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Vista logon screen for single user logon

Q: Vista logon screen for single user logon

Vanilla Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop running Windows Vista. It has never had a login account or password protection, and is only used in single user mode.

Yesterday, start-ups fine, no password. Today, I'm presented with the user logon widow prompting me for a password, and cannot logon to Vista!

No-one has meddled with the laptop. Don't know if SP1 was automatically downloaded
and installed - whatever the factory defaults were from Dell. I've not seen any references to this kind of issue on Vista, but have heard about a similar thing with NT.

Any suggestions how this could have happened?

Yes - I know I can reset passwords using the NT Password Editor (http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/).

Preferred Solution: Vista logon screen for single user logon

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Vista logon screen for single user logon

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Please help! I am trying to logon to my computer and am getting The User Profile Service failed the logon message for both my Lucy and Lucy Administrator profiles. I have looked on here to find a solution and have tried to do a system restore but it tells me that there are no settings to restore to ?? Most other messages just dont make sense as Im not great at dealing with computers when they go wrong! I would be really grateful if anyone knows how I can sort this out. The only thing I can do is log into Safe Mode and I have no idea where to go from here!

A:Vista logon issue - The User Profile Service failed the logon ???

Hi Lucy

The following tutorial will give you instructions on how to fix this - The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

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200+ Windows 7 Pro machines, similar configuration, 1/4 of them x86, 3/4 x64.
Encountered 6 such machines having this problem: After a restart, user logon stuck at a black screen. In Windows event application log there is an event 'The Windows logon process has failed to spawn a user application'. This application is an in-house developed
application and is called at winlogon\userinit registry key.
A restart into Safe Mode, first logon will experience an auto-restart, then second logon ok. Subsequent logon into normal Windows is ok.

Setting the group policy setting to User Account Control: Behaviour in Admin Approval Mode to 'Elevated without prompt' doesn't solve the problem.

All machines are in workgroup.
There seems to be a relationship between security hardening (through local security policy) and this behaviour but not conclusive because some of the machines encountering the problem had not been hardened.
When I booted a machine under MS DART and change the userinit registry key to call userinit.exe instead of the in-house application, subsequent user can logon correctly under normal mode. Then changing it back to call the in-house application will again
logon into black screen.
Based on these observations, can anyone share what Windows does during Safe Mode to recovery such problem? under what circumstances does it auto-restart after a logon? Can local GPO enforcement corrupt the default user profile?

Valuable skills are not learned, learned skil... Read more

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I'm running identical Vista Enterprise computers in a lab environment on a Windows Domain, and am having an issue with the user account picture.  Namely, on the user logon screen, just above the fields for the username and password, there's a giant empty frame where the user account picture should be.
I've already replaced the user.bmp and guest.bmp, so that our company logo will show up for users in the start menu after they've logged in, and will show up in the logon window for their user name if they've locked their session, but I'm unable to get the picture to show up on the original logon screen before the user logs in.
Some group policies we have include:

Interactive logon: Do not display last user name

Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL

Always use classic logon
So far I haven't found any good info that refers to this problem.  I've only seen two posts on these forums that come close to the problem I'm having, but neither touch on it directly and provide a solution.  They are:
Does anyone know if it's even possible to force a user account picture to be displayed on the Vista logon screen when on a domain?  Thanks in advance.

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I have a computer which will not allow me to map a drive to another computer within our network.  Both devices are Windows 7.  In my small network, I have three WIN7 devices and one WIN10 device.   One WIN7 and the WIN10 machines are
both mapped to the HOST WIN7 device successfully.  I am able to PING the "errored WIN7" computer from the host computer; I am able to see the computer and shares on the error'd from the HOST machine but when I try to map from the error'd machine
to HOST I get the <g class="gr_ gr_5319 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del" data-gr-id="5319" id="5319">Logon</g> Failure error (above).  I have completed the following:
-Reset Advanced Sharing Settings (ensured File and Printer Sharing are turned ON and Password Protected Sharing is turned OFF)
-Group Policy Management ( allow log on locally and ensured the ADMIN account (and everyone) is in the Group settings
-Group Policy Management (removed the Deny log on locally) assignment
-HOST machine (Everyone is allowed under User Rights)
-Network Sharing (enabled network discover, use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers)
-Network access (Allow anonymous SID/name translation)
-Network access (Let everyone permissions apply to anonymous users)
-Network access (Restrict anonymous access to Named Pipes and Shares)
-Network access (Do not... Read more

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I accidently screwed up the administrator account and once, i tried to install a software and it came "You need a administrator password to proceed"so i typed it then it came the error"this user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer i tried a lot but its still not working and i cant install anythin..so please help me

A:Logon failure:this user has not been granted the requested logon type at this compute

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Hi, I have this on login attempt

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
It then logs off and directs me back to same screen.

As I stupidly only have one account I have no access to play with any windows options!!!

Please he lp
Just turned on other PC on home network and was able to access the shared folders on problem pc.

Is there any way to correct without a clean install?

Thank You

SOLVED....... Big apologies to all staff at TSG.. I didn't search enough posts.

But I found this and followed exactly. Don't know if it was for Vista, but workedlike a charm on Win 7 x64 Ultimate.


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Windows 2003 server local policy keeps loosing the users that I set so that it can be browsed accross the workgroup. I can browse the server from the other pcs in the workgroup only for a few minutes until the policy looses the users all by itself. I cannot find anything that can explain what's going on. BTW - I can browse the other computers from the server with no problem. The local policy on the other computers don't change themselves. TY

A:logon failure: the user has -been granted the requested logon type at this computer

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

If you see this message the following should be done on the computer containing the shared files:

Download the following and install it

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

after installation is complete, click on: Start, All Programs, Windows Resource Kit Tools, Command Shell

Then enter the following commands. (Attention: they are case sensitive.)

net user guest /active:yes
ntrights +r SeNetworkLogonRight -u Guest
ntrights -r SeDenyNetworkLogonRight -u Guest

The first command enables network access for Guest, the two subsequent ones change two different policies to allow network access for Guest.

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Hello all,

This is my first ever post, usually with a bit of searching I can find the answers to most computer related issues I have, but no matter how hard I look I cannot find the answer I need to solve this rather annoying problem.

So here is the low down, I have my desktop PC running Windows 7 Ultimate. I also have a cheap old Asus netbook running Windows XP home edition SP3 (not much on it so it runs ok).

I am trying to share files between them so my Mrs can access the music on my PC.
So far I have been able to access the shared files folder from my netbook on my PC. I can also detect the PC under the Workgroup tab of 'My Network Places' on the netbook.

However whenever I double click on the 'Richyv-pc' icon in the Workgroup folder is comes up with an error message that states:

"\\Richyv-pc is not accessible. You might not have perrmission to use this network resource. Contract the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer."

I have granted full share access to all the wanted files from my PC with access to 'Everyone' with read/write control.

I have tried many different things from many different forums but none have fixed this problem. Im sure Im missing something obvious but I just cant see it. My PC is part of a homegroup because of my work laptop that I bring home from time to time but I dont think this is caus... Read more

A:Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this compute

Hi and welcome to TSF see the steps here and check that you have followed them Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP - How-To Geek

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I've tried every fix that I can find on the internet to get around this issue. I've identified the problem to be the local policy on the 2003 server that allows incoming access erases the accounts I add after a few minutes, therefore I can no longer access the server from another computer in the workgroup. I can always access any computer from the server. I need help....please. TY

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User profile is set up for network access. The user can go to any computer on the network and login. However, there is one computer on the network that will not allow the user to login. It says "The User Profile Service failed the logon user profile
cannot be loaded". This issue only happens on this single computer for this singe user's profile. Other users can use that computer to logon just fine. What's going on?

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Hie guys, Iwas looking on some postas with regard to this topic and tried to implement the suggestions.
I followed the suggestion below

To resolve this problem: on the remote computer, select Administrative Tools>Local Security Settings>Local Policies>User Rights Assignment, right-click on Access this computer from the network>Properties>Add Users or Groups, add everyone or any users you want to be able to access the computer from the network.

This fixed the problem on the interim and I could access my file shares and printers. However when I restart the machine or even log off nad log on again, the prblem resurfaces and all the user accounts Iand groups i wolud have added to Administrative Tools>Local Security Settings>Local Policies>User Rights Assignment, right-click on Access this computer from the network> will be removed and the field empty. hence I suspect spam the disallow remote access by editing these entries .

Any ideas on how this can be resolved would be appreciated

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I have two win xp sp2 pcs. Both of them are in the same workgroup. I can ping each one from the other. I can access the shared folders of one pc from the other. But the reverse is not true. I cannot access shared folders of the other machine.
I am attaching the error message here.

A:logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type

After going through a similar thread I installed windows resource toolkit and entered the command mentioned in that thread. But now I am getting Access Is Denied instead of logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type.

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My system windows 7 has been showing the logon screen after cicking on my account,.
It shows welcome and again its shows logon screen.
I logged  in with safe mode and created another account . New account worked fine. After shut down and i again logged in,It shows same problem.
Again logon screen is displaying
Kindly help meee out

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Single Software to modify all system icons, Start orb, Logon screen

First of all, I got the information from our new member Pepito of this software. I was finding developer for past few months to develop some software like this, here and in other places, unfortunately the right combination didnt took place.

This software is something very close to my dreamed software (I had plan to add more options though); unfortunately its only available in French Language. So, my tutorial writing mind thought to write a small guide to help other users to use it effectively.

If you have this killer software, there is no need to use separate programs for changing logon Screen, logon button, Start orb and all icons; including system icons, disk icons, program association icons etc.

So, first you need to download, right? Click here to download the installer file(another page will open and the download prompt will come). Download here (Direct download).

After you have completed installation (by guessing left key is OK and right should be Cancel); run the program as Admin. You will get a prompt on every run to make a restore point :

Click Oui to make a restore point or Non to dismiss it and proceed, this window will come:

This the main interface of the program. You can see three options: "My 7 Logon", "My 7 Orb" and "My 7 Icon". I am going to detail one by one.

Note: Closing any window after clicking any of the three will not close the ... Read more

A:Single Software to modify all system icons, Start orb, Logon screen

Thanks for sharing mate. Will download and try later.

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I have two computers, my desktop which I am on right now and a HP laptop with Windows 7 Home Professional.
I have two accounts set up on it.  One in my name (and I am Admin), and one in my son's name with just basic user priviledges.  Yesterday I had been signed on the laptop under my profile and switched users to his account.  Last night when
we logged off, I logged him off first. Then attempted to log me off when the message came up "another user is connected".  Today when I tried to log in as myself I received "The User Profile Service service failed the Logon.  User
profile cannot be loaded.
I can't get in to restore because my Admin password / my login failed.  I tried coming up in safe mode but still can't get past the admin password.  How do I fix this.  The way it stands now, I can't do anything other than surf.  Can't
add programs, can't uninstall, etc.

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Hi At my company we have Lenovo L460 with windows 7 and Cisco anyconnect 4.3 - we have a sim card with 4G data connection to a service provider(Telenor).When I have logon screen for windows 7, I can see with FN+F8 that the wireless WAN is "on", but when I try to connect/logon with the cisco anyconnect "start before logon" module the cisco say that it can't see any internet connection. And I tried to wait for 3-4 minutes so all services where running, but no connection.... If I uses the Wifi connection then it just goes smooth... If I logon to windows 7 and then start the mobile data connection at logon to cisco anyconnect there is NO problem.. So are there somebody who can say that:1. Huawei does not support cisco anyconnect SBL?2. Lenovo does not allow you to start a mobile connection before you logon windows ?3. Or something? A lot of thanks in advance!!!!!!!! Regards niels

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Ok, this one isnt as easy as it seems.

I know about the temporary user problem when a user has their folder deleted & try to log in again & get a Temporary User profile. However, my problem is a little more servere.

Any new user that tries to log on gets the Temp profile.
3 previous user profiles work ok. However, one of them changed their password & they then got the Temp profile.
The PC is connected via a Domain, so i removed the PC from the Domain, added it to Workgroup & logged in locally as a new user with Admin rights & I still get the Temp profile.
I've checked the permissions & the registry & cant find anything wrong.
This is what gets reported in the error log:

Thanks in advance.

A:Vista logon problem, Users only get a 'Temporary Logon'


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Hi everyone,
I am so glad to have found this forum and to see that others in the past with similar problems have had them resolved, looking forward to nutting this one out
The computer is a win XP with RAID that freezes the mouse and the keyboard if a mouse or keyboard button is touched at the logon screen.
The mouse works fine until a button is pressed, you can even click on a user but are unable to enter a password due to the keyboard and mouse freezing at this moment.
NOTE: originally happened with a USB keyboard and USB mouse, using PS2 keyboard and mouse.
I am writing about my fathers old computer which suddenly started “freezing up” at the logon screen, after he wasted weeks trying to get it to work he decided that it was a hardware issue and bought himself a new computer.
Since then I have proved that there was no hardware error by putting an extra HDD in and installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
Everything functions fine under Ubuntu and the files are able to be accessed on the RAID.
While i can access and copy files as needed from the RAID i would like to return access to the win XP install and let my father use it again.
I first attempted to run Live rescue CD's but they could not find the RAID drive.
- Bit Defender Rescue CD – Saw the ubuntu drive, no RAID
- Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 – Didn't see any HDD's.
So I ran the following AV programs from ubuntu 12.04 LTS:
- Bit Defender – NO THREATS F... Read more

A:Unable to logon, Win XP with RAID, KB & mouse freeze at logon screen

So you are able to run the machine  using PS2 keyboard and mouse.
Step 1: 
Download and install LogonFix
Click the Highlighted button.

When prompted select yes.
Allow the program to reboot your machine as well when prompted.
Step 2:
Download drivecleanup.zip to your desktop.
CLICK HERE to determine whether you're running 32-bit or 64-bit for Windows.
Once the determination has been made open either the 32-bit or 64-bit folder.
Right Click the .exe on the inside of the folder and run as admin.
A command prompt window will open telling you what has been removed upon completion.
Note: All usb devices must be removed from your machine during this step, except your keyboard and mouse of course. 
Step 3:

Download TFC by OldTimer to your desktop.
Close any open windows
Double click the TFC icon to run the program. (Vista/7/8 Users, Right Click and select Run as Admin)
TFC will close all open programs itself in order to run
Click the Start button to begin the process
Allow TFC to run uninterrupted
Once its finished it should automatically reboot your machine, if it doesn't, manually reboot to ensure a complete clean.

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I have upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. During the procedure a screen showed that Dell Access had to be removed before Windows 10 could be installed.
It was removed, and everything else went smoothly.
Now during logon, at the login screen, the system will take a while to initialize, and say "Failure to initialize". Luckily I am able to login using a password.
I want to use the fingerprint reader to login. Dell says that this system have no issues with upgrading to Windows 10, but not now. So how can I solve this problem?
I will like to do either the following:
1. Get the fingerprint reader working.
2. If it cannot work, I want the logon screen to stop trying to initialize and just use password to logon.

Also, I am getting 2-3 nos of the same user on the login screen. There is only 1 user on this computer but I see mostly 2 but sometimes 3 of the same on the lower left of the logon screen. I also want to remove the extras. Not an issue, but I think it may be related to the above as well.



A:Precision M4700 Win10 upgrade - Failure to initialize fingerprint reader during logon, and multiple same users on logon screen

I'm getting the same thing and the same lack of response.  Has anyone from DELL done any research on this?

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Hi there,

I have a windows 7 pc in a "domain", so when you get to the initial windows 7 welcome screen (prior to logging in as a user), you get a blank transparent Picture

A:How to change Logon screen Picture frame (before logon)

Its ok, managed to get it working, seemed to work when i did it again, strange. No blank picture frame now, just a customised "picture frame" that appears prior to logon, just what I was after. Hope this helps anyone else trying to achieve this.

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Is there a way to remove the logon picture.

or make the picture smaller.

it ruins my logon wallpaper
let me know!

A:Logon screen, change/remove logon picture

There are some links in this thread which may be of help - Remove the Login Screen Icon


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My daughter's laptop (Dell Inspiron 1501)is running Vista Home Basic and all of a sudden she is unable to logon under her user name (and get access to any of her files). Other users can logon fine but nor can they get access to her files. The following error message is displayed "The Group Policy Client Service failed the logon. Access is denied." There are separate issues as the system is forever freezing but trying to sort out the first problem first. Anybody come across this before or have any suggestions? Thanks.

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I am having windows xp on my pc, i need to access pc of my colleague, both pc are on network. i access his pc by going in start - > run option on my pc , there i put ip address of my collegues pc, then it ask me for user name and password, after inserting it i get access to his pc, but this happens only once, next time when i access this pc it does not ask me use name and password screen it directly open the folder, how can i get that username and password screen again.

A:User logon screen

Odd way of logging but if it works..... try clearing your browser cache and clearing cookies. It doesn't sound like there is any security breach but your system is remembering the username/password combo and entering it for you.

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How do I get rid of this message? On the Vista logon screen, it says "User name or password is incorrect"... so I click OK and then type in the password and it works. I mean it says this before I enter the password! Once I enter the password, it works. I do not have any tweaks to make it automatically enter the password, and I've tried removing the password and adding it again, changing the password, etc. Thanks for the help!

A:User name or password is incorrect on Vista logon?

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I recently upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. It was fine until I decided to change my account to a microsoft account. After logging out and restarting, I could not see my user on the log on screen. It still showed up in Control Panel and PC Settings after logging in as another Admin.

To try to fix this I created a new user and was going to copy files into it but this new user didn't show up either.

Is this a Win 8.1 bug or is there something you have to do?

I can always revert to Windows 8 because I backed up my computer before updating but I would not prefer this.


A:User Not Showing Up On Logon Screen

Hello 997R8V10, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Do you have a back arrow at the top left corner to click on to show all users on the sign in screen instead of just the last user?

Signing in to Windows 8

Use the tutorial below to see what details it shows for the affected user account, and post them here to see if it may reveal a cause for it not showing up on the sign in screen.

User Accounts - View Detailed Information About in Windows

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Hi all.
i've windows 7 professional RTM and it work very well ... i'm really happy for this os

but i've a small problem. i'have 5 local user and i want to see all user in logon screen but windows show me only the last one logged in ...
how can i set up my os for show me all user??

1) no user have password
2) administrator account is disable
3) all user are administrators
4) i not do anything before for change settings of my logon screen

someone can help me ???

Thanks a lot

A:Show many user on logon screen

Hello Sandro, and welcome to Seven Forums.

When you give any of the user accounts a password, they will then all show up on the log on screen.

Hope this helps,

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Something strange is happend. On a few desktops the last user that logged in on the machine is not rememberd. The machines are in the same OU as the machines where the last user is rememberd.
There is nothing changed in the GPO's. I have tried to put the machines in a OU that has no GPO's connected so a clean login. It doesn't matter which user logs in on the machine after a restart the user is not filled in, i click ctrl-alt-del and the username
and password are empty. Normally the last user is filled in.
When i look at the settings in Windows 7 and look at the useraccounts - control useraccounts and then the advanced tab then there is a setting: secure login "users must press ctrl-alt-del. This setting i can change on the machine as an administrator to do
that of choose to not do that, but on the machines where the last user is not rememberd i cannot change this it is greyed out although i am a administrator....
Maybe this has something to do with it.
How can i find out what is cousing that the last username is not rememberd?

A:Logon screen last user not rememberd

I have found in the past that a 2003 domain and windows 7 desktops, this setting doesn't get applied. Possibly because its missing: Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows Server 2003 (KB943729)

One possible way that you could combat this is run the script manually on the desktop, create a  logon script or gpo that runs a script which applies a registry file, or group policy that runs a script, this only needs to be ran one time per workstation.
regedit.exe /s donotdisplaylastusername.reg
The contents of donotdisplaylastusername.reg is:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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I recently upgraded to windows xp professional from windows me. I was not having any problems when I started the pc until after I installed the .net framework updates from the windows update site.
Now when I start or restart my pc it starts with the administrator setup instead of the way it had been. I need to go to start/log off and select switch user in order for it to switch to the way that it had been prior to the .net framework updates.

I tried going to the control panel and selecting the user account and selecting to change the way users log on or off and both the "use welcome screen and use fast user switching" are checked off. I am listed as a computer administrator but there is also a user account titled administrator which is also listed as a computer administrator. The administrator account is the one that is automatically opening now when I start the pc but I want it to open to the user which is me (and that is how it was opening prior to the install of .net framework).

I also tried going to start / run / control userpasswords2
on the user accounts I removed the check mark from the box for "users must enter a password to use this computer". I then selected okay to the automatically logon box that popped up with my user name. I did not enter a password since I never entered or had one to begin with. I then clicked on okay
I then tried going to control panel / user accounts and then to change the way users log on and off and unchecked ... Read more

A:windows xp welcome screen - user logon

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Here's one that's got me stumped, maybe someone here can help.

Got a computer here that boots to the XP welcome screen, but has no accuonts listed on the right at all (the only thing you can do is shut down). Booting into safe mode you get the same thing -- not even the Administrator account. Pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL twice brings up the standard username/password box, but I can't log in due to the password being invalid. (Interestingly, Safe Mode Command Prompt Only never loads; it reboots the computer.) Figured I'd run SFC from the recovery console but without the admin password, couldn't log in.

Booted to a Linux boot CD to remove the password for the Administrator account. (chntpw / Petter N Hagen's disc) When I choose the partition I get an error during mounting that says:

NTFS-fs error (device hda2): load_system_files(): Volume has unsupported flags set. Mounting read-only. Run chkdsk and mount in Windows.
NTFS-fs error (device hda2): load_system_files(): Failed to load $LogFile. Will not be able to remount read-write. Mount in Windows.

I can continue to select the path to the system files, and select "Edit user data and passwords." When I do this, instead of a list of usernames/passwords, I get:

Cannot find usernames in registry! (is this a SAM-hive?)

...and it can't find any usernames. I'm assuming that's why I can't log on as administrator -- not because there's a password, but because it can't find the password, or the file is cor... Read more

A:No user accouts at XP logon screen

Have you tried a NTFS boot disc?
Try running that or a normal XP install disc, press R, and try a chkdsk.
Could the block containing the SAM file be corrupt?

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Quick info(summed the text below in points);
* Happens after he logs in to his administrator account. (his own computer)
* WinXP Pro SP2
* Happened after finishing a download of an anime episode using Bitlord(probably latest release)
* Hardware unknown. (possible updated later)

Hi, first of all I searched forum and looked through various topics to find if someone else had this problem. I found people who had black screen problems BEFORE login screen even appeared.
Second of all this problem is not on my computer, I am looking for help to be able to help my brother out which lives about 16 miles from here and suddenly got this problem after downloading an anime episode.
I'm not entirely sure what anime it was but I assume it doesn't matter since he never even started the file so there is no way it could suddenly jump his computer without even being executed. Just for the record I believe it was either [Eclipse] Claymore, [DB] Naruto, [DB] Bleach or [K-F] One Piece where only the Claymore episode would be downloaded from a public tracker.
Right now I'm not sure what hardware he uses and since he doesn't keep much track of what he has, he just play games most of the time. (he usually gets help from various people to chose good parts)
- Not dual core
- XP SP2
- Motherboard supports crossfire gfx
- Over 3 ghz processor
- Over or around 500 GB disc storage.

For the moment I'd like to know if there are any common solutions from people who have encount... Read more

A:Black Screen AFTER user logon

Hello Pandanton, Welcome to TSF!

BitLord is a P2P download facility, and unfortunately we cannot assist you with faults caused by P2P programs, as it is strictly against the TSF Rules.

The TSF Rules are available here for you to reaquaint yourself with them.

This Thread is now Closed!


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We have strange problem with our one Windows 7 Pro machine. We have few users, that have set option (Logon to) to login on specified computers - for example pc1 and pc2.
These users are accessing these PC's via RDP. The problem is, that on "pc2" machine, none of users can't login via RDP to it. They can login locally, but not via RDP (they have all permissions to logon via RDP). "pc1" is working flawlessly
(users can login both locally and via RDP).

The funniest thing about it is that, when users have "logon to" option set to "pc1" and "pc2" - they
can't access "pc2".
BUT... if we set "Logon to" option to "All computers" - they can easilly access it.

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I have a problem - there are no user icons on my "interactive logon screen" - only the "Turn off Pete's Laptop" button down at the bottom left. I normally use the XP-click-on-your-username-next-to-the-sunflower-or-snowboarder logon screen. Pressing ctrl-alt-del does not bring up a logon dialogue box - at my logon screen I usually just click on one of my user profiles. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary on my computer before shutting down last night, and I have antivirus / malware software running always and nothing showed up prior to logging off - in fact nothing has shown up for ages.

Now I can't get into my computer at all, even using different safe modes - there are just no users shown. I've searched for "fixes" on MS-KB but can't find anything that resembles this problem except for an old post on this forum here. And what folk were saying to do on that thread was a little above my head. Sorry to be really thick, but can someone help me please?

My OS is XP SP2; I have 2 user accounts that usually show up - one is "Pete" (my usual one, a limited account) and the other is "System Protection" (admin account that I only use to install programmes and make system changes - habit of mine left over from Linux days) - I was using Pete last night. Guest and admin accounts do not usually show up as options to click on - never enabled them. My laptop came with a recovery section loaded ... Read more

A:Missing all user icons at logon screen!

Sony VAIO. Typical problem. You need to call their tech support if still under warranty. If out of warranty, reinstall the 8 disc recovery set.
It may be a spyware, trojan, or virus problem, but that is not helpful if you cannot boot up to fix it.
The Sony VAIO does not allow a Windows XP repair... only recovery or restore of the original install set... so you may be forced to reformat and reinstall.

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I just recently reinstalled Windows 10 Pro from scratch 2 days ago. All of a sudden I noticed yesterday evening I have 2 usernames on the logon screen. It normally boots directly into Windows (I turn off requiring password on NETPLWIZ screen). But now it comes up with Invalid User Name and/or Password. After I clear the error, it presents me with 2 usernames to logon with:

Stuart Moroz (this one has no options below where you type the password)
([email protected])


Stuart Moroz (this one has 2 options, local or MS Account. This one I think is the one that got added somehow)

How did I end up with 2? and how do I get it to boot directly into Windows again? Thanks for any/all assistance.

A:2 User names on logon screen all of a sudden

Hello Sage, and welcome to Ten Forums.

It sounds like you may not have entered the password correctly when setting up netplwiz to have Windows sign in to the account automatically at startup.

Start over with netplwiz to select the account and enter the password again to see if that may sort this for you.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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I mis-spelled my user name and now the log on screen won't let me change the user name.  Every solution I've seen here requires logging on as admin.  But, if I can't change the user name, I can't logon.

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Hello people! Huge greetings from Brazil!

I?d like to ask for sorry: my english is not quite good!!!!

But I really need your expertise!! I swear I stayed googling until 2:00 am with no solutions!!! I?ll try to explain my doubt:

I have two user accounts on my computer: my account and my wife?s account.

She rarely uses the computer, because she prefers to use her notebook, but eventually, as I said, she uses the computer.

I really would like to know if there is a possibility to configure windows to, at the logon screen, it always shows my account (where I put my password) instead of the two accounts, where I have to click the icon for my account user and then enter the password to login.

In other words, it would appear my account (only the rectangle with my picture in the center of the screen - instead of two smaller rectangles, with two user accounts). So, if she wishes to log, she could click "switch user" and then on her icon account, and finally enter the password and login.

I saw there is a way to log with a "blank" icon and put the username and pass, but I don?t want it. I just want to show my icon account and put ONLY my password; so if she wants to log, she must click "swith user".

A big hug!

A:Customize a default user at logon screen

Hello Cqueiroz, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but when there is more than one user account create, it would not be possible to hide her log on screen icon unless you disabled her acccount until needed to only have your account active, then enabled her account when needed.

Hope this helps some,

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I have a problem - there are no user icons on my "interactive logon screen" - only the "Turn off Pete's Laptop" button down at the bottom left. I normally use the XP-click-on-your-username-next-to-the-sunflower-or-snowboarder logon screen. Pressing ctrl-alt-del does not bring up a logon dialogue box - at my logon screen I usually just click on one of my user profiles. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary on my computer before shutting down last night, and I have antivirus / malware software running always and nothing showed up prior to logging off - in fact nothing has shown up for ages.

Now I can't get into my computer at all, even using different safe modes - there are just no users shown. I've searched for "fixes" on MS-KB but can't find anything that resembles this problem. Sorry to be really thick but can someone help me please?

My OS is XP SP2; I have 2 user accounts that usually show up - one is "Pete" (my usual one, a limited account) and the other is "System Protection" (admin account that I only use to install programmes and make system changes) - I was using Pete last night. Guest and admin accounts do not usually show up as options to click on - never enabled them. My laptop came with a recovery section loaded onto a hidden (and hopefully protected) partition on the HD - unfortunately I don't know how to access this if I can't get into the comp. When I first loaded Windows I remember... Read more

A:Missing all user icons at logon screen!

The recovery partition is usually booted if you press one of the F keys during startup and to make the recovery disks work you have to start the computer up with the first one you made in the Cd drive. (So that it will boot from the CD)

Also I don't know why you would have 2 Accounts unless you have a 5 year old that gets on the computer too. I would just have one account that is admin but thats just me.

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Hi there people!!!!!!

I was wondering if there is a way in which you can change the size of the user picture in the logon screen... What I mean here... is that, no matter the picture you use for it, the logon screen shows it at a "fixed" size... but sometimes, it is shown in a little frame, while in other PC's, you can see it bigger... I don't know if it's matter of resolutions... I hope I'm getting understood...

Is there a way to control or change that?

Thanks in advance people.

See ya!!!

A:Logon screen user picture size

Not without a funky res hack.
Which logon screen do you mean? There is the classic and the new one...

I did also notice that the user pic is a little larger if you're logged in and have locked the workstation.

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Hi there
The method of switching to a NEW user seems CRAZY in W8 -- there's no option on the power off button (Login as new user) -- you have to go into the START screen , click on your user icon at the top right of the screen and then choose sign out --- it's mad !!!!
Have I missed something or is there a keyboard short cut to logout and login as a new user.

I want to test some stuff running as a NON administrative user and it's quite annoying having to go into the start screen all the time to do this.


A:Glitch IMO Logon as new user - via START SCREEN !!!!!!

Hello Jimbo,

I think this below should take care of that quite nicely by having all Power options available via a desktop context menu.

Power - Add Cascading Desktop Context Menu in Windows 8

Switch User - Add to Desktop Context Menu in Windows 8

(Option 1 or 2 only for Windows 8)
Switch User Shortcut - Create - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Hello, I've manage to modify the login screen to where it only shows my name. I would like to move it to the bottom left corner as shown in the picture I just can't figure out how to move it. I love the way it looks without all the other crap and I just click my name to login instead of that ugly icon they had. any help on this would be awesome.

A:Reposition windows 7 logon screen user name

I figured out how to move the user tile list on the logon screen I got to where I want it to be I removed the icon its not just a picture its the actual logon screen I captured it with logon screen capture 7

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Does anyone know if there is a way to change the user picture frame on the logon screen, similar to the way you would change it on the start menu?

A:Logon Screen User Picture Frame

Oh wait... no. :/

The only way I know how to do it is by going to to Start> Control Panel> User Accounts and Family Safety> User Accounts> Change your picture

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Hi everybody,

I've been trying to change my user account picture in the control panel, it worked, and it showed up in the start menu, but it didn't change in the logon screen (still dell default icon). Does anybody know what's wrong?

My system is Dell precision M6600, win7pro 64-bit. My user account has administrator right (in fact I am the only user).


A:can not change user account picture on logon screen

I hope this tutorial will help you to get rid of Dell's stuff.

Clean Up Factory Bloatware

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Hey there,

I am versed in group policy and recently applied screensavers with idle lockouts, but would rather the user is just kicked back to the login screen after idle timer is reached. How can I accomplish this?

In the registry settings, the SCRNSAVE.EXE has to be set to something, and I can't figure out an option other than the screensaver files located in windows/system32. I've seen "logon.scr" used as the value in SCRNSAVE.EXE, but it does nothing on my laptops. Nor can I even find that file on computers where it does work (not owned by me, its a friends).

Further, when applied via GP, some users aren't catching the timeout setting properly and its kicking the screensaver after 60 seconds, instead of 900. Any reason some have a delay, and it takes days for the setting to fully apply and get into the registry?


A:How to send user to logon screen after 15 minute idle?

Seems scrnsave.scr is the new logon.scr. Now I just need to figure out why some users don't catch the timeout settings properly off the bat via GP.


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A friend at work has given me their laptop to look at as their password stopped working (or she forgot it). I tried using the Trinity Rescue Disc to reset the password as it was showing the account as being locked. Now the only option on the logon screen is the guest logon.

Could someone help me restore her username as a logon option and give a way to reset her password?

Her account as far as I'm aware is the administrator account otherwise if just use that to have reset her account.

Thanks in advance...

A:Password needs to be reset and user disappeared from logon screen

im,not 100% but I will give ya what i do know; this one i believe you may have to use the windows disc for the system to reset the password.

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I'm looking for a possibility to change the highlighting of the users icons at the logon screen of windows 7. It's not easy to see, which user is highlighted. At the Vista logon-screen this was much easyer to perceive. The only information I can find, is how to change the background of the logon screen.

Greets Paka

A:Windows 7 logon screen, customize user highlighting

Welcome to the Seven Forums

They are bitmap (.bmp) in the authui.dll in C:\Windows\System32

See screenshots:
bongo #12219 hoover #12220
test #12222 hoover #12218

1 user #12223


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I have windows XP Home SP3 and there is one user acount.

the current condition:
When I click win + L from the keyboard or go to start -->log off --> switch user. I get the user name selected and the password box is ready to enter the password as shown in the first picture

what I want:

I want when I click win + L from the keyboard or go to start -->log off --> switch user to get the user name not selected as shown in picture 2. If I want to log in, I have to press on the user name to get to the condition as in picture. Then enter the password

I used to have the second condition which help to remind me to check the email if I have unread messages right after I log on. However after I format the computer , I get the current condition. I have to remember to click the mouse outside the log on box so I can see if there new emails when I come back

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