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WiFi is not working when upgraded the OS to Windows 8.1

Q: WiFi is not working when upgraded the OS to Windows 8.1

Hi All,

Recently I have upgraded my Lenovo G580 laptop from windows 8 to windows 8.1. After up-gradation Wifi is stop working. I have checked the WIFI device driver(Broadcom 802.11n) in device manger and it is showing working fine but in the Networks section the Wifi is showing disabled.

I have search a lot but not find any solution. Please help me to find the solution for the issue.

I am attaching the screen shot of the device driver property and the my network panel.


Preferred Solution: WiFi is not working when upgraded the OS to Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: WiFi is not working when upgraded the OS to Windows 8.1


Have you downloaded the driver for Windows 8.1 at the Broadcom site?

If that didn't work, you might want to try the Program Compatibility Assistant and use the Windows 7 Driver, instead of the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

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Hi, my g570 laptop had windows 7, the OS has been upgraded to Windows 10, the system became slow now and my wifi is not connecting properly, when i try to open onekey recovery application so that i can revert it to windows 7, my one key recovery software is not working, it says a message "Drivers initialization failed, please reinstall application". Please help me with, how to revert to older operating system or have my windows 10 work properly

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I just upgraded my Windows XP Toshiba Satellite laptop to Windows 7 and now the sound card, and the wifi feature (where it looks for signals) does not work! Is there a way to fix this, or maybe even revert back to XP. I didn't make a back-up disc.. but if there is a way to do so, I'd like to. Thanks!

A:Sound card and wifi stopped working once I upgraded to Windows 7?

Update the drivers to run them. Go to computer>system properties>device manager and look for updates for the audio and network adapter drivers

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After my upgrade to Windows 10 on my HP Pavilion dv6t-6c00 CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook, the Wifi is no longer working ... in the sense that it does not find my Wifi network. I believe, that technically, the dv6t is not supported by HP for Windows 10 but everything thing else seems to work albeit a bit differently at times.  For instance, the WiFi but no longer toggles the WiFi on/off but now turns Airplane mode on/off. In my office I am most always on my wired network so this is not an issue but certainly will be when I am not in the office. The driver is at the latest available (for Windows 7) from HP so I'm not sure this is a driver issue or something else. Any ideas or has anyone else had this issue on a dv6t? I should also mention that Bluetooth no longer works either ... service will not start.

A:Upgraded my DV6 to Windows 10 and now the WiFi does not work

TBiggi1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I had EXACTLY the same problem on my DV6 laptop -- after I upgraded it to Win10.  Despite pushing the WiFi key time after time, it would always stay orange and the WiFi never worked. But ... to fix this, I had to do the "upgrade" again -- and do two things very differently ... 1: Prepare for clean-install:If, after the upgrade, your PC is only partially functioning, that means that the Upgrade did not go well and stuff is still there from the prior OS corrupting the functionality of Win10. You MIGHT be able to fix this by doing a clean-install of Win10. Problem is that a clean-install often does not recognize the prior activation, even though it should. So, you need to do 2( below BEFORE you do the clean-install: 2) Create a file needed to reactivate Win10 after the clean-install BEFORE you do the upgrade, follow these instructions from the community Win10 forums about creating a genuineticket.xml file: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/23354-clean-install-windows-10-directly-without-having-upgrade-fi... You will need this later to activate your Win10 pc after the clean-install. NOTE: I did the clean-install, and even though the product-key was SUPPOSED to work to activate Win10, it did not. And, calls to MS about this were wastes of time -- since the MS idiots said I could not activate Win10 with a Win7 product key!! What DID work was using the genuineticket ap... Read more

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i have to keep going to network connections, diagnose, then it automatically finds adapter problems, fixes it, but then again it disconnects after a while. what should i do? i am so frustrated.

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A:wifi low signal & can't detect any wifi after upgraded windo...

Same issue is with my system as well Product Name-- HP 240 G4-328TXOS-- Windows 10, 64 bits. Somebody please reply ASAP  Thanks 

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We did a recovery back to factory settings on Windows 8.1 due to problems we were having.  We then updated to Windows 10.  The windows that it opens to after putting my Microsoft password in is the old "desktop" from Windows 8.  It is not working properly at all.  There is no place for apps like on Windows 10 that comes with a new computer.  Can anyone help. You have to right click the windows button in the left hand corner to even get to an area where you can get on the web.  There was a search area that was to the right of the windows button, but you could not type anything in the box.

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Had windows XP operating system with the dell MediaDirect installed. Now have Windows 8 and can not use the MediaDirect to watch movies. Is there any software out there I can use with Windows 8 so I can watch movies. Before when I had XP my laptop came pre-installed
with the Dell MediaDirect. I was able to hook up my projector and play movies at Church using my laptop-Dell Inspiron 1520 and the Projector. Now with the Windows 8, I had to upgrade to from XP because XP was no longer supported my computer is not recognizing
DVD Movies and the buttons on my computer I use previously to turn on MediaDirect no longer works. Can anyone help me by either telling me about new software I can get to go with my computer and Projector so I can play movies or how I may use what software
I already have? I can not afford to replace my 8 year computer!

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Hi, I recently upgraded my OS to Windows 10 on my HP Pavilion x2 10-n018TU, but now the webcam is not working. And I was not able to update the "Doritos 1.0 - Ambient Light Sensor Driver - Win10 x86". I tried several times but it still failed to install.  Please help... Thanks.

A:Webcam not working on Pavilion x2 (Windows 10 upgraded)

Hi @Bongskie?,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion x2 - 10-n018tu Notebook and issues with the WebCam drivers. I would go into the Device Manager and remove this Doritos 1.0 driver and software. The Ambient Light Sensor driver is located here: sp72639.exe Then try installing this sp72640.exe  Here is a document that will help troubleshoot the WebCam on Windows 10 using Youcam Software. Restart the Notebook and try the WebCam.Please let me know how this goes.Thanks.

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Hi, One and half year back i have upgraded to windows 10 which is provided as free upgrade by Microsoft. Unfortunately the sound is not working. It works sometimes and will not work sometimes. When it works i am not sure. Can somebody help me in getting this rectified and provide me the detailed steps as how to trouble shoot the issue and make the audio work.The laptop is also very slow. Please help me trouble shoot the issues to make the system fast. Thanks for the help provided

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I bought a Gateway E56R41u to replace my Acer netbook. I'm really happy with this machine. However, I downloaded the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 and my audio quit working. I've downloaded all the drivers that I could find and nothing works. Is there a driver for another machine that will work with my Gateway?

A:Realtek HD Audio stopped working after I upgraded Windows

There is a generic driver available from RealTek, but if you have reinstalled the correct driver from Gateway, I doubt that the direct from RealTek will help.

Are there any other problems that you are aware of, after the 8.1 update? I don't recall this being a problem with audio.

Go to the Device Manager and display what is listed in the Sounds Video and Game Controllers section. Post back on what is listed there, including any error codes. Better yet, post a screen shot of that section.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

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Hi there! I would lik e to inquire on how can I fix my laptop. I can't connect to the wifi network. Plus I can't upgrade the driver because the driver isn't showing in device manager. Plus, my track pad is also not working. Help please. Thank you in Advance

A:HP STREAM 11 d002tu Wifi Not Working. Windows 8.1 My Wifi ca...

Hi First of all there is an option in Device Manager; VIEW; Show hidden devices  The faint entries are hidden, like my Zyxel G202 because it is disconnected.   Also.... As an adminstrator, in a Command Prompt Window, typegetmacThis will list MAC addresses for those items that are present, and may not be connected.A good number would be 3,1 x Ethernet1 x Wi-Fi1 x Bluetoothand then typeipconfigand in the long list look for named devices have a matching MAC address.Along with Device manager this is a way to determine the number of devices. additionally type netsh wlan show driversnetsh wlan show interfaces and report the results please.

Happy 2 [email protected]

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This happened when I first upgraded from Vista to 7 32-bit last year, when the front output jack stopped working, and I ended up getting an extension cord to travel from the rear port.

Now I've upgraded again, and none of them work. I've got up to date Realtek codecs.

Any help is appreciated. I know I need to give more information, but it's 3am here and I can't for the life of me think what it should be.

Thanks in advance

A:(Realtek) Upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit, headphone jack stopped working

I tried everything, something isn't right here all of them don't fix my problem. I tried to restore to early time before I update it, it didn't work. I tried to follow every single instruction from the basic setting, still doesn't work. THIS IS WINDOWS FAULT, their market share is going down and they do little trick to make money. I tried to contact support and it says, "charge may apply." ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE OEM in my ****ing product ID.

My hardware is TOTALLY FINE, I believe yours too. WHY I know mine is fine? BECAUSE I USE UBUNTU ON THE SAME DEVICE! Open Source is your friend, you can trust it.

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I want help. I have dell inspiron 1500 laptop earlier I had windows XP and I used to connect my laptop to TV using S-Video cable and FN F8 key

now i upgraded my operating system to Vista and from then I am unable to connect to TV as my F8 it seems does not work

does anybody else faced the same issue after upgrading to windows Vista can anyone suggest me any solution

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Hi, I recently update my ThinkPad W550s from Win10 Version 1607 to Win10 Version 1703 build 15063.540 (Windows 10 Creators Update).Fingerprint is not working after upgraded. I just get "Your credentials could not be verified". I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver (and I'm on the latest version), removing and re-registering my fingerprint... Has anyone had this problem and managed to fix it? Can you help me?

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On the screen it says my name and the next button. I click next and it gives a list of wifi networks. I click on my network and it will not connect. I go stand next to the router and it will not connect. My only options are next or back, no task bars nothing. I hope that someone can help.

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On the screen it says my name and the next button. I click next and it gives a list of wifi networks. I click on my network and it will not connect. I go stand next to the router and it will not connect. My only options are next or back, no task bars nothing. I hope that someone can help.

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I upgraded my XP to Windows 7 and the original monitor is not widescreen compatible. I recently bought
AOC E2070SWN-B 20" LED Widescreen Monitor - 1600x900, 5 ms, 16:9, 20M:1, Vesa Mount, (Refurbished) - RB-E2070SWN-B and I am still unable to see the whole screen correctly.

Thank you for your assistance.

A:Upgraded XP to Windows, Upgraded Monitor, not configuring

You didn't provide ANY information about and a description of your computer, so we have no idea what graphics device it has.

It's my guess its graphics device doesn't support Windows 7, so it's using a default VGA mode.


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Hi Guys. new laptop. loving it so far. Upgraded the memory from 8 to 16. So now i got myself an Intel AC 7260 card to replace the current Realtek 2.4 N card. the computer recongizes the card, but it cannot start it, even with the latest driver (bluetooth does work!) would love your advices. Thank you! Yoad.

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A couple months ago, I upgraded my cable modem to DOCSIS3.0, and just yesterday upgraded my WiFi router. I also changed the WiFi security settings and went around to all my devices to make sure they were accessing properly.
The weird thing is that all of the network devices were able to connect and work properly except one laptop.
Dell Lattitude D820
Windows XP Home SP3
The wireless network card seems to be working properly in connecting to the network, as I can type in direct (numeric) IP addresses and see the router and modem, but this machine has no Internet connection. Under LAN & Network connections, there is no internet connection listed. So far, I've tried:
Tried to "Add a Connection" - still not showing an internet connection
Updated the Driver for the 1390 wireless card - now matches Dells most current version
Any ideas?

A:Upgraded home wifi and now laptop has no internet connection

I found the setting.
Under the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) settings, I had "Use the following DNS server" checked.
The DNS server changed with the new router.
I updated the DNS server and things are working again - (I could have also used "Obtain DNS server automatically").
Please feel free to close or delete this thread if it is not useful.

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'Lo Again,

Was wondering if anyone knows offhand if my 13-year-old Toshiba laptop can "take" a wireless card. If it matters, it's an original Pentium 90 running Win'95. The problem is, I don't even know where to begin to look for an upgrade slot/compartment on a laptop (this is my first one, fresh off Ebay).

Also, can Win95 itself even handle wireless networking? If necessary, I have my own copy of Win98 that I can install; will that work? (Unfortunately, I can't put any form/shape of Linux on this thing, as the particular piece of software I require--ExamSoft--only runs on Windows).


A:Can a Toshiba Satellite 205CDS be upgraded to accept a WiFI card?

Do you have any PCMCIA slots in that machine? If yes then what type?

Do you have an ethernet adapter there? If yes then you could get yourself a small access point.

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My laptop have broadcom wifi device inbuild model is bcm43142a0.  Its driver is available for windows 10 and its working but for my work i use windows 7. On website there is driver only available for windows 10 not for windows 7. windows 10 driver is not compatible with 7. During installation of driver its say os is not supported.

A:wifi not working in windows 7

This driver should work:http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=6732463&swItemId=ob_151873_1&swEnvOid=406...

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I am facing WIFI issue in my HP 630 after updating it's OS from windows 7 to windows 10.Please help as it is already 1 year old problem. Althogh I went through all the solutions, I found on hp support site but no success. product number is B0L78PA#ACJSerial no is 5CB205915WModel no is HP 630

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I had a Aspire 5920 with a OEM Windows 7. After I upgrade to Windows 10, the wifi will not work. Please help!

A:wifi not working after windows 10

First check device mgr under networking to see the model of the wifi adapter. Jack E/NJ

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I had a Aspire 5920 with a OEM Windows 7. After I upgrade to Windows 10, the wifi will not work. Please help!

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Hello, a friend of mine has updated his HP 650 to windows 8.1 from windows 8 after a prompt to free upgrade. Probably he had blocked windows update before that's why he got a huge bunch of updates last week. The thing is that now that he got in Windows 8.1 the wifi adapter is missing form Network and from Device Manager. There is not even an unidentified adapter. I then visited Hp.com to download drivers for win 8.1 but i see no drivers availlable newer than win8.  If i upgrade to win10 is there a possibility that it will work? Is there a way to have wifi in win 8.1?Or is it the best option to install another wifi adapter? Could you suggest me an adapter that will work on win10 or win81.?

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I have Windows 8.1 pro installed.I was using wifi on this laptop everything was working fine. However recently I see that Wifi is not working though it shows me the SSID of my network which I used to use and also SSID of neighboring networks.(That means wifi chip on laptop is able to scan the wifi signals and hence it is working). The same router from where all other Mobile,Laptop,Tablets at my home are working are able to connect to the wifi network.Only on this laptop I am facing this issue. What can be a solution or what should I try.I have tried steps listed here http://www.fixedbyvonnie.com/2013/10/how-to-fix-limited-or-no-connectivity-wi-fi-issues-in-windows-8... Though I have not changed any of the default settings only steps listed on above blog I tried to resolve the issue.However it has not worked. Also Pressing Function+F12 on laptop does not have any effect. The light on F12 key is always on. Though it is possible to switch on/off the wifi from Windows 8.1 Charms bar.What should I check?

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A:wifi is not working windows 8.1

 I purchased an external USB wifi device that solved the problem.  The the wifi card on laptop is working fine but for some unknown reason it is not able to connect to the home wifi router.http://www.snapdeal.com/product/leoxsys-150-mbps-nano-wifi/1179610?utm_source=earth_feed&utm_campaign=TopPerformersPLAScaling3000&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=1179610&utm_term=,&campaignid=350311165&adgroupid=28373951005&adposition=1o1&network=g&device=c&targetid=pla-55251503741

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Post installating Windows 10 Wifi stopped working, tried reistalling driver multiple times but no luck. Even tried with online solution to fix the driver by either 3rd party tools or device manager but it says driver is up to date. Mine is  a Broadcom 802.11n adapter. Please suggest a Fix ASAP.  Thanks

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Hello, after i upgraded to windows 10, the wifi adapter, a RealTek RTL8188CE, is correctly installed, but windows 10 shows it as "turned off" and i can't turn it back on with the button (when i press it indeed windows 10 passes from airplane mode off to on and vicevera). Tried downloading the latest drivers and on the hp support page, but i can't find any solution to this. Thanks in advance for any help Buongiorno, dopo aver aggiornato a windows 10, la scheda wifi, una Realtek RTL8188CE, pur essendo correttamente installata, viene vista come "spenta" dal sistema operativo e non Ŕ possibile "riaccenderla" nemmeno con il pulsante (che quando premuto infatti accende o spegne la modalitÓ aereo). Provato ad aggiornare i driver manualmente e tramite il sito internet hp, ma non ho ancora trovato una soluzione. Grazie in anticipo per l'aiuto.  SOLVED: With Bios reset and not letting the OS turn off the WiFi adapter. TURNED OFF the pc (not a simple reboot) and it worked again.  

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after installing windows 10 32 bit im not able to use my wifi. I hve tried re intalling the wifi  adapter which is ralink 3290 still its not working

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I've upgraded to Windows 10 now my Wifi wont work. I've updated the Wifi driver and still no luck, keep getting an error saying Can't connect to this network. My laptop is a HP Pavilion 15-p261na 15.6" Laptop  


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A:windows 10 upgrade and now wifi not working

Ignore rebooted router and now working ok

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Unable to find the Ralink Wifi drivers in my laptop and Wifi & LAN is not working on my laptop

A:Wifi Not working after upgrading to Windows 10

Hi: The hardware revision of the Ralink wlan card your notebook has is probably too old to work on W10. For what it is worth, here is the W10 Ralink wireless card driver you can try. Version: Rev.A(18 Jun 2015)Operating System(s):Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit) ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp71501-72000/sp71571.exe Try the W10 ethernet driver directly from Realtek.  1st one on the list. http://www.realtek.com.tw/DOWNLOADS/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTy...

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Hello, i got problem after updating on win10.Everything is ok, but only wifi is my nightmare.Button onkeyboar is still RED but its working and it does airplane mode on/off. But wifi not working.If i choose wifi in menu and try to ON its just gone immediately back on OFF and its still grey.I tried a lot of methods on internet. But nothing works. (regedit, reinstal drivers, etc.)Drivers are broadcom 802 etc. Does anyone has a drivers which is working ? its really anoying because of i have to be on LAN cabel all the time... My notebook is Pavilion DV7 6b90ec thank you for any tips

A:HP DV7/6 6b90ec Windows 10 wifi not working

Hi: If your notebook has the BCM 4313 wireless adapter, see if the W8.1 driver works.  There is no W10 driver for that model wlan card. This package contains the Broadcom Wireless LAN Drivers that are required to enable the integrated Broadcom Wireless LAN Adapter in supported notebooks that are running a supported operating system.   ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp72501-73000/sp72931?.exe

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I recently did the upgradefrom window 7 to windows 10  on hp probook 4530s laptop.  After the upgrade was completed and restarted computer I was unable to connect to the internet using wifi.  The wifi button on the computer was on but when I would click on the browser I would get the error not connect to internet.  I pull up connection manager to make sure the wifi is turned on and it is turned off.  I go to turn it on and it will not let me turn it on.  It is grayed out.  I tried to do some trouble shooting but non of it worked.  I reinstalled windows 7.  what do I need to do to correct this problem? Thanks, Reeseman1002

A:Wifi not working after upgrade to windows 10

Gotcha .. you need to download the wlan driver for your laptop after upgrading .. thats the solution

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I recently had to format my drive and reinstall Windows 7, however after reinstallation nothing really works.  USB is not recognized, Wifi does not work, etc... I realized that all new drivers need to be downloaded but I cannot find the original driver disk and its hard to download them without being able to go online.   I was able to find and install a driver for the network card "Intel Centrino advanced -N + WiMax 6150".  I can see that the driver is installed and up to date, however it is still not discovering any networks and when troubleshooting, it states that no hardware installed. At this point I am thinking it is maybe a hardware issue, but the wifi was working just fine before I resett everything.  Anyone know what I can do?  Is there additional drivers I need for the network adapter to start working. Thanks

A:Wifi not working after Windows 7 re-install

I think you did not have the right drivers for the WIFI. please follow these steps:1. In the Run box type devmgmt.msc.2. Unknown devices would be listed as such and marked out with a yellow question mark.3. Select the unknown device or other device for which you need drivers and right click to access Properties.4. In the Properties window click on Details tab and select Device Instance Id  or Hardware ID from the drop down.5. An alphanumeric string like this PCI\VEN_1217&DEV_7130&SUBSYS_012F1025&REV_01\4&6B16D5B&0&33F0 is the identification marker for the device.6. Please provide this number so that we can suggest the appropriate driver.

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After installing windows 10 wifi just stopped working and wifi button's light is blinking. Sometimes it connect's to wifi network and after few seconds later it shows a warning sign in wifi logo. Wifi adapter Ralink Radio Model RT3290. I installed the driver and also tried windows update, HP support assistance and also forum's other post about windows 10 upgrade and wifi. But no luck. 

A:Wifi is not working after installing windows 10

Hi, Try to follow this step by step guide: http://hp.dezide.com/ts/start.jsp?guide=wirelessconnection.net&section=social

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"

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I have been using my dell laptop since one year with
Windows 7 installed on it.today suddenly while working
My wifi Internet connection stopped working.I tried to connect
But it didn't and said to trouble shoot .I did it bug still the prob
Is not resolved.it sonetimes connect itself and when I start browsing after s while
It disconnects again.same wifi connection is working perfectly
Fine on my iPhone .can you help me

A:Wifi not working on laptop with windows 7OS

Does an ethernet connection work OK or have the same problem?

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Hi I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, since the upgrade i've noticed that I can't connect to WiFi anymore.  The WiFi option is not availible in the settingmenu.Please help!

A:Wifi adapter isn't working on Windows 10

@MelTQ Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your WiFi not working since your Win10 Upgrade and wanted to help -- but need more information.We need the detailed product number of your PC: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03754824?jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_c-001_title_r0001With that information, I can check for HP Win10 WiFi drivers for your PC.We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks

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I'm convinced that that is the problem. I have tried EVERYTHING else to get the USB ports to work, but still no luck. They will not recognize any devices that I plug into the computer. Here are the specs (copied from hp.com):

Product Name ze2108wm
US Product Number EA390UA#ABA
Microprocessor 1.6GHz AMD Mobile Sempron™ Processor 2800+ with PowerNow!™ Technology
Microprocessor Cache 256KB L2 Cache
Memory 256MB 333MHz DDR System Memory (1 Dimm)
Memory Max 1024MB
Video Graphics ATI RADEON« XPRESS 200M IGP
Video Memory 32MB DDR (shared) user configurable up to 128MB
Hard Drive 40GB (4200RPM) Hard Drive
Diskette Drive External USB Floppy Drive available for customers via hpshopping.com or local retailers
Multimedia Drive 24X DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive
Display 15.0" XGA TFT Display (1024 x 768)
Fax/Modem high speed 56k modem
Network Card Integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 connector)
Wireless Connectivity 54g™ 802.11b/g WLAN with 125HSM / SpeedBooster™ and BroadRange™ support
Sound Altec Lansing
Keyboard 101-key compatible
Pointing Device Touch Pad with dedicated vertical Scroll Up/Down pad
PC Card Slots
1 Type I/II 32-bit card bus (also supports 16-bit)
External Ports
2 Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0
1 headphone-out
1 microphone-in
1 VGA (15-pin)
1 TV-Out (S-video)
1 RJ-11 (modem)
1 RJ -45 (LAN)
Dimensions 13.15"(W) x 10.80"(L) x1.29"(min)/1.63"(max)(H)
Weight 6.51lbs
Kensingto... Read more

A:Upgraded from XP to 7 and now USB ports not working?

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I'm trying to bump up my RAM in a Compaq Presario, but the sticks I bought, after being installed, won't let the computer boot.

Here's a pic of the 512's (have 2 that are currently in), as well as the 1GB's (have 3 that I'd like to put in) that I'm attempting to put in.

Any ideas?
Also, why do Presarios have 3 RAM slots? I thought you had to have pairs to work.

A:Upgraded RAM in Presario not working! help?! Please

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My computer is a recently purchased Dell with the Intel Graphics HD 530 display adapter. The outputs are one HDMI port (Monitor 1) and one display D-port (Monitor 2). I am connected to a pair of identical Samsung monitors. The D-port is routed through a passive display adapter for connection to the HDMI cord serving the second monitor. All my trouble is associated with Monitor 2.

During start up both monitors are used. The machine moves from the D-port monitor back to the HDMI port monitor during the startup process. At the end of the process only the HDMI monitor will display.

I tried swapping the cords around between the two monitors (switching up which was on D-port and which wasn't). Monitor 1 (HDMI-primary) works when connected to either the D-port cord set or the HDMI cord set. Monitor 2 (D-port primary) does not work on either cord set EXCEPT at machine start up when both monitors get used.

Prior to upgrading from Windows 7, everything worked. After the upgrade only the Monitor 1 works. I've tried removing and re-installing drivers. That didn't work.

Thoughts and suggestions?

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I have a Dell E6510 laptop which I upgraded from XP to 7 Pro 32 bit. After installation I can no longer get online(I was able to get online before); "Not connected, no connections are available". Device Manager shows 3 drivers not working: Broadcom USH, Ethernet Controller and Network Controller. Anyone know where / how I can get these correct drivers to my machine?

A:Upgraded to 7, drivers not working

When you are in Device Manager do these items have yellow exclamation marks next to them. If so, right click the device, select Properties and under the Details tab select Hardware ID's. Copy and paste the first line for each device in your next post.

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My computer is a recently purchased Dell with the Intel Graphics HD 530 display adapter. The outputs are one HDMI port and one display D-port. I am connected to a pair of identical Samsung monitors. The D-port is routed through a passive display adapter for connection to the HDMI cord serving the second monitor. All my trouble is associated with the second monitor.

During start up both monitors are used. The machine moves from the D-port monitor back to the HDMI port monitor during the startup process. At the end of the process only the HDMI monitor will display.

I tried swapping the cords around between the two monitors (switching up which was on D-port and which wasn't). Monitor 1 (HDMI-primary) works when connected to either the D-port cord set or the HDMI cord set. Monitor 2 (D-port primary) does not work on either cord set EXCEPT at machine start up when both monitors get used.

Prior to upgrading from Windows 7, everything worked. After the upgrade only the HDMI monitor works. I've tried removing and re-installing drivers. That didn't work.

Thoughts and suggestions?

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I recently pulled my AMD K6-2 motherboard and installed a new ACORP socket 370 with a celeron 566. However, it refuses to boot, even the bios on the motherboard wont come on. Everything powers up, but just sits there. I have an ACORP 6BX/VIA83, 64mb PNY SDRAM, Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3 video card with savage 4 controller.
I think it may have something to do with the motherboard but i need help. I installed my old motherboard and it works.

A:upgraded computer not working

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Windows 7 Unidentified Network via LAN...WiFi working. My on board was doing this same problem so I bought a new Network Card. Turned out it was also a realtek and performs worse. The on board would atleast work for a little bit on a fresh boot...sometimes. This new one hasnt worked since i installed it...ive tried three different sets of drivers...and a host of troubleshoot options from the good old googles for about a week solid im ready to give up and depend on wireless Sigh. I dont want to do that i game and ping matters XP. Im connected straight to modem my laptop experinces no problem wither wifi or lan and my phone stays solid on my wifi.....
Frontier ISP
Netgear frontier provide router

Ipconfig with wifi on

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : SpizawnDesktop
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : netgear.com

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : netgear.com
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-18-E7-19-60-B3
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::fc1a:a8a9:f4d4:b919%13(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . : ... Read more

A:Windows 7 Unidentified Network via LAN...WiFi working.

With Wi-Fi off:
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :

It seems you can't get an IP address from the router DHCP server. Did you try factory resetting the router (not just power cycling)?

Also, Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 12-34-56-78-90-AB for onboard LAN I believe. Did you change the MAC address manually before?

Create a manual System Restore point - System Restore
Get Download Complete Internet Repair - MajorGeeks and run it as admin
- Reset Internet Protocol
- Repair Winsock
- Renew Internet connections
See if it helps

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After installing Windows 10 pro my WiFi will not connect. I have tried updating the driver (Ralink RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adaptor) and it tells me its upto date. im assuming this driver is the issue but not sure how i can fix this. My laptop model is: HP Pavilion dv6t-6c00 CTO Notebook, Windows 7 home premium (x64)

A:WiFi not working after update to Windows 10 64bit

Hi: The only suggestion I can offer, would be to try the W8 driver for the RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi card your notebook has. I am not surprised that it doesn't work on W10, since there are no W8.1 or W10 drivers for that model card. This package contains the driver installation package for the Realtek RTL8188CE wireless LAN Controller in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp59001-59500/sp59181.exe

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