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(Resolved) Text always showing on top of wallpaper + no Recycle bin

Q: (Resolved) Text always showing on top of wallpaper + no Recycle bin

I downloaded a registry tweak file for WinXP. It is very good for my old PC with 256mb ram.

When I restarted my computer this text appeared on my desktop and the Recycle Bin was removed:

1. Where can I access my recycle Bin without the shortcut on my desktop?

2. How to remove the text on the picture above?

Preferred Solution: (Resolved) Text always showing on top of wallpaper + no Recycle bin

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: (Resolved) Text always showing on top of wallpaper + no Recycle bin


Originally Posted by Goneval

I downloaded a registry tweak file for WinXP. It is very good for my old PC with 256mb ram.

When I restarted my computer this text appeared on my desktop and the Recycle Bin was removed:

1. Where can I access my recycle Bin without the shortcut on my desktop?

2. How to remove the text on the picture above?

Which registry tweak did you download?


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Not sure if this is in the right place.

I am running Windows XP Home. I changed my desktop from 1024x768 to 800x600. When I changed it back, everything went bad. I mean the graphics were really screwed up. So, I had to restart. Now, at my current resolution, the icons on my desktop are a bit distorted. They now all have gray around them, and are a bit choppy. The gray will change to whatever I choose as my background color. It's almost like I am stretching them. The wallpaper is distorted as well. You can see the pixels, if that makes sense. Again, it's like it's being stretched. Now, I do have the wallpaper set on stretch, but it is normally like that. If I change it to center, it centers it and gives me the background color around it.

This is driving me nuts. Could something have happened to the monitor driver? I have a hp pavilion f50, and I went to the website, and the driver they have for it was written in 2000 (is that possible???). I know I have a montior disk somewhere, but we are in the process of moving (and it is packed *somewhere*) and I would love to be able to fix this problem with out it.

My taskbar icons/shortcuts are all normal. (If that makes any difference).

I'd be glad to offer more info if you need any.

A:[Resolved] Icons/Wallpaper not showing correctly.

What is the current color depth and resolution? What does it say about the display adaptor -ie what make/model. All this is on the same page you changed the resolution. I can however tell its got nothing to do with the monitor driver. You may also want to examine the Themes, Desktop, and Appearence tabs and see if you changed anything there.

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...instead of background colour.

This is a very simple request, somewhat annoying because I KNOW it's simple, but I can't for the life of me remember where to go to change it!!

Basically I just want to know how to see the desktop background wallpaper under an Icon name rather than the colour the desktop background (behind the picture)is set to.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Oh yeah my OS is Win XP Home SP2.



PS. I feel really stupid right now.

A:Showing background wallpaper under desktop icon text...

There's two settings that can cause it.

1. Right click the desktop and choose 'arrange icons by' and make sure that 'lock web items on desktop' is unchecked.

2. Open the Control Panel and select System. On the Advanced tab click the settings button under Performance. The box for 'use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop' should be checked.

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How can I manipulate the cycle speed of background/theme wall papers?

A:Wallpaper recycle speed

Desktop Slideshow

Right click destop > personalize >

select several backgrounds you want

Change picture evey:

choose time

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I use Eudora 6.2, Netscape 7.1, and windows xp. I use Eudora for all email transactions as far as I know. My boss uses AOL (and windows 98 I think). He is trying to send me several files (extension .rpa they are specific to Varian Chromatography software, and readable in notepad). He is attaching them to an email, but when I get them they are not attachments. It has taken all the text out of the files and made that the text of the email. There is nothing attached at all according to my computer. When he sends them to himself, he gets attachments. I need to have them in the original .rpa form to use with the Varian software.

Why is it getting rid of the attachments? He can't find any settings in aol to say not to insert text attachments in the message. I found one on Eudora, but it's not checked.


A:text attachments showing in text of email

Until our Eudora expert posts an opinion, those can probably be sent zipped and they should arrive OK.


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I used to be able to right click on any picture and set that as wallpaper. Ever since I installed Corel Print House Magic all pictures go to that and I can't use them for wallpaper anymore. I uninstalled Corel, but then I got a thing telling me to choose a program to open the file. I want to be able to switch pictures for my wallpaper and keep Corel installed. What do I need to do?


when u are asked to choose a program for opening the images,choose internet explorer.

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I dont even know if its possible but I would like to be able to put some text onto my desktop wallpaper which is a picture of my dog ....I have photoshop and photoshop elements ...If anyone can oblige with any information I would be most grateful

A:How do I put text on wallpaper

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Am running Windows XP - when I go to my recycle bin - there is nothing showing - however, when I hit the "Do you wish to empty..." it asks me if I am sure that I want to delete the 2 items..... seems to be very similar to a couple of other threads which I have read in detail. Have checked Properties - do not have bypass recycle bin checked. I have tried the following command prompts from those threads, with no results:

rd /s recycler (does not work)
deltree recycler (not recognized)
c:\recycled (does not work)
deltree c:\recycled (not recognized)
rd /s c:\recycled (does not work)

Can't seem to find any help in Windows XP support which addresses this issue. Anyone got any suggestions? Appreciate it - need all the help I can get. Thanks!

P. S. Added thought - could it have something to do with Window Washer, which I have installed? I notice it includes Recycle Bin in it's process.

A:[Resolved] Nothing in my Recycle Bin

RESOLVED - Not sure how - but I went ahead and emptied the trash bin - then made a couple of shortcuts and deleted them. They then showed in my trash bin now - just stumbling along, but seems to work.

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OS Windows ME One hard drive

Strange things are happening lately to my Recycle Bin. It has done this a few times lately. I deleted some unwanted files from my documents. I went to my Recycle Bin to check that they were there and they weren't. Good job there was nothing that I accidently deleted. However, when I clicked on "Empty Recycle Bin" just for the heck of it, it said "are you sure you want to delete these (**) items". I said yes, and I heard the sound that goes with emptying the bin, so the files were definitely in there but not showing up. You would not be able to click on Empty recycle bin if it was empty, anyway.

So there was something in there, but I could not see it. I right clicked on Recycle Bin/properties and made sure that the box entitled "do not remove files to Recycle bin Remove files immediately when deleted" was NOT checked. It is set for 30% which is fine, because I clean it out every night.

Someone mentioned something about right clicking on the bin and disabling it for all drives, then make hidden and system files visible (how do you do that) and delete any folder called RECYCLE in the root of all my drives. I got lost right there!
If this is a valid suggestion, can someone clarify it for me, please.
I saw briefly one time a message about something being corrupt, but only one time and it has not shown up any more. Right now it is working, but tomorrow maybe not. Thanks for any help. It is not vitasl but annoying.
... Read more

A:[Resolved] Recycle Bin

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I have 2 files in my recycle bin that I can neither delete nor restore. Thought I'd try 'delete a file on reboot' but can't find the recycle bin anywhere. I saw another thread which said it should be on C:\ but mine isn't and a search doesn't find it either. Any suggestions gratefully received!

A:[resolved] Where's the XP recycle bin stored?

Have you got a second hard disk installed? the OS creates a recycle bin for each drive - it may be on your D:

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Could someone explain why it is that now whenever I go to my (Norton Protected) Recycle Bin I am unable to use my Edit and File buttons to delete files? I click on both of them and nothing happens -- there are no drop-down options.

So next I hold down the Shift key and highlight all the files to be deleted, and then when I click on Edit I do get the drop-down options and I click on Select All. However, all my files are already highlighted from my previous step anyway. Finally, I click on File once more to get the Delete option and once again nothing happens! Of course from that point I am still able to right-click and delete the files that way.

Still, I'm curious as to why the Edit and File buttons don't work (as described in the first paragraph). Could it somehow be the result of my having gotten a virus (VBS.LoveLetter.Var) a couple of nights ago? Could it be that necessary files have accidentally or inadvertently been deleted? I did empty my Recycle Bin the other night and it contained a series of files (CA00 thru CA66) which I was not familiar with. In fact, I don't even know how they got into my Recycle Bin.

A:[Resolved] Recycle Bin problem

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my recycle bin icon has changed into a "folder" icon, and i can't change it back!

i have tried to chg it bk to default icons through "customize desktop" but it will not chg bk.

i have also tried to use xteq's XSETUP and XP POWER TOYS to chg and clear icon cache.

don't know what else to try.

A:[Resolved] xp recycle bin icon

Try the fix on this page.


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I have a strange problem with recycle bin.
I just can't remove/delete this 2 files I put in the recycle bin
yesterday..only this 2 files.
The other files works fine, they can be deleted when I put
them in recycle bin.
But, I can't simply click on "empty recycle bin"
because an error message will pop up like this :

Error deleting file or folder
Cannot delete Dc13: It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the program then try again.

It seems to me that this 2 files has another name or
somthin like that. the first one called "Dc13", 'n the other
one called "Dc16"..it's just like a code that shows time
when I put it.

Whenever I try to remove it..like cut 'n paste the files somewhere,
it always pop up the same error message with different codes
(Dc13 & Dc16) depends on what file I'd try to remove.

for your information, I'm using windows XP professional
'n there's no partition in my hard disk.

I really appreciate it if you'd help me...


A:[Resolved] Cannot empty recycle bin !!!!

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I wanted to get rid of the text that is displayed under the icons on my desktop, but I don't want to install any of these customization programs, as I've had problems with them in the past.

I managed to get rid of the text under all my icons by renaming them as 0160 with the alt key held down........ however there is no option to rename the recycle bin when you right click it.

How do I remove the text from the Bin?......... or how do I get to rename it?


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No desktop icons, no taskbar, not even my mouse is working when I start up windows normally.

I've performed system restore twice to no effect, and I cannot even get to my task manager when in normal mode. I'm allowed to go into safe mode(which is where i'm posting this from) and haven't been able to identify any problems that may be causing this.

Recently this computer has had to have it's hard drive replaced and even more recently we replaced it's motherboard, perhaps this is happening because of this?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

A:Other than my wallpaper, nothing is showing up

Yes, the cause can be any of those things, but lets start from step one.

If needed, in safe mode.
Run your anti virus

Download and scan with malwarebytes.

If infected remove, if not post and then its step 2.

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There is a black bubble at the top of my screen. It stays there no matter what wallpaper I use. I have Win95. I also have Plus! installed. I can't remember any precipitating event, it was just there one day and won't go away!

A:{RESOLVED} Black Bubble on Wallpaper

Is it only there on the desktop? In other words, is the screen ok at boot? How about if you load a program and make it full screen?

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I have Win95 with Plus! 95 and the background wallpaper for Plus! 95 was loading just fine until I installed the latest Internet
Explorer. Now, when I go into Themes in the Control Panel and select a Theme, I just get a solid background color instead of the .jpg.
I think it must be a file association, but I'm not sure what viewer Plus uses display the wallpaper images. Any help or input would be greatly


A:{Resolved}Can't access Plus wallpaper after IE5 install..

Well, let's try the easiest thing first. Go to your display settings and make sure it is set on at least High Color (16 Bit). Let us know if that fixes it.

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I have a problem, not a catastrophe but could be fixed. The recycle bin icon on my desktop is missing the text underneath it that says "recycle bin". All of my other icons have the text underneath them. And when I right click on the recycle bin icon and click properties nothing happens, no errors, no loading cursor. I am running Windows XP Professional. Help Me! Here is a picture of what my icon looks like.

A:[Resolved] Recycle Bin icon Trouble

There is a fix listed on the Doug Knox website... http://www.dougknox.com/ . Click on XP Fixes, then a little ways down the right hand column you will see the link for 'Repairing the Recycle Bin Desktop Icon'. I haven't needed to use this fix personally, but Mr. Knox knows his stuff

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Is it possible removing ''My Recycle Bin'' from the desktop ? I hate icons in my desktop!

A:Removing ''My Recycle Bin'' from the desktop.. (resolved)

This should help:

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Until now I thought that I'd seen most of the Recycle Bin weirdness that people run into now and then ... the 'ol "Recycle Bin icon wont change after I empty the recycle bin etc...

This one is different yet ..... I look in the Recycle Bin it's empty .... I create a folder on the desktop and send it to the Recycle Bin and look in it ..... still empty

Yes I right clicked on the Recycle Bin and looked at the properties and the "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin Remove files immidiately when deleted" box is Unchecked so it ain't that ....

On the file dropdown in the Recycle Bin I have the "Do you wish to empty the Recycle Bin" option and whenever I say "go for it" it tells me are you sure that you want to delete the 32 files in the Recycle Bin? .... well no I don't thank you ... I just wanna see where they are hiding at before I do anything.

I've changed nothing in the REG .... but I will if someone can tell me what to change and where.

I'm at a loss here


A:[Resolved] Recycle Bin shows empty but it's not...

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Lately, I've been encountering a difficult recycle bin problem with 2000 professional.

When I delete something, or drag it to the recycle bin, the icon changes to "full", but the file that I deleted does not show up in the recycle bin window. And, if I click on "empty recycle bin", nothing happens.

Then, if I delete a second file, even though I still can't view the contents of the bin, I'm finally able to empty it and have the icon change back to "empty"

It's really disconcerting, as I have no way to restore a deleted file.

Any thoughts??

Dr. Michael

A:[Resolved] Recycle Bin Problem with 2000 Pro

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Well i tried posting in the Win xp forum, but no one has been able to help so far...


Basically, i didnt tell windows to bypass my recycle bin and just straight delete, but it is doing it anyways. Ive tried registry fixes, checking settings, ownership (an option i dont have).

Ive tried a lot of things....but i just need to know if anyone has any suggestions, or something that will for sure fix this (i.e. i heard something about using deltree on the recycle bin to fix it...just not sure how to do it or if i should try it)

Any help is greatly appreciated

A:(Resolved) Recycle Bin bypassed w/o Consent

Have you looked into the possiblilty that the files are actually in the recycle bin but are not being listed.

Have a look at this Webpage and see if the suggested fixes surface a different problem.


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When I try to delete files from the recycle bin (all at once or one at a time), it gives me a message something like "Cannot delete Dc33. File is inuse by another program. Close program and try again" I don't see this file in the recycle bin. I did a search and found and found a Dc33.html in the Temporary Internet Files. I deleted it, but the same thing keeps happening. Did a Google on Dc33 and came up empty. Has anyone else seen this before? It's very puzzling and frustrating. I would appreciate any input.

A:[resolved] Can't delete from Recycle Bin (Dc33)

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I have a habit of cleaning the recycle bin everyday. Now everyday I open the recycle bin, tons of weird files appear. Why the heck is that?
Take a look at a screenshot-

A:RESOLVED: Weird files in Recycle Bin

Hmmm hard to say but some of those files are just standard temp files which many programs accumalate. My guess is the whole lot are dumped by various programs either during the startup or shutdown process? Do you have any idea of the total size of the files?

Also, do you run any scripts at startup/shutdown or have you installed any new programs prior to noticing the problem?

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I am having issues trying to get the wallpaper to show up in xp home. The properties window shows all of the images available for the desktop but will not display if applied. I have tried the following:
- turning off all active desktop controls
- adjusting the registry for active desktop in both local machine and current user
- changing the location of the wallpaper in the registry under hkeyusers/desktop/wallpaper
- installed Ccleaner to check for and fix errors
- ran spyware/virus check
- pulled my hair out

Any Ideas?

A:Desktop Wallpaper not showing

hiya,did it ever work correctly?,try a system restore back to a date when it did

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I deleted something and could not find it in the recycle bin, and it shows 3 items in there, but when I empty the recycle bin, it said 6 item deleted. So I guess my recycle bin is not displaying all the item?

Wondering anybody have had similar problem?

Thanks in advance for any fix!


A:recycle bin not showing all items

Hello Aine,

It sounds like your Recycle Bin is not refreshing properly. If so, then this should be able to help fix it.

Recycle Bin

Hope this helps,

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Hey, my files aren't showing up in my recycle bin when I delete them. I have it set that I DO get a prompt before deletion. I went to that link with the recycle bin registry key thing, and refreshed my desktop... and it still isn't working.

Someone please help? Much thanks. :)

A:Files NOT showing up in Recycle Bin!!!


Originally Posted by shades313

Hey, my files aren't showing up in my recycle bin when I delete them. I have it set that I DO get a prompt before deletion. I went to that link with the recycle bin registry key thing, and refreshed my desktop... and it still isn't working.

Someone please help? Much thanks. :)

Have you tried disabling System Restore and scan for viruses in Safe Mode? or you can give this a shot

1. Launch regedit.
2. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\
3. Change the NukeOnDelete value to 1 to enable immediate deletion or to 0 to disable immediate deletion (i.e., to turn the Recycle Bin back on). If the NukeOnDelete value doesn't exist, create it as a DWORD value

NOTE: Please backup your Registry before attempting 2nd solution. I will not be responsible for any damage done to your Registry.

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Running XP PRO. When I send files to the Recycle bin and then double click on the Desktop Icon to view them there is nothing there. However, if I click on 'file' it will ask me if I wish to delete 'all of the (23) items'? Clicking 'yes' will empty the bin. Problem is I am unable to see what I am deleting. Have tried the 'Property Tab' and have the first six items checked in 'view details'.
Visited MS/Support and checked out Q136517, no luck here either. For the life of me I do not remember when I first noticed this phenomena....I use NAV2K current and UTD scanned yesterday no virus present. Use AdAware twice weekly always find hits here and delete 'em...also use SurfSecret continuously and it dumps my 'cookies' everytime my Browser closes.
It sure does beat the bejeepers outa me for sure.Other than this my eMachine D2266 runs just great, no other problems or slowdowns etc. It's another MS Windows mystery......
Any ideas? Thanks

A:[Resolved] Unable to view files sent to Recycle bin in XP PRO?

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I was hit by KLEZ today. My AV (eTrust EZ Anti-Virus) cleaned it out, but I still have what appears to be another virus hanging around. The AV gave me this after a scan....

Number of infected files not cleaned/deleted/renamed: 4
C:\RECYCLED\NPROTECT\00005870.RCV (HTML.MimeExploit virus)
C:\RECYCLED\NPROTECT\00005905.RCV (HTML.MimeExploit virus)
C:\RECYCLED\NPROTECT\00005955.MBX (HTML.MimeExploit virus)
C:\RECYCLED\NPROTECT\00005957.MBX (HTML.MimeExploit virus)

Now, since they're in the Norton Protected bin, can I simply delete them to be rid of it for good? And for good measure I'd do a wipe of all the free space on my disk.

Thanks for any help!

A:[Resolved] Deleting virus files from recycle bin

You are correct, they should be in quarintine.
Heres a online virus scan you could run to double check.

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I have an odd issue with the wallpaper on my Desktop. I have no problem in setting it and it looks great, however, sometimes it won't show up until I take an application window and drag it all around the screen. It's almost as if I'm wiping something off the screen with the application window. I tried searching the forums for a similar issue, but wasn't successful.

Not sure on where to start to fix the issue.

A:Desktop Wallpaper Not Fully Showing

Probably a video driver issue. Have you installed the most recent video driver from your hardware vendor?

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I deleted some files but they don't show up in the recycle bin. I checked show hidden files and nothing shows up. Also, when I try to empty the recycle bin, it gives me an error that dc438 is in use.

A:deleted files not showing up in recycle bin

Open the recycle bin and right click on the open space. Select properties. If on the Global tab you have a checkmark in the box by "Do not move files to recycle bin ..." you've found your reason. Otherwise, I have no idea what's happening.

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I have gone thru several threads regarding people putting items in the Recycle Bin only to have them not be visible when they open the RB (both in Windows XP and ME). Several of them stated the RB indicated a number of items when they click on "empty", but none of the items are showing. I have seen several answers regarding this - but one, which worked for this "dummy" was to remove the check on the recycle bin box in my Window Washer Program. Some of you may also have a cleaning program which is causing this? Took me quite a while to determine this was my problem. Always ready to share my computer ignorance with others. At least now I can get back my mistakes thrown in the RB. lol!

A:Solved: Recycle Bin Items Not Showing

Unknown third party utilities add by a user can throw anyone. Thanks for sharing the tip.

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desktop wall paper not showing up from Win 2008 server GPO
I have set up the gpo to tell my users computers to change the background to a specific image and all I keep getting is a black background all icons show up everything works properly but the background

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Right now, the shortest interval that wallpaper images in a slide show is 1 minute. I like looking at the pictures and would like to shorten the interval between pictures to anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds. Hoping there is some kind of hack that will allow for this...

A:Shorten interval between showing wallpaper images-How?

Hello flycaster,

You could use OPTION SIX in the tutorial below to change the shuffle time interval.

Desktop Background - Change in Windows 10

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I did a search on this and could not find anything. Once in awhile my desktop will have a bunch of random files I deleted a long time ago. I always empty it too. There won't be anything in the recycle bin or on the desktop and then I'll go to look at it after awhile and some other group of files will be there. I have tried the whole "rd /s /q C:\$Recycle.bin" on every drive on my computer. Windows is installed on C:. This is REALLY weird. It isn't even the same group of files each time, it is just random files I've deleted over the past 2 months. I noticed a folder for a demo install of InDesign comes up a lot and says it is in use when I try to re-delete it, could Adobe's crap software be breaking it? PLEASE HELP, THIS IS VERY ANNOYING.

Windows 7 64 Ultimate, 12 gigs of ram, I7 processor. Hard drives are at most half full.

A:Deleted Recycle Bin files showing up on desktop

its possible that malware programs are doing this.

I would run either SpyBot Search & Destroy or Ad-Aware to remove the malware programs that are causing this.

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I use Windows XP. There is not a lot in the Recycle Bin - some goes back to last year. Some recent deletes are there. I deleted a large number of music files (mp3) and folders and only 3 of these files are in the recycle bin. The Recycle Bin settings are global and do not allow for auto delete. The disk space available is large.

History: My computer had been in storage for 16 mos and I have recently been updating everything. Prior to putting it in storage I had to have it professionally restored - they suspected it was a virus. The hardware was affected and as I continued to have odd things happen I added a portable hard drive and changed settings so that My Documents and all subfolders operated from this drive. That is the only drive on which I can find the recycle bin. On the C drive I found something called Recycler.

I am good at emptying my recycle bin, but in the process of doing updates and going through old files and programs I have intentionally not emptied it as I anticipated the chance for mistakes would be greater. I was right, unfortunately, little of what I have deleted is in the bin. Don't know why old stuff is there and so little of recently deleted files/folders can be found.


A:deleted files/folders not showing in Recycle Bin

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My background wallpaper is totally blank out. And the files on dekstop is not showing up. Plss help me ill insert a video of it.

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Hello all,

I'm pulling my hairs out on this issue on a domain. Our AD is sitting on Windows Server 2012 R2. We have configured Folder Redirection for users under the domain. Everything is running as usual but Windows 7 clients cannot see DELETED files in the Recycle Bin.
There is no errors or problems with the Recycle Bin as far as I can tell since users CAN see their deleted files when login from a Windows 8.1 PC. The problem seems to be related to Windows 7 I then assume.

For example, User1 logs in from a Windows 7 PC in the domain and deletes a file on the Desktop. The Recycle Bin icon shows that there are deleted files in it but opening the the recycle bin shows no items at all. Same user logs in into the same account from
a Windows 8.1 Desktop and can see the files inside his recycle bin! Has anyone else ran into this issue before? I'd highly appreciate any suggestions.

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I've been running Vista Ultimate a year and two months (one of the really early adopters) and have had problems but also seen corrections. For the most part I feel it is fairly stable.

I am having a problem I hope somebody can help me with. My recycle bin doesn't show that it has items to delete. It just shows an empty basket. When I go and check I see things in there so I delete them.

I have deleted the recycle (intentionally) and the went to Personalize on the desktop and chose to set all the defaults. It works for awhile and then it just goes back to showing as though there is nothing in it.

Has anyone else had this problem (I can't be that unique!) and found a way to correct it. Please post and let me know.

Thanks for all your help!

A:[SOLVED] Vista Recycle Bin not showing deleted items!

Maybe this will help:

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I have Windows XP SP2 and the Wallpaper Changer. When I boot up it shows me the configuration screen. I don't want to see the configuration screen, I just want it to change my wallpaper.

Wallpaper never used to do this but when IT took my computer to fix it the removed Wallpaper Changer (they thought it might be causing a problem but it wasn't) so I am confident that there is some way to stop this annoying behavior.

A:How to stop Wallpaper Changer from showing configuration screen at startup

Answered my own question. Feel stupid. There were two shortcuts in the Start Up folder.

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OS: Windows 7 (64bit)
DRIVES: (C Drive: Hitachi 500gb) (External Drive (D Drive (USB)): Seagate 500gb)

I never had this problem before (been going strong for 1-2 years). Just in the last week the power went out due to storms and my computer(laptop) had to resort to using the battery for an hour.
Now I restarted it a few times since then, so any battery conversation settings should had switched over to plugged in mode.
What's located in "Computer": http://i.imgur.com/gd84Ww9.jpg
C & D Drive Recycle.bin right click properties: http://i.imgur.com/qa40Xm0.jpg
C & D Drive properties in "Device Manager": http://i.imgur.com/uuT2TKQ.jpg

Basically I deleted a file the other day, had a wtf moment and went into the recycle.bin to get it, but it wasn't there.
Ended up finding it in my external drives hidden recycle.bin file.
Now I'm on a quest to understand why I can't see these deleted files.

After I unplug my external HD, it shows all the deleted files(from both drives) in my recycle.bin.
When I plug the external HD back in, the problem reappears and I can no longer see deleted files in the recycle.bin.

I turned off hidden files/folder in the folders control panel settings, so that isn't the issue. I still have the problem.

My external HD (using USB 3.0) is set up to mirror new/edited files every hour from specific areas on my main drive (C).
For instance, if I download and edit... Read more

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I work on a laptop and a desktop. I use an external 320 GB hard disk to save my files.
The laptop is running windows 7 home basic 64 bit (more than 2 years old) and The desktop is running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit (recently installed with formatting new pc).
The problem is..
If the HDD connected to the desktop and I delete any file from the HDD, the file appears in the recycle bin of the desktop but as I connect the HDD in laptop the files are not appear under recycle bin of the laptop. Likewise any file deleted from HDD appears in recycle bin of the laptop when the HDD connected to the laptop but not appears in the recycle bin when connected to the desktop.
Is it normal? I do not think so. If it is a problem then how can I correct it. I have tried windows troubleshooting -- performance check , HDD error check but no error can be find out in both computers.

Wish for your helpful suggestions.

A:Recycle bin not showing deleted files for an external hard drive

I think this is quite normal if I have read your post correctly. When you delete a file from your external HD the deleted file get transferred to the Recycle Bin of the computer you are using. When you change the external HD to your laptop then there is no record of those files as they have already been deleted & would still be the Recycle Bin of desktop, unless you have deleted them from there.

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As I never use the speech services in XP, how do I disable them from starting? I tried using msconfig to disable ctfmon from starting up but after the next reboot there it is again. I know its not a real bug deal but I would like to disable services that I have no intention of using.

Thanks in advance

A:{RESOLVED}Text to speech services


Welcome to TSG

To remove speech recognition

Open Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.
On the Languages tab, under Text services and input languages, click Details.

Under Installed services, click Voice Recognition under the language you are using, and then click Remove.

To open Regional and Language Options, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Regional and Language Options.

Speech recognition requires computer memory and can affect your computer's performance, so you should remove it as a text service if you do not use it.

Removing speech recognition does not delete it from your computer, it only removes it as an available text service and prevents it from being loaded into memory. You can add it again at any time.

To remove the speech recognition engine from your hard disk, follow the instructions in the program with which it was installed, or use Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Have a great evening,

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I think I have the problem that NT is sending an encrypted password to my Unix machine. The network is peer to peer running TCPIP. My 95/98 PC's are fine. I found a patch to edit the register for Win98 to enable clear text but NT seems to be different. Any suggestions?

A:{Resolved} - Clear Text Password


How are you accessing your Uinx box over the net? Via telnet? If so, then this does use clear text, and all the articles I have found are how to install services to not send Clear Text over the network.

Have you installed the NT services for UNIX?

If not, then you can read about it here: http://www.microsoft.com/TechNet/winnt/sfuwp.asp
Hope this helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Hello, although not a business person I thought this might be the best place to get an answer to my query.
Which is the most preferred text, HTML or Plain Text.
I use OutlookXP Office 2002.

A:(Resolved) HTML or Plain Text

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Using OE 6 and also Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 I am receiving emails with missing body text.
I've already tried to post this once but the page redirected me so I had to reload.
I don't seem to have a 'Restore defaults' for either OE or Mozilla T'bird
I've run sfc\scannow (using winXP Home)
I've turned off the option use the unsafe file list
In T'bird I've tried View\Character encode\Autodetect No
I've tried showing attachments inline
I've tried reading emails in plain text
I'm temporarily at a loss as to my next move ?

A:Body Text Missing(RESOLVED)

Hi chriscross1

Might want to rule out malware infections first --- try the 5-Step Security Checklist (even if you don't need to post a HiJackThis log) --- http://www.techsupportforum.com/secu...kthis-log.html

Once the system checks out clean as a whistle,
1) Save your current email folders to removable media.
2) Uninstall Thunderbird.
3) Uninstall Outlook Express --- http://support.microsoft.com/kb/263837 --- it's easy = scroll down to the Windows XP instructions
4) Try a Registry Cleaner (see the CCleaner note below)
5) Reinstall Thunderbird
6) Reinstall Outlook Express
7) Check for updates for both Thunderbird & Outlook Express & install them.
8) Test.

To try CCleaner to clean up
1) You can download CCleaner here --- http://www.download.com/CCleaner/300...-10315544.html
2) Run the "Cleaner" functions to clean up temp files & other accumulating unnecessary files. Then run the "Issues" functions to clear up problems in the Registry. Run the "Issues" functions until CCleaner reports "no issues found"

Best of luck
. . . Gary

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