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L460 Sim not reconized - not detected

Q: L460 Sim not reconized - not detected

hellow, i have a problem with my L460 thinkpad.when i insert a sim card in to the built in trey - nothing happens.i allredy tried:restartcleaning the simverified it is inserted corectlyuninstalled HUAWEI Mobile Broadband Module drivers and reinstalling them but with no use - sim is not reconized.the text near to cellular is saying - "insert sim" pleas help Asaf

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Preferred Solution: L460 Sim not reconized - not detected

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi everybody,I'm facing to a problem of deploy, I have successfuly installed my Deployment Server and it's working fine for deploying Image on our compagny L440 and x131e. But when I try to deploy on L460, I see this error message saying: A connection to the deployment share could not be made ....I have downloaded drivers package from the SCCM pack drivers provided by lenovo on this link (https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/tp_l460_w764_201601.exe) but still not working with L460.Note that It is working fine with L440 and x131e.Anybody have seen this problem also or if someone have any solution for me ? please, I really need this be done on our compagny.Thanks and best regards,

IMG_20170109_121217.jpg ?4334 KB

A:L460: Unable to deploy Windows 7 using MDT2013/WDS on L460, A connection to the deployment share...

That device ID is for the Intel I219-V ethernet card, so that driver seems to be missing from the package. Are you able to add just the LAN driver manually?

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Dear Sirs:

I am having two problems, maybe three.

The first is I can't get a sound card installed. The second is I can't get a third 256 memory chip to work. I am using Windows ME which has the latest upgrades installed. FIC Motherboard PA2013 2 meg. cache. AMD K6-2 550 CPU, only a video board, cable modem, and sound card installed.

1. Sound Card not loading - I have tried three difrent sound cards, both PCI and APG, I have uninstalled all sound card drivers and let windows pick drivers and I have used the manufactures latest drivers. (Creative - Sound Blaster 16). When checking the Device Manager for the sound card, I get the message "This devicer is either not present, not working properly, or does not have all the drivers installe. (Code 10)"

"Try upgrading the device drivers for this device."
I notice futher down in the Device Manager list under "System Devices" I have another problem - yellow circle with ! in it on the following- "VIA Tech 82C586B (PIPC) PCI to ISA bridge" Under properties for this is the message "Windows could not load the driver for this device because the computer is reporting two ISAPNP.VXD bus types. (Code 2)"

"Contact your computer manufacture to get an updated BIOS for your computer."

I have flashed the BIOS with the lates driver aviable from FIC. JI438

I don't know if this is related to the sound problem or not, but I have never had any problem with the sound card... Read more

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Hallo, wir haben bei uns im Unternehmen nun mehrere Thinkpad L460 angeschaft und möchten diese nun mit Windows 7 x64 installieren, jedoch erhalten wir über USB Stick und CD jeweils die Meldung das ein Laufwerkstreiber fehlen würde. Selbst wenn wir das die Treiber mit auf das Medium laden wird keiner davon als der richtige erkannt. Über SCCM was eigentlich unser Ziel ist, kommen wir trotz des hinterlegten SCCM Treiberpakets gar nicht erst bis zur Betriebssystemauswahl. Windows 10 von z.B. einem USB Stick funktioniert ohne Probleme. Ich habe jetzt auch schon nach den BIOS Einstellungen geschaut, jedoch konnte ich nicht wirklich eine Erklärung finden.  Ich hoffe es kann mir jemand von euch weiterhelfen. Vielen Dank im Voraus.

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Does anybody here have a L460 that can't power on?I was installing Win7 and it was running on battery.Then it shut down by itself (I think the battery went flat).After that I plugged in the power adaptor and the laptop has no reaction at all after I pressed the power button.I googled a bit and tried the hold-power-button-for-30-secs-w/o-battery trick but to no avail.And I understand L460 has no emergency reset hole for me to poke too?Is there anything else that I can try? Thanks!!!(Btw, this is a new unit that I just purchased 2 weeks ago.)

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I have a L460 running on Windows 7 and to my surprise no gestures (pinch zoom, two finger scroll, etc.) are working despite p19, 20 in the manual describing this functionality. They suggest the program might not be receptive, but even tested on Chrome which works on another machine. Any suggestions?

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Hi everyone,  I hope someone can advise please. I have a Thinkpad L460 which is has a warranty that runs until August 2019. Would I be aloud to upgrade it either myself or via Lenovo Service Partner without affecting my warranty?. I believe in my model there is a Western Digital HD installed and would be happy to swap it out for a WD SSD, although there does seem to be better out there as I would only need a 128gb SSD or thereabouts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as it seems quite a straightforward process by buying the SSD with a cloning kit. Thanks in advance, scotty66

A:L460 Upgrade Hardrive to SSD

Hi Scotty66,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
As I understand that you have query regarding upgarding yours L460 SSD from HDD.
I guess it will not void the warranty as its CRU parts unless you are not damaging the product/parts while replacing it.
And here's the partlist for L460 as well as HMM guide which can walk you through the replacement of the parts.
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
 Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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I have a 3 month old L460; the fingerprint sensor has been sketchy from day one - I often had to select ?alternate log in?, and then return to the fingerprint log in to get it to work.  But tonight it refuses to read the sensor at all.  And since I never actually set up a log in password, I can?t get into the machine to check drivers, etc.  Any suggestions??

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I just thought I would bring to the attention of the community of a nightmare I have had with a brand new L460. Purchased deliberately with Win 7 Pro so as to be compatible with my clients application software and Brand New Out of the Box, Windows Updates are not working. Re-Imaged twice back to Factory settings the same issue remains. The default Factory Windows 7 Image is flawed and after 6 hours of trying to fix it using every reported method I can confirm that it just doesnt work!The OS is so incredibly damaged its virtually unusable.Ive spent hours removing installed updates, renaming repositories, using the Microsoft Update Fix tools.Disabling the Windows Update Services, Crypto and BITs installing the MBSA and manually downloading some updates manually works but as soon as you enable the services for a normal startup Windows Updates fails.Even trying to perform an In Place Update to Windows 10 fails as it cant download any updates! Im currently downloading the Win 10 Recovery Media and will have to hope that I can make the clients Application Software work under the Windows 10 OS. This is a ThinkPad 20FU Model shipped with Windows 7 Pro in Sept 2016The Factory Installed Win7 OS is defective and this is simply not acceptable. Im not expecting a magic bullet here, hopefully a clean install of Win 10 Pro without any Lenovo Bloatware will do the job, I just dont think anyone with a brand new Lenovo should trust the Manufacturers version of Win... Read more

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I just bought a L480. The keyboard is significantly worse (softer) than on my L460.I cannot find information on this anywhere.This keyboard is backlit. Is that the reason why it is different or have they changed?For me, the keyboard being cucial, I would really like if someone coul help me out.

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Hello, I have bought a Thinkpad L460 (Demopool) and I have noticed, that the USB-Ports are really "strong" or "tight". I tried to put my USB-Drives in, but it seems that the USB-ports are mechanically "blocked" [Yes, I tried both sides ]. I was avoid using more power to put the USB-Drives in, because I don't want to damage the ports. Is there anyone with the same Issue/Problem? Excuse my english, I hope most of you are understanding my Problem. Kind regards,catull00

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My son dropped my L460; the result of which is a broken left hinge half way up the screen.  The computer works fine, but I use it a lot for my work.  I am quite mobile, so I need to replace the left hinge for the screen/cover.  Is there a specific part number I should find to obtain a replacement part?  Where can I get the part?  Any idea what a replacement cost might be?

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Hello, Having some trouble with the display on the PC, is completely black when I turn on PC.It's the same whether it's from hibernation or im starting the PC.Must hold the start button until the PC turns off before turning it on again, then it works but takes a long time to get it on. Mobile Broadband is strange when I have a network cable in. I must have to reconnect the network cable before getting online again. Tips?

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Greetings,  I recently acquired a Lenovo L460 Thinkpad and i was told i can use it with a simcard as it has a simcard slot on the right side but i have been hitting a brick wall with getting it to work as when i try to install the "Huawei M906s Wireless WAN Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) - ThinkPad L460, T460p" give an error( i have added a screenshot) but when i check on my device manage it shows the ports that it cannot detect.Can someone please help. I look forward to your responses as i badly need it to work as i spend most of time travelling and do not have time to seat at a coffe shop for internet when i have to use the internet.During installError when trying to installList of Devices

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I own a thinkpad L460 i5 6200U  , im thinking about boosting up my RAM. Currently i have 4gb and i would like to upgrade it to 20Gb since i work a lot with VMs.i have made a few researches and found out that both RAMs must have the same frequency. But I would like to be sure if adding a new 16Gb RAM with 4GB won?t cause any probleme and if they can run smoothly together.thanks in advance

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Help if you can. I have been given a Acer Hard drive Veriton L460 from my work, it was an old version and wasn't required. My old hard drive shat it self, so I thought I could take this one home plug it in and start using it. How wrong was I. First of all its coming up with a Windows Xp Professional Log on screen. Nope I have no log on user name or password. I don't know how to clear this or get around it. I only want to use this PC for disks that I use for Genealogy...My old hard drive was a HP Pavilion a6020a Home PC (I hope this helps) it would read the disks just fine. I just need to replace the capacity of the hard drive to access the disks

I now use an Acer Laptop with windows7 and it doesn't read the disks (not compatible) and I use this for internet access.
Can you help to get the replacement unit to just to be able to read the disk?
look forward to your assistance
Caltex (Dale)​

A:Acer Veriton L460

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So, recently I ordered a ThinkPad L460 for my mom as she needs a new laptop. Since she doesn't need the camera, I thought it would be fine to leave it out. Then some time after ordering, I realized that on my T560 the microphone is right next to the camera. This then made me wonder if a L460 without the camera will have a microphone at all. Having no microphone would be an issue when using Skype, as an external mic would be then required. L460 Platform Specifications only states the camera as optional, suggesting that the microphone would always be included. Hardware maintenance manual states under LCD FRUs: Camera/microphone module, camera module, or microphone module (available on some models), which also to me would suggest that a microphone only setup would also be possible. Can anyone answer whether a L460 ordered without a camera will actually have a microphone?

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I was thinking if it would be possible to replace my original L460 keyboard with T460 backlit keyboard since the layouts and connectors seem to be excatly the same. However I have not had a chance to compare them in real life so my info only comes from what i have seen in internet... Im pretty sure that someone has already tried this so it would be nice to know if it can be done as im just a poor student and im not willing to pay 60 euros for a keyboard that might not even fit in my laptop. Also standard non-backlit T460 and L460 keyboards have different part numbers in Lenovo listings so im curious, are they actually different? 

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My year old build lost the dvd drive. There is not even a dvd header in the device manager any more. The BIOS does not reconized it either.Cannot go back to a restore point either because system can not find point before problem. No disk image can be found.

A:CD/DVD not reconized

Welcome to Seven Forums mountainbike. Do you mean the DVD drive is not showing in Device Manager? Does anything there have the yellow warning triangle? Make sure the power and data cable are still attached, remove and replace them, with the PC power OFF and power cable disconnected.

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no matter what i plug in the usb ports weather it is a garmin product or portable storage or camera on I look on this pc it never reconizes the usb 

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im looking at a friends computer for him. he has windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 1545 ive been in the Device manager and it had a yellow triangle on *UNKNOWN USB DEVICE* i updated it then disabled it because it was doing absolutely nothing. he cannot connect his IPOD to his computer and the "USB not recognized message is still popping up. wat do

A:USB not reconized?

Hi -

First of all, which model iPod is it that you are trying to connect? Have you tried it in an alternative USB port? Also, do other USB device work and recognized?

If I'm correct, when the iPod is connected nothing happens? It is not recognized (Popup message appears)?

Does the iPod appear in 'My Computer' or in iTunes at all?

Regards, - GJ

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The BIOS and the Device Manager show them, but My Computer doesn't recognize my CD and DVD drives

I am running Windows XP Home Edition on. About a week ago,(has worked up till then) it stopped recognizing my DVD-Rom and CD-Rom drives. They both show up in the BIOS and in the System, but not in My Computer. When I go to the drives in the Device Manager, there is a yellow icon with an exclamation mark beside them.
Also when I start My computer they run an i hear them activate.

I have uninstalled them an searched for new drivers. When they are found I then get a message saying

this device may not work properly.
please help!!!

A:CD/DVD Not being Reconized

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Hello everyone,it's been almost a week I'm trying to activate the fingerprint reader at power-on on my L460 laptop with no success, I can only have fingerprint at Windows logon but then I can't find how to activate it for power on and hd password. Here is what I did so far, installed the driver provided in the support page for my laptop, Validity Fingerprint Common Driver v. 4.5.327, but there I can only register my fingerprints and automatically Windows logon gets activated, but it doesn't give any further option and there is no way to activate power on and hd password, or I'm missing something?? The manual about the fingerprint reader says:"To enable fingerprint authentication, enroll your fingerprints first. During the enrollment, the fingerprints are associated with the Windows password automatically" And this works flawlessly Then it adds:"To associate your fingerprints with your power-on password and hard disk password, manually create a connection" BUT HOW????? I've also tried to install some other lenovo softwares like Fingerprint Manager both standard and Pro version, but they can't connect to the fingerprint reader and give an error message. Needless to say that in the bios there is nothing about the fingerprint reader other than the disable option. I'm lost, if anybody has any suggestion I would really appreciate.By the way if the solution should use Ubuntu instead of Windows it would be perfect, but I have already serched and I'm afraid fo... Read more

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Hi there everyone. I have a little while to spare and it would appear I have nothing better to do than share my experiences with you of my "what was once" new ThinkPad L460 and would love to hear your thoughts and maybe just maybe someone at Lenovo will see this and say "this is not right, rectifiy the situation immediately" We'll see !! Anyway I am just an ordinary consumer with a view to starting my own business and needed a brand new, good standard business laptop with great support. After speaking to various end users and business users I opted for an L460 and make contact with a Lenovo Partner here in the UK who were quite frankly fantastic to deal with and a credit to the industry. So, after a few days of using my machine and a couple of little niggly issues I am notified that on video calls my voice is dropping out, I update all the drivers to no avail and then contact Lenovo/IBM support who agree it is a hardware issue and arrange an engineer visit for the next day. This is where the real drama start and eveything I am posting did actually happen with no embelishment from myself. Engineer call to notify that he would be with me in 20 minutes...great, we are off to a good start. Engineer arrives, lovely guy and when he sees my ThinkPad informs me "I have never taken apart one of these in my life" to which I ask "why not" and he informs me that he has been moved over from being a systems engineer and this is his first job. Okay stupid me, that w... Read more

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Only one L460 in our environment is having this issue: PC - Lenovo L460 Windows 10 Pro x64Docking Station - ThinkPad 90W Pro Dock The issue occurs when you undock the laptop and redock it, Windows sets the 2 external monitors as "Disconnected" and need to extend displays when redocking. I've reinstalled video drivers, docking station firmware, updated PC to latest version, and still no luck.

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Hi, i have a new Thinkpad L460 since a week and saw there is a BIOS update available (1.18). Currently i have version 1.17. Since i am using Linux and have no optical drive i downloaded the"BIOS bootable update CD" (no idea why it says for Windows 10, after all its just a CD-ISO image) and converted it to an image that i can copy to an USB flash stick. So far so good. The first thing i noticed was it does not boot from the USB flash stick unless i disable secure boot. With secure boot on it returns right to the list of bootable devices you get by pressing F12.With secure boot off i was able to get to the BIOS update utility. I pressed "2" to update the BIOS and after a lot of Y's and Enter's it started the flashing. Then it showed ?Secure Flash Authentication failed?. I stumbled upon this -> https://support.lenovo.com/de/en/documents/ht103667and disabled ?Secure RollBack Prevention?. But that did not do anything. Still ?Secure Flash Authentication failed?. So for now i am not able to update the BIOS.

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Hi dear all,I have Lenovo L460 series laptop. My problem is about keyboard. Keyboard is generally working regularly. But sometimes buttons suddenly start to write wrong characters and i have to restart pc for reinstate.At first i've thought that is about Windows Key and i disabled it but still it would be same.Then i uninstall keyboard driver and install it again, done to latest windows update but nothing change.What can i do for solve this problem ? Im so appreciate if anyone help me about it.Yours sincerely,

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Hello, I'm looking for the detailed technical specification (screen resolution, disk type, memory etc.) of the Lenovo ThinkPad L460 P/N: 20FVS0QB26Could someone help me, please ? Thank you

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I am using windows me with a hl-dt-st cd-rw gce-8400b rewritable and everytime i go to burn a cd roxio program starts and then it tells me that there is no recording device? is there any help for me or is this a lost cause? thank you for your time: confused:

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I have a 32gb flash drive I formatted it with a program so the file system is NTFS it did say format complete but now I insert the flash drive and it shows up in my computer but no auto play and when I click on it in my computer it stops responding I went to device manager and when I click disks and drives it says working properly but when I click portable devices it says error code 10 I think I am using windows 7 professional

A:usb reconized but not working

Error code 10 is the driver has stopped responding, If that is the Case have you tried Updating the Dirvers?

Follow this if you dont know how.

Right-click My Computer
The Left Panel Has Device Manager Click on that
Look For Your Device that is not working(Should Have a Warning Sign)
Go to the Driver Tab
Then Click Update Driver.

Get back to us to see if that resolved it.

Oh and Welcome to the Forums Groen

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I have 1GB of memory on my computer and bought another 1GB and installed it. When i boot up and when i look at the properties on MY COMPUTER it still shows that i have 1GB of ram. I have been told that you can change a setting in the BIOS but i can not find anything in there? Both sticks of memory are the same brand/specs.

A:RAM upgrade not reconized

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I have tried search, and had no luck, the post about this problem were different than my problem.
Got a replacement Teac 512EB and installed it, when I run Sony Extreme I get the message "No compatible recorder drives have been found on this computer". Nero 5.0 does not reconize a cd rw drive.
The 512EB is dedected in CMOS (IDE 1 Master).
Device Manager detects it. There is no slave with it on IDE 1.

Explorer does not detect it.
ASPI Ver. 4.60(1021) Dated 9/10/99.
New ribbon cable, which I had run my CD Rom on when I was trying to determine if the CD RW I sent back was bad.
What am I missing?

Just noticed in device manager=>properties=>settings, the current drive letter assignment is E for my CD Rom and for the CD RW.

A:CD RW partially reconized

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Hello, simply put, my Canon Camcorder wont be reconised as far as I know.

It is a Canon Model GL1.
I have a firewire cord, and NO disk.
I don't know if the disk ever came with it, but I do know that on my school mac, it worked without disk.

Anyone who can help, please do asap.

A:CAMCORDER not reconized

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I just purchased an e280 Sansa mp3 player and after plugging it in front and back ports its coming up that USB device not reconized.I tried it on my laptop and a friends computer and it seems to reconize it on those machines.I have a Dell Dimension 4700 with Windows XP.I would love to get this working before my trip to Charleston. Any suggestions?

A:Usb Device Not Reconized

Does your laptop recognize other USB devices?

Oops - I mean does your PC recognize other USB devices?

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My 1st post

ok.. I have a emachines 3507


and I been upgrading my system for the past couple of months. within limit (cash being the main issue).

my system came with a 512MB module = Total Ram 448 MBs

I eventually added to that with a 1 Gig = Total Ram = 8 hundred and something MBs (I dont remember)-(2nd module not being recognized)

Added a new video card = Total Ram = 1.00 GB


I couldn't figure out why only 1 gig was showing when I clearly had 1.5, so I Added Another gig (the exact same 1 I bought before (from crucial.com)
= Total Ram = (STILL) 1.00 GB

according to everything I read, my system should be able to handle the ram I added with no problem.


I even made sure to take extra precaution not to damage them. I switched them to make sure it wasn't just the one gig module that was the problem. I made sure everything was tight and connected. And still nothing.

Can someone please give me a little help because I have no clue what the problem could be

A:Ram Issue - Only 1 Being Reconized

most likely the 2nd stick of ram you added is not seated correctly, ensure both clips and down and in the locked position...

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Just recently when I plug a camera or my cell phone into my USB slot in the front, my system won't reconize it. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks, B-72

A:Usb device not reconized

Will it work if plugged into a USB port on the back? A Guy

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After my successful OEM/build, I have noticed that I have a new piece of hardware listed in my computer tab. It's a floppy disk drive labeled as (A). I do not have one and the OEM for that matter either. After going back through my mobo manual I found and see in the main menu section 2.3.3 Legacy Diskette A [1.44M, 3.5 in.]. Then says: Sets the type of floppy drive installed. configuration options; [disable] [360l. 5.25 in] a couple of others styles/sizes, including 1.44 and 2.88. So what gives?

A:new reconized drive

Have you disabled the Diskette drive in BIOS?

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I recently got a new laptop, the lenovo 3000 N500. My dad was working getting everything set up, but then when he tried to get the internet set up, it just wouldn't connect. Not just that, it wouldn't even reconize the router, (which is D-link), but oddly enough it will find the internet of the people next door. It does have vista, and other people i know have been having the same problems, but have eventually been able to figure it out. I know my dad has gone to the windows trouble shooting, he tried hooking the router via cord, etc etc. Any suggestions on what to do? It's really frustrating.

A:Internet not being reconized

Tell me about it! Just google "vista browser problem" and you get an uncountable number of descriptions of problems that sound suspiciously similar. Frankly I'm fed up with Vista and am strongly inclined to get rid of it in favour of a decent operating system like Ubuntu, that won't render a reasonably powerful laptop unusably slow, that has an unobtrusive and genuinely user friendly package manager and update system, decent security, and is completely free besides. Microsoft doesn't seem to have recognised that one of the many updates they insist on wasting everyone's time with has actually screwed up their internet browsers.

Sorry, I know this doesn't help, but just know I'm feeling your frustration right now too.

For lack of anything better to do, I'm currently systematically going through the history of updates and uninstalling and restarting, until something works. If that doesnt work quite soon then I'm actually going to back up, format and install Linux.

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i fdisked and partitioned my hard drive so i could put windows 95 back on it and now it does not reconize my cd rom what do i do my win95 boot disk doesnt have the driver on it
please help thankyou barbara

A:my cdrom is not reconized in 95

Easiest thing is to go here

Download the appropriate Win95 to a floppy or to your hard drive and then copy to a floppy. Use that disk to boot up.

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Error message says module not installed. After upgrading i was supposed to receive KB3051704 update to correct this problem. Is that what's wrong or something else. Please help. I need to be able to use the dvd drive. I never received the update.

A:dvd drive not reconized

Go to Resolution 5 of this Microsoft article.................Your CD or DVD drive is not recognized by Windows or other programs

****Important Follow the steps in this section carefully. Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Before you modify it, back up the registry for restoration in case problems occur.

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Thought I would pass this on as it might help someone else. My sons HD died and he lost many, many music files. After installing a new HD I copied a lot of files from my 80G external HD to his computer with no problem. He decieded to buy a external drive and bought a 160g drive and his Dell would not reconize it. He kept getting the message of unknown usb device..... I searched several forums and found many possible fixes but none worked. I then decieded to try to hook it up to a powered hub and the drive was reconized at once. Even though my drive and the one he purchased were the exact same except for size it must have needed more power for the 160g drive.

A:usb device not reconized

Had the same problem with an IPOD Nano. Won't work in a hub; has to be plugged directly into the computer USB port.

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I have a 2.5 external hd ,usb. It works well on one computer but not on the other. It did in the past I've changed nothing that I know. My computer does recognize my card reader, and light glows when I plug in. I've swapped hard drive in case but same results? Any help would be wonderful.

A:external hd not reconized

try rebooting with it plugged in...no joy..

USB Connectivity Requirements

To achieve proper USB connectivity six basic system elements must be present and working correctly.

1) Support from the BIOS

2) Support from the Operating System

3) Physical USB ports

4) A USB Device

5) The correct USB cable for the device

6) Drivers either from the OS and/or the peripheral maker

the link to the USB troubleshooter is here

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Hi All,

I have the problem that windows cannot access any DVD/CD Player on 1 PC.

I know a couple of solutions but this didnt solve it and I dont want to spend 6-7 hours to install and configure the system again.

What I have tried already:

1. Uninstalled all medialayers, burn software, codecs and all other programs that can let the DVD drives stop working.
2. A deep Vrus/Spyware scan (nothing found).

After this I cleaned my system with a crap cleaner and rebooted.

3. Checked the registry settings of the DVD drives for the upper/lower filters.

I found out that there was no Upper/Lower filter in the registry and so I was unfortunately not able to remove them to solve he problem.

4. Tried different fixes, some of them are only to simplified the removal of the Upper/Lower filter.

Please does someone have suggestions? And please do not insult me with stuff I already tried or stuff that is far from solving the problem.
Cause I know what I am doing as an IT Consultant.

A:CD/DVD Drive not Reconized!

Do you know whether the optical drive even works? Have you tried it on a different PC? Is it recognized in the BIOS or in the device manager?

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OK, ever since I installed my new hard drive my burner stoped working. Nero doesnt reconize it. The only recorder i can choose is an image recorder. I am pretty sure it is hooked up right. When i restart the computer the burner is seen as "optirite CD-RW". Thanks to all who can help me on this little problem i have.

A:CD Burner not reconized

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