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Window 8 Build 9200 RTM After Window Update Some Icon Missing

Q: Window 8 Build 9200 RTM After Window Update Some Icon Missing

Hi ,
My Window 8 automatically Window Update and now some of the icon missing
Anyone encounter this and possible to fix this ?

Preferred Solution: Window 8 Build 9200 RTM After Window Update Some Icon Missing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Window 8 Build 9200 RTM After Window Update Some Icon Missing

Hi kezn715, welcome to the forums, go to Installed Updates, uninstall one by one and see which update causes the problem and hide that update.

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what do i do my window 7 has "this copy of window 7 is not genuine build 7600" and my system is slower than before.i used HIJACKTHIS software to scan it, please who can analyse it for me. the log file reads:Mod Edit: Removed malware log data, see No DDS, HijackThis, or ComboFix logs should be posted in this forum. - BleepingComputer.com - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/forum-56/announcement-45-no-dds-hijackthis-or-combofix-logs-should-be-posted-in-this-forum/ ~ Hamluis.

A:my window 7 has "this copy of window 7 is not genuine build 7600"

You need to provide basic information about the system manufacturer and model...what your problems are...when they began...any onscreen error messages, etc...if you really want someone to be able to guess at what might be wrong with your system.

"This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine" messages...occur for any number of reasons, none of them have anything to do with malware.

Simply put...reactivate Win 7, either online or via telephone.


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I have a set of scheduled tasks, all of which run programs written in Open Object REXX. Consequently, the Command Prompt windows where these tasks runs inherit their icons (at the top left of the window) from the rexx.exe program that handles my scripts.

This means that all of these REXX tasks display the same icon in the taskbar, or system area, which is unhelpful.

I doubt that there's any way of influencing the icon from my REXX code itself, but is there some sort of wrapper program that I could run, which would allow me to choose different icons for each of the scheduled tasks? Perhaps by running my REXX from some program other than a Command Prompt window?

I'll also go and ask the REXX community, so we'll see who gets there first!

I realise that this is something of a long shot, but if I don't ask, I'll never get...

A:Setting the window icon for a command prompt window

Quote: Originally Posted by swiftie

[I]s there some sort of wrapper program that I could run, which would allow me to choose different icons for each of the scheduled tasks?

You're asking us how to create a Shortcut.

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Been messing with this for days. When I open the Control Panel I do not have the option to switch the view on the left side pane. All that is there is the See Also window. I went to view, Toolbar, Customize and added the views icon to the toolbar. As long as I keep the customize toolbar box open and move it up or down I can see it on the toolbar. Once I close the Customize Toolbar window the view icon grays out on the tool bar. My back button is the same way. I checked in another users window and the control panel is fine. I have Windows XP SP3. I am the Admin on the PC. Any help would be great.

A:Category and Classic view window missing on Control Panel window

In the Control Panel window click on the Tools tab > Folder Options, click on the "Show common tasks in folders" button and click OK or Apply. That should restore the Category and Classic View options.

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Please help me for some reason my property window now looks like this, i canb't change the size certain words are mssing adn the tabs are incredibly small. I can't change anything and I ahve google for solutions but wth no luck hope you guys can help me thamnkx

A:Window's property window missing some words on buttons

I can't restore my PC and the program from windows that helps to detect problems and fix isn't working either

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Hi ....
I got a problem after I update my window 7 recently..
My DVD rom icon is missing after the update.
Before the update,my dvd rom can be used..
After update,the dvd rom missing.
I try google many way to restore back but fail..

A:DVD ROM missing after an window update

Try this:
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media
The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista

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i want to update window media player.my pc is window 7 ultimate 32 bits.how can update wmp.
pls official link me wmp.OR pls link me the best pc store for my win 7.

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Hi,  After window update, the fringerprint disappeared.  I read a lot forum include this.  It taught to uninstall the driver and update the driver again.  It still not work.  The fringerprint in the sign-in options inside Settings disappeared.   Can you please tell how I can actually fix it ? Regards,Kelvin Lo

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First time here, but not with Windows 8. New Toshiba laptop.
Restarting at Random more frequently now. Disables MS-WiFi adapter-
getting very annoying, close to hanging it up with Win8.
I refreshed the system to no avail system shut down to restart w/ same issue- sent to "MS" joy-
Can not seem to get my (022313-66238-01.dmp) up for audit.
I guess I need an auditing tool to get a diag up here

Help please.

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Issue in IE11:

when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind


There is a button in parent page (domain A) and on click of the button Popup window (Domain B) will open and child window will communicate back to parent window. when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind
only in IE11 browser.

IE edge and other browsers we can see the popup window on top of the parent window. 

is there any fix to retain popup window on top of parent window until user closes the popup(child) window.

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I don't want to combine my windows, but when i have only one window open in any program, i know what it is and don't need to see the label as that makes the whole taskbar filled up pretty fast.
Is there a way to hide labels when there is one window open, and show labels when having multiple windows?
I've tried googling it but it doesn't seem like it is possible with some program either.

A:Taskbar, only icon when one window, icon+label when multiple windows?

Nevermind, catered to my needs by altering the minimum width of the taskbar "entries".

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I have installed window 8 on my desktop. Before July 29, 2016, I have upgraded it to window 10. now I had some issue in my system. I have formatted the system but now I am fail to upgrade again for window 10. May I upgrade it again? If yes, what is the
link and processor to upgrade the same?

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my Toshiba c75 d window 8.0.  I updated it to window 10.0 but it wouldn't type so I cleaned it again and this time it wouldn't
update back to windows 10.0.  It says I need a new product key to activate.  please help!

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Dear Sir/Mdm,
My PC presently running on Windows 7 Professional. However, I have been receiving the error msg of my copy of Windows 7 is not geninue. Error msg Build 7601. Please advice.

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Help help my icon's won't open for me on my desk top.
On my laptop with window's xp they all open.

A:Icon's window's 7

Welcome to the TSG Forum.
I can interpret your problem several ways ???
Let's start by working on one icon.
Pick one ... What is it an Icon of ???

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Govt gave me a laptop of haier company with win 8.1 build 9600 preinstalled.when I boot it ,it says activate window.to activate , I need a product key of window. How to get key?

A:window 8.1 build 9600 activation key

This vbs script will give you your OEM & Installed keys---

ShowKey v1.3.vbs

Download it.
Right click it & click Properties & Unblock it.
Then click it to see your keys.

Like this---

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Hello guyz..im new here..i have problem with my HDD in Win 7.
Which is while in Win Vista i have C:\ and D:\ directory.But after i format to
Win 7 the D:\ is gone.i only have C:\.can someone fix this?..its kin of hide or something..please help me..rely appreciate it.

A:Window 7 Build 6956 Problem.Need help.

I have the same thing:
C: = Windows Vista
D: = Personal stuff, downloads, etc.
G: = Windows 7

When in Vista, I see all those drives. In Windows 7 however, I don't see the C: drive with Vista. Instead, the G: drive becomes the C: drive.

I couldn't really be bothered though, and I don't know a fix for it either...

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I have got problem with icon in Window 7, please give me some dll files to replace my error icon
Files list:
shell32.dll Windows Shell Common Dll
imageres.dll Windows Image Resource
wmploc.DLL Windows Media Player Resources
netshell.dll Network Connections Shell
mmcndmgr.dll MMC Node Manager DLL
moricons.dll Windows NT Setup Icon Resources Library
ieframe.dll Internet Browser
compstui.dll Common Property Sheet User Interface DLL
DDORes.dll Device Category information and resources
pnidui.dll Network System Icon
Help me please! Thanks

A:Problem with icon Window 7

Im not sure i understand correctly,you want the full list of .dll files from the windows folder?

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Hi ,

i want to hide or don,t want show window profile icon.
can someone help to me to solve this problem?

Thank you

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is there any way to create an icon to activate a function in a buried window?
For instance, to clean the nozzle of my printer, I must click "start", "setting","Printer","advanced","maintinance", and finally, "nozzle clean"

I have tried macro programs but there are very slow and very inconstistant. Is there any way to cut to the chase and create an executable icon to the last open window? There are many funtions for which this would be very handy.



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since im not really good whiz about the window xp so thats why im posting here. i remmy window 98 has hide for desktop icons which i loved it, then i got xp, i wonder how to hide my desktop icon. i cant find it and i cant find the answer here in this message board. im sorry if its repost. thank for ur time.

A:window xp icon hide?

Right click an empty area of your Desktop.
Arrange Icons By -
Uncheck "Show Desktop Icons"

If you're referring to the Taskbar Icons:
Right click Start -
Properties -
Taskbar Tab -
Check off "Hide inactive Icons"

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I'd like to add an icon to my Internet Explorer window that will launch Winamp. Is this possible? It should be. I've got one there now for ICQ that was added during ICQ installation...

How could I add an icon of my own to a file or a program up there?

Thanks for any ideas!


A:Add an icon to a program in IE window?

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The Icon Notification Window opens when I the 'Show hidden Icons' button is pushed. But when the mouse pointer is moved towards the window it closes. I have found that if I hold down the left mouse button when I move the pointer the window will stay open (kind of a funky work around!). However, I have also found that popup time frames in the Outlook schedule and calendars Quicken react similarly. i.e., they close before a xelection can be made or when you attempt to move the slide bar. I have also noted (particularly in RoboForm) that when the right click window opens it is simply a grey outlined box and you need to 'slide' the mouse pointer down the window to reveal the contents, have noticed similar results in other programs but can't recall (but do know it happens in the Office 2003 Suite).

My apologies if this question has been asked and resolved previously but over the past hour I have tried innumerable words and phases without success.

A:Icon Notification Window

It happens to me, and sometimes you just gotta be faster then the window can close. I don't know what causes it to do that.

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Windows 98SE

After defragging, a window icon showed up on my desktop, its title discription "Setup MSN Internet Access". I tried right clicking to view the properties, but it won't allow it to happen. It won't even allow me to trash it.

When clicking it, the internet access information pops up attempting to plug me in to MSN.

How it got here, I have no idea but would like to get rid of it!

Could anyone help, thanks?

A:Window Icon on desktop

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Here's the deal, guys. some of my icons, such as .doc, .jpg's to name a couple don't open. the only way that i can get them open is with the "open with" choice. i get a program not found error. please help


A:Flying window icon

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The PC Settings window has a purple gear as icon in its upper left corner.

It is not contained in


Where is this icon saved?

A:Icon of PC Settings window

A screenshot of the window please.

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I'm new to this forum so I don't know if it's the right place to post this.

I got my new computer last week, what I have is

Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS Black SATA 24X DVD Burner - Bulk - OEM
Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb
Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
ASUS HD7870-DC2-2GD5 Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB 256-bit GDDR5
CORSAIR HX Series HX750 750W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS GOLD Certified
CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

Thought it would be safe to post all my parts.

Ok what seem to be the problem is that I usually get blue screen 1 time every another 1-2 days for no reason if I'm playing game or surfing the website. I will try to post alot of details as I can.

The error says "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"

Technical Information:

STOP: (0x0000000A 0x00000000CA6AD04B, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000001, 0xFFFF800002F2F34F)

How can I fix this problem, I hope it's just software related where I can download new driver. Thanks!

A:BSOD on window 7 - few days after I build my own computer.

Hello Brentrich, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Please go ahead and read the instructions at the link below, then post back with the needed information for someone to be able to hopefully help you with later.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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My pc is suddenly shutdown after startup
im facing this problem after my window updates.

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Hi Everyone..

I got windows vista in my laptop..
Before one month.. its working fine..
Now OS is allowing me to choose the last icon of last row in a window/Desktop..
I thought its a virus which blocking me to choose only last icon..
But even after running scan couple of times.. having the same problem..

could you please assist me to resolve this issue

A:Able to choose the last icon of last row in a window/Desktop

I know that you made an A/V scan. Many have said the same but found more after using this. Give it a try and download Malwarebytes and if you are clean, we can think about other alternatives to remedy your situation.


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You know, Im very picky on how my computrer works. People find this sometimes annoying, well anyway about shell icon hidden window. Whenever you might shutdown your computer on whatever operating system a message appears, "END PROGRAM0--SHELL ICON HIDDEN WINDOW" but there are no spaces. Well my computer is new and several people have said " do you have musicmatch 10.0 or higher. I say yes it came on my computer, they say take away the startup file." This is how
1. Go to START

2. Click on RUN

3. Type in msconfig

4. click on startup

5. Then unclick the followin depending on your system
mim.exe or mimboot at the bottom.

Well I can only hope things have worked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any other questions on anything don be affraid to ask!

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Guys, I so need help. My pc suddenly won't open. When I boot it up, it loads quite long then the window loading screen appears then a blue screen suddenly appears and restarts again.! I can't see the message cause it's too fast! . Every time I try SAFE MODE, the same problem happens! I can't even access my pc even in safe mode! I have no idea what happened. Please help. I'am currently using my Auntie's Pc.

A:PC restarts after the Window icon appears

What is the error code on the Blue Screen? Are any drivers cited?

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you know when you right click icons and it gives you an option to change icons? how do I change the "exlporer" and "iTunes" icons? it doesn't give me the option.

A:window explorer icon: how can I change it?

Welcome johnguillen68, Here's a tutorial that should help you out,
Libraries Icon - Change Default Icon

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This may have been addressed before, but I wasn't quite sure how to search for it.
One of the things I loved about every version of Windows before 7 is that wherever you placed a window and however you sized it and however you presented the content (list, large/small icons, etc.) that window would ALWAYS open up at that screen location , with those very attributes. With 7, however, (I'm running Home premium) the windows always have to open up the same size, always cascaded, and no matter how I want the contents displayed it seems to randomly change. Is there any way at all to modify those behaviors to make it like before, or any 3rd party software that lets you do that? Thanks.

A:Window placement and icon size

I think you can solve at least part of that problem by right click an empty spot on the Task Bar and remove the check mark that I assume is in front of 'Cascade windows.'

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I have a Windows application written in C#. Its main window opens a second window.This second window is set to be not shown in the taskbar (win10.png)   When launching this application with Citrix Receiver on HP Thin Pro the windowicon is shown in the taskbar (thinpro.png)   It seems that either the taskbar or the Receiver is not honoring the taskbar behavior. For version information see: thinpro-verinfo.png, thinpro-soft-verinfo.png and thinpro-svpack-verinfo.png      

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This P.OS. program keeps gumming up my computer! I had to unplug it to even turn it off How can I REMOVE THIS THING! Anyone please?!

A:shell icon invisible window

Would you care to let us know what the program is?

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fresh windows 7 64 ultimate install on my new pc, finally upgraded after 7 years .

Only thing that bothers me now is the fact that one of the icons in a map window is broken.
I'm pretty sure this is not clear enough so i've added a picture to make things clear.

anybody know how to fix this?

A:open icon in map window broken

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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I was doing a fresh install of Win7 x64 Ultimate, and I was wondering if anyone noticed this issue that I've noticed regarding Win7. The windows, while maximizing and minimizing, stutter/pause for a millisecond before actually maximizing/minimizing. Vista x64 does not do this; the maximize/minimize animation is smooth. This happens on both my work rig and my home rig, which have both OSes installed as a dual boot.

Another thing I noticed are the way the folders icons look in Win7 as compared to Vista. In Vista, all the folder icon edges are smooth, but in Win7, I can actually see jaggies around the edges of the folders. I have sitting in front of me two computers, one running Vista x64 and the other Win7, and I tell you, I can clearly see jaggies around the bottom edges of a folder icon on Win7. Here is a screenshot. Check out the circled areas.

And just for the record, I have all the latest driver updates/what not. Plus, the hardware is different between 3 different rigs, and they all exhibit these issues. And just for the record, I already went into System Properties>Advanced>Performance Settings and chose the bullet to "Adjust for best appearance". This makes no discernible difference.


A:Strange window/icon behavior?

What are your settings for 'custom' visual effects? You could try looking at some of those and see what works best for you.

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Running windows XP home addition. Compaq Presario.
Deleted and reinstalled DVD Writer now the icon in "my computer" has changed. How do I get my DVD drive icon back?

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I need your help on recovering the Window Explorer icon on my desktop. I tried to pull it out from the Program/Accessories to my desktop and when I opened it, an error message saying: "Cannot open the folder. Make sure the folder is not protected or full" So I tried to delete it but it does let me to delete and now I cannot find anywhere to open the window explorer. Please help. I am using WinXP SP2. Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] Window Explorer icon gone!

Are you looking for the My Computer icon?

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Hi - I'm running Windows 8 and for the last day or so, the windows icon, bottom left of the taskbar, is not working - it is there, but white - I'm sure it was yellow or so before, and it doesn't work. My windows key is working fine, but I've gotten used to the icon - especially if getting out of, say, a game and wanting to go back to the main screen. Also the right hand top hot key is also not working. What do I have to do to get these back again? I've tried cleaning the registry etc, - would it help to do a system restore?

Later......Actually it seems to have sorted itself....after trying lots of things, I was doing an update, and got a message that there was a problem, and it was shutting down and rebooting. Anyhoooooo it seems to be working again. Now I know - if it happens again, I'll switch off and reboot! Wish I'd thought of that before.....

A:Window icon on taskbar not working

If it happens again, do a screen capture and post it here.

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I first want to thank all for the quick response to my inquery.
This is my first time using this forum and I am impressed with its
I have another little problem:
Sat. eve when I went to put my computer into standby mode,
I noticed that the icon was there but it was not highlighted so
that I could click on it and put the computer into standby mode.
It was transparent and when I put the cursor on it I got nothing.
I searched and could not find how to get it back.
Any help again woul be very appreciated.

A:Stand BY icon on shut down window

Post the make/model of the PC.

Have you recently made any changes to the PC?

Install/update the graphics driver.

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i downloaded the new version of windows defender which stated they will now let up put the icon in the system tray but i can not find where it allows me to set this up. does anybody know how to do this?

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A website was referred to me by a friend to view a short video. (I am on a 56K modem to the server)

I had Internet Explorer 7 installed at the time and the window came up with a red 'X' in the corner. As I have been having issues with the I/E 'losing itself; then finding itself with appropriate windows displayed during the pause, I decided to try another brouser.

I downloaded Firefox-3. It received the site's window with a video icon in the corner. I did not press the issue further as I never go to u-tube, etc. and all the sites that cluttered the toolbar. It was promptly removed as I personally did not care to spend the time studying it's in and outs.

Next I went to Internet Explorer 8, which is currently on here for trial to see if the 'losing itself' would be solved by the newer version. When going to the same site mentioned above, the window now has an icon thus:

What the heck does this icon mean?


WELL, THAT WAS SHORTLIVED! This time instead of I/E losing and finding itself, it just loses itself and shuts down. Clicking the 'WHA'HAPPEN?' button reveals this: (Data Execution Prevention) What Next?

I/E 8 is outt'a here also, back to I/E 7 <DAMN!>

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I wanna hide this:

How can i do it?

A:How to hide window's title and icon?

If you set it's color to some kinda grey, it will be quite invisible.

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So, how to disable this icon ? View image: Bez tytu?u5
Becouse I want to use Left Sider and this icon is really problem :/

A:How to disable left window icon in Windows 8

Hi zer0, welcome to Windows EightForums.

You could try TBarIconBlanker:
(not sure how it will work in Windows 8 but you can try it; save the folder somewhere on your C: drive and run the .exe. To stop it, end the task in Task Manager and delete the folder.)
TBarIconBlanker: Remove Program Icons from Windows Titlebar and Taskbar Buttons - AskVG

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Hello, I have a question about Windows Vista Home Premium [service pack 1] and Windows Flip. When flipping (alt-TAB) thru active applications on Windows Vista, there is a strange icon on the left side that really has no information. When selected all other apps have a descriptive name but when this particular icon/app is selected, there is no descriptive name or information. When this icon is selected nothing happens but when any of the other apps are selected, the appropriate function happens. The icon has a white box and in the lower right corner it has a few small boxes (each a different size) close together. One box it white, the other is orange, the other is red, the other is blue and the last is white with a small vertical line. Does anyone know what this is and why it is there? If it is nothing I need and it is not system critical, how do I remove it? Thank you for your help!

Here is the icon I am talking about. It is on the left hand side. When highlighted it has no name and when selected it does nothing.

A:Window Flip Issue -- Strange Icon -- PLEASE HELP!!

Hello Onecooltech, and welcome to Vista Forums.

I do not recognize what program that icon is for with that open window, but do you also have a button for it on the taskbar that can be right clicked on and click Close with. If so, then that open window may be offscreen. You might also look in Task Manager to see if you can spot a listed Application or Process that it may belong to and kill it as a test to see if it was. If you kill a proccess that messes things up, then restarting the computer will fix you up.

Hope this helps,

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