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XP Style Folder Thumbnail View in Vista, possible?

Q: XP Style Folder Thumbnail View in Vista, possible?

I've been using Vista for two years and have never been able to find a solution to this annoyance, so I finally decided to give in and ask for help.

Here's what I want to do:
I want to view thumbnails for JPEGs in SELECTED FOLDERS. For example, folders where I store my photos. I don't use the Vista PC for much editing, but I do use it for storage, and it's a constant pain to search through older folders when you can't view thumbnails.
What I *don't* want to do:

I do not want to view thumbnails for AVI, PDF, PSD, MPEG, .XXX, you get the point.

I do not want to view above thumbnails on the desktop, as it looks like crap.

I do not want to view thumbnails in all the folders, ONLY in the folders which I select.

Everything I have read since 2007 seems to point that you either have to be absolute or forego the ability at all.

Folder options doesn't seem to do anything about individual folders, it's all or nothing.

In XP, for example, all you have to do is sort through folder views and it will let you pick thumbnails. It actually saves them too...

Vista on the other hand... well, if it did that, I wouldn't be asking for help, would I?

Has anyone found an acceptable way to take care of this? And by that I don't mean having to pay for that alternative explorer program...

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Preferred Solution: XP Style Folder Thumbnail View in Vista, possible?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Is there a way to make the folder icons look like the windows XP folder icons, where the folders are flat instead of skewed, and showed 1 to 4 picture thumbnails? Its awfully difficult for someone like me who has a huge amount of categorization to find what he is looking for due to the lack of functionality that the folder thumbnails have in this version of Windows. Yeah, sure they look all pretty, but its difficult to even figure out what the general picture contents of the folder is unless you're already very familiar with it. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Folder pic thumbnail preview (XP style?)

Convert to Windows XP Style
maybe this you means.

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Hello all. I am about to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. I have used Win 7 a lot on other PCs, and there is one thing I hate about it. That is the new thumbnail previews/task bar. I just want one, non-interactive thumbnail preview.

To better explain myself in a wall of text:

1) Disable all interactive features of the thumbnail previews. I want it to be like Vista, where the preview can only give you a preview. For example: In Win 7, if you have two Firefox windows minimized, and you were to hold your cursor over the minimized window for too long, the preview will pop up. Problem is, if you accidentally move your cursor over this preview, then it will stay there, covering up your screen, and fade back and fourth between the two Firefox windows.

I do not want this. I just want a 3D preview, no fading back and fourth, and I do not want the option to select what windows I want maximized. I just want the preview, no interactive features.

2) The next thing I would like to change about the thumbnail previews is for it to preview only the thing that my mouse cursor is over. An example: Say I have two instances of Vegas 8 running, both minimized. Say I want to preview one window, so I move my mouse cursor over it. In Win 7, both windows will appear in a preview.

But, all I want to see is a preview of the window my mouse cursor is hovering over, not the other one (s).

To better illustrate my point, I made an image. I am referring to the parts boxed in red.

I jus... Read more

A:Vista style thumbnail previews in Win 7

Honestly, it sounds like you are happy with Vista. The changes you note were made for the people that didn't like how things were before.

1) either don't put you mouse over the preview or move your mouse away from it. The enlarged preview will go away almost immediately. Its not that bad really. Its bothered me while doing stuff a couple times, but its one of those things you get used to

2) The default is for tumbnails to be combined on the taskbar, hence the change, not showing the programs as they were back in XP (don't know how they were is vista). For people that use the default, this is an absolute necessity. I don't know of a way to disable it, but really, aren't we nitpicking here. I agree they should have made it where, if they are not combined, you shouldn't see it that way. That is why we have a "What I hate about Windows 7" thread. For nitpicking.

3) The new Aero effects can only be disabled by using the basic theme in 7. I also don't see why you want that to be as it used to be. Personally, I think the new style is cool. If it bothers you, use basic, or don't place something right behind the top of the maximized Windows.

If the new look and feel of 7 bothers you that much, stick with Vista. You can make some changes so its not so much of a resource hog, many services can be switched to manual and you can make it where only the essential programs run at start-up. I'm sure if you take a look at Vista Forums, our sister site, you can find tutorials and... Read more

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Hello all,

I at first didn't know how to give thumbnail views to folders as I had tried every step(checking & unchecking stuff in Folder Options) but recently my friend told me to rename the image to "Folder" in order to get thumbnail view.

Now, what I want to know is if there is any way to not get a bended view of the pic. As the bended view doesn't give the full pic view.

Thanks in advance for your help


A:Folder Thumbnail View

There have been several threads on this subject. If you scroll back far enough you'll find them. But for starters, take a look at this thread: Folder Image Cover posted by BlazingInferno in this section 2 weeks ago.

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Any information on if this should, shouldn't work or how to enable it? I find it quite annoying that it does not work (on my machines anyway) and I can't find anything from M$ on it.



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Hi, I know how to set every single folder in xp to one view, but what I want is for just folders with images to do so....is that possible? If not, what is the best compromise?

It gets tiring having to constantly change to folder view on every folder of images I open up...


A:How do i set a folder to always display thumbnail view

Go into Folder Options>View tab and checkmark "Remember each folder's view settings", click Apply/OK. Then go into the folder click View and checkmark Thumbnails.


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How I can make a folder view "details", but with 32x32 icons Instead of 16x16?


I hope that my message is clearly, my english is not perfect...

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How I can make a folder view "details", but with 32x32 icons Instead of 16x16?


I hope that my message is clearly, my english is not perfect...

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Hi, i'm using winXP with service pack 2
I have a few tools that change system icons and the whole appearance of win to a dark blue colour (so the folders look like that too), but if i switch to thumbnail view, a folder with an image (the folder.jpg) will have its borders of the usual yellow colour.. any way of changing this?

any help much appreciated, cheers

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There is probably a really simple answer to this problem, but I've looked in my Windows xp bible and searched MS site (yeah like that's gonna help.

I'm running Windows XP (this monster is new to me). I have my clip art files organized into different folders. While I was organizing them one day the names under the files disappeared. Just poof and they were gone. I've checked on viewing the folders and customizing them to get the names back but nothing I do works. What am I missing here?

A:No files names in thumbnail folder view

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A:Invisable or Dissapeared Folder names while in Thumbnail view mode.

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We bought a new system that runs Vista. Lucky us. We are trying to copy year’s worth of photos onto new system. Photos are ruined as Vista displays them in thumbnail view. Make sure you have a back-up because once your photos are loaded onto Vista they are ruined. All photos are jpg files taken with several different cameras. ​
Here are several samples using the Vista Photo Gallery Viewer​

I have been on the telephone with Microsoft technical support for hours trying to resolve this issue. We have run a system scan and it came out clean. We do not have a virus. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution?? HELP

A:Vista Photo Gallery Viewer Destroying Photos in Thumbnail View

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Ive been using Vista quite a lot recently and really appreciate the feature of adding the current folder directory in the address bar. Is there any way of doing something similar with XP? I currently use the tree in the 'Folders' explorer bar but I have many folders with very similar contents (web design) and it would be really useful to be able to check that im looking at the folder I want to by using the Vista style address bar tree.

cheers in advance for any ideas.

A:Vista style folder tree in address bar? or other place?

Control Panel | Folder Options
View Tab
check Display the full path in the address bar

You can't click on "upstream" folders like you can in Vista, but it does show where you are.



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I have a folder with about 20 images and 20 folders (with avi's, images, and txt files inside).

When I initially check the disk size (while the folder is being viewed in Icons View), the disk size reads 28,415,404,695 bytes.

When I change it to Thumbnail View, the disk size increases to 28,415,444,631 bytes.

I know it's only a 39,936 byte difference but I'm just wondering where this is coming from? When I change it back to Icons View, it still reads 28,415,444,631 bytes. How do you get it back to the original 28,415,404,695 bytes?


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I was wondering if anyone knows how to view folder sizes in Vista - without selecting properties for each folder. You know how you can sort by file size, type, etc? Well you can't do that with folder sizes...

I know there are plenty of third-party apps for XP, but so far I haven't found any that are compatible for Vista.

I hope I've explained myself clearly...can anyone help?

Thanks. :)

A:View folder size in Vista

Hi piggyboo. . .

Welcome back to TSF...

Try Treesize . .


Happy Hunting... (og, take a look at c:\windows\winsxs - mine is ~13GB)



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Yes, I know this isn't really a big issue, but it's one of those little annoying Windows things that is really getting under my skin. I had this happen once before, but I never found a solution for it at the time and I eventually ended up formatting the drive and reinstalling Windows due to other issues. Well, this problem just started happening again, today, in fact. It was fine last night, functioning as it should and always has, I didn't make any changes to settings whatsoever, I go to work today, get home, turn the machine on, and Windows starts playing these annoying games with me out of the clear blue...

I'm using Vista Ultimate x64. When I go to Start\Computer, I have it set as the default when you first install Windows, which is to display tiles for the drive icons and grouped by type. On the other hand, if I go to the Pictures folder, I've always had that set to display large folder icons with no grouping.

When I got home, I booted the machine and went right into Start\Computer. For whatever reason, Windows decided it was going to display the drive icons extra large with no grouping or drive labels. So, I manually adjust it (from the right-click menu) to go back to the way it was; tiles for icons, grouped by type with labels (such as "Local Disk C:" or "DVD-RW Drive").

Then I open the Pictures folder, and all of my folders are displayed as frickin' tiles (individual pictures as well) that are grouped by type! When... Read more

A:Vista Folder View Annoyance...

I don't know, that's a lot to ask of a modern OS, to remember folder settings. Jeez, why don't you ask for indoor plumbing and paved streets as well while you're at it!?

There are some stalwart individuals still trying to put new tarpaper on the shack though so maybe the following website will help.


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When I open photos I see icons not thumbnails of photos, this only happened after I installed 8.1 free download. It is not happening with external drive! Thanks

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i have reinstalled my wind vista home premium yest
but after that
the thumbnail view for pictures didnt work well
it just show the icon on pict type
and it didnt show the preview images in thumbnail mode

please help me... to ge the thumbnail view back...

A:no thumbnail view

Hi brilianto, welcome to TSF..

this could be a permissions issue as a result of reinstalling Windows.

Follow the guide in the link below to set yourself or Administrator as owner then give yourself full permissions:

Hope that helps

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After I loaded Illustrator 10 I can no longer view my pics in the thumbnail view. I tried the solutions for Thumbnail views posted by Microsoft to no avail. What else should I be looking for to find out why I cant view pics in a preview mode?

A:No More Thumbnail view

Have a look for a file called aiicon.dll in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell - is it there?

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in my thumbnail i cant see file or folder's name! why?

A:thumbnail view

arungoogol, If you have the view set to show Thumbnails do the following:
Open the folder to view the thumbnails. Hold the Shift key down and click on the View button and select Details.
Remove your finger from the Shift key. You should now see the file names.
Hold the Shift key down and click on the View button and select Thumbnails.
You should now see the thumbnails with the file names under them.

To turn off filenames, hold down the Shift key when you click to open a folder in Windows Explorer or when you switch into thumbnail view. This will turn of the file names, giving more space for the thumbnails. Doing it again turns them back on.




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I am having a HP Laptop with Windows XP SP2 installed on it.
It contains folders containing MPEG files. By Choosing the Thumbnail View I can see 4 thumbnails in the folder view as well as individual thumbnails in the fileview of the folders. This WAS working fine.
The problem now is whenever I copy a MPEG file to another folder in the same location I cannot view the thumbnails in the folder view nor can I see the thumbnail in the file view. The Camera that I use is the Sony Handycam. I can see the thumbnails thru the Picture Viewer software given by Sony. But I cannot see the thumbnails thru Windows Explorer.

Please remember that the old files (copied from the same camera) thumbnails can be seen. This is happening for new files only.

I have checked for settings on the camera software but cannot I dont see any options for this.

Thanks for your help.....

A:No Thumbnail view

Hi sdeshpande, welcome to TSF..

have you tried:

Line 17 on the right???
Line 277 on the left???

Hope that helps

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Hi all..

As newbie on this forum I have a question I hope you can help me with.
I would like to setup thumbnail view in Windows XP style.

Problem is following: I have a 4 years old son who likes to see movies from my NAS server. My Windows 7 is connected to my TV - I browse to children movie on my NAS and my son can see on folder picture what movie he would like to see. In windows XP there is no problem - picture is clear. In Windows 7 folder icon is half opened and picture only half visible. My son is not satisfied - he is not able to see the whole picture

Is the any way to customize folder view in order to see whole picture?

I hope I made my self understandable - otherwise - I will explain again

Best regards from Denmark

[IMG]file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.png[/IMG]Image capture is uploaded her:


A:Thumbnail view


A different file manager is necessary.

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I dont have preview for mpg files!

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Approximately 6 year old computer with Vista home premium, never connected to the internet.
Has been in to the shop to have DVD/RW drive and mother board replaced.
Since then I have been completed frustrated in trying to re-establish the folder views the way I like them.
Previously, what I had & desire in picture & video folders was:
icons in the main frame, thumbnails in the details pane.
None of the folder options settings seem to do this consistently.
And when I do make changes that do what I wish, they seem to change back at random
Advanced settings:
Files and folders
NO        Always show icons, never thumbnails
NO        Always show menus
YES      Display file icon on thumbnails
YES      Display file size information in folder tips
YES      Display simple folder view in Navigation pane
Hidden files and folders
 YES     Do not show
 No       Show hidden
YES     Hide extensions
YES     Hide protected operating system file

will give me what I want momentarily, but after clicking
and closing the folder, the previous setting, which is:
icons in the main window and icons in the detail pane
returns when I reopen the folde... Read more

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How do you set the default view for ALL FOLDERS in Vista? I tired to use apply to all folders button in "Folder Options" and that seemed to work for a while. I would like to set it up so that the "List" view is used for ALL FOLDERS and not have Vista change ti back to "Details" or another view.


A:default Folder View for ALL Folders - Vista

Hi bjh..

I haven't found a sure fire way to disable content sniffing and retain my folder views so I use the following workaround.

First I run a registry tweak which deletes all the current folder views, then sets the max bag value (folder views which Windows can remember) to 10,000 and set the default template to 'not specified'. I then set all my folder views how I want them. All my pictures and videos are displayed in large icons with live folders, all my music files are in tile view but with live folders..plus lots of individual folders are set to display by type etc. When i've finished setting everything up, I back up the registry key which stores all the folder data views and whenever Vista decides to forget a couple, I just run the registry file to delete the folder views then import my saved folder view registry file....all in all a quick fix to an annoying problem.

I've attached the registry file which will delete the saved folder views and set the bag size and default template.

If you choose to use this workaround, the registry key which you need to backup when you have set your custom views is:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell

Hope that helps

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I want to view details in all folders and the only details I want are name, date modified, and size. Is there a way to change this for all folders at the same time?

A:Changing default folder view in Vista?


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One of my friends is facing a strange problem. He has a 915 Intel motherboard with 1GB of RAM and runs Windows XP Professional with SP2. Whenever he makes a thumbnail view of any folder the following message box (Error) appears and the Windows Explorer shuts down and takes a restart.

To help protect your computer windows has closed this programme.
Name: Windows Explorer

Data Execution prevention helps protect against damage from viruses and other security threats.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Error Error SignaturEvent Type: BEX P1 Explorer.exe
P2 6.0.2900.2180
P3:41107 ece
Temp\WER 3c6a.dir00\explorer.exe.mdmp
Temp\WER 3c6a.dir00\appcompat.txtClick to expand...

I tried to solve the problem by stopping the DEP but of no avail. I have already scanned the system for viruses with Macafee and Norton Antivirus. No virus was detected.I also replaced the RAMS with other ones but the problem persists. Help please!
Thanking u in advance.

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Windows XP Home Edition, I have setup my folders, so that when I view my photographs, they are in thumbnail view. Often when I open the folders it has changed to filmstrips. This is easily corrected but a pain in the neck. Does anyone known why the folder changes from Thumbnail view to Filmstrip at will. Again any help would be appreciated, Thanks....Paul

A:Problem with thumbnail view in XP

I have the same problem and continually have to open up view and select list or whatever i want. The preference is supposed to stay put,but it doesnt for some reason...........luck to you

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Hi everyone,

I need some help getting my thumbnails view back in My Pictures folder. When I open My pictures folder all I get is the thumbnail view from the program ACDsee and it's related icon. I can only view thumbnails when I open that program or Adobe CS-2 & Adobe Bridge or any other program but not through windows anymore. Not that it's a big deal but it helps being able to view thumbnails when I need to find or open a picture. I did a Start ( RUN ) with the following information: regsvr32 shmedia.dll & regsvr32 / shimgvw.dll for a movie related issue I was having and after that I can't recall being able to view thumbnails anymore. Can anyone please forward me any information on how to fix the issue.

My thanks to all in advance

A:No Thumbnail View Pictures Help.

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I've got Windows Explorer (in Windows XP) set to open all folders containing photos with a thumbnail view. This works fine. If I upload a photo from My Documents in my account, the upload dialog box opens with a thumbnail view. However, if I upload a photo from My Documents in my wife's account or if I upload from our external HD, the dialog always opens in a list view. The view setting must be changed to thumbnail. I've wasted hours playing with various folder views. Is there a way to get all upload dialogs to open with thumbnails?

A:Thumbnail View for Upload

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I recently purchased a new kingston flash drive. I made a small .inf file with a small .ico file to give the drive something recognizable. The problem I have is that it always starts with the thumbnails view and shows picture tasks on the right sidebar. How can I get it to open in the Icon or tiles view instead? I hate thumbnails!

A:Thumbnail view in USB Drive

If you go to View in the Menu bar and change from Thumbnails to icons, you revert back to Thumbnails when the drive is opened again?

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I dont have no preview of vids when in thumbnail view, did before. All it shows is an icon with MPG or AVI in the middle, pictures
in thumbnail view is ok... i am using GOM Player

Any suggestions

A:No picture when in thumbnail view

Not the actual window you will work in, but probably the same principle see screenshot. check that thumbnails as against icons is checked

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Hey all, im new to this forum and basically iv just been pokin around the net trying to find an answer to my problem, but with no luck, i find myself here - so hey, im NathaN - right introZ over, heres my problem:

For as long as i can remember i have been archiving music on my hard-drive. A particular preference i have is to set the albums out in thumbnail view with a .jpg of the front cover in each sub-folder to view as the main picture (eliminating the multi-picture low-quality album art XP tends to autoselect) just by simply repeating [right-click] -> properties -> customize -> choose picture.

This is a very long winded and time consuming process which i once brought myself to do, but alas, as my music folder is on my external HDD and a difinitive drive letter had not yet been set, 1 reboot and 1 vintage ipod later and my HDD assigned a new letter, and so my settings reverted back to the original thumbnail view. After assigning my external to [Z] this is no longer an issue, but; after reading this long winded introduction, my question is... can i edit the .ini file or use some 'get' commands in visual basic/create a .bat file etc to automatically select the first .jpg image in each folder when set to thumbnail view (and how do i this). This would save a good few days of manual changes.

Thankyou for the time you wasted reading this post.

btw: running XP PRO MCE

i did manage to find where i think the info about the thumbnails is stored in the regist... Read more

A:Thumbnail view query

help me keep this thread alive ppl... im kinda stuck on this one and nowhere els has been of much help. Even a link to another source/support forum would be nice.



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On my PC (Windows XP Home Edition) I have set the view to Thumbnail View. I get thumbnail images all image files (including Photoshop .psd files). If I highlight any thumbnail in any folder and right click my mouse I get the option to refresh the thumbnail.

My colleague (Windows XP Professional) gets thumbnail images with the exception of Photoshop .psd files and when these are highlighted and the mouse right clicked the option to refresh the thumbnail is not present.

Can anyone offer any explanation and possible cure for this phenomenon?

A:Problem with Thumbnail view

Probably because your colleague doesn?t have Photoshop installed?

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Hello Guys!

Lately I haven't been able to view the thumbnails of my videos in my folders. Most of the videos are MPEGs. It co-insided with putting Nero Buring ROM on, which hijacked all my video files to open with its' own video player. I then selected all the files and clicked the 'Open With' button and selected Windows Media Player and 'Always use this program to open this kind of file'.

Since installing Nero, I haven't had my thumbnail previews, just the Windows Media Player icon. It's really annoying, as I don't know what file is what!

Even uninstalling Nero didn't make any difference, so was it a coincidence?

What do you think maybe the problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

A:Thumbnail View Problem. Please Help!

Hello again everyone!

Is there anyone who knows about this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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How to fix thumbnails to be the default view of open files is something I haven't yet been able to achieve.

The 'Folder Options' in Control Panel provides no solution to this.

I'd appreciate any help with this.

Thank you

A:How to set Thumbnail view as the default?

Well what I do is open the folder, any folder, right click an area with no icon, click view then click thumbnail, and it stays permanent
that's what I did when i had an XP.

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In Windows explorer one can view images in thumbnails. For some reasons however, I need to conveniently view a number of .wmf (Windows Metafile) and .emf(Enhanced Metafile) files with thumbnails. I didn?t find it possible with Windows Explorer.
Is there a way to enable them?

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Hello again...
I have searched TSG for an answer to my problem and most of the threads are expired.
Here's my problem. When I open up my pictures there is no thumbnail view to choose from in right click menu, or view settings for the folders. I would like to go to my pictures and see what the pictures are in the preview side but it only shows icons. The choices are Very Large Icons down to content. The only ones that show a preview, I just discovered as I was writing this post, are the .jpg files. Now what? To see my picture is I then have to double click and then the picture opens in which ever program I have set for it to open in. To find a picture I have to open them all up. Do I have to tag all those pictures in order to tell what they are? I'm so sick of this I don't even look for my pictures on this laptop. I have to copy them to a little drive and transfer them to my desktop XP.
What's with Win 7?
Please, I would be so grateful if there was a solution.
THANKS in Advance. Deana

A:Solved: No Thumbnail view anywhere

Select large icon.
Click on tools at the top left (if you can't see the menu bar above 'organize' press f10). Select folder options from the drop down menu. Click on the View tab (middle tab between general and search). Make sure the first option in the list is un-checked (always show icons never thumbnails). Hit apply and ok.

Hopefully that should sort it out, post back and let us know

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No matter where I browse to direct it...will only show garden pic.

I checked reg and it points correctly to userprofile\pictures

Anyone have any ideas?

Funny thing is until i changed profiles after leaving my company's domain, it worked...but under the new profile it doesn't.

I can't find any sidebar or slideshow gadget updates/fixes/upgrades...anyone have any ideas?

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Up til recently, when I'm in Windows Explorer and looking at files in Thumbnail View, I hover the mouse over the file and a pop up window appears showing the Type, the Size, and the Date the file was created. For some reason now, only the Type and the Size show, but not the Date! Is there some way to fix?

A:Thumbnail view popup description

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I used to be able to see my photos in a thumbnail view inside their folders. I would open the folder and click on View and select either Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large Icons and I would see the actual photo. Now, all is see is a cartoon type icon of two spruce trees for every photo. Is There any way to be able to view actual thumbnails of the photos? Input is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Thumbnail View For Photos

What program have you installed that has this icon?
It has set your image default program to this program.

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Hello When I go to a picture folder it shows the picture files there and as the image it has the default water and mountain picture for all of them. Is there away for it to show a thumbnail picture of the actual pic?

Here is a link to a screen shot.

A:How to view thumbnail pics with the pic showing

Hello n612a, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check to make sure that thumbnail previews is enabled.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,

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Can someone tell me why I get this when I hover over Icon to get thumbnail? It dosn't show the open window . Only that busy thingy.

A:Thumbnail view not working properly

Quote: Originally Posted by DanFriday

Can someone tell me why I get this when I hover over Icon to get thumbnail? It dosn't show the open window . Only that busy thingy.

What browser? FF? I have seen this frequently in FF.

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On XP professional , problem is the height of thumbnail pane height size is small and large preview area on filmstrip view.So to check the thumbnails i have to side scroll , seeing either the file name are part of picture in thumbnail.Searched on net ,no where fix for thumbnail size on filmstrip view mentioned,but size adjustment thumbnail on thumbnail view is only mentioned which i am not talking.
look at the attachment for what i meant.

Any suggestions on correcting registry key about this.
Thanks in advance

A:thumbnail size in filmstrip view

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Hi, there, this is my second request on this one. PLEEZE help. I lost my ability to view thumbnails in Explorer. I've tried View, I've tried Customize this Folder, Web settings, etc. Please someone tell me how I can get back my Thumbnail view. I work with a LOT of images, mostly .jpg, and it's frustrating to open a folder and not be able to view them all at once. I have to view them one by one on the frame on the left of the page. I had the capability, but somehow it got lost. I have not installed any image program that would have taken it out. What to do? Thanks a million! Oh, and I have Windows ME OS.

A:No Thumbnail View In Explorer (2nd Request)?? Please?

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Dear All,
One of the usefull feature of Windows XP is the folder thumbnail view ,this feature is great for folders with a lot of video files . I am wondering if it is possible to get a thumbnail view for a RealPlayer video in window explorer or other types of video ? or for geting a thumbnail view for a norma MPEG-1 file but with a diffierent file extension (without changing its extenssion to mpg or mpeg ) ?

A:Windows XP Thumbnail View Need Some Explanations

When viewing the file directory just click View at the top and then Thumbnail and you will have your view. If you want this as a default then click Tools then folder options and then view and then apply to all folder click OK or Apply and exit out and you are done.

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