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Notebook not updating

Q: Notebook not updating

MY notebook hasn't updated windows/or anthing else thru HP support Assistant for several months. Always says there are no updates! Don't know what happened!! I don't use this very often other than pay bills otherwise I use a tablet for most everthing else.

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Preferred Solution: Notebook not updating

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



Its been a while since I posted here, but here goes:

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 notebook, it has a 1.6Ghz Pentium M Processor, 1Gig Ram. I would like to update the processor speed to 2 Ghz- how do I go about this? Is this even possible?


A:Updating notebook processor

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Should I update the 9300M GS in my notebook? Nvidia does state to use OEM drivers first, but the newest drivers available are from Nvidia's website. Seeing as I don't play too many games, should I update the card along with DirectX or leave it?

A:Updating notebook drivers

If you don't play games just leave it, especially if notebook is working OK. That's my opinion.
Recently, I updated the ATI driver in my second lappy just to find out it doesn't work like it should and I have to roll everything back to the previous one.

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Turned off my hp envy notebook while it was updating and now it's dead. It will not start up at all and when I plugged it in still nothing, know light of any kind lights up. Please can you help?Thank you,Christy

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Can I update bios on HP4530s notebook WIN7 64 bit orginally now has WIN10 64 bit installed? Can I upgrade bios to F.50 Rev. A?

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I was updating bios and it got stuck now I cannot get the windows or bios but can't get to system recovery but saying cannot refresh or restore anything or repair

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actually i try to update all my drivers because i dont use my laptop from 6 months.I update every thing From hp website and i see updating bios so i updated the bios from windows as HP put in the website.http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00042629Updating was right ,My notebook still working for 2 days. I was search on internet unpluged the notebook i let it working and get out from home 2 hours and back to find it stop totally. I pluged the charger the LED is working and charging battery but notebook not working.I remove the battery press on power button 1 minuts and more, plug it with battery and with out but not working. No fan sound Nothing turn on.Just LED is working and when i press power button its Blinks for 2 second but nothing happend.Is that Motherboard damaged or ic charging? And why damaged if every thing was right ?

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Today at CES, Samsung announced the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin (2018) and showed the Notebook 9 and Notebook 9 Pen ? new devices powered by Windows 10 that provide you with the tools you need to remain productive in today?s digital world.

Let?s take a look:

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin (2018)
The Notebook 7 Spin (2018) arrives with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to offer modern features that light up touch, inking, 3D, including a 360-degree touchscreen that enables digital drawing, writing and note taking with Windows Ink; an Active Pen (sold separately) for quick and easy note-taking; as well as the power and performance for more efficient multi-tasking.

Other features include:
A 360-Degree Rotating Touchscreen ? Provides the flexibility to view content as preferred, whether it be as a tablet or as a traditional PC in landscape mode
Active Pen-enabled (sold separately)? Perfect for attending meetings, conference calls or lectures, the Active Pen lets you create a sketch or jot down notes on the fly with Windows Ink
Secure Fingerprint Log-in ? Through simple fingerprint scanning, you can quickly log-in with Windows Hello and keep files secure in your own Privacy Folder
Power and Performance ? Powered by Windows 10 and equipped with an Intel i5 processor and 256GB SSD drive that allows for quicker startups and advanced multi-tasking capabilities
Voice Note ? Advanced smart recording featuring an integrated far field microphone to capture every det... Read more

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Not all my lightweight gateways are updating automatically.  Is there a way to force the update?

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I have downloaded the bois from the lenovo official site. But when I am updating its show the error message not for this notebook . I have lenovo g500s laptop .other people also facing same issue for the same laptop .please help ...Thanks in advance...

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo g500s bios updating problem. While updating...

The correct version of BIOS update has been just released - BIOS Update for Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Now there should be no problems with it's  installation.

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Hello everyone,
Recently, I updated my HP laptop from windows 8 to windows 8.1. I got critical message from HP Support Assistant asking to update the drivers. I went to HP website, and see all the drivers specified for my laptop. I didnt get which one I have to install. I dont want to install unnecessary things that could harm the functionality of my laptop. Anyway, I opened the device manager in my laptop and checked the update for every driver. But, this message still appears to me. Any tips that can help me? Do you know the specified drivers I have to install? Or, Do you know a specific source I can use to know the needed drivers?

A:Updating from Win8 to Win 8.1. It needs updating drivers!

There's nothing "unnecessary" about the drivers, every piece of HW needs one.

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A problem has recently developed with my Envy notebook.   About 2 weeks ago my entire wireless network began slowing down when on it.   Noticeable on all devices.    When my provider came out, checked and tweaked some issues it appeared to be ok.   I went on with my daughers HP laptop and was drawing 20-24 mbps all over the house. When I reconnected mine to the system I was only pulling 6, 3, 5, up and down.   It doesn't start right away but after a few minutes.   So I put my duaghers right next ot mine and low and behold, when I ran her's it pulled 3 - 6 also.   So I turned my wi-fi off and hers' popped right back up.   I have also tried this with an old XP mini, my i-pads etc.   As soon as mine gets on the network the speed crashes.    This also happens with no one else home and no other devies conncted. I have downloaded the latest up to date Intel driver for this network adapter and it hasn't changed anything. Any ideas?

A:ENVY Notebook - m7-k111dx w/intel 7260 - notebook sucks dow...

Bill_Ving Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about wireless networking poor performance and wanted to help. My immediate guess is that you might have mixed-mode networking going on.  This happens when you have two different PCs networking in two different modes -- one using "G", the other using "N".  The wireless router (or access point) can optimize performance for either mode, but not for both.  So, the "G" mode drags down the performance of the "N" mode PC, but even worse, with the router set for mixed modes, it performs more slowly than with either PC connected by itself.Here are some other troubleshooting steps you can try: HP PCs - Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 8) | HP® Customer SupportGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------Please click "Accept As Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks fopr my help.========================================================================

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I made a Google notebook to keep the minutes of a meeting my business partners and I held last weekend. I made them all collaborators on the notebook so they could all make any changes or annotations they felt necessary. However, when they go to access this notebook they are prompted for a password.

There is nowhere (at least that I can find) to even choose to password protect the notebook let alone change the password. I'm pretty confused as to what password the notebook could be. The only thing I can think of is that it's asking for the password to my gmail account, which I don't really want to be handing out. Any ideas on this one gang?


A:Why do Google notebook collaborators need a password to access the notebook?

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The hinge on my much-loved Notebook has become 'loose'. Can I find repair help locally? Baltimore,  MD area. What is the correct term(s) to use to describe the problem? 

A:TouchSmart Notebook TV notebook swivel hinge repair?

https://www.google.co.in/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=hp%20service%20center... You can tell them that the hinges are loose 

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.

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Hi, I would like to use HP Spectre 13 x360-w001nc with docking stationi-tec USB C Flathttps://www.i-tec.cz/?t=3&v=437 to use in combination with 4k TV LCD and therefore I dont wont to have my HP SPECTRE WITH OPEN LID,but in a case I switch the notebook off, and the notebook is connected to i-tec usb c flat docking stationthe notebook power button on the side doesnt work  then, so I cannot switch the power on , until I open the lid of thehp spectre. (it work only when the comp is in sleeping mode - the button blink) Please help me where can I change this func to be able to push the power button on the hp spectre on , regardlessthe lid is open or closed. Is there any soft to change the setting so I will be able to see everythink on the second monitor (TV LCD ) and the hp spectre lid will be black ? not on also ? somethink like automatic change monitor (not both) or it is not possible and the hp spectre lid will be always on  regardless I use another extrernal lcd ? Thanks for help and tips      

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My wife has a two-year-old Samsung notebook. Recently when she unplugged it the machine cut off, even though the battery said 79% charged (it wouldn't charge any further). I figured that the battery was bad so I bought another one from Amazon.

This one charges to 100% percent and does exactly the same thing. I'm perplexed but think there's something going on with the motherboard that won't let it use battery juice, even if Windows 8.1 says it's 100% charged.

I've tried the hold the power button down for 1 min with the battery out trick to no avail.

Any ideas? I'm stumped and think I might need to get her another notebook.

Thanks, Robert

A:Samsung Notebook Battery Won't Power Notebook

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My own notebook (Asus EEE PC S101), running Windows XP service pack 3) was twice redirected to an unknown website when I wanted to visit the Guardian newspaper website. I was using IE version 8. Then the notebook froze. When this happened, I had to switch it off without using Cleanup, which I have used safely for a long time. When I had switched it on again, I used Firefox to go to the Techsupport Forum. I followed the instructions to download dds.scr and began running it. Then the notebook froze again. It still tells me "Two logs shall be created on your desktop" Now the cursor does not move any more either. I write this from another notebook, but I cannot create a logfile,m as everything is frozen on my own notebook. Help, please,


A:Malware freezes Notebook (posting from other notebook)

Hi and Welcome!!

My name is Jeff. I would be more than happy to take a look at your malware results logs and help you with solving any malware problems you might have. Logs can take a while to research, so please be patient and know that I am working hard to get you a clean and functional system back in your hands. I'd be grateful if you would note the following:
The fixes are specific to your problem and should only be used for the issues on this machine.
It's often worth reading through these instructions and printing them for ease of reference.
If you don't know or understand something, please don't hesitate to say or ask!! It's better to be sure and safe than sorry.
Please reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic.
If you happen to have a flash drive/thumb drive please have that ready in the event that we need to use it.
Please be sure to subscribe to the topic if you have not already done so.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Please do not delete, download or install anything unless instructed to do so.
DO NOT use any TOOLS such as Combofix or HijackThis fixes without supervision. Doing so could make your system inoperable and could require a full reinstall of your operating system and losing all your programs and data.

Having said that.... Let's get going!!

Are you able to boot to Safe Mode at all? If you are, try to run DDS from there and when the logs are made please post them.

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New here and so I hope that I am posting in the correct place.
My new notebook an M50-MX5 was in the warranty depot as we thought it had a dvd burning problem, however that was not the case; it was the media.

Anyway before it was sent into the toshiba warranty depot the level 2 tech phone support said to get the computer to be like it was when I unboxed it 2 days earlier, this was last month.
And so to my frustration all of my programs were removed, however before doing this the software techie at the office Ghosted it to my Western Digital Storage Unit and then sent it off to the Warranty Depot.

While it was in the shop I used my 3 yr old toshiba satellite 2410 which I am now typing on at this moment.
I was finally able to get the software tech from the office to reGhost my new toshiba M50 on this past Saturday and left it with him for a couple of hrs and then returned to pick it up as there was not much in the way of programs on it and so it wouldn't take long to Ghost the Images back.

Well, in my Western Digital Storage unit are Ghosts of this 3 year old satellite that I am presently using.
After the techie got my Restore Disk installed and tried to reGhost the image onto the New M50, it crashed.

He was using the wrong Ghost, he was using the one that was from this unit???
I was not happy, especially after he claimed that he now had it Ghosted with the proper Image and I tried it out and it was very sloooooow to Boot. He said it was my Norton 2006.
I... Read more

A:new notebook Ghosted with old notebook ghost and now problems??

Something you might want to try (it's a pita) is a repair of windows - this may fix some of the slowness issues you're seeing. The install program he's talking about is probably the U3 component of many larger USB pen drives. I think it's on most of Sandisk's newer large drives. A repair of windows might also take care of this. I seriously doubt that putting the wrong image on the machine and then putting another image on could do any damage to the machine itself - the folks here at my job do it all the time.

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We've got a desktop hooked into a linksys B router, and a notebook that accesses the internet wirelessly thru that router. lately we havent been able to get a decent connection with the notebook, and if we've gotten any at all, it gets dropped soon. is the desktop getting the majority of the bandwidth, which is eliminating the notebook from getting enough? if so, is there anyway to limit the amount that the desktop is getting?

A:Two computers, desktop and notebook, notebook not getting int. connection

What changed from when it was working to now?

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Olá, pessoal
Precisei mudar a configuração do boot do meu notebook para inicializar via CD/DVD, porém não consigo mais retornar para a página do SETUP para alterar a configuração para fazer o boot pelo HDD, e então não tenho conseguido mais acessar meu sistema, pois acaba fazendo um "loop infinito" nessa mensagem da imagem que anexarei.
Google translation: Portuguese >> English
I needed to change the boot configuration of my notebook to boot via CD / DVD, but I can not go back to the SETUP page to change the configuration to boot the HDD, and then I have not been able to access my system anymore, an "infinite loop" in this message of the image I will attach.

Alguém poderia me ajuidar, por favor?
Could someone please help me?
Moderator comment: If you wish to post in your native language, please post an English translation along side as that is the principal language of this community.
Comentário do moderador: Se você deseja publicar na sua língua nativa, publique uma tradução em inglês ao lado, pois esse é o idioma principal desta comunidade.

A:Resetar BIOS Notebook B490 / Reset BIOS Notebook B490

Check bios entries for boot order and disable PXE (network) boot. Also run diagnostics on HDD while in BIOS and check to see if HDD problems show up.Last - if no hard drive issue is present, and your computer says no system disk present you may have an issue with Windows OS or the boot loader it uses. Boot from Windows DVD or EasyBCD emergency disk to repair any issues with the Windows boot loader.Good luckCB

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I had win 7, 64 bit on my 5 yr old 4g lenovo....Ran into some unfixable issues so did a clean install of win 7....some how ended up with a different version at 32 bit.....can't fix it with disks I have....Does anyone know if I upgrade to windows 10 will it allow me to choose 64bit or maybe even do it automatically ?? Please help !


You?ll need to perform a clean install to get to the 64-bit version of Windows 10 from the 32-bit one. There?s no upgrade path.

you can switch directly to a 64 bit version of Windows 10 using your product key.

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I think MSE has updates for March 22 however when I have MSE search for updates it finds none, the last I had was, which is way behind the updates I had noticed in reading prior to coming here.
I scanned my computer with MBAM and SuperAntiSpyware and Kaspersky's rootkit and nothing was found, so what could be the issue?

A:MSE is not updating

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since i upgraded to avg 2011 it always seems to be updating when i turn on the pc then scanning. It really slows down my pc & i didnt have this problem with previous versions. Is there something i should do about it?


A:AVG always updating!

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I have this Netbook, It only has 1GB RAM and it says that its the max that it can have.

Am I correct in saying, If i updated the BIOS or something else I can add more RAM?

Here is the netbook - http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/...computers&subtype=nseries&model_cd=NC10RH/XEU

A:Updating RAM

www,crucial.com will scan your system and advise you how much ram you can install on it.

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I have Internet Explorer version 5.00.2616 and I want to get version 6 instead. Do I have to uninstal my I.E. or do I install version 6 over the top, or what? Thanks, everyone.

A:Updating to new ver. of I.E.

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I have not used my Win 10 Laptopn since August 19, 2016 and coincidentally have a Paragon Backup of the computer on that date. Today, I fired it up and of course wound up with a update. After the update cycle Winver shows version 15111 O
S build 10586.494. Does that sound right? And, does that include the "Aniversary Edition?"

From what I read around the web, the Anniversary Edition is maybe not the most desirable. I don't mind at all restoring the computer to the 8/19 date and this time deferring updates.

I would like to hear some thoughts on this.

Thank you very much.

A:Updating since 08/19/16

The current OS Version is 1607 (Win Anniversary update). I haven't any problems after the update some people are having issues but most of them should of been resolved on September's patch Tuesday.

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Ok,I have .net framework of 1.1, can any1 provide the d-load link for the other updates? Offline please.It seems you have to update one by one ....and microsoft has the links hidden deep in the crevices of their A**... he eh he.. thanks ​

A:Updating to .NET 3.0

btw: dot NET stuff is strictly Microsoft, bloat ware, and totally unnecessary for a clean
PC operation.

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:knock: I am having trouble with the Updating on SpyBlaster..Keeps telling me it - Cannot establish connection..Can you help me ? bevyd

A:No Updating

You don't give us much info, do you?
Before you try the update, make sure you are online first and/or have a browser open.
Then also check that your firewall (if any) permits SpyBlaster to go out.

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how do i totally update my windows 7 HP laptop.
i cant update windows my drivers nuthin. its at least 7 yrs old. slow as idk what. computer illiteracy ugh i hate it

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I will try to make this as clear as possible. I tried to download the available updates for my win 7 Premium 64bit. It just sat on "downloading" showing 0% after about 3 hours. When I went to shut down the computer, there was a symbol showing that it would install updates and then shutdown. I have never had that symbol before. When I next turned on the computer I got the configuring windows screen and then it opened normally. One update had been successfully installed. Being the fool that I am, I tried again to install the updates that are available. Same story - one more update installed. This has been going on for three days now.
One update failed to install KB3172054 showed Code 80070013. It appears that it failed twice. This morning I went through the same deal with configuring windows and I am now totally unsure how to proceed. Obviously, updates are downloading - I just am not seeing it on the downloading screen. Would it be best for me to download the update repair tool from MS, or is there something else I should try to solve this problem with updates?
I would really appreciate any advice you can offer.

A:Updating Win 7

I'm not finding anything listed for  KB3172054 ... is it possible that you transposed two digits, that it should be 3175024 ?   https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3175024

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I can't get this wretched machine to download SP2. I used FixIt to gain some ground. After running FixIt, the install of SP2 started but now it only goes to 50% installation and cites Error code 80070490. Without installing SP2, I can't update to IE 9 and therefore can't see some websites properly etc etc etc. It's making my life miserable. Someone please help!

A:sp2 and updating ie 9

Here's the standAlone version...
Download: Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - Five Language Standalone (KB948465) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details 32bit
Download: Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - Five Language Standalone for x64-based systems (KB948465) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details 64bit

Give that a try.

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I'm looking for a way to update the MBR.

I had Windows 10 on my laptop (Acer Aspire 5732 Z) in one partition and I installed Windows XP on another partition and now I can only boot into XP.

I wanted to try the fixmbr command in the XP recovery console (although if my memory serves right that wouldn't help) but it asked for an admin password before I can input anything and I think I don't have one (I tried simply hitting ENTER, "admin", and something else), after 3 failed attempts my only option was to reboot.
After that I installed a Ubuntu on a 3rd partition because I remembered (maybe incorrectly) that installing a Linux distribution has solved this problem before but it only detected the XP partition, so now the boot manager offers Ubuntu and XP, Windows 10 doesn't make an appearance.

A:Updating the MBR

Fixed it by creating a Windows 10 recovery USB drive on another laptop, and typing these lines in the command prompt:

bootrec /RebuildBcd
bootrec /fixMbr
bootrec /fixboot

Although now I can only boot Windows 10, full circle.

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I guess I'm of the school, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I've recently upgraded my os from xp pro that I've had on my Home built i5 for years without updating to win 7 ultimate to take advantage of 64 bit memory for video editing.

All my needed programs run fine, why should I even look for update issues? If it's worry of hacking, can't that be addressed via anti virus / anti malware, and firewalls?

I've never had a problem before, and I clone my 2nd immediately after all my video programs are installed. I'm not sure I want to create an issue where all is ok now. Thoughts?

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Hello all
On the website eBaumsWorld it will not let me upload my media. It was working fine with uploads on that site through IE6, but then one day it quit. It also does not work in Firefox either. If I click on a link the "browse" button for uploading content pops up quickly, but when I go to the site's upload section it does not show up. I've tried clearing cookies and all of that too.

For further examples of what I mean by this see the pictures below

1. This is what it looks like when I first go to the upload page on eBaumsworld (note: there is no browse button or anything):
2. This is what pops up then dissapears (all of this happens in quick flash, I pressed the Print Screen key quickly when this popped up) when I click on a link to the left, or anywhere:

Is there anyway of fixing this? Its got to be something with my system since its doing it with Firefox and IE.

Please let me know!! Thanks!

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Since 1/12/16 windows has been trying to install updates. I tried manually, and some work, but most of the time it fails to configure.. Any idea whats going on?

A:W7 64 just not updating, help

Please follow this guide here to perform a System File Check of Windows:

How to run SFC /scannow from Command Prompt - Tech Support Forum

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I have IE8 (Version 8.0.6001 18702) on my WinXP and when I go to some sites I am told to update my browser.
As far as I knew, there is/was no update for IE8.
I just went to Ebay and it said I needed to update my IE8 and supplied this URL

It appears I cannot enter Ebay unless I click on the update URL. What now?

Do I need to (or should I) update my IE8. Is it necessary, etc.?
Does anyone now anything about this?

A:Updating IE8

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I need help updating my new win 7 PC. Is their a updating program to do it for me? Thanks for your time.

A:Help updating a NEW pc

what do you mean by "updating"?

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Can anybody help, I am looking at buying a new computer as I can not get any updates for my windows XP after doing a reformat of the hard drive when it crashed, which I reinstalled windows XP from my original windows disk. I have tried all ways which have been posted on lots of forum sites,. but no go it will not get any updates at all. Hope some some can answer my question.


A:Re XP not updating

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I use a Microsoft trackball instead of a mouse, and I have set the shoulder buttons, 'Left/Right' to mimic the 'Back/Forward' buttons, as it makes my surfing a lot easier. IE 7 keeps updating the pages as I go backwards or forwards. Normally it's not a problem, but when search type data was sent, it gives me a 'Can't Update Page' screen.

Is there a way I can tell IE 7 to NOT update the pages as I browse back and forth?

I'm sure there is, it's just that I can't find it!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I have repeatedly tried to get Spy Bot to download the upgrades and everytime, I get a "not responding" message in the task bar. I am running 98 and I have never had a problem like this before. I have installed and reinstalled it to make sure, any suggestions, i.e. download from the Spybot homepage, check a setting, use a 5 iron on my computer. ( Or is that too much club?)

A:Spy Bot not updating

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I cant for some reason update AVF Free Edition. It gives me an error

Cannot establish an automatic connectio nto the internet. Make a connection and try again. This can be done by launching a browser window. Click to expand...

Anyone else have this problem, and or happened upon a fix?

I am connecteed through the internet.... so i should be getting thorugh (high speed ADSL)

A:AVG updating

Perhaps this could be moved to a better forum?

Perhaps all software?

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So a few weeks ago my computer crashed and i had to run a system restore, so now all my programs (the ones that are still on my harddrive) are out of date, specifically Internet Explorer. I was wondering if there is one big update that includes all other smaller patches/security updates/etc. all in one download instead of downloading each one from the web site individually. Or can i uninstall it then reinstall the latest version? Would that help? Any advice would be appreciated.

A:updating IE

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My PC was not connceted to internet for more than 6months. so all my applications were out of date. now Iam trying to update ceratin applications and this is the following problems that i encounter
First, I am trying to install Zone alarm in my computer and i can't install it.
Second, i am trying to update my adaware and it is not getting updated.
Third, when i click on the link in adaware to go to the website. my navigateur is not going to adawre website. instead it is opening a new window with google.

SO basically these are the problems that i encounter. I would really appreciate if some one can help me fix all these issues and also help me in protecting my computer in a better way in the future.


A:pb updating my PC

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Looks like I'm going to give the RTM a shot. I believe I'll have to turn off "auto-activate when online" during the install to allow for the rearming thing until October but I'm curious about Windows Updates once it's running. Getting it updated is typically the first thing I do when installing a new OS.

Is it wise (or possible) to run any Windows Updates post-install before the the actual release is public in Oct?

A:Updating the RTM?

personally i have had no problem using windows updates, all beta and 7600 will update, but you might want to wait until the final RTM is actually released-not yet

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H,Good day to all.
I'm in the process of adding an extra hdd into my desktop running windows 7 home premium.
Been looking at a 2tb ?70.00p,My question is if I do decide on this plan My intention is to put all my doc's music photos etc on this new drive and just keep the existing C for the operating system and all programs.
Will I be able to access the items ie:my documents through the same method as I'm doing now,Click on the orb then select what I req from the libraries?.
Would that be possible or is it going to be more complicated?.
I would appreciate some advice on this before I go ahead and purchase this new drive.

Many thanks.
HDD Here.....http://www.ebuyer.com/248582-seagate...edium=products

A:Updating my HDD

You may if you like name the extra hdd as "My Documents" and put it as the top Sub-Folder in Libraries\Documents. If you are using an e-Mail Client to receive e-Mail then you could also keep your Mail Storage in it.

Good luck.

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Evening all!

Long story short, I had to do a full reset on my laptop (not a refresh) and am anticipating lots of Windows updates when it finishes.

I was hoping to get some guidance on what my best attack strategy, not only for times sake but also in avoiding unnecessary/failed updates from Windows.

Any other tips or *dont forget abouts* are greatly appreciated

Thank you!


I think a lot depends on how far back you are talking about after the reset.

You show nothing in System Specs, and the only thing I see indicates you were running Windows 8 before the reset.

What OS were you running, Windows 8 or 8.1? If you were on 8 you might have problems but if you were running 8.1 it would be good to know if the reset took you back to before the big 8.1 Update 1.

Need more info.

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