

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Hello everyone,
I just replaced the failing motherboard in my Dell Inspiron 530, with the same model, G33M02,because an aftermarket board wouldn't work, due to the I/O shield not being removable. and currently looking for a video card upgrade to watch Netflix and YouTube videos in HD format. I don't plan to game with this computer, it was a freebie given to me by a friend, and I'm using it as a spare. The PSU is a 300watt Bestec model. And, processor is an Intel Celeron 420 Conroe-L Single-Core @ 1.6ghz with 2 GB dual-channel memory, 80gb hard drive. I don't plan to spend no more then $50 dollars. Any suggestions?

A:Dell Inspiron 530, video card upgrade

The Sapphire 6450 is about $40, and it's perfect for Netflix. There was a refurbished Asus 6450 available for $25, but they may all be sold.

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A few days I ago I bought the Inspiron 580 with the i3-550 processor at a good price at one of the local stores that is close to my home. I really don't want to use the onboard video card because its does a poor job for cleaning up streaming video on the internet. I would like to know what video card is recommended for my use. I want a entry level dedicated video card that has decent video processing and also I want to know if there is a way to disable the onboard video when I get a new video card?

A:Dell Inspiron 580: Which Video Card Upgrade

gregpod9 I want a entry level dedicated video card that has decent video processing
You get what you pay for, an "entry level" video card may not be any better than the on-board video, if that is the real problem with streaming video.
The 580 has a PCIeX16 slot for an add on video card.  The stock power supply is only a 300 watt which will somewhat limit you on choices of "HD Video" cards.  The manual does not detail it, that I can find, but on most the BIOS will autodetect a PCIeX16 slot video card and make that the default.  On models that do not autodetect, you can manually change that in the Setup (F2 at POST to access the Setup (BIOS)).

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I have an older (4.5 years) Dell Inspiron 530 that I'm thinking of converting to an htpc. I almost never use it, because I've since gotten a laptop, and who wants to be tethered to a desk if they don't have to be. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor at 2.4GHz and 3GB RAM and runs Vista. How involved would upgrades be? I was going to get a Roku box for streaming, but since I have this PC just sitting there, why not use it?

The first thing I was thinking of doing was upgrading the video card with this one: ASUS GeForce 210 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 Low Profile Ready Video Card, EN210 SILENT/DI/1GD3/V2(LP)

Is this a good card? I'm not a gamer at all, and would be using it for stuff like streaming Netflix. Also, how hard is it to install a new video card? I've never done anything more complicated than replacing RAM in my netbook.

Thanks for any help/insight.

A:Solved: Upgrade a Dell Inspiron pc - video card

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My sister let me know my nephew would like to buy your video card for his hp pavillion 550-044. I have no idea if it will work so I thought I would go to the source.  The card he would like to use is an EVGA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Sc.  EVGA wrote me back and said I would need to contact the manufacturer and find out if the motherboard has UEFI support and if the BIOS supported the card and if I needed to update/change settings in the BIOS. Hope someone can help.  I've done a few searches in the forums and I couldn't not find a clear answer. Thank You, Kip

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My sister let me know my nephew would like to buy your video card for his hp pavillion 550-044. I have no idea if it will work so I thought I would go to the source.  The card he would like to use is an EVGA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Sc.  EVGA wrote me back and said I would need to contact the manufacturer and find out if the motherboard has UEFI support and if the BIOS supported the card and if I needed to update/change settings in the BIOS. Hope someone can help.  I've done a few searches in the forums and I couldn't not find a clear answer. Thank You, Kip

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I'm planning to upgrade my computer as it's not the best for the moment, I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade to an EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC GAMING graphics card. 
My specs (according to Speccy):
CPU Intel Core i3 7100 @ 3.90GHz Kaby Lake 14nm Technology
RAM 8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1196MHz (17-17-17-39)
Motherboard Dell Inc. 07KY25 (Socket 0)
Graphics S2318H/HX ([email protected]) Intel HD Graphics 630 (Dell)

Storage 931GB Seagate ST1000DM010-2EP102 (SATA)
Optical Drives PLDS DVD+-RW DU-8A5LH

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PSU, GPU.These are really the only thing that need upgrading. Currently there is 16 gb ram, a R7 350, and a 270 Watt power supply from the manufacturer. Will I be able to add these parts without voiding the warranty? Plus, will they even work in the computer?

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I have a Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition that I purchased a couple months ago. I would like to upgrade the OEM GeForce GTX 745 that it came with to a EVGA GTX 960.I have the Dell XPS 8900 (i7-6700k processor), 32gb memory, 2tb HDD + 32gb m.2 SSD cache, Dell UP2516D monitor, and Windows 10 Pro. I will be adding a second Dell UP2516D monitor soon and later will add an SSD and move the OS and applications to that.
My needs aren't gaming. Primarily I do business applications (MS-Office, including Access and Project), finance and investing, and a lot of photo and video editing.  The photo editing software will use the GPU if I upgrade.
EVGA suggested either of the following, based on what would fit:
These cards are almost identical except;
#1 is 10.1" long, has 2 BIOS, 2 fans, and uses 160 watts for $170
#2 is 6.8" long, has 1 BIOS, 1 fan, and uses 128 watts for $160
I thought I would replace the graphics card myself, but once I opened the case, I wondered if either card will even fit.  I've seen that other people have swapped out their graphics card, so it must be possible.
When I look in my case, the existing graphics card is a single slot.  Both of these cards are dual slot.  Also, it looks like there are some transistors right next to the existing card.  When you install a dual slot card, ... Read more

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I have a Dell Inspiron 3847. I want to upgrade the graphic to a gtx 1050.
The specs are: i3 4130
300w power supply
window 8.1
This is the graphic card i want to get:

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Can i upgrade my dell inspiron 3847's ram to a 16gb ddr3 kit? 

This one in particular: www.amazon.co.uk/.../ref=sr_1_1

A:Dell inspiron 3847

The system will take up to 16 G of RAM -- that said, see Kingston's website for compatibility.  That's not what they recommend for your model.  This is:

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So I own a Dell Inspiron 3847 with the i7-4790 cpu, 8 gb of ram and if there's any other info you want, ill post it for you. So basically I want to install aMSI Radeon RX 480 4gb into the system. Now i recently learned that the computer uses some sort of Dell motherboard or something (not really sure)? I just wanted confirmation on whether or not I could install the RX 480 into my system. Thank you!

A:RX 480 in Dell Inspiron 3847

What size PSU does the 3847 have? MSI indicates a 500W PSU with 8-pin power connector for their Radeon RX 480 4GB GAMING X Video Card.
The card is ~10.9" x 5.5" x 1.7".  So is there's enough space for it, especially the length?

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With the specifications pointing out three graphic cards that I'm not able to find... At all... I'm wanting to know if a GeForce GTX 750 Ti from Gigabyte will work? Really would like to get an opinion before spending $99 on a GPU and it not work. Or if there's another option, that'll help with performance when playing games is much appreciated.

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Would the EVGA 430w fit in my dell inspiron 3847?

A:PSU upgrade for Inspiron 3847

The EVGA 430W unit has LESS POWER than the Dell 305W unit.  
The 450B1 only has 120W on this railset.

POWER Supplies are not a single rating of watts with 1 Rail.
You must have Combined 150W on the 3.3v/5v rails and 25 Amps on each of those rails.
The EVGA NEX 750B1 has this the B2 and G2 models do not.

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected]



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I have recently been looking for a new GPU so that I can play more high-end games. As intel integrated graphics just will not do. With Integrated Graphics, the frame rate is very low and often not suitable for player more high-end games such as GTA V, Overwatch, And Rocket League. I have been looking at this card in particular.
The card dimensions are (by L x H). 6.97" x 4.65"  I know height wise, the card should fit. But I'm not so sure that it will fit length wise as I do not have exact measurements for the card.
Listed below are also my PC's specs.

MODEL: Dell Inspiron 3847
CPU: Intel i3-4170 Dual Core ( 3.7 GHz )
GRAPHICS: Intel Integrated 4400
RAM: 8GB DDR3 ( 2x4GB )
POWER: I'm not sure what the wattage of my PSU is. I assume 300W?
DISPLAY: Dual Monitor ( Monitor one is a 720p TV. Monitor 2 is a 1080p Acer Gaming Monitor)

I am really hoping that this card is compatible with my PC and I hope you guys can help me out. Also, please let me know if I have to upgrade any parts of my PC or purchase any addons for the card to work.
Thank you,Vincent

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I bought two 8gb Corsair Vengeance strips of ram for my pc. Installed and got the no signal error message. Did some research and read if I take out the battery to reset BIOS that that might help. I only put one new strip in at this point. I got a message on screen saying bios reset etc,then my pc booted up. I ran Speccy,and it recognized the new 8gb of ram. Turned pc off,threw other strip in......No signal. Tried one 8gb with my old 4gb strip. No signal. Tried that one 8gb strip that had worked before.....Now,no signal. Any ideas?

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I purchased the above computer a year and a half ago.  It cost $500.00 but I don't get a little window in the lower right corner of my desktop.  It is a windows 8.1 and seems to be running fine but when I try to install KB2919355 I get an error.  Obviously all I am doing is trying to qualify for windows 10.  Does anyone have any idea what the error is all about and why I can't qualify for a upgrade to win10.Thanks in advance.   - Missouri Tiger

A:Dell Inspiron 3847 DESKTOP

Be careful going to Windows 10, I got the upgrade downloaded and let it install and now it doesn't recognize my ethernet adapter so I have no internet connection at all and the computer is useless.  I have been searching for people with same issue and came across your thread and haven't seen anyone with my same issues yet.  I downloaded some updated drivers and hope they will work...

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My 9 year old has a dell optiplex 755 SFF, he is asking me to upgrade his video card so he can play games like minecraft and some games on steam.
We are on a budget and found this Sapphire radeon 6450 on newegg for $39.99
Will this work in his computer and allow him to play minecraft? steam?

Thanks in advance

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I am planning to upgrade my 3847 desktop's 300w PSU to a 650w EVGA PSU.  The latter is slightly longer, but I am pretty sure I can get it to fit.  It also comes with plenty of connectors, including the 24 pin and 4 pin connectors on my mb.
I've run this by Dell technical support, who all say an upgraded PSU will cause problems for my mb.  To the extent any of them answer my question about why this would be, the answer is nonsense and seems to be premised on the belief that the higher wattage PSU will send too much power to the mb and burn it out.  Since the power going to the mb will be based on what the mb draws, not on the size of the PSU, the explanation doesn't make sense.  Another technical support person said the higher "voltage" would cause a problem.  Since the voltage for the rails on the PSUs is the same, this doesn't make sense.  The amps are what is different.
So, of the 4 technical support people I've dealt with at Dell, none of them appear to actually understand even the basics of the issue and a couple of them even referred me to talk to the sales department for an answer, which I tried and was quickly told mine was a technical support issue.  It seems that customer service fill their different roles by lot rather than actual knowledge.
Anyway, I know Dell doesn't sell a PSU upgrade for my system, but that doesn't mean I can't add one.  Does anyone know of a real, technical b... Read more

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Is Inspiron Desktop (3847, Early 2013) compatible to NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB?

A:Inspiron Desktop 3847, GPU upgrade to GTX 660?

450W is too low.  PC's are not a single 12v power supply.  You need an EPS12v 2.92 certified supply that can provide 170W on the 3.3v/5v side and 15 to 20W on the 5VSB rail in addition to 450W on the 12v rails.
This is why a Corsair CS750M is the MINIMUM recommended.
 The other issue is Card Length.
You cannot use 10 to 12 inch long cards as they will not physically go into the case.  This unit is using an Antec Earth Watts 650W power supply.  The card in this case is 8 inches long.

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I want to know what to look for to know if a new motherboard would be.compatible with my cpu

A:Inspiron 3847 motherboard upgrade

Dells are proprietary.  This isn't supported ever.

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Can anyone direct me to info on installing a second hard drive to Inspiron 3847 computer for purposes of image back up using Acronis True Image Home software back up? There is space for an optical drive which is totally foreign to me, but nothing is said anywhere in the material in users manual about adding second hard drive which seems to be a pretty normal hardware addition. Not savvy in these matters.

First time forum poster


A:Second Hard Drive Dell Inspiron 3847

Dell has not published the procedures for installing an additional SATA hard drive, the Inspiron 3847 has a second 3.5" bay, for the second hard drive next to the primary hard drive, there should be a set of rails located in the bay, two 6-32X1/4, phillips head screws are needed, to attach the rails.
 The procedures on pages 26 to 28 of the owners manual should give you an idea of what is required for the installation.
You will need a SATA data cable there should be a spare SATA power connector inside the case.After installing the drive enter the system setup and check that the hard drive is 'enabled' [on] and recognized.
For Windows to recognize the second hard drive, it must be partitioned and formatted.Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management, right click new drive, select format, then you can assign a drive letter.Bev.

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Hello Everyone,
I purchased a Dell Inspiron 3847 desktop in Jan 2015, all was good until the hard drive died and was replaced, then the optical drive started making a funny noise and Dell sent me a replacement, now the whole system sounds pretty loud in operation and i have always found it to be a pretty quite runner usually,
Ive had the side cover off and honestly find it hard to know exactly where the louder sound is coming from, all i can tell you is it's a constant kind of deep sounding hummmmmmmmmm that starts around 10mins after the system is switched on ,and appears to be towards the back of the unit. I recently swapped out the stock 300w power supply for a corsair CX 500W and it sounds really sweet, so i doubt it's that,
Pressing lightly on parts of the case toward the back, either alters the tone of the hum or sometimes stops it all together for a few moments,
Currently i have it sat on the floor by the side of my desk, but it's not directly on the carpet, it's sat on a hard shelf that i had cut to size. The funny thing is, when i unplugged it and took it down to my kitchen, i took the side panel off so i could listen, and it sounded really quite stood on my counter top?. Its also had a good clean with compressed air, though it wasn't very dusty inside to begin with,
I have a low threshhold when it comes to pc loudness to start with, and this is driving me nuts because it wasn't this audible before,

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing... Read more

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Just got the computer, works fine, really happy with it. What noises should I hear from the tower/drive? I don't really hear a fan, but sometimes a faint...I don't know.....whirring? Not really that noticeable, but this computer is new to me....any ideas appreciated. I KNOW all computers make SOME sounds.....just paranoid I guess! Thanks so much!

A:Dell Inspiron 3847 Noise Question!

Intermittent, not constant. Is this just the drive working while I'm running webpages and downloading files, using application, etc?

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I recently swapped my dell inspiron 3847's case for a cooler master storm stryker. Everything works perfectly. Now im looking to add liquid cooling to my pc. Can i do this?

A:Dell inspiron 3847 liquid cooling

I don't see why not, you would just remove the cpu fan and install the liquid cooling hub.  In my opinion I don't see why you would need to as the CPU is not overclock able and your case appears to be big enough to allow for more then adequate airflow.

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