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Computer says it cannot upgrade my computer to windows 8

Q: Computer says it cannot upgrade my computer to windows 8

Whats going on?

Preferred Solution: Computer says it cannot upgrade my computer to windows 8

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Computer says it cannot upgrade my computer to windows 8

With THAT much info I have no idea what's going on

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Going to upgrade a computer for friends wife.Has a ok tower,custom built at one time.I put a decent PS in it year ago and video card.Anyway it has windows 98 as operating system.I have a couple new socket A motherboards and some good used socket a processors,2400,1700 ect.She has alot of programs she still uses and dont want to lose them.If I put in a new 80 gig hard drive and install XP and hook up old hard drive as slave drive she can still access all her old 98 programs and still use them right?I'm betting she may not have all the original programs she uses on disk or that they are even compatable with xp.Main objective is to get them up to snuff with decent computer but not lose all her work and old 98 programs.

A:Computer upgrade from windows 98

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My laptop recently broke so i am purchasing a second hand desktop and it has no OS on it i was wondering if i can use the windows 7 upgrade to put it on the desktop instead of the full one as it is 80 euro cheaper

Thank YoU

A:Can I use windows 7 upgrade on a computer with no OS


See if this helps you
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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I know that I can upgrade from XP to Windows 7 in the same computer, problem is that my computer is too old and does not have what it takes to handle Windows 7.

Can I install my XP in a new computer and then upgrade to Windows 7?

A:Upgrade from XP to Windows 7 on new computer

yes u can do so , but there may be some problem regarding up dating it. so no a new computer install a window 7 properly by mean of boot able disk.

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Hello. Today i have bougt a cheap computer for internet & movies, music... and i realized that everything is so bad.

ADM Athlon(tm) XP 1.1GHz
1.25GB of ram
32-bit operating system.
video: Vanta/vanta LT ( American Megatrends Ich, K7s41gx )
installed: directx 11, vlc.

I`m running windows 7, and atm dont have any change to install another windows for example windows XP. Computer is working well, but the main problem is that i was not able to find Vanta/Vanta LT (video card) driver for Windows 7. So i downloaded windos 2000/XP Vanta/Vanta LT driver and installed it. Seems everything work;
got nvidia displey
i can change what ever resolution i want
... and so on.
But it does not take any effect when i`m watching movie. It still have some, small lags. And now after i install driver i`m not able to use vlc, anyone know how to fix it ?

Immortal thing is that when i'm running a movie i`m using 100% of my CPU, CRY i dont know what to do. I tryed to change my processor but it`s not possiable. Computer is too old.

So is there any tics or tips how to incrase my computer so i can watch atless movies.

If u need other information, ask. Thanks u <3

A:How to upgrade computer for windows 7

Hi and welcome to TSF your video card is not supported past xp http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_71.89.html as far as I can see, you could look at upgrading to a better supported card,have you tried reinstalling vlc

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Hello I am fairly new at these type of forum boards and posting information accurately! So please bear with me!!

I am having some problems with my brother's computer, which used to be a emachine
w888 and lucky for us had never had problems with it till the motherboard before it recently was fried!

So my mom and I decided to upgrade his entire computer and the only part that is actually part of the WHOLE emachine is the hard drive put into the new tower.

So we got in the new barebone system and the mobo in it is a K7MNF-64 with an AMD XP Thoruoghbred 2800+ *even though the reciept says different for our motherboard*. Anyways the computer is running Win XP Home SP2 and whatever is on our emachine restore CD.

Well we turned it on and the computer automatically tells us to select the computer to start normally or boot in safemode with or without netowrking. Well any selction we choose after the computer just reboots.

Now I have checked the cables to the power supply, the IDE cables and floppy cables and everything is in tact and everything is running fine.

But just to seem sure of myself I did boot to the DOS prompt from the restore CD and I noticed with that CD I cannot access the C drive and basically says it is not there! The BIOS does pick up our Hard Drive, so maybe was thinking if that was the whole issue was the hard drive??

But was also thinking that maybe an emchaine hard drive was unable to access on a computer other then an emachine!!

Any help is appreci... Read more

A:Upgrade computer keeps rebooting after selecting to start computer normally

You're sort of right on the hard not being able to use the rest of the computer. What's happening is windows is trying to use the old hardware from before the upgrade.

It's kind of an easy fix. You will need a full version of windows xp. Basically, you make like you are going to do a clean install. Windows setup will detect an existing installation and ask if you would like to repair this installation. You do. All your data will remain intact from programs to music. You will have to visit windows update and apply any necessary updates.

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My computer automatically updated to Windows 10. Initially, it just has a black screen so I had to do a hard reset (following instructions from the support site). Now it says I'm connected to the Internet but Internet explorer says it's not.I've updated the driver software and that has not made any difference.The next piece of advise is to get the hp network assitant to help, but that was uninstalled in the hard reset.Can anyone help? I've never had any problems with this computer before.

A:Windows 10 upgrade - unable to use computer

Welsh_sarah wrote: Now it says I'm connected to the Internet but Internet explorer says it's not.I've updated the driver software and that has not made any difference.The next piece of advise is to get the hp network assitant to help, but that was uninstalled in the hard reset.Can anyone help? I've never had any problems with this computer before. Hihttp://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-beats-special-edition-23-n100-all-in-one-desktop-...May help, but it US oriented. If you can open a command prompt as an administrator and type ping   assuming your router is that number, a label on it should say, but it may be get something like Ping statistics for    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 1 (25% loss),then you have a connection to your router.  If you have managed that and feel brave, type the following lines 1 at a time. ipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /registerdnsnetsh winsock reset catalognetsh int ipv4 reset reset.lognetsh int ipv6 reset reset.lognbtstat -RR Then reboot, and perhaps come back and give an update.  

Happy 2 [email protected]

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Hi, I just recently upgraded to Windows 10 on my Lenovo ideapad touch P500. My computer was freezing at certain times a few days after upgrading. "Now my computer is stuck on a screen which says repairing disk errors. This may take up to an hour." It seems that it won't be repaired. It's been like this for at least 12 hours. What's wrong with my computer?

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Hello all, new to these forums. I have a few questions I would like to ask, some I have had loosely answered before. But just want to be 100% before spending any money.

First off. I am going to be buying/building a new computer soon, as my current 6yr old rig is starting to show it's age quite badly and without spending silly money on it, it's not very upgradeable. My question is this; With my current PC, it came with a system restore disc which has Windows XP. I bought the Windows 7 Upgrade disc and done the custom installation where it formats my drive and put on 7. It has been working ok, registered properly.

What I want to, when I get my new computer, is move this hard drive (which is about 3 months old) to my new setup. I have heard that sometimes you can just attach the hard drive to the new PC and it will work, sometimes you have to do it all over again with the installation. Now, I have no problem with lots of drive formatting as, all my docments are my external hard drive, along with software setup files.

I have a Windows XP disc with a key, as well as the System restore disc for this PC, so I am assuming, I format this hard drive (if moving it to a new Motherboard doesn't work) install Windows XP with the key, then install the Windows 7 Upgrade disc again. I did speak to Microsoft on the phone and when I gave them my key for Windows 7, they said I had the Full version of Home Premium not an upgrade copy, although it quite clearly says on the box that is an upgrad... Read more

A:Moving Windows 7 Upgrade to a new computer

Have read of the Warning in this tutorial:
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

If you do not have a valid qualifying previous version of Windows, then you are violating the terms of Microsoft's Windows 7 End User License Agreement and could get your product key number invalidated by Microsoft. Plus, it is considered illegal.

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my monitors not working properly and no sound

A:after upgrade to windows 10 my computer is not working well

You haven't told us absolutely anything about your computer or hardware. Start by posting the details of your computer, what is the model number of your computer, what motherboard do you have, what video card do you have, what sound card do you have? If you don't know that info then use the SysInfo Utility you were offered to use when you created your post, here's the link: http://static.techguy.org/download/SysInfo.exe

Or just use the roll back option to go the previous version of Windows.

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I recently purchased this great new computer (for once, it's the one now in my system specs), but it came with Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). I owned an upgrade copy of Professional, so I input the product key into Anytime Upgrade, and I was running Professional in a few minutes. But now, Windows is trying to activate, and it won't accept the product key! I have typed it several times now, and I do not think there are any typos. So I tried to upgrade again, this time from the disc, and the upgrade failed, probably because it would essentially be "upgrading" to the same version it already has.

So in short, I am now running a copy of Windows 7 Professional, installed from Anytime Upgrade, using the product key from a standard upgrade disc, which is going to expire in 24 days because it suddenly won't take the key. Is there any way I can extricate myself from this mess, or do I just need to contact Microsoft and work out the product key situation with them?

- Phil

A:Windows Anytime Upgrade on New Computer

I reckon your best bet is to phone them and explain. I think they will OK it there and then.

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Right now, I've found an upgrade option in the store from windows 8 to 8.1.
It says downloaded package will be 3.5 GB, but no information about where it is being saved in hard drive.

My question is where it is being saved in case I need it later on to avoid re-download it once again.

A:Where exactly windows 8.1 upgrade saved in my computer

It saves all over the hard drive. It installs many different new updates to Windows.

There is not a single 3.5GB file that sits on the drive.

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I installed Windows 8 Pro on my now defunct computer way back when it was first released by downloading the files and saving them to hard disk before upgrading from Windows 7 Pro. I then upgraded to 8.1 and now 8.1 Upgrade, but that computer crashed badly. I have removed the hard discs and disposed of the computer.
I am in the process of buying a new computer and want to install Windows 8.1 upgrade onto it, on a Solid State Drive.
I can copy or clone the original "C" drive from the defunct computer onto the SSD, but, of course, none of the other specs would be the same. (I am taking advantage of the disaster to upgrade my specification. - A better CPU, and a better motherboard with more SATA and USB3 connections and, above all, a greater memory capacity of 8MB RAM, - the defunct computer only had SATA and USB2 connections with only 3MB Ram).
Will a clone of the "C" drive work to give me Windows 8.1 upgrade on the new computer?
If not, how can I transfer the licence from the defunct computer (I cannot get into it now, although I can get into the "C" Hard Drive)?
I have the original download of Windows 8 from Microsoft available on the hard drive, although I do not think in a bootable format, just as a file on the harddrive. I can, however, install Windows 7 as I have my Windows 7 CD.
Any suggestions about how I can transfer my licence and install Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

A:Install Windows 8.1 upgrade (not OEM) on New Computer

Well Macrium Reflect has a deploy to different hardware Feature however you would need the paid for version to accomplish this. Another issue you might run into is whether your current hard drive is set up UEFI GPT and surly your new computer will be!! you will want to keep it UEFI GPT so that will require a reinstall as you can not convert a MBR disk With an OS on it to GPT.
If both systems are UEFI and all your hardware is win 8 or 8.11 compliant you should be able to clone and deploy to different hard ware.

For a clean install you'll need a 8.11 pro ISO or at least a 8.1 pro That 8 install you have if it is a .wim it can be used to create a 8 instal Just search it in the forum. Otherwise any win 8.1 Pro DVD or ISO you can get your hands on will work. You'll need a generic Key to get the installation started and then after install Validate with your 8 pro License Key. Just google for the leaked generic Install key's
I have these they were for the RTM 8.1 release I'm not sure they are still good. Just install the version you have and you will have to Activate with your win 8 or 8.1 License Key

Windows 8.1 Single Language Y9NXP-XT8MV-PT9TG-97CT3-9D6TC
Windows 8.1 Core 334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT

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I read the thread about shrinking a primary partition on a Vista 64 machine to create a Windows 7 partition and dual boot. I have 360 GB of user data and do not have another machine to use for storage of the Windows file transfer file. I have a 1T drive on the Vista machine. Can I use the same approach of shrinking the C drive and creating a new partition to install Windows 7 and then copy the user data files from the Vista partition to the Windows 7 Partition (assuming I create a large enough partition), then delete the original Vista partition and expand the Windows 7 afterward??

A:Windows 7 Pro Upgrade from Vista without second computer

Sounds OK to me.

Personally, I'd like nice clean install though. Get yourself a 500-1000GB portable HDD - they are pretty cheap now.

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I did a windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 and the installation went well until my HP printer driver was not working. The new upgrade would not recognize my HP multi purpose printer. 
I simply installed the most updated HP print driver for my printer, which WIN 10 again refused to recognize. 
I restarted my machine, it Blue Screened and just would HANG. 
I interrupted the hang and held the power button down to turn off the machine. 
The machine would reboot and then HANG on the blue screen, reboot and then HANG on the blue screen, over and over. 
I interrupted the hang again and held the power button down to turn off the machine. 
Now the machine will not BOOT, no boot sequence, nothing. 
Please help. 

A:Computer will not boot after Windows 10 Upgrade

What happens when you tap the "Esc" key as the system turns on?

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Downloaded and installed Windows 10 and now when I start up I get a blue screen offering to restart my computer and gets stuck on that window. Don't know what has changed but can't get any further into the startup. Upgrade was from Windows 7. Please help if you can.

A:Computer will not start after windows 10 upgrade

What's the brand name and model name and complete model number of your computer?

Did a reinstall disc kit come with it, or did you create one after you set it up?


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hi any one pls help me dear pls pls pls

i wanted to upgrade my computer to windows 7 my computer has 512mb of memory and 120Gb hard disk and itz full of music and files

what is the minimum requirements of windows 7 and what all components of my computer need to be upgraded??

and how can i know which type of memorey and harddrive i need?? and if they are compatible wit my motherboard and computer??

and pls say me the Procedure to install the new hard drive nad the meomrey on my computer

and after installiation od the new hardware i wanted to install the new operating system and windows 7 on my pc.
how do i configure on my computer to boot from the cd so i can install OS

its is very very urgent pls pls pls any1 help me yar

A:i wanted to upgrade my computer to windows 7

You can download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor to find out what hardware issues need to be resolved.


Let us know the results and someone here should be able to advise you if you should attempt an upgrade or just buy or build a new computer.

If you are upgrading from XP to Windows 7, you will need to do a full clean installation. This will permanently erase all programs and user files saved on the system hard drive.


EDIT: If you need details of installing new memory and other hardware, we would need to know exactly what brand and model number of motherboard you are now using as well as all drives you wish to reuse.
Booting from CD usually requires a change in the BIOS settings which can usually be accessed using a motherboard specific keyboard key combination on power up.

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Hellow, I am not a computer person but was wondering if I could recive some help. I have a pc that is a windows xp personal computer. I was wondering if I could upgrade my personal computer to a windows acer?

Much thanks!

A:How do I upgrade my windows on my personal computer?

upgrade my personal computer to a windows acerClick to expand...

Acer is a brand of computer it is not a version of Windows.

XP could possibly be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional.
You need to download and run this tool to see if your hardware supports it.

After that, you have to search and see if you can buy a copy of Windows 7 professional.
An upgrade from XP to 7 is not free.

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Alrighty peoples...y'all are gonna have fun with this one

So a friend of mine's grandmother is rather computer-illiterate. Her computer started to upgrade to Windows 10 and she (thinking that it would delete all of her data) shutdown the computer halfway through. Now on boot (whether normally or in Safe Mode), there's only a black screen with a working mouse cursor. At this point she's OK with either sticking with Windows 7 or upgrading to Windows 10 (I'd prefer upgrading to Windows 10 personally).

So...here's what I've tried so far:
I've tried accessing task manager through Ctrl+Alt+Del. No go.I've tried getting to the control panel through the sticky keys menu and the ease of access menu. The links aren't there.I've been able to boot into Recover Mode, but startup repair can't fix it.I've run sfc /scannow, which says it can't run because of a pending update, so I've run it with /offbootdir and /offwindir options and it's run without reporting any problems.I've tried installing Windows 10 from a USB stick, but on starting it says there's already an upgrade in progress and to reboot. If I try going ahead it only gives options to save the data, not the applications.

The next thing I want to try is deleting cleanup.xml and pending.xml (if they exist) from Windows\WinSxS\ and see if I can then either run sfc /scannow and/or install Windows 10 from the USB without it thinking there's already an upgrade in progress.

Do any of you have any suggestions? My other thought is if... Read more

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Hi. I have a Toshiba satellite that was running Windows 7. I recently updated to windows 10, and now my computer will not run. When I start my computer, the Toshiba menu flashes briefly as usual (giving the option to enter the system files). Then the screen turns a series of blue and black screens before a blue screen appears with the message: Recovery. It looks like Windows didn't load correctly. . . I am given the options to restart or to see advanced repair options. I have tried everything (all the automated options giving to me, from resetting the PC, startup repair and system restore. The startup repair gives me an error message saying it cannot run. System restore also doesn't work. I tried system image recovery. The latest available available system image is displayed. I click next, and then receive a message that tells me that windows needs to format the drive that the recovery environment is currently running on. I do not have a system repair disc, but the menu gives me he option of creating on. However, when I click create disc, I receive an error message that the system cannot find the file specified. . . is there anything I can do?


A:Windows 10 upgrade crashed computer

You may be able to go to Toshiba site and order a Windows disc for Windows 7.

Did you use the MS 'media creation tool' to make an DVD ISO disc? If so, then you can try to boot with that and attempt an upgrade again, but this may not work because it would be looking for a Windows 7 or 8.1 installation to upgrade from.

If you can get the Windows 7 disc from Toshiba, after re-installation and doing Windows Updates, you will want to create an image of Win 7 to an external hard drive before attempting to upgrade again. I use Macrium Reflect Free for creating images.

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Windows update recently upgraded my Windows 10 to build version 1703 version 15063.138.When I boot the system Explorer.exe is crashing every ~1 second and restarting. As this provides the destop it makes the system unusable. I have subsequently reinstalled Windows from scratch, following the relevant HP screens to do so. The problem still persists. I hvae read Microsoft help article 3020114 which seems to suggest the problem may be caused by the boot volume (C being solid state. The articlke suggests a patch that needs to be applied, however, as I have no desktop I cannot run Windows Update. Basicall I a stuck with a 1 month old computer that I can't use.

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hi any one pls help me dear pls pls pls

i wanted to upgrade my computer to windows 7 my computer has 512mb of memory and 120Gb hard disk and itz full of music and files

what is the minimum requirements of windows 7 and what all components of my computer need to be upgraded??

and how can i know which type of memorey and harddrive i need?? and if they are compatible wit my motherboard and computer??

and pls say me the Procedure to install the new hard drive nad the meomrey on my computer

and after installiation od the new hardware i wanted to install the new operating system and windows 7 on my pc.
how do i configure on my computer to boot from the cd so i can install OS

its is very very urgent pls pls pls any1 help me yar

A:wanted to upgrade my computer to windows 7

http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/get/system-requirements.aspx You can run a free scan at http://www.crucial.com/ to see what type and how much ram you need. You should consider storing photos and videos on cd's or flash drives or online at an online storage site like http://photobucket.com/ You can make more than one account at photobucket to store more items.

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Hello Friends!

I was performing a Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8 but it was not plugged to a power source. Before the upgrade could complete, it ran out of power. Now each time I turn it on it attempts an "automatic repair" which fails each time. Please help me on how I can fix it without losing my data. I desperately need the solution as soon as possible. Thank you for talking time to read my post.


A:Computer ran out of battery during windows 10 upgrade. How do I fix?

Insert your Windows 10 ISO media and turn on computer, that should install it automatically. No guarantee that you will not lose your data. You should have;

1. Never attempted this upgrade without the computer plugged in.
2. Backed up all of your data before you attempted this upgrade.

I assume you bought a license for Windows 10.

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After upgrading to Windows 10, my computer now restarts after I have left it idle for more than about an hour. I havent caught it in the act so I don't know exactly what it does when it restarts. I changed the update settings to notify me before restart so that shouldn't be the issue in this case. Any ideas?

A:Computer restarts when idle after upgrade to Windows 10

Check event viewer to see what caused it. I noticed mine also randomly restarts for no reason and it shows the computer was shut down incorrectly in the log as if the power cut out (The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.) I am curious if its the same problem for you because i never had this problem on windows 8.1

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So I was running windows update and pressed update for the large win10 update/upgrade that was released a while ago that required multiple gb of memory to do.

When I pressed restart now I got a write memory error for skype.exe so instead of going through the update process it just skipped it and when I try to start it now I get disk read error press any key to continue. The memory error is weird since I've had since a previous computer and this is a brand new one that also has this error.. I did use migration software from an SSD for the old computer to my new one but I've since formatted the new drive due to it not recognising my windows license key and tech support said I needed to install win 8 and upgrade again for it to work which I did.

It's a brand new SSD so it should not be a hardware failure I think.
What I've done so far is run my windows 10 disk and automatic fix or recovery didn't work. Trying to reset the pc it said that "the drive where windows is installed is locked unlock the drive". Next I tried running diskpart through command line it identifies the SSD fine (works in bios too). The SSD or volume is not set to read only according to diskpart though..

After that I tried running these commands:
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd
but the last command didn't work and it said "The requested system device cannot be found.".

So I have 2 requests.
1. Is there a way I can solve this issue without reform... Read more

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hello guys,
i have inspiron 570 with amd phenom II x4 955, 12 GB DDR3(3,4 GB useable : maybe because the computer runs on 32 bit?) , 2x 500 GB WD HDD, stock motherboard, CX 500w corsair PSU.

i'm wondering if i can upgrade the windows version to 64 bit, i tried a bunch of time and it says "we can't tell if your pc has enough space to install windows 10" 

and my computer doesnt boot up when i installed my GTX 960 4GB it just blank without showing anything on the display. but when i remove it, my computer boot up.

please help me! 

A:upgrade windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit. when i put a gtx 960 4GB, the computer doesnt boot up

You can't upgrade any 32-bit version of Windows to 64 bit -- it needs to be a clean install of the OS.  
Yes, the 32 bit issue is why you see only 3.4G as useable.
Are all the power taps required by the video card properly connected when you try the card?

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Recently my HP Pavilion dv6500 Notebook PC upgraded to window 7 which is much better than Windows Vista. I been trying to change my resolution more than what the computer have for me. I try using regedit trick (finding Display_). I just trying to find more option to my resolution, having 1024 x 768 is just a little too small for my eyes.

A:Just upgrade computer to Windows 7, resolution problems.

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Did you install the video card drivers?


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I want to load windows XP Pro 2002 upgrade on more than one Computer for free and without any problems.

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So I recently upgraded my motherboard, RAM, and CPU. After doing some quick adjustments in the BIOS, I attempted to load into Windows to make sure everything was correct. Upon the Windows loading up, the logo freezes for a second, a BSOD appears (which I cannot read as it disappears within a fraction of a second) and the computer restarts.

I've already gone through a couple of passes using Memtest without any errors, so I think the RAM can be ruled out. I was hoping I could get advice on how to prevent the computer from restarting so I can see the BSOD and further provide information depending on the error.

A:Computer Upgrade - Windows Doesn't Load

You may or may not know this, but when upgrading the motherboard and CPU, it's best to do a fresh install of Windows. When moving to a brand new motherboard (specifically of a different model, same with CPU), Windows sometimes won't be able to load due to the configuration change.

If you can get around this, there's still the off chance of performance issues and just a whole mess of things. I would recommend a brand new Windows install, as it should be.

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I am very frustrated with Windows 8. I upgraded my Dell laptop the weekend it came out and performance on my laptop has slowly degraded. Now I'm too the point where my computer is so slow, it just won't work. Reboots take forever. 10-15 minutes from startup until I can login. Another 10-15 minutes before the Desktop is up. But still, apps won't launch. When I can launch the Task Manager, it says my hard drive is at 100% utilization, even though I have not launched any apps. I went through and removed unneccesary items from the startup menu. My computer is a couple years old, but I was under the impression that if the computer ran Win7, it could run Win8. My computer has an Intel Centrino 2 processor with 8GB RAM.

Any ideas on what could be causing my slowness?

How do I go about doing a reinstall of the OS? When I originally upgraded, I selected the "Bring Nothing Over" option.

A:Windows 8 upgrade has rendered my computer unusable

Hello Sukach, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Sounds like another bad upgrade experience.
You can use the tutorial below to help you download a ISO file that you can create a bootable USB/DVD with.


Afterwards, the tutorial below can show you how to do a clean install with your Windows 8 upgrade USB/DVD.

Clean Install - Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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I bought an Acer Aspire with Win 7 Pro installed and upgraded it to Win 10 when the free download was offered. It ran fine on that platform. Recently Microsoft said they would no longer support this version and offered an upgrade. Using Microsoft's "Media Creation Tool" I downloaded a fresh copy of Win 10 and attempted this upgrade. Many tries resulted in the same error message:
0xC1900101 - 0x4000D ... "The installation failed in the second boot phase with an error during Migrate_Data operation. I have also disabled "Fast Startup" but to no avail. I was not able to make a wireless connection with my printer either (hp Envy 7645). Can you help?

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I recently installed a gtx 970 after doing a clean unistall of my r7 380 with guru gpu driver unistaller in safe mode. Ever since i installed the card I have been getting really long boot times and overall in general slowness browsing the web. Now I have ruled out the 970 as the culprit as i am able to play games smoothly and fine. I have done a driver wipe and unsitall driver with a fresh driver install on startup and the problem still consists. My specs are fx 8320, 8gb ram, evga b500 wattt psu, and evga 970. Do any body know what could be causing this? thanks

A:Windows 10/Computer running slow after GPU upgrade

Try downloading the latest driver from the video card manufacturer. Most people say the MS drivers are for stability and not performance.

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A:How do you find out what your computer is running? (what windows os + SP upgrade)

Start > Run sysdm.cpl

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My Panasonic Toughbook cf-29 running xp 32 bit got hit by something really nasty which disbled my cd rom from reading there is a disc loaded , can't get "factory restore" to work, cant open or transfer files, can't add a program to fix the problem, etc......   
I am giving up trying to save the files and want to load Windows 7 which i have a disc and key for and move on.
I am looking to completely wipe the HDD and load Windows 7;  I did run "rkill" and got the following information from it on the current status of the computer running XP:
Rkill 2.6.8 by Lawrence Abrams (Grinler)http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/
Copyright 2008-2014 BleepingComputer.com
More Information about Rkill can be found at this link:
Program started at: 08/13/2014 03:23:35 PM in x86 mode.
Windows Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3
Checking for Windows services to stop:
 * No malware services found to stop.
Checking for processes to terminate:
 * C:\WINDOWS\system32\fpapli.exe (PID: 1864) [WD-HEUR]
 * C:\WINDOWS\system32\igfxtray.exe (PID: 1888) [WD-HEUR]
 * C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe (PID: 1916) [WD-HEUR]
 * C:\WINDOWS\system32\Tprbtn.exe (PID: 1952) [WD-HEUR]
 * C:\WINDOWS\system32\dmwu.exe (PID: 388) [Sweetpacks-Adware]
6 proccesses terminated!
Possibly Patched Files.
 * C:\WINDOWS\system32... Read more

A:i want to upgrade to windows 7 from xp computer hit by malware/virus

If possible first run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if the computer can run Windows 7. There may be driver issues if the computer is old enough.
After you ran Rkill (do not reboot) did you do a scan with Malwarebytes?
You may also want to do a scan with Hitman Pro.
Edit: You may be able to get to Factory Restore by press Ctrl+F11 at boot if getting to it from Windows was not successful.

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I finally got my new motherboard/CPU/RAM bundle in the post today, and after I put in my computer, windows would not boot up, when it gets to the part where you normally see the windows logo with the little loading bar underneath, all I get is a BSoD, I get the same problem whenever I try booting in safe mode.

the upgrades were as followed

intel E5200 3.33GHz Overclocked processor
a Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H mother board
2x 2GB DDR2 PC6400 RAM

A:problem with booting Windows after computer upgrade

You didn't reinstall Windows, now did you? You should. Windows needs a fresh reinstall any time you change your motherboard.

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Hi , its farewell to xp finally . want to u/g now and i am having probs . Think we might be infected but have run almost every scan known to man , but not your advanced tools you have here . Hitman.pro did find traces of Conduit whatever that is and removed them .
still running xp at the mo . First Raid array was broken , then all kinds of crazy date time settings on files and on system , cannot use system restore access denied . Bios and cmos passwords appear to have been cleared ! Can it get into bios? Is my system safe once i u/g or no ? And now the soundcard is not working uninstall update driver no joy .
Ran the compatability tool and will be able to do what it says for win 7  . In system restore there is an ominous looking restore point set in the future  . How is that possible ? Please can you help ( i am not really angry i am a pussycat really rrrr  ;)  ? muchas gracias

A:i want to upgrade to windows 7 from xp computer hacked by something nasty

Not sure just what you are asking/seeking...but a clean install will likely remove any malware...and a clean install is the only way to get to Win 7 from XP.
Looking at the data posted above...I'm not convinced that your system problems would be cured by a clean install of any version of Windows.  Hardware problems are not overcome by installing any O/S.

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So I purchased an HP latop right when Windows 7 was coming out and the HP laptop had Windows Vista when I bought it but I was sent a free upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate by HP during the time when they were selling laptops with Vista and sending free upgrades.

So what I want to know since the fan stopped working some time ago, (cooling it with a small fan from Walmart sending air around and inside it somewhat) on the HP laptop I purchased and recieved the free upgrade. If I return the HP laptop to factory settings (did a complete backup when purchased) and put Vista back on it, can I use my Windows 7 Ultimate disk in a newly purchased laptop since it will still only be on one laptop since I am returning the old one to Vista?

And do I have to uninstall Windows 7 Ultimate with the Upgrade disk so it knows it's no longer on that computer. In other words are they linked by some type of serial number on my HP laptop that only allows me to install the Windows Upgrade disk on that specific machine?

Hope I made sense out of that situation


A:Upgrade, Clean install from old computer to new computer!

I believe the Upgrade Kit DVD's MS provided to manufacturers under this program were retail Builder's OEM so that manufacturer's could not interfere with users getting a Clean Install as they are obsessed with doing.

So it is likely locked to the first mobo installed upon.

We've received reports over the years that these disks have been used on other computers but I doubt you could move it once it's installed.

I would replace the fan, either to keep or sell the laptop as more than junk: How To Dismantle, Clean and Repair an HP Laptop - Tim Trott

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I am running windows 7 x64 on a core 2 quad. I can never seem to upgrade internet explorer 8 to 9. I keep receiving errors. I have deactivated all of the addons. My computer is completely up to date but for this one. I received error code:80246007 What should I do?

Thank you

A:unable to upgrade to internet explorer 9 on windows 7 computer.

When you try to install updates from the Windows Update Web site or from the Microsoft Update Web site, you may receive a "0x80246007" error code
may apply - I think it still applies to Vista and Win7.

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I do have a Vista OS in my computer. I understand it can not be uppgraded right away to Windows 10. But my brothers hardware was damaged badly. He had Windows 10 in that computer. Is it possible to use that lisence?

If someone can help, I'm grateful, of course.

A:Can I use license of Windows 10 of broken computer to upgrade my Vista

If it was a purchased Retail Edition yes. If it was a factory OEM install no. What was the original OS on that now dead PC? How was windows 10 installed on it?

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We have a shared computer. I'm not sure how to back up & migrate
all the files back when I upgrade to windows 7. Do I back up each account individually & will windows 7 migrate them back to the proper account?

A:Solved: Backing up shared computer before windows 7 upgrade

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Hello, I have some issues after upgrading my Carbon X1 5th to Windows 10 1803 published yesterday from Windows Update.I have installed the update this morning and everything seems to be ok, but this afternoon my computer has frozen :- My screen seems to be normal with mouse icon and my apps.- Mouse icon was moving normally.- But :* if I click somewhere, no reaction of the computer.* Ctrl ALt Del wasn't more responsive.The only way that I have find is to hard shutdown the computer. After the shutdown, computer is working normally during  variable time from a few minutes to several hours before a new freeze. I have already try the previous Candidate Windows 1803 version (Build 17133.1)  and I had the same issues.The only workaround that I have found is to remove the update. I'm using the Lenovo Windows image from the recovery tool.Have someone else the same issue ? Thank you.

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So I have 3 Dells that all have OEM Genuine Windows installed on them and all 3 have failed to Upgrade, All 3 get the same message as you see in the picture, then it just tries to repair and fails, Im losing my mind, please help!  
Tried the Dell again today, formatted installed windows 7 pro with SP1, then tried to upgrade to Win10 via USB, got the same error as in the picture above.
So we know it isnt because of any software on the Dells because they only have win 7 sp1 and nothing else.

A:3 Dell Computer(s) failing to Upgrade to Windows 10 Error 0xC00000F

Anyone else getting this error?

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I have a late 2012 iMac that was working mostly fine running Windows 8, but I wanted to do the free upgrade to 8.1 now that Apple has released drivers for it. First, I updated OS X (just to be safe) and then I downloaded and installed the new Boot Camp software/drivers for my computer directly from Apple. Then I booted into Windows 8, went into the app store, and upgraded to Windows 8.1. After the upgrade was done, my installation was mostly the same (it had to reload Office 2013 and it lost some of my folder view settings, but mostly everything seems okay).

However, after the upgrade, I am no longer able to wake the computer from sleep by clicking on the keyboard or trackpad as I was able to do before. They are the default Apple Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. Windows is the only OS I use on the computer and I always put it to sleep, so this is a major hassle for me. I've gone into Device Manager and both devices are set to wake the computer from sleep, but that's obviously having no effect.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

A:Bluetooth peripherals no longer waking computer from sleep after Windows 8.1 upgrade

As a test, I brought home a wireless mouse (2.4Ghz, with dongle) from work and that wakes the computer just fine. It is only the Bluetooth devices that are no longer waking the computer since upgrading to Windows 8.1. Hope that helps narrow it down.

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MY pc cannot upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 apparently because "the display is not compatible with windows 10". it further goes on to say 'check with device manufacturer'. what could be the problem?

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