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Adding Phone fields to Phone numbers in Outlook Contacts

Q: Adding Phone fields to Phone numbers in Outlook Contacts

I am using outlook contacts and would like to add phone fields to the phone numbers in the detailed address view e.g. another mobile , home 3 , business 3 , packet 8 etc...
I tried everything and consulted every book , but no way . The addition will show up if I switch to phone list , but not in the detailed view .
Any suggestions ???

Thanks ,


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Preferred Solution: Adding Phone fields to Phone numbers in Outlook Contacts

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



Is there a programme on Windows that will transfer the phone numbers from my AOL address book to my Sony Ericsson phone? Or any other software where I can store all the numbers and then transfer all the numbers to each new phone?

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I'm trying to copy contacts for a client from a windows phone to a Nokia
The contacts are on the Phone and much larger than the sim card can hold - and also separate sims

So a few weeks ago, I have copied all the contacts to the SIM card on the windows Phone - placed into the Nokia and copied to the Nokia Phone
But we are missing quite a few contacts now - and because of sim activation and de-activation I did not want to mess around with simcard coping again

Windows Phone - Orange SPV M700
Nokia 6500 Slide
Windows Mobile Device Centre
Nokia Ovi Suite
Sony Laptop with Vista & Bluetooth
Outlook 2003

The Plan for Next Monday 7th

i will use my Sony Laptop with Bluetooth
I have used bluetooth to connect the phone before - but didnt have the sync software

I have Windows Mobile Device Centre
with Outlook 2003, windows - which is blank -
Nokia Ovi Suite - Which I know works with the phone
So I can sync the windows phone using bluetooth to the Mobile Centre and use Oulook 2003 as contacts

Q1) can I just sync from the Windows Phone to outlook and therefore obtain a complete copy of the contacts - I do NOT want the blank contacts on outlook to delete the contacts on the phone , can I set up the Sync from Phone => outlook

then I will have a backup of the contacts on outlook and can save the contacts using export, which we also need to have

Next I can then with bluetooth connect to the Nokia phone and Sync with Outlook - this time the otherway
outloo... Read more

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Once upon a time I used to be able to click on the phone icon in the Contact window and Outlook would dial the phone number for me. I can not remember when exactly it stopped working but now I want to get it going again.

When I click the phone button in Contacts I follow this sequence:

Phone Icon > New Call > Start Call

The Phone Call Journal window opens but also I get a dialog saying "An external error occurred in the automatic phone dialer. Close the Dial Phone dialog box, and then open it again." Not very helpful

I follow instructions and the same happens again.

Can anyone walk me through this? I have tried everything I know but can not get it working.

My system is XP Pro SP3; loads of disk space and memory; O2 broadband with "O2 wireless box 1" router, connected to my computer by Ethernet cable and to the wall by the usual splitter. Broadband works fine. Manual phone works fine. But the Outlook dialer doesn't.

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A widespread problem? My Outlook 2016 Mail is performing normally in Windows 10 and syncing mail with my phone. However...I cannot sync my calendar or contacts into my Lumia 735. I get hints (nothing specific) from online searching that since my service provider (Time Warner) doesn't use MS Exchange, that the syncing can't be done. Can anyone verify that?
My mail is transferred cleanly, but contacts and calendar won't come over to the phone.
Any ideas about a solution?
Windows 10 Anniversary version
Windows Phone 10 ...1594.03084

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I had to remove all of my contacts from my phone (reason is too long to explain) and now want to sync my contacts from Outlook to the phone via Outlook.com EAS. My concern is that when I start the sync process, the phone will send the empty contact list to Outlook, thereby wiping out all of my contacts. If this possibility exists, is there a way to ensure that the sync goes from Outlook to the phone only, and not the other way around? Thanks.

A:Syncing Outlook Contacts with Phone via Outlook.com

I thought that if you manually added your account to the phone the contacts list for that account gets downloaded from that account and added to the phone.

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Just wondering if there is a way to remove the automatic phone number formatting in Outlook 2003's contacts?

instead of its auto (xx) xxxx-xxxx when I enter in a mobile number I'd like it just as xxxxxxxxxx with NO formatting at all.

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Does anyone know of a FREE program where phone numbers can be checked to see whom they belong to without having to pay a fee?

A:Phone Numbers

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Does anyone know why if I type a telephone number into an email or into a web page, it does not show the number in the outgoing mail, but the recipient sees the number?

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I've been trying to look up a friend's phone number (I'm fairly certain it's cell now). and have been back and forth on Google. It seems every one I click on wants to charge me, even though they claim to be "free". Is there a site that really offers this service free?? I can't download the Sysinfo etc listed above as I don't even understand it--sorry. I'm the total computer idiot--I know I have a Window system, but not which number. I originally bought it because I couldn't get my electric typewriter fixed anymore! So I am a VERY basic, sporadic user. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.

A:Looking Up Phone Numbers For Free

I don't know if there is a free service... sometimes I get real lucky but generally White Pages type services are not free.

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we have recently received strange phone calls from an unknown person talking junk, we are unable to get their phone number, nor can any1 have gotten ours, the only way i could possibly think is through something through the computer, we don't give away personal details on the net or not and the number is private, is there anyway can hack the phone line through the net or anything?

A:Can hakcers get phone numbers?

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Hi all

When I enter a phone number into excel it chops the 0 off from the start. I've checked in
formatting but can't find the option to stop that.

Could anybody help me.

Thanks in advance.

A:Excel and phone numbers

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Just wondering who owns the phone number system we have?

A:who owns phone numbers?

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I have two questions,

1. I use Explorer 7 with Vista Home premium and gmail. With this configuration I find that any hyphenated phone number spontaneously vanishes when I either open an email or a website on my toshiba laptop.

2. I need to change the overall permissions on my desktop. I have restored from a backup fille and some of the files I would like to erase, but I can't seem to change the permissions that will allow me to erase the old windows folder. I go into properties and try to edit permissions to allow me to proceed, but I am not allowed. Either the allocations are not available, or I get an error message after clicking boxes. Help...

A:Phone numbers and Permissions

hi and welcome maybe this will be of help on the 2nd issue http://www.tech-forums.net/pc/f9/how...-vista-155100/

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Of all the phone look-up sites out there, which one do you feel offers the most complete phone, address, reverse etc... look-ups.



A:Which search is best for phone numbers... etc...

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Using XP and Winfax Pro 10.02

Whenever I try to edit a phone number, winfax pro shuts down. How do I edit my phone numbers?

A:How to edit phone numbers in winfax pro 10.02

This may help,

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I have ran my anti-virus, adware, spyware programs and they find nothing. Everytime i try to get online I have to create a new dial up account, after I get online the number changes again. What do I do to fix this?

A:My dial up keeps changing phone numbers.

See my post here as you seem to have double posted.

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I just changed my phone number. Now all my social media sites wont let me go into my sites. I don't know what to do. Is there away to change my profiles.

A:I changed phone numbers, now cant get into my social media .

Phone number shouldn't matter unless you are accessing via your phone. In which case, I didn't know the phone number was tied to the account. You will likely need to contact each site and ask if your profile can be updated (or check their FAQ / support page). Aside from that, create a new account.

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i saw and visited a website about 1 year ago, that changes telephone numbers into names. in other words ,every phone number can be turned into a name and thus easier to remember.

A:Website On Changing Phone Numbers To Names

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I need a smartphone that I can put a document with addresses and phone numbers on and the smartphone will hyperlink the number straight from the document.

I currently use iPhone 3gs and a app (Documents by Savy Soda) and it works: wifi doc to phone; open app; open doc; touch phone number and WaLa! it calls the number

I tried Windows phone thinking with Word and Excel on it, the phone would call from the document. NOT! I sent a file to a friend who has and Android phone and it won't do it either.

I'm not fond of Apple, so my question is:


Moderator note: drgerry, no need to shout.

A:Smartphone that will hyperlink phone numbers from document?

Stick with the iPhone then. But I know with Gmail if you open a doc with cell number on it will launch Android phone apk. I haven't tried that with Window smartphone with Gmail.

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I am trying to help my friend save the phone number list from her HTC eris android phone to her computer.
We downloaded HTC's software, but unable to figure out how to save the phone number list from the phone to the computer so she can have a list of numbers should her phone get lost or malfunction..
Does anyone here know where I can find instructions to do this? I would appreciate any suggestions...

A:Saving phone contacts to PC

I have a Droid. It automatically syncs (from what I can remember- I don't think I had to give permissions) with Google. Make sure she has a gmail and logs in with her phone. Then check her gmail. If it doesn't sync that way you may have to go into either the contacts or gmail app on the phone and allow permissions for syncing there. Any new android device should be able to sync contact data from that gmail account.

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Anyone can tell me the way to change phone numbers to hyperlinks within a word document. I have a lot of phone numbers so I can't change them one by one. Thanks.

A:how can i change all phone numbers to hyperlinks in a word document?

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hi, i am currently preparing my website for use on cellphones and mobile devices. My question is how do you format a hyperlink so that the cellphone will recognize it and will ask you to dial it just by highlighting the link.

when i use yahoo search on my phone and i search for local businesses, the phone numbers are linked and when i highlight it, my cell phone asks me if i want to dial the number. that's what i need to know!

A:Formatting website for cellphone - need help hyperlinkg phone numbers

I figured it out by bringing up the yahoo wap site on my comouter.
<a href="wtai://wp/mc;5555555555" title="CALL">(555) 555-5555</a>

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Excel 2010
I have a column of 22,000 phone numbers (and an additional column of fax numbers).
I'm trying to convert the numbers from nine digits to nine digits with hyphens.

I copied and renamed the original document. There are no protections.
To be certain, I ran the Doc Inspector. I'm still free to do anything to the list.

The instructions are easy:
Highlight column, select Format cell, click Custom, in Type, insert XXX-XXX-XXXX, click OK. That didn't work.
Next, instead of click Custom, I clicked Special, selected phone number, clicked OK.
Instead of hyphens, if it adds parentheses around the area code. I'm not that picky, although it takes more space.
That doesn't work either.

I am less than a novice in Excel when it comes to creating anything. I've managed to fill in others and not have to create my own.

The only thing that doesn't look like instructions is that the Sample above Type never changes.
I don't know if it should.

Thank you.

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Hello Guys,

I am facing a typical problem related to output of HTML when outputing phone or fax numbers. For example a phone number like +44-191-0000000
is displayed as 191-0000000. I have checked all the apparent possibilities but nothing works. Interestingly there is no issue with output on Firefox.

The simple HTML code is as follows:
+++++++++++++++++++++Code Starts below:

<title>Global Information System - Employee Information Page</title>

<body marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" >
<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
<td colspan="3" valign=top><nobr>
<!-- Name and Department Links-->
Test, Test&nbsp;[ <a href='/application/communication/organisation_view.asp?OrgaID=E0000130 ' target='_parent'>FE-North Shields</a> ]
<td colspan="3"><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>&nbsp;</td>
<td valign="top" colspan="3">
<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" width="100%" border="0">
<tr><td>Phone:</td><td>&nbsp;</td><... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Issue with HTML output in IE for Phone Numbers

Hey, you could use the HTML entities (e.g. what you use instead of < when you want to display a right angle bracket)...

(Check the EDIT at the bottom)

This works in both browsers(i've checked)..

Hope it works.


EDIT!: LMAO of course, i'm posting in html based stuff, so the entities get changed. The entities are here: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html3/latin1.html

Okay i'll try and display them:
+ becomes: &#43;
- becomes: &#45;
(excuse the boldness, if i don't include it they change to the + sign etc.)

so this code:


yet again excuse the overuse of boldness it's just so they display

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Perhaps someone can assist with this.

We have thousands of phone numbers that we would like to start using to text our opt-ins. They gave us these numbers, but we aren't sure which are mobile or which are landlines. Surely someone knows of a commercial utility, a software or service that will scrub our numbers to determine which are mobile phone numbers only.

Can anybody help?

A:How Do You Determine Mobile Phone Numbers from Land Lines?

I don't believe that you will find such a thing. Mobile phones use the same area codes and most of my friends that have tossed away their land-lines have now the same mobile numbers as their land-lines used to be due to number portability.

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My slate 6 phone contacts have been mixed up. Numbers have been attributed to wrong names. How do I restore the original contacts list?  Just put a board, I could not find anything related to my issue. Will greatly appreciate any help. Manuzim

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Hi all.

I have a "brand new" V92 modem (I know, with all VOIP options today, that sounds stupid).

I'd like to use dialer.exe or other free/native software to dial out local phone numbers. Olitec (the modem constructor) provided me a driver for Vista that seems to work good in Seven. Once installed, I can dial, my friend's phone rings, when he pics it up I can hear him, but he can't hear me. Some times I hear my own voice in my head set instead (a distant echo). My mic is working ok. I know that cause other applications can use it.

I'd also like to see an incoming call on the screen. Can that be done ?


A:Using a V92 modem to call local phone numbers (no VOIP)

Depends on the "voice telephone" software you have and what it's capabilites are. A PC makes a poor voice telephone and for that reason the "hot" thing to use it for a voice phone back in the old XP days has diminished to the point dial-up modems are not even offered as an option on many new PC's.

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The popup displays various file names and numerous different phone numbers each time it appears.
In troubleshooting and attempting to remove this popup, I have performed the following:
1.  Malwarebytes scan.
2.  Avast Boot time scan.
3.  Removed a disabled BHO with a name of only a registry key by deleting the key from the registry.
Both Malwarebytes and Avast have found and removed "Pup" type infections, but the popup still comes back.
I have ran the FRST and also did a hijackthis scan, both of which are attached.

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Hello, where I work, we set everyone up with driods. All are backed up with a google account, where we can import contacts, but if contacts are added via active directory (which adds them in exchange) they don't sync with the phone.

How can I get all of the exchange contacts to sync on the phone, so that when contacts are added or updated, they do so on the phone. Please tell me this is possible, doing it with google doesn't update or add new contacts added through exchange.

A:Sync Exchange contacts with phone?

Man, not one person here, eightforums, Microsoft answers, social.technet, etc has responded. Is this something that is really difficult to accomplish?

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DID numbers are those phone numbers which are directed connected to a Personal Branch Exchange telephone system with a local area code. These DID numbers calls are forwarded to the business PBX system to handle with the help of designated agents. A DID service provider provides a phone number which fulfills all the VoIP requirements. DID provides various services to the customer and makes their work easily through this. But for the local services you need to find the Local DID Phone Numbers Providers who will give you the right solution for your business, it will help you to grow your business.

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I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to produce mailing lists, labels, staff phone lists, etc. I have formatted the phone column to use (xxx) xxx-xxxx so that phone numbers look like this (999) 999-9999. And in my Word documents, I have added the mergefield switch that also causes the phone numbers to show up in that format.

Here's my problem: When the phone number field is blank, the merged document contains this: ( ) -
I want it to be blank in the word document as well.

There must be a code or switch in Word's mail merge feature that will suppress the formatting if the field is blank.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

A:Mail merge - suppress mergefield formatting switch (phone numbers)

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HP 4120 PHONE:  Is there a limit on number of contacts that can be added?  I have had a user try 3 different phone and they are unable to add more contacts to any of the phones.

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I use the Windows Dialer (dialer.exe) to keep lots of phone numbers and to dial out when I want to call. There are probably fancier phone dialers available, but I find this one totally adequate for my needs.
The problem is that I cannot find where it stores the data on the contacts I have entered. I just had to reinstall windows which meant that I had to retype in all of the contact information rather than reload it
from a backup made before I formatted my disk.
This is not a major issue. I just want to see if anyone has any information about this.
Ken Gash

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I'd really like to have a phone that will sync to my Outlook Calendar and Contacts, but I have no need for web or email. Is there anything current that will do that?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace 4. It shows I am connected to my Wi-Fi and that Blue tooth is active (I use it in my car). It shows up as a Samsung Galaxy in  'Devices and Printers.What I cannot do is get it to show up in Explorer so I can copy photos to my PC. The only way I have at present is to send them by email to my second account.Help

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I use the Windows Dialer (dialer.exe) to keep lots of phone numbers and to dial out when I want to call.
There are probably fancier phone dialers available, but I find this one totally adequate for my needs. The problem is that I cannot find where it stores the data on the contacts I have entered. I just had to reinstall windows which meant that I had to retype in all of the contact information rather than reload it from a backup made before I formatted my disk.
This is not a major issue. I just want to see if anyone has any information about this.
Ken Gash

A:Solved: Windows Phone Dialer Contacts Migrate

The speed dial entries are stored in the Registry at this key:

You would have to export that key to a .reg file to back it up, then after a re-install, simply double click the file to merge it into the registry and re-enter your speed dial list.

This batch command will export that key to a file name dialer.reg into the My Documents folder of the currently signed on user. Copy the line into Notepad, then save it someplace with a .bat extension. Be sure to change the Save as Type: setting to All Files from Text Documents (*.txt)

Double click the file when ever you want to back up the data. If your backup program backs up the My Documents folder, the dialer.reg file will be in your backup ready to be used.
reg export "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Dialer\Speeddial" "%userprofile%\My Documents\dialer.reg"



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I want to add my Windows Mail /Google mail contacts to my new Android phone

Know I can save the contacts file and import it into the phone
Or in Google the contacts will just sync

But on my old nokia phone I have all my contacts set up with photos displayed too.
Can I not import them that way into android?

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A:Solved: Asap Help Needed For Threatening Phone Calls..is There Software For Phone/computer

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i have been getting alot of bad,crank,threatening phone calls lately
and they can not be traced with caller id,etc.
is there software available for when i run the phone line though my computer,
it might be able to detect where the phone call is coming from?


A:Asap Help Needed For Crack Phone Calls..is There Software For Phone/computer

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Wife and I have W10 Icon phones running Build 14393.321.
On my phone when I open People and select a contact it gives me a choice of Send Message or Call Mobile.
On the wife's phone the Send Message choice is missing.
Can't find an option for this so any help is appreciated.

We both can go through the Messaging App and select a contact and it works.


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In importing contacts from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007, the name field is changed.
Specifically, "Adams, William and Cythia" is changed to "Adams, William R."
My client prefers to mail to the Husband and wife format, so is there a way to change this?

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I will not mention specific models for the three smartphone types today. Just want to hear your opinion regarding their overall:

1. Performance
2. Battery Consumption
3. Features
4. Customization
5. Price

Thanks much!

A:Best Smartphone: iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Phone

Iphone is now after android smartphones....
You've forgotten "5 - Prices"

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Does this phone work with Vista 64. My Skype works fine but not I want a phone.

Very frustrated re 64 bit drivers for Skype phones and adaptors.


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I recently subscribed to AT&T DSL. My phone system uses Distinctive Ringing
(ie two phone numbers on one phone line). I use a Command Communictions 5500 (sometime I use a Radio Shack model) Distinctive Ring switch to ring a set of phones for the first phone number or a second set phones for a different phone number. The Distinctive Ring device chooses which set of phones to use depending on which phone number is used.
Now I have just subscribed to DSL (company had not connect it yet) and I am looking for suggestions on how I should set up my phone network to use DSL with a Distinctive Ring phone sytem. Has anyone tryed this and have they had any luck? If so, what make/model filters did they use for DSL and how did the connect their DSL filters & arrange their
network. At this time without DSL my main line goes to the Command Communications Distinctive Ring switch. The phone line branches for each set of phones form the switch.

Also does lighting Triplite surge protector filters interfear with DSL signals. What lighting
protection devices should I add to my line for lighting protection and where should
I place them on the phone network?

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this working properly?
thank you,

A:Adding DSL to a Distinctive Ring Phone Sytem

put the modem into the phone wiring straight to where
the phone wiring comes into house.

any other phone devices need to be after a dsl filter.

it is easy if you could place a filter for all voice
phone devices in the phone company box or
where they bring into basement or attic. i you
could run a new cable to dsl location from there
then the filter would get placed before it
branches to the current voice circuit. placing
filters into the cable at any branching points
would also work. plugin filter at each phone
device (but not the dsl modem) also would

i don't think the distinct ring would be bothered
by dsl filters the frequencies involved are
not close but check the manual.

any device such as surge protector or ups placed
before dsl modem could affect its performance
to a slight amount. it is better to protect the
modem then to replace it a couple times a
year if you don't have a surge protector
especially during thunderstorm season.

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