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External keyboard connected to Dell docking station not working at Bitlocker prompt (works in BIOS and at Windows login screen)

Q: External keyboard connected to Dell docking station not working at Bitlocker prompt (works in BIOS and at Windows login screen)

Having an issue with all Dell 7510's and associated docks we've deployed to new users at my employer. The external keyboard won't work at the Bitlocker prompt. These PC's are imaged for Win10.
I've sifted through the BIOS settings and have had no luck getting it to work. One thread I found said to make sure the Post Behavior -> Fast Boot setting is set to Thorough. Verified that is the case.
Note: if I undock and dock the PC the external keyboard will work that 1st time at the bitlocker prompt, but at next reboot it doesn't work.

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Preferred Solution: External keyboard connected to Dell docking station not working at Bitlocker prompt (works in BIOS and at Windows login screen)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello, So - the problem appears when you are trying to use external screen which one is connected to the docking station (there is only two DisPlay ports and no others dedicated to monitors).When you connect it first time - it's ok. But when you trying to un-dock and dock again - external screen says "no input" and goes down. In other words - external screen is not working. The same issue is described over there:https://support.lenovo.com/lt/en/solutions/ht081248 Mine docking station type is 40AH, but anyway, I tried to run ThinkPad Ultra Dock 135W firmware update - but update says "the firmware you are trying to install is older than the version already installed. My Docking Station: Power adapter is 135W. All drivers are up to date. Btw - I have many of those docking stations with machines. For some of them everything is fine.But seems the problem is with docking station. I have two docking stations on my desk right now. And my computer on one is working fine, but with other on - not. So, it's clear that the problem is with the docking station.

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I have a T530 with a Docking station and a USB connected printer.The printer is a HP LaserJet Pro 400 color MFP M475dw(CE864A) with a connection for USB Sticks Everytime the laptop is talken off the docking station and powered off then placed back on to the dock and powered by one BitLocker locks.  If the printer is disconnected then there is no issue. Has anyone ran into something like with when using bitlocker for encrytion?-I did update the Bios and updated the OS and updated the Lenovo system updates as well.

A:Bitlocker - T530 - Docking Station - USB Connected Printer

does the printer cause the same problem when you connect the printer directly to the computer powers it off and then powers it on?

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Dear all I have bought a HP Zbook 15 laptop and installed Ubuntu 12.04. It does not show anything on the external monitor when I mount the laptop on the docking station.  After installing the Ubuntu 12.04 and putting it on the docking station for the first time, I got this problem:"If an ACPI driver is available for this device, you should use it instead of the native driver". I have attached the whole log file. Then, I installed the latest Nvidia driver, and restarted the machine. This time, I do not see that error message; however, I cannot see anything on my external monitor which is connected to the docking station. Can you please tell me how to fix this problem? Best regards,Murtaza I did not find a way to attach the log file, so I put it here: [ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset[ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpu[ 0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuacct[ 0.000000] Linux version 3.13.0-32-generic ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5) ) #57~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:20 UTC 2014 (Ubuntu 3.13.0-32.57~precise1-generic[ 0.000000] Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-32-generic root=UUID=062ea7e8-5c86-4852-ba25-0372be603607 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=7[ 0.000000] KERNEL supported cpus:[ 0.000000] Intel GenuineIntel[ 0.000000] AMD AuthenticAMD[ 0.000000] Centaur CentaurHauls[ 0.000000] e820: BIOS-provided physical RAM map:[ 0.000000] BIOS-e820: [mem 0x0000000000000000... Read more

A:HP Zbook 15, external monitor connected to docking station i...

I have a similar problem with my HP ZBook 15 G2, latest BIOS v01.36, Hybrid Graphics set to Auto, booting with native UEFI.I'm using OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, kernel 4.9.3, X Server 1.19.1. Until kernel 4.8.x I was able to see activate the secondary DVI display on the original docking station with both, nouveau and native nvidia graphics drivers. This has been gone now for some unknown reason. During boot, I see ACPI errors like the following posssible indicating some BIOS issues:[ 11.233480] ACPI Error: [CFGD] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND (20160831/psargs-359)
[ 11.233534] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed [\_TZ.PSL] (Node ffff89c33fcb35a0), AE_NOT_FOUND (20160831/psparse-543)
[ 11.233592] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed [\_TZ.GFXZ._PSL] (Node ffff89c33fcb3f28), AE_NOT_FOUND (20160831/psparse-543)
[ 11.233653] ACPI: Invalid passive thresholdDoes someone has a solution?

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We've had a few HP 1020 and 1040 models in recently and all have the same issue. When the laptop is docked, the external keyboard does not work in the Bitlocker screen. It works in BIOS and in Windows itself, but not in Bitlocker. This means we have to open the laptop screen to input the Bitlocker PIN, then leave it open and GPO dictates that the machine hibernates when the lid is closed. We have tweaked the GPO, but to no avail. ANyone else seen this or have a solution?

View Solution.

A:External keyboard not working in Bitlocker screen

if the bios is up to date, i would look at BIOS settings. I believe Fast Boot setting is Enabled in your case, which might cause usb devices not to be seen at the stage Bitlocker requires

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Hi there, I have issues with external monitor is not being detected by Lenovo X270 on docking station, when i disconnect power supply from docking station. I do disconnect power in order not to keep laptops battery charging all day long. Any way to make this work? I have been using lenovo laptops on docking station since X230 series and have never come across with this. thank you Aslan

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I had recently installed an ATI Radeon 9550 Graphics card and ever since then the keyboard and mouse cause problems.The Keyboard will work in the BIOS screen but once XP loads up the mouse doesnt work nor does the keyboard. I am not sure if the mouse works in the BIOS since that only requires the keyboard. Not sure why the new video card would cause this problem. Also tried resetting the ESCD and used the windows XP Setup CD -R but without success. Have tried booting with different keyboard and mouse that were wired but still nothing. I have tried using the PS/2 converter but that too doesnt work, along with using a regular PS/2 keyboard and mouse but still nothing.
My Specs:
OS: Windows XP SP 2
Keyboard and Mouse: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 4000

A:Keyboard works in BIOS but not in XP Login Screen

Stick to the PS/2 keyboard until you get that one working, Only then move to USB.

Now, you did power off the computer, plug in the PS/2, then powered on, right? PS/2 is not hot-pluggable.

What if you boot into Safe Mode?

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I installed several E6330 with Win10 Enterprise and BitLocker encryption.

When the laptop is docked in the keyboard stops working at the BitLocker password screen. Before that (BIOS) and after that (Win) the keyboard works. 
To top it all the error is inconsistent in it's behavior. Some times the keyboard works for a little while, most of the time it doesn't work from the start. I tried different Fast Boot options but changing those does not help.
Anyone here with similar problems or who even solved this for his systems?

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so I recently acquired a dell PC from my friend. as soon as i plugged it in at my house a problem occurred, (Keep in mind it was working perfectly a month before). booting up went as usual, but as soon as it got to the login screen, both my USB mouse and keyboard didn't locked up and i couldn't use either.

going back through it, the keyboard worked fine in the start up. but when i try to use the mouse (whether in a mouse recalibration or other) it can only move left and right.

I have been trying to troubleshoot and fix this for hours and cant seem to find any solutions.

Things I have tried:
1. resetting all settings to default in the settings
2. tried all the different USB ports (several times)
3. tried using a different (wireless) mouse and keyboard
4.Tried putting it in safe mode with f8 (which doesn't work for some reason

also keep in mind that:
1. there are no ps/2 ports on my computer (note this is how most people ended up fixing it otherwise)
2. says system is a "Dell DXPO51" (not sure if that helps)
3.This computer was working a month ago. so i'm not sure why its not working now.

I'm desperate! any help would be appreciated.

A:Usb keyboard and mouse not working at login, but still works in BIOS HELP!(desperate)

Boot into Setup (Bios) usually by pressing F2. Go to Peripherals, or Advanced. Look for Legacy USB or USB Keyboard. If it is disabled, then Enable it. Save and Exit. If this fails or you can't find that, then set Bios to Defaults, usually F5 Save and Exit.

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I just bought two LG E2340 Monitors that I want to hook up to my docking station. I have 1 VGA connector and 1 DVI connector. My laptop is a Dell Latitude D630. I have been reading other forums and they say in Display under Settings I can see which monitor is which but it doesnt say VGA or DVI.....
1 says Plug and Play Monitor on Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
2 says (Default Monitor) on Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

But they both slaved to one another, (they are showing a mirror image of each other)

what am i doing wrong?

A:Trying to hook up two external monitors to my Dell Pro1x Docking Station

I dont quite understand your setup sorry, you have a laptop (with a screen) that you want to connect 2 more screens to, thus ending up with 3 screens total? if so, Its unusual for a laptop to be able to do that.
Anyway, have you check the box which says "Extend my desktop onto this monitor"? in display properties? if that isnt selected they will just display mirror images like you say.

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The USB is plugged in and the mouse works right away, just cannot get the Microsoft wireless keyboard to connect

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 Hi  I have recently picked up a T460 , but when its docked and the lid is closed down the external display monitor connected doesnt workI have to have the screen open on my laptop for the external screen to work Any ideas please ? Thanks In Advance Alan 

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Hi everyone,
I got a WD15 dock and made sure all the drivers and bios were updated. plugged it in and started having issues. First it wasn't working with my keyboard and mouse when plugged into the Docking station (with the lid closed). No biggy plugged the into the laptop and continued working. Now it acts like the Ethernet Cable is being unplugged and plugged in constantly (lid still closed). Sometimes everything will work with the lid open, other times if acts like I unplugged the dock making the monitors flash on and off. Please help!

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Tried to restore using system restore but no restore points are available. My mistake, i know...the keyboard works right up until i get to the welcome screen.

How can I fix this...any help will be appreciated.. Thank you.

Problem started when i followed these instructions to try and use my ps3 controller on my PC.

Win 7 32bit
Logitech mx3000 mouse and keyboard wireless. (I have tried reconnecting them).
Dell Dimension 9200

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Basically ^^^

Tried to restore using system restore but no restore points are available. My mistake, i know...the keyboard works right up until i get to the welcome screen.

How can I fix this...any help will be appreciated.. Thank you.

Problem started when i followed these instructions to try and use my ps3 controller on my PC.

Win 7 32bit
Logitech mx3000 mouse and keyboard wireless. (I have tried reconnecting them).
Dell Dimension 9200

p.s Sorry for the double post in the Windows 7 category.

A:Keyboard + Mouse not working at login screen[WORKS IN BOOTUP OPTIONS]

please do not duplicate posts
closing this one
continue here

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We recently update the ThinkPad Pro Docking Station Firmware to V3.3.1 We are not able to connect the monitors after a few minutes.   When it eventually connects the screens are shifted to the left with a Black Bar on the Right Hand and Purple Line on the Edge  of Screen. Monitors with issues are LG Flatron W2242 TQ with 22 inch 1680 X 1050. Other 1080p monitors are working as expected. We are looking at how to rollback to the previous firmware version 

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Hi all,

I've enabled BitLocker (Win 10 Pro) on a Dell laptop Inspiron 5558 and all went well.

BUT.... When I power on the computer the familiar light blue BitLocker screen appears but there is no prompt to enter the key. Just a light blue screen, nothing else whatsoever. However, I can enter the BitLocker key (blind, of course) and then viola Windows boots up properly! So BitLocker is working.

I would normally suspect a display driver issue but the BitLocker code happens long before any device-specific display driver would load (right?). Anyone else seen this or have suggestion on what to do?

A:BitLocker normal light-blue screen but no unlock prompt. Still works!

Same Happening on a Windows 10 installed Dell Vostro 2520.
Also being reported over on the MS forums:

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When connection printer via USB directly to USB ports on computer, the printer workswhen connnection USB directly to Docking station with computer in-the dock station, printer will not work. Op-system is Windows 10

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Hi, Thinkpad Ultra Docking Station - 40AJ0135EU Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th - 20KH006JMXBIOS: N23E56W 1.31 Recently installed updates: ThinkPad BIOS Update - 10 [64], version 1.31Synaptics Touchpad Firmware Update Tool - 10 [64], version PR2698617 / PR 2812761ThinkPad Hotkey Features Integration Package Setup - 10 [64], version Everything was working fine before these updates, but now I can't get the wireless mouse and keyboard (usb dongle) or the usb headset to work connected to the dock. Works fine when connected directly to the X1 Carbon. I suspect the BIOS update, anyone got any tips? The dock is listed as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" under Windows settings. I have of course tried to uninstall/remove device and install it again, but it won't work.  I have a colleague who also has a X1 Carbon, with recent updates and his X1 Carbon works perfectly with my dock. And similarly, my X1 Carbon works perfectly with his dock, which is a Thunderbolt 3 Dock. Edit: Tried to update Dock firmware with driver from https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/no/en/products/monitors-and-projectors/docks/thinkpad-ultra-docking-sta... But problem still remains When I try to run automatic scan for updates through Lenovo support I get the failure message: "The package catalog for your system is currently being updated on the System Update Server. Please try again later" 

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Hello everyone
I've problem with my dell E5450

1. When i connected laptop with close cover to the dock station i will get screen on the external monitor.
2. When i connected latptop with open cover i've screen on external monitor and on the laptop.
Problem starts when i connected my laptop with close cover to the dock station then open them. 
I've only screen on the laptop but none on external monitor. I must use  keys combination like "windows + p" and choose  extent screens to display screen on laptop and external monitor but when i disconnected laptop from dock station and connect again that the same problem.
What can i do to solve this problem?
My configuration:
intel core i5-5300U 2.3 Ghz
Intel HD 5500
Windows 7 pro

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Just replaced my OS (Win 8.1) Drive, and was planning on using the old drive as a back up.

This new (and old) drive have just the OS, all my programs and media etc are on other drives.

Can I put my old OS drive, with Windows 8.1 still installed, into a USB Docking Station, and use it as a back up boot drive. In other words will this drive boot from the Docking Station if I keep it up to date (Copy Disk regularly) in case of internal hard drive failure?

Thanks in advance?

A:Windows 8.1 - Wil EXternal Drive in Docking Station boot?

A regular poster on another forum does what you are suggesting. Except he takes it a step further. Since he builds his own, the system internal drive is in a quick release setup. If the drive has a problem he pulls it out and slides in the backup. He uses Macrium Reflect to image to the backup using a docking station.

But I've also heard from others that a drive in an enclosure will boot via USB. Some techs use that to boot into a fully working Windows system so they have all the tools needed to fix the customer system during a house call.

Don't ask me about licensing issues since I'm not an attorney. But the poster who does the haedware backup drive I would think is only using Windows on the one drive that is installed in the machine etc..

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Hello I have an issue with X270 (Windows 7) and Bitlocker.I have successfully imaged the computer with bitlocker and TPM has been set to discrete. The computers starts fine and bitlocker is enabled.The problem is that when the computer is started when in a Lenovo Dock the computer ask for Bitlocker ecovery key every time, when started from other docks (Targus) the computer starts without problems.We do not have this problems on other X models I hope somebody can point me in the right direction \MartinKJ

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I have just upgraded to Windows 10 PRO 1903 OS Build 18362.30. and windows is not able to detect my monitors when connected to docking station. If i use the HDMI cable directly in the port on laptop, it works.Previously I had to external monitors plugged in to docking station ultra, one on HDMI and other on DisplayPort on Windows 7 Pro.I have tried installing drivers of both Intel 530 chipset and Nividia Quadro M1000M. But cannot get this to work.Any help will be appreciated.

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Just bought a new P70 and workstation dock.  The dock works great when I have the laptop open but if I just put it on the dock the dock's power button does not turn the laptop on.  I originally thought I would be able to walk in and snap it into the dock and run without having to have it open.

A:P70 connected to docking station

Is the dock plugged in?  I have the same setup and mine starts fine.  I have latest BIOS, but I don't know if that matters

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Hey there, I own a dell XPS 13 and recently bought a second hand Dell D3000 docking station to plug in 2 external monitors to my laptop.The XPS is currently running under Windows 10.I downloaded the lastest video and USB SS drivers, the lastest Display Link software.I plugged in 1 of the screen which worked for about 10 seconds.Now, none of the 2 external screen I am trying to connect are displaying anything.
Please note that my computer is recognizing the docking station in the device manager
Additional Step I tried: - Unplugging everything, uninstalling the displaylink software, reinstall displaylink software, plug everything back. - Didnt work.

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I have a Latitude E7740 that runs Ubuntu Xenial (16.04). I dock it to a "Dell EURO2 Advanced E-port II" docking station. 
If I boot it in the docking station, everything works fine, and I find all my two DVI-connected monitors. 
However, if I undock, then put it into the dock again while running, it fails to enable the screens. I'm using a script called autorandr for switching between display modes - it uses xrandr. It tries to run:
xrandr --output DP1-1 --gamma 1.0:1.0:1.0 --mode 1920x1200 --panning 0x0 --pos 0x0 --rate 59.95 --reflect normal --rotate normal --output DP1-2 --gamma 1.0:1.0:1.0 --mode 1920x1200 --panning 0x0 --pos 1920x0 --rate 59.95 --reflect normal --rotate normal
But the X server responds with:
X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)  Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR)  Minor opcode of failed request: 21 (RRSetCrtcConfig)  Serial number of failed request: 48  Current serial number in output stream: 48
Running this exact command after booting in the dock is doing the right thing, but after undocking then docking, it doesn't work.
Any ideas here? I have updated to the latest BIOS version.
Problem also reported in launchpad with lot's of debug info, here:
Autorandr script is here: github.com/.../

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I have a t480s coupled with basic docking station type 40AG. everything was working perfectly fine until yesterday I updated the Thinkpad docking station utility unsuccessully. this generated an error message any attempt to load the docking station driver (see enclosed file description) proved unsuccessful. Any possibility to restore the situation ex ante or to overwrite these errors> thanksenclosed file description and error message

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Does HP have a docking station that works with HP ENVY - 17t-u100 CTO. Please make recommendation if not snap down option available.

A:Does HP have a docking station that works with HP ENVY - 17t...

Hi, To be able to "snap" down the machine needs a docking port at the bottom. Unfortunately the Envy 17 is not designed with it therefore the only option is to use USB. The following "dock" is the one:      http://h30094.www3.hp.com/product/sku/10438912   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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I have a ThinkPad T460s and a docking station. For about 2 years they system has worked fine. Now when I dock the laptop the green computer icon comes on while I am pushing the laptop down. But once I let go, it disconnects. Any ideas what I can do to keep it connected?

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I have a 17" Widescreen Sony VAIO laptop w/docking station (VGN-A190; Intel Pentium M 1.70 GHz; 1GB RAM; ATI RADEON 9700 64MB). Its a great computer which I've had for about 3 years. Still runs great! But unfortunately my laptop screen is beginning to die. It will only stay on for a few minutes before the back light turns off and you can't see anything. So instead of buying a new screen ($500), i went and bought an LG Flatron to hook up to my docking station using a DVI-D connection. Sort of a makeshift desktop set-up. I got it all hooked up and boom, got a nice clear picture. Except its got a 1in black border that runs equally around the picture. I tried playing with the resolution but the max i can go to is 1280 x 768. Is the connection from my laptop to the LCD monitor keeping my new monitor from capturing all the resolutions that the Laptop normally has by itself? How can i get the picture on my LCD to fill the screen? When i hook the monitor up to the docking station i only get three resolution choices: 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, and 1280 x 768. Appreciate any help!

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Hello, I want to use my computer together with a external monitor. So, i bought the docking station USB-C Gen2. Unfortunately, it is not working!I am not able to get a connection. I updated almost all drivers. First question:Is this docking station compatible with my Computer(Yoga 900)?If not, which docking station can you recommend? Thanks for help.

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Windows settings to extend screen to both monitors works fine until I undock then redock.  Then the Intel Graphics settings seem to override the WIndows display settings and only one monitor works until reset using the windows 7 screen resolution to detect and extend again.  When the Intel display app is opened from the system tray, the multiple monitors tool is only showing one of the 2 monitors connected.

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I have dual Dell U2417H monitors connected to a Dell docking station (E-Port Plus II) using Dell Precision Port Laptop.  The problem I am having is that I am unable to get all three displays working simultaneously.  If I place the computer into projector mode then I can get both external monitors working, but only in that conifguration.
I am looking to get both external and Laptops displays working simultaneously, can you help?  I am currently using the supplied Dell mDP (mini Display Port -  HDMI to mDP interface) cables.

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I have an interesting problem.

The laptop I'm working on (And HP G series; running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium) had a NASTY trojan that disabled the keyboard and mouse (is what I'm assuming). I was able to work on the laptop with a USB mouse and the onscreen keyboard

After going through about 10 AV software I finally got rid of all the Trojans (the scans on various AV software ran clean multiple times after removal); but the keyboard and trackpad continue to be disabled.

Under the Device Manager it lists as the device as a "code 10" error.

Doing some Googling I found a post that said do delete the registry entries that were labeled "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters"; which I did and I rebooted.

Now my USB mouse OR my USB keyboard won't work.

I tried using a Linux Live CD and the trackpad and keyboard DOES work there no problem. Also the keyboard works fine when I'm in the BIOS.

It's only when I'm in Windows (even in Safe Mode) that the keyboard/trackpad/USB Mouse/USB Keyboard doesn't work...so it's not a hardware problem.

Things I've tried (besides deleting those registry entries)

- Startup Repair
- sfc /scannow
- Reinstall the drivers (when I DID have access to Keyboard and Mouse)

So to recap; I cannot use the keyboard/trackpad (or a USB Mouse and USB Keyboard) in Windows (including safe mode); but they DO work when not using Windows.

Anything else I can try?

A:Solved: Keyboard and Mouse not working in Windows 7; but works in BIOS/LinuxLiveCD

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My HP Envy DV7t laptop is docked to  HP USB Media Docking Station VY847AA#ABA.  It worked fine after I originally updated to Windows 10.  Recently Windows 10 applied an update and now none of the USB ports or the sound works thru the docking station.  All the devices work fine when they are plugged directly into the laptop.  Sounds play fine thru the laptop as well.The drivers say they are current.  I've done a complete system power off including laptop battery removal.  Tried plugging the docking station into all the different USB ports.  I'm at a loss at what else could be done.  HP says there are no drivers for my docking station / operating system. The docking station shouldn't be outdated, it's speakers and wiring (I think). Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

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A long time ago a question similar to mine was asked at https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T61-and-prior-T-series/Trackpoint-disabled-when-docked-PS-2-mo... to which there was no reply.My Lenovo T61 running under Win7/32 was recently connected to a KVM so that it can be used in two locations. Operation is seamless for the KV of KVM: - Both keyboards work - FnF7 lets me have both displays at onceMouse is another matter entirely. When the KVM connector is plugged into the docking station, the mouse pad dies. Unplug, and the mouse pad is restored. The BIOS settings are the same choices for both touchpoint and touchpad, Disabled and Automatic:    "Built-in [device] is operational.    If PS/2 mouse is attached built-in pointing devices are disabled."     Since both 'mouse' capabilites can be operational at the same time there are presumably two sets of circuitry, or a way for one set to be shared. I would have thought the following choices were feasible, but only a) was implemented     a) Trackpoint/Touchpad     b) Disabled/Touchpad/PS2     c) Trackpoint/Disabled/PS2I had hoped the Middleton BIOS might have b) and c) but no mention of it. The Thinkpad wiki at http://www.ibmfiles.com/ibmfiles/t61/ThinkPad%20T61%20Wiki.htm says "The touchpads on most models of the ThinkPad T61 are capable of multi-touch features, including two-finger scrolling, with the pro... Read more

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Dear Masters,

since 1 Week i?ve encountered Problems using my Dockingstation
Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W

After the Last Windows Updates the Dockingstation will only be recognized after disconnecting the Tablet, than disconnect all devices connected to the Dockingstation.
Than can reattach the Tablet-Unit, Keyboard is recognized, than attach Power and the external devices. Everything is Working.
Power On is via Button not possible when attached to the Dockingstation.

All this occurs after the Last Toshiba Updates and Windows 10 Updates comes up.
I really need Help to fix that Issue.

A:Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W - Docking Station not anymore Working after Windows 10 Nig

really good to see that there is no answer from toshiba.I think my company will never buy again toshiba products.

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Hi I just came accross a problem using laptop's built-in mini DP port. I once noticed it doesn't work. When I plug a display in using mini-DP - HDMI cable, the display do not detect the computer, computer also do not detect the display (it is not visible in device manager). Whe I plug the monitor using the docking station and DP-HDMI cable - the display is detected properly. I used to plug the display using this built-in port in the past and it worked well. Any ideas? Please, do not tell me I have damaged motherboard... I have ThinkPad T450. 

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Hi All,

Just recently purchesed one of the All in 1 HDD Docking caddies from Ebay, but need some expert advice.

I am connecting a 200gb IDE HD which is being recognised as a removable disk, but not as a seperate HD.

Not sure if this is a driver issue but have installed everything on the disk.

To see the exact type of model I am using type: All in 1 HDD Docking - in google and its the first youtube result red front with a black body.



A:External All in 1 HDD Docking Station

SEAGATE is the model of HD, 200gb IDE, power sounds when plugging in, therefore something is live.

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I have a HP 15-d005tu laptop. The keyboard has suddenly stopped working when I connect to Wifi, but starts working when the airplane mode is turned on. When I connect to wifi I have to use the on-screen keyboard which really slows my work. Please help.

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As the subject line implies. I have a xps13 running windows 10 and I just purchased a d3100 docking station.
I assumed I would be able to run 2 monitors and the built-in digital display (3 total screens) all autonomously. 
I downloaded the drivers and then plugged into the docking station and to my dismay, the monitors are not working as I expected. 
I currently have just 1 27' dell monitor connected through the display port. (I need a dvi cable before I can connect the second monitor.)
The Intel HD graphics control panel doesn't recognize that I have multiple monitors. It only recognizes the built-in display. The system display settings do allow my to go into extended desktop mode but it's very clumsy, it won't let me decide which monitor is primary, etc...  
Am I doing something wrong? 

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Hi, Tech Guy Forums.
A few minutes ago I had to shut down my computer impropery(by holding down the power button) because my computer froze after trying to logging off one of my accounts.(i hope this doenst mean anything)

So I turned my computer back on my pressing the power button again and when I got to the windows welcome login screen I could not type in my password!
My keyboard is not broken, the lights are on, and it was working fine before I had to shut down my computer . I can still enter the boot setup and the keys work in there. It's just when I get to windows login screen it stops working.
I have tried restarting my computer many times that doesn't work. I tried putting my keyboard usb into all the other slots and that doesn't work either.
Help! Is this a virus?

A:Keyboard stops working at Windows Login Screen! Help.

While the computer is booting up, try tapping the F8 key. See if the windows advanced options menu, appears. Try selecting "Last known good configuration". Otherwise you can try safemode. If you are able to use the keyboard in safemode, then I would uninstall the keyboard drivers, and let windows reinstall it upon normal bootup.

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I work from home and all the equipment I have was provided by my company.  I have an HP ultra slim docking station which my HP laptop is connected to.  Also connected to the docking station is a mouse, keyboard, and two HP EliteDisplay E190i monitors.  Since hooking everything, I keep losing my screen.  What I mean by that is they keep going black and when they come back on, the screen distored and there is an error message at the bottom of the screen.  I can't recall the exact message because it disappears pretty quickly but it basically says that the graphics was lost.  I assume this has something to do with running three screens on the docking station (the laptop, and two monitors).  Is this right?  If so, how do I fix it?  I lose time everytime it happens becuase I usually have to reboot the system to get rid of the distortion.  Please note:  I have called my IT and they aren't too much help.  

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I detached my screen from the docking station a week ago. Now, I can't get the hdmi drive to detect  my external monitor. it's as if the hdmi drive isn't active

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I have the Inspiron 5748 and the D3100 docking station.
Windows 10 creator update installed, all latest updates drivers etc.
DisplayLink Manager v8.0.762.0

I have an external HDMI monitor, the problem is simple.
When the monitor is plugged in the docking station anything using that HDMI screen DOES NOT use the NVIDIA GPU, it uses the on-board Intel chip.
When connecting the monitor directly to the laptop all applications on the external monitor use the NVIDIA GPU (I have this as default in the NVIDIA control panel)

Please advise on how I can get the D3100 to work with the NVIDIA GPU.

Many thanks.

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Hello so my laptop (Precision 1350 Workstation) with windows 7 which i bought in September 2016 stopped charging after I used it with my docking station . It worked for a week or two prior to this and then I started getting a notification every time I put the laptop on the docking station that said "ac power adapter not recognized , use adapter of 65 watts or above" but the adapter was 130 watts. Even when the laptop was taken off the docking station and the ac adapter was just plugged into the wall it still won't charge at all. I made sure the bios was updated 1.11.4 and even checked for driver to update and ran the online diagnostics there was no problems but it still won't charge. A tech came out last Wednesday and replaced the motherboard and this fixed the problem for about a day but then when I put it back on the docking station the same problem occurred and it still won't charge. I even tried it on a different docking station but the same make and model as mine and the problem persists. Does anyone know what is wrong? The phone tecnicians and the technicians don't seem to know what to do 

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