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Satellite Pro P100 - Battery fails to recharge

Q: Satellite Pro P100 - Battery fails to recharge


I have an old Toshiba Satellite Pro P100, a refurbished model, which I got 2 years ago.
It has worked fine ever since I got it, but I went overseas for a month and left my laptop at home.
When I returned I found that the laptop battery won't recharge.

The battery power indicator on my desktop says 0% and it requires constant connection to the mains to work.
I've looked through the manuals, all they tell you is that a flashing orange light means low battery, but not what to do if it doesn't change.
I also looked online, but they don't help either.

What I want to know is whether there is a way to fix my battery or if I need to buy another.


Preferred Solution: Satellite Pro P100 - Battery fails to recharge

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Satellite Pro P100 - Battery fails to recharge


It looks like battery fault.
But check the battery connection firstly.

Remove the battery and after short time connect it again.
If this will not help then you should replace the battery and should test the notebook using new battery.


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Firstly, just to say that this is a great little device but I like many have experienced teething problems during battery recharge.

My bios is is greater than v5, ie v5.2 now.
My experience in Nov 2015 was of battery number two not charging. It seemed to be something to do with the tablet connection, as on a few occasions just unclipping and reclipping seemed to then allow battery two to charge.

At this stage I will say that I primarily use the device like a mini laptop, rarely as a tablet, so am not generally clipping and unclipping the tablet all the time. For a while after it kept charging ok, no unclipping etc, all was well. Then I fitted a leather case, having to unclip the tablet to do so.

This triggered the battery numbr two no charge again. However after several unclips and reclips, plus a power off button sequence (as many have said before) my loveable Toshiba seemed fine at recharching both batteries again. Just a few days ago, though it went back into no charge of battery two mode. I wondered if the leather case was causing a slight uncoupling of the tablet to keyboard body and so removed the leather case, and unclipped and reclipped tablet and keyboard once again, this did not sovle the charging problem.

However closing down from the side power button and restarting several times seems to have solved the problem, again, perhaps only for the moment . . . I wait to see on my next recharge.

Also I have yet to see 12-13hrs available time shown o... Read more

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My Laptops display turns off at random times after startup But the backlight stays on. I've noticed that it gets really hot where the graphics card is placed and that none of the fans run after startup. But when I turn it off and on the fans run But stop again.

A:Toshiba Satellite P100

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Inspirion E1505 Intel Core Duo Processor T2050
Dell Battery original---53 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery, for Inspirion 6400/E1505
Purchase date 8/06

This is may seem like a silly question, but I'm a real novice about computer and without asking I won't learn. My daughter's computer, listed above, will not retain a charge, she is still using the original battery. I am planning on buying a new battery. Actually I have two questions.

Question 1 Is it possible/probably that it is anything other than the battery that could be the problem. The computer works fine when plugged in. I know in a car, if the alternator isn't working the battery won't charge, changing the battery by itself, won't fix the problem. How about in a Lap top?

Questin 2 Where is the best place to buy a battery, least expensive, but quality?

Really appreciate your help. Thanks Mom

A:Dell Lap Top Battery Won't Recharge

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I need the drivers for Toshiba Satellite p100-119 aka pspa3e-00h00dgr but it look like it never existed or it been banned because I can't find it on drivers section and when i enter laptop's specification site and try to enter "drivers" link, it says error 500. I found drivers and bios for PSP3U aka P100, can I use those or can you show or give me drivers for my laptop?

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I can't get the wifi connector to work.
There are 2 drivers, one Atheros one Intel.
The Atethors offers no connect tool to a wifi network, the Intel one says no Intel device is present.

Using win media centre 2005 as originally intended.
There is no recovery partition.

I have yellow question marks for a network controller, modem on high definition audio bus and a mass storage device.

Downloading from here the drivers concerned are:


Thanks for your help

Toshiba Satellite P100-253
Model No PSPA0E-039028FR
Serial no: 76145129W

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I recevied this laptop from family member to fix it's system. I had licence to Windows 7 so i formated hard drive with xp and clean instaled win 7. I used driver easy pro to automaticaly download all drivers (only nVidia go 7600 and Intel WiFi 9450 or something like this drivers was downloaded by me). I cant Now use acpi features like hibernation or sleep on power settings, i have no sound and i cant connect to my wi fi. Also nVidia graphics displays error 12 in devices manager. Bios dont have power section. Can You show me correct drivers for my laptop (i found nothing on toshiba site) or any solution for this problems?

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a friend of mine has this laptop and wants to know if this laptop accepts 500 GB hard drives

Thank you in advance

A:Re: Does Satellite P100-10P support 500GB HDD?


As I know the laptop supports sata hdd controller and since the sata hdd controller has no limit. I think the BIOS should support 500 Gb hard drive

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Hello! I just made an account here because I'm having a rather serious problem with my computer. When I turn on my computer, everything seems to work... except the moniter. The fans whirr, you can hear the windows start-up, but my screen remains completely black. No light at all. Help!

A:Issues with Toshiba Satellite P100

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Hi There,

i took my Satellite Pro P100 totally apart, cleaned the heatsink and vents.
Also applied new thermal paste.

The GPU idles around 50?C Fan always on
The CPU idles around 40-45?C Fan always on

At my other Qosmio G30 with a Geforce Go 7600 i got Idles at 35-38?C and CPU at about the same!?

So, pretty normal Temps for the satellite pro or are there any tweaks i could use to lower the temps?
BIOS is latest from Toshiba, driver from toshiba and win 7 power managemnt is at powersaving...

Kind Regards

A:Satellite Pro P100 - GPU and CPU temperature question

> The GPU idles around 50?C Fan always on
> The CPU idles around 40-45?C Fan always on

I don?t think its too high? In my opinion the temperature looks ok.

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My Toshiba Satellite Pro P100 has no display from screen or external monitor it has a seperate Nvidia Geforce go 7600 graphics Card.
Can any body tell me were I can get a replacement card?


A:Need new graphic card for my Satellite Pro P100

How you know your notebook has separate graphic card?
Have you had success to remove it from the mainborad?

Sorry about these questions but I?m a little bit confused. As far as I know graphic card is part of mainborad and cannot be replaced separately.

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Hello! I just made an account here because I'm having a rather serious problem with my computer. When I turn on my computer, everything seems to work... except the moniter. The fans whirr, you can hear the windows start-up, but my screen remains completely black. No light at all. Could this be Vista messing up, or is it a hardware issue? Help!

A:Toshiba Satellite P100 Issues

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I have a Satellite Pro P100 ( P6PA4E-002001EN ) with just 512 MB of memory and wish to know if it can be increased and if so what memory would I have to buy and is it a simple task to open the machine and fit it?

A:Can I increase memory on my old Satellite Pro P100?


You can increase memory on this older notebook to amazing 4GB of RAM.

Compatible RAM modules that you can use for upgrade:
PA3511U-1M51 (DDR2-667 512MB Memory Kit)
PA3512U-1M1G (DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)

Check bottom side of your notebook and there you should find Ram cover probably fixed with one screw. Remove it and you will have access to memory slots.

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My Satellite Pro P100 PSPAEE-00E006EN switched its self on in its carry case the other day.
It got very, very hot. Now the fan on the side is running all the time but otherwise its working as normal.

Any easy way to reset the fan control? tks.

A:How to reset the fan control on Satellite Pro P100?


There is not function which could ?reset? the cooling modules.
I assume your notebook was set in standby or hibernation mode and somehow it has woken up from the standby or hibernation mode?

You should simply shut down the notebook (windows start -> shut down) and then should power up the unit.

Just for info; you can change some cooling modules settings in Vista power management.
For that check this FAQ:

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Let me just start off by saying that my laptop is a piece of junk, lol - I'm so frustrated with it right now. I'd love to just go out and get a new one but I'm a college student and there is no way I can afford too - so that means I have to make this computer last another year and a half for school.

One of the problems I'm having now is that my battery won't charge. I need to be able to take my computer to class and stuff and they don't all have plugs, so I need a working battery! This started about last May when the battery that I had for about 2-3 years started only holding a charge for about half an hour. I figured it was just on it's way out.

Then I had some more computer problems that resulted in a Dell guy replacing my motherboard (for reasons not related to the battery - and yes, my computer is still under warrenty). I figured, I just got a shiny new motherboard, I might as well invest in a new battery as well. So I ordered a new battery online and it worked fine when I first put it in, but now it won't charge.

I don't think it's the battery, it was new when I got it and worked fine until I needed to charge it. I also don't think it's the motherboard, since I just got that replaced.

Does anyone have any other ideas what it could be? Do you think it could be the power cord or something? I don't know! If it's something inside the computer I can get it replaced from Dell but they'r... Read more

A:Dell D600 Battery won't recharge

Remove the battery, and look at the contacts on the laptop and battery. Make sure they look clean. You can try changing the power cord but Dell might be the best source of information for what is involved with charging the battery.

I always assumed laptops had the battery charging circuit built into the motherboard, but it is possible there is a seperate circuit board for charging the battery.

Since its under warranty you might as well take advantage of it.

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On my cellphone I wait til the battery is totally discharged. Should I being doing the same with my laptop, or does it not make a difference?

A:Solved: When do I recharge my laptops battery?

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Satellite Pro P100 with Synaptics touch pad, was running Vista, now Win 7 64 bit.
The original driver had an option "disable when external pointing device connected".

I have installed a driver from Synaptics Synaptics_v14_0_3_C_XP64_Vista64_Win7-64_Signed_default.exe which does not have this check box.

It works fine except that sometimes the Microsoft Mouse turns off and on every few seconds as it or the touchpad fight each. I have to disable the touchpad.
Then next time I turn on. If I do so without a mouse, I cannot use the touchpad, until i plug in the mouse, reactivate, then unplug the mouse.


A:Satellite Pro P100 - Synaptics touchpad issue using Win 7


Try to install the Synaptics and Alps touchpad drivers from Toshiba European driver page.
Choose the Win 7 touchpad drivers released for a satellite L500 series.

By the way; the touchpad can be enabled and disabled using the FN + F9 button combination. Its not needed to have any options if FN + F9 works fine.

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Dear everybody,

i have some trouble with my old lovely laptop. The backlight for the display does not work but the display is ok. I changed the inverter and the display too. That wasn?t successful.
Now my question, which device is responsible for serve the voltage for the backlight? Is there a fuse or have i to change the complete device? What can i do to fix that problem?

Thanks for your answers.

Best regards


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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 and I?ve seen pictures and videos on the internet of people have these LCD touchpads that light up blue and have shortcuts but the only touchpads I can find like that are for the P100 models and ino some of the parts fit each other as I?ve researched it but I can?t seem to find whether the touchpads do or not but I think that?s what the other people I?ve seen do anyone any ideas?


A:Satellite Pro A100/P100 - touchpad compatibility


Both notebook models are pretty old so it is not easy to find some useful info about that. I remember that some A100/P100 and A200/P200/X200 models were offered with such touchpads.

I?m not technician but I believe that such touchpads with buttons have two cables that must be connected to the mainboard and touchpads without buttons have one flat cable only.
I also believe that models with and without such touchpad have different part numbers) model numbers) so it is possible that they have different mainboards.

What do you need is professional help with this. I mean, if possible, try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and ask for help. They have access to Toshiba database and can check specification for your notebook model but also database for all notebook hardware components.

Maybe they will be able to help you with this.

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My laptop is a Satellite PRO P100-383 with a DVD writer MAT****A UJ-850S.

The actual firmware of my DVD writer MAT****A UJ-850S is 1.10 and i can't write some DVD-R because they are not recognized as a DVD-R but as a CD-R. I think it's just the DVD-writer's firmware which is too much old.
Is there a way to update that firmware with a new one please ? because i've found anything in the download section for my laptop. Just drivers and motherboard BIOS, but nothing about the MAT****A UJ-850S firmware update.

Thank you very much for your reply.



A:Satellite PRO P100-383 DVD UJ-850S Firmware update

Hi Philip

In my opinion you should not change anything but use high quality DVD-R medias like TDK or Verbatim.
Maybe you use ?some? cheap and no-name empty medias.

Have you tested it using well known brands?

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Since yesterday my search for wlan-networks doesn?t work any more.

I already tried to switch wlan on/off and restart the laptop. But still the same problem.
Maybe I turned it off with the fn+F8-button, but if I try to reset it, I cannot see what is turned on and off.

The fn-button itself works fine with the other keys, but i can?t see the function on the desktop, but the function is working.

I can only use a network with a cable.

Maybe someone knows an answer.

thanks for your help

A:Re: Satellite P100 wlan doesnt work, and cannot see Fn-key


Pressing FN+F8, you can see wifi icon and can en/disable it. Maybe, you need to update Wlan driver:


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I have just flashed BIOS 4.8 on my Satellite Pro P100.

The CPU is running at 100%. (90%+ for windows explorer)

Only one core is being recognised by my Vista gadget.

CPU temp 85C

How can I 'downgrade' the BIOS? Where are the older versions?

A:How can I 'downgrade' the BIOS on Satellite Pro P100-160 (PSPAE)

When the new BIOS version is offered for download old versions are not available anymore.
Which Satellite Pro P100 do you have exactly (model name, model number)?

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I have a Satellite Pro P100-11D which have worked fine since 2007 both with preinstalled Windows and latest Ubuntu.

But.. Yesterday Firefox crashed, i thought, but after reboot it couldn't load Ubuntu desktop, just came to a prompt.

I tried reinstall driver and xserver with no luck.
Tried to reinstall whole Ubuntu, but it halts while loading live Ubuntu.

Thought a harddisk failure maybe, so I wanted to wipe the whole harddisk, and so reinstalled Windows, which wouldn't load after install. Changed the harddisk to a WD250GB, but still same - halts when loading live Ubuntu and Debian and Meego...

Did a memory check from the Ubuntu live USB stick (before loading Ubuntu), no errors.
I have an idea it might be the graphics, but it has no errors or faults displaying install screens - full graphics.

Anyone have any ideas?

Oh, I did experience Ubuntu while loading, trying to check the harddisk and prompting some errors, why I thought it could be a harddisk problem.

Thanks in advance

A:Satellite Pro P100-11D crashed and Linux does not load


What about another system? Windows?
Can you boot and install the Windows system using Toshiba recovery disk?

Generally speaking it?s not easy to say what caused this issue?
It can be related to any hardware part? so even the HDD or memory error was not detected, one of these parts may malfunctions?
In worst case its something wrong with motherboard but it?s only a assumption.

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Hi there,

Uhh, to sum up my problem, a vital file.. or two, was deleted by a rather malicious Trojan I had got a week or so ago. I had cleansed it from the command registry and such and all was fine. Until I tried to read a disk in my Disk Drive.. The unit seems to reconize that there is a disk in there, and I've thuroughly checked and nothing "seems" to be physically wrong with it. It just doesn't want to read it. So what my question is, is whether or not there's a download link or something or other, that could lead me to a place where I could safely re-download the drive files for the, Pro P100.

And yah.. I don't have any actual computer experience, or the like, so I may just be asking a rather silly question. xD

A:Re: Satellite Pro P100 Disk Drive problem.

Are you referring to a Floppy Disk Drive? Or an Optical Drive (DVD Drive)?

With both devices, they use the standard drivers in Windows, so you cannot download them.

If you are referring to the Optical Drive, try removing the CD/DVD Filters from the Registry.
When CD/DVD related software is installed (such as iTunes, Nero, virtual CD software), they install filters into the registry, which can cause compatibility problems.

1) Run Regedit (Start -> Run -> Regedit)
2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
3) In the right pane, delete the "UpperFilters" key, and delete the "LowerFilters" key.
4) Reboot.

If your CD/DVD programs stop working, you will need to reinstall them (preferably with an updated version).

This utility can remove the filters for you:

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I've had a McKinley headphone amplifier for about a year or so with no problem however it's now flat and needs recharging for the first time. It says it's rechargeable but being a non-techie no idea what to do next !

Any help much appreciated thanks....

A:How to recharge lithium-ion battery on headphone amplfier ?

Let it charge until the red light goes out.

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Hi, I bought a HP H7000 wireless headset. I would like to know about the recharge procedure. is it like red light will be blinking if the battery is down? and if i charge it, what will be the indication that it is fully charged? approximately how long will be needed for a full charge if i plug the charger cable in laptop and in wall plug? is there any volt specificaction for charging? I am not able to find this information anywhere. Kindly assist.

A:HP H700 headset battery recharge - red light

Could you please reply to the above question. It is quite flustrating how poor indications regarding the energy left are. 1) is there any indication that the device is charging?2) is there any indication that the device is charged?3) 3 beeps during listening mean that the batter is going to end? and so on.  Thanks.

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My G72B27Cl notebook has a problem to recharge the battery. At beginning, I thought it was the battery issue - too old to be recharged. After installed a new battery, the power run off fast from the battery and there was no sign to indicate the battery being recharged as usually. When the battery was detached and the computer totally dead even with the power unit on. Can this issue be fixed or I have to give up the comptor? Thanks for any suggestions. 

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I'm looking for a touchpad driver for my P100 (PSPA4E) which works under Windows 7 32bit. After changing from Windows XP to Windows 7 the tochpad isn't working any longer.

Thx in advance for your help!


A:Satellite Pro P100 - Touchpad driver for Windows 7 32bit


Generally speaking for touchpad no additional driver is necassary. The touchpad also works without touchpad driver because the Windows standard driver will be used.
Touchpad driver is only important for special functions like virtual scrolling, change tapping settings, etc.

You can download all driver on official Toshiba website:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

But you have to search in driver *Archive* because it?s old notebook model.
It?s no Windows 7 32bit driver available but I saw touchpad driver for Vista. It should work on Windows 7 too. :)

Check this!!!

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Hello to the forum members,

I have Satellite Pro P100 (PSPAHE-002001GR) and I installed the free WIN 7 Enterprise 64 Trial. I have 2x 2Gb Ram Modules from Corsair, Bios V4.7 and a T7400 Intel Processor. All works fine without them memory. Bios known all 4Gb, Windows see it but uses only 3Gb. I know im not alone with this Problem but i didn't find a workaround to solve it. In msconfig all is fine, there are Processor number and max. Ram not activated.

So knows anyone a working way to use all 4Gb of the installed Ram?

I would very obliged if anyone can help.

Some other thing. The Intel VT-X option is not activated by the BIOS. There are also no option to do this. When i bought the Laptop this was an feature i want to use, and now the BIOS doesn't support it. Why did i pay so much for the Notebook if the specified features of the data-sheet wont work propably?

Thanks to all members for reading my post and want to help.


A:Satellite Pro P100 - 4GB RAM support in Win7 64, and Intel virtualization


Maybe this sounds stupid now but I think this notebook model was never supported for 64-bit operating systems and I think the BIOS is also not designed for this.
If you want you can call nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. They have access to Toshiba database and they can check this for you.

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I own a Satellite Pro P-100-438 (PSPAHE-001001GR). Yesterday I tried to run a game and soon after that it froze, showed strange blue-ish rectangles, and then a bluescreen followed by a reset.

Then the screen was full of blue shaded boxes in kind of a grid pattern as a layer over everything shown. Even the splash screen "Toshiba - in touch with tomorrow" had that box-grid layer.
As soon as Vistas login screen should show up, there was another bluescreen: 0x00000050 Page Fault In Non-Paged Area.

Now I can only boot the computer in safe mode.

I tried to restore the last working windows configuration but that didn't help. I tried to remove the display drivers as well and fiddled with the startup setting under msconfig and at one point I was actually able to get Vista running like normal without the blue boxes but after a while I got another bluescreen and since then they stayed.

Occasionally there is another screenshot as well: 0x00000116. nvlddmkm.sys - Address 8C8149A0 base at 8C808000, DateStamp 4a9cdd24

And it says something about "Attempt to reset display driver and recover from timeout failed." as well.

See these screenshots:

0x00000050 http://tinyurl.com/yhyopx5
0x00000116 http://tinyurl.com/yhsj4co

Any hints or suggestions?

Best Regards


A:Blue Boxes and Bluescreens when powering up Satellite Pro P100-438

Hi again,

last night I checked if the problem could be related to overheating. But now I think this is not the problem. I removed a little bit of dust, but there was not really a lot. The crashes still occur.

Regarding the graphical glitches: It is kind of a grid of blue boxes. But it is not a perfect grid. Only a grid pattern all over the screen. I have a photo that I will upload tomorrow. When I move windows below the grid it stays in place. Much like it was somehow in the display's surface.

Could it maybe be that the graphics card is broken? It is not the RAM. I removed one at a time, and it is not related to it.

Can I somehow check wether it is the graphics card? It is a Geforce Go 7900 GS.

The laptop is a Satellite Pro P100-438 (PSPAHE-001001GR).

If I bought a replacement graphics card, could I maybe buy a better one in? They must be much cheaper than three years ago by now. Or would that mean too much power consumption and to much excess heat?

Which cards would work?

Best regards


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Hi All,

I have a Satellite Pro P100 P/N PSPA4E-00X00HEN on which I have just installed Windows 7 RC.

I desperately need to run Virtual PC 2007 (other versions won't work) on it but it wants Assisted-Hardware Virtualization enables in the BIOS (Phoenix Technologies V4.70).

I have just updated to the latest BIOS version but it doesn't have the facility to enable AHV in it.
I have checked the processor specifications and it does have the Intel Virtualization Technology facility.

From what I have read up on the internet, although the Processor is capable the manufacturers on the computers/notebooks, in this case Toshiba, program the BIOS to their liking which will either enable or disable certain features.

What I would like to find out is, is there going to be another upgrade to enable Virtualization or is there another way to do it.

Many thanks in advance.

A:Satellite Pro P100 - How to enable Intel Virtualization Technology


From my knowledge the usage of Virtual PC 2007 does not require a virtual technology supported by hardware (CPU).
I used Virtual PC and Virtual Machine on PC without the VT capability.

But you are right. The Intel CORE2 DUO T7400(2.16GHZ) CPU supports the VT

Unfortunately from my knowledge the P100 BIOS does not support the option to enable/disable the VT.

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Can any one advise have installed NVidia driver but no success.

Have sought Toshiba Tech help no better.
Advised to visit their projector help centre (?1.50/min) useless complete waste of money guy knew less than me.

Purchased both items at same time but are completely incompatible or so it seems, what do I need to do.
Toshiba seem incapable of any suitable options!!

Any one out there able to help please.

A:Connecting a Toshiba TDP-T8 (Projector) to a Satellite Pro P100 PSPA4E


As far as I know the Satellite Pro P100 support the
- VGA (monitor) port
This 15pin port lets you connect an external video display to the computer

- DVI (monitor) port ? this is optional and not supported by all Sat Pro P100
This port lets you connect an external video display to the computer via a DVIcable

- S-video TV out port
This s-video out port allows you to connect a TV to computer vista 4pin s-video cable.
This port outputs the NTSC or PAL signal.

I don?t know what port/cable the projector supports but usually it should be possible to connect such projector to the VGA or DVI port.


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My venerable (4 yrs+) P100 finally needed a bigger HDD and a reload. Not bad seeing as it has had 2 new lids and needs another one.

Soon after buying it I used the Anytime Upgrade utility to move to Ultimate which was invoiced by Toshiba.
The only thing I received from Toshiba was the paid invoice.

I did make a note of the licence key before the work (and I still have the old disk) but the Anytime Upgrade service has been discontinued by Microsoft and the recovery media does not give the option to upgrade the licence.

How do I get the version I have paid for back?

A:Satellite P100 - Anytime Upgrade does not work anymore


The Windows Anytime Upgrade was released by Microsoft.
I think you should check the Microsoft page for that.

Here you can find the info:
*+Windows Vista Anytime Upgrade is no longer available+*

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I regularly see the pop up window being displayed titled "Toshiba Remote Application Error" each time I boot up my Satellite Pro P100. I am running Windows XP SP3 Media Centre Edition.

My question is - Does anyone know what can be done to stop this error from displaying?

A:Satellite Pro P100 - Toshiba Remote Application Error


Try to remove it from startup

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I have just clean installed Win 7 Home Premium (64 bit) on a Satellite Pro P100-327 (PSPA4E) which was purchased in November 2006. It was previously running XP. I never installed Vista though the laptop is badged Vista Capable.

I followed the recommended Win 7 bios/driver/software install order but I now have no sound at all. Everything that I have tried so far has failed to fix it.

The laptop has a Conexant based audio solution with harman kardon speakers. Win 7 has installed the following driver which reports the following info.

High Definition Audio Device (Microsoft Driver version 6.1.7601.17514 dated 11/19/2010) and Device status: This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Hardware IDs:

There is a second exclamation mark in Device Manager for a further unknown device / uninstalled driver (showing code 28) for a device with a Hardware ID of ACPI\SMCB000 but I do not know what this device is!

Does anyone have any suggestions on a fix for my sound issue?



A:Satellite Pro P100-327 (PSPA4E) - No Sound Following Win 7 Clean Install


Uninstall audio drivers completely and then install the driver that is working.

1. Click Start,type Device Manager in the Start Search box, and then pressENTER.

2. In the Device Manager dialog box, expandSound, video, and game controllers.

3. Locate the audio device that was included with the computer.

3. Right-click the device, and then clickProperties.

4. Click theDriver tab, and then click Uninstall.

5. Place a check mark next to"Delete the Driver Software for this device" check box, and then click OK.

6. Install the driver that is working.

7. Restart the computer and check if the issue persists.

Hope this helps

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Hi there,

i have a defective Panel in my Satellite Pro P100. Model Nr: PSPAHE-001001GR.
Currently its a Panel Lp171wx2 with 1440x900 Resolution.

Can i change it to this Panel: LP171W02 with 1680x1050 Resolution?
Will it be recognized, kind of Plug and Play? Better resolution and running like before. Or is this not recommend or even not possible?

Thanks a lot in Advance,

A:Satellite Pro P100 - Display Upgrade 1440x900 to 1680x1050


I think its possible.
As far as I know the different Satellite P100 models were equipped with two kind of displays:
17.1-inch, WXGA+ (1,440x 900), High-brightness amorphous silicon TFT color display.
17.1-inch, WSXGA+ (1,680x 1,050), High-brightness amorphous silicon TFT color display.

I?m not quite sure if you could use the LP171W02 but the notebook would handle definitely an 17.1 inch, WSXGA+ (1,680x1,050) TFT.
You can order also an compatible part from an Toshiba ASP in your country.

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My computer is a year old. It was completely fine until I noticed it had stopped charging the battery. After some googling I found there might be a BIOS update I had missed. When trying to install the BIOS update I get a message saying I have to plug in my computer first (which it always is as the batter doesn't have a charge).

The BIOS update program says it wants to upgrade as follows:

BIOS Version : Current Ver.2.60 --> Updated Ver.3.20
EC Version : Current Ver.1.80 --> Updated Ver.1.90

OS: Windows 7
BIOS file I downloaded: bios-20110714132558

Is this a known issue with a fix available?

A:Tecra S11-119 won't recharge battery - BIOS update issue too!


Are you sure that you have downloaded and used the right BIOS version!?
I read about the similar error message and finally the user used not compatible BIOS.

Furthermore the VAP (value added package) should be installed in order to update the BIOS!!! In you case I would recommend reinstalling this tool too.

But I?m not quite sure if BIOS update will help you to fix the battery issue?
Maybe you need to replace the battery?

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Hi.Suddenly while using the notebook it shut down without a warning. I couldn't get it restarted so plugged the adapter in. It works fine then. However I do get the notification its not charging or that the powerlevel can't be displayed. When I unplug the notebook shuts down immediatly.I did the accucheck through F2 in the startscreen, it says there's no issue. I callibrated it thereafter manually, (fully charge, unplug and let the battery die, recharge to 100%). After this the notebook worked fine for about a week with the normal battery lifespan of around 5 hours. Now it has the exact same issue again. Doing the manually rebooting every week seems like a little bit of a hassle. Can anyone help me? Btw, I can't replace the accu in this notebook I believe so that's not an option.

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I have upgraded my Satellite Pro P100 laptop from Windows XP to Windows 7. I ran the Windows 7 custom install so that I didn't bring any problem from the Windows XP system and I used a seperate hard disk. This way I can reinstall the hard disk with XP and go back and use XP if I am not satisfied with Windows 7. One of the problems I am having is that I cannot ge the sound to work.

The speaker icon in the bottom right of the screen has a red cross on it. In Device Manager, the High Definition Audio Device has "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" in the device status. The driver that keeps installing is the "Microsoft version 6.1.7600.16385 dated 13/07/2009" version of the driver. I tried installing the driver (Vista) recommended in the Toshiba "Upgrade your Toshiba PC to Windows 7" webpage. This driver failed to work. Windows also displays the error "Driver Installation Filed: Could not find the Media Device for this driver.".

I have searched the web high and low and all the recommendation I have found do not work.

Has anyone experienced this problem and did you find a solution?

A:Satellite Pro P100 (PSPA4A-005002) - No sound after Win7 installation


Maybe you used the wrong sound driver?. The error 10 always appears if an wrong or not compatible driver has been used.
I recommend checking the sound driver again.

As far as I know the notebook supports an Conexant sound chip.
There are some different notebook models which support the same sound chip.

Check the Toshiba European driver page and choose for example the Satellite P300
This model support Conexant sound driver and I recommend installing this driver!


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Hello all,

I had my Satellite Pro P100 (Model Number is PSPAEE-00C006EN and the second digit of the serial number is "7") upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and since then, a couple of bugs seem to have occurred - can anyone help on the following:

-Screen DIMS in increments, regardless of the fact that I have saved my power settings to remain on FULL (battery or mains power)

-No sound. Once or twice, the sound card has worked and the settings say it works properly (and you can see the graphic equalizer moving).
In terms of PC knowledge, I'd be 5/10 (so not a dummy , but certainly not a pro! and have tried a lot of the more obvious things)

Thanks all

A:Satellite Pro P100 - Screen and sound issues after Windows 7 upgrade


1.) If the screen dim option doesn?t work properly anymore, I would recommend reinstalling Toshiba Value Added Package. This package controls such functions, FN keys and others. Check the Toshiba page for an update!!!

2.) Have you checked if the sound is muted if the equalizer works? Furthermore you can also try updating the sound driver? Maybe it works ;)

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Hi guys, my first post! Had my Tosh for 3 years now. I have a problem with the display now. It looks as if the colour depth is really low or something.. like I've whacked it on 8bit colour depth! Everything looks heavily posterized in the graphical sense.

I've uninstalled video drivers and reinstalled a new one, an old one, a toshiba version, an nvidia driver version and all have no effect on the problem. No joy!

I've gone through and checked all the resolution and colour depth settings and trawled through the many pages of nvidia settings and toyed with any reasonable settings to find the problem. No change. Everything reset to how I found it.

I've been reading through the forums and not really found anything specific. If I've missed it then I'd love a link here slapped in my face to show how incompetent I am! ;)

I am however gonna try disconnecting the battery and power for an hour and powering up again afterwards as that seems to be the standard fix or must try for everything. What does this do exactly? Reset BIOS/CMOS etc?

Thanks in advance!

A:Satellite Pro P100-327 Screen colour depth/quality problem

Have you the same problem if you connect external display to your notebook?
Have you tried to test it already?

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I've had my Satellite P100-160 for about five years now and have never had problems like this before.
A few weeks ago my system was not responding (or something like this) so I held down the power down button to turn it off.
Then, as it was turning on, it seemed to freeze upon the loading page and so I held the off button again.

The results of this are when I turn it on, I get a screen telling me several PCI busses etc are not working and it says "Video BIOS shadowed".
I then get the option to press F1 to resume or F2 to enter setup.

Also, one of my USB slots has completely stopped working and my card slot has also stopped working.
Can someone please help me? I am on Windows Vista, SP2.


A:Satellite P100-160 - several PCI busses are not working Video BIOS shadowed


I think you should access the BIOS (press F2 while notebook booting up) and should set it to default.
Then try to boot the Vista again and press F8.
Then you will get a advanced boot menu? there you should choose Repair Computer.
Vista supports an own internal repair option? you should try this and should repair the OS.

If this will not help and if you will still not able to boot up the Vista, then a system recovery might be the best option for you?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 2127U @ 1.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3965 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 2046 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 452 GB (383 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0FXP6Y
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

After doing a search for my problem, I still don't know where I should start in trying to find out what is causing the laptop to no longer recharge while in use. I normally use the laptop plugged in, so I may have contributed to this by not having the settings correct. While looking around, I did find the box that says the battery is OK, with a big check. If I am going to need to remove the battery, please include detailed instruction because I have never opened anything in the case. Also, I have seen reference to the BIOS and I will need detailed instruction if I have to check that. Thanks for your help!

A:Dell Laptop, battery won't recharge unless laptop shut down

You appear to have a 2013 - 2014 era Dell laptop.
What is the model name and model number and 7-character service tag number on it?


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I am new at this stuff and I seek help from all those who can give it. Ok so my first charger stopped working and I bought a new charger. The charger worked great for a few months after purchase. Until one day the charger stopped charging on and off. I unplugged it a few times and then it stopped working. I let the battery die after. I am guessing that it stopped working because i may have screwed up the charger socket by tripping on the cord thus pulling on it im not really sure anymore. The laptop is in a bad condition, it's four years old i think but it can still run. The battery is the same not change. HELP ME for I am an *****

A:Toshiba Satellite M45 Battery or Battery Charger Problem

You probably broke the internal AC adapter socket. It can be repaired, but you will have to take it in for service

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I have a SATELLITE P50-A-144, and a few time to know have this problem.
In the beginning i think that the battery is dead because the icon from battery level was always in 0%, but i tray it without the charger and the battery have juice for a few hours.
Any one with the same problem any help?

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My U940-102 will not boot today.
It was a very good notebook until I "upgraded" to Windows 10 this summer, after that the boot was slow (probably the upgrade did not take account of the SSD/HDD RAID configuration) and occasionally an update of Windows 10 would get stuck - on one occasion I saw no choice but to remove the battery, which killed the battery dead. Since then it had occasional disk glitches, then yesterday another update of Windows 10 took ages and then showed a "Recovering Disk .- may take over an hour" message. A minute later the system was up and running, but when I turned on the notebook today I got just a black screen and the fan whirring erratically plus a little disk noise, two white LEDs illuminated up front.

The good news is that:
- I have a backup of my data on an external HDU, although there are a few recent files I would like to recover from the PC
- I have a "twin" of the PC, a near identical and working U940-102 also "upgraded" to Windows 10.

So how should I proceed?
Is it likely (as I guess) that the problem is only a faulty HDU and it is worth replacing the HDU and the battery?
If it is the HDU, should I replace it with another SSD/HDD unit (which) or just a pure SSD ((which)?
Is there anything I should do or try before purchasing the new HDU?
Do I need to make an installation disk on a 16MB USB stick and if so would it be sufficient to do this from the "twin" under WIndows 10?
Am I going to have... Read more

A:Satellite U940-102 fails to boot

Still hoping for some help.

I created and verified a System Recovery on a flash USB stick using Toshiba Recovery Media Creator on the "twin" U940-102.
That went ok but with the flash USB stick in the faulty PC nothing happens.
Either the PC is set up to ignore USB stick during boot or I am doing something wrong.
I tried holding down the power key (after about 7 seconds the PC powers down) and then holding down zero key while
pressing power again, but it just whirs on the HDU and occasionally the CPU fan with a completely black screen.
Tried all three USB slots but no difference.

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