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Forgot password on second user account on my laptop

Q: Forgot password on second user account on my laptop

Hi everyone, hope someone can help. I thought I were using the Admin account my my new laptop, but it seems I am not, as I am denied permission to do certain tasks.

Anyhow, when I try to switch users to one I setup when I first got the laptop, I cant remember my password. Is there anyway of resetting this password?

I remember setting up the second user account, and even renamed it to GSi-R which related to my work, but for the life of me, I cannot remember my password. I have tried all combinations of what I use in other forums etc, but all to no avail.

My OS is in Finnish, and my Finnish is not that great at the moment due to still learning the language, so if anyone could help me reset this password in simple terms so i can understand each step that would be great.

Thanks in advance


Preferred Solution: Forgot password on second user account on my laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Forgot password on second user account on my laptop

Working on it now with someone, thanks for your help lol

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My grandmother was recently hacked and she changed all her passwords herself (yay!). However she did not write down her new local user account password for her laptop.

I tried downloading OPHCrack, I burned it as an ISO file and put it on a DVD-R(only thing I had on hand) and i changed the boot order on her BIOS menu to had the DVD drive as the first priority. It does not run....I hear the disk drive moving, or spinning but the program does not run. Are there any other options or do I have to do a complete system restore to bypass this? Also if that is what I have to do how do I do that without being in her control panel?

A:Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

Hello there "hater",are you sure you downloaded the right OPHcrack version?It should be the one that is intended to be used on,not the one being used to download and be burned on.Try imgburn,never failed me to create bootable CDs or DVDs.

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hi all,

i forgot my user account password, with out formatting the system how can i open my system?


A:can any one help me? i forgot my user account password


Since you've only just installed it, I recommend you just reinstall again:
Can i know steps to install windows 7 for new lenovo laptop(having DOS

Or, you could try this:
Password Reset


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I forgot my "User Account Control" Password because I had lost my power cord and had not used my laptop in a while. Since I can't remember my password, I am trying to perform a "System Factory Reset", but I am not accomplishing anything. Can someone please help me with this issue?

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I have a Dell laptop that I haven't rebooted in months so when it shut itself off ( b/c battery died) I not longer remembered the password for Windows (Win7). I tried too many passwords and apparently shut off the account b/c when I obtained the password (my hubby remembered it) it not longer worked.

I looked up for ways to reset the password. I managed to boot the laptop from a Macrium recovery disk & open a command prompt. First, on the menu that allows you to change boot order, I also set a password for the admin (it had not been set before).

So now I'm logged in as admin from the CD and opened a command window. Now resetting the user password for the account called "owner" should be cake. However, is not b/c the username account seems to be missing: when I type "net users" I only get two accounts: guest and admin. No trace of the user account called "owner" which is the only one I ever used!
"I also get an error "The command completed with one or more errors"

I read that that may be b/c the account got somehow corrupted. Does anyone know how to tell if the user account is corrupted? Any guidance for how to recover the account & it's password?

A:Forgot password. Tried too many times &Locked account. Now user gone!

Here is a whole page of things concerning user accounts.
I really don't know which one you need.
Take a look see.


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Dell has a hardware lock, but I have forgotten the password for my login. Does anyone know how to bypass this? Can I reset the laptop. I do not care about losing files. 
Thanks in advance! 

A:Forgot password for my old Dell laptop account

If it's the system setup (immediately at powerup), you must call Dell and verify your ownership of the system.  Once done, they'll issue an unlock password for the system.
If it's the Windows password, there are utilities that will allow you to clear it -- or you can reload Windows.

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I purchased my 9 year old daughter a pink 1525 and she has figured out how to create a password and mom told her
not to now she cant remember what it is and you turn on the computer and thats as far as you get is her user name and password.
Can I reset the computer back to its factory settings ? There is nothing on it to lose .

A:My daughter has forgot what her user password is on her laptop

It depends on where the password is set.  If it's a Windows password, a system restore to factory will clear the problem.  CTRL-F11 at the Dell screen (XP) or F8 before Windows loads (Vista) will get you in.
If it's a power on (BIOS) password, that can only be removed by calling Dell, proving ownership, and being issued the system-specific master password.  If the system is in warranty, the call is free.  If it's out of warranty, a standard $50 support call fee applies.

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I turned off my administrator user account and guest account came on. I did so because I was letting someone use my computer.

When I bought this computer, I have no recall of creating a password. There is a user name and now it simply wants my password to open my administrator user account

Now I can not get back on my administrator account. I tried all my regular passwords. I have no idea what they mean by a floppy disk. The research I did said my only options was to uninstall and the reinstall windows7. This whole thing sucks. Can anyone give me some direction. Is it hard to uninstall windows 7 or is it like uninstalling any other program.

Thanks, Excuse my frustration, I really need to get into my user account and cant continue to use this guest account to get my work done. I have a laptop Acer 64 bit OP Windoes 7. High speed internet with Comcast.

A:Forgot User Account

Dont rush to reinstall, we have an excellent tutorial
Password Reset

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My Lenovo Thinkpad with Vista Home Premium 32bit had sudden hard drive failure and delivered black screen and funeral dirge. Being convinced that I had no better option, I reloaded all the software from progam recovery disks and then tried to restore the data from current backup DVDs. I got messages to the effect that data restore would not work because the user accounts in the backup did not match the user accounts on the recovered system.

I decided I needed professional help and took the laptop to a data recovery service. They said the hard drive had a fatal firmware problem and needed to be replaced. We agreed they would replace the hard drive, do a software reload, and restore my data from my DVDs. They did the first two and then said they could not restore data from my DVDs because the DVDs were in some non-specific fashion not prepared properly.

I got the laptop back and decided to try one more time to restore the data. I found (I think) that the "experts" may not have followed the procedure correctly. (One has to go back to the very first DVD--in my case--60 weeks ago--and restore them in order or click that one elects to skip some of the called-for disks.) So I did all that and at the end got a message saying the restore was "Successful."

The problem is I cannot see any data folders or files in Outlook, Word or Excel. I'm thinking the problem is user account identities not matching between restored system and backup disks. I am the only us... Read more

A:I forgot my user account name

---click on this--->Reset User Account Password---please post your results---


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I created another account here before I created this one, and I've forgotten the password for it (the first account).


A:Forgot password to first account

Lost Password Recovery FormIf you have forgotten your username or password, you can request to have your username emailed to you and to reset your password. When you fill in your registered email address, you will be sent instructions on how to reset your password.


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I only have one account on my laptop (so I think it's the administrator one, unless that one is hidden on the welcome screen). Recently I added a password to it, and after that I wasn't on it for a while, so I forgot what it was.

I've tried everything. I'm still working on a list of what the password could've been, so when I'm finished with that I'll try all of them. Is there any way to reset it or retrieve it or something, like in safe mode, or some sort of setting in safe mode or something?

I found another thread like this, and someone said it was against the rules because it was illegal, but I don't see how trying to get my own account's password is illegal! And if it is, what are you supposed to do, because I bet millions of people forget their passwords!

A:I forgot my only account's password


I don't see how trying to get my own account's password is illegal!

Due to Forum Rules we cannot assist with password retrieval. We don't know if you actually own this computer or if you are trying to access a computer illegally.
Restart the computer and press F8. Boot into Safe Mode. Here the Hidden Built in Administrator account which was established when the XP was installed, will be accessible. Try booting into the Administrator account. If you did not set a password for this account, leave it blank. If you can't log into that account then you are out of luck. This thread is now closed.

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ok so i seem to have woken up this morning with amnesia lol,i cannot remember my admin account password to log into windows.... and i did not create a password disk.
any tips on what i should do to reset the password even though i cant actually log into windows?

I've beeen think and thinking but i cannot remember it. lol

A:forgot xp account password

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I forgot the last password I put in my microsoft account.. so I can't sign in to my PC.anyone can help me please

A:forgot password in microsoft account

Hi, Double post. Please use:     http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/forgot-password-in-microsoft-acc... Thanks.

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Hey everyone So not long ago I changed my password to a touch screen password (making lines and shapes to access computer) and I have since tried logging back in but it has reset it to my original password, which I now don't remember. I tried calling customer support but apparently I'd have to pay for a service to actually reset my whole computer! Does anyone have any other solution than this? When I try clicking reset password a pop-up appears saying: (This feature requires removable media, such as a USB flash drive)Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks All  I'm running windows 10

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I forgot the last password I put in my microsoft account.. so I can't sign in to my PC.anyone can help me please

A:forgot password in microsoft account

@beatheresa? Please use the following instructions to reset:    https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/instantanswers/2b74d21c-ce0d-4a81-ad67-7cc5103a5f83/how-to-reset... Regards.

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Not sure if this is in the right place so I apologize if it isn't.
I have not used my laptop in over a year and totaly forgot my user password to access it. I read some junk online on how to create a bootup file on a usb but I guess I am mentaly challenged in that area. What I have it Vista Home Premium. Locked out cause I dont know my password. I have another computer to use, dvd dicks and a usb to use. I don't have the vista to reload it or I would of.
What should I do. If it can be explained simply that would be great to. Thanks

A:Forgot Password for Admin account

I am afraid you will not get much support on this forum for cracking passwords. You should have written it down. And the file on the USB you have to make when the system is running.
The only suggestion I can make is to reinstall the system either from the recovery partition or the installation disk.

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How can i get it back ? also, i dont have access to a floppy or cd so ill have to use usb.

A:Forgot password to my Windows 7 Account

Ok so I'm using the offline registry and password editor but i keep getting an error.

link is to slow to respond
resetting link

and it does that over and over. What's wrong ?

Ok I got past that part. But now I'm stuck again lol.

What is the path to the registry directory?

I tried hitting 1, and enter and it just gives me the same message.

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Someone deleted all user account on dads computer then said forgot password I was attempting to use a password reset software but can't get it to boot from USB.  I went into F12 but there is no option to boot from USB.

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I forgot my user account log-on password. How can I get my computer to boot into my operating system? I am running Windows XP Home Edition on an older HP Vectra VL. Is there a work around for this? What would happen if I disconnected the power for several days, would this wipe out the memory of the User Account?

A:I Forgot my User Log-On Password

If you disconnect the power for several days, your computer will be the same as the password is encrypted and stored for windows.

You can reset it however

For example, by using google and searching for "offline nt password"
the return is a variety of "XP Hacks" out there to allow you to reset your password. **Cant supply you with the link because its too close to violation of rules on this forum, thats probably all the help your going to get here.....

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If I can't bypass password. Then I want to factory reset

A:I forgot user password

Hi, If you want to perform a factory reset, you won't need to bypass the log-in password. The notebook will have shipped with a Recovery Partition which can be accessed at boot - ie shutdown the notebook, then start tapping away at f11 as soon as you power on. A full guide on this can be found on the following link. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01867418 Regards, DP-K

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Dear sir,

Hi sir i am using windows 7 operating system and i forgot my user account password and i am unable to login my account how to login my account.

Thanking you sir,


A:i forgot my user password

It is against the forum rules to assist with bypassing password or any security measure.

TSF Rules

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Help I forgot my user an password

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Need my old laptop because it has fire-wire connector. It has a Vista partition and an Ubuntu one.
I created a Ubuntu partition and have been playing with that, but haven't been on the Vista partition for several months.

Is there any way to get a hint or reset it? I pitched the documentation and disks when I got my new laptop because I planned to just wipe it and run ubuntu. I have a stick with a Userkey.psw but I think it's for the new latop since it;\'s not working for the old PC.

Yea, I know know sounds like "my dog ate my homework."

A:forgot User Password Help

Sorry. Please read the rules about passwords.

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is there ANY way i get into my account? i forgot my password and im on my moms account right now whitch is not the administrator , what do i dooo ?

A:Solved: Grr I forgot my password to my account on windows

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Hello everyone,
I hope that you can help me.
My friend has forgotten his user password to log onto his XP system. His memory isn't very good and he just can't remember.
Is there any way to log onto this computer, as his wife runs a business and there is information in it she needs. Formatting it isn't an option at this time.

Thanking you in advance for all your help,


A:Solved: forgot xp user password

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Need to know how to delete or change Administrator Password. I am having to log on as another user which is a limited account. Help!

A:Forgot Administrator User Password

Extract from Forum Rules


We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with software pirating, hacking, password cracking and keystroke recording software. Furthermore we will not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.

Thread Closed

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Hi, I have a thinkpad edge E530. I forgot the password to the windows user and I'm wondering if there is a way to bypass it or restoring it. 

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The person who owned the laptop forgot his password. He just stopped using the laptop. I bought the laptop from him but I need help getting past his password. I pray some one can help me.

A:The user before has a password to get into windows he forgot...

Windows password? You can simply restore the laptop to factory specs and have your own password. Tap F11 as you power up and see if you can enter the recovery program. 

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i was trying to load the windows vista setup stuff onto a cd so i could use it on the other computer which has the problem but i don't know how to load the softwere onto the cd and im not that good with computers

A:Forgot User Login Password

Not sure what you want to achieve? Can you be a bit more specific?

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I forgot administrator account password? now i am using student account. how can i get administrator password? plz help me somebody.

A:I forgot administrator account password[moved from security]

this is something that has interested me as well, i don't really know how to do it, but i think that if you have a live cd you can change it. Try downloading and burning a bootable Ubuntu Linux Live CD.

Anyone else know how to actually do this though? I know i'd like to learn how.

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so i forgot my admin password and am stuck with only being able to login with the guest account so Im limited on what I can do like I tried to change the sticky keys to the command prompt shortcut but I need the password in order to do that. also when I try to reset the password it asks for a floppy disk or a usb drive and when i put in the USB hard drive, nothing happens it still tells me to insert a usb hard drive. Please help I have a toshiba satellite with no recovery discs or anything. What can I do? I'm willing to wipe all data in order to get my laptop to work if i can't reset my password

A:Forgot Admin password and I'm stuck on guest account

See if it helps - How to Reset Your Forgotten Windows Password the Easy Way - How-To Geek

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I can't log in to my computer because I forgot my password. I didn't set up a Microsoft account, so I only have the local account. I'm really stuck! If anyone has a solution for me, I would appreciate it so much!

Thank you so much!

A:Forgot Windows login password, only have a local account

This is a tough one unless you made a password recovery disk, had a MS account or have another user account. Ways of making another user account you will need a Windows 10 installation disk to boot from. Other option is to call MS or reinstall windows.


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I recently created a password and have regretfully forgotten it. I have no windows 7 disk and no other users on my laptop. I have not setup any password reset options i.e. system restore disk etc.

How can I restore my computer or just change my password?

A:Forgot Admin Password, no disk, no other user.

Can you remember your 'hint'?

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We had a foster girl living with us for awhile and we had an e-mail account for her on our outlook express. Now it won't let us remove that account without the password. Does anyone know any tricks around this?

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My Dell Inspiron 15 3000 preinstalled with Windows 8.1, and it was upgraded to Windows 10 since Windows 10 was released. Now the problem is, I forgot my password to login my Dell laptop after I changed the password just for two days. How can I unlock my Dell Inspiron laptop when forgot the password? I don’t want to reset my Dell laptop. Any help will be appreciated.

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vista home basic 9 months since we last used system cannot remember main user password to get into vista

A:forgot user password to login to vista home basic

Welcome to TSF

Unfortunately we cannot assist in the bypassing of passwords, Please read the Rules



We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with the following activities

? software pirating
? hacking
? password cracking
? keystroke recording software
We will also not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.

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dont know user account control password AND no administrator user so i cant download/install anything, cant update, and i cant change any settings someone please help PLUS i just got this computer iv read some other entrys where people had the same problem as me they said to do a system reboot in safemode but i dont know how. can someone help me? thank you

A:dont know user account control password and no administrator user

after the bios loads but before windows start to load hit f8 and you get your windows boot options.

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So, I have been working on my neighbor's computer. She doesn't want a password to log in to her computer. Is there a way that I can disable the password upon login. This is on a local account.

A:User Account Password on Local Account

Jesse, have a look here

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

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I need help on getting back in my lap dell latitude forgot administration password and password i set for me only change it went to go on couldn't.I need to do homework.

A:I forgot my password on my laptop and amin password

We do not provide assistance for lost passwords. Because we cannot verify the real situation. This might have been a stolen machine or you may be a hacker.

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Just got the laptop yesterday an put in password. Can't login today and never made a recovery disc. Spent 2 hrs. seaching for solution but none work or the directions don't apply because I can't get past the login page so there is no "start" or anything. Driving me crazy. Can't even find the serial number since I don't see a batter compartment. Do I have to literally take the laptop back off by unscrewing the screws?

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I forgot my password anybody txt me if u can tell me how to unlock it

A:I forgot my password and cnt log in my laptop

Hi, If you normally sign-on with an email and password, see if you can reset the password via another PC from the Microsoft page on the following link.  https://account.live.com/password/reset Otherwise, there is a general policy on the Forum not to provide methods to bypass Windows log-on passwords, however a local computer shop would be able to do this for you. Another option, if all your personal data etc is backed-up, would be to reset the notebook to its 'Factory Condition' and then set it up from the beginning ? if you don?t have your Recovery Media, the notebook will have shipped with a Recovery Partition which can be accessed at boot - ie shutdown the notebook, then start tapping away at f11 as soon as you power on. A full guide on this can be found on the following link. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00006110#!&AbT1%3Fjumpid=hpr_r1002_usen_link1 Regards, DP-K

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I forgot or password does not work for my laptop when I try to log in.Thank you,Rosa

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I hardly ever use this computer and I forgot the password.  What can I do?  Im guessing there is no default recovery partion like on other laptops to reset the computer to factory spec since I cant find any mention of it?

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I just got the computer, set it up, but i forgot my password and did not make a recovery disk and i can not get in at all, please help!

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Forgot password for
IBM Thinkpad R51
Microsoft XP

A:forgot laptop password

Trying calling support at the company from which you bought it. Good luck.

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  my daughter, passed away. i dont  know password

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