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Compatibility of RAM modules between G550 & G560 laptop's - SOLVED

Q: Compatibility of RAM modules between G550 & G560 laptop's - SOLVED

I hope someone can give me some advice. I've a friend with a G550 running Windows 7 32 with only 2 GB of RAM, and it's woefully slow. I suggested he update to 4 GB (his system is obviously only capable of addressing 4 GB) and, as I recently updated my G560 to 8 GB (I'm running 64 bit Windows) I wondered whether I could give him one of my two old 2 GB modules (1 original, one added Crucial), or replace both, to upgrade his system? On paper, the memory seems to be similar to my untutored eye - am I missing some incompatibility between the two systems? Thanks for any help you can give.

IainLenovo G560 - Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Preferred Solution: Compatibility of RAM modules between G550 & G560 laptop's - SOLVED

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Compatibility of RAM modules between G550 & G560 laptop's - SOLVED

G550:2GB, 3GB, or 4GB std / 4GB max / PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3, non-parity,dual-channel capable, two 204-pin SO-DIMM sockets;Italics: standard memory in both sockets; no sockets available;Non-italics: standard memory in one socket; 1 socket available G560:2GB or 4GB std / 8GB max / PC3-8500 1066MHz DDR3, non-parity,dual-channel capable, two 204-pin SO-DIMM sockets;Italics: standard memory in both sockets; no sockets available;Non-italics: standard memory in one socket; 1 socket available Both machines have same memory spec.

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I hope someone can give me some advice. I've a friend with a G550 running Windows 7 32 with only 2 GB of RAM, and it's woefully slow. I suggested he update to 4 GB (his system is obviously only capable of addressing 4 GB) and, as I recently updated my G560 to 8 GB (I'm running 64 bit Windows) I wondered whether I could give him one of my two old 2 GB modules (1 original, one added Crucial), or replace both, to upgrade his system? On paper, the memory seems to be similar to my untutored eye - am I missing some incompaibility between the two systems? Thanks for any help you can give.

IainLenovo G560 - Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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 Hello Forgive my status as a technoramus, roll your eyes as necessary, then please skinny me on what I need to know to increase the 2G memory for my G550 laptop. Depending on price, I may go as high as 8G, but 4G or 6G are options, as well. So, what's compatible, and can I simply add to the existing 2G, or do I need to replace that module? Much obliged 

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I had to fix a friends laptop today from the phone because she lives in another city. She has Windows7 and apparently the machine was freezing quite often. Checking her config.sys to find out what was loading at start up I found she had 8 entries with the manufacturer marked as "Unknown". Told her to remove the check mark from them and re boot and it became worst.

Searching on the web I found how to re install Windows7 on a Lenovo G560 from the D:\ drive and we went through the process and all looks fine so far.

But now she has an icon in the taskbar which says "Drive D: has not enough space" and checking the drive I found that out of 30GB space there is only 3MB free space. All files on that drive looks like they are Windows files and she has no private files in there.

Anyone knows why this icon appeared and what I have to do to fix it?

A:Solved: Lenovo G560 Laptop

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Does anyone have an updated information about compatibility between single 16gb modules (like the Crucial CT204864BF160B) and the 7348 2-in-1 laptop? Mine has a 5th gen i7-5500U CPU and is already updated to the latest A08 BIOS released yesterday.

A:Inspiron 7348 2-in-1 compatibility with 16GB modules

Being a 5th generation Broadwell Intel Core 2 CPU, I do think so. It would be compatible. Its price dropped a few days ago to 100USD level, what makes it a nice and relatively cheap upgrade. 

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I installed energy management but still it wont work. If someone could help it would be appreciated. 

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I have laptop Lenovo G560 which is equipped with 2gb ram. Now my laptop is working very slow. So I want to upgrade the memory of my laptop.  I thought of buying a new 4gb ram for it. Please suggest me that I am doing wrong or not. If I am doing wrong then please suggest me the best combination for my laptop. Reply to this message as soon as possible.

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My G550 Laptop now won't load Windows10 after the latest enforced update. I get the initial Lenovo screen with F2 options etc then the blue Windows logo followed by Attempting to recover installation then Restoring your previous version of Windows then back to the Lenovo screen. Any thoughts?

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Hello There,
I have G560 Lenovo Laptop, Intel (R) Core i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40 Ghz, Intel(R) HD Graphics, i would like to upgrade graphic card on my Laptop.
now my question is, is it possible to update Graphic card to Nvidia Latest GTX? if yes what graphic card will support my system?
your feedback is highly appreciated...Thank you in advance....
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Go to Solution.

A:G560 - Is it possible to upgrade Graphic Card on Laptop?

the short answer is no. Only laptops with removable graphics card can be upgraded, and your system is doesn't have these slots.

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Hi,My G560 adds devices succesfully but cannot connect to any including Usb optical mouse. It was only able to connect to my Samsung Note5.Checks on windows confirm I ve got the latest Drivers installed and Devices are working well.What could be the issue. I am going nuts.I need solution asap before I loose it.

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Long story short - I spilt water over my laptop keyboard and uplugged both AC cable and battery. 3 to 4 days later i plugged it in again, placed the battery and it was charging and running on it without any problem for 2 hours. Then i decided that it's just fine so I plugged the AC cable and I haven't used it on battery for 20-30 days. Well, today I unplugged the AC cable and my laptop turned off.
I downloaded a diagnostic tool called BatteryMon and it says:
(Since I'm unable to post images which is sad - please copy and paste it into your browser adress tab)
So, can anyone please tell me what does it really mean ? I can see that it says it's 120% charged which is overcharging, isn't it ? I'm not really into electrics, so please help me - how am I supposed to get my laptop battery working if it isn't dead ?

A:Lenovo G560 battery charges but laptop won't run on it

The battery contacts could be corroded by the spilled water. It takes time for this corrosion to develop so that's why the time that the laptop worked. The water could have affected other internal circuits too over time. The laptop needs to be opened up and inspected

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I can't seem to get Message Analyzer to capture network data. After clicking on "Start Local Trace"  I just get a bunch of "Windows_Kernel_Trace". And I get an error at the top that says "Modules Loaded: Errors or warnings
were found when loading modules". I'm not sure what the cause is, and what I need to do to fix this.  And this is what I get when I click on the show log button (I couldn't paste everything because it's too long, and this website won't take
it all)

6/1/2016 2:54:36 PM Information Cannot generate enum for map TCPIP_SLOW_PATH_REASON_ValueMap because it have different fields with same name
6/1/2016 2:54:36 PM Information Cannot generate enum for map TCPIP_SLOW_PATH_REASON_ValueMap because it have different fields with same name
6/1/2016 2:54:38 PM Progress Loaded cached module 'Windows_Kernel_Trace_ProcessTracking_2cc3d1b85397939c45061ef9388fb58e_4_0_7948_0.mdb'
6/1/2016 2:54:38 PM Information Module cache file doesn't exist: C:\Users\N5227\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MessageAnalyzer\CompilationCache\ExtendTCPIP_66747ecf79d16b47eac835c67c1f284b_4_0_7948_0.mdb
6/1/2016 2:54:38 PM Information Module cache file doesn't exist: C:\Users\N5227\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MessageAnalyzer\CompilationCache\ExtendTCPIP_66747ecf79d16b47eac835c67c1f284b_4_0_7948_0.mdb
6/1/2016 2:54:39 PM Error C:\Users\N5227\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MessageAnalyzer\OPNAndConfiguration\OpnForEtw\OpnForEtwProcess\TCPIPComponentExt.opn(173... Read more

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Just noticed there are no grippies when I unlock the Taskbar on my new (to me) Lenovo G550 laptop.

Any idea how to get them back?

A:New Lenovo G550 Laptop - no grippy when taskbar unlocked

I have a Lenovo G500 and can't recall any specific bloatware that interferes there, but it nonetheless corrupts system files which could be the problem with the taskbar unlock anonmaly.

If this is still the factory install you can try to Clean Up Factory Bloatware then check the system file integrity, but you'll have a much better install if you Clean Reinstall Windows 7.

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This  G550  was working well till I was persuaded, perhaps unwisely,  in 2016 to 'upgrade' from Win 7 to 10. Since then bluetooth has vanished; also more and more often the laptop won't boot up ~ i have to keep trying turning it off and on maybe half a dozen times then it comes back up eventually but I fear at some point it will stop ~ then what? Another thing which SOMETIMES works and sometimes doesn't  ( I don't understand how that can be ) is that I have it hooked up to a large screen monitor.......... But sometimes it won't send a signal to that................ Again, if I restart a few times eventually it does.  Are the above all driver issues ?     If  it's amatter of downloading new drivers could someone please provide the actual link ? Or would it be better to try to revert from WIN 10 to WIN 7 ?  ( and if so how do I do that ? ) I suppose I could buy a new machine but not really inclined to if I can get this one to work more reliably........... Before the win 10 upgrade it did everything I need ( basically web browsing and emailing ). Oh, did I mention that LOADS of music I had stored has also become inaccessible ?   The songs and albums are still  LISTED  on the screen  but when you click on them nothing happens.    i would like to get that back too. YES I have done a fresh re install of windows  ~ no improvement.

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HiI having a problem with the bluetooth on my Lenovo G550 serial number **** laptop. It came with  in-built Bluetooth software and drivers. It was working perfectly fine for several months.But, then recently a problem cropped up. Now, when I click the Bluetooth icon, click the adaptor on and then click 'Show Bluetooth devices', nothing really happens.The adaptor turns on and then after clicking 'Show Bluetooth devices, the search for locating bluetooth devices continues but no device is located. ( & this is when the bluetooth on my samsung mobile has been turned on).Earlier, it could easily located my cellphone. Similarly , if I try to browse files on my laptop by using the bluetooth on my mobilephone even then it doesn't work. I just get a message on the cellphone ie.  'connection lost'.I have carried several scans on my PC in past few days and the files always come out as clean so that's not a problem.I can't understand why I can't browse files when the bluetooth on both the laptop and mobile are switched on and both the devices are on discoverable mode.
Also, my hot key combination Fn + F5 does not show wireless settings menu now. However, it had been working fine for several months so this is a recent problem.
Please help. Thanks.
serial numbers removed for your own safety. 

A:my lenovo G550 laptop's bluetooth can't discover devices

re-installing power management will fix your function key combinations. then you can activate it by pressing fn + f5 > on/off

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I have been trying to fix a friends Lenovo G550 running Windows 7 Home Premium. The laptop won't boot and gives BSOD error "STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x00000003, 0x887925C8, 0x88792734 ...)" the codes in brackets change each time. It then does a crash dump and reboots.

There has been no new hardware or programs installed recently (apparently).

These are the steps I have taken:
Boot in all versions of Safe Mode (same BSOD).
Boot to Last Known Good Config (same BSOD).
Windows Startup Repair (can't solve problem reboots to BSOD).
Windows Restore (can't restore).
Windows Memory Diag (no problem found).
Removed one stick of RAM boot (BSOD), replace and remove other stick of RAM boot (BSOD).
Remove and reseat HDD.

My instinct tells me it is a HDD fault. Does anyone have any other suggestions or is the next reasonable step to buy a replacement HDD and reinstall Windows?

Thanks in advance.

A:Lenovo G550 Laptop BSOD STOP 0x000000F4 won't boot


Please take a look at the following tutorial:




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I have a "Samsung 512MB DDR2 2R X 16 PC2-5300S-555-12-A3" laptop RAM module and wanted to know if it is compatible with HP Compaq NX7400 Laptop

A:Solved: Laptop RAM Compatibility

After looking at the memory you mentioned and the the other laptop, it seems they are fully compatible, at least that is if your NX7400 Laptop can acommodate for 512MB modules per slot.

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Years ago, my parents had trouble connecting this laptop:

HP Pavillion zv5000

To my wireless Router:

NetGear WG311 802.11g

So they put it away, and years later I uncover it in a closet....

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?

A:Solved: Laptop - Wireless compatibility?

1) Make sure the wireless is switched on - HP have a physical switch on the machine
2) Check the device manager and see whats in network adapters - see later
3) Post an ipconfig /all here - see later
4) Make sure firewall not blocking
5) remove any wireless secruity off the router and see if it connects
{ipconfig /all}
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all

-> Start > run {search bar in Vista} > cmd > ipconfig /all
post back the results here
TWO Methods to do that - if you cannot access the internet with PC, then use method 2 to copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Method ONE -------------------------------------------------------------
start > run {search bar in Vista} > cmd > ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Method TWO -------------------------------------------------------------

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.


{Ping Tests}
Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

Ping google.com
Post back the results

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

post back... Read more

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Hello.I have now 2x(2Gb PC3-10700 667MHz Hyundai Electronics - Hynix DDR3), CPU - Intel Core i5 520M, 2.40GHz, motherboard - Hewlett-Packard 3659, .Want to upgrade.Have two questions:1. Is it true that my laptop can't run with more than 8Gb RAM, if not true - how much RAM can it work with?2. If 8Gb is the limit, what model of RAM modules i can use with my laptop?Thanks 

A:Upgrading RAM. Looking for modules compatible with my laptop...

 Hi, 8Gb (4+4) is the limit because that is the maximum supported by the processor: http://ark.intel.com/products/47341/Intel-Core-i5-520M-Processor-3M-Cache-2_40-GHz http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01860375 SODIMM DDR3 1,5V Supports up to 8 GB of system RAM in the following configurations:? 8192-MB total system memory (4096 MB 2, dual-channel) ? 6144-MB total system memory (2048 MB 1 + 4096 MB 1) ? 4096-MB total system memory (2048 2, dual-channel) ? 3072-MB total system memory (2048 1024) ? 2048-MB total system memory (1024 2, dual-channel) ? 2048-MB total system memory (2048 1) ? 1024-MB total system memory (1024 1)

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I?m getting 1 BSOD per week while playing Flash Video 10.3 on ESPN3.com. I also get an instant BSOD when plugging a wireless mouse(M305) into the USB 2.0 port. I?ve updated my display drivers and flash to BIOS to the latest version. I've already contacted Lenovo tech support. They said to do a reinstall the OS after I backup my files.

I?ve attached my dump files. Some help would be awesome.

Lenovo G560-0679 Laptop
? OS - Vista/ Windows 7 ? MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
? x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? 64
? What was original installed OS on system? MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
? Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from retailer)? OEM installed by Lenovo
? Age of system (hardware)? 9 months, but made 12 months ago
? Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? 9 month OS and No re-install, but I did use the recovery boot disk the 1st month of ownership
? CPU? Intel Pentium [email protected] 2.00GHz Running Temp. 47 ?C
Arrandale 32nm Technology
? Video Card? ThinkPad Display 1366x768 ([email protected])
Intel(R) HD Graphics Driver version
? MotherBoard?
Manufacturer LENOVO
Model Base Board Product Name
Version-Lenovo G560
Chipset Vendor-Intel
Chipset Model-Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge
Chipset Revision-02
Southbridge Vendor-Intel
Southbridge Model-HM55
Southbridge Revision-05
System Temperature-46 ?C

? Power Su... Read more

A:[SOLVED] BSOD on a Lenovo G560

Hi and welcome to TSF there are no dumps attached please follow the instructions here

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I have Lenovo G550 with windows 7! It shows that the Internet is connected but the IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity says no network access. I updated and reinstalled drivers, typed in some cmd command and restarted computer with no success. I also called tech support and they had me go into safe mode, the Internet didn't work there so he said it was a driver problem but wouldn't help me fix it because I didn't have two hundred dollars. Also when I connect the Ethernet cord i get the same message and the other computer in the house is working fine. Please help! Thank you

A:Solved: Lenovo G550 IPv4/6 connectivity not working

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Hi everybody! I have a little question. I have Dell Dimension E521. I have four slots for RAM modules. I filled it with 4 x 512 MB RAM modules. Now I heard that there is ONE (1) module size of 1 gigabyte.
First question, is that true?
Second question, where can I sell my old modules?
And a final question, what is the name (if there are modules like that) and where do they sell them for the cheapest price possible, those 1 gigabyte RAM modules?

A:Solved: RAM modules

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I have a Micron Millennia GS 933. Bus is 133. I am having a hard time adding 256 SDRAM. I have 3 slots. I have 2 256 and 1 68(68 came with puter). I have put 4 different 256 SDRAM pc 133 in. None have worked. I need a 168 pin, PC 133, VC SDRAM, Non-ECC(64 bit) 3.3V with total max of 768. I can't change the position they are in, or one doesn't show up. I have the Micron 68 in the middle. Should I assume that the only ram stick compatible would be another Micron stick? I have tired kingston, pny, other known brands. My computer is past 3 years old. I am trying to beef it up. I have a radeon 8500 graphics card, I play games and would love the extra ram.

Next question. Is it common for a DVD ROM disk drive to burn out after 3 1/2 years? Mine started to run loud and is now heating up. Been using the other(non-DVD) disk drive for games.

What is the life expectency of a computer? I also have one fan that is starting to rattle when I first turn the computer on. Should I start saving for a new one and stop spending money on this one? Thanks

A:(Solved) New Ram modules not working

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When I log into my computer three small windows pop up saying:

Error loading C:/WINDOWS/system32/jvdmycvx.dll

The specified module could not be found.

and same with



I dont know what happened or what I can do to fix it. I dont know if it has any effect on my computer. But is it anything I can do to fix this, or should I just ignore it?


A:Solved: Modules missing

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I have been upgrading my cables for LAN and Sat TV. I am almost ready to "clean up" the wiring. I was looking at rj45 modules, coax modules, and wall plates. Before I get myself into trouble, will someone please answer a few questions for me?
1.) Are "keystone" and "leviton" modules and plates interchangeable or do I have to stay with one or the other.
2.) Are all rj45 modules the same? Some seem to say Cat 5 others Cat5e and others Cat 6. I ran Cat5e cable for my expansion and update and want to be sure I get the right modules. I purchased bulk cable and a crimp tool and successfully made up my own cables, so I feel pretty comfortable that I will be OK "punching down" the cable to the module. Also saw some modules that did not require a punch down tool.

Basically I just want to end up with several two or three port wall plates with modules for TV (f connector), LAN (rj45 module) and regular telephone.

Any insight would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Modules and Wall Plates

You should stick with one brand. I use the Leviton ones here, and they've worked out fine for me. The only difference between them might be the CAT6, some CAT6 cable (but not all) is 23ga instead of 24ga like CAT5/5e. If you have CAT5e, CAT5 connectors and jacks are compatible, they're the same thing. The Leviton ones I used recently have a plastic cover that presses the wires into the block, no tool required.

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I am thinking of upgrading memory in my 64 bit computer running vista 32bit OS and want to make sure it will work or not.
This is the memory...
240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM ECC DDR2 533 KVR533D2E4/1G
Will it work on my AMD Athlon 64?
I only have one gig now and would like to have four.

A:Solved: Will memory modules work in both 32 and 64 bit?

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I have an ECS K7S5A motherboard w/a SIS 735 chipset, AMD Athlon XP chip. I was running 2 256k memory modules in my system, Accubyte brand. One went bad so I'm now down to one 256k module. I've tried installing two different 1 GB modules in my board and neither worked. (One generic industry standard and one Samsung module.) Both times the system went thru the bootup routine fine, checked memory and hd's etc, but then when it got to the point it should boot into Windows, it just sits there.

The memory module specs: PC2100 (64x8) 16C 266Mhz DDR 184Pin DIMM. The 256k module, the one that works in my machine, is made by Accubyte, but I can't find that anywhere on the internet.

The manual for the mb says it will take 1 GB of memory, so that's not the problem.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I am sick of running on only 256k!


A:Solved: New Memory Modules Not Working!

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Hi All,

Having some trouble exporting modules from code. Not sure why. Any help would be appreciated. I am getting Run-time error '50012' Method 'Export' of object '_VBComponent' failed. I am using an .xls workbook in Excel 2007.

My code is below, but the export breaks even when I do this:
strPath = "C:\ReplaceTaxCode"
ActiveWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents("ToolsA").Export "\" & strPath
Full Code Here:

Public Sub ReplaceCode()

Dim wkbCode, wkbReplace As Workbook
Dim strPath
Dim objProject As VBIDE.VBProject
Dim objComponent As VBIDE.VBComponent

Set wkbCode = ThisWorkbook
Set VBAEditor = Application.VBE
Set objProject = VBAEditor.ActiveVBProject

strPath = "C:\ReplaceTaxCode"

For Each objComponent In objProject.VBComponents
objProject.VBComponents(objComponent.Name).Export "\" & strPath

End Sub


A:Solved: Excel VBA Exporting Modules

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, v.3264, 32 bit. XP = Version 2002
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1981 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 39989 MB, Free - 6566 MB; D: Total - 36294 MB, Free - 8670 MB;
Motherboard: ECS, G41T-M
Antivirus: PC Cleaner Pro, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

I use the VBA code for a program I wrote quite often and keep adding to it to improve, since last year I find on opening the code window that the modules for the vbacode in a smaller size, then I have to move it and drag the size to fit the window. It always fitted the space on the righthand side. Did I do something wrong for it to happen, and can it be fixed?

Find attached file just to show what it looks like

Please help


A:Solved: vba code modules sizes

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I have two RAM modules
# 512 DDR1 400 Mhz (Hynix semiconductors)
# 256 DDR1 333 Mhz or less frequency I believe. (Simtronics semiconductos)
My motherboard make is Intel 865 GFB a quite older model.
I would like to know is it possible to make the computer to work properly by installing both of these RAM modules which are with different frequency or will it harm my computer hardware!

Replies and suggestions are much appreciated!

A:Solved: Doubt about installing RAM modules

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In MS Access you can write VBA code that allows you to manipulate the existing VBA code in standard and class modules by using the Modules collection of the application object.

In Access VBA, the Application.Modules collection contains only open modules

I am trying to do a similar same thing in Excel but with no luck.

There appears to be an undocumented Modules collection in Excel but the Modules.Count always comes back as zero. If this works the same way as in Access VBA, then none of the modules are officially "open" (including the one I'm executing).

Anyone have any experience doing this sort of thing in MS Excel VBA?

I just want to write some quick and dirty code to do some rudimentary analysis of an Excel application that was dropped on my desk. I want to do things like counting lines of code, and identifying the entry points and global declarations.

Yes, I can cut and paste all of the code into a text file and analyze that but I was looking for a more elegant solution.

A:Solved: How to get to Excel VBA code modules using VBA?

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I have this procedure:
Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)

This searches for empty fields and displays a message if any are

I need this procedure to run when certain other buttons are
clicked. I know I don't have to cut and paste this every time. I
thought I could "call" the procedure...didn't work. So I cut and
pasted it into a Module and named it "ReqFields" with the same
procedure name...didn't work. I can't find good examples on the
Net. Can anyone help me! I don't know much in this area.

A:Solved: Access 03 - Call Modules/Procedures

ddw, I am not sure what you named "ReqFields", was it the Module or the Sub?
If it was the module then I would suggest it would be better to call the Sub either the same or something just as meaningful, do not use a Form's Event for it's name as it might confuse Access.
If you re-name your Sub as ReqFields then use
Call ReqFields

to call it.

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hi my motherboard is epox ep-4Sgm8i.in the manual it say it will accept 2x1gb memory but has to be 1gb dimm modules using 512mb techology.

i have 2x512mb 333/400 mhz in now,but they are 184pin ddr sdram cards.

which ones are fine to install in and do i look for 333/400 etc and will they still be 1gb each even though they are using 512mb techology.


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Hi there

I'm working with Excel 2000. Is there a way to change the names of the Modules in the project explorer window. The names that show up are generic in nature (module1, module2 etc.). I want to make the names of the modules more meaningful to me.



A:Solved: Changing the names of the modules in Project Explorer

Do you see the Properties Window on the left side of your screen when you select a module? If not, do the following....

1. Click "View"
2. Click "Properties Window"

Once you have the properties window displaying, you can select the module. In the properties window you will see a field like "(Name)". Out to the right, enter the name of the module you would like to see.

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I am hoping to purchase this laptop: DELL Latitude D630 Intel Core Duo 1.80GHz 14.1" 1GB Memory 60GB HDD Notebook
( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834200816 ),
but I plan on replacing the cpu with AMD A8-5600K Trinity 3.6GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) Socket FM2 100W Quad-Core Desktop APU with DirectX 11 Graphic
( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113281 ) .
I also have two additional 2g DDR3 SDRAM Module's that I would add along with the key component; a 500gb WD scorpio blue hard drive. It is key because it may be damaged, and without it there will be no point in the aforementioned purchase.

My question is: will this be compatible? I'm sure of the hard drive, but have no clue on how to find the details needed to answer the other two.

A:Laptop + APU compatibility ?

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Although my screen problems I recently posted about are not fixed yet, there's another issue I've been wondering about for some time now.

I have a Dell Inpiron 8100 with 256MB RAM (144pin PC133 SDRAM SODIMM). It's only upgradable to 512, and if I can find another 256 for cheap, I'd like to get some even though I plan on buying a new laptop in the next few months.

The problem is, the ram for this thing is quite expensive. The stuff on the Dell site (last I checked) was about $60 for 256. I've seen the same "kind" of ram on various sites for as low as $25 or $30. However, the sites I find that ensure that it is 100% compatible with the 8100 are expensive as well - some more than Dell themselves.

My question is if it really matters. Even though these sites I find with the cheaper ram (one of which is NewEgg) don't guarantee which models they work with, they are still the same type of ram...this tells me that it *should* work.

Do I really run the risk of it not working if I get the cheaper stuff? I mean, can it do any harm?

A:Laptop RAM Compatibility

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Hi, my laptop (HP Pavilion g6 1005ST) just broke and I was thinking about replacing the existing hard drive with an SSD (SSD Samsung 2,5" 256GB 830 Series or Flash SSD Kingston V300 2.5" 240GB SATA 3). Can I do that and will it be used to its full potential? I've read that even if the ssd has sata 3, it depends on the motherboard, however I can't find the motherboard model for my laptop.

A:SSD - Laptop compatibility

The specs i found for your laptop says it came with a SATA hard drive so the new hard drive should work without a problem. Just so you know when you replace the hard drive you'll have to reinstall your windows operating system so make sure you have a reinstall cd for your computer. Most newer computers don't come with any cd's because they put a recovery partition on the hard drive that comes with it so you may have to contact hp & have them mail you one.

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I'm not knowledgeable about notebook. Can someone help me I don't if there is the possibility to change the board on my ecs g550 to something with better video?

A:Ecs G550

This is a laptop/notebook? Usually the video card is not changeably on these except for pssibly higher end computers. What is it you are trying to do that requires a better video card? If gaming, most notebooks are not well suited to gaming.

I did a check of the ECS website and they dont list the G550 they list a G556 and a G553 how ever.

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Q: g550

can anyone tell me why my laptop's output in my tv is black and white there is no color at all is there a problem with my laptop or maybe its my cable?


Check your settings for the video output in the video card settings, if you're in the Americas it should be NTSC and PAL in Europe.

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I have an old g560 and i start it up i forgot the bois password is there a way to get around this. It been a long time since i used this computer!

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What's maximum frequency of RAM I can put to lenovo g560?

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Q: G560

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Could you give me a few compatible RAM moodels with G560 (2X4GB)

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Q: G560

I can hear sound through headphones but I cannot hear sound through the laptop speakers.

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Hi all,

My name's Todd and I've just got a quick question. How compatible is a Compaq Armada 3500 to a Compaq Armada M700? I don't have spec sheets for both so I can't compare them but if someone is familiar with both models, I'd be glad to get an answer.

My old Armada 3500 is slowly dying and in terms of hardware, are the 3500 and M700 compatible? For example, if I were to load the hard disk, RAM, keyboard, etc. into an M700, would I have physical compatibility issues such as parts not fitting, irregular plugs and ports, etc.? Because all I'm really trying to do is use a somewhat expendable laptop and then replace its core components for cheap prices.

Thanks for the help!


A:Compaq laptop compatibility

There laptops are from fundamentally different generations.

You can probably transfer the hard drive, since ATA is backwards and forward compatible. AC adapter and cable may work too. Optical drive and/or floppy, maybe. Anything else will probably not fit.

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I recently bought an Advent(uk) laptop. I want to transfer some information onto a dvd from the hard drive but I don't know whether I need dvd-rw or dvd+rw disks. Anyone able to help ? I've googled for it but can't find out.

A:Advent laptop and dvd compatibility

Try a free program called Nero Info Tool that should tell you exactly what your drive supports. A download link can be found at:


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