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Network issue on Win 10 Home version

Q: Network issue on Win 10 Home version

We have 5 HP all in one Desktops all purchased about 8 months ago, the desktop I use is causing problems with networking, all the desktops run on the same network, my desktop is unable to see networks via the file explorer in the "This PC" Section but if I us the "quick access" section I can see previously used folders and back track that way, the internet works fine and can store data on the NAS system on the network via the folders I back tracked on, all the other computers inc mine have permissions set, they all worked fine until about a month ago and some of the files I had backed up started showing a 2004 date so I did a system restore and the computer (mine) shut down and would not restart, I eventually did a fresh re - install but still not working properly as I could not connect to a invoicing system that had worked fine since they were new, are there any setting I could look for? I have had a friend who works on computers but he is unable to come up with any answers, I have contacted HP and they said if its a network issue they cant help, I am beginning to wish I had stayed with Win 7, never had any issues but since we fitted Win 10 its very frustrating if there is a problem it takes longer than normal to sort.
I have done another re - install to no avail, anyone had similar issues?

Preferred Solution: Network issue on Win 10 Home version

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Network issue on Win 10 Home version

If you can connect to others on the network through Quick Access, but just can't see their PCs in File Explorer, then your networking is working OK, but you may have Network Discovery turned off. Check in Control Panel - Network and Sharing Centre - Advanced sharing settings...

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The network, which was working yesterday, now is giving an error message:
\\(computername) is not accessible. You might not have permission to use etc etc.

I did the latest Firefox update this morning and now cannot access the network. Am getting a bit fed up with Fx as it seems to be crashing more and more these days which I never used to experience before.

Anyone have any ideas?


A:Solved: Can't access home network after installing latest Firefox version

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I have 5 computers on a wireless home network, all are running XP. 3 of the computers are perfect, I go to Network Neighbourhood and can see the other 4 computers. 2 computers cannot see each other. They can see all other computers on the network and all the others can see them, they just cannot see each other. Please help

A:Home Network Issue

very interesting. Did you run some Tweek on security perchance?

I just lost file sharing after disabling LMHASH. Once it was restored, I got file sharing back.

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First ? I'm trying to home network an xp and me computer.Via a router.I can see the me machine shared folder from the xp machine but not the other way around.Is this because the me machine is fat32 and the xp is ntfs.Or am I missing something. Thank you in advance

A:xp me home network issue

Hi if you can see one shared folder from the other it's likely that you have the IP addressing set up properly at least.

Not sure what you're trying to see on the XP machine, cos you said that the share is on the Windows Me machione not the XP machine.

But if you have a folder shared from the XP machine, it could be windows firewall or some other firewall that's blocking access from the Windows Me machine.

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Here is a diagram of my home network
Everything was working just fine until I introduced Amazon Fire TV on the LAN. When I did that, it crashed my WAN and now my WAN won't work. Everything else works. I tried reseting the WAN and LAN routers with no luck. All the wired connections work with the exception of the Amazon Fire TV box. Fire TV won't recognize the LAN, but if I hook up a laptop, it works just fine (50up/50down which is what I pay for).

Even if I disconnect the Fire TV box, the WAN still won't work. I hooked my laptop up to port 3 and the connection is fine (50up/50down), but the router won't connect to the internet. Please help!

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This is probably so simple for you guys but when it comes to connection-type stuff , I got no idea what im doing.

I was using a usb internet dongle for a while on my acer aspire 5160 laptop , then i moved in with my girlfriend and found I can no longer get a signal cos the coverage is awful.

so , I went and got a usb wireless adaptor thing to connect to my girlfriends internet ( talk talk ). I managed to get it connected to the actual network , but couldnt get anything on firefox , so i took it back and changed it for a 1 terabyte drive , and figured the only way i'd be able to get internet is by using her laptop ( wireless ).

A week passed and she came home with an ethernet cable , saying an engineer where she works said i should connect my laptop and the router with an ethernet cable , as a preliminary way of establishing if a " mini powerline ethernet adaptor " ( looks like a common electrical adaptor ) will work.

I wasnt expecting it to work , but i plugged the cable into my laptop and the other end into the router. Nothing happened. I went into the control panel and played around with connection wizards but its all double-dutch.

Can anyone help me connect to my girlfriends internet somehow ( without messing hers up in the process ) ?

thanks in advance =)

A:home network issue

a few things to see
Ipconfig /all
device manager

the cable connected to the router - should work assuming the ethernet port is not disabled - the above will help

ipconfig /all
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results in a reply here

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt box (A new dialogue box - black with white font, will appear on screen ):

In the command prompt window that opens, type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

ipconfig /all > network.txt & network.txt

It will export the results to notepad and then automatically open notepad.

Now all you need to do is copy and paste those results to a reply here
to do that:
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Select all
all the text will be highlighted
From the notepad menu - choose Edit - Copy
Now go back to the forum - reply and then right click in the reply box and paste
Device Manager
Post back the results in... Read more

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have a new bt home hub - cannot connect to the network printer. please help!!

A:Bt home hub - network printer issue

Describe your network and your printer (brand and model) and how you are trying to connect to the printer and what the problem seems to be.

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Here’s a play-by-play of what happened.

We did have 3 desktop PCs and 1 laptop, all running XP, on the network with no issues. My PC and my daughter's desktop were wired and my wife's laptop and son’s desktop were wireless.

When we bought my wife’s new laptop, we got rid of my daughter's desktop and gave her my wife’s older laptop. So now we have 2 wireless laptops, one wireless desktop and 1 wired desktop.

When I started to set up my wife’s new laptop, the only one running Vista, I could get her onto the wireless connection for internet but couldn’t get hers to connect to the workgroup. The other 3 were all part of the workgroup and could see each other.

I then changed the workgroup name on her PC to match the workgroup the rest of them were on, “Family”. Instantly the new laptop could view my son's PC and my daughter's laptop, but not mine. When I checked my network, I was still in workgroup “Family” but now could only see my own PC and not the others; and no other settings were changed on this PC.

I tried creating a new network with a new Workgroup name and ran the network wizard on all 3 XP machines and let the Vista machine set itself up. My PC still appeared in the “Family2” workgroup when viewed from my PC and the other 3 appeared in the “Family2” workgroup when viewed from any of those 3 PCs, but mine couldn’t see the other 3 and the other 3 can’t see mine.

I then changed the workgroup back to "Family" as ... Read more

A:Issue With One Desktop PC on 4 PC Home Network

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To begin with, I want to apologize for such a long post. I'm get trying to give as much relevant information as possible to figure out a problem with my network that seems to baffle me and I'm hoping someone here might be able to share some insight on what I'm doing wrong.

Here is the setup at my house:


Cable modem that is connected to a Linksys E3000 router running stock firmware. IP of the router is set to default and its IP range is from 100 to 199. All other settings set to default other than the SSID and WEP key. From the router, I have four ethernet cables going through the walls to connect the router to 3 bedrooms and the living room.

Bedroom 1 setup:

Cable from the wall to a hub that connects a Windows 7 PC and an Xbox 360.

Bedroom 2 setup:

Cable from the wall to a switch that connects a Windows 7 PC, an Xbox 360, and a print server.

Bedroom 3 setup:

Cable from the wall to a Netgear WGR614v9 router. The router has DHCP turned off and an IP of SSID and WEP are also different from the Linksys router. This router is primarily used as an access point inside the house since the one in the garage has a weak signal upstairs. A Windows 7 computer is connected via ethernet to the router as well. Devices that connect wirelessly to the router include a Windows XP work laptop, an Ipod touch, a couple of Android phones, and any devices any friends bring along.

Living room setup:

Cable from the wall to a switch which connec... Read more

A:Home network connectivity issue

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I'm visiting my daughter who has a home network with multiple computers all using wireless connection. While here, I connect to it and enjoy the high speed connection (I'm on dial-up at my home ).

Here is my question... When I enable the wireless connection on my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop, the connection works just fine, but the status stays at "Acquiring network address" (see screen shot 1). Just fooling around, I found if I enable the LAN connection, the wireless connection immediately switches to "Connected" (see screen shot 2). I can then disable the LAN connection and the wireless connection stays connected. The Gateway (Router) status is "Connected" in either case.

If anyone has any advice or insight regarding how to get the wireless to complete the acquisition process without activating the LAN connection, I'd like to know it.

BTW... Wireless connection is via Dell WLAN card. Router is a Belkin 802.11. Signal strength is 4 bars (high).


A:Home Network Connection Issue

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Hi, First time I have posted here, only because I need some help if someone knows the answer

My (Vista home basic) laptop is having some wireless internet issues. I have it connected wireless from my main computer (XP home) which is ADSL.

When I am on my laptop I can use the internet for about 10 minutes or so, then it becomes extremely slow- slower than a dial up connection.

Down in the bottom right hand corner where those 2 little computer monitor screens are, they are both not flashing (which I think they normally are) , and have a little world picture symbol beside it. When I left click the little computer screens there is an option to "Diagnose and repair", when I click that, a pop-up occurs and says Idenstifying the problem" then once that has occured, it comes up with "Windows has confirmed that this computer is currently experiencing a network connectivity problem" ........ that cannot be repaired automatically, contact you internet provider.

But because my main computer is running fine, there is nothing wrong with the internet connection, and there must be a problem with the wireless.

Can anyone provide any assistance to this at all?

Any help would be great.

A:Home wirless network Issue.

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Hi people....

Dont know if anyone knows of any software or a way round this...
There are 3 of us on a home network, using a D-link web safe router (old)....
My 1 mate uses just MSN and browse's websites
I like to play Q3 and CounterStrike a lot.....
The other chap uses P2P program called Shareaza...
When he has it open, our bandwith on our 2mb connection is screwed, i get pings of over 300 on Counterstrike which does my head in.......
He aint that smart with computers, so.................................
Does anyone know of a way i can stop traffic to that listening port on his laptop via the router, or use an application to bash his port (1025 when i scan it).
End of the day, dont know and dont care what he does, but it affects my game play, so i need to stop/monitor traffic going to his laptop and be able to stop it !!!
Help !!

A:Help - Home network/Bandwith issue

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I have a minor dilemma with my home network. I have three boxes networked together via a modem/switch through SBC/ATT&T.

I'll call the systems Gaming, Family and General. From the Family and General machines I am able to share files at will through the shared file in properties. From the Gaming syatem I can access files on the other two boxes at will. I cannot access files on the gaming system no matter what I do.
My steps so far:
I have rebooted the router/switch. Both by unplugg it it and using the reboot button located behind the switch. I have switched NIC's on the system.
I am able to ping the IP and the name of the computer from the other two machines. I have checked to ensure the file sharing box is checked in the properties tab for both NIC's on the gaming system.
I have made sure Windows Firewall is off. I have even uninstalled Zone alarm and made sure Windows Firewall is off.
The system worked up until a couple weeks ago, then suddenly stopped. I don't know exactly when, but I do know I had not changed ANY settings prior to it stopping the file sharing.
I have also checked to see if the IP address in Zone Alarm is correct.
I feel like this is a Firewall issue, but I am past anything that I know of to test or check/uncheck.
Some have suggested going to a True Home Network using the newer home server software from Microsoft, but I am not ready for that just yet.

A:Home network issue, three XP machines

Please state the version of the OS on all systems



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I'm helping someone with their home network. He has three ethernet PCs. All can connect to the Internet. All are on the same workgroup. One has Vista home, the other two have XP home, SP3. I'll call them XPHm1 and XPHm2.

There is a shared folder on the Vista PC. I can connect to it from XPHm1 but not from XPHm2. I can ping the Vista PC from XPHm1 and from XPHm2. I can ping XPHm1 from XPHm2 as well. I cannot pint XPHm2 from either of the other PCs.

I cannot connect from XPHm2 using the ip addresses or the share name. I turned of the firewall on all PCs. I made sure that netbios over TCPIP is enabled on all PCs. I tried disabling the computer browser on the XPHm2.

If I browse the workgroup it shows itself and XPHm1. If I browse the workgroup from XPHm1 it shows itself and XPHm2 only. I can however connect to and map drives to the Vista PC from XPHm2.

This was all working fine until user had FIOS put in and got a new router. I can't see why that would make a difference. Also from within the Verizon router, it has a "test connectivity" button, and it also times out. So the router cannot ping XPHm2 either.

Any suggestions or things I can try?


ADDED: I can ping it from the router when I access the router from XPHm2. But if I access the router from any other PC I cannot ping it.

A:Solved: Home Network Connectivity Issue

First off, disable ALL firewalls on XPHm2 and then see if you can ping it.

I'd also like to see this for the Vista machine and for the XPHm2 machine.
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands, one at a time, followed by the Enter key:

Note that there is a space before the -n or the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the - or / in the following commands.



Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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Hello -

I have a new Toshiba A305 Satellite laptop (Intel wifi 5100 card, Vista Home Premium 64 bit) that is having difficulty connecting to my home network. I started the machine up Friday night, and have spent hours trying to track this problem down. I tried updating the network card driver (most current is now in use), I've uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it, and I'm at my wit's end.

The network consists of:
D-Link DI-624 wireless router
Dell E521 Desktop connected via cable to the router (Vista 32 bit)
Dell Inspiron laptop (wireless connection, XP Pro)
Dell Dimension 2400 (DWL-G520 wireless card, XP Home)
Gateway L6810 (DWL-G520 wireless card, Vista Home Premium 64 bit)
Nintendo Wii
Sony PS3

I can't believe that there is a problem with the router, since all thos other machines (including a Vista 64 bit box) are connected with no issues, so I'm pretty sure that this problem is confined to the new laptop.

If I connect an ethernet cable to the Toshiba, it connects to the network (and internet) with no issues.

If I disconnect the cable, and attempt to connect via the wireless system, the laptop attempts to identify the network, and never connects.

The Intel WiFi troubleshooter passes all tests but the ping test.

I have noted that the Dell laptop and the Gateway desktop both show different IP addresses than the Toshiba. The Toshiba has an autoconfiguration IPv4 of DCHP is enabled.

I have tried resetting all kinds of things using both... Read more

A:Home Network Issue - New Toshiba Laptop

PM Update:

I had two calls with Toshiba technical support. The first one couldn't do anything, and promised a Level 2 call back within an hour. Seven hours later, I called back, and was told that my problem was with my ISP, and I needed to call them. She also informed me that Level 2 support was only available to registered users, and when I pointed out that I'd registered the computer on Saturday, told me that I would have to wait 48 hours for the registration to go through.

So, I packed everything up, trundled off to Best Buy, came home with a MacBook, and my daughter had it up and running in about five minutes (connected to the network and everything!).

Problem solved!!!


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I have two machines, a Windows ME and Windows XP, connected to a router using DSL Internet access. I can access the Internet from both machines. From the ME machine, I can access the share folders and files on XP. I can see the XP share folders in the Network Neighborhood. I can PING both hosts by IP as well as host name.

From the XP machine, I can PING the ME machine by IP address. I can NOT ping the ME machine by host name. I can see the ME machine and share files using the IP address. I do not see the ME machine advertised when I look in My Network Places. When I search for the ME machine by host name, the host name is found, however when I attempt to access the host name, I receive error message "\\home2 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource....."
When I search for the ME machine by IP, I can see the machine and access files.

Why isn't the ME machine advertising the its host name to the XP machine and can't I find the ME machine by host name from XP?

How does XP keep track of local hosts names?

Thanks in advance for any advice or direction.

A:Home Network WinME/WinXP Issue?

This is typically a network browse master issue. Usually, if you wait 15-20 minutes, it will resolve itself. Open an MS-DOS window on the ME machine and type: IPCONFIG /ALL and post the results.

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I have 1 user that he joined back Office after 5 months from leave. users Laptop completely off within 5 month.

Now users My Documents (My Documents mapped with Server through Folder redirection) is not getting sync with Home drive and "X" mark on some files, These files are unable to open, getting error "file xxxx is not available to
open from that Location" something like that.

some files synced and working but some are still not working and showing "X" mark on files.

can some one help me to resolve this issue??

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For the last couple of weeks, i've had rubbish speed on my pc when connected to wireless. Used to get around 6Mbps bandwidth but this has decreased to around 2Mbs.

I have 2 other machines (i have not tampered with :/) on the same network which perform fine (around 6Mbps).

I tried several 'Speedguide' tweaks (including Nagle algorythm tweak) but get varying speeds and 'rubberbanding' when playing games online (BF3) and huge lag spikes (from around 40ms up to 1000+).

Win 7 Home Premium, Intel i7 2600k @ 3.4gh
Netgear DG834G v4
BIOS, router firmware and all drivers are up to date.

Please find below my analyser results:

? SpeedGuide.net TCP Analyzer Results ?
Tested on: 2012.12.21 05:26
IP address: 2.99.xxx.xxx
Client OS/browser: Windows 7 (Chrome 23.0.1271.95)

TCP options string: 020405b401010402
MSS: 1460
MTU: 1500
TCP Window: 64240 (multiple of MSS)
RWIN Scaling: 0 bits
Unscaled RWIN : 64240
Recommended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920, 1027840
BDP limit (200ms): 2570kbps (321KBytes/s)
BDP limit (500ms): 1028kbps (128KBytes/s)
MTU Discovery: ON
TTL: 108
Timestamps: OFF
IP ToS: 00000000 (0)

I hope someone can suggest something.


A:Issue with config on one pc on wireless home network

Quote: Originally Posted by nightfrogs


For the last couple of weeks, i've had rubbish speed on my pc when connected to wireless. Used to get around 6Mbps bandwidth but this has decreased to around 2Mbs.

I have 2 other machines (i have not tampered with :/) on the same network which perform fine (around 6Mbps).

I tried several 'Speedguide' tweaks (including Nagle algorythm tweak) but get varying speeds and 'rubberbanding' when playing games online (BF3) and huge lag spikes (from around 40ms up to 1000+).

Win 7 Home Premium, Intel i7 2600k @ 3.4gh
Netgear DG834G v4
BIOS, router firmware and all drivers are up to date.

Please find below my analyser results:

? SpeedGuide.net TCP Analyzer Results ?
Tested on: 2012.12.21 05:26
IP address: 2.99.xxx.xxx
Client OS/browser: Windows 7 (Chrome 23.0.1271.95)

TCP options string: 020405b401010402
MSS: 1460
MTU: 1500
TCP Window: 64240 (multiple of MSS)
RWIN Scaling: 0 bits
Unscaled RWIN : 64240
Recommended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920, 1027840
BDP limit (200ms): 2570kbps (321KBytes/s)
BDP limit (500ms): 1028kbps (128KBytes/s)
MTU Discovery: ON
TTL: 108
Timestamps: OFF
IP ToS: 00000000 (0)

I hope someone can suggest something.


What is the make and model of your router?

What is the signal strength on these machines?

There are settings in your routers set up page that can have a dramatic effect on wireless performance, 6Mb... Read more

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I have recently purchased several Edimax Homeplugs (2 x *HP-2001AV' and 1 x 'HP-2002AV') and I am having problems configuring my homeplug network. I was wondering if my network configuration should work or if it is a limitation of the home plug and I need to look for an alternative solution.

I have cable (fibre optic) internet connecting to a Router, which is connected to Homeplug A.

I have Homeplug B in a different room connected to a Switch, which is connected to several Computers all of which can access the Internet concurrently (this appears to work).

My problem is with Homeplug C (based in another room). I want to connect this to another Router that will provide Wireless access to that region of the building. If I plug a PC/laptop directly into Homeplug C then it has Internet connectivity, however if I connect it to a router it doesn't appear to have any Internet access.

Should this work or is this some kind of limitation to the home plugs?

Any information you can provide to help me resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Home Plugs Network Configuration Issue

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Greetings gents,

I've been having this issue with my home LAN for a week now, I've tried pretty much everything I know and still it doesn't even seem to resolve a bit. So I come here hoping to find the real experts who can remedy my agonizing problem...

My OS is Windows XP Pro SP2. I've run Avast! and Adware to make sure I am not infected by anything.

My ISP is Comcast. There are 3 desktop computers (mine is one of the 3) and 1 VoIP phone connects through a white Netgear 4-port wireless router to the Motorola modem. There are also addition 2 desktop computers downstairs, 1 laptop computer, and a Wii console that are connected through wireless.

All the devices have connections, except mine.

The weird part about it is, there is a working IP address (not the private one, but actual 192.168.x.x) assigned to my system by DHCP. I could ping to the router, Google, Yahoo, and CNN.com without any problem. But when I try to sign on to MSN Messenger or AIM, or open up Internet Explorer or Firefox to browse the web, I get no connections at all. The messengers would attempt to connect for a while before it quits, and the web browsers would show the little sand clock and the progress bar trying to connect, but eventually returns with "web site not found" page.

Since everything looks so normal, I did notice one thing that might be the cause of this loss of connection. When I opened up my local connections, and looked at the packet activity status. I... Read more

A:Weird home network issue (packet loss?) HELP!!!!

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I've ran into a very strange issue at home when playing a video off a shared folder.

Both computers are running Windows 7 Professional and are connecting to the LAN at 100Mbit/Full.

On my main desktop, I've shared a drive with videos on it and on my HTPC, I've mapped a drive to that share.

Now I can access the videos through Windows Media Center. However, that's how far everything works just fine, because when I play a video off the shared drive, it stutters like crazy.

Even my buddy could not believe that's happening and he even said that he's using wireless to do the same thing I'm trying to accomplish. That the wired connection should be faster and smoother. LOL

So I went crazy on both computers disabling services and what not to see if it made a difference, but still get the stuttering video on my HTPC.

Currently disabled on both: Firewall, AntiVirus, Remote Differential and Windows Updates. I have also changed the hub connecting everything to a switch.

This is not a codecs issue. I can see the video content during the stuttering and when copied locally, the videos play just fine in Windows Media Center.

Please help. I'm very open to suggestions, even the ones where you poke fun at me.

Thank you.

A:Network issue with playing videos off a shared folder in my Home LAN

Hello caffemisto,

Just to exclude a few more possibilities, have you tried running the video content using an alternative video player like VLC for example?

VideoLAN - Official page for VLC media player, the Open Source video framework!

Have you also tried testing the general network connectivity between the machine serving the media and the HTPC playing it by copying files back and forth between machines to get an idea of the real bandwidth available to them?

I'm assuming that since both are on a wired, full duplex 100Mbits connection, realistic transfer speeds would top 8.5 - 9 MBps (Megabytes per second) if the network is idling.

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Is it possible with the non-W7 machine's shares set to something besides "guest access allowed"?

I've tried a few tweaks on my Windows 7 desktop and my Kubuntu 11.04 Linux-running laptop. Nothing has worked. Unless access to a shared directory is set to guest on the laptop, the Windows box keeps asking for a legitimate password, whenever I attempt to 'open' them.

Both machines have the same log-in strings for both basic log-on and Samba. Or do they? I'm presuming there's no separate logon/password required for Windows 7 Home Premium when it comes to file sharing, but as a late Windows XP Professional user (both SP2 and SP3), I'm not taking anything wholly for granted. Any Windows build since the dawn of XP that installs without gpedit.msc is bound to be lacking in other ways, imco.

So any help or advice someone could offer would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


A:Issue area: Mixed-network file sharing with Windows 7 Home Premium

Have a look at this. How to Share Printers and Files in Ubuntu and Windows 7

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I got my comcast internet connection this morning; I setup my wireless connection and its connecting fine with my office computer. Unfortunately personal computer (HP Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC in which Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit SP2 is installed) is not able to connect with the router. I even tried connecting my modem directly - NO Luck. It was connecting for couple of minutes and getting disconnected.

Both my office computer and my iPod are connecting fine with the wireless network but my personal computer is showing Connected (local access only) icon in the system tray. When I mouse over, its showing "Unidentified Network (<network name>"
Is there any way to resolve it?

Thanks in advance

A:Unidentified Network issue when connecting wireless n/w from Windows Vista Home Prem.

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after installing an application, a windows pop up appeared, saying "The program cant start because d3dx9_36.dll is missing from your computer. So, i looked at my DxDiag version, its DirectX11...So what do you think is the problem? i went to this site How to download and install DirectX, but i found a lot version of DirectX, that i don't know which one is compatible with mine so that i can be able to run the program. I've done reinstalling, and still it happens..

Additional info:
win7 64bit OS, sp1
currently running DirectX11

Please tell me which version should i download and how to install it, if it is hard, if it is as simple as this "download and install then run the app" then just tell me please if that's the case. This forum nver lets me down so im counting on you guys...

A:DxDiag Version Compatibility Issue, Which version should i download?

Welcome to Seven Forums mclarren. That dll is from DirectX 9 that dll should reside in both System32 and SysWOW64. The correct download if needed would be

Download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Official Microsoft Download Center

I can zip up both dll's, but if the download corrects the issue, no need. Let us know. A Guy

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I am trying to do a reinstall of xp home and on setup it says it cannot find a previous version on hard drive. XP got corrupted and won't boot that is why I was going to reinstall. Any ideas?????

A:XP home reinstall does not find previous version of Xp home

Sounds like you have an Upgrade disc, does it say Upgrade on the disc itself?
Is it asking you it insert a disk with the previous OS?

In that case, you should be able to insert the CD for your previous operating system (Win9x/WinME/Win2K) to show setup that you have a qualifying copy.

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Hi All,
Problem is the Vista Machine connecting to the shared HPG85xi AIO on the network.
I am working on installing a Vista Home Premium Gateway PC on an existing network that consists of a 98 machine, two XP home PC's and an XP home laptop.
With the exception of the laptop, all PC's are connected via ethernet cabling to a Linksys WRT54G sharing cable internet access.
One of the XP home machines and the 98 are connected to a Dlink switch which is wired to the Linksys router. This XP home machine has the HP connected locally and shared.
All PC's have printer and file sharing enabled. All PC's are in the same workgroup, all PC's can see and share files bidirectionally. Including the Vista machine. All PC's with the exception of the Vista machine can connect and print to the HP.
When you try to connect the Vista to the HP, and it doesn't matter how (using Network and connect, using Printers to add a printer, using add a Printer to set up a new network printer and entering the path...whatever), the error message is "Access is Denied" before you can even install the drivers.
I used my IBM laptop running XP Pro to serve the HP via the USB connection (same as how the XP Home PC is doing it), the Vista can connect and print no problem; so it would seem there is an issue with the access rights in the XP Home PC sharing the HP.
I also tested the Vista PC on another network that runs XP Pro and it connected and printed with NO issues.
I trie... Read more

A:Solved: Vista Home Network Printer Issues, XP Home Network

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5 month old Dell XPS 8500 Win 7 64 bit Pro as main computer connected by Wired Adapter, Upgraded Gateway 5632E also running Win 7 64 bit pro as second connected by Wireless. Both running Kapersky successfully. no network problems for 5 mo.

Both were successfully linked using homegroup. Had to take Gateway to a remote location to do a business demo. While there had to link to a local public WiFi. While connecting made mistake and left homegroup.

When Gateway returned to homebase a few days later it was fine, had no problems finding wireless but could not see or rejoin Dell machine homegroup. It would let me set up a new homegroup.

Went to Dell box and found 1) homegroup no longer existed, 2) router and network and wireless printing no longer found - Red X on the taskbar) even though internet was still working fine.

Took nearly a week of trying differernt fixes, on adapter- off adapter- different adapter reboot network, router, even updated router firmware (Yes I went through every ipconfig reset, renew, redecorate etc. I've used netsh functions to try to get evrything to reset. Changes services.msc settings per other posts. Finally in desperation, deleted every sub key in the registry related to network locational awareness and got the Dell to find the network, let me set it up as a "home" network and then even see the invitation to join the Gateway's homegroup.

Then I hit a wall- when I try to join- Win 7 says I can't join the homegroup becau... Read more

A:Home network set but Win 7 says can't join homegroup, no home network

Just a thought - if running Kaspersky Internet Security (with inbuilt firewall) check that your Internet connection in the settings is set to Home or Private Network vs Public.

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i have a problem....

i just bought windows xp home oem license w/ coa and decided that i didn't need the media(cd) because it was $10 bucks cheaper and i thought what i have already would work.. well to find out all i have are those stupid restore disks that came with my other computer. Is there anywhere that i can download the oem xp home and burn it to a disk... i would prefer not to download from one of those "peer-to-peer networks" looking for a legit version!! please if anyone has any information i would greatly appreciate it..


A:xp home oem version

anyone have any idea??

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I bought a oem version of windows home xp sp2 and i want to know if i can install it on both my pc's they both connect to the internet through a router? or will i need to buy two copys of it to be legal on both pc's

A:Solved: OEM version of xp home

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Hi, I have Windows 98SE currently installed on my computer and I want to upgrade to XP home edition but I'm not sure which version I have to purchase. Do I need Microsoft? Windows? XP Home Edition With SP2, Full Version, or do I need Microsoft? Windows? XP Home Edition With SP2, Upgrade Version. Thank you for any help.

A:Unsure Of Which Xp Home Version I Need

http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windo...g_9xupgrade.aspThe info in the link above will help you decide. I would imagine that you would also consider a minimum of 500mb of memory. XP will run with less but a lot better with 500mb+. There is also a link in the article to a Windows advisor. Use it.

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My new build has a Nvidia 9800GX2 v-card and mobo is a 790i
OS is XP Home
I noticed I have Direct X 9,0 installed now
should I install Direct X 10 for XP?
if so, what version should I install?

A:DirectX and XP Home version

There is no un-hacked DX10 for XP and the hacked DX10 is not fully functional, whether stable or not.

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I find that there are 2 versions on offer , the retail one and the OEM. The latter is more expensive.
What are the pros and cons of the two, and which one should I buy as a home user?
Also does the SP2 version have the SATA drivers?

A:Win XP Home SP2- Buy OEM or retail version?

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Appreciate some assistance.

If one installs XP Home Spanish version, is it possible to install programs, like Word, card games, etc., that are normally in English?

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I tried to restore my system. It came up with this error: Active Alert Notepad. File rstrui.exe ---Malicious script detected Object: File System Object Activity: Get special folder

When I opened the menu and clicked on the first one that will not allow this (there were only 3 options: not allow, allow once or allow. When I clicked on the first choice nothing happed. I then went to Start -- Programs -- access- Windows Explorer. 2. Go to the file that is in the script blocking message. The only file that is in notepad is "Desk Top.ini Notepad". This file is archived. This file is in the "My pictures" Folders. When I open it it reads:

List of Things To Do List
[email protected] . dll , -12688
Owner=Janet L Ross
PersonalizedName=My Pictures

The tile: "List of Things To Do List" does not show up on my screen when I open this file.

Is this the problem file? If it is how do I fix it? If it isn't where do I go from here?

A:Windows XP Home Version

Jan Ross said:

I tried to restore my system. It came up with this error: Active Alert Notepad. File rstrui.exe ---Malicious script detected Object: File System Object Activity: Get special folder

When I opened the menu and clicked on the first one that will not allow this (there were only 3 options: not allow, allow once or allow. When I clicked on the first choice nothing happed. I then went to Start -- Programs -- access- Windows Explorer. 2. Go to the file that is in the script blocking message. The only file that is in notepad is "Desk Top.ini Notepad". This file is archived. This file is in the "My pictures" Folders. When I open it it reads:

List of Things To Do List
[email protected] . dll , -12688
Owner=Janet L Ross
PersonalizedName=My Pictures

The tile: "List of Things To Do List" does not show up on my screen when I open this file.

Is this the problem file? If it is how do I fix it? If it isn't where do I go from here?Click to expand...

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Evening TSF family,

I got a question in the realm of Win XP Home Edition. Recently I turned my computer on and at the start up, I got these two error messages back to back:

ASSERT FALIED\projects\wt\Kernel\src\Win32\cm\Core\cm Code Module.cpp:90m_ Code Handle!=Null:

DDemigrate.exe-Application Error

The application fail to intialize properly (Ox80000003). Click on OK to terminate the application.

As you can tell this got me pulling out hair I dont' even have (). Is this a virus or result of malicious software or something from the last windows update I have gotten ( I tried loading WinXP SP3, but I had no luck in that either).

Appreciate any assistance with these problems. Stay safe and gold, TSF family.

A:WinXP home version

Hi try going here NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum from what i can find this is some form of malware wild tangent and spyware doctor are two names that show up,let the folks in security help you clean this up

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I have recently discovered that the version of XP-pro that I have is not "completely Legit". It appears that the person which I inherited the PC( amd 1.3gig 256ram 40gig hd ) from, installed a purchased beta version of XP pro sp-2............ The problem is that one of the recent auto up dates, self installes and restarts my machine overnight, unfortunately when I attempt to log on I get "" logon message: The system cannot log you on due to the following error:the program issued a command but the command length is incorrect . please try again or consult your system administrator. " the only way that I can can log on is to try to log on ,is in safe mode and use the last working configuration. moreover it appears this version has about 30-45 more working days of life left. Given all of the above I want to upgrade to a version of xp-home and not lose any of my programs, settings emails etc.. Any one have any suggestions on how to do this " simple " task???????


A:XP- SP2 pro upgrade to home version?

I don't know if you can upgrade (downgrade) to Home Edition from XP Pro. I think calling Microsoft to let them of the situation would be the best bet/

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Windows 7 home premium sp1
Bitdefender tell me it become unresponsive an recommend to reboot
system message tell me  Windows update is deactivated
window defender full scan found nothing
comodo antivirus deactivated and cannot be reactivated
a reboot do not change anything
can you help me please

A:W 7 home cannot conect internet and home network even in safe mode

Welcome aboard
Can you operate computer normally?
Are you running two AV programs (BitDefender and Comodo)?

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1) I have Laptop and PC connected with lan cabel. They are both with Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit.
They both have no problems with internet.
They have the same WORKGROUP names.
Both have real IPs.
I see each other on the Network but i can not connect to them... (it was all OK when I was on XP...)
>When I try to connect from the Laptop to the PC i recive: "Error code 0x80070035", I click on Diagnose and I see this.
I tried to turn off the Firewall and the NOD32 antivirus, but ... nothing changed ....
The Sharing and Discovery Settings are OK, like this.

2) I give share permissions to my network.

3) May be I have to install "Client" for "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" but is no listed 'Client' or 'Servise' to use.

4) I found I have to allow permissions in the firewall to some ports like:
-TCP 139
-UDP 137
-UDP 138
-TCP 445
... I did this ...
Give me some help how to manage with my network so I can browse both computers, copy files and so on ...
Thanks in advance

A:Home Network Problem on Vista Home Basic 32bit.

I can't help but just wondered why you have made another post not long after your first post with exactly the same question ?

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I did not set up my pc's to share over my home wireless network, but suddenly today I see that all drives and the printer are available between each computer. I had tried to set up the computers to share months ago, but never got it to work and gave up.

The desktop is old, running WinME, one laptop is running WinXPpro, the other laptop is running Vista. They are all connected to a Westell router/dsl modem for internet through Verizon.

So, I turn the desktop off daily. Today I go to turn it off and it says the WinXP laptop is connected and do I really want to shut down. I go to windows explorer on both machines and sure enough I have access to the other drives on each computer. I start the Vista machine and see the same.

Am I compromised?

A:MY home computers suddenly sharing over home wireless network

If you didn't make the change to share all drives, then somebody did. I would assume the worst. Time to reformat and reinstall.

Windows ME is past end of life, and no security updates are provided by MS. I wouldn't run it anymore. Maybe you'd want to try out some linux distros, some are quite good on old hardware. See this review:

It seems you don't have a separate router, I would advise you to get one. I have a modem/router too but I also have a separate hardware firewall/router. The modem/router does NAT but I constantly see connections/attacks making it past the modem/router to my firewall. Having a separate router is a good thing.

Since you are using wireless, did you enable the encryption? If you have WPA or WPA2 use them and setup a long and complicated passphrase. Use WEP if you have no other choice cause WEP can be broken into real quick. You must enable encryption because with wireless, all your machines are sitting ducks when you have close range attackers, whereas with wired, at least you still have a perimeter which you can fortify with a firewall. Also it is especially important to have software firewalls on Each PC when using wireless.

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can someone help me sort this? I have a bunch of devices on my lan, some by ethernet some wireless.
One Windows 10 Pro desktop, on ethernet, serves all the other devices - at least in theory. Working well, no big issues.
But with my Windows 10 Home edition on a Zenbook, with networking on, network discovery on, public folder shared, I can RDP into the other windows 10 machine just fine, I can map network drives etc. Life's good, right?

With my 'droid, using ES File Manager, I can move files easily between windows 7 machine, Windows 10 desktop, other droids, etc. However, the ONE MACHINE it cannot get coherent is the Zenbook running Windows 10 Home. It simply will not connect with the correct IP and credentials. I can "see" the machine by scanning the network map with the Droid, access it, setup the credentials, but cannot get in. I am wild-guessing the firewall may be blocking but I have no trouble doing what's needed with the other Windows 10 machine, so ...... stumped. Both are fully updated to latest win 10 updates, both are essentially set same way networking-wise to my knowledge.

Anyone have a clue here?

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Not sure how actively anyone is tracking user needs here, but figured I had nothing to lose by asking for help...unable to find an understandable answer here so far.
I had been happily running Virtual PC 2007 on a Win 7 Home system, printing on a network physically connected via usb cable to a Win XP system.  I have now replaced the XP tower with a Windows 10 tower, with that printer attached to that tower, and
functioning normally.
When I run Virtual PC 2007 on the Win 7 system, it "sees" the Win 10 system, but on trying to install the printer, it is asking for a password to the Win 10 system.
I am guessing that it would require a ton of tweaks to get around this, and although I am not a full blown novice, I never like fiddling with too many settings that might screw up everything else that is working.
So, long story short, is there in fact a reasonably simple way to work around this, or should I just give up to progress and new operating systems?
Thanks to anyone who might be willing to point me in the right direction.

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Shopping for an upgrade to office365 (from office2003!)
The business version is around $150 per year and the home version $100.
The extra programs in the business version are of no interest to me.
But they've told me that MS does occasional audits and might fine you if they find a home version being used for business.
This strikes me as highly unlikely...much like getting a speeding ticket for doing 2 mph over the limit.

Does anyone have any knowledge of MS actually doing this?

I should add that our "business" is run from our home and only those of us in the family are involved. If we were to grow to the point where we would move into a separate office space, we'd definitely upgrade - so we're good citizens, but think we should be ok using the home version at this stage of our development

A:penalty for using home version for business

Maybe you should just look into https://www.libreoffice.org/discover/libreoffice/

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I have a Compaq Presarion 300 with windows xt home version laptop. The taskbar is just a solid blue. I cannot get start to appear so cannot do anything. The desk top is ok with all its icons.

If someone knows my solutions answer it is simplist terms possible as I am not computer illiterate. Thankyou.

A:windows xt home version taskbar

Did this just start happening? Did it work proper before? Do you see a start button in safe mode? Are the icons really big in normal mode?

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For the last few months every time I restart my pc it starts a windows update which freezes at 32%
So I have do perform a backup system restore.

I have searched the web and tried everything I could find, but to no avail.

So I have to leave the PC up 24/7

any ideas, I am willing to go without any windows updates, just want to shut down once in a while.

A:windows 10 64 home version hangs at 32%

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Can someone please help. Iam 70 years old and have a computer since i was 68. When i first got it 2 years ago i had windows home pemium since a month ago i have a new version due to the renewal of my hard drive after it broke. they saved a small amount of data and when i restarded it up and entered my product code etc i now have a new version. Can someone help me get the old one back as it is not in memory of my computer. Please forgive me for not beeN able to get this accross properly

A:windows 7 home premium old version

Does it look drastically different? I'm wondering if you have Windows 8 installed instead of Windows 7.

If it is still Windows 7, is it that the desktop looks different? Or are installed programs and/or your personal data missing?

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I have a 3 year old Dell laptop that I gave to my wife. It has the OEM WinXP Home SP2 on it, but it has no recovery partition or installation disks. My wife wants to buy the upgrade version of WinXp Home from WalMart for $85 and do a clean install to get rid of all the junk that I have accumulated on it and start fresh.
Will the upgrade version work in this situation or will she have to buy the full version?

A:XP Home upgrade version question

the upgrade version is the same disk as the full version
but it will check that you are entitled to the upgrade,by asking you to insert your previous version op.disk
before allowing you to proceed with the install

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