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Solved: Delete Duplicate Emails In One List of Two

Q: Solved: Delete Duplicate Emails In One List of Two

I have a list of 39525 emails in column A and a list of 19909 emails in column B. If there is the same email in column A and B, I need the duplicate removed from column B and stay in column A. Please help Thanks!

Preferred Solution: Solved: Delete Duplicate Emails In One List of Two

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Delete Duplicate Emails In One List of Two

Excel 2010

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Hi all, sorry if this is not in the right category (it kind of mixes email and applications).

I work IT for a local school and we're moving everyone's email from Rackspace email to Gmail. The way we have everyone copying old emails over is to have them setup both accounts in Apple's Mail 6.5 program (all the teachers have Macbooks) and drag and drop from one account to the other.

Here's my concern, we have several teachers who've wound up with duplicate emails in their new Gmail inboxes. Is there a quick way to get rid of the duplicates without manually having to go through each email. Is there some trick on Gmail or a usable script on Mail 6.5 (all laptops on Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard) that will help out? Or perhaps some third party program or service? Any advice would be great. Thanks.

A:Quick way to delete duplicate emails?

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Is this possible? If so how? Thanks!

A:How to create a rule in Outlook 2010 to delete duplicate emails?

Not possible. Why are there duplicate emails?

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I have a customer who is receiving duplicate emails because their name is in the To line and they are also included in an AD group in the Cc line. We are in the process of migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook 2010 and I do not yet have access to Outlook (Exchange) to try a hands-on approach to test for the customer, but I need a rule to delete (or move) the duplicate emails the customer is receiving, so he is only left working with one copy of the email.

So, I guess it needs to be something to the effect of:

where my name is in the To or Cc box
where my name is included in the AD group XYZ

Delete (or Move) the message to the Trash (or specified folder)

Can this be done? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, i want to ask - How i can delete outlook email accounts in Windows 10 mail app.

I use on this mail app only outlook.cz email accounts, i use etc 6 emails accounts. So now i delete 3 email accounts and i use only 2 email accounts.Problem is, when i go to - Mail app - Settings - Accounts managements - Add Account
i see on the list still my old deleted emails accounts.

I want to ask how i clear history of this accounts on this list or how i cant delete cache from this mail app.

Please do not answer me how to delete account, i know how i can delete email account. I want only delete this list.
I add any images here. Thanks

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I had a distribution list for a mass email for some of our customers. But when we got Microsoft Exchange everything copied over but this one (the most important list!) did not copy over. But I checked through the sent messages and was able to copy the list from the BCC Field to a text file.

Now, I need to get this list of people back in a distribution list. If anyone knows how I can achieve this, please help me out! I've been google-ing this and cant seem to find something to work for me!

A:Solved: Import list of emails to Outlook Contacts or Distribution list

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Why am I all of a sudden getting duplicate emails in my inbox. Not just from one person but ALL of them are duplicates. Is it one of my settings?

A:Solved: duplicate emails

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I have 4 email accounts set up in outlook.They are all from the same server just different accounts. At the moment one account is recieving duplicate emails everytime Outlook send/recieves.
Im pretty sure this is an Outlook application issue as I also have these account on my blackberry and do not recieve duplicate emails.
Have researched on microsoft and their advice was "Click to clear the Receive mail items check box" but this just stops emails coming through from that email account.
Any idea's?

A:Solved: Recieving duplicate emails.

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I have Office 2007 installed at both my Home laptop and my Work laptop. AT home laptop I have NOD32 antivirus installed. NOD32 scans every incomming email and marks "
This message was checked by NOD32 antivirus system.
http://www.eset.com" on the email.

Recently I took backup from Home laptop and imported on office laptop. After importing the backup I have now duplicate copies of all the emails. One of the each duplicate email has a mark "This message was checked by NOD32 antivirus system.
http://www.eset.com" since it was scanned by NOD32. Is there any way to remove all the duplicate emails?

A:Solved: Duplicate emails issue

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I'm not sure if this is a Windows problem (I have Win 7) or an email handler issue. My dh has XP, we're on a network and I'm the only one with this problem.

I constantly get duplicate emails. It doesn't matter if I leave them on the server and have them deleted in a few days, or if I don't leave them on the server and they're deleted immediately, or whether I deleted them and have read or not read them or emptied my deleted email folder. Nothing matters. I get duplicate emails and they're in quotes.... sometimes. And not all emails are duplicated. Somes days they are some days they aren't. Some days it's all of them in the am some days it's a couple of what I already received.

I can't delete these unless I drag and drop to the deleted folder. Also, the duplicates don't open a second time, it just shows an error, hence I drag and drop. This has gone on since I got Windows 7 in Aug. I had an HP laptop that had Vista that crashed in July and just started to have the problem there. But my dh and I are on the same network and I'm the only one this happens too.

I'm about ready to throw it out the window. Any ideas? I have fixed/changed upteen settings and nothing works.

A:Solved: duplicate emails driving me crazy

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O/S -: Windows XP SP3

Application -: Outlook 2003 11.8206.8202 SP3

Email Server Type -: IMAP

Background -: Recently re-installed MS Office 2003, due to Word/Exel/Outlook crashing with a 0xc00000005 exception (turned out it was a Network Printer problem which I've now resolved)

Current Problem -: Outlook is downloading TWO IDENTICAL COPY emails, and If I delete or send to Junk Folder one copy, it deletes/moves the other copy!

If I view my emails using my Web Browser based email client, I only see ONE copy of the email (as it should be)

A couple of things I've noticed about Outlook behaving differently is -:
a) The Send/Receive progress % does'nt show anymore

b) If I navigate on Outlook to Tools, Option, Mail Setup - when I select the Send/Receive Options, nothing happens (there are no further options). the same is true if I try to access the Send/Receive Options via the toolbar

c) The 1st of the duplicate emails is blank with the following header -: "This is a message header. The Full Item has not been downloaded", the 2nd duplicate email has the relevant email information

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Duplicate Emails Problem - Outlook 2003

Well try this...go on the webmail and create a new folder and move all the emails to the new folder ...
That should take care of this issue which happens becoz of email corruption and remember its an imap account i.e.mirror image of webmail ...so if you delete emails in webmail or outlook you wont be able to find them anywhere

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Hi All,

I am uisng windows xp sp2

I am using Adobe flash cs3 and other adobe softwares as well as other softwares.when i try to open any flash file using open with list it showing TWO Adobe Flash cs3 program names Remaing other program names are showing only one time.

How to clear that unwanted program form open with list..i try to this solution

I delete the key from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts.

but that problem has not been solved.
Please help me

Thanks in Advance.

A:Solved: How to remove Duplicate program name from open with list

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Ok another challenge.. I wish I could do this myself, but I struggle with the code.

Is there a way to have a macro check the line below it, and if it is a duplicate row, delete it

A:Solved: Im sure it can be done.. Delete Duplicate Rows

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I began receiving messages about corrupted files in XP and so tried to repair option to reinstall the corrupted files, but somehow ended up completely reinstalling into a second directory.

Both directories are on my C drive. One, the original, is still the same. All software installed and working the same as before my attempt. The second, Windows.0, is XP with nothing installed, fresh condition.

As this isn't an upgrade from another windows, I'm don't know how to get rid of this second windows.

Also, everytime I reboot my computer, it asks me which windows I want to use.
Not to mention the wasted disk space...

How can I get rid of these!!??

A:[SOLVED] How do I delete a duplicate copy of winXP?

Hi J-BO and welcome to TSF.

Try This

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For various reasons, I find that a large number of my music tracks in iTunes are duplicated. I wanted to delete these but don't relish trawling through about 3000+ tracks in the "My Music" section and deleting the unwanted ones individually! Is there any way (duplicate tracks deletion program, etc.) that I can use to help me to do this? Once I have rid my system of these I would then like to transfer most of the remainder to Playlists, which I could easily arrange. Thanks.

A:Solved: How to delete duplicate tracks in iTunes

Have been told about a small free program called GizmoTrim which cleared out all my duplicate tracks very quickly and successfully - highly recommended! (Marking solved)

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I am using an Excel worksheet with several thousand records listed. On a daily basis, I get an updated list, but I need to keep hold of some of the 'old' records.
At present I'm copying the new list, adding it to the end of my existing list and then filtering it so that only unique records are visible.
Obviously, this means the list is ever-increasing with many duplicated records (hidden or otherwise).
Is there a way to simply delete the duplicate records (so I can just keep one record of each) rather than hide them?


A:Solved. Excel 2000 - delete duplicate records?

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Is there such a thing,or is this one of those times when I have to go through each file and delete by hand? Date modified will not apply since I made tag modifications,my bad.That is a whole new problem.
Jeebers I really messed up my music files.The transfer from the old comp 2 HDD's to the new comp ,1HDD,had 2 "my music" folders,one under docs & sets,my music, and another one under docs & sets, my name ,my docs,my music.....Put them in 1 folder and now have 2 of almost all ,except for all the new tunes I have put in that folder.
I just need to know if there is a best one time only use for a reliable duplicate file removal program.

A:Solved: Good,Better,Best Duplicate Music File Delete Program

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I had to clean my hard drive, and re-install my OS XP Home.
All went fine,but when I re-installed my Outlook Express 6,and imported my saved mail files from my external Hd.
For some reason now,I'm unable to delete any old messages.


Thank you for reading and I hope your help.


A:Solved: Can't delete emails

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I have had to leave my beloved outlook express and use live mail when I got a new laptop with win7. I think I was able to find an option in OE that allowed me to have mail over 3 months, or 3 days or whatever, from the folder. Am I hallucinating? Did I do that in OE? I really want that with live mail. Hope you can help.

thanks, Frank

A:Solved: delete Hi,emails from server

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My computer and my Yahoo email account worked fine this morning. Now, this evening when I select messages to delete from my inbox, nothing happens. I opened one of the emails I wanted to delete and tried deleting it from within the email and couldn't delete it that way either? What could have happened between this morning and now?

A:Solved: Cannot delete yahoo emails

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Starting yesterday I am unable to move my emails from the inbox to the delete box to delete them. It says not enough memory. But I do have enough memory to open existing/new emails even with large attachments. What do i need to check and fix?

Here is my computer information:
Microsoft Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
HP Pavilion
Intel Celeron CPU
1300 MHz
1.29 GHz, 256 MB of RAM

Thank you!

A:Solved: OE emails will not delete from inbox

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Windows XP....Outlook Express 6
I am unable to delete certain emails from my Inbox. It appears to happen randomly. Most emails delete fine.
I tried moving emails to the Draft folder and then delete, still doesn't delete. I do not get any error message. I get no reaction whatsoever.
I've tried to find some commonality, but none. These are emails that have been forwarded to me.
I forwarded one of them to somone and it was sent back to me with a Reply. I cannot delete it either.

A:Solved: Unable to delete emails from Inbox

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Windows XP- Outlook Express 6 version- Incoming messages- can only delete some of them. About four of ten I can't delete no matter what I try. Appeciate any help.

Brian W.

A:Solved: Outlook Express 6 can't delete emails

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I have 2 email accounts. They are both Verizon with MSN Premium. One account's email account is fine. In the other, I cannot delete emails, reply, forward or move to a folder. All of those icons are grey scale. The check box next to the email is gone. It's weird! I don't know what to do as I'm afraid anything I do will affect the other account that's fine. The one that's ok is the primary account and the messed up one is an add on account. Please help!
Thank you.

A:Solved: Cannot delete emails, check mark box gone

It may help if you tell us with which email client or browser you are accessing the email accounts.

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Windows XP. When I try deleting mail I get an hour glass then nothing. I tried dragging to delete folder, nothing happens. I tried moving and I get an error message, "seleted message cannot be moved. an error has occured.". Some mail it will let me delete, about 50%. Hope someone can help me.

A:Solved: can't delete emails in outlook express

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I have an HP Intel Pentium using Windows XP
with Outlook Express. I've received the message "Email could not be deleted" for 4 days now when I try to delete any emails. I finally downloaded the full program of RegCure tonight but I still can't delete emails! HELP!?

A:Solved: Cannot delete emails in Outlook Express

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I have been using hotmail for years with no problems until 3 days ago. I can login, but then cannot open or delete any emails. Does anyone have any suggestions?? My Operating system is Windows Me

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I copied a football schedule from a web site. All is well, except that I now have a floating drop-down list (dates) on my Excel spreadsheet. I have found all kinds of information on creating these lists, but NO information on DELETING them. Is there a method by Excel menus, or by VBA macro, to delete floating drop-down boxes?

A:Solved: Delete Floating Drop-down List

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In windows XP Home, how do you clear the block sender list?

A:Solved: Delete Block Sender List

If it's Outlook Express, Tools>Messages>Block Senders.
Highlight the names and click Remove.

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hi is there anything i can download to Outlook-express so i can Delete Multiple Emails as it will save time having to click one at a time to delite

A:Solved: Delete Multiple Emails in Outlook Express

just hold the control key down and select all the ones you want.

Alternatively, if they are sequential, you can hold the shift key down, select one email, and then select a second, and it will highlight all the emails in between. You can then delete them all.

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My outlook has just started two strange things
first is each time open a new file it defaults to show in groups and i have to remove that
and as i run it not in groups
second is that certain new emails it will not delete and gives me a message..
\appData\local\microsoft\outlook\archive.pst is in use and cannot be accessed ..
can anyone help please..

A:Solved: unable to delete emails from outlook 2007

Have you powered down this machine and restarted it?

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XP Home.. SP2
Outlook Express 6

when I send emails from Outlook Express all works fine...
when I send emails from MY Documents..My Pictures... My Music... the person sent to gets 2 copies..If I send them to my self I will get 2 copies...in fact this has been happening for a year or better and I have got so I automaticlly send them to my self then forward one of them on to the intended person...and it then works fine..just one copy sent..
not a big deal but any ideas would be appreciated...


A:Duplicate emails

Are you sure that the emails sent from those folders are not being "split" to accommodate the larger attachment size?

Outlook Express has this setting to "break apart" larger attachments, they get recombined at the other end.

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I have two pop3 emails on btinternet.com .
I am using Windows Live Mail on Windows 10 . When I receive an email to one address ,it appears in both !!
Can anyone put me right so that an email to one address only goes to that address and not both .



A:Duplicate emails

This could occur if the login details in the account settings for the two accounts have been setup the same. You need to make sure you use the appropriate login details for each separate account. Does an email sent to the other address also appear in both? If so this would suggest you have a "catch-all" email address set up for your accounts.

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I am receiving duplicate received emails - this has occurred without me changing the settings on Windows Mail. Any help appreciated. I'm hoping that I'm not also sending duplicate emails.


A:Duplicate emails

Hello Heather, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check in Tools and Accounts in Windows Mail to see if you may have a duplicate account with the same email address. If you do, then you can just delete the duplicate to stop the messages from duplicating.

Hope this helps,

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I sometimes get two or more of the same emails; they're exact copies. tonight I received 10 (TEN) of the same message (!) Anything I can do about this? I have Outlook with ms XP suite (NOT outlook express.)

A:why do i get so many duplicate emails

Are they from someone you know?

If so, check the display name in To:. I know some people who keep changing their display name and I accidently send them more than one email as I go through the To: list.

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I am using Outlook Express 6...all emails received are in duplicate and when I send an email it sends a duplicate. Is there a way to correct the problem.

Thanks before hand.

A:Duplicate emails

Welcome to TSG!
From what I have read on this proble there are two files within outlook express if corrupt could be causing this to happen, the outbox.dbx or the Pop3uidl.dbx which keeps track of e-mail. What you can do is delete the outbox.dbx file first in this manner.
1) Close OE and click start\find-search
2) Type *.dbx in files and folders window.
3) When search lists items in right pane locate your outbox.dbx folder, (one that should be associated with your identity name in the path.
4) Highlight and delete it.
5) restart OE which will find the outbox missing and create another one.

See if that corrects the problem.

If not then follow same process for Pop3uidl.dbx file and see if that corrects it.


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I'm using Outlook in XP. I have 3 special mail accounts and have made rules for them which seem to be working properly but I am receiving duplicate emails in my Inbox which are the same ones that arrives in one of the special accounts.

Can the Inbox be removed to avoid this problem or is there a fix for it?

Thank you

A:Duplicate emails

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For a long time I receive duplicate copies of emails (with & without attachments) on Outlook Express. My ISP says that there is nothing in their webmail system causing duplicates; they checked several times and only one copy is transmitted to me. Must be in my system somewhere.
Also, sometimes when I forward an email with attachment the recipient gets 2 or more copies of the email. Could this be a related problem to my getting duplicate email copies?
I have a 1 year old DELL, Inspiron E-1505 Notebook with Windows Media Center 2005 XP, Trend Micro PC Cillin Anti-Virus, Ad Aware, Spybot, Spyware Detector, Max Registry Cleaner.
Does anyone have a solution(s)?? Frustrated John

A:duplicate emails on OE

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I am running Outlook 2013 and my email account is a through Yahoo. Often, I will begin receiving duplicates of emails that I have received. I have attempted to look for a pattern (how far back do the duplicates go..etc) and have found no pattern. I can often go weeks between occurrences or the issue can linger for weeks. I have tried multiple solutions but none have worked.... Any clue as to what may be happening?

A:Duplicate Emails

Hi Paulmosh, The reason you may receive duplicate emails is that improper synchronization has occurred from mobile devices or laptops. Do you have more than one device with Outlook? If so the device may be duplicating the emails to obtain copies and unknowingly sending it to other devices when they already have a copy and synchronization has already occured. Another way to explain is that if you have more than one device, they may all attempt to sync your emails at the same time which can result in duplicate emails.

Please refer to the link below for more information about email duplication and why it happens and how to prevent it.


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I keep receiving notifications that my IMAP mail server is full and need to clean it up by deleting older emails.

I mainly use outlook 2007 to manage my 4 email accounts in 4 seperate folders and so I made .pst backup of all my email accounts but when I delete them from my IMAP and restore the back up there appear again in my IMAP server.

I have tried to make different (offline) folders but it seems I cannot restore a back up in to this. I also tried archiving my folders but since I use 4 different email accounts, the archive keeps overwriting the folders with the last email account selected.

All I want is: place my back up emails in a seperate (offline) folder per account so I can at least access my old emails in Outlook after I have deleted them from my imap server (I understand and accept that than I can only read those emails from my harddrive and not any more on my tablet or phone, but at leas I have one place where I can find them...).


A:Solved: How to delete emails on IMAP server but have a copy of messages available in

Thunderbird provides a default pseudo-account called Local Folders. Appears that Outlook has a similar capability called Personal Folders or Outlook Data Files. Here is one article. Search for "Outlook local folders" for similar articles.

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Windows Live Mail has suddenly begun downloading duplicates of mail I have already received - it shows a list of over 1800. How do I stop it, without blocking my new mails?
Any help as to why it is doing this would be appreciated.

A:receiving duplicate emails

Hello dubdub and welcome to Seven Forums.

I found this Microsoft Answers forum thread that may help. Particularly the parts about turning off email scanning in your antivirus, and increasing the time to scan for new emails. I don't have anything else to offer. Sorry.

Windows Live Mail - hundreds of duplicate messages for one account - Microsoft Answers

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Hi a friend of mine is receiving duplicate & sometimes triplicate emails of the same message ? Could anybody help to resolve this? He's using 'OE 5'

Appreciate any help

A:Duplicate, Triplicate Emails ?

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For several weeks, when I post a comment, article, video, blog, or send an email,
my post or email shows up in duplicate.

I have had duplicate comments and blogs on Facebook and MySpace, and duplicate emails through Yahoo, which is about all I ever use.
It happens on Internet Explorer, and also on Firefox. No one has had a good answer for me.

Does anyone have a clue?

A:duplicate posts and emails

Quote: Originally Posted by TC57

For several weeks, when I post a comment, article, video, blog, or send an email,
my post or email shows up in duplicate.

I have had duplicate comments and blogs on Facebook and MySpace, and duplicate emails through Yahoo, which is about all I ever use.
It happens on Internet Explorer, and also on Firefox. No one has had a good answer for me.

Does anyone have a clue?

The sites software should prevent that but if it doesnt it might be caused by a track pad driver, or adjustment. I have the same thing happen to me here @SF but the software warns me.

The fix for me was to increase the pressure needed to "click"


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Sure hope there's someone there to help! Ever since I checked the box in IncrediMail to leave a copy of the messages on the server in order to be able to receive them on my iPhone, I have been getting duplicate incoming emails in my IncrediMail inbox! It's driving me crazy! If I uncheck the box, I do not get duplicate emails, but I also do not receive any emails on my iPhone. There has to be a way to fix this somehow. IncrediMail technical support people are retarded and offer no help whatsoever (if they even respond to your help request at all!).

As far as I am aware, I have configured both my Yahoo! and Gmail accounts correctly (they have both been working fine for a few years now) and the only change I have made is checking that %*$^ box so I could get messages on my iPhone.

Please let me know what to do!

Thank you in advance . . .

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For some reason when my wife sends me an email, I get it twice, any thoughts why?

A:Receiving duplicate emails

Is she using some free webmail service?

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XP is weird... If add something to my favorites it will show up twice... If I try to delete one of the dups it will delete both.

This also happens with checking my email through outlook express, all new mail will be listed twice...

All help is appreciated!!
SB Audigy

A:Duplicate favorites and emails...

Hi, I have not had this problem but I would think the problem would be in your browser and email client rather than in XP.

Have you checked the preferences in them or re installed the browser? Peace Mal

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