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Windows Photo Viewer; sorting order not the same as view order

Q: Windows Photo Viewer; sorting order not the same as view order

The Windows Photo Viewer will not display photos in the order they are sorted by Windows Explorer.
This is not referring to the slide show feature, just the forward and back arrows.
The only order pictures can be viewed is by name despite Windows Explorer being set at view by date, ascending.
I have repaired Microsoft Live Essentials, uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue remains.
This is also not an issue with photo tags or photo names.
Windows Explorer sorts as selected but click a picture in the middle to view, click the forward arrow and instead of the next date picture being viewed, the next name picture is viewed.

Preferred Solution: Windows Photo Viewer; sorting order not the same as view order

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Photo Viewer; sorting order not the same as view order


I upgraded to Windows 10 recently as well, I have the same problem and I also have a solution. However, I do not know, if it is ideal. :-)

What is obviously missing is an entry in the registry called DropTarget. This entry tells Windows Photo Viewer to display the images in the sorting order of the folder Photo Viewer got called from.

I saw that at least in my registry there is a DropTarget defined in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\photoviewer.dll\shell\open\DropTarget. From the name of the key and from reading the docs this looks as if it would be applied to all calls to this program, but -if that actually is the case- for me this entry does not work. It has been there (at least) after my Windows 10 upgrade, also the "Clsid"="{FFE2A43C-56B9-4bf5-9A79-CC6D4285608A}" seems to be fine, but it does not do the job.

For me, this problem was present for jpg and png files, but not for bmp, dib, gif, jfif and what else can be opened with Windows Photo Viewer. To fix this, I have added the following to the Windows Registry:


After you added that to the registry, rightclick a jpg file, select "Open with", choose Windows Photo Viewer and click "Always open with this app". This step is not intended to actually change the program you are using (actually the program stays the same), but it makes Windows reload the file associations.

If afterwards you open a jpg or a png file, the sorting order should be the same as it was in your folder - at least it was for me.

Final thoughts:
I would be happy, if I got it working using the key Applications\photoviewer.dll\shell\open\DropTarget I mentioned above, but that is only a technical detail. Fact is: With the jpegfile and pngfile DropTarget posted above it's working!

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I have 400+ photos, all are in the same order by date created and by name, so no matter which way I sort them--by name or date created-- they are in the same order. When i view them with microsoft office picture manager, some of them -- about 20, at random throughout the list -- are out of order.


A:Photos in order on windows explorer; out of order on viewer

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I store both RAW (CR2) and JPG versions of all my photos, with each folder sorted by type. Before Windows 10 this allowed me to view all the JPGs without the CR2 (which take longer to load). The new version insists that I view both! How do I restore the original functionality.

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Is it possible to sort your files properly in Windows Explorer?

The result should be:

File 100
New Text Document

I did try How to Enable or Disable Numerical Sorting in Windows Explorer but it didn't resolve the problem.

Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi guys , can someone please help?
I am trying to burn a series of jpeg images (44 in all) using nero v7. when i add the files in nero they do not appear in numerical order and it is essential that they are in order.
how can I overcome this please
thank you

A:sorting files in order

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*** I am told to repost my question here instead of asking SGT Oddball at News section.

I need your help regarding Skydrive.
Before this new configuration, I can sort my documents in either ascending order( oldest date first ) or descending order ( newest date first). And, it will stay that way,period.

Now, the default sorting appears to be ascending ( oldest date first ).
I can click the pointer near Name and change the sorting order. BUT,once I log off and log back on, it is back to ascending order.

Can you help me on this? Thank you.

Default sorting oder :

I want descending sorting order :

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Hey Iam just wondering is there a way to change hows photo gallery opens folder, what I mean is right now when I open a pic up and hit next instead of opening the next pic to the left or right it opens the one under it.

its annoying because I want to view the pictures in the order I took them.

A:Windows photo Gallery open order


Not that I've ever heard of, but you CAN change the order in which your pictures show in the folder...
If you say "The Order I took them", then they should have a "Created on" date and you can sort them by that. Play with some of the "Sort by" and "Group by" settings, and/or the "Date Taken" one, or another option is to add Tags to the photos and then you can sort them as you please according to how you tag them.

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I have made an order for a USB-Windows 8.1 64-bit Recovery Kit, my card HAS BEEN CHARGED, and I still have not recieved a recipt for the order, NOR can I go through the order status in the hp us store website. This is essential, as I have a 3rd party warranty on this product, and it is already in the process of being repaired of a Hard Drive failure. I cannot very likely get this cost covered with a screenshot of the confirmation that was shown after the order was placed, with only the part name, the cost, and the order number. 

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vista (at least on my pc) sorted files like this:

instead of:

although this article is for xp i tried it on vista and now it sorts files the "right" way


but as they say - modify the registry at your own risk!

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We've got a bar graph showing people's performance against a scale. What I want to do is sort the order that the data is shown on the graph, so the highest performer is on the left and the lowest on the right, but I don't want to sort the source data as there are other graphs linked to it. I hope this makes sense Does anyone know if this is possible? I guess what I'm asking is, is there a way to sort data on the graph without sorting the source data in the worksheet? Any help appreciated

Many thanks!

A:Excel: sorting order of data in a graph without sorting the source data

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I have a list of data (for learning purposes) where one of the fields is the name of the month, i.e., a text field. If I sort on this field, it sorts months in alphabetical order.......April, December, February, etc. I would like it to sort in calendar order....January, February, March, etc.

Is this possible in Excel? in either '03 or '07?

I know I can do it in a pivot table, but I want to change the raw data to sort in calendar order.


A:Sorting Month Names in Calendar Order

Yes, in 2007, you can drop down the sort & filter arrow and choose Custom Sort. In the Order field, select Custom List and it will bring you a list of choices, one of which is by month. Hope that helps.

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while working with pictures, when I click on 'view' then 'sort by' then 'day' to put them in order of being taken, it automatically also put them in 'descending' order which means they are in reverse order.
can anyone tell me how to stop this happening please.

A:when sorting pictures they automatically go in 'descending order'

Clicking the column header should reverse them. Also, in View - sort by - you have the option to choose Ascending or descending, but apparently only in 'Details' not 'icons' Why that should be I have no idea.

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The "My Recent Documents" list in the start menu is sorted by name. Can i sort it by date? Many thanks.

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Windows7, IE8
History Browsing: "View By Order Visited Today"

Instead History will show Recents Pages by X pages (Recent FIFO method), it shows by "Today".

Every time when it is 00:00 (midnight), it resets all the history I've had.

I want to change it to "View By Order Visited" or "View By Order Visited for couple days", instead of "View By Order Visited Today" (Browsing History displays only for one day), So that If it pass midnight - I could still see the last links.

Any Edit Reg / Tweaking ?

Thank You

A:Replacing "View By Order Visited Today" to "View By Order Visited"

Wow that is so bad why on earth did they add Today to View by Order Visited
I don't want to depress you but it is the same in IE9
I doubt theres anything you can do: anybody know different ?

You could switch to another browser that has better options

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HiI have a Lenovo Ideapad U530 and the hinges stock and broke the screen, I have already ordered the screen but need to find the front cover for the hinges, but was not able to find online or find FRU number. please help me with this issue. Thanks 

A:need to order lenovo u530 hinges cover or find FRU number to order online

Have you tried using parts lookup?  Choose "Mechanical Assemblies" on the left under commodity type.  Dont post your serial number here but if you put it in parts lookup you will find parts for your laptop.  I just looked up Generic u530.
With that part number you can get at Lenovo Encompass store.  Please verify part numbers before buying.
The above are for the hinge.  For the hinge cover  choose "LCD parts" on the left side under commodity type.  Below is hinge cover.

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Why does it say that I will receive the laptop 2 weeks from now when it says that I should expect it within 1-3 days?

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I have placed an order for 2 laptops on 7 August 2019. Till now, I have not received them. I have also not received any assistance for this entire period. In fact the only responses I have received thus far are emails from your staff stating that they would assist me. My last contact with Lenovo was on 16 September 2019 and that was not even any email from your staff but from ME to your staff. It has been 8 days and I have yet to receive any reply. I am not sure what kind of service Lenovo has but not only is it bad, it appears to be non-existent. I believe I have been extremely generous and patient with my time, given that my order was 49 days ago, please contact me on facebook message or reply me here. Everybody at Lenovo told me that they will contact me but I have no reply at all. I am at my wits end

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Once you have the photos in a directory, how do you determine the order. I have appended 3 digits to the beginning and 4 digits to the end. It keeps showing them based on the last four digits of the original file name...DSC2225 is always followed by DSC2226. My latest thought is that it shows them in the order of the dates they were shot. Any ideas how to modify this? Thanks for the help.

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I was trying to log into a work from home website. They had specified that I use Internet Explorer but I couldn't log in until I had added that website to IE's compatibility view setting. Then it worked O.K.
My question is, WHY????

A:Had to use Compatibility View in order to use a website.

Hi there

Probably because the site was still using FLASH. There are a lot of new ways (and more secure too) of displaying web sites, as well as the sites themselves using different coding techniques.

A lot of older sites or sites developed using earlier coding standards and programs won't display properly on IE11 but will when using Compatibility mode as this mode will still read and execute older coding and protocols.

Also note that some sites like Banks etc which might be capable of running the new software (No Flash, HTML 5, CSS etc) might also check for specific browser versions -- IE11 might not yet be added to their list even though the site has been updated. Running in compatibility mode will "poodlefake" the site as well into thinking you are running IE10.

Any Furniture restorers or visitors to antique auction rooms will understand the expression "Poodlefake". !!!!



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I have tried several combinations on arranging my cingular bills with no luck.

What date combination would I have to name the bills to have them to be in order when I choose Arrange-by Date?

A:Solved: Date Order In View

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Hello community!

All of my photos are on my Skydrive, and my folders are named by year

On my Windows Phone, and in the Skydrive app, the folders appear in numerical order.

In the Pictures app, the folders are all mixed up! (2009, then 2012, then 2005 etc...)
I'm set for "view by folders"

any idea what may be causing that?

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Hi! A few weeks ago I bought a new Acer netbook with Windows 7 Starter on it, after six years of using, and getting very comfortable with, XP. Some things I like, some things I don't, but I figure I should get used to the coming thing, since XP won't be around forever.

There is one thing (at the moment) that I can't figure out in Win 7 though. In XP all my windows that are opened in detail view first have the file name, then the file size right next to it. In Win 7, all the detail windows default to having the file size column over on the far right, where it's hard to see and does me no good at all. I can drag the file size column over to where I want it, of course, but I have hundreds of folders and would not like to have to do this for all of them manually. I also would prefer to have all new folders default to having the file size right next to the file name.

Is there any way I can get Starter to change the column order for all the folders at once, as well as make it the default for new ones I create?

Thank you.

-- Bob

A:Changing order of columns in detail view

I am also interested in this please can someone help witha solution.

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You can no longer sort the contents of a file listing in Windows Explorer, keeping a selection of files made in the previous sort order.
If this is a bug I would like to know, than I will report it appropriately, otherwise - if it is "by design" - I would like an explanation, why this function was removed.
As I see it, sorting has to be possible with the selection of files kept intact.
Searching the net I find many people being upset that this is not possible in Windows 7. I used it all the time at work, on my XP machine. I used to select all dll-files in a certain folder, and then sort by "Date modified", which resulted in a
list of files sorted by date, and with the appropriate files selected. This was an easy way to find out which dll files had changed last in our development environment - just sorting by date makes a lot of other files, such as log files and debug files appear
in between the dll files.
Below is another call for this. This user's request was made in another part of MS forum and the  (so called) answer was just a link referring to this place, indicating that the user should put his question here instead, so I take the liberty of putting
his text here as well:
One of my most common ways of working when copying, moving or deleting multiple files using Windows Explorer is (using details view) to sort by one method (for example, by time), select some file, then change sort to another method (for example, by type)
and select... Read more

A:Sorting with selection kept in Windows Explorer - Why is selection reset when sort order is changed in Windows Explorer?

This is by design.
If you have any suggestion or concerns, please contact Feedback Team via the following link:

You can also post your feedback or comments on
Feedback Forum.
Thanks for your suggestion again.
JPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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When I try to order prints online from Live Photo Gallery (Print menu, Order Prints) it says " No printing companies found in your area". This happens on two Windows 7 systems. It works correctly on a Vista machine. Any ideas how to fix it?

A:Live Photo Gallery - order prints doesn't work

I booted into Vista on the same machine where the "Order Prints" works correctly. I exported the registry keys associated with the logged in user. I edited the user string to correspond with the Windows 7 user in the .reg file and imported the keys into the Windows 7 registry. When I try to order prints using Live Photo Gallery the list of providers is available and it works as it should. As soon as I close the wizard the registry keys are deleted and it no longer works. I can merge the keys again and it will work again. Any ideas why it can't populate the provider list on it's own and why it deletes the keys upon exiting the wizard?

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I have had issues viewing photos since upgrading to Windows 7. The message I was getting in Photoviewer was:cannot view photos in photo viewer because you do not have correct permissions. I followed the instructions in a 2007 string from TheOutcaste and ran the command: icacls *.* /reset /T /C in the folder where my photos was stored. This made it possible for me to see approximately 80 to 90 % of my photos which is GREAT. However, I still have a fairly large number of photos which are not accessible unless I go through the tedious manual task of assigning myself as the owner. I've run the command again and can see that on those photos which cannot be seen that there is a notation that access was denied. Any additional ideas on what I might be able to do in order to "release" these photos in mass...and not manually one at at time?? Thank you in advance. skyglover

A:cannot view photos in photo viewer because you do not have correct permissions

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We bought a new system that runs Vista. Lucky us. We are trying to copy year’s worth of photos onto new system. Photos are ruined as Vista displays them in thumbnail view. Make sure you have a back-up because once your photos are loaded onto Vista they are ruined. All photos are jpg files taken with several different cameras. ​
Here are several samples using the Vista Photo Gallery Viewer​

I have been on the telephone with Microsoft technical support for hours trying to resolve this issue. We have run a system scan and it came out clean. We do not have a virus. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution?? HELP

A:Vista Photo Gallery Viewer Destroying Photos in Thumbnail View

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So, I'm trying to open this Photo and i get an Error! "The system cannot find message text for message number 0x%1 in the message file for %2"

I have no idea how this Error occurred could someone tell me how i may be able to fix this! Thanks.

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I have Vista Home Premium with Microsoft Photo Gallery on my Dell Inspriron 1721 laptop. I?m using a machine to transfer slides to a SD card then uploading them to Photo Gallery. Photos transfer Ok except the order of the photo gets scrambled somehow during upload. In other words, the photos on the SD card are in chronologically order but after uploading, when I view them in Photo Galley, the order is all mixed up. I know you can manual move them around but it?s hard to be sure of the original order and it is very time consuming when you have hundreds of photos. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix them. FYI I would call myself a novice user of Photo Gallery.

A:Uploading photos from a SD memory card into Photo Gallery scrambles order of photos

Will the Photo Gallery sort by name? You could prefix the photo names with numerical sequence. A utility like
Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility will do it easily. It's free.

Edit: if that looks too busy, the multi-renamer in FreeCommander is a bit simpler to use. [c] before the name prepends a number starting at what you select and incrementing by what you choose. Just press F2 when in the folder.

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Hi, I am looking all over to find an answer to my question about the windows photo viewer and cannot find anywhere. Please if you can't answer my question at least set me in the right direction??? When I go to print, it tells me that I can choose
only the "full photo" size. I know it also has choices of wallet, 5x7, double picture side by side, stuff like that. It will not ever show up when I hit print and go to put in all the variables for how I want the picture to be printed. Where are
my choices? how do I find them, why are they not available on my photo viewer print option? I am working on an asus laptop, I think it is an 8.1 operateing system. But,,, I also have the same problem with my other laptops and desk top  programs. It will
not give me the option to print out wallet size pictures or any of the other options except "Full Photo". Help! Thank you in advance. Oh and I have no idea where to find the answer to this question so I am giving you my email to send it too if your
able. Please send to don ee me be at hot mail .com (I hope you figure this out because it says I can't send you any links and now I don't know how to get your answers. ) . Please this has been a mystery for the last 3 years now.
I give up trying to find a repair on my own. I am not so tech savvy. Again, thank you, thank you , thank you in advance. sincerely, donna 

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Just in the last few days, i keep getting the error message when im trying to view photos on my laptop that says, "windows photo viewer cant display this photo b/c there might not be enought memory on your computer..."
I dont even have much stuff on my computer to warrant this error. Ive dont 2 disk cleanups and restarted twice, and i still get the error on select photos. how can i get rid of this message?
Thank you so much in advance for anyones help.

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1. Open windows explorer, Browse to photos
2. Ctrl+Click to select the pictures
3. Rclick, and PRINT - Windows Photo Viewer opens4. Select on right side the number of pics you want on a single page. eg: 2, 4, 9, etc.
You will see all the pictures you selected on a single sheet of paper. Click Print!

A:Solved: Windows 7 Photo Viewer won't print 4up photo

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When opening any image file in Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Photo Viewer, I get an unknown error. Windows live photo gallery isn't listed in the start menu, I have to browse to a photo and open it. I have tried uninstalling it but I get multiple unknown errors.

A:Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Photo Viewer Error

Hope that this fix from Microsoft can solve your issue.


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A:What free photo viewer will allow me to view with two or more pictures side-by-side?

Chasys Draw IES allows working with layers and WildBit Viewer can compare photos side to side.

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A:Can I order Windows

Hi, I do not have any of the CD's I received along with Aspier desktop I brought in 2011. It looks problem with desktop and needs Windows 7 re-installed or repaired. Can I order the Windows Install disks from Acer? Thx DD

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Dear MS support, 
I have the following situation and really appreciate if you can provide any guidelines. I'm working on a windows machine with two adapters. Will try to summarize it here :
1- NIC#1 has ipv4 only enabled and it has one dns server. Plus a default domain name of test.com.
2- NIC#2 has both ipv4 and ipv6 enabled. Plus a default domain name of test.com. [there are a valid ipv6 dns server too].
3- All the interfaces has the following dns suffixes enabled :


When i try to resolve a name without a domain. I get the following behavior :
1- First i see an ipv4 dns query on NIC#1 to the name appended with the domain test.com and i get no such name for that one which is expected.
2- Instead of trying the next dns suffixes on that interface i see that the dns resolver jumps to the ipv6 dns server on NIC#2 . And here is my Problem, why it didn't continue to resolve all the suffixes on NIC#1 .

Please notice that in the binding order. NIC#1 appears before NIC#2.  

is this expected and why ?


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Alt + Tab order runs in order of most recently used (MRU) to least recent.  I want to change this order to a static order that I opened each program.
Example:  I open program 1, 2, 3, 4.  If I'm on window #1, I alt+tab, I go to window #2, I alt+tab again I go to window #1, I alt+tab, again I go to window #2.  From what I read this is called most recently used (MRU) order.
I would like to start on window #1, alt+tab, go to window #2, alt+tab, go to window #3, alt+tab, go to window #4.  I have no idea what this is called and thus searching for an answer is hard.

Please and thank you.
Also hotkeys/macros might be a work around but I don't know how to set that up and the total number of open windows is variable...

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I have a mumber of photos with the wrong Date Creation dates. I have changed the Date Taken field in Windows Photo Gallery but the photos will not sort - it seems that the Date Creation date maybe dictating the order - any ideas how to change the date so that the sort can be made to create the oldest date to the latest date?


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June 26th I went to Microsoft site and from there went to Walmart and pre-ordered 2 copies of the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for 99.92 each. On the 10th of this month Walmart emails me and tells me that my order has been cancelled. After several emails and phone calls, they tell me that it is their policy to check with the credit card company every 30 days for verification. They tell me that in July they check and am good to go. They check again in August and am good to go. They check again and am denied by my credit card company. I would think that to my credit card company, it would appear that someone has tried to make this same purchase three times in three months and my card company has gotten suspicious.
So in essence, would it appear that because of Walmart's ****ed up policy, this purchase that I had thought was going to cost me 200.00 is now going to cost twice that.

Anyone else had this lousy experience with this lousy outfit....just curious?

A:Windows 7 Pre-order from Walmart.com

No, but I'm sure there are more ppl than you who have maxed out there credit card. And you know the business can not charge the CARD until they can verify the product has/can be shipped. That is to protect you as well as the shipper. In this case Walmart.
Last time I checked you can still PRE-Order from Several 3rd party org over the internet... under the same they can not charge until they can SHIP.

I thought the $99.00 release was the DOWNLOAD version.
guess I was wrong.

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I have 3 hdd. All of them are sata and i can see the corect order showed in BIOS:
Disk 0 - WD 500GB
Disk 1 - WD 1TB
Disk 2 - Samsung 1TB

Right from the instalation part windows does not see the corect order.
Disk 0 - WD 1TB
Disk 1 - WD 500GB
Disk 2 - Samsung 1 TB

Any ideea why?

A:Windows does not see correct hdd order.

Windows sees the order based on the Boot Order in BIOS.
BIOS sees the order based on the SATA port they are hooked up to.

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Get your Windows 7 preorder now


*Important Pre-Order Details: Pre-order is available from June 26, 2009 until October 22, 2009.
*Special promotional pricing for Windows 7 is a limited time offer, while supplies last, and is limited to six (6) copies per customer.
*A credit card is required for pre-order, but your card will not be charged until your order is shipped or the product is made available for download.
*On or about October 22, 2009, you will receive e-mail with information about how to redeem your order.

Edit title fixed, many thanks

A:Windows 7 Pre Order is live

I think the upgrade is a good choice...

Is it possible to do a clean install and register the key with upgrade?

Wat kind of licence comes with this Upgrade? OEM or Retail?

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Amazon has Windows 7 on Pre order as you may know. I have already pre ordered the Pro version for ?89 (price went up now) but today i saw this:

"Customers who buy an eligible copy of Windows Vista from Amazon.co.uk between 26th June and 15th October 2009 [ame="http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/feature.html/ref=amb_link_84386313_1?ie=UTF8&docId=1000321063&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=special-node-offers-3&pf_rd_r=1ZMDJ1T9KQJ22XM47DXW&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_p=470482053&pf_rd_i=B002DUCMTC"]are eligible for a free copy of the equivalent version of Windows 7[/ame] when it is launched. Click for details."

Now if you read closely you'll see that the equivalents for Windows 7 Ulti are:

? Windows Vista, Ultimate Edition with Service Pack 1
? [ame="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Windows-Ultimate-Service-Upgrade-Version/dp/B0013O98SW/ref=amb_link_84355233_11?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=06RTA3J57S6S8KYPDDZV&pf_rd_t=1401&pf_rd_p=470412993&pf_rd_i=1000321063"]Windows Vista, Ultimate Edition with Service Pack 1, Upgrade Version[/ame]

According to amazon.co.uk again, if i buy Vista Ulti today (full) that would cost me ?166.53 and if i buy the upgrade version of Vista Ulti that's ?151.46.

As you know Windows 7 E Ultimate in Europe comes FULL (meaning no upgrade package available and also that's stated on amazon) so that means i can buy the upgrade version of Vista Ulti and on Oct 22th amazon.co.uk wil... Read more

A:Windows 7 Pre-Order from Amazon.co.uk

Firstly, the only difference between 'upgrade' and 'full' versions is that with the 'upgrade' version you need a prior installation or DVD to install. (There are even ways round that.)
Secondly, if the free upgrade to 7 for Vista buyers is anything like what I went through with XP and Vista then I wouldn't bother. It will almost certainly be done by agents of MS through a voucher scheme, and last time it took quite a few months after Vista was released for the DVD to be delivered.

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This is going to sound like a dumb question, but are the current versions of Windows 8 only upgrades from an older version? Microsoft haven't made this very clear, since I don't understand the difference between Pro and Pro N?

If you guys could tell me the difference that would be great.

Windows 8 Pro

Kind Regards,
Saint Andrew

A:Regarding Windows 8 pre-order versions?

Hi Saint Anrew,
Welcome to the forums, Pro N doesn't have the windows media player, only upgrade versions are available for pre-order at the moment.
Windows 8 retail packaging revealed - SlashGear

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I was just charged for my copy of Windows 8 about an hour ago. Wonder if they are shipping early to get it here by Friday.

A:Newegg Windows 8 Order

I never order Windows online, always head to Walmart and pick it up. I remember getting Windows 7 Home Premium on opening day, grabbed the last copy on the shelf. But, I plan on going to the store again to pick it up.

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When W7 was due for release there was a pre-order offer available for two weeks where you could buy it at a heavily discounted price (?44)
Are there any available offers like that available for W8 or have none been announced yet?

A:Any Windows 8 pre-order offers?

It's far too early for anything like that yet.

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I recently just upgraded my laptop and I am so upset to see that Windows 10 does not have the Windows Photo Viewer or the Windows Live Photo Gallery- these two programs offer ways of printing photos (such as printing 2 4x6 or 5x7 pics on one page) and simple/quick one click enhancement features that I cannot find anywhere else! The Microsoft photo viewer that came with the PC is useless - it has no options or features! Help please or suggestions!!!!

A:Any way to get the Windows Photo Viewer & Windows Live Photo Gallery?

Yeah the default app isn't great. The old photo viewer can be enabled if you did an upgrade from 7 I believe. I think those with a clean install of 10 are bang out of luck though. I'm sure Brink posted a tutorial on how to do it but I'll need to dig around

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