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Internal Speaker producing all sound?

Q: Internal Speaker producing all sound?

I have this old computer which I dont use anymore, but there is something about it that left me quite confused

It has a sound card, but the external spreakers produce no sound. Instead, the internal speaker produces all the sounds (which gives terrible quality because the case is closed, and its a crappy speaker anyways). I never changed any of the computers settings, but one day it was like that and never changed back.

Any explanations (I dont use the computer and prolly wont (it doesnt even have an OS installed (ready for trash))?

Just want to figure this one out. Its an old compaq p-i with < 128 RAM (I think its like 32MB)

Preferred Solution: Internal Speaker producing all sound?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Internal Speaker producing all sound?

If it doesn't have an operating system installed, what sounds are you hearing besides the BIOS beep(s)?

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My speakers are producing distorted sound. Is it included in the warranty?

A:Speaker Producing Distorted Sound

Hello, please ensure you create a system restore point on the notebook and backup complete data.  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03327545 please do a sound check using the sound recordercheck mutiple audio resources like audio files,internet check the unit with external earphone uninstall the audio drivers from device manager update the audio and bios drivers form HP Website   http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/8499326/model/8819305 Regards,

I'm an HP Employee.The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP.Click on Thumbs up if my post helped you.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking an answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.Regards,Vijay

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I've NEVER heard this out of my computer before. While World of Warcraft is running the box itself suddenly makes what sounds like an "alarm" from im guessing the internal speaker. The moment I close the game or minimize it the sound stops.

Can anyone help with this?

A:Internal Speaker makes what sound like an alarm sound

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Hello,  I have a problem with sound from internal speaker again. Following a topic from this forum, I installed ThinkVantage Tool and for a while my problem was solved but now I have no sound again. What (and why) is the issue here? How to fix it once for good? This is very annoying. Please, heeelp! Thx

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I am prabhat. i am using Dell Inspiron n5010. Recently i installed window 8.1 64 bit. Suddenly my internal speakers stop working however sound is coming from headphone. I had updated audio driver also but nothing works. What a matter is? I would like to know is window 8.1 is compatible to dell inspiron n5010 or not, because initially i was using window 7 64 bit. If 8.1 will work then how i get back my sound from speakers. Any one please help me out.

A:No sound from internal speaker

tiru1973I would like to know is window 8.1 is compatible to dell inspiron n5010 or not
Hello. Dell does not support Win8.1 on the Inspiron 15 N5010, however, the audio should work.
Your laptop has IDT audio hardware on the motherboard, but there is not a Win8.1 audio driver available for it, so install the IDT Win7 audio driver into Win8.1, by using compatibility mode.
1. Download and save the audio driver to your desktop or any convenient location on the hard drive.  2. Double click on the new folder to extract (unzip) the driver files.3. The extractor wizard will create a new folder for the driver files. It will be at "c:\dell\drivers\xxxxxx". Write down the exact location that the wizard creates. 4. If the driver begins to install automatically, halt (cancel) the installation.5. Browse to the driver files on the hard drive (the location you wrote down).6. Find the "setup.exe" file.7. Right click on setup.exe to open the context menu.8. Select the Properties.9. Select the Compatibility tab.10. Check the box "run this program in compatibility mode for"... Win7.
If the speakers still do not work after installing the IDT driver, revert the laptop back to Windows 7 if possible.
If the speakers still do not work after reverting to Win7, test the speakers for failure by running either the audio test in the ePSA test, or by failing the color bar test in  the PSA test {Your laptop will have either the ePSA test or the older PSA test.) Instruc... Read more

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I purchased this desktop earlier this year.  I have updated my BIOS and sound drivers and still no sound from the internal speakers, even after restart?! Does this model even have any? So frustrating...

A:no internal speaker sound

Hi: I don't know of any HP consumer desktop PC that comes with an internal speaker, including yours. Only HP business desktop PC's have internal speakers. You will need to purchase a set of external speakers. They plug into the back port labeled # 8 in the illustration below. Figure : Back I/O ports DC input powerVGADVI-DUSB 3.0: 2USB 2.0: 2LANAudio: Line inAudio: Line outAudio: Microphone

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hi guys
my computer hp dx2100 micro tower, internal speaker dont have a sound.
i check my sound card driver is ok, the cable between motherboard and speaker is connected. i also reinstall the sound driver, but the end the speaker in the computer didnt have sound, can someone tell me what is the problem that occur??

A:internal speaker dont have a sound

the case speaker doesnt rely on your sound card, all it provides is basically beeps and such. For sound from your sund card you need external speakers connected to the sound card sockets.

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Dell dimension e520 running win xp

there is no computer sound when pc shuts down and can't get
sound on external speaker.

Please help

A:No internal or external speaker sound

first go to control panel and check the audio option of your computer and see if the computer recognizes a sound card.

after clicking audio go ahead and check the settings. if everything is grayed out it means you don't have sound card installed, you need to check device manager and see if you have your sound card there and if see if it's installed with the correct driver.

check also if the external speakers are connected to the right audio port at the back of pc.

hope this helps!

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Can anyone help please. I have had my HP Pavilion TS 11 Notebook PC for a little while now and from day one there has been no sound fom the internal speakers. If I plug headphones into the headphone socket the sound is there. There is a circular symbol and "dts/Sound+" written on the notebook if that helps. How can I get this rectified? Kind Regards Steve  

A:Sound through headphones, but no sound from internal speaker...

Hi @STEVEisFUBAR, Welcome to HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that there is no sound from the speaker. Please follow this document for troubleshooting: HP Notebook PCs - No Sound from Speakers (Windows 8) Let me know how it goes. If this helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos.  Regards,

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Hi, I've been searching google thin and tried numerous fixes and nothing so far has worked. I just bought an used Lenovo ideapad u410 and a week later the internal speakers suddenly stopped working. External/headphones still work flawlessly, but the internal speakers won't make a sound. So far I've tried these things:Updating drivers manually.Deleting drivers and let windows update them itself.Deleting drivers and installing the default windows drivers.Checking the internal speakers is set as standard, not muted and that the jackstick isn't stuck or jammed.Restoring the computer to factory settings.Restart audio services.I probably tried some other stuff too that I forgot. When I got the computer there was windows 10 installed, so I tried to do a clean install of windows 8.1. This made the sound come back for a few days, then it disappeared again like with windows 10. I then tried upgrading back to windows 10, didn't work. Rolled back to 8.1, didn't work. I'm considering doing a clean install of windows 7 at this point, because I'm desperate.At the momemt I got 8.1 installed and I have tried installing and deleting the drivers numerous times, with no success.Anyone got any ideas as to what I can do next besides doing a clean install of windows 7?

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo u410 no sound from internal speaker

If you right click on the speaker icon in the tray and select playback devices, do your internal speakers show up there with a Green check mark, and if not, if you right click in the Playback window and select Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices. do your internal speakers show as disabled?    If so, right click on them and select enable and then set them as the default.     Also try disabling the other playback devices (unplug them too) to see if that helps. It sounds like yoiu may have already checked that, and it is not the issue, espeically since it sounds like (no pun intented) ,that you have restored the system, but it never hurts to check.  Drivers and software aside, most sound card jacks mechanically mute the internal speakers when an external jack is pugged in, so perhaps the jack itself is broken and is not switching back to the internal speakers when the headphones are unplugged.   .   

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i have a software that  in windows xp,in this when a get a massage , create sound in internal speaker (bazzer) no external speaker.
but when i install in windows 7, no create in internal speaker and now create sound in external speeaker
please help me to repair error

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Hi Everyone;
My del latitude 3440 sound had stop working since last year after connecting it to an external speaker listening to music. I tried system restore right after the moment it went off but does not do anything. I tried installing the audio drivers but still can't. I was assuming that it might be the hardware problem but don't really sure about it. Can anyone please remove the burden from me.

A:No sound on audio jacks and internal speaker Del latitude 3440

Hi Sadsea,
Do you hear the Windows start-up tone when it's loading? Can you run the on-board diagnostics <F12> and capture any error message or codes.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address, so that we can check on the configurations.

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New Dell Optiplex 980 Win. 7 64 bit (SSD) and having diffy with my computer speakers and playing the onboard / internal speaker that both play at the same time. 
.I've updated the Realtek High Definition driver and believe system is up to date on everything else. Would this be a matter of just disabling the onboard speaker?


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I am running Windows 10 Professional with current up-to-date updates on my Dell Inspiron Laptop.

Several days ago I noticed that plugging in current headset no longer muted the internal speaker. I know that it is not the headset as it works perfectly on another computer.
Doing a web search has not resulted in finding the problem, let alone a solution. Further my anti-virus is up-to-date, as are the microphone and speaker drivers.

Pointers in the direction of a solution will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:External Speaker Fails to Mute Internal Speaker

What audio codec does your laptop use?

It will be listed in device manager. The VEN DEV combo will be enough information.

You'll find it in the device properties details tab, specifically, the "Hardware IDs" section.

It will resemble this:

Usually the audio codec chip itself will detect an external speaker is plugged in. Have you checked your audio device's configuration software? It should have a shortcut in the classic control panel.

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I can not get sound from my front jacks but I get sound through the internal speaker. If the rear jacks are enabled then they will work.

Device manager shows: 2 high definition audio devices (not realtek). One for the rear jacks and the other for ATPI Inernal ATPI jack. No playback device listed for the front jacks.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the devices but the front jacks wont install

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:HP400 sound from internal speaker and rear jacks but not front jacks

High Definition Audio Drivers are only the generic, basic function, Windows installed sound drivers. They are not the full feature drivers that the hardware drivers provide. Check HP for a correct sound driver, if available.

ATPI (ATAPI) suggests this is an old Windows XP PC that was upgraded. There may not be any better drivers than the generic ones you have now.

Also check the front panel audio connection to the motherboard (reseat the connector).

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Hi I'm having a problem with my microphone. My computer recognizes that my mic is plugged in, but it is producing no sound. I have tried everything from adjusting the sound to reinstalling the mic. Any help? thank you

A:Mic recognized but not producing sound?

Have you tried disabling and then reenabling the device in sound properties?

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I have a HP ProBook 450 G3 Notebook that recently started to have audio problems.  I only have sound when a set of Powered External Speakers are attached, I have no sound when using headphones or through the built-in laptop speakers.  According to the HP SoftPaq, it has a Conexant ISST driver installed. The speakers and everything did work until Windows 10 had a Update (I do Believe).  Has anyone else had this problem?  I have even tried reinstalling the Driver that the SoftPaq recommends with no resolution. Any Information on resolving this problem is greatly appreciated.

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I have installed Manycam and want to use it to play through Skype.
I have set up all the Skype setting correctly.

Manycam will play video, but I cannot get it to play sound.

Can you help?


A:Manycam not producing sound

What kind of output are you trying to achieve? Your stereo-mix (what you hear), or your microphone?

Manycam itself, as far as I'm aware, doesn't support audio output itself. You will have to select your output device as either Stereo-Mix or your Microphone, in Skype, in order to achieve any audio.

If you can't find Stereo Mix, Go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Sound > Manage Audio Devices, click the 'Record' tab and you should see the Stereo Mix device. Right click, and select 'set as default device'. If it is not seen there, right click on the blank area inside the tab, and check 'show disabled devices' and 'show disconnected devices'. It should then appear, and you can mark it as your default recording device.

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My problem is similar to this thread, but this thread was solved by something that my problem has not been solved by:


My computer is using a DVI to HDMI cable to connect to my SONY TV, and a 3.5mm to Red/White composite cable for the sound. The exact same configuration works just fine on my Mac and on my other Windows 7 computer, but my current computer it won't work for. I have looked around in display settings and tinkered with the audio settings and I don't know where else to turn.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate, and my display adapter is Intel G45/G43, and I just have standard Realtek auidio drivers

A:DVI to HDMI not producing sound from composite in

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Hi recently I purchased JBL on stage 200iD speakers/ipod dock. Pretty decent but the remote is garbage. My laptop is Hp 2000 notebook, and the audio card is realtek HD.

The speakers worked quite well when an ipod/mp3 is docked or when connected to an ipod through the male/male adaptors (i think this is what its called), however everytime I try to plug the adaptor into my laptop (HP 2000 notebook), it produces static sounds. This only happens when I turn the speakers up, and whenever I plug/unplug the adaptor with the speakers on, it will create this weird cracking noise.

I was wondering if this is the speakers' or the laptop's problem? The speakers like I mentioned earlier, works perfectly fine when docked/connected to a music player but doesn't when connected to my laptop. Also, the static sound tends to start being produced AFTER i started playing something like a movie or music. I also realized that restarting the PC seems to temporarily fix this issue.

Since I only purchased this speakers a week ago, I could always go back and exchange for a newer one but I need to verify where the problem is from.

After googling for a while, I've read that its possible it may be interference from the other cords and/or power cords, or may be interference from wireless stuff? I have ipod/ipad connected to wifi (not near the speakers), as well as a cellphone usually a safe distance away from my speakers, and my PC is connected to wifi as well.

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So few days ago my brother slammed my pc because he had some problems with it. I said to him that was not the brightest choice, and then he said that he can hear a fan getting stuck and producing weird noises. The day after I cleaned the pc from the dust, and noticed when I booted it up that it still makes weird sound. I think that maybe from my brothers slam it loosened or something, but idk. Here is a picture of it. On one picture you can even se the copper wire, because I think the fan loosened up. Above it is something metal and white, and above that the cpu. The fan is marked with a blue arrow, and the place that you can see the copper wire with a red arrow. How can I fix the weird sound?

A:Cpu/motherboard fan producing weird sound

That's a Graphic card, looks like the fan has moved slightly, try pushing it back to close the opening where you can see copper wire but be careful not to break anything by using too much force.

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Audio from my laptop is only going through the two tweeters on the bottom front of the device.  No audio plays from the subwoofer from the bottom, nor is there any sound from the top speakers. Thanks

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For what seems like no apparent reason, my side speakers on my Logitech X-530's aren't producing any sound. I unplugged them temporarily to test out the game adapter that was included when I bought them (allows you to plus in the audio in/out from the console into the speakers), and since I plugged them back in to my computer the two side speakers are producing no sound. The speakers aren't broken, because I tested the jack in my mp3 player and they make sound, and I don't think it's the sound card because whenever I plug them in I get a notification that they were recognized, it's just that no sound comes out. I have it set (and it always has been) to 5.1 surround. The two rear speakers work, and the center and sub woofer work, just not the sides. Whats more, when I change the audio settings to 7.1, the sound test works, so they are connected to the computer. These speakers have always worked, and I've had them for 3 years now and they just now are giving me trouble. Can anyone think of a reason why they might not work now?

A:Side speakers producing no sound

More than likely it is your driver and software for the sound card. Try to reinstall it.

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HI I am facing audio problem for the last few months. when i install window 7 its automatically install audio driver which plays built in laptop speaker but exteranl headphone/microphone do not play sound. Same like this if i install given audio driver of hp probook 6550b which is sp48147 then headphone play sound but spearkers do not. I have installed windows many times to solve this issue but still this problem is existing. Please help in resolving this issue

A:Laptop speaker play sound but external headphone or speaker ...

Hi, Please try to enable it using the following steps (a) Right click the speaker icon,(b) Click Playback devices.(c) Right click External speakers (or similar) ,              (d) Click Enable,(e) Click Apply/Ok Regards.

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Nowadays when i play music or video on my Dell XPS (L501X), running Windows 8.1 at a higher volume, mostly above 60% it gives crack sounds. I have removed Dell Audio (Realtek Audio Driver 2.75) and now its running with microsoft audio driver but same issue persisted. I had installed Dell Audio again but it doesn't resolve my problem.

A:Dell XPS producing noise (crack) sound

Try the High Definition Audio Codecs driver direct from Realtek, if you haven't already.

Do you also get the noise with a headset? or is it just the speakers? which would lean toward a speaker problem.

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hi everybody!

I recently reformatted a Toshiba Satellite Laptop, model M105-S3041.

Everything has been going well until I got to the audio driver. I downloaded the driver that Toshiba directed me to. It was the RealTek Audio Driver v5.10.0.5200. After I installed the driver, the laptop produced no sound.

I have checked all the levels on the audio properties: the master volume, the speaker levels, etc. All of them are up. There is nothing that is muted. I can still hear nothing.

I'm not sure if the driver that Toshiba has associated with this model of laptop is the correct driver. But I am not sure... thats why I am asking you all.

Any ideas?


A:Toshiba laptop not producing sound/audio

I forgot to post some specs...

OS: Win Xp Home SP3
Toshiba Satellite Laptop - Model M105-S3041

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Want to record sound from Sony amplifier STR DH-700.Options include HDMI out or RCA out from CD.Yoga 910 sound card device is Realtek High Definition Audio (SST) Device 00000076 or Intel Display Audio Software options are WinAmp and Audacity.  Neither show any sound when HDMI to USB or RCA to mic is plugged in. No devices pop up. Under device WinAmp shows nothing.  See screenshot.Is some other interface needed besides one of these software programs? Also, when I unplug the mic/phone line while amplifier is running, Yoga emits a continuous sound that is impossible to turn off without rebooting twice.

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I have an issue with my 5.1 speaker. Only the front left and front right would produce sound. However, when i run the speaker test on the CP, everything are working fine.

Here's what I did.

Thanks in advance!


here's what i found. I'm using an on board sound card. Don't really understand what Creative is talking about. lol.

A:Solved: 5.1 speaker, front speaker produces sound only.

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An internal speaker in my computer keeps beeping periodically (at very different rates) when I play games and only when I play games as far as I've noticed.

What causes this and how do I make it stop?

A:Internal speaker

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I just talked to a guy who has had his speakers swiped by his brother. I told him most pc s come with an internal speaker so he should get some sound even if it is the basic beeps. He says no way without external speakers. I don't think I have ever had a pc without a internal speaker of some kind. I have even seen softeare to play mp3s, poorly, using win 3. He says his computer is two weeks old. Am I out to lunch on this? It's driving me nuts.

A:Internal speaker?

The "internal speaker" on many systems these days is simply a small "piezo" beeper attached to the motherboard, not like the "real" speaker that used to be fitted to older systems.

The internal speaker is controlled at BIOS level, and is not usually available to Windows as a sound output device, just a BIOS error signalling device.

So your were in to lunch, once. But lunch has changed.

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Is there no internal speaker for the 700-414? I'm moving some things around and I don't have my audio system hooked up yet.Thanks

A:Internal speaker

KAP1959, welcome to the forum. No, HP desktops do not have internal speakers except for the system sounds.  This is not capable of working for other sound.  If there are speakers they would be in the monitor. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I built a custom desktop a couple of months ago. I have a Gigabyte Z77X-DH3 mobo inside an Antec Nine Hundred case.

Gigabyte Z77X-DH3 Manual

Nine Hundred Manual

I'm not very sharp when it comes to computer audio, but here's what I'm looking at (I think...). The mobo has integrated audio which uses the VIA VT2021 audio codec. The case also has headphone/mic inputs on the front panel. This is connected to the mobo using the provided High Definition Audio cable (as opposed to AC97). I have speakers connected to the integrated audio, and a headset connected to the front panel headphone/mic ports.

In windows, I am using the VIA HD Audio Deck software. In the advanced options menu, I have the headphones set on the "Independent Headphone" option, which makes the headphones show up as it's own device in the windows playback device menu (which is what I want), instead of showing it as the speakers. The problem is, when I make the headphones the active device, they don't play any sound. The green equalizer bars next to the device in the windows menu show the device is playing, but no sound comes from the headphones themselves. If I switch the setting in the VIA software to "Redirected Headphone", using the same port, it works fine (but it shows up as the same device as the speakers).

In the Device Manager, under "Sounds, video and game controllers", I have 3 devices listed: AMD High Definition Audio Device
High Definition Audio Device
VIA ... Read more

A:VIA HD Audio Deck - Front panel headphone device not producing sound

First get rid of the High Definition Audio Device. That was probably a default device that Windows installed, before you installed either the AMD video drivers or the VIA sound drivers. Whether that is interferring with what you want to do? (or if what you want to do can be done).

I just built a new PC with a gigabyte Z77X UD5H motherboard and it has RealTek audio on it.

In the RealTek control panel, I can set the front panel headset jack to either mute the speakers (normal) or to not mute the speakers so that both the speakers and headset work.

But, if you are trying to get two different default audio playback devices at the same time, you can't do that. Windows limits you to only one default audio playback device.

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i have optiplex 380.on win7 internal speaker does not working.i installed sound driver from dell site.

A:optiplex 380 internal speaker

Hi hmnah,
Do you remember making any recent changes to the computer prior to this issue?
I would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below:
Method 1:
Open audio troubleshooter and check if the issue occurs follow the steps in the link below:
Open the Playing Audio troubleshooter
Method 2:
Verify if the default sound device is set correctly. Follow these steps:

Click the Start button, click Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Sound.
Click the Playback tab. Make sure the correct default audio device is selected. (For most users, the default audio device is Speakers.)
If your default device isn't set to the correct audio device, on the Playback tab, select the correct device, click Properties, click the Advanced tab, and make sure that Default Format is set to the value that you expect. When finished, click OK.
On the Playback tab, select the playback device, click Configure, and then make sure the configurations are set correctly.
If the sound settings are set correctly, and your speakers are already set as the default device, go to "Verify that an audio driver is installed" now.
Select the audio device that you want as the default audio device, and then click Set Default.
Click OK to save your settings.

For your reference follow the steps in the following link:
Tips for fixing common sound problems
Method 3:
If the above step fails follow the steps from the link:
No sound in Windows.
Let me know the status.

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Please read this conversation because it describe my problem too: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Audio/HP-Pavilion-dv4-1275mx-sound-not-working-after-clean-ins... The only difference is that on my desktop (dc 5800 small factor) the ID for ?unknown device? in Device Manager is: ACPI\PNP0800*PNP0800 ?The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) The installation of this device is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system administrator. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver?.   When I try to update the driver with DI High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver for Microsoft Windows 7 (International) downloaded  from HP.com (for dc 5800 small factor) the message is: ?Windows could not find software driver for your device?. Please help! Thank you!  

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(not sure which forum this post should go to, so I hope this is ok). I am speaking to someome through skype that has a high pitched voice. How can I add some base and take away some treble from her voice. Please help. My ears are starting to bleed.

I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop.

A:Add Base to Internal PC Speaker

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I recently purchased an X1 Carbon running Windows 7.  Headphones work, but the internal speakers do not.   I've tried using the windows troubleshooting tool.  It doesn't find anything wrong. I've gone through all five things liste in this article: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht501860 None of them solved the problem. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi, Just recieved my brand new HP laptop gen 4 and am very pleased but there seems to be a 'buzzing' coming from the internal speakers when anything loud/basey is played. it seems like when a small, cheap speaker is trying to deal with a more complex range of sounds, treble middle and base at the same time. I don't know if you can help, i don't want to return it as it seems perfect. thanks in advance Bailey 

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Hello! I have had no problems with the laptop's audio/speaker until I recently connected it to a MI bluetooth speaker. When I disconnected it after using, the default internal speakers and earphone jacks cannot be detected (right-click audio icon -> playback device -> default devices cannot be found) and the audio icon in the bottom right corner is always showing a red cross. I tried connecting the bluetooth speakers again and it is working fine, but after disconnection the problem came back and I couldn't enable audio of any sort. I really need to use earphones when I'm in public and can't depend on my bluetooth speakers for everything. Any help would be very much appreciated!!

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Hi All

A couple of days ago the internal speaker on my pc stopped working for some reason. As I say in the title of this thread, I can still get sound through my headset but I would really like to restore the workings of the internal speaker.

So far I've downloaded the free DriveMax prog and checked all my drivers. There are a few out of date and one of them is for the SoundMax system that, I guess, controls the sounds - unless this is done by something else? Anyway, I downloaded and installed the newer version but then I got several message boxes come up on the reboot saying there was some sort of corruption - sorry, I can't remember what it said exactly and I can't reproduce it as I've taken the computer back using the system restore.

Can anyone help me with this please. I'm not that smart with computers as it is and even less so when it comes to drives so I'd appreciate it if someone can check the drives and possibly suggest any other checks that can be done to isolate the problem.

FYI - the pc is an hp Compaq running XPpro.

Thanks in advance.

A:Internal Speaker not Working

By way of an up date, I managed to download another copy of the driver that I said in my opening post had caused problems but this time there wasn't any sign of similar problems. However, neither was there any sign that its installation had cured my problem.

Sure would appreciate some suggestions.

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Hi everyone,

I have a Fujitsu NH751, Windows 7. Recently, I've encountered a problem with the audio: The background music in videos are normal, but the voices are always distant. The sound never drops off, it's just steadily distant, like the voice is coming from far away. I always use earphones, so I thought that maybe it was my headphone jack that needed to be rewired.

I decided to just get a USB soundcard. However, even with a USB soundcard, the voices are still distant. I find that whether on the USB or in my laptop's jack, as long as I don't plug the earphones all the way in (about 3/4 in) it works perfectly fine.

My system sounds have always been normal, no matter whether it's plugged all the way in or not. If I don't use earphones, my sound is perfectly fine.

I've re-installed my audio drivers, but it didn't help. I also went to Realtek's Audio Manager and made sure all the enhancements were unchecked. The USB doesn't even use Realtek, and yet it gives me the same problem. I'm wondering if this is a hardware problem, can it be fixed, and how much would it cost?

Thanks for any help!

A:Internal speaker problem

If you are getting the same results from two audio chipsets/sound cards with the same set of headphones, I'd suspect the headphones are faulty. Test the headset in another (3rd) device. If you have the same problem, the headphones are faulty.

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at my school the computers are dell optiplex 360 w/ win XP all stock except for software. They produce all of their sound through the internal speaker and from what i've heard or read thus far says that thats not possible but clearly it is and im curious how it works. any help would be very apreciated Thankyou

A:confused by internal speaker

Older computers had a system speaker in the bottom of the case. this speaker would just beep sounds from the CMOS like the POST beep right after boot up. Many modern computers have a set of speakers that are attached to the mother board on the inside of the case so you don't have to install speakers if you don't want to. Though there is an external speaker jack.

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I have Parkinson's disease so I use voice recognition software.

The problem occurs when I want to edit my dictation and I want to play back my words. It seems there is a speaker buried deep in the computer. The volume on that speaker is so low as to be almost useless.

I would like either to adjust that volume or direct the audio through my normal speakers.

I'm ignorant of computer terminology so I may have viewed the settings but not recognized them.

Your guidance will certainly be appreciated.

Thank you

A:Volume on internal speaker

This probably should be in the hardware forum, but here goes.

I am guessing you do not have the speakers plugged in if you are not hearing anything through them. When you plug in the speakers it will usually stop using the internal speaker. You want to plug your speakers into a like colored port on the back of the PC coming out of your sound card. It will have lots of tiny holes in it like you would plug a headset into. If it is not the same color then it will probably show you an arrow pointing out from the center.

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Ok. For Some reason, my internal speaker on the right side is a bit messed up. Whenever I play anything, it gives off this interferring bass sound like U get from static or something. It very muffled. My left speaker is ok but my right speaker is giving off this sound. I don't know how to fix it.

I just got this laptop two days ago. I think it doing this is cause My battlefield 2 crashed and now, I can't figure out how to fix this sound thing.
This also happened yesterday but it fixed itself out somehow. I don't know what I did yesterday to fix this but earlier today, BF2 crashed and now my audio on the right internal speaker messed up.

A:Laptop Internal Speaker Messed Up

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On my Windows 7 laptop, when I plug in my EXTERNAL speakers, the volume is OK, also when I Skype using my INTERNAL speaker, again the volume is quite adequate with my mp3 and audio files. BUT --- when I try to listen to my mp3 and audio files with the INTERNAL speaker, I can hardly hear anything, very weak volume. The volume bars are all on maximum, so what can I do? Strange that when I Skype using INTERNAL speaker, all is OK!

A:Volume problem when using INTERNAL speaker

What is the media player that you use to listen to MP3's? Is the volume all the way up on the media player.
Also in the system tray by the clock, you should have an icon for your sound or in Control Panel, other then the Windows Volume speaker. Here you can change volume for your internal speakers. Also, click the Windows Volume speaker and press Mixer to adjust the volume for your media player.

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Helloi use earpiece can hear sounds but as for internal speaker there is no sounds i try all the possible solution like reinstall, remove , update and all doesn't work it i believe something do with hdmi port to tv  please help thanks  

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Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if it's possible to make the internal PC speaker beep in Windows. I'm not talking about external speakers or headphones, I'm talking about the speaker inside a desktop computer.

What I've been told is starting Windows Vista, the beep.sys file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers is replaced with a newer version that doesn't allow beeping through the internal speaker, and all beeps go through external speakers (if connected). I've also been told that in Windows XP, with no external speakers connected, Windows XP will use the internal speaker for console.beep in VB.NET, or with any error/warning message.

A few articles online said you can replace your own beep.sys file with one from Windows XP, although this will only work on 32-bit installations. I haven't tried this yet, but I do have an installation of Windows XP available. It would be even better if someone could find a way to also do this on 64-bit installations. (Maybe use the beep.sys from Windows XP x64 Edition?)

Anyway, I want the end result to be able to use console.beep on Windows Vista or newer OS and have the sound come through the internal speaker. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Internal PC speaker beep

Whatever your intention, you really don't want your program to go messing around with the Windows system files. Even if it works (and I imagine you want some sort of audible alert that can't be disabled by just turning off the sound), you'd then throw anything else that expects the beep to use the headphones or connected speakers.

As to the actual answer, you'd need to send a signal to the hardware directly and I don't know how to do that. Perhaps something here can help: http://www.vbforums.com/showthread....om-PC-Internal-Speaker-(not-from-sound-card)-!!

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