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Consumer Preview Messaging: Microsoft Unavailable??

Q: Consumer Preview Messaging: Microsoft Unavailable??

I've been trying out various Metro apps, and have more or less got them working except for Messaging. I seem to have successfully linked it to Facebook (at least I signed up for Windows Live/Facebook integration), but whenever I start Messaging I get a brief message that "Microsoft is unavailable" and no messages/statuses appear. That is, except for some blurbs from the Windows Live Messaging team. Down at the bottom it shows "Connected to" and a small Facebook icon. However none of my friends show up. It's possible, but rather unlikely, that none of them are online.

So has anyone else managed to get Messaging working today (or yesterday, for that matter?)

Preferred Solution: Consumer Preview Messaging: Microsoft Unavailable??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Consumer Preview Messaging: Microsoft Unavailable??

The messaging app seems to work for me and shows the last conversation I had also.

I'm not too sure how it works with Facebook because I don't have those accounts linked up.

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Hi, I have installed windows 8 consumer preview on VMware player and installed a game, the game installed is Microsoft Midtown Madness 2 but it lags to much that makes it unplayable. Its not because its in a virtual machine because i have windows 7 in a VM (Virtual Machine) and it plays the game fine. I have tried installing Game Booster But it make no differance. I have tried all compatibility Modes and 16 bit color mode but no difference. The problem is with older games like CFS1 to.

What should i do, I was really looking forward to windows 8 but this gaming issue has put me off.

A:Outragous Lag on Windows 8 Consumer Preview Playing Microsoft Game

Hey, I personally would not consider a game not playing well in a VM as an issue. I would play the game in the host OS instead, regardless of how it worked or not in the VM.

Other than that, the usual: Update all the drivers to everything (from manufacturers' websites) and uninstall whatever a/v you have in the VM in its safe mode with the special tool to do so for the product.

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My sound used to work in the consumer preview fine but since I upgraded to the Release Preview I need the volume max and headphones in to hear anything. Any help appreciated. If more info is needed just ask.

A:Sound Worked in Consumer Preview but not Release Preview

Check in your Device Manager whether you have this driver,

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Hi,can Win8 C.P. be installed without removing Win8 D.P.

I guess not, but since until now my Revodrive 3 X2 gave me problems with the Win8 D.P. install, i hate to do a fresh try with the Consumer Preview.

I would loose the Win8 is am using now.

When starting the setup, hard drive is not recognized.....

Any thoughts anyone?



A:installing Win 8 consumer Preview over Developer Preview

Yes, you can upgrade to CP from DP but I would suggest you to do a clean install.
If you want to upgrade from DP, use this link: Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview
For clean install, burn the required .iso image from this link:
Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO formats

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I downloaded the Windows 8 Developers Preview in September last year and have been offered the Consumer Preview through DreamSpark today.

I haven't installed either but I have the Developers Preview already downloaded.

Is there a difference? Is it big? Which would you recommend?

Caleb Watson

A:Developers Preview vs. Consumer Preview

well, since i try to never look back, i went on Win 8 C.P. Unfortunately this morning the 28 updates available where busy for 75 minutes, so i cancelled, restarted, but ..... the same.

So tried to reninstall Win 8 C.P, but this did not work and i could not start in Win 8 D.P. Always the machine tried to finish (?) the updates.
So deleted the Win 8 C.P, restarted Win 8 DP and will give it another try on sunday when i have more time.

Thank god, that the reserved partition still works on the other drive.

Anyway to answer your question, was on CP for 2 days and definitly go back A.S.A.P.

At first it was annoying that

Start disappeared

Control Panel was DIFFICULT TO FIND

explorer same

powerdown same

settings same

search same


Everything gets EASY:

Winkey + I shows you: Settings (desktop/power/network)

Winkey + Q = search

Winkey+D = desktop after one click

Winkey+ E = explorer

Winkey+ W = search in settings

So thanks Shawn for the good work you did.


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The serial number listed on the MS website will not take on the upgrade.

Any suggestions?

A:Can't Upgrade Preview over Consumer Preview

Use this one; TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF

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If you are using the Consumer Preview, and the official is released, what will happen? It just doesn't seem like it'd make sense for Microsoft to just give out Windows 8 for free.

Will the Consumer Preview stop working after a while, will the be a force-update that makes it stop working?

I just don't see Microsoft giving us Windows 8 completely free, so I'm assuming there is something they are going to do to cause people to not be able to use Windows 8 CP as their OS forever.

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:What Will Happen To the Consumer Preview?

Microsoft will most likely remove the option to download any of the test builds (including the Consumer & Developer Preview) from their website. They will also remove any support functions available in the OS as well as in their forums. They may make it impossible to activate the Consumer Preview or use any apps that require internet.

Short of that, there's not much they can do. The test builds will always be available somewhere on the internet but they won't be much use if you can't use the internet. You probably wouldn't want to stay on the Consumer Preview though. The final release will be stable and have a lot more support and available apps for it.

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This here is a thread to discuss what you'd like to see in the next phase of Windows 8.

To start off, I would love better system personalization options to customize both Desktop and Start Screen.

I'd want to see a commanding, consolidated PC Settings panel to change EVERY setting, both metro and non metro.

Maybe either a) ditch Windows Media Player or b) make WMP more like Zune or c) make Windows Media Center the one and only media player that looks like Zune

Better Live Tile updates

A Kinekt that can be used for the Desktop (Minority Report anyone?)

Allow for DPI customizations for the Start Screen

Having the Lock Screen background used as the Boot Screen.

Facial recognition

Better speech controls

A better working Charms Bar

Get rid of the black background on the Start button

Get rid of the huge time display when you hover over the Start button

Make the sidebar slightly smaller and be able to customize what settings you'd like

This comes back to the days of Windows Longhorn's sidebar, but maybe choosing to ditch the system tray icons in favor for the sidebar

Instant Viewer built in for Windows 8

Live Window resizing

More pinnable items on the Taskbar

Potentially running metro apps on the Desktop in chromeless windows

Making the metro apps have window controls

Get rid on window control buttons for window control icons

A metro styled Windows Explorer

ReFS for the client OS builds

And yada yada yada.......

What do you guys what to see?

A:What you want to see in the Consumer Preview of Windows 8

System Reset and System Refresh not needing the installation media to perform.

Improvements on Windows Media Center

A better Modern Reader for viewing PDF files.

A separate button for Metro and the Start Menu.

A built-in ability to make pictures as the Metro screen background.

Window control for Metro apps and a proper power button on the side of the Metro screen.

Better diagnosis of computer problems.

Better built-in security features.

And a built-in ability to clean up obsolete elements in the computer filesystem and the Registry though that is not very likely to happen.

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anybody find headline app in consumer preview in windows 8 ?

i am from india

A:headline app in consumer preview ?

Hello pinakel,

I click on the Store tile, then scroll over to the News & Weather section, then click on the tile "All Stars". Lots of apps for news, including the Times of India, as well one of my local papers and British papers and Le Monde. One that I like is called "News360".

Maybe one of those would suit your needs?

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I am trying Win8 consumer preview,now my DVD/CD player won't read Dvd or CD games what do I do?

A:Win8 Consumer Preview

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The windows 8 consumer preview has been released.
If you would like to try it out,here is the link to the download.
I would suggest that you use the small ISO link below the download button
so you can burn a disk.
The download button runs a compatability wizard and starts the installation
from the web.
You really don't want that wiping your every day computer.
This is a preview release,so use a computer that you won't mind losing data on.
Preiview releases are basically,not finished beta releases.
You don't have to enter your email address if you don't want to subscribe.
You can just download.
Here is a link to the ISO page.....

A:Windows 8 consumer preview is now available.

Well,it's looking better.
You can now change the background color of the metro interface.
Media center is back.
The overlapping start buttons are gone,so that problem is fixed.
Move the mouse all the way bottom left and click for metro.
Bottom right corner to bring up the settings menu.
You can find a power listing there for shutdown options.

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Hi I can't install the consumer preview of windows 8 so that I can dual boot it with windows 7 I keep typing the product key that downloaded from Microsoft I always get a message that my product key could not be verified

Could it be that windows is trying to install over my windows 7 ?

A:Can't install the consumer preview

NO. Try this one: NF32V-Q9P3W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8

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Will the consumer preview offer an upgrade option from Windows 7 or is it still just clean install only?

A:Will Consumer preview allow upgrading?

It isn't confirmed yet but seeing as Developer Preview gave you the option of upgrading from Windows 7, Consumer Preview should too. I wouldn't really reccomend upgrading from Windows 7 but you should be able to upgrade from Windows 8 Developer Preview.

There's only three days to go so we'll find out soon.
Well, it looks like you can.

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I've been running the Consumer Preview for the past several months but now would like to update to Windows 8 Pro, I have the DVD but am wary of installing it as I think I'll lose everything. Has anyone attempted this upgrade yet? I just upgraded my Win 7 laptop to Win 8 Pro and it went as smooth as silk, I didn't lose a thing.

A:Updating from Consumer Preview

Hello Mickh, and welcome to Eight Forums.

When upgrading from Windows 8 CP, nothing will be kept from Windows 8 CP. Instead everything will be placed in a Windows.old folder in the new Windows 8 Pro

If you do not need anything in the Windows 8 CP installation or already have what you want backed up, then you could also do a clean install to your Windows 8 Pro as well if you like since you have the DVD.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

Hope this helps,

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Good evening. I can't find Wordpad anywhere on this OS . Looked everywhere. Not in Apps. I'm actually upset. This is very hard to believe. Had a hard day and, now this ? Un-real. Just isn't happening. Totally imaginary. I guess that I should've seen this one coming. Goodday.

A:Where's Wordpad on Consumer Preview?

On my Win 8 it's here:


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I've been reading through some of the comments on here about how confusing and hard it is to navigate through Win dows 8. I understand its different to Windows 7 and even the Developer Preview, but without reading anything I managed to be able to find most things within about half an hour. Within 2 hours I have the whole thing under control.
I cant understand the amount of trouble some people are having, I can understand that from Mac users, but surely not Windows users, its just not that hard.
The other thing is, I've got this on three computers, one old Atom netbook, a dual core Atom home theatre computer, glad to see MCE back, and a E8400 Intel computer. In all instances it is faster and more responsive than XP and Windows 7. I cant understand people saying how sluggish it is, the only thing I can see is that they might not have their chipset drivers correctly installed.
All in all, I am completely happy with Windows 8, I just hope people give it a bit more of a chance, as this is the future, especially for tablets.

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Exactly. Like I've been telling everyone, once you get used to the new interface it's FAR more efficient than it was in W7. People hear stuff about the UI being designed for tablets and they just start saying stupid stuff. What they don't realize is that Microsoft's brilliant developers figured out a way to make an incredible tablet experience while improving upon the classic desktop experience. It's such a difficult feat that it almost sounds impossible, but there it is.

I just don't understand how people are having difficulty. I think they're just starting W8 for the first time, seeing that it's different, and then throwing their hands in the air and crapping their pants.

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So, I installed the CP on the first of this month, and I must say, WOW! Speechless! It's like, ZOOM! It's stupid fast! Most of the time, it honestly feels like I'm using Windows 7 on a Solid State Drive, it's impressive. Resuming from hibernate is crazy fast, the cold boot time is faster since there are actually few services that automatically start up compared to 7. Shut down is still fast as usual. Some of the metro drop down menus aren't giant anymore. There is an actual way to switch and close metro apps as well.

But I do have grievances though. I was concerned with this when I saw the leaked screenshots of the 8200 build, it seems like the Desktop and Start Screen are segregated. We have to use the touch version of the Charms bar compared to the Developer Preview's Desktop Charms bar. It seems awkward on the Desktop to bring up the Charms. By default, Aero Peek is disable because if it is enabled, you might hide the Charms if you don't bring the pointer up.

I'm not really having a fancy for the black background when you do hover over a Charm. I think it would be a little more cleaner if it were just the icons in white, or maybe whatever color your Start Screen is. And, I want to be able to use the new Start logo, I want go the bottom left and hover over the new Start window.

Seeing how the Developer Preview was for developers to be able to build metro apps, and seeing as how the Consumer Preview will allow for a larger audience to use the metro Start Screen and its... Read more

A:Thoughts on the Consumer Preview?

I also don't like the scroll bars, it's too....old looking. The scroll bars in the Zune Software are much more modern and cleaner looking than in 8.

And the metro UI in Windows 8 isn't doing a great job reflecting the metro design of Windows Phone 7, it's not based on typography. EVERY, bit of text from Start Screen has a box around it when you click it. In Windows Phone, you just tap the text and sometimes it has a slightly hinged metro animation to it to show that's what you tapped on. The PC Settings app kind of has that, but the rest is still based on simple colored boxes to show a click action. I'd rather see those animation from Windows Phone to be like that in 8. Just make the text animate a little, and have the text color change as well to show a click action, it'll look nicer in my opinion as a doctor.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available at the link below:

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Note that if you want an ISO version you can get it here.

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Do I need an activation to enhance the performance of this Operating System?

Where can I get one?

I love the color and themes it's eye refreshing.

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Hi All,

I've installed CS4 onto my Windows 8 CP installation but am having problems with several programs:

Dreamweaver has a problem with 'Dreamweaver encountered problems while constructing the menus from the current menus.xml file.' and won't start.Photoshop (both 32 and 64-bit) has a runtime error and stops working 'Adobe Photoshop CS4 has stopped working'.Illustrator was having a problem loading plugins, but now I get nothing at all!

I think this all has something to do with permissions. When I visit c:/Users/Username/Appdata/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS4/ I am warned I cannot access this. I delve a little deeper with the security tab and see there is no owner, so add my machine as the owner and I can access the folder. It's empty, however. The same applies to the folders for the other programs in the suite.
Any ideas? I've reinstalled three times and it makes no difference.

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Adobe CS4

Hi, welcome.

I can't help directly with your issue, but perhaps a beta Photoshop would go well with a beta operating system?


CS6 beta is available at the link. You can let it activate and it's all well and legal. 60 day trial I believe.

I have it too but not from this link. It works very well and looks super cool.

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I've searched all over and couldn't find any information on the topic.

With Windows 7, I have the following setup. The C drive is a 128gb SSD, which has Windows installed to it. The D drive is a typical HDD which has the Users folder.

I set up this arrangement by following installation instructions that involved using the Autounnattend.xml and the OOBE mode during the install. If you are familiar with this set up, it involved using the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<unattend xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:unattend">
<settings pass="oobeSystem">
<component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
<cpifflineImage cpi:source="catalog://server/wim/pro x86/install_windows 7 professional.clg" xmlns:cpi="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:cpi" />

My questions are:

Does Windows 8 benefit from something like this?

Is it possible to have the majority of my writes go the HDD instead of my SSD?

Should I just install Windows 8 to t... Read more

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview, SSD + HDD Installation

You did not say what ssd you have bud.

There is really no need to move anything to the D drive imho. You will not wear out the ssd drive. W8 also has drive optimizer, which can be put on a regular schedule.

When running it, it says trimming the drive, so force trim any time you want it.

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Hi There, Is it Possible to run this Version for every day use ? I have it installed on an Old 478 socket P4 pc.
It runs real good, But not sure for how long.. Is there any other Version of Windows 8 that would run on a Older
computer with a P4 cpu ? Thank you for any help..

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview v.8250

Hello Ghostman, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview version expired on January 15th 2013.

You'll need to either purchase and install Windows 8 (retail), or you could install the Windows 8.1 Preview for now until it expires.

Hope this helps,

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I am using the windows 8 consumer preview there is a mail App also People, Calendar, and Messages, which stopped working so I deleted them hoping to reinstall, but I cannot see anywhere to reinstall the mail program.
Can anyone help, also I do not have Store it was not installed with win 8 installation.

Thanks for any help


A:Windows 8 consumer preview, Mail App

Hi hgrock,

First, right-click on a blank space of the Start Screen and click the "All apps" button on the pop-up charm bar at the bottom. This will bring up the expanded version of the Start Screen. In the left few columns you should see an icon for the Store. Right click it and click "Pin to Start Screen" in the charm bar at the bottom. This should place it back in easy reach, so to speak.

When in the Store, please go to the Productivity column and click on the word "Productivity". If you're not familiar with the Store, this will bring up a list of everything in that section. The second button down will be a combined version of all the apps you need, it's green. Keep in mind, for these to work properly you must be signed into your Microsoft Account.

Hope this helps...


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Instructions on how to install a Dual-Boot Windows 8 developer preview without any DVD and re-installl with the developer tools version if needed as welll

A:Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview without a DVD

Alright, it's pretty simple to do. I had to do it with my Asus netbook. First, you download the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, and install it (Link at the bottom). Then, you download the desired Windows 8 .iso file. Then, you run the Download Tool, select the .iso file, insert a thumbdrive (size depends on the version of Windows 8), and then follow the instructions. As for installing developer tools later, you may just have to do a clean install, but developer tools need very specific hardware; it didn't like my HP Pavillion HPE H8-1040.

Microsoft Store Online

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Hi there
I've had it with this --- MS seems really to have hosed it up. In addition to the security / lack of accessibility to YOUR OWN DISKS which I made in a previous post here are some other major irritants.

1) Now Control Panel -- you have to enter a SEARCH to get what you want --you can't change the display from display by category to anything else --like say small icons so you are stuck with the "Idiots" Menu. I preferred the display by icons where you had the whole lot on one screen.

2) Power options -- can't change the stupid default to NEVER on put the computer to sleep -- setting the advanced options to ZERO doesn't work either. Wants a Password on wakeup as well -- can't switch that off --- lovely idea when you are running a Virtual Server from the system !!!!!!. Whoever thought of that option should be the one to go out there and re-start all these machines when they awake from their "Enforced Slumbers" and type in passwords too. This is taking security to LUDICROUS extremes. There *might* be a registry fix for this but that's not an answer in my book for something people quite legitimately want to be able to set to suit them.

(Set to 1439 mins at least gives 23 hrs 59 mins but if you want a machine on 24 / 7 unattended then this isn't a real solution either and you still need a password on wakeup).
3) Problems with some web sites on IE -- input forms don't work properly so I can't set some of the preferences on my multi-media streaming ap... Read more

A:3rd attempt that's IT --Bye Bye and back to Consumer preview

Hey Jimbo,

I'm sorry to hear your experience with the RP has been so bad. I can't speak to all of your issues, but my Control Panel works as expected, and I can view it by Categories and/or large/small icons.

Windows Explorer seems to be ok for me also, if I open it using the Windows Key+E shortcut. It opens in the "Computer" view. If I click the shortcut in the Taskbar it does open in the Library view though. I don't have near as many drives as you do so it does seem fast enough to me.

Best of luck to you...

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Hi, I have a compaq presario cq60 notebook with 2.20 GHZ Intel celeron processor and 2 GB of ram. The computer comes with windows 7 but I recently decided to install windows 8 on a partition. This windows 8 partition is the fourth partition since there is a system partition, a recovery partition, and the ordinary c: partition.

Anyway I installed the windows 8 consumer preview on a 20 GB partition like many sites suggested and I didn't have any problem in doing so. However I have noticed the system is very slow and sometimes it even fails to open apps or even perform internet searches. I assumed this was due to a lack of sytem capabilities from my PC but according to the askvg site (can't post the link)and many other sites my PC should be able to handle it.

So I began monitoring my task manager on windows 8 and I realized that a process called searchindexer.exe was eating up high percentages of my CPU, around 90% most of the time and if I opened an app that process would still consume all the CPU capabilities that the app doesn't consume. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it my computer? Will the windows performance update fix it?

Also one more thing I'm having trouble with. I was able to acces my facebook photos from the photos app but even after I managed to transfer some photos from the C: drive the the windows 8 drive and placed them on the pictures library, the photos won't come up on the library. Same happens with the little music I was able to transfer.

In g... Read more

A:Windows 8 consumer preview Performance

It sounds to me like there is a driver problem, have a look at the Device Manager to see that everything is okay in there. If you see any little yellow signs, you may have to install the Windows 7 Chipset drivers for your notebook.

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My brother installed the consumer preview on my laptop and i am wondering what happens when it expires. Will it just go back to windows 7? Also is there any way for me to downgrade to windows 7 in the meantime, because i dont care much for windows 8. Also i dont have the windows 7 install disk as the software was pre-installed on my laptop.

A:What happens when the windows 8 consumer preview expires?

Because we can still install the Windows 8 Release Preview few people are concerned about the Consumer Preview expiring. I don't know exactly what will happen when either expires; when similar temporary releases of Windows 7 expired they did not completely stop working, but progressively got worse (black background, warning popups, automatic shut downs, etc.) to motivate users to stop using them.

Have you checked to see if Microsoft has posted anything about the Consumer (or Release) Preview end of life?

If you did not make a set of Recovery (or "Restore") DVDs (or CDs) when you still had access to the Recovery Partition you may still be able to buy a set from the PC manufacturer.

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So who installed it? I did...uhh now what. I hate metro!

Gonna install it on Acer Iconia Tablet today. Maybe I will like it then.

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview Topic

Don't bother it's dreadful.
Even worse that DP version

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Hello, could you help me with this: I been using Windows 8 Consumer preview for several months. It was installed over Vista. Everything worked more than fine, untill about two weeks ago when I install AVG 2012. After that, I couldn't open any program from desktop. Did system restore, removed AVG and it worked again. But since I do trust AVG, yesterday I installed it again.
This time however, system restore did work strangely, took long time telling me for almost 25 minutes that is fixing registry. It went on and on. Finally I turned computer hard way - with a switch. Today I can start it to the point when it goes through its initial sequence OK, it shows "booting fish" and there is as well
rotating timer. Then it stops, screen remains black, however mouse pointer is visible and moving properly on the screen. That is as far as I can go. There is no splash screen for sign in.
I'm not a young guy (76 year old) and even if I used computers for many years - since DOS 2.4 - I'm at lost what to do, to come up with finding some kind of working f solution. Please could anybody help me? Very much appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance, Milda.

A:W8 Consumer Preview will not go even to splash screen

try to boot into safe mode, uninstall AVG, reboot normally and start to use another antivirus, like Avast! Free, for instance.

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A:Office 365 consumer preview download

Thanks for posting the link.

System Requirements: Windows 7 or 8 only.

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Hi there
When creating a Virtual Machine with vmware rel 8 and using the CREATE NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE Wizard installation will loop if you enter the product key before installing.

DO NOT ENTER THE PRODUCT KEY prompted by the create Virtual Machine Wizard

If you do you get message a short while into the install process -- Cannot read Product key from the unattended setup file and it will reboot and try again and again.

Just create the VM manually (i.e don't use the Create Virtual Machine Wizard) and enter product key as you would with a normal version of Windows.


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hi guys,

wanted to upgrade Windows 8 Developer Preview to Consumer Preview, so i choose the road to install via setup, directly from MS since i want to keep my second partition alive and only the K partition (where Dev Preview is located on should be used).

Getting: Windows 8 Consumer Preview installation has failed, no code or anything else

Since i previously downloaded the ISO file and burned it to a USB stick, i choose to give it another try with the stick.

Both times after hitting install and at 28%, the message keeps coming in, so i had to abort.

Before installing i checked on the MS site for compability of my Revo 3 X2 drive and that is ok.

The only 2 issues i have where:

Windows essentials

Could it be Consumer Preview looks for the C: partition?

What i fear is that i will have to disonnect the Foremay with the C: partition on, boot from the USB and install over Windows 8 D.P.
Meaning reinstalling all other programs as well.

Any ideas?




My Win 7 x64 is on my first Foremay SSD as Cartition
2d Foremay is D:
OCZ Enyo is E:

Win8 D.P is K
O is Ofiice and on the Revo 3 X2.

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview installtion has failed

ok nobody here who can point me in the right direction?

any idea is welcome



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Would Windows 8 Consumer Preview work on a virtual PC?


A:[SOLVED] Windows 8 Consumer Preview File

Yes it will.

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I used the following tutorial...
DreamScene - Install in Windows 7 and Vista - Windows 7 Forums

It did not work on this computer.

When I click on a .mpeg or .wmv in Explorer, it DOES give the option to 'Set as Desktop Background'
but the new background does not show up in the theme.

A:Windows Dream Scene in Consumer Preview.


I tried to manually edit the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop for the Wallpaper string to a DreamScene file.

I signed out of my account and then back in. All it did was blank what I entered to nothing at all and the actual desktop was made into a solid color instead.

I tried a few things to hack this to work and no go so far...

Maybe if you compare the entries in that registry key above in Windows 7 running with DreamScene to Windows 8, the differences will offer clues or make it work.

Funny thing is that even the Power Options now have DreamScene settings included.

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I wanted to install the Consumer preview in virtual box..i gave it 1000mb RAm and 25Gb space. But at the start of installation I got this error (screenshot 2) and then after clicking "continue" it showed windows 'loading file' bar and then I got a black screen with a cursor :P (screenshot 1). Nothing happened. i powered off the virtual machine and tried again but same.

A:[SOLVED] Windows 8 Consumer Preview in Virtual Box

Depending on which version you are looking to install you will have to up the amount of RAM.

1GB of RAM = 1024MB. So you are short on the actual amount of RAM needed. That is also only for the 32 Bit version. If you are looking to install the 64 Bit version you need to have 2GB of RAM or 2048MB.

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Hi there
So far everything installed and working 100% and this on a small netbook !!. I had NO issues with the VM i built earlier -- now this is on a REAL machine.

Apps can be unpinned from the metro start tiles so only those you want need be there and by pinning something to the task bar then dragging and dropping to the desktop makes a quick way of having stuff you want on the desktop in the old way.

I like uncluttered stuff -- the apps search is fine for those I don't use often --- Control Panel however should be on the Start panel by default. You can Pin it to the start by searching for it in apps then RIGHT mouse click and then Pin to start --easy !!.

Installed and working:

Office 2010 x-64 full professional including Visio 2010 and Project 2010

Vmware workstation rel 8.0.2 and vmware player rel 4.02

OpenVPN client for accessing SKY GO etc via Proxy when I'm in Belgium / Iceland / France etc

Betangel -- access Betfair quickly IN PLAY (Well known UK Betting Exchange).




VLC Media player

Adobe CS55 Suite inc Photoshop x-64 and Adobe X

TmpGenc DVD authoring stuff (Dvd format conversion etc -- I don't have a physical DVD on this machine
but I can still create AVI etc from an ISO)


Utorrent (shhh !!! shouldn't mention this one)

Logitech media server (streaming Internet Radio / Music ) to remote multi media devices


MSE -- choose W7 X-64 when downloading it if you are on x-64
__________________________________________... Read more

A:So far so good standard apps on consumer preview x-64

I'm still trying to verify if this works on the current Windows 8.1. Has anyone tried it yet? [IMG]https://********.info/cat/10-3/vbsmile.png[/IMG]

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Start Screen Customizer

This is the latest Start Screen customizer and works great with Windows 8!

I love me some red tiles....

A:For all who want to tweak the Start Screen of the Consumer Preview

Thanks, but i didn't know that i can name those groups

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The old methods of bypassing the Metro UI do not work with Win8 Consumer Preview. I have found only a couple of links that are either unusable or unintelligible. If you find a way to jump directly from the Longn screen to the desktop, could you post it here? I am tired of trying to tweak the registry or to get a startup program to run the desktop...

A:Still looking to jump immediately into Desktop w consumer preview

Hope you succeed in your noble mission.

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Hi, I love the new Windows 8 Consumer preview, I was wondering if it was build to run games yet because I have had a lot of lag issues on windows 8. Will this get better or is this the best gaming performance?

A:Is Windows 8 Consumer Preview Built for games yet?


You can't capture a game and then post it as proof of lag. The capture process itself is a huge hit.

You can install the video driver:

Drivers - GeForce

Newer version: NVIDIA GeForce 301.24 Beta 64-bit download from Guru3D.com

Gaming is excellent on Windows 8. It's your system. If you didn't install the driver yet, it will fix it. I would choose the second link to install from.

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I installed Bulletstorm on my Win 8 PC the other day and while it installed, it hasn't been launching for some reason. Whenever I try to launch it nothing ever comes up. I tried launching it from the Start Menu, Game Explorer, Steam, and the actual exe but nothing worked. I even tried launching as admin but it seems to refuse to launch. Any Help? It's the boxed version btw.

A:Bulletstorm not launching in Windows 8: Consumer Preview

Try using compatibility mode for Win7.. Or use whatever the system recommends for the .exe.

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less than 24hrs just cant wait so

Windows 8 Consumer preview countdown started!!!

A:Windows 8 Consumer preview countdown started!!!

Originally Posted by raj1402

less than 24hrs just cant wait so

Windows 8 Consumer preview countdown started!!!

Here is what I saw at Verge.

The company will hold an event at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on February 29th to launch the Windows 8 Consumer Preview between 3PM and 5PM (CET).

CET (Central European Time) is UTC +1 Hour which makes the launch about 32-34 hrs from this posting.


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hello my processor does not support nx so i was thinking to install windows 8 consumer preview can u tell me that can i install it in my pc without nx support

A:can windows 8 consumer preview work without nx support


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I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview some time ago. It ran fine for some time but now freezes randomly. I am attaching the log collected by the Windows 8 Log Collector tool. If you could help me, would be a great help. Thank you.

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview Freezes Randomly

Hello there!

Seems like lot of crashes are related to Disply drivers (igdkmd32.sys, nvkflt.sys) and few licensing errors. Download your Display drivers and install it. Make sure you properly remove the old version properly.

As for the licensing errors seem like the KMS licensing service is not able to communicate to the MSFT server. If you have a Proxy disable it. You can check this article Activation fails when you try to activate Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 over the Internet

If that didn't fix it then try to Refresh Windows 8 PC. Follow this article Refresh Windows 8

BugCheck 1000007F, {8, 82fbc000, 0, 0}
Probably caused by : igdkmd32.sys ( igdkmd32+df370 )


System Uptime: 2 days 0:21:46.394


Built by: 8250.128.x86fre.winmain_win8beta_se.120330-1316
Debug session time: Tue Jun 19 11:36:51.883 2012 (GMT+5)
System Uptime: 2 days 0:21:46.394
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for igdkmd32.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for igdkmd32.sys
BugCheck 1000007F, {8, 82fbc000, 0, 0}
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvkflt.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvkflt.sys
Probably caused by : igdk... Read more

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hi guys,

well how can one easily start the Task Scheduler in Windows 8 C.P?

Do not find this myself.



A:How to start TASK SCHEDULER in Consumer Preview

Hello Jeff,

You could press Windows+R to open Run, then type taskschd.msc and press Enter, or.....

.......search for taskschd.msc in apps.

You might see if pinning it to the taskbar after it's open may work for you to make it easier to open next time.

Hope this helps,

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Release Notes


The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced under the Windows 8 operating system with the AMD Catalyst Driver for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. These include:

Graphics corruption may be intermittently experienced while running the Metro UI in High Performance mode.
HDMI/DisplayPort audio may be unavailable when connected to an audio enabled display device.
Bezel compensation may not function as expected.
AMD Steady Video options may be missing on initial launch of the Vision Control Center.
The AMD Overdrive option may be missing in some configurations.
The list of supported HDTV modes may be incomplete or missing in some configurations.
Random flickering and screen corruption may be observed while playing Dirt2 and F1 2010 in DirectX 11 mode.
Random flickering and screen corruption may be observed while playing Just Cause 2 in DirectX 10 mode.
Crysis 2 may experience corruption when run in DirectX 11 mode.
F1 2010 may fail to launch when run in DirectX 9 mode.
3D video playback may not be available while running PowerDVD 10.
Flickering may be observed when playing World of Warcraft in HD3D using the Tridef? launcher.

Note! This Driver is provided ?AS IS? in accordance with the End User License Agreement.


A Guy

A:AMD Catalyst™ Drivers Windows® 8 Consumer Preview

I had problems and switch back to 12.1

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Hey all!

I tried to remove watermark and then .batch file removed build 8250 shell32.dll.MUI and added older build file, so please can anybody send me the original shell32.dll.MUI file?

I cant remove watermark, I just got away "Evaluation copy. Build 8250" editing user32.dll.MUI via Resource hacker: string table/44/1033 (115, - 177)

A:Consumer Preview user32.dll.MUI needed quickly...

Here is it

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I downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview from Microsoft (no. Iso file: no install disk / USB request).
PC Features:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 M [email protected]
Video Card: Intel (r) HD Graphics
Sound card: Audio IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
HDD: 500 GB
Ram: 4 GB

Once you download the file Download / Install I open it and start downloading the files of Windows 8 and install it.
When the PC restarts to complete the installation is a sign that says: <<Preparing ...%>> ... So far, so row, smooth.
But when you restart again appears an inscription that says it is setting up your registry and then a error window that says Windows can not complete the installation and then tells me that if I want to install Windows 8 Preview I have to repeat the Consumer installation ... but I do so I've already made ​​and remade over three times!
Can you help me?

A:Windows 8 Consumer Preview Setup ERROR

Hello Sammy, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You may have better luck using the ISO to create either a bootable Windows 8 installation DVD or USB flash drive, then do a clean install using the tutorial below.

Clean Install - Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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