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Changing .exe File Type Icons In File Explorer But Nowhere Else

Q: Changing .exe File Type Icons In File Explorer But Nowhere Else

Hello Everyone,

I have kind of an odd question, I have been looking into changing file type icons when I came across an interesting conflict.
I would like to be able to change the file type icon for all .exe files to the same file type icon within a file explorer. If you were to try to do this, all icons that are associated with each .exe program becomes the same icon no matter where they are located.

The thing is that usually when I am in a file explorer the .exe files are installers and when I have .exe files in places like on my desktop, in the start menu, and in the taskbar, they are for launching already installed programs.

Can anyone think of a possibly way that could solve this conflict easily with some kind of setting or software.

I thought maybe something with shortcuts but that turned out to not work for me.
I also believe that .ico icon files have multiple sizes within them but I don't think there would be a realistic way to edit each of them for all the programs installed.

Has anyone else ever tried something like this? or have any solutions that I am not aware of?
Thank You

Preferred Solution: Changing .exe File Type Icons In File Explorer But Nowhere Else

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changing .exe File Type Icons In File Explorer But Nowhere Else

File Explorer is on Windows 8/8.1, renamed from Windows Explorer on Windows 7 back to Windows95/Windows NT4.

Usually an .exe file for running a program will have its own icon, right-click a Shortcut, Properties, Change Icon to see what the .exe file has in it. Some programs may have a separate icon in their Folder in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86). If no icons are found Windows will put up a panel with a number of choices but they are more generic, mostly for Windows things.

Installable .exe files will have more of a generic icon and are of only a few types.

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topic title and description says it all

A:changing file type e.g. .doc icons

Go to Control Panel/Default Programs and select Associate a file type .....

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I have read about, downloaded and used a number of utilities to change icons for file types. They all work. However, when I change the file type for cfg, the icons for txt, ini, log, xml; also change to the icon I set for cfg.

This had me baffled. Whether I used FileTypesMan, Types or Default Programs Editor; the result was the same. What I need to point out is that Programmers Notepad is now the default program for each of those types. I am guessing that's why their types are grouped together in Default Programs Editor. A screenshot is attached.

How do I go about separating these types for the purpose of differentiating their icons. Thanks for the help.


A:Changing File Type Icons

Sounds like Programmers Notepad changed the file associations of those file types upon installation and will not allow treating each independently when trying to change the icon. You may have to restore the defaults: Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol.

If you're wanting to simply view the contents of these file types consider installing a little utility called Free File Viewer - (FreeFileViewer). You can then copy and paste the contents to PNotebook if you're wanting to edit the file or "Open with..." from the context menu of the file and select PNotepad (after deselecting "Always use the sected program.....".

If you decide to go this route you may want to try the "Open with...." selection and make PNotepad the default for .xml ONLY (as an example) and see if that action then triggers PNotepad to make it the default for all of the other file types. If it doesn't, great.

Regardless, restoring the default file associations should allow you to change the file's icons.

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Hi all,

Built my new computer yesterday and installed Windows 7 64 bit, Enterprise.

I have noticed that the file type icons aren't showing in explorer, while little it is extremely annoying as when searching for an excel document for example I just look for the icon.
It seems to work for some icons and not others- as shown in the image below.

Is there any fix for this?


A:File type icons not showing in explorer

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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I keep losing the icons in Explorer, even with a fresh install of W7. It takes some time, but sooner or later they disappear. It's always Internet Explorer first (associated with .mht files) and now I've lost Chrome (associated with .htm).

Any ideas as to why this happens? Is there any fix you guys know of?

Rebuilding the W7 icon cache has not worked in the past.


A:Lost File Type Icons in Windows Explorer

Hello IveyLeaguer,

The icon cache would have no affect on file associations. They are two different animals.

The most common reason for file association issues is folks changing them using Open with.

If you like, you could use the tutorial below to quickly restore the default association of any file extension.Default File Type Associations - Restore
If you are sure that you or another user is not changing the file associations, then I would recommend to do a full scan of your system with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free to help make sure that your system is clean.

Hope this helps,

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So last night I had a Windows 10 update on my Lenovo Yoga 720. I let it update while I slept however it did not sucessfully update. Now there seems to be multiple issues on my laptop. The 'Type here to search' does not work, the apps in the task bar are missing, the file explorer looks odd (picture below), fans are running loudly, and everything seems a bit lagged. I tried to reupdate the machine but no luck. Any suggestions? 

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I downloaded a zip file that contains three executable .JAR program files and 2 zipped .tar.tar files. i have two laptops - one has only win zip installed and another one has both winrar and win zip. When i open this zip file in the laptop which does not have winrar, i can see the .jar files in the win zip window and their file type shows as executable jar file. However the .tar files are still zipped so i double click on them and I get the error "Error reading header after processing 0 entries". Now, when I try to open the original zip file on the laptop that has both winrar and win zip, I can see the two .tar files (File type: TAR file) however, the .jar files' file type changes to "WinRAR archive" and even the icon against the files changes from the typical .jar icon (Java cup inside a rectangle) to WinRar icon (which looks like 3 colorful books on top of each other).

I need your help in extracting these 5 files on my desktop in such a way that their file type remains "executable Jar file" and "TAR file" respectively.

A:Extracting .jar file using winrar without changing file type


Just a suggestion here, try peazip to extract the files, it handles most file types and is the program I have used in the past rather than winzip etc

PeaZip - Free file archiver utility for 7Z, RAR, TAR, ZIP...


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I downloaded a zip file that contains an executable .JAR program file and 2 zipped .tar files. i have two laptops - one has only win zip installe and another one has both winrar and win zip. When i open this zip file in the laptop which does not have winrar, i can see the .jar file in the win zip window and its file type shows as executable jar file. However the .tar files are still zipped so i double click on them and I get the error "Error reading header after processing 0 entries". Now, when I try to open the downloaded zip file on the laptop that has both winrar and win zip, I can see the two .tar files (File type: TAR file) however, the .jar file's file type changes to "WinRAR archive" and even the icon against the file changes from the typical .jar icon (Java cup inside a rectangle) to WinRar icon (which looks like 3 colorful books on top of each other).

I need your help in extracting these 3 files in such a way that their file type remains "executable Jar file" and "TAR file" respectively.

A:Extracting .jar file from win zip or winrar without changing file type?

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I opened a PDF file in notepad then in Word, now all PDF in my windows explorer shows a Word-like icon and file opens automatically in word.  I checked folder options and rebooted the machine, but it still shows that icon.  

How can I get the PDF file type icon back and file opens in Adobe automatically?
Thanks for any tips!

A:How can I get PDF file type icon back in Windows Explorer after I opend the file in Notepad?

Found it -
Control Panel > Default Program OR  Start >Default Program (if the shortcut already there) > select PDF file type and change default file association > pick Adobe 

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Hi all,

I have been hammered by several viruses. The result of the attack is that Windows Explorer now shows the file type for an exe file to be a file folder instead of an application. I assume there is something not right in the registry but I do not know where to start looking. Can anyone help? Thanks very much.

A:Windows Explorer Is Defaulting "file Folder" File Type For Registration

I'm not sure this is what you are talking about, but you can change the icon:
Tools -> Folder options -> File types
Mark the file and press "advanced".

*edit stupid mouse

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I'm having a problem where I'm unable to choose "Save as type: All files", in order to change the format of a document using a word processor. I do not have Microsoft Word, but I've tried this with both WordPad and LiberOffice Writer and it isn't working. I'm trying to change a .odt-extension to .pdf. I've never ran into this type of problem before. Does anyone know why this is happening and whether there is something that I can do about it?

A:Need help changing file type

You cannot save a document as PDF simply by changing the file extension! If you change the extension of for instance a LibreOffice .odt file to .pdf, it's still an ODT document for LibreOffice, not a PDF file. The same in WordPad; whatever extension you give to your document, it's still a WordPad document, not a PDF file.

Looking the Save As options in LibreOffice, it seems not to have the PDF available as is in for instance Microsoft Word. However, Windows 10 gives you an easy workaround: Print to PDF.

You can Print to PDF from every application capable to print. Choosing this option will naturally not send anything to a local printer, in fact you don't even have to have a printer installed in order to be able to print to PDF. Printing to PDF simply saves a local copy of your document in PDF file format.


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Sorry to bother you with what is probably a simple job but I can't find a way to do it. I have some folders of saved pix that are asp files and I want to change them to jpg files without having to do them one at a time using Paint. Is there a simple method?
Thanks in advance,

A:Changing a file type in bulk

Try this free open source converter https://sourceforge.net/projects/abic/

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I've created a slideshow file, using FastStone Image Viewer 4.3, and pictures I took myself in our back yard. The file is *.exe and self-executes correctly on my computer. I've scanned it with MSE and it's clean and virus-free.

I want to send it to our daughter, using my Hotmail account, as a normal attachment to a normal email msg. But Hotmail blocks it completely since it's an executable file type.

So I tried to just rename a copy of it on my hard drive, first, to *.txt. But when I select the *.exe filename and then click Rename, I can't seem to get access to the extension part of the current file name; the exe after the dot.

So is there a way I can change the file type in windows from "application" to a type Hotmail so windows won't block as an email attachment? Then tell the recipient to change it back to *.exe on her end?

A:Changing *.exe file I created to non-exe type

Why not zip the .exe file?
Right click on the .exe file and select send to "Compressed (zipped) folder".
You should be able to email, then.

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This may seem like an odd request, but it's something I can do in Windows 98, 2000 and XP, but have no idea how to do it in Windows 7.

When using Explorer, set to display 'details', there is a 'Type' column, which displays information like "File Folder" for subdirectories, "Text Document" for a .txt file or "Configuration Settings" for a .ini file.

I would like to know how to change these file type descriptions. I'm sure it's in the registry, but couldn't find it. Closest I got was HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentUser\Explorer\FileExts but it doesn't seem to be there.

In older versions of Windows, this could be changed in explorer preferences, which was moved to "Default Programs" in Control Panel, but I can't seem to change it there either.

If a file has no association, then the 'Open With...' screen will ask you to enter a file type description, but this disappears if the file has an association already.

I'm at a loss, and you great guys (and gals) on this forum have never let me down yet, so I'm hoping someone can point me to the right place.

All this is because I want to change "PHP File" to "PHP Script"...

A:Changing File 'type description'

Hi. Type in assoc into the Start Search Box, And at the top of the menu you click on
Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program, hope that's what you are looking for.

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Sorry to bother you with what is probably a simple job but I can't find a way to do it. I have some folders of saved pix that are asp files and I want to change them to jpg files without having to do them one at a time using Paint. Is there a simple method?
Thanks in advance,

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How do i change the icon for a file type in WinXP?

A:Changing icon for file type

Go to control Panel, choose Folder Options, go to the File Types tab, and choose the type you wish to change. Click advanced on most types to bring up the change icon option. I hope this helps.

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I made a video on my android tablet but when I transferred it to my computer, the file is a xsp format. and I am unable to play it on the computer. Is there a way to change the file type to be usable.

A:Changing video file type

I see no reference to a video format which uses the xsp extension. I see references to Auto Cad and a few programs which use it as a playlist.

What program was used to create it?

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I use several different word processors, two of which are Atlantis and Jarte. Both create (mostly) .rtf files. My favorite kind.
On my XP computer, Atlantis and Jarte (and every other word processor I've ever used) show their own icons in Explorer. If I use Atlantis to create an .rtf file, that file shows Atlantis' icon, and every file I create in Jarte shows Jarte's icon.
On my Win7 machine, that is not happening. I get an icon that Windows believes is the default .rtf file and that's all. Is there some way I can change that behavior to the XP way of displaying icons?
Yes, I did change the default .rtf application hoping that would fix the "problem", but it did not. It only changed the default icons to the app I chose as the default. I would very much like to know, at a glance,  which wordprocessor created a specific file.
If you can help, I thank you very much. If not, thanks anyway.

A:File Type Icons vs Application Icons

Unfortunately, that will not happen within Windows 7.  One work-around is to have, under a master rtf folder, an rtf folder for X program and an rtf folder for program Y, with programs X & Y preset to save everything in their assigned directories.

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i couldnt find any info on this so i had to ask here. i have winzip for zip files, and all zip files carried the winzip logo/icon. then i installed a program which had an unzip component and then all zip files took that icon, but are still selected as having winzip to be the default program to open with. i have since removed that program. how do i change the icons back to the winzip logo/icon? i know its petty but i liked the winzip icon better and it made it easier to find what i was looking for. thanx

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(Specs: WinXP, 450 PIII, 512MB)
In file folders that contain a sizable number of image files, the icons take--what seems like--an unnecessarily long time to load. For example, if I have a folder containing roughly 100 JPGs at about 3-6 MB each. If I am viewing the folder via the Details View, it takes for ever for each of the Photoshop icons to load next to the adjoining JPGs. I do a lot of cataloging of files, so the Details view is the best choice for me.

Does this sound like a problem that a registry hack could fix--assign a generic icon file to all image types? I just don't know why it would take so long for the icons to load, and the process tends to hog memory. Could it be a Photoshop file-association problem? Never-the-less, the files open fine and there are no other problems.

Thanks for any thoughts / solutions.

A:file-type icons

Apparently Photoshop inserts a new function having to do with creating thumbnails of images that it is associated with. If you right click on a jpg or tif or similar and select Properties, you will see a tab called Photoshop Image. All you have to do is to uncheck the Generate Thumbnails box and this won't happen again for any of the filetypes that Photoshop is associate with.

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Hello you all,
I have not visited this site in a long time. Get paid tomorrow, and will donate some money. I have an issue that I hope someone can help me with.
I have a file that has 198 songs on it and the songs are in mp3 and wmv file types, and I need all of them in a mp3 type, so I can download to my phone. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you,

A:Solved: Changing audio file type

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I'm new so I'm not sure if I should post here. Let me know if I should move. Not long after upgrading to 8.1
I did something that crashed my computer. I don't know what. I upgraded a number of days prior to my problem so I don't think 8.1 caused this.

When I used my backup program (EaseUSTodo - paid version) from an external drive I got everything back and I really can't say when I lost file type pictures (icons?) for each category and invisible pictures, videos, documents (my music is so messed up - that's for an Apple forum). I have no file picture but underneath is the name of the file. The backup program people say it wasn't their software. I may have done a system restore somewhere in that mess. I obviously am not too brainy with computers.

I have no picture, thumbnails, icons, nothing except the description of the picture. Same with videos and documents. I've tried everything in the "view" pull down menu after I did some research online. On the external drive that I backup to the same thing is happening. I have no idea what I did or didn't do. I have blank areas with the names I gave the pictures and videos under where the thing should be. I click on the blank space and up comes the picture or video. It's just not workable to guess what the picture I'm clicking on will look like.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:After backup I have no file icons in File Explorer

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So, i've been working on this for a day or so and it feels like i'm missing a simple answer.

I really don't like the icons that windows 7 uses for images, or for pretty much any audio files. Long story about my eyes sight and the brightness of my screen aside, they are small, light and too similar to other things (like text files) so i would like to change them to what windows XP had, i really liked the ones they used in XP, a little tiny tiiiny icon that says 'avi' just doesn't do it for me.

I already know how to change the icons (Default Programs Editor works just fine) so all i need to know is how i can get those default icons from windows XP. Shell23.dll unfortunately just seems to be the basic ones for things like My Computer and so on, anyone know where i would find the ones for things like avi and mpg and jpg and so on?


A:Windows XP file type icons

1st stop, look at imageres.dll, And take it from there. File Type Manager from Nirsoft is a nice little prog to help you find many, not all, icon/program associations.

N.B. If you want to pm me with a list, I can prepare a reply here

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Hi all,

I would like to set file type icons for different file types. I would like to do this using the Registry as that way I know that it's been done, and not relying on a 3rd party program to do it. I'm fairly confident with playing in the registry, and make backups of any keys that I modify just in case.

I have .php, .css, .js, .txt files (among others) opening with Notepadd++ by default. I can change the icon that is associate with these files by changing the Notepad++ defaulticon in the registry, however that changes it to the same icon for ALL of the file types. Is there a way I can apply icons to just '.php' or just '.txt' (as examples)?

I have tried adding a DefaultIcon key in the .txt registry entry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.html\DefaultIcon), however that doesn't make any difference.

Is there anything else I can do?

Almost forgot to add my OS. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium x64.


A:How to set file type icons in registry

Please see - http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/12383...-in-windows-7/

You can run the Nirsoft app mentioned, then track the Registry changes with SysInternals ProcMon -


Regards. . .



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Well, that's the problem, I can't change icons for file types.
I've used several programs (IconPackager, vista visual mester) but nothing happened.
Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening?


A:Can't change file type icons

Quote: Originally Posted by malakias

Well, that's the problem, I can't change icons for file types.
I've used several programs (IconPackager, vista visual mester) but nothing happened.
Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening?



we could use alot of info about your computer.. 32bit, or 64? clean install, or upgrade, etc

I assume by fyle I think you mean file type. what do you want to change them to?

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In Win7 I used an app named "File Types Manager" to assign icons to the various file types in my video collection.
I now find that in Win 8 changing the icon for one file type results in others being changed to the same icon.
It seems that in Win8 avi/mkv/iso/flv etc are all grouped together.
Anyone know of a way round this?

A:Customising File type Icons

Hello Hairy,

You might see if you may be able to manually change the icon using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below.

File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,

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the code im using seems to be working abolutely perfectly, except for 1 small problem, the actual icon isnt changing, ive checked the registry, and the keys are their but the icon isnt changing.. heres all the code in my program associated with the registry..

If My.Computer.Registry.ClassesRoot.GetValue(".PRG") = Nothing Then
My.Computer.Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey(".PRG").SetValue("", "Pyroguide", Microsoft.Win32.RegistryValueKind.String)
My.Computer.Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey("Pyroguide\shell\open\command").SetValue("", Application.ExecutablePath & _
" ""%l"" ", Microsoft.Win32.RegistryValueKind.String)

My.Computer.Registry.ClassesRoot.CreateSubKey("Pyroguide\DefaultIcon").SetValue("", My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories.MyDocuments & "PyroGuide\Pyroguide.ico", _

any ideas why it isnt working? i have a suspicion i have the icon part completely wrong (following a tutorial that was hard to follow )

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Story time.

I am using ConText as the default program to open the following 3 file types, but I need different icons for each file type.

.eml = C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Mail\maillang.dll,20
.bas = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\vb98\vb6.exe,8
.txt = %SystemRoot%\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE,0

How do I go about achieving this.

A:Use Different File Type Icons For Same Default Program

Hey there,
Try using the program "FileTypesMan" found here: FileTypesMan - Alternative to 'File Types' manager of Windows

Once opened, it'll take a minute or two (maybe less) to load all different file types. Right click on the
specified file type and select the option "Edit Selected File Type" or select the file extension and press F2.
From there you'll be able to set the default icon for that file extension, provided you have the ico files.

There are probably other programs out there that do this exact same thing, but this seemed to work well for me.

Hope this helped!

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Hi all

How to reset these file type icons to default, I know it's not really important since I can
open them, but I'd like to put them back to they original graphical view.
Messed up icons are: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp

Thank you in advance

A:Solved: messed up file type icons

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Hi there!

I used many different file types each day, specially those related to image editors. I have many .psd and .ai files (documents for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator). However, since I use other programs (GIMP and Inkscape), these files look pretty ugly. They are a white sheet of paper with low resolution GIMP/Inkscape logo. And that is awful

I think I did something with W7 like messing up with regedit in order to change that. I just want W10 to show those files with a proper icon file (.ico) I have in my computer.

Thank you very much!

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Yeah, so I'm having no luck with this issue since Windows 7 makes it more difficult in this area. I am trying to get more functionality out of my Adobe Design Premium suite and I noticed that .svg and .svgz icons default to the regular .ai file icon. I know the application has an icon specifically reserved for these file types and I've even tried messing with the registry to get the file type to load that particular icon but nothing is working.

What could I do to force the icon to change for the .svg and .svgz file types?

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So, after I let a baby play with my keyboard, my desktop icons now display the file type and size of the icon. I've tried looking in the personalization options and googling for a fix but haven't had any luck thus far.

If any one could lead me to a fix or point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

Screenshot is attached.

A:Desktop Icons Showing File Type and Size

After clicking around, right clicking the desktop > View > and clicking either small, medium, or large icons, seem to set the icons back to normal.

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Hey guys, just a quick question.

I want to change the icons on certain file types in Explorer.

I have it set to the correct program to open the files, but I want to change the icon that is associated with it.

I thought it might be doable somewhere under program defaults, but its not - it just lets me change the file associations.

Can anyone help?

A:Changing icons with file association

You cannot change the icons of certain file types by default in Vista.
However you can do it with extra software installed.
I use Icon Packager which ads an extra Icon tab to the Properties window of
each file type. Unfortunately this program is not freeware but affordable.
Visit stardock.com. It's a part of their Object Desktop customization suite.

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Please, I'd like to be able to change the file type icons for certain program files, a friend found this:
Where it explains how to change the file type icons - but this is for WinXP - it doesn't work for Win7 as there is no "File Types" tab in that area in Win7.
(Another instance of the failure of Win7's beastly Dumbing Down policy!)

Okay grumbling aside, please, please, please can someone tell me how to change the file type icon in Win7?

I do mean the "File Type Icon", not the Program Icon - I've already changed that many times, I design my own icon and use a new version of that each time a program is updated, so that I can easily see which version I am opening from my desktop.
I would like to be able to do the same with the File Type icons as I consider the original design to be ugly, and would rather use my own - please?

A:Changing File Icons in Win7?

Check this out; File Extension Icon - Change Default Icon

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Hey everybody,

Help needed here: A couple of days ago I tried installing the new Windows Live Messenger, which now turns out to be part of "Microsoft Live Essentials 2011" group of programs. Once installed, I decided I don't like the program's new interface (a chat program that is now trying to get a facebook style which is a horrible attitude from MS imo). Once un-installed, I discovered that every file type that had a specified symbol for it, like .pdf files have that red symbol, MS Word have that blue thing... all these are gone, and are now reset to the default Windows unknown file symbol. They still open by the way, with the right program (i.e. no "open with..."; Reader opens .pdf, Word opens .docx, etc.).

Please help me get things back... That's really annoying especially when I've done nothing special but just tried a new MS program. Other than that I haven't installed / un-installed anything else and didn't change anything with my system generally. I'm running a Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit OS.
Thanks in advance !

P.S. For what its worth, I chose to install only Messenger in the Essentials installation.

A:File-type special icons reset after MS Essentials Uninstall

Hello ggh78,

Rebuilding the icon cache may be able to fix this for you.

Hope this helps,

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i am facing this annoying problem with my win7 sp1 x64 system

whenever i set my default browser to chrome 11 i cannot see the icons on saved web pages (web page complete)
see 1st scrshot

now when i set firefox4 as my default browser voila!! i can see the icons
2nd scrshot


This happened also to me and didn't find a solution, sorry.

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I was able to right-click a shortcut to a file on my desktop, click properties then change the icon. Its not working like that now. The icon won't change.
Also, I use to have an Icon changer and manager program years ago. What do you suggest as a new program today that will change and manage my icons?
Thank you!

A:Changing Desktop File Shortcut Icons

Microangelo Toolset.

Home of Microangelo: The Grand Daddy of Icon Software

I bought it a long time ago.
Wonderful for doing icon stuff.

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For reason(s) unknown to me, when I now select "thumbnails" or "tiles" from the View menu of my video files listing page, I am no longer getting thumbnail pictures embedded on the individual video files, just icons depicting what format file it is such as WMV, MPEG, etc.

I'd truly appreciate it if someone could inform me of what I need to do to reinstate the thumbnail pictures instead of the icons (see attachment for demo screen clip of video file type icons). It would make sorting through the video files a whole lot easier again.

A:Solved: Icons with video file type abbrv appearing instead of thumbnail pictures in v

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As you can see, my icons for files on all my CDs have been set to this. What went wrong? I dont have this issue on my hard drives.

A:[SOLVED] File Icons on CDs set to Internet Explorer Icons?


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For the most part, I do not mind Explorer's autodetecting the folder type (Music, Videos, etc). However, one thing that I miss from Windows 7 is being able to set the "style" for a folder type... where I could choose to display certain columns and have Explorer display those columns for all folders of that category.

Does anyone know of a way to set the defaults for a folder category?


A:File Explorer > Folder Type Template?

try at the very top of win exporer there is a view then select there what ever you like let me know if it helps

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In my file explorer I would like to change the size and the type of font.
I would like to be able to see better and clearer.
I do not like the andicape window format.

A:File Explorer Type and font size

Right click your desktop> properties> appearance tab> at the bottom in the font size box, select large and click ok.

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So I am hoping this is the right area...

I have set up a company on Onedrive for business. I was wondering how can I remove standard Onedrive from the left panel in file explorer as some of the users are getting confused with two different options of Onedrive. Thanks.

A:Changing what is displayed in File Explorer?

Hello DMGrier.

The tutorial below can help show you how to remove the default OneDrive from the navigation pane in File Explorer for all users on a PC.

OneDrive - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane in Windows 10

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Can this be done in Windows Style Builder?

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I need to change a zip file to an epub file. I have heard this can be done, but when I add the .epub after the file name, I notice the file is still actually zip type file when I right click properties. This is causing a problem when I try to open it in in different ebook reader programs.

I know there is a way to change a file's actual file type, but I don't know how. Perhaps there is a software or I need to go into the registry?

I can do this either with windows 7 or XP home, because I have two computers. So help on either operating system would be great?

As a related question, I am wondering does changing a file's icon type actually change the file type or just the icon?

A:How do I change a file's file type (not only file association)?

Hi awd and welcome to Seven Forums.

I take it that your zip file is an e-book. Changing the extension does nothing to change the format of the data. If you have need to convert an e-book from one format to another try Calibre. In addition to managing e-books it allows you to convert from one form to another. calibre - E-book management

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So I have a high res display on my laptop and the File Explorer looks like the fuzzy poop you get. Usually you right click the app in the task bar, then right click the name, click compat tab, and then disable dpi scaling, but the compat tab is missing for some reason for File Explorer and only that app. So it looks fuzzy and crappy. Anyone know how to fix that?

A:Changing DPI Scaling for Windows 8.1 File Explorer

Tutorial by Brink
DPI Scaling Size - Change for Displays in Windows 8.1

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Hi guys,

on the edge of re-installing vista x64 here.

in windows explorer can you create a empty text file and rename the extensions as i have done in the screengrab? I just want to check if its a general vista thing or my icons are botched somehow. (if you can post a screengrab even better)

the first two are fine but PDF, RAR, NOTEPAD, etc have a tiny icon on a page icon. sucks.

thanks for any feedback.

A:explorer file icons

Hi BleepingCrazy,

Sure, when you change the file extension on a file it will change the icon to match for the default program associated with that file extension type.

However, I doubt that those renamed TXT file extenstions would be able to open without a error since they are not truly those file extentions.

Hope this helps,

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