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Audio problems on HP HDX-18

Q: Audio problems on HP HDX-18

Audio is sometimes distorted, and checking it out, the stacsv64.exe (IDT PC Audio Service) is attempting to start, uses something like 500 MB of RAM, and 60-70% CPU. On other occasions, audiodg.exe, the Windows device graphi isolation task, is running at 50% CPU, 300 MB RAM. This latter program apparently configures audio jacks on the laptop.Nicholas Bedworth, CTO
DigitalDirect Development Corporation

Preferred Solution: Audio problems on HP HDX-18

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Audio problems on HP HDX-18

Nicholas,I am pasting in a msg I just left on the issue. The fix is take the stacsv64.exe and go to HP support and do a search, putting in your complete model name, then finding the driver. It works.stacsv64.exe on HP Pavilion dv7-1247cl laptop continous 40-50% CPU usage + other things
After successfully installing Win7x86 on a desktop; clean install in about an hour, I installed an in place upgrade Win7x64 on the above mentioned system in about 10 hours or less. I did not have to do anything but look at it once in a while.
However, things such as the obove issue have haunted me since the initial reboot, upon which I have found several re-installs to do; particularly open source apps as Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox.
The above problem with stacsv64.exe was quickly resolved by going to going to HP and downloading the version of stacsv64.exe which was probably the same as when I purchased the HP in late Mar 2009.
As soon as I did the reboot on the stacsv64.exe issue, I could not connect to the local net or the Internet. Upon which I had to do a rollback of the Realtek 8102/8103 PCI E net adapter. It quirky version had worked on & off during the day, but was probably the one that the Win7RC1 install did, which had been tried to have been pushed upon the system for multitudes of Windows Updates since the day I first bought the system. I finally had told Update to forget it forever.
I perhaps should have done an install which I could have done, which was a clean install on the laptop thru the eSata connection with an eSata drive in an enclosure, HOWEVER, I am glad to get such good performance out of Win 7 as I am on the laptop, which has Vista Home Premium, which is a total dog (I do not want any dogs to take offense, but Vista IS the pits). Windows 7 is quickly renewing my confidence the MS can do some things right!

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Got a niggling problem with installing a driver for my onboard sound. I recently bought a motherboard bundle (Nforce 7050M-M) and I have got everything working fine but I just cannot install the driver for this. I'm currently using OS XP SP3.

It seems like I have tried every everthing that i've seen posted on a similar problem. I have all the latest drivers for windows, motherboard & Bios.

When I first had the problem it was a code 39 error on the device manager, now its a code 1 error (i'm can't rembmer at what point this changed as i've tried so many things).

Does anyone have solution for this problem?

Please help, thanks.

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I am new to this forum. I have searched for related problems here but did not find anything relevant, my apologies if this is a duplicate. What follows is a copy of a message sent to VIA (in Taiwan apparently):

I seem to be having some issues with your VIA High Definition Audo drivers in an Asus K60IJ-series laptop (purchased in 2010). The driver version is dated 09/07/2009. It works fine on its own but when I try to add an external audio device to the system, I run into problems:

- I was not able to make a Toshiba Bluetooth Stack (driving a Kensington K33902 dongle) produce any audio: Windows will not let me set the bluetooth-connected external audio device (Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter, provides no Win7 drivers) as a default device while you drivers are installed. If I remove your drivers and allow Windows to install its default drivers instead, I can now choose the Bluetooth device as default but still get no audio out of it, nor out of your VIA audio chipset either (it seems the generic Windows drivers are not compatible with your chipset).

- Am having similar problems with a Creative Digital HS-1200 bluetooth headset: the headset is automatically set as default when the Bluetooth interface is plugged into USB port, but the default can't be changed, and Windows Media Player complains that there are no audio drivers for it (it appears OK under Device Manager)... YouTube continues to play through the VIA despite. The headset works fine on a... Read more

A:Laptop audio problems possibly involving built in VIA High Def Audio

Hello sybernut mate this is the site where you need to go to get drivers the Windows feature is not something I am a fan of and find it is far better to get the drivers straight form the machine's manufacturers site or the device in side the machine site.
http://support.asus.com/download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=K60IJ&os=17 - in the manual section it tells you how to set up Blu tooth stuff. The drivers are all there - I am linking to the Asus K60IJ notebook form your specs.

Now if you want in depth details of the components see this
Using HW Info
You can test the volts on the PSU with HW Info HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download < download the right bit version and close the right hand window select Sensors and scroll down to the power section where you will see what the volts are doing see my pic.
The original right hand window shows the machine running and is handy for that but for looking at the components in some detail close it and use the main left hand side panel
Open each small square with + in it on the section the components are in and then click on the individual component/s (it will highlight in blue) - in the right hand side will appear all sorts of details including brands speeds and other essential info that particular device. See pic for example.
Use Part B: (see pic for an example - I have shown you my RAM you need to click on one of the +'s until you find the Blu tooth info probably Network)

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Multimedia Audio Controller Problems - no audio device - dell dimension xps
I don't have any sound on my computer. I reinstalled WinXP pro, everything seems fine except I don't have any sound. When I checked the device manager, under Other Devices, Multimedia Audio Controller had a yellow question mark in front of it. In the control panal under sound and audio devices it reads no audio device and is grayed out

A:Solved: Multimedia Audio Controller Problems - no audio device

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Hi Team, While Iam playing some audio /video on you tube and working on some other thing in another browser and if there is any load on that browser , or working on any documents  /office work or some captcha verification in progress the audio which is already running gets stuck or drags for 5 secs  with blurred audio on youtube. Any idea? Its been a month exactly tomorrow that I got YOGA 710. Sometimes if youtube is the only thing which is running on my laptop   

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Hi, about 2 days ago I turned on my pc and many weird things started happening...
first it took a lot of time for the explorer.exe to load, so the desktop or taskbar didn't appear until after maybe 10-15 minutes. Then, the taskbar looked really weird, it seemed like it had been cut horizontally, so you couldn't get to see the whole lower part of the taskbar (and it wasn't the screen size config... since I tried changing that and it didn't work). I thought it might be some kind of virus, so I opened Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and I got the following message:

Run-time error '372':

Failed to load control 'vbalGrid' from vbalsgrid6.ocx. Your version of vbalsgrid6.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

Then also I noticed I can't paste anything anywhere... or drag things, so I can't copy paste things or cut-paste things... then since yesterday I no longer have a taskbar... and I also can't use the search function (not even when I go into My PC and click on the search icon... a frame appears on the left, just as it should, but it just stays blue)
Also, when I go into taskmanager, and go to processes the Username under all processes is blank (except for one: Inactive process... under SYSTEM) when normally many of them were under Administrator and others.
And finally, I can't open windows media player... and when I open iTunes i get the follow... Read more

A:windows explorer problems, audio/video problems, vbalsgrid6.ocx problems...etc.

no one? please?

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Hi, about 2 days ago I turned on my pc and many weird things started happening...
first it took a lot of time for the explorer.exe to load, so the desktop or taskbar didn't appear until after maybe 10-15 minutes. Then, the taskbar looked really weird, it seemed like it had been cut horizontally, so you couldn't get to see the whole lower part of the taskbar (and it wasn't the screen size config... since I tried changing that and it didn't work). I thought it might be some kind of virus, so I opened Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and I got the following message:

Run-time error '372':

Failed to load control 'vbalGrid' from vbalsgrid6.ocx. Your version of vbalsgrid6.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

Then also I noticed I can't paste anything anywhere... or drag things, so I can't copy paste things or cut-paste things... then since yesterday I no longer have a taskbar... and I also can't use the search function (not even when I go into My PC and click on the search icon... a frame appears on the left, just as it should, but it just stays blue)
Also, when I go into taskmanager, and go to processes the Username under all processes is blank (except for one: Inactive process... under SYSTEM) when normally many of them were under Administrator and others.
And finally, I can't open windows media player... and when I open iTunes i get the follow... Read more

A:windows explorer problems, audio/video problems, vbalsgrid6.ocx problems...etc.

someone help.. please?

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Hi have had problems for quite awhile now.

When after recordings into my computer after using Wavelab I get like a glitchly problem with my audio. like its finding it hard to process the sound and pauses.

I will also get a problem with streaming audio and audio in general is not up to its best it can be!

Ive downloaded the latest drivers for my sound card best still have this problem.

Any help would be great

Many thanks Ray

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Can anyone advise on how to solve this problem. I had to format and reinstall window Xp Pro. And now I have no sound, In device manager there is a caution sign on the above. I dont now if its conected but the keyboard also has a problem the pound sign is not working I get a # instead. the @ sign is where the " mark is. any help. I think it is driver issue. I have registered with hardware helper at cost but still no joy. Any free download fixes please. Mike

A:Audio Device on high Definition audio Bus problems

For the keyboard, if you are in the UK, get to 'Control Panel', 'Regional & Language', 'Keyboards and Languages'.Select 'Change keyboards' then scroll down and look for 'English - UK'.You may have to change anything else in that window which is 'US' and set it to 'UK'.

For the audio, you need to give us some info re your setup. I only do telepathy after 4 cups of coffee and I'm on #2.

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I recently upgraded to a p11 turtle beach headset and since my audio stops working after a while. This happend on Windows 8.1 and still occurs now that i have Windows 10. When i try to go to sound and then playback devices, playback devices stops responding and i cannot accesS it. When i restart my pc, everything is back to normal and i have sound again. I updated my drivers of my motherboard (p8 q77 m-2) but that didn't fix it. I checked the drivers of the headset and they are also up to date. I dont know what i can do anymore to fix this so i would like if you guys could help me a bit.



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i recently bought a desktop mini for my business which works great but my only issue is the AUDIO. the audio constantly cracks and pops in and out. any ideas of what may be causing this and if so, what is the solution??  

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Im at my wits end now. As the title says really im having probs with cds im making from mp3s skipping randomly. it started about 2months ago, my dvdrw had been noisy for sometime and started to skip audio cds i made (hadnt changed cdr brand been using the same brand for donkeys) so i bought myself a new drive (phillips dvdr1628) thinking my existing samsuny had just packed in. Unfortunately this failed to remedy the problem, i then thought maybe this was just a coincidence that the new dvdrw didnt like my choice of cdr so i bought a different brand of disks...still no joy. next i formatted my system thinking maybe there was still traces of nero 7 on it (which skips like anything anyway) and installed trusty nero 6 reloaded which ive used for donkeys. however still skipping cds. any suggestions on how to solve this great mystery? lol

any suggestions for alternate software?

ta, russ

A:Problems With Audio Skipping On Audio CD's

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Hi everyone,
I seem to have ran into some audio issues recently that my sound disappeared after extensive use of my laptop.
I tried fixing these issues, but I only made it worse I'm afraid... So i tried uninstalling my audio drivers but they didn't automatically reinstall like one of the forums said they would.

So now I have a laptop with no sound at all basically, and I've tried doing a system restore, but it seems to not be able to do it, it boots up normally again and says it wasn't successful at completing it.

So this is how my device manager looks like right now.

Could anyone with your expertise guide me through this problem?
Thanks in advance already,

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3700 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 76 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8105 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 918 GB (846 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0WVYMC
Antivirus: IObit Malware Fighter, Enabled and Updated
Am having audio problems. Every time I restart Windows 10 I have to readjust my audio settings. Once done I can get about 10 minutes of quality sound before it becomes distorted very bad.
Also when I click on start menu, the description of the menu selection fades to unreadable at about the D entries on through the rest of the menu.
Hope this is the right forum to place this in. Any thoughts or ideas is gratefully appreciated.

A:Dell 3252 having audio problems and start menu problems

You appear to have a Dell Inspiron 3252 desktop.
What's the exact "service tag" number and "express service code" number on yours?

It appears to have Realtek ALC3600-CG 5.1 channel high definition audio.
HERE is the Windows 10 64-bit driver for it.


You should consider getting rid of the IObit-related apps that are installed in that desktop.


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DVD Shrink problems help me out ???????

I just started using dvd shrink, and i am using Sonic to burn the discs. everything seemed to have went well until i play the dvd. The sound works fine at first but if you fastforward or rewind the sound cuts out. Also some times the menus don't work either. What am i doing wrong ????

A:DVD Shrink problems. audio and menu problems up on playback, help..

I just started using dvd shrink, and i am using Sonic to burn the discs. everything seemed to have went well until i play the dvd. The sound works fine at first but if you fastforward or rewind the sound cuts out. Also some times the menus don't work either. What am i doing wrong ????

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As mentioned, i have had some audio problems, when I open a program (ie internet explorer, word 03) while iTunes or Windows Media Player is playing, the sound start to crack and i get some static, after the program finishes opening the sound returns to normal. This is most weird because until 2 months ago it was fine when opening programs, then my hard drive crashed causing all data to be lost. I then bought a new hard drive, reinstalled windows Xp and the Device drivers for the audio control and i now get the problem, no changes to anything else in the computer.
Please help, and sugestions would be very appriated
Cheers Hynesy

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I have a number of .avi files in which the audio won't play. I can't figure out what codec or... whatever I need.

Some avi files are perfectly fine, but a number will play video but not audio. There's also one that will play audio, but not video. I'm really rather confused. Can anyone help? Thanks!


A:Problems with .avi audio

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Hey, I know this is my first time posting but I'm not new when it comes to forums
Anyway, to my problem..
This is a really messed up problem and it's been eating away at my patience for about 4 days now. I installed world of warcraft to play with my friends and when i was on ventrillo and I talked to them, if they interupted me by saying anything it plays back their voice only really really loud and almost like im holding a bad bad microphone up to a seperate set of speakers.
I know this isn't uncommon and I've seen the solution to this before over the past few days. According to some people it's a simple case of the Realtek HD Audio Manager playing what im hearing back through my microphone.
I know what that means but how do i stop it. I've downloaded the LATEST drivers for my ONBOARD audio adapter and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail.
I DID however fix this for a while last night, but when i went off it came back when I was playing a BE Mix in Counter-Strike Source, and I couldent tell positions etc.

Realtek HD Audio with as far as I know LATEST Drivers.
Windows XP Professional, rolled back from Vista Home Premium, but it was fine until a few days ago.

A:Audio Problems

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I have a HP Pavillion dv4 laptop with Windows 7 64 bit installed. Lately, I have been having issues with audio on the computer. Sometimes (but no always), when I shut off or restart my computer the audio will not work when i turn it back on. Over the last couple weeks I have been leaving it in sleep mode, and if I had to restart it and the audio stopped working, I would system restore and the problem would be fixed temporarily.

A few hours ago a Windows update was forced onto my computer, and it restarted after the update was applied. As usual, the audio stopped working, so I tried to do a system restore. I tried restoring to 3 different restore points (and I know that the audio was working at each of these three points), however I cannot seem to get audio back on my computer.

More info about the problem:

ATI High Definition Audio Device

When I go into device manager, it says that the device is working properly

When I try to update driver, it says I have the latest version installed

There is no yellow exclamation mark next to the device in device manager

Audio does not work, and interestingly, if I try to play a song in Media Player I get an error
C00D11B1 and it says the file cannot be played

Also, if try to watch a youtube video, I get no sound (obviously), and the video is extremely choppy even if I let it buffer fully

Applications still all run perfectly, there is just no sound

My computer did not have this problem when I fir... Read more

A:Please help: Audio problems


Welcome to 7 forums.

In this regard, I feel that you may have windows DRM problems. You may have to refer the below links CAREFULLY to resolve your issue.

► DRM Problem/Reinstall wmp 11?? - Vista Forums

► Problems with Windows Media center DRM after install of Windows 7 Please help - The Green Button
If the issue persists, please provide me with the list of all the Audio and Video players installed in your computer to assist you further.

♥ Cheers ♥

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OK i just got my new computer and i keep getting this annoying echo when ever i listen to music or anything that involves audio

is there anything i can to fix it????

A:HELP HELP Audio problems

sound card

What kind of sound card? the properties for the specific card usally has effects options that you can uncheck, start there or go to your start button-control panel-sounds and look there!

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Some time ago I stumbled over an article about DPC (Deferred Procedure Call) in Windows and the issue of latency problems regarding that process.

In essence, DPC relates to a CPU tunnelig process in which all streaming media (audio/video playback/recording etc.) in Windows are subjected to. Transferring data to and from a soundcard requires the device driver to send a DPC request to the CPU. As Windows can't multitask by design, each CPU-Core has only one queue for all hardware. It's a first in first out principle and the timing and flow is subject to whatever is happening in all running tasks, processes and services regarding hardware at the time.

This process is the basic problem for all audio malfunctions, there might ofcourse be other issues but if DPC latency is low and stable the problem is certainly found in either audio software or hardware settings.

How to fix and maintain sound issues:
DPC latency can be monitored in real time with this magnificent tool from Thesycon Systemsoftware. Being German, they also write thorough procedures on how to use it so I'll leave it to them to explain the process of eliminating problems. A more in depth explaination of DPC is also found on the bottom of that link.

In addition to their information - It's important to note that services, scheduled tasks and startup processes also should be checked in addition to drivers while verifying DPC latency. Many 3rd party services (and sometimes Windows services like diag... Read more

A:How to fix 99% of Win 7 audio problems

Quote: Originally Posted by Alkotashi

Some time ago I stumbled over an article about DPC (Deferred Procedure Call) in Windows and the issue of latency problems regarding that process.

Hey Rainer, we've been on the DPC tool for a few months now, it's definitely helped quite a few.


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I have been having issues this morning with my audio, My speakers are not being detected in the playback devices. Although there are solutions to this like show disabled hardware this is not the problem. I tried a system restore and, yes it worked my speakers were showing in the playback devices and working perfectly until I put in my Headset through USB. I have to use Troubleshooting to make my headphones work but then my speakers are not found in playback devices.

I am currently stuck with either my headphones, or speakers. And the only way i know how to revert back to using my speakers after using my headset is a system restore, If anyone has any solutions to this unusual problem ill be very grateful.

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I think I just deleted/uninstalled my audio drivers on accident, and I cant find any that work anywhere.
I have some CA-3001 2.1 Speakers that Im trying to use, but I have others as well.
The ones that worked before are Cambridge Soundworks SBS51's.
Im running Windows XP Home Edition... I have all my specs too, so if you need to know anything, just ask.
Ive posted here before about my graphic card with great success, so Im hoping to do that again.

I desperately need Audio Drivers, but I dont know which ones I need or how to make it work. Thanks a ton!

A:Audio Problems! Please help

Thank you so much! I wasnt expecting such a quick reply..
Since you are so awesome, I have one more question.
Using my motherboard outlet, I can never get a secondary speaker to work.
I have one speaker which plugs into: My computer, the wall, and another speaker.
The other speaker never works.
Is that a driver fail or damaged motherboard? Same thing happened to my Granpda's new mini netbook too... Any ideas?

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I have a HP G6000 laptop and ever since Ive put windows XP on (originally had Vista) my laptop speakers have stopped working. I have sound when i insert a headset and occasionally the sound will come back on my laptop speakers and then disappear again with no notice. This sometimes happened when i had Vista but i could just change the default settings to laptop speakers instead of headset. Any help would be SOOOOOOOOO appriciated

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I have an Acer TravelMate 3260 laptop. The sound is Intel HD Audio with Realtek chipset, ALC883.

I am using Windows XP and dual booting it with Linux. In Linux, the sound works perfectly. Specifically, when I put headphone, the speakers are automatically muted, and sound comes in headphones.

However, this behaviour is very erratic on Windows. Suppose I start with Linux, and then reboot to Windows, then if I insert headphone, speakers are muted but there is no sound in headphones either. However, the application still thinks sound is playing. When I remove the headphone, the sound resumes from the speakers.

Sometimes completely shutting down the laptop and then starting a cold boot to Windows works, sometimes not. It is a very hit-and-miss thing. Sometimes it works, most of the times not.

I had originally installed Acer provided drivers of "Realtek HD Audio". Thinking that a driver update might solve the issue, I downloaded the new drivers from http://drivers.softpedia.com/progDownload/Realtek-ALC883-Audio-Driver-V51005296-Download-20476.html The drivers are Asus branded, but they installed fine on my laptop. However, there has been no change - the problem remains.

This is a very critical function for a laptop, please help me get this corrected.


PS: What surprises me is that it works without ANY problems in Linux, but not Windows!

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my computer's audio stopped about two weeks ago. I got some help on Malware forum, but he suggested i post here. Under control panel, my audio is not being recognized. I am not sure what i should post. I have a Dell Optiplex GX 110 computer with Windows XP. Thanks for the help!

A:audio problems

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My sounds recently went out and I do not know why. I have a third-party sound card ( Razer Barracuda AC-1 gaming audio card ) and I disabled the integrated audio from the BIOS. I have tried re-enabling it and taking the card out. I have tried getting the right drivers only to run into more problems. I really don't know what to do anymore. Any suggestions? Here are my specs.

Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
Install Language: English (United States)
System Locale: English (United States) Dell Inc. Dell DM051
Enclosure Type: Mini-TowerProcessor a Main Circuit Board b2.80 gigahertz Intel Pentium D
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Not hyper-threaded Board: Dell Inc. 0HJ054
Serial Number: ..CN6986166D1B8B.
Bus Clock: 800 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Inc. A05 03/31/2006Drives Memory Modules c,d159.99 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
145.45 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


SAMSUNG HD160JJ/P [Hard drive] (160.00 GB) -- drive 0, SMART Status: Healthy 1536 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_1' has 512 MB (serial number 61422383)
Slot 'DIMM_3' is Empty
Slot 'DIMM_2' has 512 MB (serial number 62422383)
Slot 'DIMM_4' has 512 MB (serial number 98562B42) Local Drive Volumes c: (NTFS on drive 0)159.99 GB145.45 GB freePrimary IDE Channel [Controller] (2x)
Secondary IDE Channel [Controller] (2x)
Standar... Read more

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Hello, I'm having problems with the latest films I'm downloading to watch on the computer.I have downloaded a couple of films but when i try to play them through Nero the audio is playing a couple of minutes in front of the film. Can any one help please?

A:DVD Audio problems

You can try this codec package...it solves a lot of problems


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I can't hear sound form my pc since I formatted it and installed Window XP. It complains the driver is not installed. I downloaded a driver from the VIA website but when I try to install, it complains of not passing the Windows logo test.

Please I really need sound very badly.

This is my pc info:

Computer Type: ACPI Uniprocessor PC
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional

DirectX : (DirectX 9.0b)


CPU Type: Intel Pentium 4, 1800 MHz (18 x 100)
Motherboard Name: Matsonic MS9158E(+)
Motherboard Chipset : VIA VT8751A Apollo P4M266A

BIOS Type : AMI (08/31/04)

Video Adapter: S3 ProSavageDDR (86c420)
3D Accelerator: S3 ProSavageDDR (86c420)

Audio Adapter: C-Media CMI9739A/9761 @ VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller

Manufacturer: MATSONIC
Product: MS9158 Series

A:Audio problems

I have trouble with that damned C-Media driver every time I format - but it is a decent card, so it's almost worth the stress. I'm not sure which of the many things that i try that works, but if you get no sound or a constant buzz in the background, then you have the same thing i had. I kept reinstalling the driver and changing the input, environment, etc settings in the C-Media audio tool (installs with the driver) and eventually, without having to restart, it fixed itself. It has also corrupted itself over time for no reason - i think that may have been the reason for an earlier format of my pc.

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I recently had an SSD installed in my Y700-15ISK. All the sudden I don't get any audio enhancements options under the tab and my dolby audio app is gone.

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I have system sounds,streaming audio,saved audio & video sounds.When I used "DVD FAB ","DVD SHRINK " & burnt a DVD it played back without any audio. I played it on my DVD player in lounge room and it works fine.

A:DVD Audio problems

You might need an AC-3 codec for your PC. http://www.afterdawn.com/faq/playback_prob...io_from_dvd.cfmCheers.

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About a week or so ago, my microphone started buzzing terribly and nobody could hear anything that I was saying. I tried reinstalling the software and a few other things, and all it did was remove any input I had.

I just played around with the 'Test Hardware', and it finally started picking up my microphone. I tried it out, and sure enough my microphone is now working perfectly fine. However, ever since I did this I have absolutely no audio. How do I fix this?

Here's my soundcard if it'll be of any help.

A:Mic/Audio Problems

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Hi Guys,

I've just installed a new machine and put my old Audigy card into it. My new motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro. My problem is that every 1-2 secs of continuous sound I get a sort of scratch sound (like a split second static). It happens with normal windows sounds, such as login/logout sound and in some games, but not all. This card worked fine in my old machine.

I have the latest BIOS for the board, the latest chipset drivers for the board and the latest creative drivers for the sound card. So I'm really at a loss about what to do next. Oh, the board does have onboard sound, but I've left the jumpers on the board so it's disabled and it's also disabled in the BIOS.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance, Nefer.

A:Audio Problems

have you tried different speakers? Perhaps headphones? Maybe reinstall your audio codecs?

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My speakers are crackling like crazy. Actually its more of the right (?) one that is. I run my pc thru a compact stereo on my desk and it works great for cd/radio. It's just the pc (*aux) thats giving me fits. It will crackle while playing or even just sitting there with volume up with nothing playing. I've looked at countless settings and found nothing as well as my connections.

My audio card is a creative audigy 2 Zs.

Any help would be great


A:While I'm At It Audio Problems Too :(

This usually is due to a bad connection.

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when I play a video file the audio works fine but sometime after maybe around 5-10 minutes it starts to not work properly I dont really know how to explain this.what happens is that it works fine and when it doesnt it doesnt make noise but rather it keeps switching ear pieces that one ear peice doesnt work but the other does the ear switching goes very fast but the problem stays there for about maybe a minute or less can someone please help.
I am not sure why this happened at all.
thanks in advance

EDIT:sorry I found out that the problem was with the headphones themselfs just need new ones.thanks anyway

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Sony Vaio w/Windows Vista; sound sometimes works, sometimes doesn't - more often not working; if i quickly run a streaming video upon signing on, i can keep sound; once i stop the video i lose the sound; can restart it by hibernating and reactivating, but still only keeps working if i constantly run something with audio. help?

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Whenever I watch videos the sound autimatically decreases until it reaches 0 when it goes to full volume. Any ideas what could be the matter?

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All of a sudden every sound file I play on my computer is choppy. This happened to me once before, I reinstalled Windows and everything's been working fine since. But just today it started happening again.

I installed only a couple of programs in the time between when the system was working fine and now. What happened was that I found an ebook in a format called DAISY, so I downloaded a couple of applications to try and read it.

One of the programs was called AMIS : AMIS: DAISY 2.02 & DAISY 3 Playback Software | DAISY Consortium

The other was called Pipeline GUI: Pipeline GUI | DAISY Consortium

I've uninstalled both of these programs, but I'm still getting the problem. I tried restoring to a system restore point of a couple of days ago, but I got a message saying that it couldn't be done because there haven't been any changes in the intervening time.

I suspect the problem stems from the AMIS program, because it is set up to actually read the DAISY ebooks out loud, and I think my problems last time may have possibly originated with a text to speech program that I installed as well. I'm guessing there's some common algorithms used by both programs that have messed up the sound on my computer.

I'm not sure what to do about it though. Any help would be very much appreciated.

A:Audio Problems

Delete any leftover AMIS files C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AMIS and restart the computer.
Try posting in their forum you will have more luck there then in this general Microsoft forum.

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I am running Windows XP and I just purchased an LCD Monitor with a speaker installed in it. When I hooked it up, I can no longer get audio from my "real" speakers. I tried unplugging the audio cable (from the monitor to the tower) and my speakers still do not work --- they work just fine with my old monitor. Can someone help?

A:Audio Problems

Check the audio connections to the computer. Check to see if there's power going to the external speakers. On LCD monitors there is a volume setting in the on-screen menu. Make sure this volume level is high enough. LCD speakers are very poor sound producers. Aren't your other speakers better sounding, when they work?

Please post your location and computer specs in your user profile

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Hi Folks

Simple question: I use Windows XP Pro (SP2) and have Power DVD Version 4.0. When I play a DVD, the sound is of poor quality. You can hear it well but it is crackily and popping, like an old vinyl record. It is the exact same if I use the Windows Media Player for a DVD. For this reason I'm fairly sure it is some setting that I have wrong. All other applications with sound are fine - iTunes/Flash Video/etc. I messed around with the Audio Properties and although it did improve a bit, it still isn't right. Can anyone solve this problem for me? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


A:DVD Audio Problems

Check in task manager to see what % the CPU is using. As you give no hint of what hardware you have, the audio could be suffering due to insufficent resorces.

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i have no sound, in control pannel/sound and audio devices it says, no audio device and the volume controls are grey, when i go through device manager it says audio is working properly, when i tryed to install drivers from disk there are two options on disk 1) install aplications 2) install drivers, the drivers option was grey and the aplications option was the only one availible, i installed the aplications and it didn't help at all. i am running windows xp home, p3, 20g hard drive just installed very fresh.

A:audio problems

Best bet is from device manager, delete the audio card and restart computer. Should find card and then prompt for drivers.
Test from there

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Hello all,

I recently had a bad prgram installation (Roxio Media Manager) which caused my computer to freeze right after starting up. After many hours of work I was able to uninstall the program, problem is I have a bad sound issue:

I have no sound! Windows Media player reports I have a problem with my sound device. I look in the control panel and it tells me I have no audio device detected.
I looked in the device manager and all my sound drivers are working properly with no conflicts.

I reinstall my sound drivers from MSI (and later RealTech) and I get the same problem..no sound.

Heres where it gets crazy: Some of my start up programs still make their start up sounds! Skype for instance makes the usual start up sounds. The call and hang up buttons produce sounds. When I go into my MSI sound manager program I can test out all the 3d sound effects with no problems! Why is it that the rest of the programs are non responsive? And why is it that the control panel and the device manager are telling me conflicting stories?

Here are my specs:

Windows XP Home
K8N Neo4 Platinum (PCB 1.0) Motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 2.4 Ghz
7.1 channel audio codec RealTek ALC850.

Also: I went into the BIOS and the onboard sound is on auto. The only other option I think was Disable

Here is the url for my motherboard:

Thank you all in advance

A:Audio Problems Please Help

Uninstall the sound driver from MSI and restart Windows. See if Windows reinstalls the driver properly

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ive really messed up my audio drivers and now the only way i seem to be able to get sound on my computer is through ac'97 which sounds far worse than what was on before (i dont know what this was), and games like half life 2 simply fail to load because the sound is rubbish. here is the latest report from everest home

system restore doesnt work to any restore points, even in safe mode with norton av turned off

please help me, i really dont want to have to pay for one of the se driver update programs

thanks very much for any help given

--------[ EVEREST Home Edition (c) 2003-2005 Lavalys, Inc. ]------------------------------------------------------------

Version EVEREST v2.20.405
Homepage http://www.lavalys.com/
Report Type Report Wizard
Generator BLAH
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)
Date 2007-07-25
Time 19:24

--------[ Summary ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition... Read more

A:Audio Problems

Ports (COM & LPT):
Communications Port (COM1) 5.1.2600.0
ECP Printer Port (LPT1) 5.1.2600.0

Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz 5.1.2600.0

Sound, video and game controllers:
Audio Codecs 5.1.2535.0
Legacy Audio Drivers 5.1.2535.0
Legacy Video Capture Devices 5.1.2535.0
Media Control Devices 5.1.2535.0
Microsoft Kernel Acoustic Echo Canceller 5.1.2535.0
Microsoft Kernel Audio Splitter 5.1.2535.0
Microsoft Kernel DLS Synthesizer 5.1.2535.0
Microsoft Kernel DRM Audio Descrambler 5.1.2535.0
Microsoft Kernel GS Wavetable Synthesizer 5.1.2535.0
Microsoft Kernel System Audio Device 5.1.2535.0
Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer 5.1.2535.0
Microsoft Streaming Clock Proxy 5.1.2600.0
Microsoft Streaming Quality Manager Proxy 5.1.2600.0
Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy 5.1.2600.0
Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver 5.1.2535.0
Realtek AC'97 Audio
Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device 5.1.2535.0
Video Codecs ... Read more

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I recently put Vista on my pc; Visa Ultima. Evreything works fine except the audio... I have a Asus P4S800D-X, I use the integrated Audio card. Vista can't find the drivers, I also tryed downloading them but nothing seems to work. Please Help mE!!

A:Audio Problems

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Hi all,
How are you doing?
Ok, so here it goes...
A few weeks ago my VLC started causing me problems. Every time I would watch a video, a white film would overlay the video for a few seconds. This went on until someone somehow fixed it. All he did was update the bios drivers & the video drivers. I believe I also uninstalled & reinstalled VLC prior to that which didn't help.
I was also getting the audio cutting in & out every few minutes so I couldn't hear the words. If I rewound it, it wouldn't happen in the same spot. I thought it was the USB stick, but after testing other sticks, same problem. I think it was better when we tested it by saving it to the computer, but I can't remember. I do have a USB hub.
That problem still hasn't been solved.
Now today I decided to call ASUS as I have their motherboard (I'm on a desktop & no it's not their desktop, I didn't even know they made custom desktops until today LOL). Anyway, the guy wanted to know what RAM I had & so after that he had me change the speed of it in the BIOS to 800.
He also had me update the audio drivers, but refused to stay on the phone with me & when I restarted, my speakers wouldn't work.
I freaked out, called back & their Filipino call center had me take the checkmark off of headset & move it to speakers. That worked, but this update & bios change did NOT solve the VLC issues.
Anyway, someone just called me on Skyp... Read more

A:Nothing but audio problems

P.S. there is a noise it makes when it cuts in & I don't know how to describe it.
When the person called me on Skype, the skype window didn't pop up twice. It finally did on his 3rd & 4th try.
The audio now overall is a lot louder then it was before.
When I adjust the volume on the speakers, it makes the crackling noise, not all the time, but it did ealier.
I don't have another set of speakers to test it out & they aren't cheap to buy.
For some reason my Skype windows have changed color since the changes today. Very very strange.

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Hey guys, sorry to be botherin with so many problems :S

hows everyone doing, I hope you people are great!

ok heres the deal.

I play guitar and stuff,and I record. ALOT
and lately after I restored everything to fact. because I had this problems and stuff.

I've been using alot of Adobe Audition, Audacity, and programs that let you record different tracks and stuff, they also help adding effects and such.
I also use this program that runs alot of midi files, idk if anyone knows it, its guitar pro.
And after the restore I cant even try to add effects to my recordings, I cant even play for couple times midi files, because memory isnt enough.

I just close and open up the program again. So its really hard to record...
theres an error it pops up on the program idk if it helps, its in french...and I dont know french and I cant change the language of that error msg.
its something like this "Violation d'accés á l'adresse 05A2EBAA dans le module 'O03.dll'. Lecture de l'adresse 00000000"

I was wondering if theres some way to repair this. or any way to optimize/upgrade(or something) the audio driver with any software.

Audio Profile? of the computer:

Audio Reproduction= SoundMAX Digital Audio
Audio Recording = SoundMAX Digital Audio
Midi Files reproduction = Sint. SW of GS waves
If you need any other info tell me.

Thankz for looking this thread.

A:Audio Problems.

The fault is O03.dll from doing a Google on this, others too, are having the same issue. One post stated updating fixed it, and another user said it had no effect !
Basically a program fault, Not a Windows fault
Good luck with the Googling and manufacture support

Options>Preferences and when you have that window open, there is a box named "Automatic Backup" in the lower left corner. If you haven't done so yet, check the "Every"-box and put the scrollinglist to the right of that box to "5". Now it will auto-save every fifth action, making the loss minimal each time it crashes.

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