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Sandboxie clipboard problem after Windows Update

Q: Sandboxie clipboard problem after Windows Update

After installing Windows Update KB3057839 Sandboxie started shoving problem with Clipboard.
SBIE2205 Service not implemented: CloseClipboard C0000058
It has probably something to do with recent attack on Kaspersky network and exploit used in that attack that triggered this KB3057839 update. Workaround is to uninstall this update but that puts your PC at risk from the exploit.

I'm waiting for sandboxie update.


Preferred Solution: Sandboxie clipboard problem after Windows Update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sandboxie clipboard problem after Windows Update

In the meantime you can set hide "SBIE2205 Service not implemented: CloseClipboard C0000058" message. Guess you don't want that nagging you.

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Released: Sandboxie 5.22

Released on 30 October 2017.
Windows Creator's Fall Update is now supported.

Made improvements to ForceFolder including adding support for "Open With" dialogs, and running registry files.

Fixed licensing issues causing MS Office applications to crash after 5 minutes [Microsoft Office 2013/16 - Cannot find your license [SOLVED] - Sandboxie Support].

Fixed Firefox/General Drag-Drop issues [Firefox crash when uploading pictures from outside sandbox - Sandboxie Support].

Fixed Save/Recovery issues for Adobe/MS Office [Adobe Reader DC Quick Recovery [SOLVED] - Sandboxie Support].

Fixed an issue in which Sandboxed Internet Explorer proxy settings would modify the registry on the host [IE Proxy Settings are getting out from sandbox [SOLVED Beta 5.21.4] - Sandboxie Support].

Added/Updated templates for AVG, BitDefender, Babylon and Opera.

Implemented code fixes to address "SBIE2101" issues caused by Windows Defender "App & Browser Control" in Windows 8.1 and 10 [If you are using the "Windows SmartScreen Template from Beta 5.21.7, you will need to remove it after installing Sandboxie 5.22].

Implemented a driver fix for a BSOD occurring when Webroot is installed and a new Sandbox is created while a ForceProcess is started.

Download link: http://www.sandboxie.com/

A:Sandboxie 5.22 Released: Windows Creator's Fall Update is now supported

I am trying it out on fall creators update. So far, so good. With the previous stable version, I saw an error when running Internet Explorer as a forced app. But so far I don't see any issues.

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Was there some sort of security update related to Photo copying in this last Windows Update? I find that I can no longer copy images to the Windows clipboard. After I hit COPY for a picture, and than try to open it in Word Pad, it doesn't show. Or it says, the system is busy. I used to be able to take a picture off of the Internet, select Copy, and open it. The other time I tried this the Jasac PhotoShop starter application crashed.

Also in Windows Paint, the screen used to open with a White background and I could bring the picture from the clipboard into the program. Now, I have to go under Edit and Select All to get the resizing tools but the picture does not stretch, it only moves as if Windows is putting some type of restrictions on what I can and cannot copy online. The cut, copy and pasting of text works fine. Any idea what's going on? I am on a Dell PC with Windows XP SP-3

Update: I can however copy into MS Word 2003, but not WP 12. If I do that it says, "The OLE cannot be created. This is usually caused by incorrect data about the server in the Windows Registration Database. The source of the picture that I was trying to copy came from Facebook. But I get the same results if I work with a photo that has already been saved to my computer.


A:Problems Copy Images to Clipboard Since Windows Update

I tried copying photos from some other sites and they worked. This might be a security thing that has been added to Facebook and other sites that are using special encryption in this regard. I will leave the thread open for any future ideas or comments from other users.


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After the last Sandboxie update both FF and IE weren't working correctly. I went back to the older version of Sandboxie and FF is working fine; however, IE just doesn't load at all. There is very little I do with IE, but occasionally use it.

Anyway to fix this problem?

A:IE doesn't work right since last Sandboxie update


First thing is to just clear out the tmep files

Open IE => Tools => Safety => Delete Browsing History

then do this:

Open up Notepad => Click on Format => Make sure Word wrap does Not have a tick next too. If it does just click it to turn of Word Wrap. Close notepad.
Click Here to download ToolbarCop. Save it to your desktop.
Go to your desktop and extract toolbarcop.zip.
Go to the extracted files
Double click on Toolbarcop.exe
Click on the notepad symbol:
A notepad file should pop up, please copy and paste Everything from the notepad file and paste it back into this thread.

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I need a program, macro, or whatever to automatically paste the contents of the clipboard into MS Word if anything is added to the clipboard. I am copying material at the rate of one clip per second from a non-microsoft document and would like that material automatically inserted from the clipboard into a Word document appearing on the task bar.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

A:Solved: Need a program to automatically paste from clipboard into Word if clipboard c

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Office 2013 clipboard seems to be copying everything I copy and saving the last 24 in the office clipboard. I do believe prior to the last windows update this did not happen and that the windows clipboard only contains the last copied item. Office clipboard has taken over. How do I disable this function? I use a password manager and even the encrypted, hidden passwords are copied into office 2013 clipboard. This is very frustrating. I am using windows 8.1. This happens even when office 2013 is not running.

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I'm using the latest Firefox and Sandboxie on my system. Every time I download something with FF running in sandboxie it crashes. I tried running Chrome inside sandboxie and downloaded something and its the same problem, crashes as well. I tried re-installing FF and sandboxie and it didn't help. I can successfully download when FF isn't running in sandboxie so its definitely a problem with sandboxie. I haven't installed anything new and it was working fine last week. Sandboxie has all the default settings except that it delete contents of sandbox.

Anyone have any ideas as I'm not great with sandboxie. I'm thinking a setting needs to be added or changed to allow me to download?

A:Sandboxie problem

Have you tried creating a new sandbox that uses only the default Sandbox Settings and then trying again to download something?

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Im currently using online armor and avast. Problem im having is when i run a sandboxed browser.firefox is freezing as soon as it visits a webpage and there is a green border also. Does anybody have any ideas how i can configure sandboxie to run correctly here.Ive run this combination in the past with no problems at all. I narrowed the problem down to sandboxie and sadly ive uninstalled sandboxie. Thanks.

A:Sandboxie problem,

Open sandboxie and check the "getalongbettercompatability" box for on line armor

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I placed this question on another Forum, but after over 65 views got no answer.

Can somebody please explain the following download phenomena ? Never had it before in many downloads, only in this case.

Using Firefox Sandboxied as I always do, I downloaded the latest version of A-Squared Emergency Kit - 1.0.012. No problems, it downloaded in the Sandbox and I clicked Recover in the normal way. It went to my Desktop as do all my downloads.

I then exactly followed the Wizard procedure and it installed with no problems. Updated it and ready for off - did a scan - all like I have done many times before. The A-Squared shortcut icon was there, all OK.

BUT ! When I looked for the Desktop Sandboxie shortcut icon, it had been replaced by the A-Squared icon ! On clicking it, I got A-Squared open NOT Sandboxie.

It took a lot of jiggling and slight panic to find out how I could get my Sandboxie Desktop shortcut icon back. Luckily I found a Sandboxie Quickstart icon in one of my files. Right clicking, I created a shortcut and sent it to me Desktop. All is now back to normal.

How on Earth did this happen ? My download procedure was the same as it always has been, yet somehow A-Squared hijacked my Desktop Sandboxie icon.

If I had not found that icon in my file, I would not know how to get a Sandboxie icon back on my Desktop.

Thank you
John Bull

A:Download problem with Sandboxie

Unfortunately I think you have experienced one of those once in a lifetime, 'you had to be there' to understand it computer moments.

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I get recovery pop up every time I open up firefox sandboxed.
Check out my attachment for further detail.
How can I solve this problem?

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Error message:
Item not collected: Format not supported by by Office Clipboard

This problem is inconsistant, copying text from Access (on network drive) to Word (local C:\drive). Sometimes it works sometimes error message.

Research show this is somewhat common. Restarting the computer was a common fix but I am looking for something less drastic and time consuming?

A:MS Clipboard problem

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My clipboard won't hold the info for very long. It will copy ok then paste once or twice then I have to copy again.
Is there a repair for the clipboard available or some settings somewhere?


Forgot to say I have Win XP home SP2.

A:Clipboard Problem!

Basically, if it holds it once, it holds it forever. BUT, there may be other programs that use this function - when it's missing, try using MSPaint to paste into to see if that gives you a clue. Also, the clipboard is very sensitive to how you do things - so if you change how you're cutting/pasting (even by accident) it'll make you recopy.

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I was using Acco (browser) and all of a sudden a window came up with
Internet Explorer

Do you want to allow this page to paste information from your clipboard?
Yes No

I clicked on no several times, then yes several times, then the cross at the top - it kept coming back up again, I could not delete it, so I rebooted.

Now the same thing has happened.

How can I get rid of it please?

A:Clipboard problem

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I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here or not, but I don't think so. I've been looking for my clipboard. I added it a long time ago, and it was working. I went to add remove window components and it shows it is installed, but I can't access it any where. I removed it from there and the reinstalled it. I still can't find it. I asked a friend to send me a copy of the file. I have it on the desktop. Now everytime I click on it, a box pops up that says 'Starting NetDDE.' I don't know what that is, but even if I shut down clipsrv.exe in task manager, the NetDDS.exe file is still there until it's closed down in task manager as well.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] Clipboard Problem

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One of my users has a very strange issue. It's with a Windows 7 Pro SP1 system. Whenever she tries to copy text from one program to another, it pastes old data that she copied a week ago. This happens across the board, in Office 2007 apps, built-in apps, like Notepad, etc.

I sat at her desk to try it out for myself. I copied a few lines of text form a basic Word doc. I went into an Outlook e-mail and tried to paste...and saw the old data appear. If I go to Paste Special and pick Word as the source, it pastes the proper info into the message. So, it seems like the Clipboard is retaining this old data, and won't take in the new data we try to copy. The computer has been shut down and rebooted several times, and even powered off several times. It's malware free, and she has local admin rights.

Any suggestions?

A:Weird Clipboard Problem

That is odd, as if clipboard if full and refuse new data. You might try running CCleaner making sure Clipboard is checked.

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Win XP (SP 3)

Used Word 2003 to create documents which included text and images (mostly jpg) copied and pasted.

Later, edited and removed the files.

However, the Clipboard is retaining a list of *.CLP files. Repeat, the images and texts do not appear but only a list that displays titles that were created when I worked on the document. Examples of a few:

C:\Documents and Settings\musafir\Desktop\Rana's Docs\Chrome probelm.CLP
C:\Documents and Settings\musafir\Desktop\Rana's Docs\1x1.clp
C:\Documents and Settings\musafir\Desktop\Experiment.CLP
C:\Documents and Settings\musafir\Desktop\mashi.CLP
This is an annoyance but does not affect functionality of my pc. Went to Microsoft support forum and followed instructions to try various clipboard programs. Nothing worked. The Office 2003 clipboard is "empty".
Shall be grateful for a fix. Thank you.


A:Unusual Clipboard Problem

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I'm trying to simply copy text from a webpage into word...

I select text, press control + c, go to word, add a couple of enters to make some room... and it pastes a screen capture instead of my text???

I'm not a complete novice to computing, but this is really simple and is simply driving me crazy!!! It's only been happening since I installed windows 7, which makes me suspicious... It also seems unpredictable because sometimes I can use the clipboard normally and sometimes I can't.

So is it a virus, or is there a new feature in windows 7 that creates a screenshot with some similar key combination or something? Can I turn off the whole screen capture thing???


A:Clipboard problem - it's driving me crazy!

Something is interfering with CTRL + C because no Windows 7 does not take screen captures when you hit CTRL + C. Maybe some program you installed swapped "Print Screen" with it?

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When copying a cell from a worksheet to another blank place in the spreadsheet, get an error msg saying clipboard is full and then Excel freezes. Have to stop from Task Manager to recover and the spreadsheet is lost and not in recovery pane when it is restarted. Anyone seen this before? Don't find anything in previous threads.

A:Excel 2007 clipboard problem

Hi there,

Take a look at these, see if they apply/help...



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Hi All
We are using Windows 10 Ent VDI, we set our IE settings for GPO preferences and have set enable under "Allow Programmatic clipboard access" for trusted sites and Internet. However, when using our internal Intranet, we are getting prompts to
allow access to the clipboard even though the site is in our trusted sites. If I disable the settings on the user?s session and then enable it again it works fine, unfortunately our machines are non-persistent so any changes are lost at logoff.
Any suggestions how to get this to work correctly?


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I recently installed Firefox 3.0 and love it.

Unfortunately it has created a Gmail conflict.

CHAT-I am unable to use the gmail chat feature in either html or standard view. I have tried clicking CHAT on (and off) to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

All ideas welcomed.


A:Firefox 3.0 Cut And Paste/clipboard Gmail Problem

On the bottom of the Gmail page theirs is a Turn on chat link

Gmail view: standard |" turn on chat" | basic HTML Learn more
?2008 Google - Terms - Google Home

make sure it is set to turnoff chat

if it is and you are sign in to chat it maybe disabled on you network

Check the dns setting on you network and make sure chatenabled.mail.google.com is not blocked

if it still does not work let us know

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I recently installed Firefox 3.0 and love it.

Unfortunately it has created a Gmail conflict.

CLIPBOARD-I am unable to cut from a photo, etc. from a website and paste it in the document of Gmail message regardless of the view (standard or html). A workaround that is sometimes effective is copying the text around the picture, pasting it into Gmail and then painstakingly removing everything but the intended item being pasted. It's a drag and quite frustrating.

Any help would be appreciated.

All ideas welcomed.


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does anyone know how to disable the clipboard functionality that popups in the systray when using office applications?

I've had the problem with Office 2003 and now I've installed Office 2007 but I still have this issue. A collegue uses Photoshop on this PC and guess what, the clipboard popup is always just in front of the layerselection in Photohop, so I would like to get rid of the small popup in the bottom right, stating how many items have been coppied.

I've already tried a few options, but none works, so if anyone knows a registerhack on this, advice would be appreciated?

Kind regards,

Justin Dwins

A:Solved: Office general: Clipboard problem

Hi jdwins

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Open Word or Excel:
Edit > Office Clipboard
The clipboard will appear on the right hand side.

Click the drop down arrow for: Options.
Click the option: Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar to toggle that option on and off.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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I had installed Sandboxie on Windows 10. I tried to put my default browser (Microsoft Edge) in the Sandbox and it gave me all kinds of crash errors so I tried testing a common program like iTunes cause I thought it just might of been Microsoft Edge and it turns out that was giving me errors as well.

Sandboxie was working flawlessly on Windows 8.1 but now it seems to be having all kinds of problems on Windows 10, at least for me.

Anyone know how to fix this? Or will we have to wait for a official update to the program for Windows 10 support?

A:Sandboxie not working on Windows 10?

It still has problems on 10. But they will definitely fix it.

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I've noticed in this forum area much discussion about how or whether to use Sandboxie and similar products as part of a layered security environment. I have offered to post what I have found on the subject. I hope this posting is not over-long, as many professional analysts have weighed in over the past few years.

Please note that I am not trashing Sandboxie and similar programs out of hand. They all may play a useful role in a layered approach to computer security. But there are also limitations, so here I go with an annotated and sourced webliography on this important security topic.

If any of my links has problems, either PM me, or ask an Administrator to do so.

Zone Alarm Force Field, the browser virtualizing component of ZA Extreme Security -- Roger A. Grimes of Infoworld.com:

Roger A. Grimes tested Force Field. Read his results here: http://www.infoworld.com/d/security...eld-compromised-in-sixty-seconds-561?page=0,0

Sandboxie -- just how effective is this program as a security measure? Here's one review of several programs, including Sandboxie. It is not 100 percent favorable, but also not 100 percent unfavorable.

http://pcworld.about.com/od/securit1/Sandbox-Security-Versus-the-Ev.htm (The original source article is at PC World.com -- http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/151706/sandbox_security_versus_the_evil_web.html )

Some interesting points about what Sandboxie does NOT protect:

"Another important question is, how good is the e... Read more

A:Sandboxie and Windows -- How effective?

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I am wondering if there is a way to access previous information coppied using windows clipboard.

I was typing an email and coppied the entire text, because quite often, my browser crashes erasing all information. However, shortly after I finished my letter, I copy and pasted a url at the end, and had the browser crash immediately after. As a result, the only text I can paste now is the url which I coppied last. Is there any way to retrieve the letter I had typed previously?

I am using windows XP home edition, and its very important:(

A:Windows Clipboard

Hi Guernica,

As far as I know, there is no way top get that information back. The clipboard is temporary storage and is written over each time you cut or copy an item.

As for your browser crashing, take a look at the items in my signature (bottom of my post) and run one of the online virus scans. Also look at Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware. You can download these two for free. They are good anti-malware programs that can help out with crashes. You can also run scandisk and defrag that comes standard on XP. That can help "cleanup" your system as well.

I hope this helps,


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Hi, I have been trying to view/delete contents from my Windows 8.1 clipboard. But after spending some time on-line for help I found very little information and no single solution.
Can anyone please let me know how to open/view my clipboard on Windows 8.1 ?

I would also appreciate if anyone can share a formal Microsoft reference link.

A:Windows 8.1 clipboard

Oh, that is a bit weird...  Is this also mean that Windows 8 user can not manually empty the clipboard ?

Can you not just select a character of text somewhere and press Control-C?  That would essentially empty the clipboard of anything substantial, replacing it with that character of text.
I'm curious:  What is it you do that you feel you need to manipulate the clipboard carefully?  Most folks just leave whatever's in there in there until the next thing gets copied or cut into the clipboard.  Are you having problems with remnant
data harming other programs somehow?

Detailed how-to in my eBooks:  

Configure The Windows 7 "To Work" Options
Configure The Windows 8 "To Work" Options

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While using Word Perfect 9, I try to do a CTRL C then switch to my email and Paste the copied text. Nothing happens. I have tried this with many other applications and the cut and paste functions simply do not work. In Word Perfect 9, I do get an error message (see attached). Everything else behaves normally. How can this be fixed?

A:Windows Clipboard Fails

Do you have SP2 installed? From what I've heard if you use WordPerfect9 you will need the Corel Clipbook which is not in the initial release of WordPerfect9 but is part of SP2. BTW, are you having problems with windows clipboard or just the clipboard within WordPerfect9? I don't use WP9 so I'm not very familiar with the program maybe this link will help shed some light on how to correct your problem ftp://ftp.corel.com/pub/WordPerfect/...sp2_readme.htm.

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I managed to copy clipboard.exe from an old XP box and pasted it into system32. I have copied something however when I got to paste it, nothing happens. The clipboard viewer says there is something on the clipboard however it's not pasting. Kind of a weird issue....


A:Windows Clipboard Issue

Not that weird, really.

Some 7 users can get it to work, some can't, maybe this will help explain, and offers a fresh copy of Clipboard, like it says though you may have to install the whole package in Windows XP/SP2 compatibility mode, not just the .exe file.
View & Manage Clipboard In Windows 7 | 8

I would remove or rename clipboard.exe before you install that fresh copy.

This is a discussion on clipboard.exe (clipbrd.exe): Where is clipboard.exe?
Don't forget to check the Similar threads area below your thread or any thread, sometimes there is relevant information there.

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I was able to figure this out in Vista but I'm totally brain farted here, I can't remember what I did in order to allow pasting from the Clipboard in Windows 7!

I use Hamsins Clipboard app, it's wonderful, been using it since Windows 98 I think! You can find it here: Hamsin (unpack it and store it some place where it can do it's thing, I keep my Hamsins Clipboard folder in My Documents, works just fine.)

So I have the HCB icon enabled in the notifications area and set to always show. I have it filled up with "Favorites" that I use all the time. In Vista when I had a password or something I needed pasted I would click in the password box on the online page and then go to the HCB icon, click it and up would come the long list of text to choose from. Click on what you want and it would fill that area of the form page with that text.

Now what's happening in Win 7 is that the form page area I want to paste into becomes deselected and nothing happens when I click on a text item to paste from HCB! I think there is a system setting that allows this but can't remember! Can't get this to work in note pad nor Edit Pad Pro (which is my default text pad). So it's not just NOT working for online forms, it's system wide.

If I figure this out I swear it's one more thing I need to make a note of and store it in the HCB folder so I'm not driving myself crazy with this kind of stuff!

Thanks for the help if there is help to be had!

Richard ;-)~

A:OT: Pasting in Windows 7 from the clipboard??

Hi again,

Sigh... no help I guess for this issue. Perhaps this will help jog a brain or two about this situation.... I got a response from the guys that made Hamsin's Clipboard. He mentioned that the new way that clipped text is handles in Vista and Windows 7 in that if you are pasting that the system "captures" the text so when using a program like Hamsins where you just click on the text you want to past from the fly up list in the notifications area the system captures it rather than letting Hamsins paste it for me.

This happens pretty much system wide, rather than just in the browser, it's also doing that in Edit Pad Pro and other word apps as well.

I also have a little program called WordWeb, which is great when your spell checker gets confused you can sometimes find a correct spelling or a definition to a word you are using. All you do is highlight the word and click the WordWeb icon in the notification area and it's supposed to pop up with info but what happens is, since the system is capturing what ever info needs to be communicated from the hilighted word to WordWeb I have to click off WordWeb and then reclick the icon in the Notification Area a second time to get the system to allow and up pops WordWeb populated with info on the word. l

So my question is can I tell Windows NOT to capture info being communicated between programs so instant paste or info is not prevented from reaching the needed program??

Hope that makes sense. It's quite annoy... Read more

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I have Windows XP. How the heck do you access the Windows clipboard? I have MWSnap to take a snapshot of things I want to save to the clipboard. It snaps a pic and pastes it to the clipboard but then I can't find it. Is it the same clipboard that is in Microsoft Word? If someone can tell me how to locate the clipboard I would like to put a shortcut on my desktop for easy access. I'v looked in Help and Support and also the search function but I don't seem to be asking the question in the right format to get an answer searching that way. Any help would be appreciated, thank-you.

Edit: I should have looked on this website in the first place. I found the answer to my question using the search function here.

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I have looked at many google sites for an answer to this question but not one person has simply stated where the clipboard viewer is located, they chime in with everything but the location so if anyone simply knows where the location is I sure would appreciate it. (Not the Clip.exe in winsys32, that will not open) I keep getting message's "Clipboard is full" but I don't know how to empty it, and if there is one thing I can't stand is a full clipboard (irony)

A:Where is Clipboard in Windows 7 Ultimate


It looks like Windows 7 does not have a clipboard viewer. This site suggests either copying XP's clipboard viewer to Windows 7, or downloading an alternative.

How To View & Manage Clipboard In Windows 7 & Vista

Hope this helps,

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As you may know, Windows XP had the clipbrd file in system32 which kept a record of what you've had copied. I would like to access some copied text that i copied a few days ago but my computer crashed due to a power outage so i wasn't able to save the changes to a notepad file. I know third party softwares like clipboard viewers can be downloaded and used to save future instances but i would like to know if there is a way to access the history as I stand?

A:Any way to access copy clipboard on windows 7?

Hello theweeknd, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The clipboard in Windows 7 only holds one item. If you copy anything else, the last copied item in the clipboard gets replaced.

There is no further history than the last item copied to the clipboard.

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A:how do you remove a pic from the clipboard in windows 7 Paint?

Give this a try.

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A:What Is The Best Freeware Windows Clipboard Extender?

Best Free Clipboard Replacement Utility There are many clipboard managers out there but only a few that do what I want, the way I want.Clipx [1] and Clipomatic [2] are excellent. They are both fast, lightweight, easy to use and use few system resources. When you press a programmable hotkey they launch a pop-up menu of clips to select. The clip selection can be made via mouse or keyboard shortcut thus enabling completion of the entire copy/select/paste process to be made by keyboard alone. They have options to record and display a variable number of clips, as well as to store permanent clips such as text snippets. Both use less than 1MB memory so any system can afford to have them running continuously.Clipomatic is a bit slicker to use and has more robust permanent item functionality but its real limitation is that it is text only. ClipX will do everything Clipomatic will (although you need to add a plug-in to enable the permanent clip function, available from the same site as ClipX) plus copy images.The only reason I've stopped using those two is because they only keep a limited number of clips. They can hold 30+ but everything they hold is displayed on the hotkey popup and if you set them high the popup gets pretty big and cluttered. If you keep the popup slim and small, you only get to keep a limited clip history.There are other clip utilities that record full histories but most of them fail in simplicity of use. ClipMagic [3] and Yankee Clipper III [4] are two decent o... Read more

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Ever since installing Win Live Mail, I have had problems with cut & paste while using LM.

For example, I want to cut & paste an email address into an Excel spreadsheet, but have never been able to since moving from Outlook Express to LM.

One of two things happen:

a) nothing will paste or
b) clipboard contents that are pasted are 'stale' meaning from some
prior cut-paste operation not related to LM.

Any help/thoughts will be appreciated.

TIA, Joe

A:Windows Live Mail Clipboard

Bump -- anyone got any ideas?

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Hello all, been having a weird problem for a while now. When I copy something in Windows 7 (ultimate 64 bit) and then go immediately to wherever I want to paste, things work fine. But if I wait just a little while, even 30 seconds to a minute then go to paste, paste is greyed out as if there is nothing to paste. This happens all the time now. If I go ahead and paste immediately then the info stays there, I can pasted over and over. This is annoying as hell because I often copy something that I'm going to research when I finish what I'm currently doing but I can no longer do this because every time by the time I get finished the info is no longer on the clipboard.

And of course now with Win7 there's no clipboard viewer so you can't even bring it up to try and figure out when the info goes missing. Any suggestions appreciated!


A:Windows 7 loses clipboard info

how much free space is on your c drive? try deleting the files in your windows temporary folder and the temporary internet folder. sometimes those folders get too full.

if you have a copy of xp, you can retrieve the xp viewer and use it for win7. see

View the contents of your Clipboard in Windows 7 [How To] | Windows 7 | Windows Tools, Help & Guides

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Is this possible?

Such as:

Ctrl+c copies first object (or text)
Holding down a key (let's say, Shift) along with Ctrl+c copies second object
Ctrl+v pastes first object
Shift+Ctrl+v pastes second object

Or some other method.


A:Multiple items in the Windows clipboard?

Cute idea but how would you select from the multiple items?

Their are several ( Free ) programs available to handle multiple
clipboard items. Just try Google. Many different ways to do it,
depending on what you need.

Good Luck

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Sandboxie Holdings, LLC has just released Sandboxie 4.08, an update to its shareware Windows sandboxing tool. The new build comes with the usual mixture of bug fixes and minor tweaks, but includes several significant improvements that should make it more reliable, particularly when run on Windows 8.1 systems.

Sandboxie?s prime purpose is to provide additional security by allowing users to run programs in an isolated environment, preventing them from making any changes to the hard drive without the user?s express consent.
The app, which adds an extra layer of security and privacy over any program the user wishes, makes three significant changes for Windows 8.1 users. First, support for Immediate Recovery has been extended to the latest version of Microsoft?s OS -- this allows users to immediately save trusted files created inside the sandbox -- such as program downloads from safe websites -- to a folder outside the sandbox.

Version 4.08 also extends support for allowing sandboxed programs to print from within Sandboxie in Windows 8.1 by adding support for a new dynamic variant of the print spooler. One final Windows 8.1 improvement fixes a problem between Chrome and LastPass when used inside Sandboxie.

The new build also adds support for the SetCursorPos API as used by many games that are controlled using the mouse. Users can now also paste bitmaps and metafiles from the clipboard within Sandboxie.

The update is rounded off with a number of bug fixes, including one... Read more

A:Sandboxie now plays nicer with gamers, Windows 8.1 users

Running smoother than 4.07 that I was running as a beta.

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I am really teed off that 64Bit Operating Systems do not support Sandboxie an I have been using that software for awhile now on 32Bit system, I was figuring that they would have made a 64Bit version of it by now????

I don't know how I am going to maneuver without this Sandboxie software being I used to use it to open my browser an small apps an such now being that I have upgraded to a 64Bit O.S.

Does anyone have any alternatives as far as other isolation programs for Windows Xp Pro 64Bit that work as well as Sandboxie???

Even Hipps DefenseWall is not supported for 64Bit, does anyone know of a 64Bit alternative for this program as well???

Thanx in advance happy.

A:Windows 64Bit does not support ( Sandboxie or Hipps DefenseWall ) grrrrr!!!!


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I've been trying to get my system to update for a while now... I have around 19 important updates I need to install but it won't let me.

I keep getting
Code 8007010B Windows Update encountered an

I keep trying to fix my registry with registry mechanic and tried defragging but I don't know what else I should do....

thanks in advance

A:Windows Update Problem x64 - Code 8007010B Windows Update encountered an

Disable firewall and antivirus,and reset WU in aggressive mode http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058 -if it does not solve your problem run Readiness Tool Description of the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista, for Windows Server 2008, for Windows 7, and for Windows Server 2008 R2

when it finish go to C:\Windows\Logs\CBS folder ,find CheckSur.log file and attache it to post

This error would be also relate to incorrect path in environment variables. Download & run this tool http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...eshooting.html

and by using it prepare log from System Information and event log,pack all and attache to post too.

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I've actually never noticed this problem until recently I've started to work with both architectures (x86 & x64) due to programming reasons.

I've noticed that whenever I use a program that is x86 the Copy/Paste functionality doesn't works I mean, nothing works, CTRL +C / CTRL +V does nothing and the right click feature doesn't helps neither... whenever I copy something is like the CTRL +C would act as a clipboard "resetter" and CTRL + V pastes a null character AKA nothingness.

now whenever I use a x64 of that same program, it works everything just fine!

What could be the issue here?

OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
OS Version: 10.0.10240 N/A Build 10240
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: AxDSan
Registered Organization:
Product ID: 00330-80000-00000-AA529
Original Install Date: 7/31/2015, 11:34:22 PM
System Boot Time: 8/13/2015, 3:03:13 PM
System Manufacturer: MSI
System Model: MS-7721
System Type: x64-based PC
Processor(s): 1 Processor(s) Installed.
[01]: AMD64 Family 21 Model 19 Stepping 1 AuthenticAMD ~3900 Mhz
BIOS Version: American Megatrends Inc. V11.1, 5/2/2013
Windows Directory: C:... Read more

A:Windows 10 - Clipboard [Copy/Paste] Issue~! Please Read

did you select what you want to copy /paste ?
it works as usual

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I have am currently running IE9 and see an error code of 9C59 when installing the update to IE11.
The Windows Update Troubleshooter reported the service registeration is missing or corrupt (not fixed), and the Windows updat error 0x80070490(2014-12-12-T-07_49_01P) (not fixed).
I then downloaded the system update readiness tool, but it would not install, and I received the following error:
Installer encountered an error: 0x8007000d the data is invalid.
Can you tell me what to do next?

A:Windows update and system update readiness tool problem.

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
You might attempt to download ie10 instead,
Both are offered through the windows update system is that where your attempting to download 11 ?
Right click the ie11 update and click on Hide,
Manually check for update ie10 will now be offered,

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Windows 8 Remote Desktop Metro App will not let me copy and paste documents from the remote machine to my local machine. If I login using the desktop version it works just fine. My settings for the Metro App are correct.
I need two things:
1. A way to report bugs like this to Microsoft.
2. A possible solution to this very annoying problem.

A:Windows 8 Remote Desktop Metro App - Clipboard sharing doesn't work

Hej Guys,
I hit the same snag.
What helped me was to kill the rdpclip program on the remote machine and start a new one and then copy-paste started working. So in short:
1. login to remote machine
2. In task manager find the rdpclip.exe running with your username
3. end process
4. file -> new task and type "rdpclip.exe"
Try copying and pasting now. It worked for me with Windows Server 2008 R2.Taavik

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The updates of Flash Player under Windows Update always fails with error 0x800f0922. Now it is update KB3214628, but also the previous ones didn't work. All other updates are ok.

tried with DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
then DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /CheckHealth
did the troubleshooting tool for windows update
but still the same problem

I attached the windowsupdate.log file

Can someone help me to get this going again?

Thanks in advance!

A:Problem with windows update (flash update fails)

Download Adobe Flashplayer from the software manufacturer. https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

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The updates of Flash Player under Windows Update always fails with error 0x800f0922. Now it is update KB3214628, but also the previous ones didn't work. All other updates are ok.

tried with DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth
then DISM /Online /Cleanup-image /CheckHealth
did the troubleshooting tool for windows update
but still the same problem

I attached the windowsupdate.log file

Can someone help me to get this going again?

Thanks in advance!

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I do not have a Windows Update problem, but I do have a Microsoft Update problem. The latter is a tool to check for updates for Microsoft products other than Windows.

I finally installed Office 2016 Professional X64 this week and I should be able to configure Windows Update to check for updates for it, but I can't, as the link at the bottom of "Windows Update" home page ("Get updates for other Microsoft products. Find out more") to do so, points to this meaningless MS web page as shown on right side of image, below:
Microsoft Windows Update

Currently, system is set to receive updates for Windows only, and doesn't offer an option to configure it for other Microsoft product updates.

Anyone have a resolution for this, as it's essential to be able to update this product.

I've Office 2010 Professional installed on my other Win 7 Ultimate laptop, and updates for it have never been a problem. It's set to receive updates for Windows and other Microsoft products, unlike this machine.

This machine is less than a year old, but I chose to "downgrade" the OS from Win 8.1 Pro to Win 7 Pro when purchased. Could that be the issue here?

A:Microsoft Update v Windows Update Problem


This works quite well, especially the last paragraph:
How to Enable Windows Updates for all Windows Products

... as you will notice below:

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