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Team Fortress 2 Paged Pool Memory problem

Q: Team Fortress 2 Paged Pool Memory problem

I've been having this problem for ages. After ive played on a different game for a while, i then try to play tf2. loads up properly, i choose a server and just as im about to connect - pow! crashes to desktop and says im out of paged pool memory! i thought it was cos i didnt have enough ram or not enough of it was free. so i upgraded my ram to 2gb. i have 1500MB of ram free at any one time and it still does the same thing!! the stupid thing is, when i restart the pc and go on tf2 before any other game, it works fine! what on earth is going on here?

Preferred Solution: Team Fortress 2 Paged Pool Memory problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Team Fortress 2 Paged Pool Memory problem

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Hey everyone! I am a newbie PC builder. I have recently built a computer consist of the following spec:
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: G. Skill Ripjaws X Series 16351 Mb
Graphics Card: Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570, 1280 Mb
Motherboard: MSI, Z68A-GD65 (MS-7681)

I have nothing but the msi driver utility, process explorer, office pro 2010 and Assassin's Creed II installed. I have updated all MB drivers through the msi utility, updated Windows 7 as much as possible, installed the latest GPU driver from nvidia. When I played AC II, the GPU driver crashes every 10 sec. I also got the message saying my PC is running out of paged pool memory. I tried the method from teamliquid, it doesn't work. I went to process explorer, under system information, both of the paged and non-paged limit have no symbol. That is all I have. Thank you, and greatly appreciate any help.

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Hey guys,

I have no programs running, just chrome with a couple of websites. On my previous pc with windows 7 i've never had the memory use more than 5 GB just for chrome. Also, the paged pool seems to fill up the longer I use my pc. I've read numerous threads with people saying that it is normal for a pc to use all the RAM because otherwise it's useless RAM. But I don't really believe that something like this is normal. In most threads people talked about a memory leak in the non-paged pool.

I find it also very weird that when I look at my processes they just don't add up to the 5 GB in use. Using rammap or process explorer doesn't show annything at all.
Here are my specs:
Lenovo B5400
Windows 8.1 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600)
Intel Core i5-4200M CPU @ 2.50 GHz (4CPU's)
8192MB RAM

I'm having real problems with League of Legends, I just get too much lag when I play. I have a constant 40 ping so that's not the problem, my fps is 60-70 so that's not really bad. But I just get these random stutters every few seconds. Also when I browse my pc is just acting too slow for it's specs.
I hope someone can help with this problem as I am a noob when it comes to computers. I paid about 700 euros for this laptop and I find it sad that I this stupid problem. I've already disabled superfetch and I really don't want a link to another thread as I've read every single one of them and I'm getting nuts


A:Windows 8.1 - Memory leak problem in paged pool

Hello SebaaVH,

You appear to be one of those affected by this Google Chrome bug that only affects "some." Now, since I don't know if they ever fixed it (I don't use Chrome), I would suggest trying a different browser (i.e., Firefox or Opera) to see if that fixes your issue. Now, some have stated they fixed their issue by clearing their browser cache but that would be just a band-aid IMHO:

Massive memory leak, though memory usage does not show for GC in task manager:

Regarding your League of Legends issue, I don't play it myself but your issue (or something similar) has come up several times quite recently and, if you do a Google search for that issue, you will find tons of people having issues when playing it online. You might be better off seeking assistance at a gaming forum for that specific issue IMHO.

Good luck.


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So, one day, my comp said something about a D3D error for GMOD , I fixed that with -dxlevel 80 in the launch settings
So i played the game and shut my computer, so now the next day i tried to launch gmod, it gets the window, preparing to launch and then it closes and nothing happens, except a hl2 logo comes to the task bar for a slight moment
so i tried to play TF2 , It shows the Valve Signature, ( the guy with the valve in the head) and then it stops

I tried everything, i tried googling, restarting, re dling it, re dling steam i defragged my cache and all of the other ****, I suspect my ****** old video card Radeon X300 (i know it sucks like hell) so please help me

A:Garry's mod / Team Fortress 2 Problem

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well i got team fortress 2 on my laptop what i did is i put it on my laptop it works for a while and then ERROR!! memory could not be written im like what the hell then ive done all these malware tests and stuff it dosent work my laptop specs are
genuine intel graphics 1.66 ghz and another 1.66ghz and then 1.99gb of ram the team fortress 2 game specs are processor intel or pro 1.7ghz
512 mb ram 20gb hard drive video card 128 mb ram

i have a hp pavillon dv1000 please help

A:my team fortress laptop problem

Have you tried testing your memory or hard drive for possible hardware failure yet?

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Ive been having this problem for ages now with all Valve games and valve games ONLY. Just as im about to go in-game it crashes to desktop with an error message reading "Internal driver error at Present: You're likely out of OS Paged Pool Memory!"

I had a feeling this was a RAM related issue and considering I only had 2GB, I upgraded to 4 GB - It still does it

Iv'e tried changing the Paged Pool size through the regedit - It still does it.

Ive tried everything, its getting rediculous now, I really dont see what could be wrong, I have a beast of a PC for gods sake it can run crysis.


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after installing a new graphics card and trying to play a game, i instead received an error message saying that there isnt enough "Paged Pool Memory".
what is paged pool memory and how can i increase it? do i basically just have to add memory to my system?

A:paged pool memory

Paged pool memory is a region in virtual memory which can be paged in and paged out of the system. Device driver which do not need to access the memory from DPC/Dispatch level or above can use paged pool. it is accessible from any process context.

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When playing games via steam I occasionally get a crash followed by the error message.

failed to lock vertex buffer in cmesh dx8

According to the FAQ on steam this is caused by a lack of paged pool memory which is reserved for apps like direct3d.

To get round this issue its recommended that you remove a line form the boot.ini which unlocks the page pool memory. The line is /3GB /Userva=2900

Does anyone know where this line is in windows 7 or how I can unlock the paged pool memory as I'm finding the crashes are starting to interfere with my enjoyment of gaming.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

A:Paged pool memory issues

Paged pool is memory that's "paged" out to the paging file on your hard drive. The easiest way would be (I think) to increase the amount of paging file allowed on your hard drive (see this article for more details on the paged pool: Mark's Blog : Pushing the Limits of Windows: Paged and Nonpaged Pool )

As for the /3gb switch, this is for programs that are aware of the 3gB switch. It won't do anything if the programs aren't specifically designed for it. What it does is allocate 3 gB of virtual memory for user level processes - leaving 1 gB for kernel level processes. And, it only applies to a 32 bit OS. Are you running 32 or 64 bit Windows 7?

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I've been having some issues with Windows XP over the last couple of months. It got much worse once I installed StarCraft II on my computer. I get the error "Your computer has run out of paged pool memory" and the program lags or crashes. I looked under blizzards website and they state that this is a Windows XP problem. From what I can find it usually occurs from a bad driver that is taking paged memory and not releasing it. I upgrade drivers for every piece of hardware I could find under Device Manager with no luck.

Microsoft has some tools to track paged memory, but I cant seem to get any of them to work. Some of the tools seem out of date or missing. Is there a program that will identify what is filling up my paged memory?

Is there a way to "empty" the memory pool?

My system exceeds the minimum requirements for the game. I have reduced the video effects in game to the bare minimum with no result.


AMD Dual Core 2.29 Ghz
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002
Service pack 3

ATI Radeon HD 4550 video card with 1 Gb Vram
Any help you can provide is appreciated.

A:Paged pool memory error

Here is the error message that was reported after the last crash.================================================================================StarCraft II (B16561)Time: 2010-09-26 18:31:54.437Exe: C:\Program Files\StarCraft II\Versions\Base16561\SC2.exeParameters: Exe Built: 2010-09-21 16:33:41.187User: meComputer: ME-55BB3FBB205DVersion: branches/1.1.0Revision: 84907Locale: enUS================================================================================e_gfxGraphicsAPIError"StarCraft II has encountered an unexpected DirectX/OpenGL error. This may indicate an issue with an out-of-date videocard driver. If the problem persists, for more information consult our support website at [url="http://starcraft2.com/support.""]http://starcraft2.com/support."[/url]Error code: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL (8876086C) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Manual Stack Trace (ID:216 Stack:0x044D0000 + 8,388,608 "Main Thread")----------------------------------------DBG-ADDR<00A18449>("SC2.exe")DBG-ADDR<00A18541>("SC2.exe")DBG-ADDR<00A0F762>("SC2.exe")DBG-ADDR<00D100F3>("SC2.exe")DBG-ADDR<00D1031F>("SC2.exe")DBG-ADDR<00C77C83>("SC2.exe")DBG-ADDR<00C78A2E>("SC2.exe")DBG-ADDR<00C7A2A0>("SC2.exe&quo... Read more

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Hi all,

I am having a non paged pool memory leak.

As far as i'm aware all drivers are up to date.

imgur com/Vo3QeUe https://imgur com/a/IdzFZE5

Would really appreciate any support to getting this resolved, a reboot temporarily fixes it, but after a few hours it creeps back up sometimes very suddenly also

Here is a non paged pool photo - showing some of it if it's any help to anyone? https://imgur com/a/xHLNtPs

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Hey all, this is my first time posting here so please be gentle :)

I, like most gamers/comp sci majors, have fallen in to the trap of trying to get Half-Life 2 to play on my laptop and am dealing with paged pool memory issues. I followed a solution on a previous forum and went in to the registry editor, changing the PagedPoolSize like so:

Quoted from the previous site:

"This is how to fix it
Here's how you open Registry Editor:

Start Menu > Run > regedit

Surf down to this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Double click on "PagedPoolSize". Hexadecimal is listed first. Change the "Value Data" to one of these below:
(Note: You only need to enter EITHER Hexadecimal or Decimal. They both are the same.)

Megabytes Hexadecimal Decimal
192Mb 0c000000 201326592
256Mb 10000000 268435456
384Mb 18000000 402653184

I went with the 384Mb option and it worked perfectly.

Once you are done, make sure you reboot your computer."

I followed this solution with the 256 Mb option, restarted the computer, and the computer didn't even load all the way the first time and after shutting down and restarted it again, I barely got to the Desktop with nothing really running. So I painfully went in and changed it back to 0 (the default setting) like it was before and I restarted it and MOST of it is fine again, but I am ... Read more

A:Paged Pool Memory Adverse Effects/How to Fix

As this article says, 'Do not change the size of the paging file by editing the registry.'


Since you did play about, perhaps making a manual change as per the instructions will help 'kick' things back to normal.

Click start, control panel, system, advanced, performance, advanced and under virtual memory click change, then custom size, and set the vRam to whatever value you like (I would recommend equal to the installed Ram as a start) min and max. Click set and ok your way out.

You can always go back and set things to letting Window decide.

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Hi Everyone.

I've been searching as much as i could here and there on the internet without any luck so i'm giving it a chance here if someone has an idea how to troubleshoot/investigate this.

I'm Running Windows 8.1 Update 1 Enterprise.
custom built machine :

I7 4770K
32gb ram
Samsung evo pro 256gb ssd
2x gtx 770 sli

the installation was done around end of january, i don't have much running on that computer but games (i have another system for work)

The issue i have is the Paged Pool memory after system is up is at roughly 250mb but keep increasing around 1-2mb per sec and never stops, after roughly 1h uptime, i'm already at 2gb.(after 1day uptime yesterday, i was at 56gb). The non-paged pool is however never an issue and sits between 150mb and 250mb (i would say normal values)

i've read about disabling NDU, disabling killer networks application (my network driver) and many other things but so far still no luck.

i'm willing to run any kind of software or give any traces, my main issue right now is how to find what is causing this. i believe there is a memory leak somewhere but i have no idea/clues how to trace it down.

Many thanks for your time and help.



A:Paged Pool memory constantly increasing

Hello BuG,

With 32 GB of RAM installed, it's not unusual for your page file to get just as large.

If you like, you could use step 11 in the tutorial below to specify a minimum and maximum page file size for your C: drive to prevent it from getting larger on it's own. If you get a low memory or out of memory error afterwards while running Windows, then it means that you will need to increase the size of the page file until you stop getting the error.

If you have plenty of hard drive space, then it is recommended to leave the page file to be system managed though.

Virtual Memory Paging File - Change

Hope this helps,

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I have a Compaq Presario running windows XP and 1G of RAM with a game that said the paged pool memory was to low. I subsequently reset it via the " run regedit" and now no applications will run and the computer has to be physically shutdown by holding the on/off button. The error message I get is "you do not have the required memory to run this application". How do get back to normal?

Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: OS Paged Pool Memory Reset to high

Restore the registry. System Restore is the easiest way.

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So I recently purchased a new motherboard, CPU, RAM and PSU. I kept things from my old computer, such as my hard drives and video card. I formatted my main hard drive that I keep Windows on, and used to run x86, but am now running x64.

I did this all for Borderlands 2, I wanted a better computer to run and play this game on, since I've been a fan of the first one since it came out. Prior to the installation of all of these new parts, everything on the older version of my computer worked fine. I could play games, albeit on low settings, without a problem, but now, games such as Dota 2 and Borderlands 2 will run for about 3-4 minutes before the screen goes black, and comes back three times, before the program itself stops responding.

One of the games gave me a reason as to the poor performance, and said the game had run out of Paged Pool Memory, and would decrease performance. Even when doing so, it still shuts down after a few seconds.

I know that this is a hardware problem, which is why I didn't post about it in Games. It's happening to many programs that require the use of memory, and not just games. If there's anything anybody can do to help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a DXDiag.
System Information
Time of this report: 9/19/2012, 19:48:20
Machine name: JIMMUS-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030)
Language: English (Reg... Read more

A:Multiple Programs Crashing, Paged Pool Memory Loss?

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I have a Q6600 CPU clocked @ 2.4 ghz
GTX 260 graphics card, ( i overclocked it, but other games work fine
2gb ram

Until 3 months ago TF2 worked just fine almost maxing the 60 fps limit.
Suddenly in SLIGHTLY intense moments im lucky if i get 5 - 10 fps!!
please help

As a '' benchmark '' i Play resident evil 5 and my FPS are 55 - 60.

A:Low FPS in Team Fortress 2

That running the game at my monitors maximum resolution yields the highest framerate. I know people will probably jump all over me for this, on the other hand I will tried tf2 at various 16x10 resolutions and unless I am running it at 1920x1200 my framerate drops to 40-50fps as opposed to a solid 60 or above.At idle cores run at 49c and 47c, under gameplay they dont go above 55c.

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i got team fortress 2 for the pc and it lags for no reason. I tried like verything and it still lags.

here are my pc specs
p4 2.8ghz
2gb of ram
geforce 7600gs 512mb video card
320gb hard drive
and that should be enough im guesing.

so i tried to mess around with the settings and nothing helped even when i put it on 800x600 and everything on low it still laged and i have no clue why. I am connected by wire to the internet so that shouldint be a problem. I can play games like bioshock,,l4d,guildwars,cod2,age of empires 3, battlefield 2 and someother ones with out lag. so any help would be appreciated.


A:team fortress 2 for pc

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Sorry if the tf2 question has been covered before but I did a search here :"team fortress 2" (no quotes) in 'games' and got this:

Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing or mismatched.

If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.
Great start lol, because I've been tearing my hair out on Steam and with tf2 for a week or so and I'm past the anger stage now and slipping into giggling insanity.

TF2 is a great game and I like it but in a firefight online it runs slowly on my machine -- runs in software mode, I suspect. Our neighbours have an olde machine that runs tf2 very well, albeit on low settings.

I've trawled the net and seen other threads on other forums about the same tf2 problem -- all unresolved. 1st question is usually is your video card running too hot? Yeh the card makes great chips Then there's the uninstall / reinstall list, (it's quite a list, how long have you got? ) -- thankfully all tried before I got there And yep, there's, 'what your broadband connection?' Well that isn't the problem here.

Bottom line, no solutions.

Seems to point to Valve not being able to understand how to write drivers for some Nvidia cards, because I think they surely must have tried?? Anyway Valve ain't tellin,' just buy, buy, buy and take your chances, Their trouble... Read more

A:Team Fortress 2

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Any TF2 players here? What are your thoughts on the recent Love and War update?

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I can load TF2, but can not connect to any servers! Does this have anything to do w/ using unsigned network drivers? (using vista 64 ultimate) Thanks in advance!

A:Team Fortress 2

i've been playing CS:S on steam for weeks now...i'd think TF2 should work as well...

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I want to upgrade my computer to play TF2 faster.

Both my CPU and Video card are bad, but I'm wondering, which one should I upgrade for Christmas?

I have a

Intel 4 2.4 GHz (Single Core)
Nvidia GeForce 5300 FX

Which one should I upgrade?

A:Team Fortress 2

Graphics card, if your power supply allows it.

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I was playing team fortress and i started to lag, this isn't rare i lag all the time but then i noticed my right speaker wasn't putting out as much sound. And when it did, it was very crackily. I Got off and tried playing some songs and the right speaker still only put out half as much as the left and was very crackily. Can someone please help me get my right speaker back Thank You.

A:Team Fortress And Right Speaker

Put the left one on top of your monitor and use it for a center channel speaker. Just kidding.....might be that your right channel of you sound card is going bad or the cable or connector for that speaker is faulty

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so i was playing Team Fortress @, that i play a lot. and this cheater joins, never seen one on this server before, but is just messing around, and not causing to much trouble. anyways,, after the first map change, my computer freezes, and my screen gets like TV snow. and now it happens whenever i play any game I've tried so far, and the server is empty, so I'm assuming that this person gave us all this virus or something. I've run superantispyware and am running my other stuff, and haven't found anything yet.

A:team fortress 2 virus?

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So I recently downloaded TF2 , before I downloaded it though I made sure my system can handle it, and it does, take a look at the picture below , anyways my problem is that everytime I try to play Team Fortress 2 ,the game lags , I have no idea why,Is there a way I can fix this issue?

Here are my system specs

In game option

System Reqirement Lab

I tried changing the settings to low and it's still lagging.

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Hey guys, just downloaded TF2 (Free on Steam now!), and installed it. When I launch it, it just says its opening TF2, then nothing appears.
Machine name: JASON-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
System Model: Inspiron 1545
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A14
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 4092MB RAM
Page File: 2250MB used, 5932MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 64bit Unicode

I've noticed that TF2 is 32 bit only. This also happens on my friends computer.

I've tried running as admin, setting launch options (-window, -fullscreen, -w -h)

Nothing seems to work.

The strange part is that sometimes (1/30) it opens, but wont load a game.

Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:Solved: Team Fortress 2 Will Not Run

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Thanks to anyone that reads this and can help.
My system is this
Athlon 2800+ 512mb ddr EVGA fx5200 128mb AGP graphics card
I have been running Team Fortress (Half-life addon) for quite some time now and all of a sudden I am getting some graphical glitches. For example backgrounds will flicker and some instances my computer monitor turns completely black then resumes the game. There are now slow performance issues. I have tried updating the drivers and have even rolled back but no dice.
Thanks again for any help


A:Problems with Team Fortress

What is the last time you noticed this? Did you install / update / remove anything? Are the other graphic apps running with these glitches?

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For some reason nowadays when I load it up it closes during the startup and says hl2.exe has stopped working. It worked yesterday without any issues, so I have no idea what could be wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hello there.

For some reason, I seem to be having some FPS issues with Team Fortress 2. When I'm not fighting I'm around the 100fps mark, and when I am it plummets to around 30fps. Here are my specs.

intel core i7-4702MQ 2.2GHZ with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHZ
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M

I'm playing the game on high settings and I am having this issue even on low settings. But something I'm curious about is that it plays perfectly In my student house with "good internet" but plays bad in another house with "bad internet". I'm pretty sure internet speed cannot affect your FPS but if It can could you please explain how? I'm looking for any possible help at all.Thank you.

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Okay, so my PC goes way above the recommended requirements. So I should be able to run the game on high with a good 60 fps, right? But I only get maybe 50 on average, with medium/low settings. So I really don't understand why I am not getting better performance. My PC specs are:
-Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 650, 3.20 GHz
-Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB DDR3
-RAM: 8 GB DDR3 (7.75 GB usable)
So the question I'm trying to I'm trying to ask is, shouldn't my FPS be a lot better? Like, I am on low settings for cryin out loud and I am getting those god awful frames (yes I know 50 is good, but I should be getting better, especially on low settings).

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Every time i get in game I can play for a few seconds then it goes to the BSOD. This only happens online though any ideas whats wrong it said something about the IGxPDx32.Dll

Time of this report: 6/2/2009, 21:49:44
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition
System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
System Model: Vostro 200
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU [email protected] 2.20GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 2038MB RAM
Page File: 553MB used, 3375MB available

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i just built this computer and its awesome, but its crashing... only on team fortress when i play for a while, i have a intel quad core 2.4ghz ,640mb 8800gts, 2gb pc 6400 ram , liquid cooled, 600 w att powersupply, and a 7200 rpm HDD, i have the settings completely maxed, i mean everything, runs great! but after like 30 minutes it crashed, you guys think i just need to upgrade to 4gb of ram? im running vista and it says its i ave 1.4 gb of video ram, its sharing over 700 mb of my system ram or video?? any help would be nice thanks!

A:Team fortress crashing...

oh yea

i forgot to say, the crash i get is the blue screen memory dump screen

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the other day, i fired up TF2 and it greeted me with this. i tried to "delete local content" and redownload the game, but the problem persists. please help!

*TF2 is one of my fav games =)

A:team fortress 2 problems

Hi Again
One of our best threads on game problems
Tips on Troubleshooting Game Issues - Windows 7 Forums

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Hey all,

I currently have problems running Team Fortress 2 on Steam. Basically, what happens is that as soon as it runs, the home screen of the game appears and quickly closes, within about 1.5 seconds.
I briefly see the background image. It wasn't minimized and doing this several times, it still won't work. All my other games on Steam are working perfectly fine.

Although I haven't played it for over a month, it could be the recent update that triggered this issue..?
I have already tried reinstalling it, but the problem persists.

Please help,


A:Solved: Team Fortress 2 won't start

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Team Fortress 2 Crashes on loading when some box with "Creating sound cashes" appears . What could be causing this problem ? Please write any thoughts.

I got laptop with integrated video(intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with 128MB). Could it be a real problem ?
Intel Celeron 1.7
512 mb memory
And again please write any thoughts.
Thank you

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I just built a new computer and am now having trouble running TF2. I've installed and updated all my drivers. When i select a server and try to load into the server, everything loads smoothly and quickly until i get to the "Sending Client Info" phase of the loading. I get to having only 1 bar left to load then the game sticks there for a while then errors out of hl2.exe.. Any help would be appreciated.

System Information
Time of this report: 11/25/2007, 19:03:34
Machine name: THECHARLIE
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: RD580_
System Model: AWRDACPI
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+, MMX, 3DNow (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 1022MB RAM
Page File: 436MB used, 2022MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.2180 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
DirectX Files Tab: No problems found.
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Music Tab: No problems found.
Input Tab: No problems found.
Network Tab: No problems found.

DirectX Debug Levels
Direct3D: 0/4 (n/a)
DirectDraw: 0/4 (retail)
DirectInput: 0/5 (n/a)
DirectMusic: 0/5 (n/a)
DirectPlay: 0/9 (retail... Read more

A:Team Fortress 2 Crashes while Loading

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I had a BSOD for the 3rd time now and i'd like some support. All files are in the .rar

My specs are

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Original Installed OS
Intel i5 650
ATI Radeon HD 5570

My Computer is about 1 year old with out having to re-install the OS and is NOT overclocked.

A:BSOD while playing Team Fortress 2

Quote: Originally Posted by Akitaka

I had a BSOD for the 3rd time now and i'd like some support. All files are in the .rar

My specs are

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Original Installed OS
Intel i5 650
ATI Radeon HD 5570

My Computer is about 1 year old with out having to re-install the OS and is NOT overclocked.

These were caused by a memory corruption. Please run these two tests to verify your memory and find which driver is causing the problem.

*Download a copy of Memtest86 and burn the ISO to a CD using Iso Recorder or another ISO burning program. Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

*Boot from the CD, and leave it running for at least 5 or 6 passes.

Just remember, any time Memtest reports errors, it can be either bad RAM or a bad motherboard slot.

Test the sticks individually, and if you find a good one, test it in all slots.

RAM - Test with Memtest86+

2-Driver verifier

I'd suggest that you first backup your data and then make sure you've got access to another computer so you can contact us if problems arise. Then make a System Restore point (so you can restore the system using the Vista/Win7 Startup Repair feature).

In Windows 7 you can make a Startup Repair disk by going to Start....All Programs...Maintenance...Create a System Repair Disc - with Windows Vista you'll have to use your installation disk or the "Repair your computer" option at the to... Read more

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Just installed the orange box and whenever I try to join a game it crashes and I am not sure why, usually it is right after the game finishes the bar loading onto the server, one time I got as far as the chalkboard intel stuff but thats it.
I meet all the minimum requirements for the game 512 mb of ram, 1.72 ghz, graphics chip
I am not sure what the problem is, I am fairly certain my drivers are updated. =[

A:Team Fortress 2 crashes everytime

Please post more information about your graphics card

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So, I've been trying to figure out why TFC won't run properly for me. When I play, my FPS is sitting around 7-15 on average. I've been lucky enough to get the occasional 60-100, but that only lasted for a minute after adjusting cl rates and such. Then, it went right back to crap.

Here are my system specs, I'm coming right off a reformat, drivers are installed.

Model: Dell Inspirion B130
BIOS: A10 (Up to date)
Processor: Pentium M 1.7GHz FSB: 399MHz
RAM: Single Channel DDR2 512 MB
Chipset: i915GM/GMS i910GML Express Family Chipset
Video Card: Onboard, 96 MB
Sigmatel Audio (Not sure on specs)

Any other information I need to gather would be fine, just let me know what else to sniff out.

Also, don't tell me that my computer is the problem.. I've played TFC perfectly fine before with high 90s FPS and no sluggish problems.

And another thing... No background apps are running, if you want I'll post a picture of my task manager. My internet latency isn't the issue, it's the FPS. If anyone could help I'd be VERY happy... This whole thing has driven me right up the wall. TIA!

EDIT: I remember doing a steam performance scan yesterday before I reformatted and I passed fine.. But this is what I got when I scanned just a minute after posting this thread:

General System Performance: Failed
Your system does not meet the system requirements for any Source games. This is critical in having an enjoyable play experience.
Your Intel CPU: 598... Read more

A:Team Fortress Classic, RUBBISH FPS! Need some help :(

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Hi. I don't know if this has been already asked before, but I searched for a while around the web and I haven't found anything.

I have TF2 PC version, Can i play with a my firend which has the PS3 version??

Ty for help.

A:Solved: Team Fortress 2 - PC PS3 togheter

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At first I thought it was because my laptop was overheating, but I lifted the laptop so that the air flows out better and still had a BSOD. Any help is appreciated.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: d1
BCP1: FFFFF88009187000
BCP2: 0000000000000002
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: FFFFF88010219254
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:


A:BSOD playing Team Fortress 2

This driver appears to be the cause of your BSODs. Update the driver and report back

Killer e2200 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet ControllerCompany: Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.Description: Killer e2200 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet ControllerVersion: *1MD5: 19A1E658E858CB93CCA526438086881E *1Size: 161616 *1Directory: %SYSDIR%\DRIVERS\e22w7x64.sysOperating System: Windows 7

Update the driver and report back.

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What's the least expensive graphics card out there that can run Team Fortress 2 on all low at a good solid 60 fps while nothing is happening and keeping 30+ fps in intense battles?

I need to know, thanks!

A:Team Fortress 2 Graphic Card.

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After some time My PC crashes while playing team fortress 2. The error code is: driver_irql_not_equal_or_less.

My memory is definitely not the problem as I passed 8 passes in memtest.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey all, I'm pretty flustered...my laptop is perfectly normal until I try to play Team Fortress 2 on it. It plays normally for a while...but, whether in 15 minutes or in a few hours, I end up with the game freezing and end up with the following BSOD message:

A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval. Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates you might need. If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing.

***STOP: 0x00000101(0x00000061, 0x00000000, 0x803D1120, 0x00000001)

I have tried reinstalling the video drivers and reflashing the BIOS...but I keep getting the BSOD after some random period of time playing Team Fortress 2. It has never happened when I'm not playing that game...I have not played any other PC game on my laptop though. Can anyone help? Here's a few facts about my laptop:

System Information
Time of this report: 7/24/2009, 12:20:22
Machine name: JOHN-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista? Home Basic (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.lh_sp2rtm.090410-1830)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
System Model: HP G60 Notebook PC
BIOS: PhoenixBIOS... Read more

A:BSOD when I play Team Fortress 2

Oh, and here is the zip file with all my info:


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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and its a full retail version. The hardware is less than six months old, as well as the OS installation, but I just reformatted and installed again hoping it might help (alas: it didn't).
This is the first time I've encountered this issue, and I haven't recently changed/added/removed any hardware except for adding RAM a little more than a month ago. It started while I was in Team Fortress 2, and gave me the "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_ OR_EQUAL" error on the BSOD. When restarting, I got a screen that listed a bunch of my system info and at the bottom said checksum bad error (something like that). So I tried a suggestion I saw online of changing the onboard battery as it may have gone out. That didn't seem to work either: so I reformatted.
I've attached the files to this thread. This is my most desperate hour... Help me windows seven forums, you're my only hope.

A:BSOD playing Team Fortress 2/using After Effects cs5.5

Quote: Originally Posted by relliott1

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and its a full retail version. The hardware is less than six months old, as well as the OS installation, but I just reformatted and installed again hoping it might help (alas: it didn't).
This is the first time I've encountered this issue, and I haven't recently changed/added/removed any hardware except for adding RAM a little more than a month ago. It started while I was in Team Fortress 2, and gave me the "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_ OR_EQUAL" error on the BSOD. When restarting, I got a screen that listed a bunch of my system info and at the bottom said checksum bad error (something like that). So I tried a suggestion I saw online of changing the onboard battery as it may have gone out. That didn't seem to work either: so I reformatted.
I've attached the files to this thread. This is my most desperate hour... Help me windows seven forums, you're my only hope.

No DMP files included in upload try this method

We do need the DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.

To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.

The procedure:

* Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to a... Read more

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I've had some level of instability now for a while while playing TF2... My System locks up periodically while playing...

The PSU I was using (OCZ ModX 700W) died a few days ago - smelled the smoke and the system wouldn't post after that. I replaced the PSU with an Antec 650W Trio from another computer in the house and everything "appeared" happy.

My system locked up again today, however, this time it actually popped a BSOD - bugcheck was: 0x0000001e (0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000).

I'm unsure what to look at for this (I haven't tried firing up the game a second time for fear that something more serious may be wrong.

Based on another thread I read, I ran "SFC /scannow" which didn't find any integrity violations.

I'll upload the mini-dump, however, this may not be a complete file as I believe I interrupted the saving of this dump.

This system's primarily used by my wife for non gaming... it's not over clocked, her use doesn't hardly tax it, and the one game I generally play doesn't hardly push it either (I see ~ 200 fps on that game with this rig)

12GB ram (2 x 2GB G.Skill, 2 x 4GB G.skill - same speeds/ratings)
Asus P7P55D Deluxe
Evga GTX 285
Western Digital 750GB Black
LG Dvd burner
Antec PSU
CoolerMaster Elite 330 case


A:BSOD playing Team Fortress 2 - Error 1E 0,0,0,0

Welcome to SevenForums.

Your single dump file blames the Razer Diamondback USB Optical Mouse driver (habu.sys) which dates back to 2009. You should update it.
Razer Support

ASACPI.sys, Asus ATK0110 ACPI Utility - The 2005 version is a huge cause of BSODs.

Please visit this link: http://support.asus.com/Download.asp...eluxe&p=1&s=32
Scroll down to the Utilities category, then locate the "ATK0110 driver for WindowsXP/Vista/Windows 7 32&64-bit "
Download and install it, you may have to use device manager to install it.
Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers to check and make sure that the ASACPI.sys file is date stamped from 2009 or 2010 (NOT 2005).

fffff880`05018000 fffff880`0501b600 habu T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: habu.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\habu.sys
Image name: habu.sys
Timestamp: Fri Aug 07 08:22:07 2009 (4A7BABEF)
CheckSum: 0000ABBE
ImageSize: 00003600
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

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My problem: Im getting BSOD's while I'm playing Team Fortress 2 (Fullscreen Window Mode). The mode is unimportant, since I tested Fullscreen only and the result is the same.

The BSOD usually appers after ~ 1hour. I have tested without TF2, and there's no BSOD, even after 2 hours. In this time, I'm browsing in Firefox, use applications like steam and Trillian, watching Flash-Videos on Youtube. But I don't play TF2 (Team Fortress 2).

My latest installed Hardware was a mouse (Steelseries, USB - Motherboard), and the Steelseries Engine as the driver. I already deactivated the driver in the auto start (with CCleaner). It doesent matter, if the driver is running in taskbar or not - If I'm playing TF2, after some time, I get the BSOD.

I don't know what to do now, since I had no problems before.

I also installed some Games like Half-Life and a Mouse Recorder Software. All works properly. But only TF2 causes the BSOD.

I also checked the integrity of the TF2 files - Successfully.
I hope that it's not a Hardware caused problem.

Thanks for any help!

A:BSOD playing Team Fortress 2, 0x00000124

New Update:

I NOW just had a BSOD, but the difference is: I was NOT playing TF2 while the BSOD appears. And TF2 was not opened, only Steam was.

I attached the new Zip file for you too.

Oh, and I should mention too, that I'm using the XMP Profile for my RAM (just look atz my System Specs for the RAM). I adjusted this in the BIOS and never had any problems.

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so i've been playing TF2 for a while now on max resolution with max graphics and have little trouble running it, sure it gets a little laggy when there are 10 chars on screen all firing explosives but other then that its great.
but recently its just gone to hell, getting real bad lag when i'm jsut standing around.

i have no clue how to fix this, is the problem in the graphic card? the processor? maybe my internet conection? there are no adition programs running (other then MSN but thats always on). my buddy said i should restart the computer, something about the cache backing up and not getting cleaned out because i hadn't turned it off in a few days, i did that and it helped a little for a bit.

i have an alienware aurora M9700 laptop
speccs are
single core, 64 bit AMD turion 2.2 GHZ
2 gigs of ram
dual SLI enabled GeForce 7900 graphics cards
running windows XP
(for anyone that may not know this is more then enough to run TF2)

even WoW has been getting reaally laggy from time to time, and that runs flawlessly

any suggestions would be a big help,
my roomate sure isn't, just keeps telling me to run a benchmark

A:team fortress 2 lag issues on my alienware laptop

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