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how to reinstall Office 2016 after win10 reinstall?

Q: how to reinstall Office 2016 after win10 reinstall?

I bought Office 2016 months ago, but due to windows update failure I had to reinstall win10 thereby losing Office 2016.
Can someone point me to a contact? I bought Office 2010 online from MS. TIA

Preferred Solution: how to reinstall Office 2016 after win10 reinstall?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: how to reinstall Office 2016 after win10 reinstall?

If you bought online there should be a record of this and you will be able to download Office again. Try this link http://www.office.com/myaccount

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rollback didn't work, after using all sugestions decided to reinstall win10 keeping personal files etc.Microsoft helped me by saying BUY A NEW LICENSE BRO

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So i have had to Wipe both my SSD and HDD via CMD because of issues with my PC, this unfortunatly has wiped my windows 10 and reverted my pc back to just built state (no os) i wish to reistall windows 10 as i had it before but i dont want to pay for it again from the shop (cause yknow ive already paid for it for the pc once) is there a way using a disc or usb stick that i can reinstall it and my pc recongnise that ive already had it before and activate the key??

A:HDD and SSD had to be wiped, Win10 Need to reinstall

ArchangelARCA said:

So i have had to Wipe both my SSD and HDD via CMD because of issues with my PC, this unfortunatly has wiped my windows 10 and reverted my pc back to just built state (no os) i wish to reistall windows 10 as i had it before but i dont want to pay for it again from the shop (cause yknow ive already paid for it for the pc once) is there a way using a disc or usb stick that i can reinstall it and my pc recongnise that ive already had it before and activate the key??Click to expand...

Yes there is!


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Hi everyoneThank you very much for reading this.I am not native speaker, so if there is anything I didn't make clear please just askThere was something wrong with my pervious version of Win10, so I install the win10 which I downloaded  from MicrosoftBut the win10 I intsalled didn't work well, it didn't match this laptop, so I want to install back to the original version Win10 for this laptop.Sadly, I cannot use restore point?since it has been for a while.And I bought this laptop in US, but right now I am not in U.S., I've asked the lenovo official here, they said they don't have the original Win10 for my laptop here...Does anybody know what can I do to install back my original Win10? Thanks so much.

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I've purchased all the components for my new PC..and it includes a completely new chipset on the motherboard (1151). I recently purchased a windows 10 key from here (Windows 10 Home 32-bit/64-bit English International: Amazon.co.uk: Software). The USB flash drive Home version.

I've read around that with windows 10, if you upgrade your motherboard then you need to purchase a new key. I was planning on reinstalling it anyway.

Just wanted to ask if anybody knows if this is a retail version or an OEM?

For my new PC, I have upgraded everything apart from my SSD and HDD's


A:Reinstall with new Motherboard? Win10

Run Showkey plus from this forum and it will tell you if your product key is retail or OEM:

Showkey - Windows 10 Forums

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I have tried to various recover methods at this point but nothing has worked.Therefore I figured I'll just reinstall WIN10.I downloaded the WIN10 64bit ISO.When booting from this ISO it is looking for drivers.I went to this link - https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/ideapad-z-series-laptops/ideapad-z5... to find related drivers. Not sure which of these I should even try ? They are all executables. How can I use these downloadable drivers when installing a new WIN10 ?  

A:Ideapad Z510 - Need to reinstall WIN10

I'm no expert & haven't been through a reinstall, though I have configured a bootable 1803 ISO waiting on a flash drive for my 32 GB Ideapad 100 if I need it. You haven't mentioned what version of Win 10 you are trying to install. Maybe if you install the same Win 10 or an earlier version, the drivers might be ready and waiting on your computer? If you're trying to install a later Win 10 like the current 1903, then I could see there could possibly be a driver update needed issue. Sorry, I'm passing through and can't reply further.

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Hey, everyone,

I'm not sure if this is correct category for this question - feel free to move it if it isn't.

I have reinstalled Windows 10 on my laptop, as it was getting a bit slow. I formatted all of the disks before reinstalling it from USB. After reinstall it worked fine, I connected it to the Internet, transferred under a 100GB of my files from external hard drive, started installing software (Foxit Reader, Dropbox, Google Chrome, Skype and the like), updated my video card driver from a file downloaded from Intel website, as well as Free Driver Scout which updated my other drivers. It connected to the Internet and everything was working well. After installing all these drivers and software, I decided to restart it.

After restarting it, it loaded up saying it was unable to Boot from USB. I thought there was an issue with the BIOS setting so I restarted it, tried to mess around, but I ended up restoring default settings. After that, whenever I turn on my laptop it starts working, I can hear it working and trying load CD-ROM, the ventilation is working, it is charging and the lights that show that it started are on. Besides that, I can't do absolutely nothing - it seems to be working, but the screen is dark and the Windows won't boot. I can't go into BIOS as well.

I tried taking the battery in and out, as well as attaching an external monitor. I don't know what else to try, as it won't even go into BIOS. Please advise on things to tr... Read more

A:After WIN10 reinstall laptop won't go into BIOS

Please try removing the battery then holding the power key down for 30 seconds then reinstall battery and try again.

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My HP Pavilion g7 - 1316dx orignally came with Win7.I upgraded to windows 10 a few months ago and I hate it. I want to go back to Win7 however Microsoft will not let me download Win7 using my product key ... Error:The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options HP.com - I've searched the support pages and cannot find a download for Windows7. Thank you, 

A:Reinstall Win7 and dump Win10

Hi: HP does not offer downloads of operating systems. They sell W7 recovery media for your notebook, which you can order online at the link below. http://support.hp.com/us-en/mediaorder/HP-Pavilion-g7-1300-Notebook-PC-series/5186814/model/5228851/...

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I have accidentally removed the whole windows store when using PowerShell, I would like to ask if there is any method to reinstall the windows store without resetting the computer, thanks.

A:Reinstall the windows store for win10

If you have really uninstalledl Windows Store, I don't think you can just simply reinstall.
Check to make sure whether Windows Store itself was gone or just the apps were gone..........
type windows store in the search bar > Enter. If it leads to the web, then the Store is gone from your system.

If you are willing to do Reset option, you might as well do a Clean Install.
Reset option might and had caused various issues for some people, Clean Install is fool-proof.

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Hello,I brought my first Dell device a Desktop PC in July this year. It was running perfectly until this morning when I turned it on but Mozilla Firefox Browser wouldn't open. I had been sing Chrome for over an hour and it was working fine. So I did a re-start, it booted, but got stuck saying "Restarting" with the circle going around but nothing more happened for nearly minutes so I turned it off at the wall.  Tried it again but same thing happened so I tuned it off at the wall again and left it that way.Meanwhile I hunted the entire place house looking for the Dell Box with paperwork, discs cables etc but I cant find it anywhere, which is very odd as i am always very organised and have kept everything PC related, in fact I still have all my old PC parts etc from 1998.   Presuming that I would have to reinstall windows like I'ce done a zillion times before with old PCs was no problem can do it with my eyes closed except..... I had NO windows disc!!!Trying not to let the panic set in,  I turned it back on at the wall and the Tower, and to my great relief it started normally. The first thing I did was log into my Dell account but became concerned when in my account details areas, there was no mention at all of my purchase of this new PC back in July. 
My question: ... How do i reinstall windows on this Dell???I know, its embarrassing, having to ask such a basic task...  but would appreciate some help please.
Many thanksHelen

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Our Asus X series laptop (I'll get specific model etc... later when at home and update post) with Win 10 has ceased to function.

It boots up (seemingly) okay, but will not connect to the internet and we can't open any programs.

I can connect to the internet with other devices (smartphones, kids tablets, work's laptop), so it can't be the modem/router.

The laptop has been getting slower and slower over time and I've been meaning to have a browse for potential issues/fixes, but hand is now forced.

My question is whether it is worth running any diagnostic tools on it (if I can get them to run), or do I try and reinstall Win 10 ?

Not being particularly tech savvy I'm not sure what diagnostics would need to be run or even how I go about reinstalling the system, so any/all help and guidance greatly appreciated.

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I have got my new Desktop these days. But the operating system was installed on HDD rather than SSD. So how to reinstall my win10 on SSD.
Few concerns:
1.does windows media creator works for this condition?
2.how to select system disk (I want SSD here)
3.what else should I do/pay attention before the re-installment (notice some mentioned formatting SSD)

A:How to reinstall my win10 on SSD of my DELL XPS 8920 Desktop

What capacity is the solid state drive -- it needs to be at least 128G -- better, 256 or more.  If it's a 32G drive, it's designed as a cache -- not as an OS drive?

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I bought the Yoga730 with Win10home system couple days ago ,and installed the Win10education system later by mistake, however, the laptop doesn't work now. I want to reinstall the Win10 home system, How can I do it? Thank you a lot!

A:Yoga730 reinstall the win10 home systen

Easiest thing to do is call support if its under warranty and ask for a recovery USB or you can download online recovery.  Below is the support number.  Below that is link to download/order recovery.


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I made a clean install of Win10 and the BOO software is now gone. HAve benn all over the place trying to find wehre to download without success (your Eurpoean customer service were uncapable of understand my issue). Any help on wehre to downlaod the latest software and if possible what is the name of the product from BOO shipped within the PC. The code name of the audio system would help on my search. Thanks in advance.

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Reinstalled all Sony Pre-Loaded software,
which did NOT include any Prior version of MS Office. (Other than a Trial
Version of Office 2003 which I never used or installed. It's still in my
computer) Have no idea what version it is. Simply doesn't say because it's never been installed. It's sitting in the same start menu as all of the other MS Office 2007 Programs.
In another message forum I was told to delete it. However, Office 2007 Pro worked fine for 2 days with the Trial program still sitting in the Start folder.

I managed to install MS Office Professional 2007 and it's worked
for 2 days without a hitch. Today, I get the error message when I try to use
Outlook "Cannot start MS Office Outlook. Cannot initialize MS Office Shared
Utilities. Restart your computer Or reinstall MS Office Outlook." No Luck!!
Also, when I try to start up MS Word, the message says "Not enought memory
to load Word." (I have 2 Gig of Ram and a 320 Gig hard Drive???)

When I insert the Office Pro 2007 disk to Reinstall, the message is: "The
path you have chosen does not point at a qualifying upgradable product.
Click Try again or Cancel to quit setup."

I also don't have ANY previous versions of any Office Suite program to use.
I had Office 2003 Pro installed but that was deleted when I purchased Office 2007 Pro. I do have the disks for Office
2007 Pro.

For the record, I am an American living in Cali, Columbia. It... Read more

A:Reformatted My Hard Drive And Cannot Reinstall MS Office Pro 2007 in Office Setup

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hi all
Ended up reinstalling windows 10 after getting the windows 10 disappearance bug. Soon after that my xbox app stopped working so I did a reinstall. This was an upgrade from windows 7 originally along the free upgrade route.
Here is my laptop
windows 10 pro v 1511
os build 10586.71
sager p9772
intel core i7-4790 @3.6 ghz
16gb ram
64 bit of course
nvidia geforce gtx970m

So what happens is that when streaming the games are jumpy. Initially with destiny I thought it was more lag than anything but any game seems to do it. I am running a wired connection to my xbox one from my router and when I am at work I use wifi, when I am at home sometimes I stream while the wife is passed out on the couch. That can be wired or wireless. I do see a subtle change with the wired but the jumpy and lagginess has never been this bad.
I believe I have updated all of my drivers.
I used the nvidia ge force experience
I updated my killer wireless driver from atheros
I updated everything I could think of.

I know I am missing something but I am having a hard time figuring it out.
Any help would be appreciated and I can post more information
Unfortunately this laptop is the only win10 machine in the house as the old desktop runs win 7 so the kids can use the cable card and windows media center (stinks it isn't on windows 10).
thank you for reading and I appreciate any help. If this is in the wrong section please let me know.

A:xbox one streaming with poor performance since reinstall of win10

bunch of testing today. still jumpy on wired connection too, just less so. it has never been like this (prior to reinstall)

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My son's laptop 'died' earlier this week. Screen just went blank. In the end, I decided to rebuild the drive.
After much difficulty, I managed to reinstall the OS (Windows 10) and all seemed well.
Oh, except the reinstall does not provide even WiFi drivers at a minumum - so after figuring that out I had to dig that up too on another computer and transfer/install. Problems over... I thought.
As the XPS went on its way to update drivers - the screen suddenly went blank (hello! haven't we met before?)... made some melodious beeps and chirps as though trying to communicate (it wasn't morse code) and now the computer continues to hum away (the fans?) with that.... black screen.
Before I wipe everything and re-install, again, and perhaps let the machine run with old drivers at the risk of malicious attacks etc (small price to pay for a 'working' computer I suppose), might anyone know of solutions to this problem?
With thanks in advance.
Frustrated but Hopeful

A:Dell XPS 13 Black Screen - cause for OS reinstall - happened again after reinstall during driver updates

What is the exact system model?
Is there any damage / liquid spillage on the system?
For the beeps, first we need to check if the HW is functional:
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors. 
Drivers: If you are using a retail image of Win 10 OS, it will contain only the OS installation files, since the OS is generic. The hardware on each system would differ and hence, the drivers need to be reinstalled. If you are using a recovery image for your system, then it would contain the required drivers with the OS image.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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My computer crashed & I am trying to reinstall Office 10. I have the original disc with the key, but the key is no longer valid. How do I get this to work?

A:Reinstall Office 10

What message do you get?

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I purchased my computer in 2006 with Windows XP and Office 2003. I am going to reinstall Windows, but do not want to lost Office 2003. Because I purchased Office 2003 and the store installed it for me, I did not receive any CD's. Can I reinstall Office without the CD?

A:Reinstall Office without CD

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When I purchased my computer with Vista, it came with office (Excel and Word) preinstalled. I received a disk with the computer that indicates it is for Office. Question, when I install windows 7, after 10/22, will those disks install on a new OS?

A:Reinstall Office

I would think so.. I havent heard of office 2007 being tied to a specific version of Windows..

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running Office 2000 Pro under Windows 2000 v. 5.00.2195 SP4.

Word occasionally closes with the message "Word has encountered a problem and needs to close" This is becoming more frequent (hourly).

Also, Word occasionally just stops running without closing, most recently when I clicked on the Save button to save a file. nothing was saved.

I use Word as my email editor in Outlook. sometimes when I try to reply to a message (or even when I try to open a message or compose a new message) I get an error box that says Word cannot be opened as my email editor, check to see if any dialog boxes are open in Word, blah, blah, blah. None are; sometimes Word isn't even open.

When this happens, I check Applications under Task Manager, it doesn't list Word as a program running or not responding, but when I check Processes, there is Winword.exe, hogging up to 99% of the CPU's attention.

it's getting worse. today, it has forced me to restart several times.

Before any of this happened, my wordmail in Outlook refused to use the same default font (Tahoma) I use in Word.

Should I reinstall Word, Outlook, or Office? If I do, which files do I need to move out of the way so they won't get overwritten? I have an extensive autocorrect list in Word, and I have modified the keyboard assignments a bunch. And of course, I have many mailboxes with stored mail that i don't want to lose (my outlook.pst is 281,200kb)

A:Do I need to reinstall Office?

Just start the Office setup program. Options will appear, among them an option to repair the current installation. None of your documents or work will be affected. This basically replaces all the files with fresh copies and checks registry entries, in effect, reinstalling over the top current installation.

If you don't scan regularly for malware, you probably ought to do a full scan. This sort of random and unrepeateable error can be caused by malware.

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Hey Everyone,

I have a windows XP machine that had to undergo a reformat. I had office 2007 on the computer previously and wanted to put it back on. My fear is after I get XP back on the computer, Office will think it is a new compute and will not let me reinstall, even though my product key and computer will be exactly the same.

Will this be so? If it is, what can I do about it?

A:Office Reinstall?

You should be fine.

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I am running Windows XP service pack 3. All updates AVG antivirus.
I had a killer adware attack with redirected browser. I finally got rid of it with TDSSkiller.
Lost the content of my directories and ran unhide which brought back some directories. I ran a slew of malware programs prior to getting competent help here. One of them obviously removed some vital programs. My computer would not boot for awhile but now it is functioning pretty normally. One exception is when I Start outlook an installer starts and keeps trying to install something. It interferes with sending and receiving email. Also the directory for office is missing.
I decided I could solve these problems by reinstalling Office but it won't install

I tried to use my microsoft installation disc and it would not begin setup so something else is going on...I tried it on another computer and it worked.

A:Can't reinstall Office 2007

Can you post a screenshot of this error message that you get with Outlook?

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I recently suffered a computer crash and a techie got it up and running. As I've been using it now for about two weeks, I'm noticing some weird things and I'm hoping you can help with this one.

I notice that many icons from different programs are now absent. All of the Windows XP icons are intact, but the Office XP program icons are gone for all the shortcuts.

The program does seem to work fine, I'm just obsessed about getting some icons in place.

I tried to reinstall Office XP by clicking "Setup" from the "Run" Window and ran into installer issues.

"This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verfify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package."Click to expand...

I tried to "repair" Office XP through Add/Remove programs and got this error:

The Temp folder is on a drive that is full or is inaccessible. Gree up space on the drive or verify that you have write permission on the Temp folder.Click to expand...

I have reinstalled Windows XP, and also SP2.

I've tried a couple of "fixes" I found at the Microsoft troubleshooting for Office which included reregistering the msiexec.exe program, but to no avail.

There were some other "fixes" I attempted, but couldn't understand so I gave up.

Now I'm not only obsessed with getting the icons back, I want to figure out this i... Read more

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following previous problems which couldn't be solved, I decided to erase then reinstall MS office2000 prof. in the hope that I would get back to the original configuration, ie: without the problems I was having with the old version.
However, when opening WORD, I found the same configuration of icons, the option of tools still missing and the main problem which is that when I import documents from other files, they don't show on the screen, just a square in spite of being there ( they show in print preview and such.
QUESTION: how can I erase Office completely and thus regain the original configuration with all functions working properly ?

A:MS Office Not Doing Complete Reinstall

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My old computer crashed. I want to buy a new one with Vistas. I have the software for Office XP. Will it be compatible with the new computer and will Microsoft allow me to install on the new one (will the key work)?.

A:Reinstall Office XP on new computer

It should install OK. I cannot imagine the key would cause any problems but with Microsoft you never know. Just give it a go

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I am trying to reinstall MS Office 2000 pro after a system crash. I have reformatted and sucessfully installed Win 98 and win 98SE upgrade (both came with my system). The Office 2000 came with my system as a CD upgrade to the office 97 that was shipped installed on my Dell Dimension XPS R450 desktop.

I had no problems with the Win 98 and Win 98se. When I attempted to load the Office 2000 the first time I got a message to the effect that the software was going to upgrade the installer software. It did its clicking sound showing things being written to the hard drive for about 15 seconds and then immediately went to the Desktop with the word DONE listed in the space at the bottom left above the Start button. No error messages, no nothing. I have repeated the process a couple of times more with the identical end results escept I don't get the "updating installer" message. It begins to initiate an install and then hops right to the desktop with the message DONE.

I have checked the add/remove software window and find no mention of Office or of any of its components.

I might add that when the system crashed originally the message was "Wrong DOS version" and I could not access the computer with the WIN 98 emergency disk or any one of the other Win 98/98se emergency diskettes I could round up. I brought the machine to Comp USA and the guy said he thought he could restore everything and save my data files. When I picked it up it booted into Win 98se but no... Read more

A:Office 2000 reinstall won't

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After re-installing Win XP & Office XP for Teachers & Students & the updates, I can't import my notes and contacts into Outlook. I saved them as Comma Separated Values Windows but I get an error message when I try to import.

Also, the Outlook bar only finds missing folders when I click on ony icon (eg contacts) but from the folder list there is no problem going to contacts or notes or any other folder.

Any advice much appreciated.


A:Office problems after Win XP reinstall

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I have been using Office 2000 for some time and so far have had no probs! 'til now!

1. Original Problem - Excel will not open

2. When it tries to open it says that it is installing - then it says to put in Office 2000 disk - which I do - THEN it goes onto another pop up which says that files are missing so put in winxp home disk - I do this and it says that I have put in the WRONG disk and I have to retry - when I do this it still says it is the wrong disk and at that point all I can do is cancel and give up.

3. My XP disk and my Office disks are both genuine, not dodgy or pirate, and not damaged or scratched - can anyone help me with this problem.

4. I finally managed to uninstall and hoped to start again after using ''windows install cleanup'' which I downloaded as recomended by microsoft's office page.

5. Now I am back to the beginning - the same thing happens when I try to reinstall as happened in step 2 (see above).

Now I am unable to use Office 2000 at all and I do miss Word as I only have works which was on the machine when I got it - Please help me someone!!

A:Solved: Office 200 won,t reinstall


This problem is little bit crisp. Why dont you try by reparing your office2000 from add/Remove programs.

I hope this will help you.

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I want to reinstall My office 2000, I found my CD but cant find my case with the code on it.. Can I get the Code off my computer somewhere?

A:Solved: Office reinstall?

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I purchased my T61 with office pre-installed. I don't have the CDs. After installing Win 7 I will have to re-install office. How do I do it without knowing the Product Keys?

A:Reinstall Office after Win 7 upgrade

If you do the in-place upgrade in Vista as opposed to a clean install it should and normally will leave the programs in-place.
You should have recieved the office disks and key when you bought the PC unless it was on a VLK program.

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Hello Guys,

Does anyone know how to make a script that will reinstall office Via the command line?
I have seen how it is possible with office 2000 but not 2003
We have got Microsoft Office Pro 2003.
What I did was install Office from disk, when I should have installed it from the network, So when extra files are needed it will look at the network and not at the D: Cd ROM drive.
any solutions would be nice.


A:MSIEXEC Reinstall Office ?

This contains all you need for the command line stuff -


But what I think you really want is this -


this shows you how to change the installation source or to add a second installation source if one is not available.

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So this is my story.. (I'm running W2k btw)
I wanted to make my computer run a little more smoothly so I got myself one of those cleaner programs to get rid of useless files and what not (I know, I know it's a big *bad idea* sigh flashing allready but that's what I did). So I ran it and deleted a whole Bunch of files that wasnt any good anyhow - or so you'd think. My office2003 package started complaining about some .CAB file missing.

I googled for a sollution to that problem and changed a suggested registry value hoping that it would fix it. It sort of did but then a new problem arose where it complained on some other file.

Well.. I then tried uninstalling it as per the usual way from the controll panel but it wouldnt let me now cause some .msi file was not longer valid(?). SO, I deleted my entire office folder and the "Office"-folders in the registry up hoping it would "reset" stuff, then I tried to reinstall office thinking it might uninstall afterwards. It wouldnt install. I also downloaded some "get rid of office2003"-tool from MS but that didnt really do it either. ok..

SO THEN I deleted the files that came from the installation attempt (c:/programs/microsoft office), I ran the "get rid of office"-program and I re-deleted the registry-folders, prayed, and found out it didnt work. Then I kind of lost it. I deleted EVERY KEY in the registry that had the string "office11" and "microsoft office&... Read more

A:Office 2003 tries to reinstall all by itself

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Greetings all.
I am purchasing a new tower for my son, who has the CD's and OEM info for Office 2000, which he is currently running. Is there anything that would prevent him from reinstalling the software on his new system? The OS will be either XP or Vista.
Thanks for the help.

A:Reinstall Office 2000?

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Dell Inspiron 6000 crashed and I re-installed from installation disks which I had to have sent to me as originals did not come with computer.

When trying to load any MS Office products, excel or word, I continue to get message "This applicatino must be installed to run. Please run Setup from the locatin where you originally installed the applicatin".

These applications were originally installed when I received the computer and I can't find a "Setup" file to run. The disks that were sent to me do not have a setup file for this either.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

A:Reinstall Office - does not load

Do you have a Microsoft Office Installation cd? Office is not usually included in the reinstallation cd that Dell sends . . it was included when you received the pc

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I have to replace my Boot drive and will have to reinstall my Office 2007. I have an educational license. It's only been installed once. Will I have problems registering the new install?

A:Reinstall Office 2007

Well no you shouldn't if its a educational license.

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I'm having a problem with Excel being wonky. I spent 4 hrs on the phone with Microsoft Tech Support, and still have the problem. In the meantime, we discovered that, if I uninstall Office 2003, I can't reinstall it because it is an upgrade and I no longer have the 2000 CDs to support it!!! MS Tech Support tried several different ways to make it work with new product ID codes, but it hit a brick wall every time. The best I could do was run System Restore (Windows XP) in order to get Office 2003 back up and running, but still with the Excel problem.

Is there any way to do an uninstall/reinstall with an upgrade when you got rid of the old program years ago?

A:Reinstall Office 2003

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Hi there people.., i have this prob.., i installed office 2003 on a win xp pro sp1, then i rebooted and when i opened word , or excel or any office app an installation windows appear as if something hasnt been installed before. The thing is.., the first time this happened i just put the office cd again and this installation process ended "succesfully", then i could use word or excel..etc....BUT the problem comes when i restarted again.., it happened exactly the same thing again..., i tried to use word or any office app and this installation window poped up again. It seems it will happen any time i reboot my pc. Does anyone has any clue about whats going on ?... i did full system scan with norton and it appears to be clean. Thx a lot.

A:Office 2003 keeps trying to reinstall...

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I have Office XP installed on a computer I am servicing.. is it possible to salvage installation files from the Microsoft Office folder and reinstall Office XP after I do a fresh install of Windows XP?

A:Solved: Reinstall Office XP without the Installation CD...

No, the files are created as a result of an install, which also poulates the Registry with all the critical keys.

You have to have the CD

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Upgrading to Windows 10 has caused my Office Starter to malfunction.  It says the application virtualization client could not launch. dismounted due to a severe error.  I tried repairing but it wouldn't work.  I tried contacting Microsoft and they ran a troubleshooter which didn't work for my problem.  I tried changing file associations (which has worked before) but it hasn't worked this time with the latest win10 update.  I can't get into any of my Word or Excel files.  Help??

A:how do I reinstall Microsoft Office Starter on my ...

http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-win_upgrade/windows-10-and-office-starte... Office Starter 2010 can install after performing a clean installation of Windows 10.  I initially got an error message from the installer.  Then I tried running the installer as administrator and it still got an error.  Windows 10 asked if I wanted to find a solution or some such thing and, it ended up asking if I wanted it to perform a test install.  I said yes and it installed.  When I tried to run it, I got a popup that said "this app can't run on your pc"  I was able to fix that by installing support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2598285  Then Word 2010 starter worked!  I can't remember all the steps exactly, but that might be enough to help.----------------------------had the similar issue while installing Office Starter 2010 after Windows 10. I right-clicked on the installer and set the compatibility mode to Windows 7.  Then, the installer was finally able to finish without any issues except for a popup asking me to confirm that the installation succeeded. I had to install KB 2598285 after installing Office Starter 2010 too.

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I need to reinstall microsoft office 2000
when I try to do so I get the following error message

Program Not Found
Windows cannot find setup.exe. This program is needed for opening files of type 'File'
Can you please tell me where I can find setup.exe and how I should use it to open microsoft office 2000
Joel Margolis

A:reinstall microsoft office 2000

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I want to reinstall Microsoft Office 2010. I bought the program and I have the Product Key.

Can i reinstall it using ANY Microsoft Office 2010 CD and type in my product Key when the screen asks for it, or do i have to use the original CD?

A:Solved: reinstall office 2010

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I have been using Office 2000 on my Windows XP Machine but I removed it by mistake this passed weekend and now it will not reinstall. It is looking for a compliance file that does not exist on the machine. Any ideas what file will work and where it can be found?

A:Cannot Reinstall Office 2000 on Windows XP

I've made this its own question, wymand.

We'll need the exact error message.

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I have a 5 subscription to Office.
I have a Intel STK1a32WFC computer.
I had to delete it to upgrade to the Anniversary Release of Win10.
After installing the upgrade, I started the download of Office &
about hallway through install, my Internet connection failed.

When I was back on-line I tried to start the installation again!
Then gave me instructions on how to remove the failed Install.
None of the instructions worked! It keeps saying "Wait until the present download is complete"

What do I do now?


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I was having lockup problems with Excel, so I uninstalled 2010 upgrade and Office 2010, and when i tried to reinstall it, MS gave me a message saying the product key was invalid. I bought the 2010 upgrade and I have the correct product key from that installation. I verified that I entered the key correctly (it was correct). I am now toast.
What do I do next??
Thanks in advance !!!

A:cannot use product key to reinstall Office 2010

Contact microsoft support

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I had to reinstall windows xp on a machine that was corrupted. When it was purchased it came with Office 07 preinstalled and we bought the Medialess License kit. Now that I've reinstalled, Office 07 is gone. I need to get it back, so I can use the license again.

Does anyone know where I can get the software? I tried the trial software, and it won't accept the license digits.


A:Reinstall Windows Need OEM Trial Office

Medialess License Kit backup copy download page.

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