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Adobe Flash uninstall tool,& is there a better/safer flash player w/o the hassles?

Q: Adobe Flash uninstall tool,& is there a better/safer flash player w/o the hassles?

I uninstalled Adobe Flash with their uninstall tool because I read somewhere you needed to update it because of major security flaw. I went over to the Adobe website to try and find an update, as well as a tutorial on how to update, as I had no idea what version I had. Their website is a mess unless you want to purchase something, and then you can find whatever your want. Since I had no idea what version of player, I just DL their uninstall tool, then DLed their new flash. I used their uninstall tool, and then reinstalled the new Adobe Flash Player. The only PU that came up was that it couldn't install in Opera. I went looking to try and configure it, then I read in the post below, you had to go to the link, http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/ for shockwave, and figured it would lead me to flash and all that crap. I remembered what a PIA it was. I went over there, and it says flash works, but I still don't know if it's the latest flash or not. On the right it says I need to install "other sw", but that probably because I don't have shockwave installed. BTW, when I used their uninstaller from an administrator account, it completely wiped out my FX profile in the limited user account for some reason. It didn't do anything to the FX profiles in the administrator's accounts. I keep an updated copy of the limited user account's FX profile, and just reinstalled it, but I'm sick and tired of adobe flash and all the BS your have to go on the 'net to configure it or even find it. Any freeware flash players out there that are just as good (and safe) and you don't have go thru all this 'net BS to configure? Also, where do find the files for that Adobe flash player, when you're using FX as your browser, and where should it be located in FX....and does it even work with FX? I guess it's in ActiveX in IE, but I don't know, and I'm not using IE and have access to IE closed, or partially closed is a better term. I checked program files and common program files, the FX local profiles, the FX folder under program files, application data under Docs/settings, but I can't find it. Weirdest freakin' user unfriendly SW that I've ever seen. ​ Never mind, I finally found that *&^$$%&&(*() security panel. This software seems like a huge security risk as you don't and can't tell w/o connecting to Adobe and that Adobe flash security panel if it's actually setup secure. I just absolutely hate it, so if anyone has some suggestions on a better flash player that you can control locally, I'll uninstall it completely, or if there's any way to just make sure locally that it's off and it's settings can't be changed until you need to use it. Will NoScript lock it down for security, if you check "forbid Adobe Flash" ? I did have that checked when I went over to the Adobe website, and I couldn't read the flash window until I allowed the blocked 'script. in the upper left, but I'm still uneasy about software that your can't control it's settings locally w/o connecting to/thru some website on the 'net.

Preferred Solution: Adobe Flash uninstall tool,& is there a better/safer flash player w/o the hassles?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Adobe Flash uninstall tool,& is there a better/safer flash player w/o the hassles?

The flash player for IE and Firefox is in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash. The IE one is called Flash9f.ocx and for Firefox its NPSWF32.dll.

You can view current version, by going to a page with a flash object on the web page, right click on the Flash object and select About Adobe Flash Player 9 and it will take you to Adobe site and display version.
You can also get version from the files about on the Version or Details tab of its properties.

As for removal, just either use the Uninstall tool in the same folder (See above) or delete all the files in the folder to remove it.

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We have IE 6. Say a user goes to MSN.com. The ad on the right is a Flash object. Some of our users will see that object flickering when scrolling up or down on the page or when hovering their mouse over it. It's quite annoying. Almost all users are running Adobe Flash Player 9, but I think I've seen this happen on systems with Macromedia Flash Player 8 as well. Other systems don't have the problem. I've seen this happen on one system and not another while both seemed to have the same Flash objects installed.

Uninstalling all Flash players using Adobe's prescribed Flash Player uninstall tool seems to work at first, but users later complain again. Note that they just about always end up installing Flash Player 9 again, because sites ask for it. I don't believe I've seen this on any XP systems at all, including my own, but most of our users have Win2K.

Does anybody know why this happens or how to permanently fix it?


A:Ie 6 - Flash Objects Flickering - Using Adobe Flash Player 9 Activex R28 (shockwave Flash Object V.

More info: Adobe Flash Player 9, Macromedia Flash Player 8, and Macromedia Flash Player 10 all produce the same result--Flash objects that flicker when you put your mouse over any part of them. Moving Flash objects will flicker constantly while moving and stop flickering when the animation is done. SWF files (at least the one at www.stormwerks.com/linked/stuf/AYB2.swf) work without a problem when using Adobe Flash Player 9.

If I don't have Adobe Flash Player 9 installed, the Win2K machines prompt me to install them for almost any site that uses Flash (I guess most recent Flash objects cannot be viewed with the older Macromedia Flash Players).

Any suggestions?

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I haven't been able to uninstall and reinstall the adboe flash player, and it seems as if it starts the uninstall and then hangs. The Adobe reader has also been problamatic and it doesnt like automatic uptdates, which I have now disabled. any thoughts? Its running on icore7 920 9GB Ram and windows 7 RC 64 bit. Thanks!


A:Adobe Flash Player won't Uninstall

Hello TheWiz,

The Adobe Flash Player uninstaller may be able to help you get it uninstalled. I would recommend that you close IE after downloading it before you run it to avoid any possible "In Use" issues while trying to uninstall it.

Hope this helps,

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My Adobe flash player and Acrobat 5.0 was uninstalled by mistake and when I try to install it again, it will not work. Both the Acrobat and Flash Player are in my programs file and I have tried to uninstall it from there and it states that the "data has been corrupted"and will not continue. How do I completely remove the programs so I can start all over again?

A:Solved: Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

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[Ok, let me try typing this all over again. Another, separate problem: this POS Vista laptop's wireless keeps arbitrarily disconnecting. 'Back to Cat 5 cable, dammit. Anyway...]

There's a persistent problem I've been unable to solve after roughly a year since it first appeared. When I check Secunia PSI's reports I'm finding old versions of Adobe Flash Player listed as "Insecure" and "Update scheduled" - which will not uninstall with Adobe's own uninstall tool.

I went through a closed thread here at Techguy.org on the subject and went through the procedure described - basically downloading and running the Adobe Flash Uninstaller found here:

After rebooting into Safe Mode and running the Flash uninstall tool (multiple times, just out of anal-retentive thoroughness,) I rebooted into standard mode. On opening Secunia PSI - but before running a scan - the list of insecure programs shows Adobe Flash Player 9.x, which hadn't even been there previously. After running the Flash Uninstaller again from standard mode, then running a new PSI scan, the 9.x version is no longer there but in its place is... 10.x (NPAPI), which when I click PSI's Scan Results detail page lists it as (NPAPI).

This occurs regardless of whether or not I've got the current version of Adobe Flash installed on top of it all.

Could this be some kind of malw... Read more

A:Solved: Old Versions of Adobe Flash Player Won't Uninstall

Did you do these steps as well:

Delete Flash Player files and folders.

Click Start > Run.

Copy and paste the following and click OK.

Delete all the files in this folder.

Follow step 1 to step 3 for the following:
%appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
%appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player
Click to expand...

Are you by chance using a browser that has Flash built in? Such a Google Chrome? Are you using other browsers that may have a separate Flash plug-in? If you go and install/update Flash from the Adobe site does it then report only the new version?

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it seems to crash when i try to install and uninstall it from add or remove programs,i cannot find it on my computer tho,only add or remove programs

i cannot watch youtube videos now

oh,and i cannot install limewire basic either,that also crashes

plz help me,thanks

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This pop-up is driving me crazy! It pops up on the video screen I want to watch in Fox News website -- I haven't noticed it popping up on other sites as yet. It will list the site asking for permission to store information on my computer. The link I have attached below gives instructions on how to remove this pop-up. Is this flash player thing safe or is it some kind of virus or malware? The attached link refers to it as spyware. If I were to remove the Flash player program, will it affect playing games or whatever on my laptop. I need help, please.

Dynamic Spyware - Windows Techies

Thank you.

A:Adobe Flash Player - Local Storage-Flash Player Settings

The link above is just another ad-site trying to get you into buying spyhunter. I would not do what they recommend. Can you provide the link where you get the pop up so I can try it. In addition, what browser are you using ?

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My friend recently asked me to help her download some music video flv files from the website MTVIggy. I normally use Orbit Downloader for saving flv's I like from youtube but it doesn't seem to work on this site. I've tried a program called Replay Media Catcher but ut also doesn't work. Does anyone know of a program/tool that is actually capable of downloading the flv files from MTVIggy?

Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

A:How to record rtmp:// flash video .flv stream from embedded Adobe Flash Player

As the site is owned by Viacom/MTV, my guess is that it is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected and videos can't be downloaded. I normally use Real Player when I need to download embedded videos but I don't think it will work and I'm not aware of a free product that will download DRM protected videos.

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Reason for concern. I do training on a Ford Motor site and the site indicates that I must have Macromedia flash player and I have Adobe flash player not Macromedia flash player. My understanding is that they are both the same. Is that correct.

A:Macromedia flash player/ Adobe flash player

The site must be way out of date, Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005.

What is the site's address?

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Greetings;. Are these the same thing or two different things.?

A:Adobe flash player Adobe flash player active x

Adobe Flash Player has several variants for different operating systems and browsers and is now on version 11.9.  The active-x variant is used with Windows Internet Explorer.  There is another Windows variant for plugin based browsers, such as Firefox.  There are variants for Mac OS X and Linux, although the last version produced for Linux was 11.2.

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http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb11-21.htmlAffected software versions Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris operating systems Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Android Adobe AIR 2.7 and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, and AndroidTo verify the version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your system, access the About Flash Player page, or right-click on content running in Flash Player and select "About Adobe (or Macromedia) Flash Player" from the menu. If you use multiple browsers, perform the check for each browser you have installed on your system.To verify the version of Adobe Flash Player for Android, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Adobe Flash Player 10.x.SolutionAdobe recommends all users of Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris upgrade to the newest version by downloading it from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.Windows users and users of Adobe Flash Player or later for Macintosh can install the update via the auto-update mechanism within the product when prompted.http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb11-19.htmlAffected software versionsShockwave Player11.6.0.626 and earlier versions for Windows and MacintoshSolutionAdobe recommends users of Adobe Shockwave Player and earlier versions upgrade to the newest version 11.6... Read more

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2815 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 940886 MB, Free - 891582 MB; D: Total - 12879 MB, Free - 1571 MB;
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

My desktop computer is running quite slow, so I am checking all of the software that I have installed to see if something might be causing the problem. Do I need the above items please? I have Foxit Reader and I am running a free Office Suite called Open Office.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind regards


A:Solved: Do I need Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader, please?

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A critical vulnerability exists in Flash Player and earlier versions (Adobe Flash Player and earlier for Chrome users) for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris, Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Android, and the Authplay.dll component that ships with Adobe Reader and Acrobat X (10.0.2) and earlier 10.x and 9.x versions for Windows and Macintosh operating systemsContinue reading Security bulletin

A:Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat

This further enhances the point that these software mfg's need to start putting security first when they build their code.

It's completely ridiculous and irresponsible nearly 15 years later after they were all warned about it!

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I have Windows Vista 32 bit and from the beginning I have problems opening pdf's from internetsites: my computer suggests that I install the recent version of Adobe what I did (succesfully as adobe says). I tried some of the suggestions I found on the internet: uninstall - install, execute as administrator, change the compatibility to Windows server pack 2, upgrated the internet explorer, but still it doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot, Swaantje

A:[SOLVED] problem with adobe reader and adobe flash player

Here is a link to a cool Adobe Reader alternative http://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/index.php the program is not even close to half the size of Adobe's Reader.

What type of problem are you having with flash player?

Can you watch a youtube video?

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I am in big problem I will go mad soon..the situation is so - my girlfriend always watches previews of housewives at abc http://abc.go.com/primetime/desperate/index.html ; and there you need the newest adobe flash player installed...and so every time she wishes to watch it I must install adobe flash player again and again...and I check if there is something wrong with the web page, so I go to test my adobe schockwave player and adobe flash player there...and every time I see I really dont have this two on my system..so I am doing something very wrong..One day it works and then the next day I must install again..and so on..and on..


After I uninstall and install again everything is fine...It goes on my nerves, cause I many times install also yahoo toolbar with it..and then I have problems uninstalling this toolbar... I must then again install yahoo toolbar and then many times the uninstallation is not ok...and then again install yahoo and uninstall.. soon you will be able to visit me just in mental institution...
I dont know - is there any setting in explorer that deletes this two?...I use also regCure registry cleaner..maybe I really went mad

In short - why is adobe flash and schockwave escaping from my system..am I too ugly!? or I know too little about explorer settings ?

Thanks for your help and time


A:Solved: adobe flash player and schockwave player must be installed over and over again :(

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Not sure where this should end up,but I'm sure it will be guided to the correct forum,as always.
After doing quite a bit of reading today,I decided that the Adobe PDF viewer is a resource hog. I uninstalled any traces of it I could find in my add/remove programs part of my pc. Just a few minutes ago while reading another post here at BC, I discovered I had to install Adobe Flash player to view an article thru YouTube.
My question is how does flash differ from the pdf viewer? They're both an Adobe thing,right?

I opted to download a small viewer called Sumatra,by the way.


A:Adobe flash player+Adobe pdf viewer

It's a different product and unlike Adobe Reader, there are no alternatives for Flash.

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Secunia security inspector shows me that I have three Adobe Flash Player 9.x in my system,and they are all the latest editions.
They are located as follows:
C:\Program Files\Opera\program\plugins\NPSWF32.dll

Is there any reason the Flash Player has to be installed in all three locations???
If not,which ones have to stay and which ones should be removed???
If some should be removed,what is the procedure to follow???

A:Adobe Flash Player

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Ok, last night I had to reinstall my flash cs3, in which I think my previous Adobe Flash Player was uninstalled.

After which, I reinstalled and found that some sites, such as newgrounds.com, will say I don't have a flash player installed.

I've tried installed the flash player numerous times and also deleting my temporary internet files,

any help is appreciated on how to fix this problem

A:Adobe Flash Player

I had similar issues. The problem in my case seemed to be that the previous install had not been completely removed and was interfering with my browsers recognizing any new installs. I followed the directions here http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_14157&sliceId=2 and then reinstalled the flash player and all was fine.

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My computer doesnt have Adobe flash player, and everytime i try to install it from the website, it says "application already in use". The program was uninstalled from the computer, and does not show up on the uninstall programs menu in control panel.

A:Adobe Flash Player

Use Revo Uninstaller Free to remove the remain parts of Flash.===> http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.htmlThen install it back.

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Do you have to uninstall the Flash player for IE and Non-IE to download an updated version of the player for IE and Non-IE to be downloaded?  Thanks.

A:Adobe Flash Player

No, you don't have to uninstall an older version first to install a newer version. You can just visit the Get Flash page and download your new version. (Make sure to watch out for the extra options there...!)

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Adobe Flash Player 10 will not install.

A:Adobe Flash Player

and welcome to the Forum

What is the error message?

You can uninstall the current version first:


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I got a new computer (Intel 2 Quad Core 4 w/ 4GB of RAM, 64-bit, Vista Home Premium). I can't install Adobe Flash Player because it's 64-bit, so I can't view YouTube videos or even things on many sites.

The Adobe site states:

Adobe Flash Player is not supported for playback in a 64-bit browser. However, you can run Flash Player in a 32-bit browser running on a 64-bit operating system.

Adobe is working on Flash Player support for 64-bit platforms as part of our ongoing commitment to the cross-platform compatibility of Flash Player. We expect to provide native support for 64-bit platforms in an upcoming release of Flash Player following Flash Player 10.

Do any of you have a link of how to install the version of Adobe that I can get on my computer? If I do this, I can easily upgrade when the right verion comes out for my system, right?

Any info will be appreciated!

A:No Adobe Flash Player for 64-bit OS?

Hi -

Adobe really missed the boat on this one.

The work around for this is to run IE7 x86 - not the x64 version.

Click on start | type internet - select the "Internet Explorer" that has no wording after it. This is IE7 x86 (32-bit). See if this resolves your problem.

IE7 x86 will run everything you need under x64.

Regards. . .



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My Adobe Flash Player is no longer working. Everytime I try to install the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 I get this message: The installation encountered errors: The ActiveX control for Flash Player could not be registered. I have tried using the uninstall flash drive from Adobe's website and it will not work.

Please Help!

A:Adobe Flash Player Help!!

See if anything in Adobe's own installation Troubleshooter helps http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/191/tn_19166.html

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I don't see Adobe Flash Player when I play Youtube, it has HTML5 Player after the recent Update1.

A:No more Adobe Flash Player for me

Got rid of JAVA a few years ago and hoping to get rid of FLASH in the future.


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problem updating Adobe Flash Player
reason for instigating this post - I get this message on screen

This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated
Activate Adobe Flash

I check the plugins on Google, sure enough, A A F is vulnerable and needs updating, I procede. First i untick "McAfee security plan" -- initialise, save file, Flash Player installer saved - message, "Installation will begin shortly" - 5 minutes later no action - ???

There are two programmes - A F P 18 Active X
Using W 7

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Every time I start AOL 9.1, I get an install for Adobe Flash Player. It never installs.

I have gone to Adobe website and got the instructions for removing it. I ran the uninstall and downloaded the latest version and still happens.

Any ideas on what maybe happening??


A:Adobe Flash Player

You need to use the Flash uninstall tool at this link and then install the new version.http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html

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recently i installed advanced system care and ran its system tweak tools and now my internet explorer is saying that i don't have adobe flash player installed when i go to websites like youtube but when i go on with my firefox it works. i doubled checked and i do have adobe flash player installed and is up to date so i don't know what was changed in my settings and i tried resetting my internet explorer. help would be greatly appreciated thank you

A:IE8 adobe flash player

Solved. for those who have the same problem try downloading windows script 5.7 worked for me

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Hi guys,
As we now have IE9 in use, has anyone tried the 64-bit browser with the preview release of Adobe Flash Player "Square" (codename) which enables 64-bit support.
Thanks for your comments!

A:Adobe 64-bit Flash Player

Been using it since it came out in the 64 bit version of Firefox (was called Minefield and now called Nightly). Also used it in the 64 bit versions of IE8 and IE9.

Also don't forget to install the 64 bit version of Java,


for those sites that need it.

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Last night I downloaded the latest version of the browser Firefox (vers. 4.0.1) and this morning i can't watch videos. The notice informed me to download the latest Adobe Flash Player which I did (by following the link and d/loading the flash player). Then I installed the player normally.
However, still not able to see videos.
Am I missing someting? Anyone else struck this problem?
Anyone know the solution?

kind regards to all

A:Adobe Flash player

No problems here with Firefox or IE.

Did you download the Firefox version of Flash?

NOTE - If you are using Firefox, Flash Player is installed as a Firefox plug-in.
To make sure the Flash Player plug-in is enabled, do the following: In the Firefox menu, select Tools > Add-ons.
Select Plugins in the Add-ons dialog box.
Select Shockwave Flash in the list of plugins.

If you see the Disable button, then the Flash Player plug-in is enabled. Close the dialog box.
If you see the Enable button, then the Flash Player plug-in is disabled. Select the Enable button and close the dialog box.
Should that not work it will mean an uninstall / reinstall of Flash .

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O.S - Windows 7 Home Premium.

Browser - internet explorer 9.

Adobe flash player ver 11

I am having problems with some videos on youTube.

Some videos will play as usual but some will not or the message "This video is unavailable " is displayed although it played perfectly well before.

Sometimes a fleeting glimpse of the message "You need to download adobe flash player " occurs although the download has already been done.

Any suggestions please ?



A:Adobe flash player ver 11

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When I Want To See Videos Or Hear Music On A Website It Says I Need To Update My Flash Player.But When I Do That I Update it And everything and im finish downloading it. Then when i go back to that website it says that again that i need to update it. What Can I Do to fix that ?

A:Adobe Flash Player

Hi Gilbert,
Welcome to TSG. When you update your flash, do you see the movie at the top that indicates it finished? When you go to the website that's requiring you to update, does it tell you which version you need?

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It tells me I need to get the update of adobe flash player so when I do...it installs and says successfull..but when I go to youtube for instance it still says I need to install and now I have no sound at all with youtube. I need some help

A:adobe flash player

What web browser are you using?

Have you been going HERE to get the latest version of flash player?

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how do i get Adobe Flash Player to download and work i go to the site no gold bar or install box comes up. and on the Shockwave Player Download Center it said it was installed complettely but it didnt work.

A:how do i get Adobe Flash Player

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It seems I have the latest adobe flash player installed ver 11.152 but I am having trouble with it as
it does not seem to be working properly.
Could someone please help me to get it going please.

A:Adobe flash player

Un-install it and install again.

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Hello, I'm having a problem with a certain program made to be run by Flash.
It's just a white screen, when I right click it, it shows, "Movie not loaded". I tried this program on a Windows 7 Starter laptop, and the program worked fine.

Now my question is, how do I solve this?
It seems that I need to update my Flash from 11.3.300.265 to 11.5.502.110, but the problem is, when I download a standalone updater, it shows me this:

Thanks in advance. :D

A:Adobe Flash Player 11.5

Hello Xian,

I'm not sure why the Flash movie won't run for you.

Flash updates are now handled by Microsoft through regular Windows updates. As far as I know, that's the only way to update Flash in Windows 8. You'll have to wait until Microsoft releases an update.

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We have attempted to download AFP enumerable times on a Dell Inspiron with Win Vista 32 bit.

We have followed so many suggested methods to download and trouble shoot that I cannot remember... 15, 20 or more probably....

And yes, security/antivirus were always disabled, and adobe uninstaller was used to uninstall any older version(s).

We also attempted to download an older version of AFP with no luck.

WTF mate... we used to use flashplayer on this laptop but after adobe and other updates were installed recently, AFP does not work and we cannot download even though we've attempted to 50 times or more...

BTW... no, restoring to an older SRP does not work either.

Need help here badly as the Adobe site is no help at all...

A:Adobe Flash Player

Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.Checkmark following checkboxes:Flush DNSReport IE Proxy SettingsReset IE Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList last 10 Event Viewer logList Users, Partitions and Memory size.List Minidump Files.Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run.

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I haven't been able to get Adobed Flash player to download. I have tried the list of troubleshooting tips. Can someone please help. I keep receiving the tech support ID tn_19166, does anyone recognize this number and can you help?

A:Adobe Flash Player

Check this page out.


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I have Adobe flash player 9 installed on my computer. I am having trouble with the flashplayer addon. I didnot add it it is just there. This computer was a 98 when i bought it. I have upgraded to windows xp sp2. I installed internet explorer 7 on it. Seems like when I have internet explorer 6 installed I donot have this problem. But there are certain sites that will not work without internet explorer 7. I don't know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated. Happy New Year. Darlene Mitchell.

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I keep trying to downloan Adobe Flash Player but it wont download. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

A:Adobe Flash Player

Is this where you're downloading it from:


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Flash player will not install on my vista computer. I have downloaded and run the uninstaller, then tried to download the player. I get the dialog "network problems". In addition I have adjusted my security in accordance with support recommendations to no avail.

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I am haveing problems viewing vidios from youtube and other sites because I keep getting the same message that I have Java script turned off or need to get the latest version of adobe flash player of which I have already done. I don't understand how to turn java on if it is indeed off. Any help would be of great help.

A:adobe flash player

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Aleady downloaded and installed Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.265 a few days ago, as directed from the announcement window upon computer startup, to the adobe page link, to the download of this new version of Flash Player. The install a few days ago (downloaded first) was successful. YouTube videos work (although this was checked in other browsers, not in I.E.). This morning, another update announcement window appeared for Flash Player. I was expecting the button to give me the typical installer interface to automatically download then install Flash Player, but NO. Instead, the announcment window button gave me the web page to permit me to choose to download what I ALREADY have - version 11.4.402.265. I already have that version. Where then is the update? I would expect to see the two gray windows involving an update for v11.4, hopefully to give me some update higher than ...265, and not see another web page through my default browser.

I checked the adobe site to try feedback to report this but I had to face a mess of a website to move through (Adobe....) if I want that.

Anyone know if I may have some unknown fault on my system, or if this webpage is the right kind of way to get the update which I already have? Makes no sense to update version 11.4.402.265 with 11.4.402.265. Cannot tell adobe, cannot complain to adobe unless stuggle through their complicated website.

System: Windows XP sp3, laptop. Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.265 been installed for past 3 d... Read more

A:Already do have adobe flash player 11.4.402.265

The last update for my Win XP IE8 flash player was thru a link provided by Adobe. The download and install for adobe flash update dialogue box could be different for Vista and Win 7. Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.265 is the current release version. For Firefox, I check all plugins here http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/

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I am using a Lenovo running Windows 7. I have Internet Explorer 9 and Adobe Flash Player 11 installed. Internet Explorer tells me (when I go to bbc iplayer I need 10.2 or greater and need to download) but it will not because I already have 11. I get a similar message from other browers e.g. firefox. What do I have to do to put it right?

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Download and install revo uninstaller from Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily, Forced Uninstall run it and uninstall all adobe flash player contents in Advanced mode and remove its remaining registry keys.

Download the latest versions (for both 32bit or 64bit) from here Download Flash Player 11.3.300.270 (IE) - FileHippo.com

You will also find the links for Non-IE versions down there if you want them.

Let us know if it works.

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Hey, how are you doing guys.
Actually i don't know it this is the right forum to post my question but since it regards with windows 7 i am trying my luck here.

I have made a simple YouTube Player using C#[WinForms] as my selected language. On my project i use shockwave flash player to play the video and it works well inside Visual Studio but when run the software directly (double clicking the executable) i don't see any outputs. I believe i need to install adobe flash player and i did install it. I installed Adobe Flash Player for IE but still no luck. Meanwhile i tried to run my software on Windows 8 since we all know it has embedded flash player and it works like a charm. So what do you think might be the issue?


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need help! i cant install adobe flash player on my computer.
computer name is window vista!

A:adobe flash player

they said something about uninstall previous versioson! but i did that about ten times something else is wrong i need tect support

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For years, I have use Firefox as my default browser but with all the good things I read about IE9 I decided to give it a try. Almost immediately a problem arose.

When I visited ABCnews and choose to look at this video (Betty White Wanted at the Democratic National Convention | Video - ABC News) or the complete URL Betty White Wanted at the Democratic National Convention | Video - ABC News

I got a message saying:

Flash Version 10 or greater is required.
You have no Flash version plug in installed.
Download the latest version from here.

I downloaded from there and installed it.

Well, when I restarted IE and went to that site again I got the same message.

The problem is not unique to ABC News. It happens on other sites too.

Firefox handles this just fine I think it uses Shockwave Flash. At least that is the only flash thing listed in its plug ins.

Will someone help me get arount this problem?

Thank you very much.

A:IE9 vs. Adobe Flash Player 11

Adobe - Downloads

get the flash player and the shockwave player. They install without problems?
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