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external IDE > USB does not show up in windows 10

Q: external IDE > USB does not show up in windows 10

i have a dell XPS 8700 computer (intel core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.6 GHz, 12 GB memory, 64 bit with a 1TB hard drive)

i cannot get my system to recognize a western digital 40GB IDE drive i'm running through a USB converter to test the adapter before hooking up a 120GB WD drive i have that has files on it after reading horror stories about some people's drives getting fried by some adapters. i can hear the drive spinning, so i know it's powered up, and i have the jumper set to slave, but nothing i try using online tutorials will get the drive to show up.

when in disc management, even with "show hidden" selected, two un-named drives show up, one as a 39mb partition and the other as an 11.73GB active recovery partition both 100% free with no file systems. the hard drive is 40gb, and those two "drives" (C: drive partitions i suspect... i did not install the OS, and am lost in os10 as nothing works like 98/XP where i've formatted drives dozens of times) remain when i unplug the hard drive.
when i right click on either of the un-named drives to re-name them in disc management, following instruction on how to format my blank drive, the only option i get is a help file when everything i've read says i should be able to rename them and format them by right clicking on them. either way, i'm sure they're not the drive i'm trying to format to test the adapter's safety.

making sure no files or folders are hidden didn't reveal the hard drive either.

i've also tried the "cmd" route where i paste the command and press enter, but nothing happens.

i've tried following several tutorials on how to do this and nothing works, and often, the instructions have nothing to do with windows 10. when i looked for the drive in bios, SATA 1 = my 1TB C: drive, SATA 2 = my DVD drive, and SATA 3, 4 & 5 are listed as empty.
i've tried using these 3 (and others) procedures all to no avail:




the only thing i think i've learned from them is that dell makes this procedure extra difficult.

Preferred Solution: external IDE > USB does not show up in windows 10

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: external IDE > USB does not show up in windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 it may be kind of difficult to make that IDE hard drive work. If you have another computer with either Windows XP, 7, or 8.1 you may want to connect your external drive in there and move all your files into another hard drive or USB memory stick and try again in Windows 10.

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I have an external HDD that I have been storing loads of movies and TV shows on hooked up to my Windows 10 PC. I recently purchased an Android TV. I plugged the HDD into the TV and have been able to watch all the content fine but now when I connect the HDD into my PC the HDD isn't recognised. I went into Disk Management and I can see the drive but it's not been allocated a letter and it's partitioned really weirdly. I tried allocating a letter but it didn't work the way I had hoped only allocating a portion of the drive and now, of course, it recognises the lettered partition but it is requesting me to format the drive. After all this all my files still show on my TV and work fine.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


A:Files From External HDD Won't Show Up On Windows

sounds worse than microsoft-call tech support there-should be free

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I have been using portable hard drives with no problem. From yesterday, the portable hard drive doesn`t show up in `My Computer` as a G drive anymore. I can see the drive in Disk Managment and I can open it up from there but it`s a hassle. How do I get it to show up again in `my computer`?

A:Windows XP won`t show External HD in My Computer

when you look at the drive in disk manager does it have a drive letter?

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How do I get Explorer (Win7 32bit) to show my Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini drive? Under drive manager - the drive is there and shows that is is working properly. Yet, I cannot get it to show in Explorer.

Now, I can connect to my other computer with XP on it and no problem!! Can anyone tell me what to do to get this showing in Win7 Explorer?

Thanks very much!

Jim McCants

A:Windows Explorer does not show external drive

Quote: Originally Posted by DiamondJim

How do I get Explorer (Win7 32bit) to show my Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini drive? Under drive manager - the drive is there and shows that is is working properly. Yet, I cannot get it to show in Explorer.

Now, I can connect to my other computer with XP on it and no problem!! Can anyone tell me what to do to get this showing in Win7 Explorer?

Thanks very much!

Jim McCants

Does it have a drive letter?

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I've seen this done before, i think that there is a way to only show certain windows on an external display, i just need some help on how to do it. my dell inspiron 1420 runs on vista home edition. Plz Help

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My external hard disk up until a few weeks ago had been working perfectly. The next time I used it - windows 7 will not recognise it. I have tried different USB ports and computers. But it doesn't seem to work. It doesn't show up in device manager or disk manager. Its like nothing is plugged in. I tried switching hard disk cases and power supplies. But still nothing. The hard disk seems to try and run every so often, the light flashed red and it makes whirring noises as if it was connecting to the computer.

Please I dont know what else to do ? And it has almos 1500 GB of data.

Thanks for any future help

A:External Hard Disk (packardbell) will not show in windows 7

Hello vaena10 and welcome to Seven Forums.

Since you've tried different USB ports and even different computers, it sounds like the HD may have died. You might find something that lets you retrieve your data from this previous thead. I'd suggest reading the entire thread before trying any of the tips:

Resurrecting Data From Dead Hard Drive

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I have a sata external hard drive in a Creative I/O USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure case (model:sy-uen-2bk) it will not show up on my laptop Toshiba Satellite L305-S5970 running windows 7 but it will make the sound that it finds it but it will not show up under computer where it lists the drives and the dvdrw drive do I need any drivers for it. Please let me know.

A:Sata External Hard Drive won't show up on windows 7

An external USB drive should require no drivers. They're built in.

Will it show up when connected to another computer?

Does it show up in Disk Management?

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i am on win7 starter with HP Mini,
connected external hdd in usb port,

auto play tab does not show up,
open 'computer'
ext. hdd does not exist.

A:external HDD does not show?

Can you find it in Disk Management or Device Management

Disk Management:

Option One: Type in "diskmgmt.msc" in the Run box..

Option Two: Open up Control Panel, then click Administrative Tools and click Computer Management (to get to this part you can also just Right Click "My Computer" and click Manage. Under Storage click Disk Management.

Then when you see your External Hard Drive, Right Click on it and click Change Drive Letter (to something you prefer and can easily remind you which drive it is.) For example you have 3 External Hard Drives with different letters - the letters can help remind you what one is which.

If Disk Management didn't work, try this:

For Device Management. Open up Computer Management like before and click Device Management or Right Click "My Computer" and click Device Management or in the Run box type in devmgmt.msc...

And look for your external hard drive, Disable and Uninstall it and restart your computer, it should now be visible.

Good Luck.

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Ok, so I brought my external HD to my parents house to give my sister some family pictures and when i brought it home the next day it won't show up on my computer.

The computer sees that a device is present under "disk management," in the "other devices" category. I figured it was just a device driver that was the problem so i went to the acomdata website and downloaded their usb 2.0 driver and restarted. The computer still wont recognize the hard drive. To make a longer story short heres what I have done and checked:

1) Restart HD and all connections including different USB ports
2) brand new USB cable and power supply
3) installed new driver and tried device on multiple computer with the same problem.

At this point im at a loss. The hard drive will still powerup when i plug-in the USB cord, but wont stay spinning (i believe thats because the HD doesnt believe its plugged in or something? no?). The drive is a Acomdata HD500UFAP and the desktop PC i have is running windows vista 32-bit. Any and all suggestions are welcome

Thanx for the help in advance

A:External HD won't show up on PC

List any Problem Devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so

The drive is a Acomdata HD500UFAP and the desktop PC i have is running windows vista 32-bit.Click to expand...

Also, what you describe is very odd as USB 2.0 drivers come in XP, Vista and Win 7 in the first place. So you shouldn't need to be downloading drivers from the vendor for your Vista 32

But, in any case, Problem Device report should show me what appears under Other Devices.. so tell me and we;ll just take it from there

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I have this problem were external hard drive do not show up on my PC.
First my I put my friends in and it did not work, then I went out and brought one myself (different brand) and it does not show up.

Windows automatically installed the drivers it said it even know what time of external it was. But now it doesn't appear in explorer. What should I do. It appears in the device manger list, but how do I access it?

A:External do not show up

You should go to disk management and assign it a drive letter.

Im not on my win8 machine right now so i really cant give you the walk through, but you can either right click your (computer) icon and select manage.

Or you can type disk management in the metro screen or search box and go from there.

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I plugged in my external hd to use as a back up but i cant find it on the computer( it did not plug and play)...Any ideas how to locate it..

A:computerdosent show external hd.

@wanaseemike? Go to the SEARCH box and type in Disk Manager and hit enter. Does Disk Manager see it??? REO

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I have 2 external enclosures
1 = IDE to USB
2 = SATA to USB

both are Brilliant ecombo enclosures

in computer management can see the sata with 4 partitions but will not allow to assign drive letter also shows as CD icon all partitions are healthy and primary.
drive removed from Seagate free agent external drive that was damaged connector

screen shot attached

A:external HDD not being seen in win 7 show as USB-ATA in device mgr

Post a snip p[lease Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Also Icon Cache - Rebuild

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External USB HDD not shown

I have tryed several desktop and laptop external USB2 boxes.

very occassionally it shows on the explorer, but mostly the system tells me a new hardware is installed and ready for use, then stops at that!!

it happens with every computer or Box make

I will be greatfull for life if there is a solution

may GOD bliss you all

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I'm running Win 7 Pro x64. I have two external drives, a WD Elements connected via USB 3.0 and a Rosewill dock (USB 2.0) with another drive mounted in it. Both drives formerly worked fine, but now the computer can't see even one of them.

My USB 3.0 ports are on an add-in card; I know that works because other devices plugged in there work fine. I have replaced the WD's USB 3.0 cable with a new one. I have also tried plugging it into a USB 2.0 port. Nothing works.

But it may be something systemic, since neither drive can be seen.


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It has been 6 months since I got a Prestige 500GB Iomega External Desktop HardDrive which requires both a printer USB cable and a wall charger. One day it randomly stops working and doesn't show up on my computer.

The Hard Drive sounds right, but it is no where on the computer: not in device manager or disk management. I contacted Iomega, and they sent me another power supply which does not work either. Suggestions?

A:External HD does not show up anymore

When you say the drive sounds alright can you feel it starting up or hear it? There is a possibility the partition was damaged or deleted. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe if the partition is damaged or the space is unallocated you may not see it under Disk Management. You can try putting in an OS Install disc and seeing if it shows the drive when trying to install. Then delete the partition and reformat (If you can handle losing the data) otherwise I recommend Active Recovery Partition Software.

This is their link http://www.partition-recovery.com/

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Hi All,

I bought a new laptop without OS, it's a XMG advanced with i7 4700MQ CPU, an Intel HD grafics 4600 chip and an NVIDIA geforce 765M GTX.
I installed win 8.1 and updated all drivers. The laptop itself works fine. Now I wanted to connect an external Monitor ( HP w2207h) The laptop recognizes that there is an external Monitor and that it is an HP w2207h and tries to extend the desktop to it, but the monitor itself says that there is no input signal via the HDMI input and it goes to sleepmode.

When I connect my old Laptop to it, it is no Problem, the monitor shows the extendes Desktop, so the monitor an all cables are OK. (old Laptop : Win7 core 2 duo CPU geforce 9600M GT )

With the new Laptop I have the same problem, when I try to connect it to my LG TV set via HDMI, the Laptop recognizes the TV and tries to extend the desktop ( I can move the mouse out of the internal display to the TV ) but the TV says there is no input signal.

I have set the Output to 60 Hz and different resolutions and tried to duplicate the display or only use the external one. Nothing helped.

I can't force the Laptop to use the Gforce, he decides which one he wants to use.

A friend bought the same laptop and made the same installation, but when he connects to his external moniotr everything is fine, but I don't know what kind of monitor he has and I have not connected my laptop to his monitor.

Does anyone have any advice? I'm getting a little desperate.


A:external monitor on laptop won't show anything


Try another cable. (Yes, I have read what you said about it.)

Update motherboard bios. Check settings there too.

Have a link to the video driver package you installed?

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I have Window ME, Pent III with 512 mgs Ram. I am using a friend of mines external 2.5 inch usb hard drive to transfer some information. I plugged it in and when i booted up , the computer detected it and said loading drivers and then continued to load. When I check at My compter it doesn show up. When you look under device managers it shows under storage as usb disk. Im assuming that's it anyhow. How can I get this to be recoginzed, or where can I go to access its contents.


A:Solved: Won't Show External Usb Drive

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If I plug in my 2 1tb external esata drives (both are the same size/mode, so thats probably why they work together)l, then my usb mp3 player wont ever show up nor will my usb wd passport

If I reboot, then I can get my usb wd passport to work, however nothing else I connect later on will show up or connect. I have a lot of external devices for different things and I should be allowed to use them all at the same time.

This all started when I installed a program that reads HFS+ drives (Mac OS X format). I have since then uninstalled that, however it must of messed things up. I reinstalled all my motherboard drivers, still I have this problem.

What happens is all the external drives try to use the same drive letter or never show up. I don't know what to do to fix this issue and I really don't want to reinstall windows.

Please help.

A:Cannot get different external drives to show up or work

Because the devices are E-sata make sure that in your bios the E-sata port is set to AHCI mode which will allow plug and play compatibility for E-Sata devices

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Hello everybody,

I am using an asus X52JE with windows home premium *64bit. I have an external hard drive (Lacie, 1TB) that is not recognised by this computer but works perfectly on others. I have checked every other usb port, and used another usb key that my computer recognised (so my usb ports work).

The hard drive does not appear on device manager AND on devices and printers, I can not see it anywhere, but I can hear it "run". It has no on/off button.

Could someone help me?

Thank you

PS, I have already tried this :

1. Plug in and turn on the external USB hard drive
2. Right mouse click on My Computer
3. Left click on Manage
4. Left click on Device Manager
5. Expand the USB list
6. Find the USB device for your USB Hard Drive ==> where is it supposed to be, i can not see a "lacie" name
7. Right mouse click - Uninstall
8. Turn off the external USB hard drive
9. Turn on the external USB hard drive and let it find and install the driver
10 Does it work now?

A:External hard drive does not show up

check and see if the drive is in the disk management list

in "run' box type diskmgmt.msc press enter.

if you can see the drive but no drive letter for it right click on the drive and give the drive a letter.

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Today I received a new Transcend 500 gig portable HDD. When plugged in Win quickly recognizes it and shows that it is ready. I cannot get it to appear in "Computer" and it can't be found with my file manager on my Win Home Prem x86 HP desktop. It does appear as a "StoreJet Transcend USB device" in Devices and Printers which shows it as working properly. I checked Device Manager and found no conflicts in USB ports. It appears under Disk Drives in Device Manager. I then plugged it into my Win 7 Home Prem 64 HP laptop and it instantly was recognized and shows up in both Computer and Devices and Printers and is accessible. Any suggestions how I might get it to appear and be recognized in Computer so that I can access and use it? (It has been tried in 4 different USB ports to no avail. Each of those work OK with other devices)

A:New external HDD won't show in "Computer'

Does it show up in Disk Management :

Start Computer Management Disk Management ??

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Hello folks,
This is my first time on this forum and am confident that many of you would help me with my problem.
I know XP is not going to be supported by Microsoft from mid-April onwards but I am willing to take risk and stick with it for as long as possible.
Anyway, my problem with an external mass storage started a few days ago. The system does not detect the device connected to a USB port. In Disk Management the device is shown to be unallocated. in the task bar Safely Remove Hardware  icon is present. Also no issues with power to the device. Tried connecting the device to a USB port using new cable, but no joy. Can someone offer me a solution?
I also have an ACER laptop that detects only 320 GB of 500 GB that was recently installed.
I shall greatly appreciate any positive feedback from you all.
Thanking you.

A:System does not show external drive

Try right clicking computer then Manage, then click disk management, when the drives are displayed right click the unallocated drive then click make active.

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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have a problem with my HDD that I'd like to get some opinions on. I plugged my HDD into the computer and it didn't show up on My Computer, but when I opened Device Manager, the HDD is listed under there. I tried another HDD but the same thing happened. Is it because my computer is corrupted?

A:HD external drive doesn't show up

What does it mean "plugged my HDD" i.e. IDE/PATA internal, SATA internal, eSATA external, USB???

How is the Disk shown under Disk Management? Right-click My Computer, Manage, Storage>Disk Management. Assuming the disk shows-up with a Healthy partition, can you right-click and assign a drive letter to it?

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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have a problem with my HDD that I'd like to get some opinions on. I plugged my HDD into the computer and it didn't show up on My Computer, but when I opened Device Manager, the HDD is listed under there. I tried another HDD but the same thing happened. Is it because my computer is corrupted?

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I have a External USB Western Digital hard drive and has be working fin until yesterday. when I plug it in it the drive does not appear on the computer screen(however the plug & play sound does make a sound when the harddrive is turned on). After a couple of minutes the following messages shows up windows - device timeout: the specified I/O operation on \device\harddisk1\dr28 was not completed before the time-out period expired What gives? Am I going to loose all of my information? Please help!

A:Solved: External Harddrive: does not show up

Pull the drive from the enclosure and connect to one of the ide ports in your system. This will tell you if the drive has failed OR the enclosure has failed.

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I was using my seagate external hard drive, but then I tripped over the cord. When I plugged it back in, it didn't show up in windows explorer. It shows up in device manager as a driver, and it sort-of shows up under disk management, but now it says it is in raw format. However, when I launched a program to recover the raw files back into NTFS, it says it's still in NTFS. I'm not sure what is going on. It seems my computer is trying to read my external drive as two drives, neither of which it can do anything with. The drive is neither full nor empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Can't get external drive to show up in explorer

Is there data on the drive that you need
Send image of it in device manager please

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Hi All,

I have a Compaq Armada 3500 laptop, I am using Win XP Pro and installed a external

WD 100 gb HDD, Device manager recognizes it but it isnt showing up on my computer.

What gives ?? Can anyone offer some advice , Thanks in advance for all that you can give me



A:External HDD Wont Show up in My Computer

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Something weird happened today. On my two external drives, most of the folders, and possibly some individual files, don't show up. But if I access these drives with my network devices (smartphone, tablet, TV and Playstation 3) all the folders and their contents are there and function normally. But the PC (Windows 7 64 bit home premium) suddenly doesn't show the folders. I have changed the display from everything from Extra large Icons to details, list, etc. but it doesn't matter. BUT.....if I search a drive (I even used "*" as the search item) then they show up! In fact using "*" shows all of the folders! But I shouldn't have to do that. It has always been that just opening the drive displayed ALL the folders and files. Maybe there is some setting that somehow got switched???

A:Folders don't show up on two external drives

I have tried creating a new folder and then dragging the folders that the "*" search found into the new folder. So when I open the drive in explorer, the new folder and all the previously "lost" ones are there. It's as if the index of the file system for the drive got messed up, but by moving the folders, the new locations are OK. It will take some work but this may take care of most of the problem. But it still doesn't answer the question why it happened. Oh, and on the smaller external drive, a whole bunch of files from the C: drive as well as the other external drive got copied there. For instance, all my system font files are copied to the external drive K: and I NEVER put those there!

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Sometimes, after reconnect an external hard drive, windows not show it. Device Management show the drive but not assign letter. On partitions software, I try to assign letter but program refuse. Can not populate under properties windows of the drive (in device manager), and only can access restarting the system.
The hard disk or pendrive (this issue happen with any usb, eSATA or Firewire connection) works fine, include can access it under any partition software.

A:Reconnect external Disk not show.

If you have the problem with a external hard drive which has no extra power supply (i.e 230 volt supply) then this is not normal but if it is powered by an extra power supply then it is normal. I have an extra harddrive which is powered by 230 volt and have the same problem.

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I have a 1 TB Prodrive external had drive by SimpleTech that has stopped showing up on my pc. I recently moved, but I made a point not to jostle it around too much when moving. Now when I turn it on, the light comes on, and the icon in the lower right hand corner that lets me "Safely Add/Remove Hardware" still shows up, but it doesn't show up on my computer or anything like that.

When I turn it on, if I put my ear to it, you can hear the hard drive "revving." Basically, once or twice a second, you hear it power up, but then wind down. It does this for about 20 seconds, then nothing.

Any ideas?

A:My External Hard Drive Won't Show Up

Have you tried it on another computer?

Have you tried another external drive on your computer?

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Have a 2.5" External HDD which doesnt appear on my desktop PC anymore, its not listed in device manager & computer management, etc. 'Device not reconziged' doesnt pop up. I've tried all USB ports. Already uninstalled and updated the USB ports. Still nothing. There is a blue light on the external HDD when connected to the usb port though

Although it perfectly works on my laptop

I have tested my PC with a 16GB flash drive, it works perfectly, but the external drive doesn't.
I'm guessing my USB port has insufficent power?

A:External USB wont show up on desktop

When I had that problem (switching an external hdd between pc and laptop), I went into Device Mgmt and scrolled down - mine showed, but did not appear in My Computer - so no way to access it.

I right clicked and assigned a drive letter.

I would think yours would show up at bottom, especially since it works in another computer.

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So I have been looking all day for help with no luck. So I have this external drive that isn't being found. I have tried diskmgmt even got GParted and ran it without it showing. The drive is a 2.5 that used to be in my laptop. Now its in an external case and I want to use it for storage. It does seem there is activity going on because there is movement and the light does blink on it showing activity. Thanks for any tips guys!

A:External Harddrive no show (SEARCHED)

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hi every one. i have an WD external hard drive that used to work perfect. now it just don`t show up nowhere in my computer. i did a lot of search , i tried many solutions : nothing.
i tried many computers (laptops and desktops) , many operating systems (xp-vista-7). it`s just not showing any where . not in my computer, not in disk management, not in device manager .
i think maybe, it`s really dead. i wanna try you guys, my last chance .
so ? any ideas ??

A:external WD hard drive never show up.

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So after having installed Windows Vista on my laptop, it performed in general pretty well.

However, I set my external monitor to duplicate the laptop screen, I opened up Media Player Classic to watch a video file (.mkv if anyone thinks that's relivant...), and noticed that when I played the video file, it only showed up on the internal display.
The Media player classic window showed up on the other display and sat there blank (black).

When I do this in Windows XP, the external display gets over-ridden and displays the video fullscreen on the external display, even if it is not fullscreen on the laptop monitor. (Known as "Theater Mode" in my video driver settings on XP.)
But apparently windows Vista sees fit not to do that. It won't even DISPLAY the video at all on the external display when it's set to duplicate.

How do I get Media Player Classic to do what it did in XP?
I'm not familiar with Windows Vista's settings yet, so I might have something slightly wrong, but I'm not sure.

Does anyone

A:Video does not show on external display.

In MPC settings, diable the use of video overlays.

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I have many files stored on an external HDD. But it won't connect. It will be plugged in, turned on, and windows 7 will do the little bing to tell me it's connected, but it doesn't say it is anywhere! My computer won't pick it up, neither will devices and printers. I REALLY need help here, there are so many files that are important to me i.e. family photo's on there.

A:External HDD wont show in my computer

Do you have a couple other ports that you could try? I have my external hard drive plugged into the back of my tower. It's picked up immediately when I turn it on.

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I use Folder Lock (great program) for data encryption and locking folders.

I have two external USB HHDs I use for backing up.

When I was running Vista the two USB drives would lock just fine.

They will not lock w/Win 7. I get a msg saying they contain system information and will not lock them. (As you would not want to lock drive C: because the computer would not be able to boot.)

I asked FL tech spt about it and they just want to sell me another program.

Anyone have any idea why these drives would read as having system info running under Win 7 and how to get them seen as a regular local drive?



A:External USB HHD's show up as containing system info.

if you can, you could just back them up and format then, that will get rid of anything claiming to be a system file.

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I have an external HDD caddy with 2 x 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drives in that are both formatted to NTFS. When connecting the caddy to my computer via both an e-SATA cable and a USB cable the caddy has worked fine and both HDD's have appeared on My Computer.

The problem is that for some reason one HDD appears (slightly slower than usual) and the second HDD takes about 2 minutes to appear which it has never done before. I have tried swapping the HDD's around and it seems to be the one HDD that is causing the problem but I don't know why it has just randomly started happening.

What could be causing this problem?

I have tried using the caddy with the USB cable on my laptop (where I discovered the problem) and the home computer, both resulting in this issue.
I am away from my computer for the next 10 or so days so can't test the e-SATA cable to see if there is just something wrong with the HDD's.

All help is welcome,


A:External HDD taking ages to show

I have a thought on this one, but not knowing your exact setup I'll try. If you are connecting via usb and have a hub or many usb devices connected to that hub, try connecting directly to a usb port - this might make the detection time faster. Also, if you are connecting to a usb3.0 port & the device is only usb2.0 this can create a delay as well. As for eSATA, I haven't had devices fuss when connecting that way - it usually just works.

Post what the device is, your saying hdd caddy, but is it an off the shelf enclosure or something custom?! It might, might, be an issue with the external enclosure itself. That being said try going into it's web interface or config software & see if there is an issue with it - perhaps there is a log or alert area to get further info. Either way, post back what the device is, specs on your system, specifically the motherboard if custom or make/model if retail pc.

Hope this helps, take care!

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I have 2 external hard-drives that I frequently move between my desktop and notebook (Dells). Maxtor and a Western Digital.
The Western has been working fine.

The Maxtor will not show up in "my computer" on my notebook all of a sudden, but it shows up on the desktop.
When I plug it in a bubble pops up saying its ready to use.

It is also in the "safetly remove hardware" window.
It plugs in and removes as it should, but is not visible as a drive in my computer.

I can not figure out how to access it!

I would call Maxtor for assistance, but I am a reservist shipping off for Iraq tomorrow and don't have time. I really need this thing to work before then.
What do I do?!

Thanks ahead for any assistance.

A:External Drive won't show in MY COMPUTER!

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I have a Seagate External Hard drive, Desk Goflex 3 TB.
I'm using it for sevral mounth in windows 7 and it's working fine.

Now, I bought a new latop using windows 7 as well, and it's not recognizing my hard drive.
The hard drive doesn't appear in the Disk Management at all.
The computer does recognize other USB devices (disk-on-keys, mouse).

I've read some old messeges but no one fits...

A:external hard drive doesn't show up on pc

Hi Yanchu,

Welcome aboard.

Try this.Plug in and turn on the external USB hard drive
Right mouse click on My Computer
Left click on Manage
Left click on Device Manager
Expand the USB list
Find the USB device for your USB Hard Drive
Right mouse click - Uninstall
Turn off the external USB hard drive
Turn on the external USB hard drive and let it find and install the driver
Does it work now?

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Hi I have a Samsung external hard drive that I've always used on my Mac with no problems until I was backing up a large amount of files, during which the wird got knocked and came out and now my hard drive isn't recognised anywhere on my Mac.

I've checked disk utility and everywhere else I can think of and it just does not show up.

Is it possible to get the photos back that hadn't been backed up?

Also if I need to go to a data recovery place where would be best to go? Thank you

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I have a laptop compaq presario cq42 and the default screen is totally busted.I connect to an external monitor but the boot screen cannot show up,only the welcome screen everything after that.How can it be made so that the boot process(the compaq logo,and the starting windows where the 4 parts of logo fly in)Is visible?I need to go to BIOS but this thing prevents me from doing so.Thanks for any help.

A:How to let boot screen show on external monitor

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My external just recently started to not show up after I start my computer.
In order to get the drive to load and show up, I have to unplug for a minute or so, then all is okay. Everything important to me is on this drive and even tho I have backed it up, I would prefer to go buy a new external if this prob cannot be solved. Thanks!

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Hi, can someone please help me, I have all important files on my external hard drive and now it doesn't want to work. I connect it and the computer sounds like it has something connected but it does not show up on my computer or anywhere else I connect it. The light turns on and it flashes every 5 to 10 seconds but nothing. After a couple of seconds the computer makes a sound like if its disconnected but its still connected to the computer. It also makes a weird sound when I connect it for a couple of seconds and then it stops....I dunno what to do! I tried everything and nothing! Tried different cables, different computers and nothing, please anyone help!

A:Wd external hardrive help, turns on but doesn't show

"It also makes a weird sound when I connect it for a couple of seconds and then it stops"
Can you explain this in more detail?

Is this an "desktop" external drive with it's own power supply, or a "portable" external hard drive that gets its power from the PC over USB?

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I have a WD 500GB external hard disk. It had been working fine on any computer systems that I used it on, for more than 5 months and all of a sudden it is not shown in the My Computer window. But it is still detected and installed correctly on any system that I plugged it into.

Here is a screenshot of diskmgmt. It says the disk is unallocated.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

P.S. I already tried rebooting in safe mode, and rebooting again in normal mode. It didn't help. Also I have read many posts with similar problems but they do not exactly match my problem scenario and weren't of any help either.

A:External HDD detected but doesn't show up in explorer

I don't see a screenshot...
How is it reported in Disk Management ? ?
If it says RAW it's been unplugged prematurely too many times.

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Sorry, very new at all of this. I have a Dell Inspiron 660 PC w/windows 8.1 no matter what I plug into the usb port I cannot find it on my computer. I hear the connect/disconnect sound, but can't find anything on the computer as to where it is at or how to open it. The device is a storage device with photos. It also does the same thing with my phone. I hear it, but nothing opens or comes up anywhere.
Thanks for any help, it is very appreciated. And again, sorry this computer is all new to me.

A:External devices wont show up on computer

On the desktop, double click on "This PC". You should see it there.

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I have a 250GB WD external HDD that I have a lot of important work stored on. It suddenly stopped showing up in my computer when I plug it in. It does however show up in the bottom right bar and can be safely removed although this takes a lot longer than it should do.

I have read other threads and it doesn't show up in 'disk management' but it does show up in 'device manager' under 'disk drives'.

I have read previous threads and they say to change the cable but I don't see how this would affect it as it is a short standard cable that it came with and the white LED shows up. I have also checked the internal connections and they look fine.

I'd appreciate any advice that anyone can offer. Perferably in Lehmans terms as I'm not an IT specialist!

In anticipation.


A:WD 250GB External HDD doesn't show up when plugged in?? Please Help..

Change the cable. Beyond that it's disassembly.

IMO W-D external drives suffer from issues with the connections (the drives are fine).
Earlier this week I took apart my W-D Passport drive because it had the same symptoms that you describe. Once apart it worked like a charm!

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Have this problem for some time now and only getting around to fix it now.

I plugin an external hard disk on my desktop and nothing happens except lights flashing and nothing else nothing in device manager nothing in bottom right hand corner green arrow.

I plug it into my other pc and it works perfect. This is the case with all usb hard disks.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thank you

A:Solved: external hard disk does not show up

Sounds like you need to install or reinstall your chipset drivers. Did you reinstall Windows on that computer before this problem started?

Go to the manufacturers website for your computer (HP/Compaq, Dell etc) and look for the chipset drivers specific to your computer. Let us know how this goes.

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