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New keyboard with wrong key assignment

Q: New keyboard with wrong key assignment

So I bought a new keyboard but it is the same, the solution that I found for the l, 'T is another plug in to usb by usb!
Not very convenient for a laptop ..

Tell me where it comes from and if there is a solution. Thank you

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Preferred Solution: New keyboard with wrong key assignment

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


In the Microsft Network Devices of XP each workgroup found on the LAN is assigned a icon. These are used to connect to the workgoup. Somehow the browser that is being assigned to access the workgroup has been designatated as a drawing application on my system call Printshop Pro.

It should be Explorer a file manager, or at least I believe so.

How do I go about changing this browser assignment. Right clicking on the icon offers no way to change it or am I mistaken?

thank you

A:Brower assignment is wrong

Hiya and welcome

I've moved this to Windows XP forum for more response



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i've just bought a microsoft wireless desktop 1000 mouse and keyboard package, and while the mouse works perfectly well, i can't seem to get the keyboard in order. for a start, i get the 'no keyboard detected' error message during the boot sequence; then, when i boot up having plugged in my old PS/2 keyboard instead (then unplugged it obviously), i find that only the 'start', 'alt' and one or two other keys work on the new wireless keyboard....why would that be?!

naturally i want the new keyboard to occupy the IRQ1 slot, but xp (sp3) doesn't allow you to manually reassign....even if i try reinstalling the new keyboard, no luck. it's not even as if i have a lot of peripherals installed to take up all my IRQ addresses. is there some way i can tell my bios to accept a wireless usb input device as the default keyboard, and hence give it the IRQ1 slot?

of course the keyboard manual and microsoft online help are no use - i can't even find any descriptions of the same problem on this and other forums. does anyone have any advice how i can get the new keyboard working? or just any suggestion to keep me occupied rather than tearing my hair out? infinity thankyou's in advance!

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i have 3 t410 laptops one with no screen and the power button went bad on the keyboard that is currently on it. i had gotten it to boot up a time or 2 by touching the 2 end contacts-one on each side- together but now there is no response from that. my plan for this pc is to sit on a docking station connected to a 50" flat screen to use netflix and the kodi app. will be running mint on a ssd so basically i want to use it as a firestick with 8gb of ram. i have wireless key boards, ect. so my plan was to just solder a wire to each pin and just touch them together to boot up as this will stay on 24/7. eventually i will replace the keyboard when i find another deal on ebay for another t410 for parts. i have not been able to find anything designating which pins connect to what. any help will be much appreciated!

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Sorry for my English, this is an automatic translation.Can you change the assignment of the keys of my keyboard by other letters or signs present on the virtual keyboard (example: Euros) ? My X1 Yoga has a touch screen.The Sharpkey software does not succeed and believes that my keyboard is Querty type while my keyboard is Azerty type.I thank you while waiting for an answer.

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I have an Acer 5750-6634 laptop that is working great except for one problem. When I press certain keys(the 9 key and up arrow key, specifically) sometimes do not work. For instance, the up arrow key, if pressed 5 times, usually only works 4 times. The same with the 9 key. Any idea what the problem is or how to fix it? The keyboard has been like this since I bought the computer.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5995 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -1226 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 595016 MB, Free - 299741 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, JE50_HR
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

A:What is wrong with my keyboard?

As the fault on the problem keys is intermittent then the keyboard is clearly faulty and has a bad contact under the problem keys. As it has been like that since new why didn't you return it under the guarantee or was it second hand?

Try blowing out the keyboard with a can of compressed air as it may just be due to dirt and dust build up.

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 Ok so for a couple of months now, i have had this problem where when typing the cursor jumps to the front of the text and sticks there until i press the windows key. When watching youtube videos the video randomly jump to the beginning and sticks like it cant pass 0.01 and restarts after i press the windows key. The scroll bar on websites go straight up and cant be scrolled down until i press the windows key. Do i  need a new laptop . Does this happen to anyone else. OR is it just some key ??
This annoys me so much.. you have no idea how much times it happended for this.
I have a inspiron 15 3000 series

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Hi! I was doing my homework when suddenly the letters i typed in the keyboard started showing wrong letters and also two letters at the same time. I have a HP Pavilion 15-n034so and I've already done everything that Hp support said to do and also restored the laptop but it's still not working. For example when I type the letter P it becomes po and when i type the number 3 it becomes ö3l. I really need your help to fix this!

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Hey everyone. I have noticed two problems with my keyboard. I accidently spilled a little water on it earlier but as far as I know, either none or very little got in cause I wiped it up quickly. That and it is not showing signs of shorting out like certain keys not working. However, the caps lock has quit working and the paste shortcut Ctrl+V isn't working. The light doesn't even come on when I try to use the Caps Lock. It is a Microsoft Internet Keyboard. Could this be the result of an outdated driver or something? Help!

A:What is wrong with my keyboard??

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Hello friends I have a problem and I need you to help me .I just t bought a windows 7 starter 32 bits laptop ,and I am using it as a desktop, I have a big monitor connected to it and it functions perfectly, the problem is the extra keyboard that I connected ,the symbols and some letters are wrong ,I tried to solve this by uploading new controllers but it is the same problem ,can u help me ,please!

A:my keyboard is wrong

Check your language setting in control panel. I know if I change mine from English (United States) to English (Canada) I get some characters messed up.

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A simple problem I expect – my outlook and word are showing the @ and “ the wrong way round on the keyboard – in excel it is fine

I tried to switch the keyboard layout to be English (United States), but no luck.

Any idea why?


A:Keyboard - @ and “ key the wrong way round

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On my  win xp pro sp3 box, My Keyboard enters a right windows key when 't' is depressed.
Every keyboard does the same thing.
It is windows.
there is a 't' in my password. No problem.
In safe mode, i works correctly.
Should I post in the virus forum?

A:Keyboard enters wrong value

Could you post your startup programs?  Sounds like one of them is messing with your hard coded windows hotkeys.  That would explain why you aren't having the problem in safe mode, since your startups are disabled during that kind of boot.
The easiest way I have found to keep up with startups is using CCleaner.  XP has a startups utility, but I find it clumsy, and it seems to leave out some programs...

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hi i dunno if anyone knows why or what i can do about it but when i press the @ key on my keyboard this appears " and when i press the " key this appears @, also when i shift press number 3 the pound sign will not come up instead i get this #



A:keyboard types wrong

Your regional settings on your keyboard have changed. Open Control Panel and go to the Regional and Language icon to change to your correct country settings.

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Hey guys. I've got a laptop here that recently had some kind of juice (or something sticky anyway) spilled on the keyboard. The keys were jamming, staying pressed, etc... I removed the keyboard from the laptop, removed all the keys, and submerged it in a quarter of an inch of rubbing alcohol for approximately 10 minutes, sort of swirling it around. When I did this all kinds of gunk and debris came out in the wash. After putting all the keys back on, they moved freely and didn't seem to stick anymore. The thing is was that the laptop's HDD was also busted (not related to the spill) so a new HDD had to be installed and the computer reformatted. I put the new drive in and sparked up Xp... everything seemed to be going ok until I tried to start typing stuff in. Now here's the situation... 2 or three of the keys don't work at all, and several of the other keys are giving the wrong letters. I've already double and triple checked to make sure the keys got put back to the right spots and they have. But something's not right... For example my left Shift key gives me an 'N'. Any ideas?

A:Wrong keyboard output

I don't understand the question.

It's a faulty keyboard, that requires replacing !

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I have a laptop, just bought 2nd hand, and the keyboard is not functioning according to British standards. When I press @, I get a ", when I press " I get a @ , when I press the pound icon, I get #,and so forth, many of the symbols are not coming up, but are shown on the keys, something different keeps coming up. Some are just not there, I tried all the keys! Please help, can I reset this or not? I have an Acer aspire 1362WLC, thanx 4 u'r insight to this problem!

A:Solved: Keyboard very wrong!

go to the control panel and click on regional and language options. Under regional options select English UK. That might work if you are using win xp sp2 pro.

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The 0 on my ten key portion of my keyboard is not in the correct place. Whoever decided that this would be useful, never used a ten key and really doesn't have a clue. Can I find a way to turn the right arrow into a 0 so that I can use my keyboard again?

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The 0 on my ten key portion of my keyboard is not in the correct place. Whoever decided that this would be useful, never used a ten key and really doesn't have a clue. Can I find a way to turn the right arrow into a 0 so that I can use my keyboard again?

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I am having a Japanese keyboard but english layout tried everything any solution ?
( I am not talking about the input method, I am talking about the physical layout of the keys on the keyboard)

A:Wrong Keyboard Layout

Please check the 'similar Topics' links that appear below your post. This one in particular may be useful http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/selected-wrong-keyboard-layout.188580/

I understand English is probably not your first language, but unfortunately, it is not clear from your post exactly what your problem is. The posts in the link I give above cover many problems people have with Japanese keyboards and the ability to switch backward and forward between them. Most if not all problems seem to have a solution, so hopefully you also will find one that helps you in that long series of posts. Good luck.

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I have 2 very similar Dell machines.
XP SP3 fully updated.
Computer 1 has been using a MS Intellimouse Optical for years with no problem. The other day the mouse started malfunctioning. The programmed buttons for “Show Desktop” and “Explore My Computer” quit working. I have programmed other choices and the work. My keyboard shortcut Windows +D (Show Desktop) doesn’t work either.
I put the keyboard and mouse on Machine # 2 and everything works. The keyboard from computer #1 works properly on #2 but does not work on #1.

The Show Desktop icon Quick Launch works properly.

Obviously a software problem?
Any thoughts?

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Well I got my Asus s96j, and life has been great.


The keyboard starting getting things wrong.

When I type an o I instead get a 3. This happends with about half of the keys.

Being this is the first real laptop I have owned, I started flipping out. What if I have to send it back!!

But before I really flip out. I need to rule out a few things, of course.

1. Can someone point me in the direction of a standard windows keyboard driver? Im currently using the standard ones, but heck this might work.

2. Is there some sort of remapping program that I can use, to maybe correct this?

3. If not, can you buy new keyboard inserts for laptops?

A:Laptop keyboard is wrong.

you didnt by anychance get any type of liquid near or in the keyboard, because this happioned to my keyboard when i spilt water on it, also was there anyt phical abuse done to iit at all

does the onscrren keyboard work aswell as an external one??

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Recently, my USB keyboard could not work anymore after windows updating, even I disconnected, shut down the comupter and reconnected it. But when replacing it with another one (same brand, same type), it could work. How do I fix the bad one?

My system is Vista basic SP2. Keyboard brand is Acer, Model name is SK-9610. I guess it was the keyboard driver problem.

A:Is my keyboard driver wrong?

have you tried the original keyboard in a different computer

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Hi - I'm using Vista Business.

When using an office program, certain characters do not show up correctly. For instance the '@' symbol (shift+2) shows up as quotes.

Here's the strange part. I can type normally in notepad. This suggests that there's a setting in Office??

In either case, I tried changing Vista's language settings by right clicking the taskbar -> toolbars but the 'languages' toolbar does not appear. In other words, i don't have any other languages installed.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Any help would be appreciated!


A:Wrong Keyboard Characters

Shift+2 for quotes is UK (maybe others)

I have just had a look in Excel and you can change the language for office (excel in this case)

Excel options --> Popular Tab --> Language settings --> Primary editing Language

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Hello. The keys on my laptop (Acer aspire 5750) dosnt work propobly. The biggest problem is that when i use backspace with numpad on, it just moves the type thingy to the left, and when numpad is off, it writes 4 instead. ive tryed most of the things i could find on google.

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This has been happening every other day for me recently where I will be typing and my keyboard will randomly start typing the wrong letters or pressing certain keys will open the menu bar, but my computer to sleep or just type completely random letters. I've googled it once before and found that I should change the settings in control panel > regional and language settings which worked for me once but lately it doesn't.

I've even purposely added a foreign language and then re added my normal one (UK) but hasn't helped, it was already on the proper settings anyway. The last two times it has happened was on the night and left my keyboard unplugged, the next day I plugged my keyboard back into the tower while the computer was still loading up and it has been working fine now and did the same again last night. I don't know why it does this? Also google suggested a FN key but my keyboard doesn't have one.

A:My keyboard keeps typing wrong letters every now and then

Hello welcome to TSF! Have you tried another keyboard?

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CRAP-O-LA... I messed up again,...

I accidently updated to "USB" keyboard & mouse drivers, & now I can't do a thing after XP boots...I've tried Safe-Mode (knew that wouldn't work)

Is it possible to restore the registry thru DOS? Maybe System Restore thru DOS?

...oh god, please help!!!

A:help! wrong keyboard/mouse driver

XP doesn'r reallt have "DOS". To get to the command prompt and repair XP, do the following,

Starting System Restore Tool from Command Prompt

Start your computer to Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

NOTE: You must log on as the administrator or a user that has administrator rights.

At the command prompt, type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and then press ENTER. System root is usually C:\WinNT

Follow the instructions on the screen to begin restoring your computer to a previous, functional state.

If that don't work, a second option is to use the original XP CD to boot to the repair console, if Safemode with command prompt is not available.

Boot to the XP cd, at the welcome window, select "R" to go to the Repair Console.

Select the OS partions, (usually 1) and enter your Admin password.

At the command prompt, type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and then press ENTER. System root is usually C:\WinNT

Follow the directions. Hope this helpsl


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Hello, and thanks in advance.

New computer, just installed windows 8 on it. At the very beginning of the installation process, it asks what layout keyboard you use, and I chose what I always do, English.

However, this is a Japanese keyboard.

I am unable to find a way to change it back. Anyone know how?

(Note: I am not talking about the input method, I am talking about the physical layout of the keys on the keyboard)

A:Selected wrong keyboard layout

I don't have Win8 handy, but you're looking for this:

'Region and Language' settings
Click the Keyboards tab.
Away you go.

(Although I quickly looked at layout, and JP & EN layouts look pretty similar)

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Hi everyone, I have just received a new HP EliteBook 820 laptop in my company. All the drivers are installed but the keyboard is wrongly configured. Some of the keys are located in the wrong place and the hotkeys do not work at all (inlucind the fn key). I have installed the hotkeys driver from different models, but it does not fix the problem. I have also try to installed the drivers manually, but it didn't help neither. Is there any solution for this problem? or should I replace the computer for a different model? Thank you for the help 

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I have tried changing the language settings in control panel but it is already on english us

There doesn't appear to be an issue with the fn keys
This post was very hard to type

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I have a Dell latitude Cpi A laptop running windows xp and the stock keyboard types wrong letters example: When I press the p key it shows the number 4 on the screen. How do I fix it?

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My mother's computer started having issues with the keyboard, recently. I'll say it how i see it, but obviously, i might be missing something.

When typing the letter q on the keyboard, "qt" comes up. w and e are fine, r types "re". This happens with two different keyboards. I brought by my (this) keyboard, and it worked fine, but i only tried for a minute. On her computer, i tried both a ps2 and usb keyboard (native for both, no adapters).

Right now, if i try to login, when i click on a user, it fills in the password field (as if there was a stuck key) and tells me the caps lock is on. Capslock button does turn it off, but it did not look like backspace was doing anything. The bios did not complain of a stuck button. Safe mode (i happened to try with networking) has the same issue. No issue using the keyboard before windows loads.

Using teamviewer from my computer to hers is tough. I can hit capslock with sometimes works, keys sometimes work and sometimes don't, if it types in two letters, i can use the mouse to highlight one (to overwrite) when continuing. With a lot of effort and time i can login. Clicking icons on the desktop does not work, from the start menu does.

I tried hitting the helper menu to get the on screen keyboard for logging on. The first time i tried, it came up and worked. Now the button doesn't do anything.

I went into Device Manager (early on, when i could still do things) and deleted the keyboard. It made me reboot, but didn't se... Read more

A:Keyboard typing wrong letters

Just tried again via TeamViewer. I can delete in the password field, but it acts as if there is a stuck key. (This is different than the last time i tried.) The form with the option for the on screen keyboard now does come up, but the keyboard is an empty frame and the mouse cursor (while over the frame) shows the circle of waiting.

This is weird. It's like Schrodinger's cat or something. The problem changes every time i look at it!

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Hi , my laotop started yesterday to type wrong selected letters or numbers , for example when I select letter n it typed nn , when select number 6 it types 6666 , I select restart , then now im in trouble to type my windows password , I tried fn + numlk , no solve , what I can do plz

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My daughter's keyboard on Windows XP will not type the @ symbol, it types " instead. Please help me get this corrected. She has changed the language input to English United Kingdom and also tried English USA. None of these changes fixed the problem. All advise will be appreciated, thank you.

A:Keyboard typing wrong characters

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Hello- After repairing my screen, Averatec returned my 5110P.Upon
return it has a keyboard problem. Averatec tells me that even though
the warranty ran out while in thier possession they cannot help me.

Here is the problem-

u types j
\ types nothing
d types x
f types nothing
g types v
j types u
x types f
v types g

Here are my attempted fixes-

1. NUM lock is off
2. HKEY_USERS/Default/Control panel/Keyboard has proper values
3. Updated drivers
4. Deleted/reinstalled drivers
5. Completly reinstalled OS (xp Pro) with start up disks

My Keyboard properties reads:

Japanese PS/2 Keyboard (106/109 Key)
Device type: Keyboards
Manufacturer: (Standard Keyboards)
Location: Plugged into Keyboard

If I go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/Accessibility/On-Screen
Keyboard, the on-screen keyboard types properly

The physical keyboard types the same whether in DOS or windows

I don't have an external keyboard, so I haven't tried that yet.

I believe the "Japanese" refers to manufacturer and not Language
because, I belive I have seen that keyboard for sale in systems that
are targeting english consumers.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks much,

A:Keyboard Types Wrong Letters

Have you tried updating the driver?

If that doesn't work, you could try remapping your keyboard with a program called KeyTweak(http://webpages.charter.net/krumsick/)

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I got myself a Scorpion K9 two weeks ago and it was working perfectly. Yesterday it just suddenly began to type in wrong letters, such as "X" is now "GX", "K" is now "LD". The number "1" is now my shutdown button.

Things that I've tried:

Pressing FN+NUMLCK.
Removing my keyboard drivers.
Simple restart of the pc.
Sytem restore.

Please can you help me out?

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Hey, i run XP and am having an issue with my keyboard not inputting the correct character on certain keys when shift is held down. This same thing happens when i use either keyboard a basic PS/2 and a USB Steelseries Merc Stealth which i install drivers for.
Some examples of the problem are pressing shift + 2[top row] should input " but inputs @ : Shift + 3 should input pound sign but instead inputs # : shift + @ should input @ but instead inputs "
I have tried removing all my drivers through divice manager and rebooting letting xp reinstall ect, removing all my usb keyboard drivers and software and reinstalling ect still the same issue with both keyboards, exactly. At first i thought that because i am based in the UK and my USB keyboard is from the US that was the issue but its the same problem with my standard PS/2 keyboard which got me thinking that it can only be somthing related to XP or some settings in XP.
Any help as always welcome, thanks in advance.

A:keyboard inputting wrong characters

It looks like your keyboard layout is for US.Change it to UK: http://www.conversationexchange.com/resour...language.php#xp

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Windows XP laptop. Some charachters work, others type nothing and the rest type the wrong charachters. I reinstalled the keyboard twice, through the control panel and through the device driver, rebooted it both times and ran checkdsk fom the command prompt and nothing changed. What else can I do?

A:Keyboard types wrong charachters

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I just bought a Yoga 910.  I have one of the first 13" models made in 2007-2008.  I loved the old one but the main board went out on it. Best Buy said Lenovo's cost for the board brought repair to $600 so I bought at 910.  OMG they moved the right shift key over to the other side of the curser mover keys!  You can not reach it while typing with correct hand placement!!!!  I am going to have to take it back.  Does anyone know how I can contact Lenovo and get a main board for my old one.  Lenovo's other laptops have the correct right shift key placement that matches all other keyboards so I may opt for one of them but I wanted the 910.  Is there a keyboard replacement for the 910?

A:910 keyboard right shift key wrong position

Why doesn't Lenovo distibute a software fix for this? (Key mapper) Given all of the complaints and the fact that every single online review of the product points this out as a serious flaw, one would think that Lenovo would write a little patch that you could download feom their support site. Instead we have to go download dubious 3rd party software. Honestly, this unwillingness to assist the customers that have already purchased lenovo hw is the main thing that will keep me from buying lenovo in the future. 

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I have an e system laptop.some of the keys have suddenly stopped showing correct symbols unless i hold Fn key down at same time.can anyone help?

A:keyboard issue.keys wrong

Do you have num lock on?

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A few days ago my Sony TR3 XP SP1 portable began jumbling or mistyping characters entered from the keyboard. It does this in all text areas (Word, shortcut names, file names, messages, dialog forms, etc. The errors ae not random, for instance "5" is always substituted fo "i" - although I have not checked this from session to session. Any solutions or suggestions on how I can correct this problem, or how it might have befallen me would be helpful.
TIA, fallingrock.

A:Keyboard Types Wrong Characters

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Please move if this is in the wrong form.
I have noticed for a few week now that when I do a search that anytime I use the shift key with a number or symbol or punctuation mark I get this this is the ? mark after I press enter %3F then if I press search or enter again it I get this %253F then if I press enter or search again %25253F An ! gives me this %21. I have already looked under the language and it is set for English. Can anyone help me get it back to normal. I have done system restore as well nothing has changed. This happens when searching on internet
Thank you for any help you may have for me
I just found this online this is what my keyboard is doing

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Hi, I recently purchased a Pavilion 15-bc203nd. This notebook has a AZERTY keyboard. This keyboard however has a strange/wrong layout compared to a normal azerty key board: a right CTL key is missing, the < key is on the wrong place, my return key is too small etc. See this picture as comparison:   Is it possible to get a notebook with a correct AZERTY keyboard, or is this just the way it is with HP notebooks and should I return it? Kind regards. 

A:AZERTY keyboard has wrong layout

Please click the below link which might help you resolve the issuehttp://sharpkeys.codeplex.com/ Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,KNRKAlthough I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP

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My keyboard was working fine and then it start to type the  wrong characters, eg, when I hit the "0" I get "/"  My computer is a Lenovo G530 MT 4446
How can I fix this? Please help!

A:Keyboard Typing The Wrong Characters

Try the fix in this link if you haven't already......3 Ways to Fix a Keyboard That Has the Wrong Characters - wikiHow

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i formated my hard drve and reinstalled xp
now my keyboard types some characters wrong for example: " and @ are the wrong way around

anyone know what is wrong?

thank in advance

also sorry if this is in the wrong place or has already been answered

A:Keyboard displays wrong characters

in the control panel click on the k/board icon and check it is set for usa key board

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Hi users,  I am facing problem with my last row of keyboard and the numeric row.When i press zxcvbnm,./ following comes 1z2x3c4v5b6n7m9,0.-/ Please help me to fix this problem i have tried installing OS again. Tried changing the language also nothing worked.

A:Lenovo Y50 Keyboard Wrong Behaviour

Hi AnkurSharma,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Try connecting an external USB keyboard and test the same keys (zxcvbnm).
Another alternative to isolating if such is a Windows issue or a hardware keyboard problem is booting the machine using a live media image similar to this.
If the same issue with another boot image and likewise fine using an external USB keyboard then it is probable that there is an issue with the keyboard itself. You may try reseating the cable and cleaning but if still, the same, replacement may be proper.
Update us how it goes.

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Well, my computer is an Acer Aspire PC running on Windows Vista Home Premium, but when I try to type things, my keyboard will type in a completely different symbol. For example, in most programs, instead of an apostrophe, Ill get č instead, or if I want to use square brackets, Ill get ^^ç. It wont happen in Microsoft word, but it will happen when Im on the internet, or using the search function in my computer.

Here's what the Keyboard driver window keeps telling me:

Under general tab:

HID Keyboard device

Device Type: Keyboards
Manufacturer: (Standard keyboards)
Location: on User human interface USB device
Device status: This device is working properly.

Under Driver Tab:

Driver provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 21/06/2006
Driver version: 6.0.6001.18000
Digital Signer: microsoft windows
If anyone out there could help me, It would be much appreciated! Thanks!

A:Keyboard types wrong characters.

I am not 100% sure but I had the same sort of issue with Windows XP. My freind sorted it and it was to do with the language that the keyboard is set in. My issue was all the time though and not just certain programs.

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My keyboard is typing correctly in Word but types nonsense when I type in either a browser window or in my email. If I type a web address in Chrome, Explorer or Firefox it comes out as random letters, symbols and numbers and the same if I try to type an email in yahoo or gmail. As I say, it is fine typing in Word. Any ideas gratefully received.

PS I have been into Control Panel and made sure regional settings and keyboard setting are for English (UK)

A:Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters

Is this a laptop and is the "Num Lock" on?

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