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p4g800-V or p4SD-LE Front Pannel headphone connector

Q: p4g800-V or p4SD-LE Front Pannel headphone connector

I have a p4SD-LE Asus MB (Same as P4G800V retail) That has an undocumented Front Headphone jumper near the black CD-IN connector (behind the PCI slots). I would like to use it to hook up the front pannel headphones but can not find any documentation on it. Anyone have any info?

Thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: p4g800-V or p4SD-LE Front Pannel headphone connector

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: p4g800-V or p4SD-LE Front Pannel headphone connector

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I can`t find any info on a jumper either. The only manual I could seem to find was in Japanese lol

All I can find is a aux connector next to the cd-in connector.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Need info old board P4SD-VL


<I'm trying to fix a very old pc; it's almost ready but I can't set front USB ports.>

Thatīs what I said. But more than a simple thing I need; USB frontal ports are working now. The matter is I canīt find drivers to set Sound, LAN, Modem... The pc is working fine, I've installed operating system, office programs and some other software without trouble.

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:Need old board P4SD-VL front USB pin description

Who made the motherboards chipset? VIA?

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How do I bring back the front panel. Please help me!

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Hi to all, Sorry for my english, is not my languaje.

Ok I benn wondering how you connect a Front Panel AC 97 Audio to a Sound Blaster Creative Card. FINALLY I figured out and want to share with you guys.

First: Search for pin #1 in the creative card port. The port is usually white with 10 pins.

Pin 1 - Ground
Pin 2 - L audio Channel
Pin 3 - None
Pin 4 - R audio Channel
Pin 5 - None
Pin 6 - Mic IN
Pin 7 - None
Pin 8 - Mic Power
Pin 9 - None
Pin 10 - None

Modifications to AC97 cable may be required. Enjoy. Cafetefull with short circuits.

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Hello. I have a Asus Z87A motherboard. It comes with Asus Realtek HD Audio Manager. Driver version This has no "disable front pannel jack detection" option.

I wish to have both speakers and headphones to output at the same time, and I used to do this with my old Gigabyte board, as well as a MSI Z87 G45 (which broke and I had to replace it with this)

Can you please help me? I tried this also without installing the Asus Realtek drivers (using default Windows 7 sound) and couldn't find a solution. I don't even have stereo mix, which I usually had with the MSI and Gigabyte.

Thank you in advance

edit: I also noticed that the rear jack detects my speakers as "front speakers". Is that the problem?

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How to connect usb front connector on the Mother Board, have +vcc, +d,
-d, and ground.


A:front usb connector

This would depend on your motherboard, if you dont have the manual, download it from the mfg web site, and it should tell you how to connect them.

Here's a pretty good tutorial I found that explains it. It's probably not exactly as your setup but it should be close enough for you to get a good idea of what to do. I think you are probably interested in the "Front USB via a Port to Header connection" section.

Good luck.

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I have just changed my system from a large case to a matx case, but used all the part except the mainboard. Changed from a Asus P6T Deluxe to a Asus Rampage Gene II.

Now I thought I might have to reinstall windows, but as luck would have it, it booted straight into windows with no other problem except I had to register windows.

It was only when I tried plugging in a usb memory stick into the front of the case that I got a bsod. If I plug it into one of the back usb ports it works. So I checked to see if the cable was attached correctly on the internal header and again it was.

So could this be down to windows or a hardware problem?

A:Front usb connector problem

It is a hardware problem ! Sometimes the front usb ports does not work properly.

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I have attached an image of my cabinet, i have front usb & two covered hole (selected with red line in the image) besides it. I think they are front audio but it has no wire from inside. please have a look at it & let me know if i can make it a front audio connector.

A:Front audio connector

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Hello there,
has anyone else experienced a problem with the headphone connector? I think something inside is broken in the meaning that once I plug the headset/headphone I can only hear from one channel.
If I touch the wire or play a little bit with the connector, it works perfectly.
The [email protected] told me it's a driver related problem, a conflict between the IntelGFX and the hardware which is still not resolved and suggested me to ask for a reimbursement since "it's a known problem"
This solution seems a little bit drastic to me, I think it;s a problem with the jack connector or how it's soldered on the mainboard. Anyhow I accepted it, but I was just curios i f somebody else, with this problem, has tried to play a little bit with the connector.


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My motherboard is a model Ms-6330 Ver: 2.1 (Microstar) but it also has the gateway part number 2512595. I am currently relocating this motherboard to a brand new case that I just bought and I ran into a problem. The front panel connectors (power switch, led, hdd led, etc) go onto the motherboard in a certain area where there are 15 pins. Unfortunately I have no idea which connectors connect to which pins. Can someone help me? (Maybe someone with the same motherboard/problem). All I need is a way to identify the pins and make sure I don't like accidently fry my motherboard. Thanks a lot! -Andrew C.

A:Front Panel Connector on Mobo

For starters, have you checked your manual? Also, look on the m/b...in really tiny abbreviated letters you should be able to see where these go (you may see "pw switch"...."HDD ACT"........i know when i was installing my connectors, i got most of them wrong..but dont worry..no frying of the motherboard.....if the connector is in the right place but no light from the LED..try reversing the cable........the easiest cables to place are the pw switch and the reset..as you can test these easily....good luck

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What is the order of connection of the pin numbers for the front panel connector.

Eg: what number pin for the power switch etc.

This is for a E-machine D2685 mother board that i have recently purchased.

A:e-machine front panel connector

According to my eMachine files the D2685 has a FIC VC37GV Mainboard and uses a Intel standard 9 pin front panel header.

Attached is a pinout for that header.

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Hi Guys:

It's been a while since I've posted a question, however, this one is really bugging me. Recently, I've been putting together a lot of systems that have the 9-pin front-panel connection on the motherboard. The problem for me is that the ACPI/LED has only a
2-pin and most cases come with 3-pin cables. No mater which way I input the 3-pin cable, the front-panel LED light will not come on. Does anybody know what I'm referring? If you can Be of assistance, please give me some input.


A:Motherboard 9-Pin Front-Panel Connector

If the motherboard requires a 2 pin connector and the case manufacturer supplies a 3 pin connector just take the pins out of the connector and place them next to one another in the connector. There is a little tab on the connector you can lift up and slide the pin out. It's hard to explain here, but once you look at it closely you will see what I mean.

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I have the mothermoard that comes with the TinkCentre E93 Desktop and I have since upgraded my computer case to something bigger and better looking. I managed to get everything connected besides the front panel connectors which are very important. The ThinkCentre motherboard is a bit weird in its layout and the ThinkCentre case had a single connector that connects into this pinout however, my new case has single connectors instead of a single 13 pin + 1 blank connector. My case has a connector which consists of a total of 9 pins.It would've been simple if the board had a marking indicating what each pinout is for and which is positive and negative but unfortunately there isn't any of  that. At the moment I can't seem to find any information at all with regard to how I should connect this. I would like to get opinions with regards to which pin goes where. This is the full specs of the desktop  

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I just put in a Soyo P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2 into a POWMAX case. I had another Soyo Dragon P4X400-8235 mobo that had fried, and I'm replacing it.
What the mobo connector pins for the front panel require are the HDD LED, ACPI LED, PWRBT, RESET, POWER LED, KEY LOCK, SPEAKER.

My case has the SPEAKER, THE RESET, and the HDD LED, plus a POWER SW, and
one cable with
spkout r
spkout l
Return R
Return L

and 2 cables each with

So I have the SPEAKER, THE HDD LED and the RESET pins connected.

Right now I'm not getting any power. I suspect that it's because the POWER LED hasn't been hooked up. I don't know if hooking the POWER SW to the POWER LED will do any good--or any harm. Any suggestions, or do I need a different case?

Thanks for any suggestions, tips, or answers.

A:Front Panel Connector Pins

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I'm assuming these are not USB 3.0 ports but what kind of USB bracket plugs would work here?  

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i am in the process of building my first pc. i got thermalake case with front mic and headphone spots. i got a soundblaster audio card and i am going to disable onboard audio on the asus motherboard. is there any way i can activate the front headphone outlet. my soundcard only has a slot for aux in. i will be installing winxp home. thanks, franco

A:Front Panel Headphone

Just hook up the pins to the motherboard that come from the tower.

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Hi guys i m new here... need some help.

My front headphone jack is not working but mic is working..
Headphone works properly at rear jack.

System info.
System model - PI945GCM
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7300 @ 2.66GHz, 2670 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 2.00 GB
Sound info - Name High Definition Audio Device
Manufacturer Microsoft
Status OK
PNP Device ID HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_7682&SUBSYS_10192633&REV_1036\4&CC92D09&0&0001
Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\hdaudio.sys (6.1.7600.16385, 297.00 KB (304,128 bytes), 7/14/2009 5:21 AM)

A:Front Headphone jack..

Can I see your recording tab, for reference please?

I searched for audio drivers for your system and was unable to find anything directly related to your board. the Sound card is built in and is the IDT 92HD202. The only drivers I can find are for the 92HD series that were put into Dell Precision 5400 laptops. Those drivers stopped at Windows Vista. Chances are, since IDT has discontinued the manufacturing of hte 92HD series chip, you won't find Windows 7 drivers.

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I just purchased an XPS 8910. The buzz and static from the front headphone jack is intolerable. 
Dell's Audio FAQ sticky states:
Known Workarounds- Route the internal cable behind the motherboard tray, away from other devices- Replacing the cable with a heavier gauge cable- Attaching the headphone into the rear audio out on the system
The 3rd one worked for me. 
Would it have been TOO MUCH to ask that Dell handle the first two via engineering and manufacturing procedures??? On a $1K plus desktop?
This is the first desktop in 22 years with a problem like this! What's the use of a front headphone jack if it's unusable?

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I am attempting to transfer the motherboard of my h50-50 to a different case.  I am doing this in order to make room for a much larger video card and psu that simply will not fit in the Lenovo case.  I have run into a bit of difficulty with the 'Front panel connector'.  If you look in the 'Lenovo H50 SeriesHardware Maintenance Manual' it is on page 28 (Lenovo H50-50).  I have been trying to find the specs on what each pin is for but have been unable to find such information.  Could someone please direct me to where I can find such information or could you please provide me with the details?  Specifically I am looking for the power switch pin(s), hdd activity pin(s) etc. thanks

A:H50-50 motherboard Front panel connector pin layout

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
There is no documentation that I am aware of that show the pinouts of the various connectors on your motherboard.  I would just use an Ohm meter on your old H50-50 case and trace wires on the old front panel plug.  Once you know how the old plug was configured you will know the pin assignments on the motherboard. 

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Hello! Recently, I transferred my Dell Motherboard (From an Inspiron 560) to a new Rosewill Challenger-S case. All of that went fine and dandy but now I'm facing another problem: I don't quite know where to plug up the cables from the case's front panel (power switch, reset switch, HDD LED). I found a port on my motherboard labeled "Front Panel" which matches the ports, but one is missing like normal front panel connectors, and the cables only take up 6 out of the 9 pins. So the real question is, where do you plug up the cables, or do you even put them in that spot?

Sorry if that sounded really nooby,

A:Help with Front Panel/Power Button Connector

Take a close up picture of your motherboard and post it so we can see it. please.

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So I basically have a very odd front panel audio connector setup, very confusing, I've made over 10 thread on different forums and non were able to help me.

I'm using a Gigabyte G31 motherboard GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 775 - GA-G31M-ES2L (rev. 1.x)

Manual page for the motherboard output can be found below the first image

The front panel audio connectors consists of:
Yellow- MIC BIAS
Green - SPKOUT R
Peach - MIC In
Blue - Return L
Black - Ground
White - SPKOUT L

Much Thanks and appreciation to those who read this read

A:Front Panel Audio connector help needed

Your front panel connections aren't odd, but they are old. They are for the AC97 standard.

Set your onbaord audio to AC97 in the BIOS set-up.

The AC97 pinouts are here:

Desktop Boards &mdash; Front panel audio header pinouts

1 Mic In
2 Ground
3 Mic Bias
5 Spkout R
9 Spkout L

It looks like the onboard audio doesn't support the Return lines.

There should only be one Spkout L connector. It's the white (not gray) one.

Have you really been trying to figure this out for 5 months? Yikes.

If these connections cause your PC to go up in a fireball, don't blame me.

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I have a ThinkCentre M81. I am currently trying to put the guts of it in a different case, so that I can add some more disk storage to it. I have checked all of the guides I can find on the Lenovo Support site, and they just show the location of the connector, and how to repalce the front panel.  I am trying to connect standard ATX front panel connections to my M81 motherboard, which I am having some trouble with, due to the Lenovo front panel connector just being one big connector. I am just wondering if this information would be in a resource I missed somewhere, or if I have to trace out the wires.


Go to Solution.

A:ThinkCentre M81 Front panel connector pinout

It's not your model, but perhaps they are similar:

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Hi everyoneWhile I took the front panel off of my case the other day I accidently removed the JAUD1 jumpers....and now my sound doesn't work. I downloaded the specific instruction guide from MSI for my motherboard and here's the section for it:The two right sound in and out cables were still attached, and I got sound out of my right speaker. But then when I connected the rest to what I thought was correct, I got sound out of my left speaker only. EDIT: I tried not attaching any of the cables and then I get no sound.The problem I have with these directions is that the cables are not labeled the same as the diagram. They are as follows:Purple - R INYellow - R OUTBlack - GNDGreen - MIC BIASBlue - L INRed - L OUTBlack - GNDOrange - MIC INCan anyone help with this? I'd love to have both of my speakers playing sound again....

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Pavilion 500-205t originally came with Win 7 64 bit home,  upgraded last year to Win 10 anniversary edition 64 bit. Ser # 2MD4060X7W.  I am having trouble with the SS USB connectors on the Front of my Pavilion 500-205t.  I have to wiggle the flash drive or phone connector to get the computer to recognize what is attached and it frequently cuts in and out when in use.  The flash drive and phone connector work perfectly on my other HP Desktop. I have checked the wires and found that it is wired directly in the back of the connector and it attaches to the circuit board. I beleive the connectors have been damaged. Is a replacement part available, and if so:    1 . What is the part number    2. Where can I get it    3. How much does it cost. Thank You

A:Need replacement USB connector assembly for front of Pavili...

@blpen,Here is an example of the part, price, and part number.another

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Recent problem, basically I've turned up all possible volume controls I can find, tried multiple programs, multiple headphones and earphones, and the problem remains = sound is fine when it's coming out my cheap 2.1 speaker set, but when I use the headphone jack, it's really quiet.

It's a PC with no sound card, motherboard Gigabyte SKT-1366 X58-USB3 Motherboard which has the realtek HD audio on it. I actually just saw the sticky about it switching output, which it used to do (I don't understand the fix at all), but I fixed it myself by uninstalling the realtek driver and letting windows install its own driver on a reboot, which worked.

I don't know if there's any more detail you need, but I can assure I've done all the basic stuff to increase the volume and it's maxed out at a very bearable medium voolume.

Thanks for any help.

A:Headphone front jack is far too quiet

UPDATE: I reinstalled the 2009 realtek driver from the motherboard's website and it's loud again, but I have the infuriating problem where it switches from headphones to speakers every 2 seconds. The realtek control panel is flickering so fast I can't even click on the "settings" button. It's like someone is repeatedly pulling out my jack, and it's confusing the system so much. All it says is "Reloading audio devices..." every single time, and the sound switches randomly between speakers and headphones.

I first thought this was a hardware problem but it looks like it's the driver. I cannot even begin to understand what the solution is in the sticky, because there is no clear description of the actual problem (whether it even relates to this) and also because I don't even know where to find ""HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", search finds nothing.

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There is a very strange problem with my friend's PC. He has 4.1 Channel Audio Speakers and a HeadPhone set. Whenever I insert the HeadPhone jack to his Front Panel Audio Connector, the Speaker doesn't mute. Both Speakers and HeadPhone play Simultaneously. The Audio drivers are of C-Media with Windows XP SP2.

I checked nearly everything even "Google" on the same. I also tried to check this on my PC. On my PC it only happens if Heahphone jack is inserted half the way.

Give some ideas. Will very thankful if you update my knowledge.

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alright the fng has sumthing for u computer masters....i have an hp pavilion dv6000....running windows XP...i installed active x on my computer from microsofts website with the intetion of downloading updates....after active x installed my front heaphone jacks cease to work but my speakers are fine....ive tried rolling back sound card drivers, updating drivers, deleting the original drivers and then reinstalling them...ive gone through system properties and changed things around countless times via hp's troubleshoot website/ instructions...ive even tried system restore and then finally system recovery....ive worked with an hp technician; they said the jacks are shot...but i beleive other wise giving the circumstances....the computer is not even a year old still got the warranty....but without sending it back painfully enough to hp.....has nebody heard of this problem??? is there a fix....im going crazy here...please help me!!!!!

A:front headphone jacks on hp notebook

And why do you believe otherwise? Do they work in other circumstances, e.g. when you boot from a CD? From what you describe I'd agree with the HP tech-your jacks are shot. (Or maybe headphones now that I think about it-you say the problem is with the front jacks, are there other jacks which do work?)

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There is a hissing, fuzzy, distorted, static noise when I connect any headphones to the front headphone jack even before any audio is playing and as soon as the volume is above 0. The problem goes right away as soon as I connect the headphones to the back auxilary output instead and the sound is crisp and clean. I have had the issue with older HP desktop pc's too, but had hoped it was a thing of the past. Is there any way I can make this noise go away without risk of losing my warranty? I need to use the front output since my headphones will not reach the back when I am wearing them in my chair. I apologize for submitting this under 'notebook audio'. Should obviously have been 'desktop audio'. Please reply to this thread instead: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Audio/Distorted-noise-from-front-headphone-output/m-p/5582264

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I have an Optiplex 760 and I've never been able to get any headphone sound out of the front jack.
And I can't find any way to troubleshoot it.   I don't even find a setup prog that lists the thing..
Can anyone help?

A:Front Headphone Optiplex 760 No sound

The front panel connector for the OptiPlex 760 should be located near the power supply on the motherboard. It would be the connector nearest the rear of the motherboard closest to the back of computer chassis case.

Shut off power to your OptiPlex, remove power cord, press power on button to discharge capacitors, remove side cover, unplug front panel connector from motherboard. Remake the connection by plugging it back in again. Replace the side cover, apply power to computer and start to desktop. Check front panel connection for operation. USB and audio connections should work. If not, post back.

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The thinly shielded cables used for front panel connectors are susceptible to EMI (electromagnetic interference) noise. Some users are experiencing the following symptoms when headphones are connected to the front headphone jack:- Static/Buzz when navigating Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, or other software- Static/Buzz when the mouse is moved across the screen- Static/Buzz when the hard drive is accessed- Static/Buzz when text scrolls on the screen
Known Workarounds- Route the internal cable behind the motherboard tray, away from other devices- Replacing the cable with a heavier gauge cable- Attaching the headphone into the rear audio out on the system

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I know this is possible, as I get the option to select Headphones when I insert it into the Mic In jack. But will it still work properly like a headphone? No change in audio, quality, etc?

A:[SOLVED] Use Front Mic In as a Headphone Jack?

No the quality will be awful

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When I first installed Windows 7 on my computer I had to manually install a sound driver. I went to the Dell site and downloaded the only audio driver for my system, Dell Precision T7500.

The driver was SoundMax. The onboard sound worked, but the headphone socket one the front wasn't. Even when I had my headphones plugged it they werent getting picked up on Playback devices.

A friend of mine told me to just delete the driver, and let windows download its own sound driver (it didn't do it when I installed windows for some reason). So, I rebooted after uninstalling the SoundMax driver and Windows automatically downloaded and installed the "High Definition Audio Device" driver.

Now the audio icon in the windows tray has a red cross on and says "No speakers or headphones are plugged in" I plugged my headphones in on the fron headphone jack and its not picking them up.

I click the icon and let it troubleshoot headphones. I get the following message "The peripheral does not appear to be plugged in. Check the connection. Proceed to next step to finish." I unplug them and plug them back in, click next, and it just says the issue is not fixed.

I have taken the side panel off and check the connections and all wires are connected.

dxdiag is showing as no sound card present. Results are below:

System Information
Time of this report: 5/28/2011, 10:50:31
Operati... Read more

A:No Sound From Front Headphone Jack

What sound card do you have?

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My front headphone jack was working properly yesterday, untill I ran across this problem. I left my computer on for at least 8+ hours doing nothing, then when I got back, my headphone jack did not work. When I put my headphones in the front audio jack, it does not detect it. I looked for the 'Headphones' in audio system (yes, I put it on show disabled devices, and disconnected devices),but it did not show up. Everytime I put my headphones in, the speakers keep on working, but it does not detect the headphones. Please help!

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I installed a combined multi-card reader+USB port+sound port interface (Mitsumi VT6205) into my computer about a year ago. With a basic Win XP set up, I was able to use the front sound ports for Skype etc. Somewhere along the line (after software upgrades, perhaps?), the front sound ports stopped working, and nothing I seem to do will get them working again. I've disconnected and reconnected the unit to the motherboard (the sound card is on the motherboard), but that make no difference.

Any suggestions?

Here are the main specs:

3.20 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Board: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. 8I915P-D Pro
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. F2 06/03/2004
137.43 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
18.43 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space
Mitsumi VT6205-DevA USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 1
Mitsumi VT6205-DevB USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2
Mitsumi VT6205-DevD USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3
Mitsumi VT6205-DevH USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 4
WDC WD1600JD-22HBB0 [Hard drive] (160.04 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WCAL92321030, rev 08.02D08, SMART Status: Healthy 1024 Megabytes Installed Memory
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]
WDC WD1600JD-22HBB0 [Hard drive] (160.04 GB) -- drive 0, s/n W... Read more

A:Can't use headphone set through front sound ports

did u reinstall the sound drivers and teh mitsumi interface?

does the the sound interface wire into both the soundcard and USB? or is it a digital based usb style sound card?

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I'm looking at the layout of this connector

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I recently tried to upgrade my mother board in my pc. The factory motherboard has a 14 pin front panel connector and the new motherboard has a 10 pin front panel connector. I had the bright idea of tinkering with the wires and rearranging them to fit the 10 pin input. I am currently trying to put all the original parts back together and the wires are still set up for the 10 pin connector and not the 14. Could anyone help me figure out which postions to put the wires in on the connector?

IMG_4343.JPG ?1633 KB

A:Lenovo IdeaCentre K220 Front Panel Connector

Picture of the wires that go into the connector

IMG_4345.JPG ?988 KB

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I need the Layup front panel connector HP Pavilion P7-1207c desktop pc

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My motherboard USB connector is not compatible with my case front panel USB plugs. The USB connector on my motherboard (NetVista A22p 2292) is for one 10 (two rows) pin connector. The plugs on the tower (A-Top XBlade Black/Silver Ultimate Gaming Machine With 450W PSU & Side window, Model "AT859A-BK") front USB are two separate 4 pin USB plugs (They are VCC, USB1-, USB2+, GND pins w/GRN wire). What can I get or do to make them compatible? Thanks.

A:USB connector not compatible with case front panel USB plugs

See if this helps..not exactly sure if it will:http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/usb_adapter.html

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Motherboard Front Panel connectors Zeus 60 R1 07G Samsung.
Pls send a picture of the panel or tell me which color wires to which one

Power button , HDD , LED Display


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Hi, I just purchased a Gigabyte UD3R motherboard. My computer case is at least 6 years old (don't know make) and many of the connectors don't match description to motherboard.

Cables for Audio:


RETURN R (White)

SPKOUT L (White)

SPKOUT R (Green)

GROUND (Black)

MIC BIAS (Yellow)

MIC-IN (Pink)
My case doesn't provide an HD audio module so I need to set it up for AC'97 functionality. The pin set up is as follows
Pin 1 - MIC

Pin 2 - GND

Pin 3 - MIC Power

Pin 4 - NC

Pin 5 - Line Out (R)

Pin 6 - NC

Pin 7 - NC

Pin 8 - No Pin

Pin 9 - Line Out (L)

Pin 10 - NC
Really appreciate the help. Thanks!

A:Solved: New Motherboard + Front Panel Connector Confusion

Most probably should work by:
MIC-IN to pin 1,
MIC BIAS to pin 3,
GROUND to pin 2,
SPKOUT R to pin 5,
RETURN R to pin 6,
SPKOUT L to pin 9,
RETURN L to pin 10.

Please don't mark threads solved if they aren't, less people will wander to the thread if it looks like no further help is needed.

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Recently Swapped out my old enermax PSU for a new one. Plugged everything back in. I inadvertenly disconnected a a twin wire two prong cable which connects to the hinge of thefront door of the tower. It is tied into the other connectors for the system pannel(20 pin) connector on the motherboard. However i do not know where it plugs in?

I would not normally care but the PC will not power up with the new PSU. All i am getting is the standby power LED on the motherboard to light up. I have connected the two fans to the same cables as the EZ_plug( which i just use a ordinary four prong connector). The DVD and CD-R drives use the same power cable. The HDD i have using a SATA power connector. Finally the floppy drive just uses a standard connector with nothing else on the other 12v connectors. The motherboard uses a ATX connector, EZ_plug and 24 pin connector.
I just realised i connedted the PSU up incorrectly. I used an EZ_plug with the ATX connection which i should not do with a Geforce 7800 GT on Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe(ez-plug should only be used with two cards). I also forgot to connect the six prong connector on the video card. Would this earlier omission on my part have damaged the mobo? I rectified and still no change?

A:Alenware Aurora Front door connector/PSU issues

The connector is for LED which can be installed in the door. I twisted ALienware's arm to answer this. On rechecking my system connection panel, i discovered my pwr switch connect was wrongly connected into the wrong slot(my fault)!I installed a new hard drive as well and my system now appears fixed and stable. I am hoping the inital problems with with system resets, usb connections and damaged file segments on HDD were to do with either the PSU or HDD. I hope the mobo is unaffected( i hope so the warranty ends in january). Any suggestions to ascertain if i need to check anything else would be helpful?

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I'm getting no sound from the front headphone jack when I plug my headphones in. I get sound if I plug my headphones into the rear audio jack. Is my D3100 faulty?My normal setup is a monitor and tv plugged into the 2 rear hdmi sockets and pc stereo speakers plugged into the rear audio jack. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 7559.

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I've seen similar posts regarding this, however none have helped so I'm starting my own one...hopefully someone can help.

I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 64bit. In XP, I used the front panel headphone jack for hooking up to my TV, or headset. Since I've upgraded, this headphone jack doesn't work. The 'Manage Audio devices' in the control panel shows headphones as not connected in the front jack. The microphone works fine.

I've tried looking for updated drivers - I have the latest. I tried to switch the BIOS settings from HDaudio to AC97 - doesn't work. I tried to install the Soundmax High Definition Audio utility from my motherboard installation disk, but Windows 7 won't let me run the setup (not compatible with the OS).

Any advice / help would be appreciated.

System specs are:

Motherboard - ASUS P5N32-E SLI PLUS
Sound - (with the motherboard) Supreme FX Audio
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 2.4 GHz
Memory - 4 GB
Video - Geforce 8800 GTS 640MB
OS - Windows 7 64bit

A:Front panel headphone jack problems

I have the exact same motherboard : P5N32-E SLI.
I'm using the soundcard that came with the mobo (supreme fx).
Just upgraded from 32 bit Vista Home edition to 64 bit Win 7 Professional.
My front headphone jack has not worked since the upgrade.
Control Panel identifies the Headphones as 'not plugged in'.

In a slightly unrelated topic. My xbox 360 is hooked up to the line in port for sound at back of my pc. It was always a bit distorted with Vista (a problem I was too lazy to confront).
But since the upgrade to Win 7 the distortion has become intolerable.

Anyone out there who can help?

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I recently run into this problem. The first time I tried to use it, it seems that the green jack for my headphones doesn't work at all. Plug in any pair and they don't even recognize it being there, as seen in Control Panel.

What might be the problem? The case has a bad jack, or the connector on the motherboard?

A:Front input headphone jack does not work

Do you have any other headphone to try at the front jack?

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I have an Intel 865GRH board which has the internal sound card, SoundMax. Recently, I connected the Front Panel Headphone wires in the mobo (near PCI slot 3) arbitrarily, so that I could hear only sound, no microphone. But now, I want to connect my microphone, but I cannot connect the microphone jack in Front panel as I haven't connected the wires internally.

Also, I tried to connect the speaker jack in the internal sound card in the back panel. ButI get the error message that I cannot hear the sound from both the speaker as well as the Headphone (connected to the Front Panel Headphone Jack) even though I have already disconnected the Front panel wires. So, it's a nuisance trying to hear and record at the same time.

Since, I don't have mobo's manual, either suggest me how I can connect the internal wires in the mobo so that i can use microphone as well or suggest me how I can get rid of the error message and hear the sound from the back panel jacks.

A:Disconnecting the Front panel Headphone Jack

do you know the model/maker of your mobo you can always download the manual from the manufacture site.

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Ever since i upgraded to my new case, the front mic and headphone jacks have never worked. The computer doesnt recognise anything at all when i plug something in

A:Front headphone and mic jacks dont work

Are you sure the front panel sockets areconnected correctly to the motherboard?

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