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password/lock computer

Q: password/lock computer

hey every1 i got 2 roomies who i no longer want using my comp for a variety of reasons so im basically looking for a good way to lock them out...lookin for something more advanced than just pw'in windows...im runnin xp pro corp sp2...any suggestions would be wonderful...

Preferred Solution: password/lock computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: password/lock computer

What would be more advanced then just password protecting your computer. You can also password protect the bios as well so that they would have to enter a boot up password there as well. But if you give anyone physical access to your computer they can pretty much own it within 5 minutes with many of the freely available security tools out there.

I would buy a removeable hard drive bay. Shutdown the computer, pull the hard drive out and bring it with you.

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hi  need help with this please

A:computer lock say admin password or power on password

Hi: Enter any password 3 times and the PC should generate an 8 digit system disabled (halt) code. Write down the code and enter it in the block at the link below, and it will generate an unlock passcode. https://bios-pw.org/ Restart the PC and enter the unlock passcode the website generated.

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Is there a way to password lock my computer while I'm falling asleep to Netflix so that no one else can use it? I want to be able to fall asleep to the lights/colors/sounds, but if someone in my house takes my computer before it falls asleep and after I'm asleep, I don't want them to be able to use it even for other shows or surfing the web. I don't want anyone using my computer without my permission. Can anybody help me?

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Okay, I realize this sounds completely pointless, but if you could humor me, that'd be great.

Currently I have no password set on my Windows 7 computer. I'm the only one who uses it, so it's not very important.

I'd like to be able to 'lock' the computer when I'm getting up to leave. I can still do this, but since there's no password, just slicking my user icon brings me back to the desktop. I would like to have a password set for this, but not for having to log on at startup.

I realize this isn't very secure since someone can just reboot the computer if they want to get in. I'm not really looking for a truly secure solution. Think of it more as an "inconvenience" for anyone tempted to snoop. Honestly, I don't really have any reason to believe anybody would have any reason to use my computer...

Like I said, though. Humor me, if you will. Can it be done? Can the computer be locked with a password without requiring one at startup?

Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] Can I lock the computer with a password without requiring one to log in at s

I'd still like to know if this is possible.

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I am not quite sure where to start...as it is not a hardware issue, so me mentioning the hardware would more than likely not make the difference.

A few weeks ago, after a security update came down from Windows update, my home setup mysteriously started password locking when the remaining idle for a period of time. I do not have any other user accounts on my computer, just the Administrator account that I normally use. This same thing happens on my networked office computers, even if you aren't an administrator.

I have made sure that my screensaver is off, and I have also even messed around the power options, making sure that it was not the "one wake-up ask for password option."

I am not quite sure what caused this function to turn on, perhaps it was the security update, perhaps it was not.

Does anybody now how to turn off this function?

A:Vista will password lock when computer is idle for a period of time


Right click on your Desktop and click on Personalise. Click Screensaver in the new window. In the Screensaver window, uncheck "On resume display logon screen", click OK and the problem should be fixed!


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I have an Athlon 650, 512 MB PC running Windows 2000 server edition running Internet Connection Sharing (for cable modem), and IIS 5.0 for several web sites. I also use it as a file server. I usually leave it just sitting there and just update things every once in a while. I don't even have a monitor hooked to it. Should I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and click the "lock computer" or log out? Would this make it more secure somehow to hacks? I haven't had any problems yet, but I just want it secure as possible.

Any help would be appreciated!


A:Win2K server - ICS, IIS, etc... - should I lock the PC - CTRL-ALT-DEL -Lock computer?

According to what microsoft says, Yes, it will provide an added layer of security.

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hey I have a old Toshiba laptop that has a hdd password lock on it and I am unable to get past it. So im completely locked out of my laptop and have no other uses other than enter the bios and boot manager. I need help in removing this!

A:HDD password lock out

Not malware related
We do not assist with password bypass etc
please read the rules before posting again
Bypassing Passwords
Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.
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Hi hope someone can help;
I have a Presario F700 and it has password protect. When I start up and put in my password it says user profile cannot be loaded.
1. I did not change the password.
2. Laptop is single user.
3. I did not create a password disk, didn't know I had to.
4. This seemed to happen after my comp installed updates from microsoft. When
it restarted is when it would not take my password.

How can I solve this without losing my data?
Can this be fixed if not I'm so in trouble with my boss.


A:password lock out

Hi Brandy . . .

It happens to us all at some point.

Take a look at this - http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/13...ot-loaded.html

Regards. . .



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HI IV FORGOTTEN my laptop password can someone please help me as im completely lock out of my laptop

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Today I booted up my notebook and for some reason when I put my password in it told me that my account was locked out??

Theres is no reason why it should be.

Does anyone know how to get round this please, as I have important data on the notebook that I need.

A:Password lock out!!!

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I gave my daughter a Dell XPS 15(L502X) Laptop, running Win 7, about 10 months ago. Some how the laptop on boot up will respond to the first password asked for. The next password asked for is HDD password. She does not know the password nor how it was set.

I can get to the setup screen, F2,[which reads Phoenix SecureCore T iano Setup] but cannot change boot options. There is a + sign by Hard Drive and a + sign by Network. Everything on the boot screen can be highlighted but no item will respond to the Sub-Menu key, Change Values key, or Setup Defaults.

I decided to post here before calling Dell. I have used Dell computers for many years but do not like dealing with their tech support.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


A:HDD Password Lock Out

Unfortunately, we don't assist with password issues, other than to say try just hitting Enter as the password may actually be blank. Please refer to this section of the site rules:
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Therefore, I have no alternative than to close this thread.

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Fired an employee, he changed my log on password when you first turn on your computer and you need to type in a password before windows will continue to load. I need the information on this computer and the employee is nowhere to be found. Can anyone please help?

Very Desperate Thank you in Advance

A:Password Lock Out

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I reset my laptop to factory settings .A system restore but be for I had done that I had hp drive encryption with a password set. Well I did the restore after the process which took about 2 hrs, The lap top booted back up when it did the hp encryption popped up asking for password. I entered the one I had set up originally but it will note work. It shows my name on the hp encryption screen .I also tried my security questions that does note work.I am locked out what do I do? I did note back up the security encryption to a flash drive I don't know what to to , please help. Thank you.

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An accer aspire one series creates a password automatically, first time it did this I changed the operating system and I did not put any password, after two weeks it started asking me for a password on login. how can I remove this because in the first I did not put it there?

A:password lock

try unlock by use active password changer program

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-1- I have the display to turn off after 10 minutes of none use under Power Options, but if I don?t do anything for a few seconds, the display turns off and I have to sign back in?where do I correct this? do I have to reset to default the Power Options, and if so, what are they?

In PassWord Policy, a pass word is NOT necessary when waking from sleep IS NOT WORKING...meaning no matter what I do, if I don't touch anything for about 30 seconds, sys. goes asleep and I have to sign in....this is crazy as it just started about a week ago and I have no idea why.

Any ideas?

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i have files i dont want people touching, how would i go about locking a folder? with a password preferably.

A:How Do I Lock/password A Folder?

Have a look herehttp://www.computerhope.comhttp://www.worldstart.com/tips

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Howdy. I wanted to remove BIOS password from the old one and put another. But I quickly typed and now the laptop is stuck. If you can help me with the master password. HP Compaq nx9420. Service tag: CND6412QHV. Thank you!

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If so how?


A:Can you password-lock a folder?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I've never tried this or this site but read it,
How to Use 7-Zip to Encrypt Files and Folders

If you want to download 7zip and try

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I have researched my problem with the "Drive Lock Password" for my computer until I was blue in the face. I turn on my computer, it begins the startup, and then stops and asks for a "Drive Lock Password. I have gone to the HP sight, and it quotes:

The Drive Lock password protects the data on your hard drive through encryption. If your computer is stolen, the data on the hard drive is inaccessible without the Drive Lock password. This password can not be reset. If it is lost or forgotten, the hard drive must be replaced. Please contact HP to order a new hard drive. This service is not covered by the warranty.​
My question is, WHEN DID THEY EVER TELL ME MY DRIVE LOCK PASSWORD!! I have never set one, never recieved one, and I am, quite frankly, frustrated t the fact that it just decided one day that I needed to enter one. I had it for two years; and within those two years have accumulated pictures, projects, etc., that I don't have access to now. I don't understand how I am supposed to come up with a password that I never had access to in the first place, even though I bought it from Circuit City July of 2004. Please help!

A:Drive Lock Password

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Hello, I have successfully disabled the request for logon password with netplwiz, but lock screen still requires the password. Is there a way I can disable this as well? I selected "never" not to require it upon the pc waking up, but it doesn't work.

A:lock screen password

Try some other options here Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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Hi I need to get the Admin Password or Power On Password for a HP Pavilion 15-e020nr, the number that shows after 3 failed attempts is:    61086596  Please as any help would be great, as all other attempts have failed. Thanks  


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A:Admin Password lock

@TylerK13 Please try to reboot the machine and enter            74984518 Regards,

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Is there A way to “lock out” a secondary hard drive and only allow access to it via a password? Something that will still work if the HD is taken out of the computer and transferred to another. Something that basically will only allow someone to access it if they reformat it. I know there are programs to encrypt a HD but for a program that will encrypt 320 GB. I will be paying big bucks and I need something that will give me fast access to the HD for I use it multiple times a day.

A:How can I lock out / password protect a HD?

You can search and find a freeware program

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I have been locked out of my yahoo.com account for the past 2 days. Each time I try to have the PW reset I have failed. The site asked me a security question that does not accept my answer. It has failed to send the reset code to the phone that is listed on the account. I have had this account for years and it has some important information. What can I do to get the PW reset.

A:Yahoo.com Password lock out

What if I forgot my password and/or Yahoo! ID?


Good news: You can get a new password, a reminder of your Yahoo! ID, or both, by visiting the Sign-In Problems page. You'll need to supply some basic verification information, such as your birthday and the ZIP or postal code you provided when you registered.

Make sure to provide the same information you gave during registration or when you last updated your account. Without the correct verification information, you won't be able to obtain a new password.

Steps to Recover your Lost Your Yahoo Mail Password

What's my Yahoo account password?

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I had a friend create his password in the Arabic language and its hint in English. Unfortunately we were not careful and my friend logged out of the computer when the language was set English.

Now we can log into the system as the password is in Arabic but the system is currently set to english.

How do we solve this dilema? TIA

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I'm locked out from too many failed attempts.  I only had the fingerprint scan set up to log in.  No recovery disc yet.  Any help would be great  Hate to lose what I have stored already.. 

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Is there any way to secure the use of Internet in my computer by other users whoever open my PC. Like a password prompting while opening the IE. My operting system is Windows-98. Its a PC connected to the LAN.

A:Password to lock the Internet Explorer

If you have a software firewall such as Tiny Kerio, you can password protect your settings, so theoretically you could block access to the internet, unblocking as and when required using the password

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We forgot the power on password for our desktop I know walked out of the computer. What can we do?

A:We forgot our power on password. What can we do? We are lock...

@Desrosiersmom When asked for the password, just hit enter 3 times. Post any code you receive. REO

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I set my password on Folder Lock to 3369 once I installed it. Never changed it, never considered it.

I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who knows about the program and password.

But when I tried accessing it, the program kept telling me that it's the wrong password until it decided to be gay and lock the whole computer until I restarted it :-(

How do I fix this problem?
All my important files were in there.

A:Folder Lock Wrong Password :-(

Hello you can try uninstalling it from safe mode

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Hi, I want to buy a Canvio hhd for password encryption but I have some doubts.

Do you know if the software encryption of canvio (I think PASSWORD LOCK SOFTWARE) runs on Windows Server 2008 r2.?

I know that does not put anything in the instructions but, although not put anything, I think the encryption password should work.

Greetings and thanks !!!

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I run wondows vista home premiuim 32bit. Just done some recent vista updates. and also updated it to vista sevice pack 2. Not sure if this is the cause but, now when i press 'Start + L' (to lock the comp) it locks the comp, but it does not allow me to type the password in now. There is no windows user picture or password box. to type anything in. After 5-6 min it appears. this happens after a screen saver.

Please help... because everytime i lock my computer and then i want to go on it again, i have to wait 5 min. :|


A:No password box for me to login after i Lock my Comp???

try to turn off the screen saver that loads after you lock you computer or just reduce the lock time on screen saver mode.. under properties.. which will enble your computer to lock by itself and you do not have to use the "start+l" then but you will get the log in box as soon as you move your mouse..
Does that make sense?

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System disabled 87785451

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A:Bios lock password not known cq57

Enter: 38683497 Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R K

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Hi, I forgot bios password of my laptop and cant enter bios. shows System disabled [54736618] when i input wrong password. now i cant get in bios and cant open laptop. I need your support - how can i remove that password and run the laptop. Please help me to get the solution.  


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A:Bios password lock and not booting

Hi, Enter  41694238 Regards, DP-K

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A:administator power on password lock

Please try this Password :  29891969     Steps to be followed:Use the unlock code posted above to enter the BIOSDisable all passwords that are enabledIf asked for current password - type the unlock codeFor new password, just press ENTER keyRepeat the same for verify password column.Then leave the BIOS by saving & exit option to save the changes. Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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am locked out of my ideapad 100s. grand daughter try putting in the password and got lock out. Help please what do i have to do to get back in
Mod's Edit: Updated Subject line and move post to its own thread.

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Just tried to log on to my families laptop and it displays enter administrator power on password then system disabled code 55171256, can you help me by this? Thanks Da

A:HP G7 administrator power on password lock

Hi: Enter this unlock passcode... 40859898

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Currently, I don't have a password set for my user account (I don't want to have to enter it on each start-up and I don't really have a problem with people using my computer).

Occasionally I'll be working on something and when I leave my computer I don't want to risk anyone accidently messing it up. It would be pretty handy if I could lock my user account with a password, then just unlock it and pick up from where I left off. From my understanding, the only way I can do this is if I create a password for my entire account.

Is there any way I can set a password for just the lock screen?

A:Setting password for just my lock screen?

Hello Clinton, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The only way would be to set a password for your user account.

A workaround would be to create a password for your account, and set Windows to log on to your user account automatically at startup. This way you will not have to enter your password at startup, but you will if you lock the computer.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all ...This is my first time in this form so bare with me.The problem I woud like to solve is to stop my laptop from shutting down to lock and have to insert password.I don't remember adding this when I first got it but if I did shame on me.

A:Shutting down to lock and having to insert password


I believe that laptops are set by default to do this.

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Purchased this notebook tablet and set up a password for the lock screen. Put it away and didn't write down the password. Now I can't even get into it to start using it.Please help! Support wanted $50 to help me. No way!

A:Need to reset lock screen password

Stupid thing posted twice. Sorry. Please answer this one if anyone can help.

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Forgot admin.password need to by pass it

A:Lock out on windows xp admin. Password

At the password screen, hit enter 3 times and you should receive a 'halt code' - post back with this code.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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I found my old computer from college and turned it on. When I press the power button, the screen stays black but in the middle there is a small blue box that says "Enter Password __________"  I don't remember what the password was (nor do I really remember ever having to log in from that screen).  How can I get back into it? After three attempts it locks me out and I have to restart it again.

A:Old HP Laptop has lock screen and I don't know password.

@kblair6 If you received a locked code please post it??? REO

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Purchased this notebook tablet and set up a password for the lock screen. Put it away and didn't write down the password. Now I can't even get into it to start using it.Please help! Support wanted $50 to help me. No way!

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I'm struggling to set this up.

I want to set it up so that if there is no activity, then the screen will lock and my password will be required.

I can lock the screen manually and it requires my password, but for some reason I just can't find out how to set a timeout.


A:Lock Screen Password Setup

The settings are in the Power Plan>Console lock display off timeout.

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I have Folder Lock, and I have forgot my password. I do not have the registered version, so I can't use the "master key" to get it back. Is there any way to get my password back?

A:Forgot folder lock password

I guess no, because why would they create such software if it can be Undoed from being locked?

Try to post in there forums, or find their email address for support if they have one.

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Hi all;
We just got a new computer that included Windows 7 software. My simple question is this.
When we walk away from the computer for awhile and return to do something, the screen
locks up and asks for a password which I recorded when we first set up the computer.
I don't want to have to type in a password each time someone wants to use the computer
since this is our family, home use computer. How do I turn off this option?


A:Turn off screen lock with password

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It is really annoying to have to put in your password everytime you stop using the computer for a short time. How do I get rid of the password.

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There are two methods for password protecting an archive, and for some crazy reason
I've forgotten one of the two procedures.

I remember how to create a password for files within an archive, but I forgot how to
lock an archive so it will not open without a password. This is embarassing to admit,
but I'm deleting all the files from old locked archives, changing the name and adding
new files. I've created countless locked archives, and now I can't remember the

I haven't needed to look at the WinRAR help file for years. The help file doesn't seem
to have the procedure for password protecting an entire archive.

If I Google "WinRAR Password" I get a long list describing the procedure for adding
a password to files within an archive, not locking the archive with a password.

Can someone remind me how to lock an entire WinRAR archive with a password?

A:Solved: Lock WinRAR Archive with Password

I don't know what to say. I'm a senior partner in a business that started in the
early days of Windows. Believe it or not, I was a software beta tester many years
ago. The other partners often come to me with their software problems, so I
couldn't ask them a stupid question about WinRAR.

The solution to encrypting or locking an entire WinRAR archive is very simple.
You put a tick next to "Encrypt File Names" after creating your password.
That's it! I've done this a million times before, but for some reason my brain
completely stopped working.

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