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SogouPY in shared files, shared with unkown client

Q: SogouPY in shared files, shared with unkown client

And no amount of free-to-use scanning I have done thus far detected a virus.

Whatever virus this is, it seems to effect the amount of memory I can use slowing down my computer and causing me crashes in Team Fortress 2.

It also disabled my sound driver.

It has yet to do anything more than annoy me from what I can tell, and it may yet be a hacker.

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Preferred Solution: SogouPY in shared files, shared with unkown client

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello everyone,

I'm using a laptop (with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed) as a DVR and media streamer to all other devices in the house.
My TV recordings are recorded into a temporary folder and when the recording is finished the program moves the files into the My Videos folder.

The My Videos folder is shared so we can watch the recordings from the Xbox downstairs or other Windows 7 devices in the house.
This worked pretty well in the past but for some reason new recordings (or downloads) aren't shared by default anymore. All files have a small lock icon (shared with nobody) and I have to manually share new files within an already shared folder.

This is pretty annoying and takes away the convenience.

I would appreciate any tip to fix this problem to have all files in the shared folder(s) shared by default.

Thanks in advance!

A:New files aren't shared in shared folder

It's easy once you know how, just right click the C:/Video's folder and choose properties, Security tab then Advanced button, then just put a check mark where it says "Replace all Child Object Permission Entries with Inheritable Permissions Entries from this Object, then hit Apply, OK....this will fix the problem you described.

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i have kazaalite, and recently some how a file got downloaded into my downloaded files folder named shared. pretty common right. well it only shows up momentarily and then goes away. i did a search for "shared" on my computer and it came up so i opened it up and inside of the folder is approx 2 GB of common files that you might dowload all being 197Kb. i tried to delete this folder but it wont go away.

A:Unkown "shared" Folder Possible Virus Need Help!

Update your anti-virus program.

Shut down the computer, then reboot in safe mode and run a complete scan.

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We are a small company.  We are running six windows 8 computers.  Our secretary works from home, the rest of us are in the same office.   

The Admin Computer stores all of our work files within a folder called 'casework' (about 400GB).   The 'casework' folder is shared on the office network.  This 'casework' folder is also synced by Google Drive. 

When our secretary works on her home computer and makes a new file, e.g. letterV2, the new file downloads to our 'casework' folder to the Admin Computer here at the office.  However, the new file cannot been seen on our other computers over the office

The newly created files are not shared to 'everyone' unless I un-share 'casework' from the network and then share 'casework' again. 

The problem seems to be that the new files added by Google Drive are not inheriting the permissions of the 'casework' folder. 

There are no options to change in Google Drive.  Is this a Windows8 problem? Will Windows10 have a fix for this? Are there any work arounds? Does our secretary need to work at the office?

Yours Hopefully


A:New files downloaded from cloud storage into shared folders don't inherit shared permissions for "Everyone"

may I know how that work case folder sync with google drive?

I suggest you contact Google drive first, we have limitation information regarding this product.

You can proof that there is no issue for sharing folder within your office network
I think that's not how online share drive work, unless your secretary can join your office network trough internet
this is the example, you can ask your secretary to send file trough share drive and assign 1 admin to sync and send it to your case work folder
But maybe you will be interested with Office 365

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There are 3 PCs, 1 is server, other 2 are clients.
1.Server[WIN10] has the shared folder which saved mdb file, and run our application, this application use ODBC to access mdb.[Not use DNS, just use ]
ODBC;DRIVER={MICROSOFT ACCESS DRIVER (*.mdb)};UID=;PWD=;DBQ=C:\DBFile\Formulation.mdb; [C is local driver]
2.Client 1[WIN7] is running our application, use ODBC to access the remote mdb file.[Read and write]
ODBC;DRIVER={MICROSOFT ACCESS DRIVER (*.mdb)};UID=;PWD=;DBQ=Z:\DBFile\Formulation.mdb; [Z is remote driver]
3.Client 2[WIN10] is running our application, use ODBC to access the remote mdb file.[Read and write]
[Z is remote driver]

CRecordset is used in our code to access database, and the application already close connection and reopen connection when the network come back.

The issue is:
Step 1: The Client 1 disconnect network.
Step 2: Add one record into table1.
Step 3: Connect network for Client 1.
The new record can be display by Client 2, but can't be display by Client 1.

If I copy the database file in Client 1 to local driver, then the application can get the new record.
It seems the network driver has some cache bug.

Any one can help me on this issue?
Thanks very much!

This issue is hard to be reproduced, and it seems WIN 10 has no issue, but WIN 7 has this issue.

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I have three computers all Win 7 Home Premium and sharing (Homegroup). Side not I also had them sharing with out Homegroup and still same issue. Also This occurs regardless if PC3 is connected via wire or wireless. Additional notes AV was also disable to rule out. That is the only thing running on PC3 and nothing is running background wise on PC1 or PC2.

PC1 can easily view contents of Shared PC2 instantly.

PC2 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 instantly.

PC3 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 & PC2 instantly.

PC1 & PC2 can not view contents of Shared PC3 instantly; it takes approximately 35 seconds to view contents of main shared folder and same for each additional sub-folder. Also if copying a file initially it takes awhile before it starts and then stars off slow around 585KB/s copying over from PC1 or PC2 to PC3 before it jumps up to around 10MB/s+. However if I copy the same file from PC3 to PC1 or PC2 no speed issues what so ever. Speeds actually get well up into 70MB/s.

Any thoughts?

A:Clicking on Shared Computer is very slow to view shared contents.

Set all your pc's as in this pdf. File Sharing Settings.pdf

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hopefully this is an easy one. I recently purchased an external Seagate drive and added it to one of the PCs on our network and shared some folders on it. However, whenever the external drive is powered down it seems that the shared status of the folders is lost and has to be shared again. This is most tedious...
Any suggestions?
Kind regards,

A:Solved: shared folders on external drive do not stay shared

Is this one solved?

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How do I get it to save in the shared mailbox folder not my personal folder in outlook 2010?

A:Send an e-mail from a shared mailbox the sent item not saved in shared

The thread in the following link is looking for the same outcome. The first reply suggests using a third-party tool Download UniSent for Microsoft Outlook 2010 / 2007 Free Trial - A useful utility for managing Outlook messages - Softpedia (this is a trial version only).

Outlook 2010 Shared Mailbox Sent Items Saving in Wrong Place : Microsoft Office

I have no personal experience of this, but may be worth trying.

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Hi, I have a home wired LAN with the following configuration:
1) A Win 7x64 PC (static IP)
2) A Win 8.1x64 LAPTOP (static IP)
3) A Synology NAS (static IP)
3) A TP-LINK TL-R600VPN Wired Router connected to a cablemodem (internet access WAN) and to the switch.
4) A Trendnet 8 port switch connected to the 3 clients (PC, Laptop and NAS) and to the router (TP-LINK)

I have created a Windows Homegroup (Home/Private) from either the PC or Laptop going step by step as per these instructions and making sure that in both the PC and Laptop all requirements are met (required services, adapter settings, etc). The Homegroup is created successfully but the following issue arises:

- From the PC I can access shared files in the Laptop (by going to Windows Explorer/Network for example). From the PC I can also access the NAS shared files.
- From the Laptop, even though the Homegroup shows "Joined", I cannot access any shared file in the PC or NAS (it will show Error 53, network path not found). If I try to map a network drive (to directly access a shared folder in either the PC or NAS), it will also display an error saying that the network path cannot be found. However from the laptop I can access the NAS using the browser (Firefox, IE, etc).

So what is preventing the access to shared folders in the LAN from the laptop?

Thanks for any clue.

A:Unable to access shared folders from LAN client

Try without Home Group enabled. It should not affect you accessing the NAS. I have the same router as you do. I do not run any firewall within the LAN, due to the router is robust enough to guard against any inbound issues.

Do make sure that you have file sharing enabled, and both computers are set as "Private Network", for their adapters.

Home Group just makes it easier to share Libraries and printers across a network. But in turns it creates a huge headache in these kinds of instances.

I am running into that the Lenovo ix2-4 NAS that I have. Does not even show up in Network on either of my two laptops. So I ended up just saving it as a Favorite in Explorer. There is something with the TL-R600VPN, causing that issue, that I have not pinned down to. I am about to start playing with the ARP table on it, to see if that is what is causing my issue with the disappearing NAS.

I am retired, and on here a few times a day, so if you want to work together on this issue, shoot me a Private message.

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how to delete cached login for a shared folder from client ?

knowing that i cleared from credential manager and used net user commands with no effect !

with reference to :

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Hey guys

I cant get my streaming client (LG BD390) to show my shared folders on my pc.
It displays my pc, but doesn't attach those shared folders that are supposed to be shared.
If i access my computer from another windows pc there is no problem at all.

I have altered the share configurations every possible way imaginable but nothing will get it to work.

As you can see on the pic ive attached my pc is "ANDREAS-PC" my gf's is "VIBEKE", her pc is displaying her shared with no problem.

The wierd thing about this issue is its only the simple "share this folder" that does'nt work. Because on the pic attached you can see both the "ANDREAS-PC: Andreas" which is the windows media player (if im not mistaken) and the "Nero MediaHome 4".
MediaHome can share whatever i like from my pc, but by doing so it takes endless amount of resources and cannot display subtitles for video files. Thats why i don't wanna use that instead of simple windows folder share.

Things ive tried out:

Altered every single option in the sharing center. like turn on network discovering and such (for public netowrk too)
Reinstalled windows 7
Factory defaults on my router and my LG bd390.

Does anyone have an idea about what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance ppl

A:Unable to access simple shared folders on streaming client

This is from newegg reviews.

Rating: 2/5Beware Windows 7 64 Bit Users!

Pros: Blu Ray, Upscaling, Netflix, Media share can use Orb, Windows Sharing or Nero MediaHome. Ripped DVD VOB files can be streamed right to your TV. You can't really navigate too well but the quality is very nice.
Cons: The media sharing has a pretty clunky interface but is otherwise usable. Nero MediaHome CD that comes with this unit is not compatible with 64 Bit operating systems. Neither LG or Nero claim responsibility for this. To resolve this issue you can pay $1.29 a minute for phone support to Nero to have them tell you to buy the full version. The Full version does work (Seems like a scam to get you to spend more.) So if you are willing to pay more for the full version of the Mediahome software then you can get this to work.

You couldn't pay me enough to use Nero. Your A/V software can also cause this problem. You will also need to update the firmware on this disk player. Also if you are using a Dlink router you may need to update the firmware.

You can read through the reviews in the link below. These reviews give good clues on how to fix problems..
Newegg.com - LG Blu-ray Player BD390

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Hey everyone.

I use both Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, 2.6.33-AMD64) and Windows 7 professional, and sometimes I get a little boggled at the apparent lack of functionality in W7 in the following situation.

I have a network share in the root of my drive that I've called "DropBox" where my boss and I can both put files to be shared via the network. I have a bunch of files in "Downloads" directory that I'd like to be able to share at various times, but would rather not have my downloads directory directly shared as it violates my sense of order. IE, I would much rather have one shared folder from which you can reach all the other content I need to share on the drive, and if I need to un-share something, simply delete the shortcut, and Voila! instant anti-sharing.

Figure 1. Clean Sharing

In Ubuntu, you can create a symlink within a shared folder that points to a non shared folder which allows network users to access that non-shared folder.

Does this functionality exist in W7?


A:Shared Shortcut to non-shared folder.

Okay, so I solved this issue on my own =) TGFG! The answer lies in the MKLink command.

Specifically: mklink /D /J Downloads "C:\Users\Robert\Downloads\"

Works like a charm. All networked machines have access to my non-shared directory through the shared folder, and it looks nice and clean on the viewers end.

Thanks for letting me rubber duck this one.

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First: THANK YOU to anyone who can help with this.

System: Dell Latitude e6500, Core 2 Duo 8400, 4 Gb Ram, E-dock, 2 Dell 19" LCD, Fedex Dropped it off Friday.

Software: XP SP3, Office 2003, Adobe Acrobat, HP OfficeJet l7780 Drivers [[Had Eset Smart Security installed, but uninstalled it while trying to figure out this problem ]]

Have a Dell Precision M65 also connected to Linksys WRG54 Router.

So, here's the situation.

I want to share desktop and my documents of the e6500 so that they're available to other users connected through the Linksys Network.

To do this I navigate to
C-docs and settings-e6500-desktop
C-docs and settings-e6500-My Documents
and right click and set up sharing.

Once I've done this I get on the M65 and Map Network Drive and browse to e6500 and map X for my documents and Y for desktop and everything is good. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, etc. etc. etc.

Then I restart the e6500 and it ""forgets"" that the folders were shared.

So far I've tried spitting, cursing, shouting, crying, begging, and the following:

I've uninstalled Eset to see if it was blocking for security, but nothing changed.

I turned off windows firewall, but it automatically turns back on when i reboot.

I rebooted into safe mode and set the sharing properties, which held the first time booting back into windows, but not after the 2nd restart.

I opened msconfig and did a diagnostic boot, but couldn... Read more

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I have all 4 PC's in the office using Windows 7 Pro. I have one computer that is designated to house my share folder for scanning documents and attaching them to our management system.  We are finding that multiple problems occur - not at once and at
different times .  Sometimes, the document within the shared folder called "IMAGEBATCH" will not delete.  Sometimes that document deletes, and then re-appears within the IMAGEBATCH folder.  Sometimes the document will not
scan through the network to the IMAGEBATCH folder.  Sometimes we get an error saying we "don't have permission to delete this file".  These circumstances occur on all computers, including the computer that houses the original file IMAGEBATCH. 
Sometimes in the day, each computer that is supposedly looking at the same IMAGEBATCH folder see different files.
Restarting the computer clears the problems, but then start right back up at irregular intervals, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day.
I did find a duplicate file named IMAGEBATCH on the "C" drive of that PC, so I deleted that, but the symptoms are still there.  This is the only shared folder in our entire network.  What can I be missing?  I have checked to make
sure it is a share folder, all the permissions are in place, and that we all can see the folder through the network.  What am I missing?  I am the owner and administrato... Read more

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Sharing two folders on a W2k machine. Users accessing the files are all on w98se. The problem is, through Network Neighborhood the users can only see "Folder A", not "Folder B", therefore I can only map to "Folder A". Why can't I see "Folder B"? I've done this countless number of times, but have never seen this before. The properties of the proposed shared folders are identical, and network setups on all machines are the same.
Anyone with an answer?

A:W2K Pro shared files in p2p

You mentioned the share permission but have you checked the file permissions? Permission are combined before access is granted. Also check the groups listed, such as Everyone.

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My question is what is the best way to network with a laptop so that data may be entered on the laptop and shared with a PC? I currently have two PC's connected to router with a DSL connection. The laptop may at times be at the same location and at other times remote. The software provider has recommended a server and DSL connection for the laptop. They say that a modem connection and PCAnywhere will be slow. I do not need "real time" information and can work with weekly updates.
Is there a simple low cost way to have updated information on two machines?

A:shared files

if you don't need it real time then I'd just stick with a modem and pc-anywhere, or you could runan ftp server. That would be the cheapest way in my opinion

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Hi Guys,,

Is there a way to view all the files that you are currently sharing in Homegroup? I couldn't remember anymore those files that I right clicked then shared to the homegroup. Thanks


A:Shared Files

I would check under computer management there will be a option called shared folders.

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Anyone know if one shared file can be open by two or more users ( on different pc's ) at the same time. This is an excel file that clients claim at one time they could all open simutainously . . after I installed Office XP and set up the network in the new office, if one has it open, others can only open as read only.

I am having doubts that they could ever all access the same file, but they sure think they did . .


A:Shared Files

Do you have the option Tools, Share Workbook? That's where the option is on Excel 2000. If you don't have that option, search the Help for "share workbook". Or wait for someone with Office XP installed to help you.

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Hope someone can help or I may have to give my 10 year old admin rights... tho' he may do a better job than me!

He's connecting to http://www.cartoonnetwork.com and busy swapping characters in their 'Orbit Zone'... or was until I swapped Win2k out for XP Pro.

The site has u/loaded a bunch of cookies and one .bin file to a folder called communities.com in c:\Program Files which IE can't access as he only has a Limited Account. This then stops him from contacting other users.

Can't set up folder sharing as the computer's not attached to a network and there's no domain name, and if I move the offending folder to 'Shared Files' it's in the wrong place... ho hum.

Problem now is that he's discovered it'll work if he has Admin Rights.... help!!

Thanks for any suggestions,


A:Shared files in xp pro

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I have been trying to install Microsoft Office and keep getting an error

Cannot access C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink the file directory is corrupted. I have tried running scan disc and it doesn't work and have tried from the command window and it stops 73% through and say can't go any further to maintain system integrity.

Any suggestions?


A:C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink corrupted file directory

Hi tonedef -

Welcome to the Tech Support Forum - Vista Support!

What version of Office are you trying to install (e.g, 2003 or 2007)?

Have you changed any file permission settings or "Taken Ownership" of any folders/files?

The "scan disk" that you mentioned running... was it "sfc /scannow"? If not, click on START | type cmd.exe in the Start Search box | right-click on cmd.exe | select Run as Admin

In the screen that comes up type the following:

sfc /scannow (space after sfc) - press ENTER

Let this run. Try Office re-install.

Good Luck. . .


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after installing a Canon printer driver, I am now getting an error:

Cannot access C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink the file directory is corrupted.
I have tried running scan disc and it doesn't work and have tried from the command window and it stops 73% through and say can't go any further to maintain system integrity. I have also tried restoring from a back-up but it wont let me as well.

Any suggestions?

A:C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink corrupted file directory

I have a similar problem, see other thread with same title.

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Hi there,

I have installed microsoft office 07 when first getting my laptop late last year and have had no problem until today. I find this appearing on my laptop upon trying to open up any microsoft office program: Error 2330. Setup cannot get attirbutes for the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Smart Tag\LISTS. Verify that the file exists in your system and that you have sufficient permissions to update it.

When trying to open windows live messenger i get this message: The file or directory\Program files\common files\microsoft shared is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility and the same goes for trying to open winRAR and notepad.

I have tried to do the chkdsk utility but on cmd, was told access denied since i do not have sufficient privileges and need to invoke this utility running in elevated mode.

I should also add that my sister was using my laptop today and told me that these error messages came up when she first opened the laptop and said that my log on was even corrupted! (Note: I normally put my laptop to sleep but when my sister opened it this morning it had restarted instead of just waking up as it normally does)

Sorry for the long post but i thought I should be as detailed as i can even though i know very little about computers...

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Hi, I use my Norton windows scan and I keep getting the message C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\DLLShared." I talked to Gateway Tech and they told me to back up all files and I did on a previous problem but one disc, the second one was corrupt (so it said). I lost everything. I am afraid to do this again they suggest I redo my windows from the very begining that always seems to be there answer. I cannot afford to lose data now. I am having that error message come up and I cannot use my send to drive E to copy discs properly so I got the updated version of Rioxio since the one I had was out dated so I moved up to Roxio 6 and I cannot do anything as far as coping files to disc. I am upset because a very important file is stuck in Roxio 6 that has my excel spreedsheet and it will not let me open it or copy it to CD. I hope this made sense. Please help if you can. I am running a gateway 700XL with XP Thanks

A:[Resolved] C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\DLLShared

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Good evening, I am hoping there is a security guru out there. I first started using Vista forums because I felt my system might be being compromised. I still feel that way only recently I have had new facts to sustain my feelings.
1) I have simple dial up, no broadband or wireless but my recent files and many of my documents are ?roaming? folders. My public folder has become shared and I can?t change it, another account of mine the desktop is being shared. I deleted another account because i could not delete the documents from inside the shared folder. It would give me a message saying?you cannot delete this folder because it is being shared with someone? The other users accounts I have, at least I can delete the documents but I cannot stop them from being shared.
2) I have adhoc dlls files and many migration dll files. When I go into the help and support on the vista start menu I cannot access some features because it gives me a message that "this cant be accessed because your computer is on a domain" But I am not on a domain, I don t share files with anyone, no one touches my computer, at least not from inside my house, I don?t share my files or any folders. I am not on a network, just a simple dial up account with only one computer on it, at least that is what is supposed to be.
All these queries have been happening for about a month now, I just gather more and more evidence as it occurs. Also in the past month my system configuration folder h... Read more

A:Files Being shared without my knowledge etc please help

Hallo Geekgal, If you could let us know what Security software you have installed and is it up to date?

If you could also check in your Control Panel then Security Center and let us know what Antivurs, Anti Malware/Spyware & Firewall are active, this would be of great help.

A good place to start would be to download Malwarebytes Free scanner @ this link Malwarebytes.org update it & run a full system scan to see what turns up.

Things are quite here tonight but i am sure someone will be here to help when you post back if i am not

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Can anyone help me with this please. I do not know what the text below means but the obvious interpretation is that files and folders are being shared with remote computers, which I do not wish to do. I always opt to share nothing on my computer. Or perhaps it means something different and is harmless.
In Windows 7 Starter, I opened 'Computer Management' and then
> Shared Folders > Shares. Listed under this are the column headings:
Share name       Folder Path        Type             Client Connections        Description
ADMIN$             C:\Windows        Windows       0                                    Remote Admin
C$                       C:\                      Windows       0           ... Read more

A:Shared files and folders

Those shares are hidden as indicated by the $. Try running \\localhost\admin$ at a run box on your computer to get an idea.
They are used by the system / domain to execute commands remotely mostly. For the most part, I'd leave them alone unless you are hyper vigilant on security and are not participating in a domain or accessing your machine remotely. I believe disabling the server service will get rid of the IPC$ share. Check this article for some more info on the effects of disabling the shares.
Suppose you, the admin, need to access COMPUTERA from COMPUTERB, Well, since we have built in hidden shares you jsut connect to it by \\COMPUTERA\C$ and voila; after enetring the credentials you're in. Good for when KVM is out ofthe picture
BTW the E:\ drtive is most likely your system reserve

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Hi I have connected two PCs via ethernet seitch, setup IPs, file sharing, firewall... But when I go to My network places on any of the PCs, all PCs are shown as shortcuts (not folders) so I can not access them... Please help

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I have created a network between me and my brother. im using windows xp and he is using windows vista. and it was working fine (we can share files and everything). but recently i have formatted my pc and reinstalled windows xp. the problem is that i couldn't manage to see his shared files but he can see mine. i disabled firewalls in both PCs, but when i try to connect by typing his host name , it asks me for user name and password (it shouldn't ask me) , i enter his user name and password but then it displays a message that access is restricted ?

what is going on ?

A:i cant see my brother pc shared files ?

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when i try to Download some huge files from my friend's PC via ICQ - there is an error about my hard disk 's space shortage.
But my hard disk 's free space still have 12.0 G ....
can somebody help me ?......

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I am not sure if this is a security issue or not but I am posting this for any help that could be given. I have tried searching generally for a solution but without success.

I use Vista Ultimate on a Dell desktop PC.

Just recently files that I have created (some but not all) are created as shared files (previously they were not unless I gave specific instructions). The share characteristics (permission levels) for such files are:
Owner: Dell PC

Dell PC is my user name.

The files that seem to be affected are internet web pages either web addresses saved into Favorites or web page content saved to my PC. I have noticed it occassionally with other files but other files are mostly created as unshared.

I have recently had to do an image restore of my PC using Windows complete PC Restore but I do not see why this should cause this to happen.

Can anyone help me to stop this happening?? Is there a setting to change somewhere??


What could have caused this to start??

Many thanks in anticipation.

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Hi, I am excited to maybe get some help from this forum. Here is my deal. I have my primary PC connected via Ethernet to an Actiontec DSL modem (GT701). All is working great. I have turned on the wireless capability of the DSL modem, as well. I have a second PC, 5 feet away ,with a Linksys USB wireless network adapter (with Speedbooster) connected and working great. I have excellent strength and internet activity with both PCs. The Network is successfully established. What I don't get is now how to set up a successful sharing of files/folders and printers between the two PCs using Windows XP (one has Home edition SP2, and the other has Media Center edition SP2). I have dabbled around with the Network Wizard, and had each computer indicated as connecting to a residential gateway, had the computer names verified, and established a new and unique workgroup name used for both computers. The piece of the puzzle I haven't figured out yet, is the mechanism now to just start seeing files between the two computers. Do I need to map a network drive? I go to My Network Places, and I don't see anything. I can do a view of the workgroup(s), and it says that my new Network workgroup can't be seen due to lack of permission, etc. Any help here would be greatly appreciated as to the proper approach to this file/printer sharing thing. Thanks in advance.

A:How Do I Get Files and Printers Shared Between 2 PCs?

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when I download stuff from limewire, I can usually go to C:\Documents and Settings\user\Shared to see the stuff ive downloaded. Now I dont seem to even have this file let alone all the stuff in it!
I can still get to C:\Documents and Settings\user, but no "shared" anymore!
What do you think has ahppened? have I got a virus?

A:lost- shared files

Hi missmouse,
I don't think you can be helped at TSG with P2P - this from TSG rules:
"P2P Instructions - The purpose of P2P is to illegally trade copyrighted material. We do not support the use of P2P networks and any threads requesting help for them will be closed. This includes Kazaa, Bearshare, WinMX, and the like. If you're interested in the topic, you are free to discuss it on our site (and please visit StealingIsIllegal.com), but information on how to use them will not be provided".


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Me and my co-worker are networked , everything looks good BUT when she goes on her computer she cannot make changes in the program , I have the main comp.
What type of security is that and how do I turn it off
Help Please

A:Shared files w/ vista

Is she running a program that is shared on your computer, and that has a configuration file that is shared as well? If so, you need to give her access to that file or registry key to make it able to accept changes.

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Hi everyone,

This months' computer problem is with some files on my computer, in the shared pictures folder (which is named simply, Documents, on my computer, rather than Shared Documents). I have a number of folders of different pictures from my digicam from various nights out, etc. however one of the folders (that I know of for sure, there may be others - I haven't checked) where the jpegs contained within the folder have all the thumbnails intact, but when I go to double click them to make them bigger in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, it says "No Preview Available". I checked properties and the file size is correct and all other attributes appear normal; they're the same as any other, viewable, files anyway.

One other problem, now that I think about it, did occur with another folder of jpegs in that the thumbnails were unavailable as well as the previews when double clicked on the files, however the file sizes under properties were still alright.

I suspect it has something to do with 'ownership' of the files, however it all appears normal to me, I, and my partner, have full access to the files and ownership is set to administrators, so anyone on the PC should have full access to view, and edit the files.

It just happens on a few of the folders though, and it's rather annoying. In safe mode, all the pictures are fine (again, I suspect due to ownership issues) however I don't know how to fix it!


A:Problem with files on shared PC

Ok, this is still not sorted and it appears to be on just one folder in the All Users/Documents folder on my computer - all the thumbnails are there, but no preview is available for them and they won't open because it says access is denied. When I open them with other programs, it says the files are corrupted. But in Safe Mode, the pictures show up fine in any program.

Here is a pic of what I'm talking about in the culprit folder - you can see the tooltip displays the correct file size and thumbnails are there, but it says "no preview available" I hope someone can help - they're good pictures and I don't wanna lose them!


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A few days ago I bought a Zune, and I running Windows Vista Ultimate. It seems Windows Vista Ultimate and the Zune aren't compatible. I've been through all the steps Zune technical support can offer me and so now, the choice I am going with now, its to re-install Windows XP on my machine... I am going to do a dual-boot. But since all my music is on my Windows Vista side, installing XP and having no access to the files on my Vista will defeat the whole purpose of this whole ordeal and I still won't be able to use my Zune.

So: Is there any way I can install Window XP while Vista is still on my machine and have access to all my files on the Vista side. Maybe if I do it on the same partition or something?

A:Install XP with Shared Files.

Don't know the details of accessing Vista files from XP, but surely it can be done w/o too much trouble.

Have you considered this possibility: http://www.modaco.com/content/The-Lounge/248724/Zune-on-Vista/ ?

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Hi! I have decided to shared folder but averytime I add a file to that folder the file is not automatically shared but I have to share it manually. Is there a way to tell that avery file I'll add to that folder has to be intended shared...

Is is not a big deal but it is annoying...

A:Add files to a shared folder

This is how I share files. Network File Sharing.pdf

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I am trying to transfer existing Outlook Express files (on Windows 98) over to a new computer and cannot find all the files listed under 'Shared Contacts' folder. I know that they are not in the .WAB file as I have opened it and cannot find the contact list I am looking for. I cannot find anywhere in Outlook Express nor via the Explorer to find out where this information is. Any help would be appreciated.

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I've mapped some folders in my laptop (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit).
I wanted them offline so I chose make available offline. After some days I've removed 'Make available offline'.
Now, the problem is when I open a file in shared folder for modification it's taking a local copy the changes are not reflecting in server. 
What I dont understand is when I removed offline, how am getting a local copy instead of the files in server.


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I have 3 computers on a LAN.
Two run XP (pro) one runs win7 all current.

They are all in the workgroup MSHOME.
Homegroup on win7 is unassigned.
From Win 7 I can access the XP boxes.
From XP I cannot connect to the Win7 box with the message ...
"logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer"

A:LAN Cant see shared files on win7 from xp

Hi and Welcome to Seven Forums,

It is more likely a permission issue, from your Windows 7 computer please follow this Tutorial and let us know if it helps or not then we'll try something else.

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I have 3 win7 machines on my home network and one unraid (NAS) server. All my machines can see each other they are all under the same workgroup. However they cannot access each other c or d drives. I have setup shared files on one and when i attempt to access those folder windows says network error . windows cannot access you do not have permission to access.

I have setup all my windows machines to network discovery on, file/printer sharing on, use 128 bit encryption, turn off password sharing. homne group connection is set to - use user account to connect to other computers.

Ive been at this for ages read a million threads and still cant get access.

Should i not be able to access my laptops c and d drives from my imac running windows 7? and vice versa.

any help will be appreciated


A:PC's see each other but cant access shared files.

Hardrive sharing requires additional steps than just sharing a folder.

Sharing the C drive can cause a huge security risk since anyone on the network could potentially damage the machine remotely. Proceed at your own risk
This post should show you how to share a drive across a network, please replace the drive with the particular drive you wish to share - HDD sharing

Hope This Helps,

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I'm trying to access a shared folder on a windows 2000 computer from a windows 98 computer. I see the computer that I need to get to but when I click on it I get a box that says You must supply a password to make this connection. What password is this refering to. I dont have a password. I am in a workgroup.


A:Accessing shared files


Sounds like the share on the other end is password protected. You need to find out if that is the case and if so, what is the password to get into that machine.

Good Luck

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Hi. I want to share files between my XP machine and my 98. Both are connected to the Internet through a router (DI-704p) that assigns them the same IP. I've tried the Network Wiz on XP, but when I click on 'view workgroup computers', I get

"[WORKGROUP] is not accessible. You might not have permission..."

Is there a workaround so that I can assign each computer their own IP? Would that solve my problem?

A:sharing files through a shared IP

Is your router set up for DHCP? If so, run winipcfg on Win98 and ipconfig /all on the XP box. I am sure the address you are seeing is the WAN interface on your router or modem and your internal ones are 192.168.sumthin.sumthin. You might have to set up some server functions on your router to be able to do what you are attempting.

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Hi, I just have a simple quick question. I recently set up a network and then shared some folders and files on this network. Where can I find these shared files and folders?

A:Network Shared Files

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I am having problems turning off the Shared Files facility in 8.1. I do not need to share any information between computers, am not part of a domain, and don't need this facility, so would prefer that it was turned off.
I have had the same problem on another computer using Windows 7 Starter, and have posted details in the 7 Forum. The problems with Windows 7 computer now seem to be resolved (thanks to Aura and reast82) but I’ve tried to apply the same ‘fixes’ in Windows 8.1 and this is not yet resolved.
The fixes I have tried are these:
I've followed the path: Start > Computer Management > Shared Folders > right-click on any folder > clicked on ‘Stop sharing’, but I cannot change this option. It still says ‘Stop sharing’ and cannot be changed.
I tried another method using a command line  (Start > All Programs > Accessories > right click Command Prompt > run as Administrator) and typed:
 net share <sharename> /delete
 (the sharename being the name of the file you want to stop sharing). This didn’t work.
I have tried to disable network discovery and then tried to disable the shares, following this link:
While it was possible to select the option to turn off Network discovery and file and printer sharing, when I checked these ... Read more

A:Shared files and folders

Are you using an administrator account [username] to try to make these changes?

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I have a dilema, I have 2 pcs, one with windows Vista and another one with Windows XP. Both computer shares and view the same files, for example, I am done working with a file, so I will open the shortcut to the other pc and copy the finished file into the xp pc documents folder. The other person can see it and open it and printe it and done. We bought another pc to replace the xp computer wiht another vista pc. I had change the settings to sahre everything and I can see the c drive from computer a to computer b, both using windows vista, but I can not see the my documents and I can not open any file from one pc to the other pc or viseversa. The person who first did the network on the Vista pc and XP pc, is not around anymore. And I spent the whole weekend trying to figure it out. Please any help?

thank you very much


A:Solved: shared files

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hey helpers,

I am having problems with my shared folders. I have 2 XP computers networked. I can see the shared folders on one computer, but not the other. I have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Any ideas? Sorry for the lack of detail...



A:Can see shared files on one computer, but not other.

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I cannot make any changes to my local policy. I get the error, 'Failed to save Local Policy Database' after making any change. Anyone know how to "unlock" the database?

A:[SOLVED] Shared files

Hi there

Please do not post duplicate threads on the same subject. You have already asked the same question here


Please be patient.

Closing thread.....

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